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Tiffany Tran

12912 USF Health Drive

Tampa, FL 33612

July 15, 2017

Florence Nightingale
Nurse Manager
Saint Josephines Womens Hospital
1234 Neonatal Way
Intensive Care, UT 56789

Dear Ms. Nightingale:

I am extremely interested in the graduate nurse resident position currently available at Saint
Josephines Womens Hospital. I will be graduating in August 2017 and taking the NCLEX in
September 2017. Your dedication to high-quality, compassionate care and the high value you put in
trust, respect, responsibility, excellence and dignity resonate with my personal values.

I am particularly interested in the Saint Josephines Womens Hospital because of your expansive
NICU. During my clinical rotations in nursing school, I had the opportunity to work in the NICU and
found myself eagerly anticipating each shift. I immediately felt compassion and a tremendous
connection with the neonates, their families and this level of nursing. It became my goal to spend my
clinical preceptorship in a NICU.

My clinical preceptorship rotation in Johns Hopkins All Childrens Hospitals NICU provided me an
incredible experience with the neonatal population. The varying levels of acuity exposed me to the full
spectrum of neonatal nursingfrom the less stable neonates to the feeders and growers. I was
pleased that my preceptor, Amy S., RN, and my clinical instructor, Kelsey G., RN, MSN, both gave
me high evaluations on my critical thinking, communication and organization skills.

In addition to my nursing skills, I have developed strong leadership skills. As a member of the Bulls
Reaching Achievement in Nursing student organization, I volunteered my time in the nursing
laboratory. By helping fellow nursing students with their new skills, I was able to not only hone my
nursing skills, but also cultivate my leadership skills.

As this letter and resume can only convey so much, I would truly appreciate the opportunity to meet
with you in person. I will contact you within the next few days in order to discuss the next step of the
process. If you would like to meet sooner, please do not hesitate to contact me at 555-555-5555. I
appreciate your consideration and look forward to meeting with you.


Tiffany Tran

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