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AMAC AEROS: Maintenance Input Form From: To: ‘Stavros Courcoutis Maintenance Sud-Ouest CH-4030 Basel-Euro-Airport Tol +41 58.310 32 65 Cell +41 79 644 36 97. Fax +41 58.310 31 25 wwwamacaerospace.com Continuous Airworthiness Coordinator ‘stavros. courcoutis @ amacaerospace.com Tarek BEN SALEM 5204, Palestine St. AI Hamra Dist., Jeddah 25921-8420, Kingdom of Saud Arabia @ .909[r2) 690 21v491% 4966112) 358 454917 +968 [OS50081635, Maintenance Program reference: ALC-B777-40753 Rev018, AMAG CAMO PO reference: IFVPCAL174 AIG Registration and SiN: Booing VP-CAL 40753 Arrival Time and Date: TBD \e and Date: TBD Work scop Nav Database updete Due 21 June NL tins: Mairtenanos input Fore Rev.2 JANIGAI2018 Paget of 2 FORM AACA 008 NL. In case of ADD alter maintenance please inform CAMO accordingly in order to get the approval ‘+ Incase of any structure damage or repair to the aircraft inform CAMO for a Dent & Buckle Chart entty ‘+ Incase of any operational change due to incorporated SB's or aircraft release as per MEL (HIL entry) please inform CAMO for any Crew Briefing Card entry + Incase of W&B change please info CAMO 72 Hrs in advance vices: 0 AIC Wash 1 Cabin Deep Cleaning 1D Cabin Basic Cleaning 1 Oxygen Service Preflight Check FI Record APU hours i Toitet Servicing) Water Servicing 7 Laundry and Dishes cleaning General informatios ‘Your contact persons: Reto Sgier / Stavros Courcoutis AMAC Aerospace AG - Send a copy of the technical log release and a draft of the work repart before aircraft departure to Reto Sgier ((eto saiet @amacserospace.com) and Person in charge (Gtavros.courcoutis @amacaerospace.cotn). ~The closed work packago must be sent to AMAG Aerospace (CAMO) not lator than 2 weeks aller aircraft departure: - The closed work package shall include work repor, original of the CRS, copy of the tech. log release, originals of the Workorders. originals of the task cards, originals of the certificates of conformity, copy of the aosaptance form, Date: 13. June 2017 Name: Siavios Courcoutis Customer Aclnowisdsomont ME Acmnowadane Name: F/Lea4aqvos CHEST (AS Name: stone: Signature Date: 24 JUMN 200 Date: MRO WO reference: MRO approval reference: Maintenance Input Frm Fev.2 JANIGHT2016 FORM AACA-008: Page zet2 CAMP cotex CURRENT OUE LIS FOR DUETINE CHANGES Operator: AVIATION LINK CO. Work Card fo: 34-610-CA Serial No.: 40753 (WDOS6) — Model: 8777-2KQLR Reg No: VP-CAL /Dave(DD/MMM/YYYY) | AIC HRS AFL APH ove at [22-30N-2037 lnccomplsned |" 2 1 JUN gon 7257 24e | $03 TECHNICIAN SIGNATURE: KIND OF CERTIFICATE @ NO. INSPECTED BY: KIND OF CERTIFICATE & NO, >34-610-CA CHECK VALIDITY AND UPDATE IF NECESSARY FLIGHT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (FMS) NAVIGATION DATABASE sewn ~Dit= 43.JUN-2017 © CAMP SYSTEMS WID: 24813067-1, Total Pages = Roturn completed copy via omail to fax@campsystems.com S INDICATES DUE ITEMS CAMP {DECK CURRENT OUE LIST FoR DUETING CHANGES ‘Operator: AVIATION LINK CO. Work Card No.: 34-610-CA Seria Now: 40753 (WDD96) — Model: _B777-2KQLR Reg No VB-CAL were nos MECCA. 1247 ‘40771.MIP APPENDIX 10 PAGE NO.:APP1D-20F 4 REF: MIP ITEM NUMBER DATE: 03-UI 016 O11 34-6108, CHECK VALIDITY AND UPDATE IF NECESSARY FLIGHT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (FMS) NAVIGATION DATABASE 4071 MIP REGULATORY AUTHORITY REQUIREMENTS PAGE NO.:66 OF 86 REF: MIP ITEM NUMBER DATE: 03-JUN-2016 018 34-620-C8, CHECK VALIDITY AND UPDATE IF NECESSARY FLIGHT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (FMS) NAVIGATION DATABASE A3UN-2017 @ CAMP SYSTEMS 2 of 2 wi: 24613067-2 Total Pages =__ Initial Return completed copy via email to fax@campsystems.com > INDICATES DUE TEMS $40 LUNE ‘Siva HLIM TROTTER "Uren eNEa“GxCrSW/SLINEA'S3140 srr ass To AEY WHOTT/SIVIIT | a “Sano asso 3 | uewealon 0 Yeu OOM eA] 0 ass Fu OU clo se 19p19 (Gav, Stonang) UORebineN ty aun Yen B9uepLOODE Uno Posie) aq Seu Pop HOM BY wpe ‘sven 0 ‘ZOUAWIS O1 3SVETAN dO SLVOTALLD eer | wa naw [tie [rea | ones 10 sreatol>]s]¥] =] Parco] ==t 406 ne ae OL OC a oo i St a “aypasn gn dN] aa NA z WE Io nt 2 BEL WINZ UW = ITY \T| man oe 2 T T + Gi t : : : it | z Azle ep a) Sie rrr ae 9) Fike} Léle | #|S[7i7[rl7 SIL NF AHSIT T1001 SNIGNYT dO DVL 071 AN XIOTE isa LC aa & id al wow I com wr TT ae AES oe zie? 1 C. L92P07| 38 ‘nea jn pores wie a gel o[ 070 Ta] x (Sio14 a Tinian we NTT NOTLVIAY | "a uae “ames A yoog6o7 jeouyse, pue 346114 coy uN VRE