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(Vancouver April 2016) Part 3: Opinion/Comparison

1. What are the problems nurses in the
SPEAKING Philippines are facing?
Part 1: Introduction How are they dealing with these issues?
1. Can you tell me your full name? 2. What is the difference between the job of
2. Where did you come from? doctors and nurses?
3. How long youve been here in Canada? 3. What is your stand with drinking and
4. How do you like it here? driving?
5. Can you tell me something about your What solution can you think to solve this
nursing education? problem?

*Case: Patient is having difficulty of sleeping for 3-
4 months. Video 1: A Chinese nurse talking to a girl patient.
(Im really sorry but I didnt understand a thing. She
*Discharge instructions for FOOT WOUND CARE. was like eating her words and she speaks so fast. It
1. Always keep the wound dry and clean. is really hard to understand. Try closing your eyes
*Patient might ask about taking a bath. and listen very carefully.)
*My answer: You can take a bath but make Questions: I cant really remember the questions
sure that you dry the wound after you bath (1-8).
because wet or damp environment will 1. What is the patients initial complain? (this
harbor bacteria that might cause infection. is the only question that I remembered and
I cant remember the answer)
2. Watch for signs of infection such as
swelling, redness, pain, pus, odor, and Video 2: Old woman went to the clinic complaining
fever. of her troubles regarding arthritis. This video will
*Patient will ask about fever. Do I really be used in writing in filling up the form.
need to watch for fever? What if I got Some of the questions (not in order)
*My answer: Yes, you have to watch out for *In what kind of weather do you feel the pain?
fever. Did the doctor give you medication Ans: when the road is DAMP and HUMID. (not the
for fever? exact words)
*P: No.
*M: Okay, I will talk to your doctor and I will *What are her existing health condition/problem?
ask him if he can give you medication since Ans: Angina, Parkinsons, Arthritis
you are concern about having fever. *Parkinsons diagnosed 10 years ago
*Arthritis 20 years
3. Keep your foot/leg elevated to reduce
swelling. *What kind of exercise?
*Patient will say that she is working. If it is Ans: Walking the dog for about an hour 3 x a week
okay not to elevate the foot/leg
*My answer: What is your job? Do you *What assistive device is present to their house?
work in an office? Ans: Railings in the bathtub/bathroom
*P: yes I work in an office.
*M: Okay, what you can do is you can put *Activity that needs the help of husband?
something under your table like a chair and *Hobbies?
then you can put your foot/leg on it. If you
can do that, that would be good.

Video 3: Nurse teaching how to change wound
dressing Incident Report
Questions: These are all I can remember. Who: MR. X (in-patient) I cant remember the name
of the patient)
*What did the nurse suggest to use in cleaning the What: Fall (no witnesses)
wound? When: Date
Ans: Soap and water (although in the video she Where: inside the bathroom (own room)
used normal saline) Contributing factors: (given but cant remember)
Findings: Cut/laceration
*What is the purpose of the packagings? *Went back to bed with assistance, complaining of
Ans: To keep things sterile. pain.
Procedure: suture, ice pack, x-ray
*What is the nurse going to do to the next visit? VS: (given but cant remember)
Ans: Teach the wife how to clean the wound. *I cant remember the other info.

AUDIO: cant remember this part. *Write an incident report including all the
information given. Dont add too much info that is
WRITING not related or not included in the form.

*Filling up forms (point form) Video from READING
listening. Old woman with arthritis. Part 4: Reading comprehension fill in the blanks.
Article is about Rabies. You can read about rabies
Questions from the form: so you have ideas regarding the signs and
*Main Concern of visit: trouble regarding arthritis symptoms, incubation period, treatment, etc.
*Name: CARTY (last name. the patient will spell it.)
*Age: (I forgot.. but its around 70)
Just listen carefully and you will get the answer Hope this will help in anyway. GOOD LUCK and
*Health conditions: GOD BLESS! J
-Parkinsons diagnosed 10 years ago
-Arthritis for 10 years
*Activities that needs assistance ----- What kind of
assistance needed
-Lifting heavy objects ----
-doing house work ------
*the form is asking for three answers, I only got
two so listen carefully specially the kind of
assistance needed coz I didnt got them all. haha
*Assistive device: railings in the
*Exercise: walking of the dog 1 hour 3 x a week
*Special diet: avoiding high fat foods with
previous high cholesterol
*Hobby: listen carefully. I cant remember the
answer but its either baking or crafts.
*Social group NAME OF GROUP was given, listen
for what they do
*Smoking & Alcohol