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l, Priya Siran Sha'ul Me'el,@'"/secured Party/Lien Holder/power of attorney give notice;

U'C.c. 5 'L-2o2to, Michael Stelzer, Steve ohmer and Kimberly M Gardner Case No. 14Z2-CR00351-01
associated | 622-T I 003 5 6.

U'C'C' I on file 1706229002713 Registered Mail No. RA 5448g3637US with the secretary of iffitat" *,
elE\g of
rvuDovur\r making
MISSOURI rual(uB rt
it pubticly
Puo[cry known that I have clarm
Known tnat claim all my rnterest
interest in my properly
property as I res,ervedtffi
my rights u.c.c. $ 1-308, u.c.c.$ u.c.c. uo
3-306, $ 3-302, u.c.c. $ 3-301. The Entireu .q.6!t.i* :
uploaded and published on the web for public notice; knowledge u.c.c. 1-202 ,a
. Enclosq
you will find copy's of my U.C.C. l, Statutory Declarations, SF 181, Statutory ,ttl
Claim, po*o of uno-"|.
for the debtor, common - Law copy right of trade-nam eltademarlg Security agreement, all I
of the uuouf, "
is Accepted For Value Consideration U.C.C.g 3-401. f
Notice was also given in the exercising of my right to participation in decision making
in the matters
which would affect the rights of Indigenous people, as a representative/power of
attorney chosen by
as priya q
Michael Fullilove now known as Marshawn Sha'ulMe el, Sionya Haley@ru now known
Sha'ulMe el@rM power of attorney in fact, who is his Indigenous mate in accordance
with o* o*, l* * U
produces, which
PruuuuEs, wIruII aro
are marluun
maintain and oevelop
develop by own lndlgenous
Indigenous decision institutions. This right is lr exeicitd j r- F-rr,
and supported by article 18, 19 and20 on the United Nations Declarations Rights "*"f.i X ffi
on the lrai*"nor.i
Indi : H E ry
I 1 19s5,*t icf, ,rul" &E (4r EE
Peopies, which is in harmony with made in congressional record pg A3220 May
brief the promotion of human rights in the five fields of endeavor Political, Civil, Social,
Economic f"# i : H
Culture as Congress is no Ionger bound by its constitutional system of delegared p.;;.;;;rd'r$ $ hi d*{
= #d
deciding on the validity of legislation must have to books before him; rhe constitufion
by the behavior by of thq} rn
and the otherthe Carter of the United Nations. It is noted and substantiated
judges the22"d Judicial Court Civil that ALL judges ifffi
were aware of this fact and purposely disregard the
mandate and pursued there on private agenda to secretly administer over a
trust, without the consent or
knowledge of the beneficiary and not being a relative of the beneficiary. These
actions are violations of
the Judicial Canons, n'hich are causes for t}e punishment and removable of
such judges by the p _ 6=*-4
:,:H:""'.::,":5:i::T,::tfTr111: ?i::'o'i1
hinder any judges' ability to be fair and impartial
is in racta.connictorinlerestwhich
fa J";fu
or administer in a spirit ofjustice. In the Great s[.i$.5! 5= -g
myAacestors I;Sk @
lfiE*, ffi
rurat I #r: ffi
UnitedNationsDeclarationontherightoflndigenousPeoptes- 53
E$g W
Economic, t""*f::ly"i*Xylffi*i:,*d
United Nations Convend

proclamation 7500,H.J.R. 194, S. Con. Res.26 S. 1200, HJR-3

Corlrr.r.,E E oh
"'^ ,&*#
Affirmed to and subscribed before me thisiD day of June rlil**_*l fuprsonh**V
Affiant 1-308 w t oreiudice :
Produce Identification Type and #ID l^Ili5sou,ri Non Dr irl, (irdJ--- st1t66Doz5

Notary n'or*7r*rh %oru-

/, -ilil-oruv J 'jvvFri
eror '' r{ur'1i v v'! e'
Nolarv !l"l:l .l:,:t"ul
or Mlssour':i
Commiis o,.d ar S1' Lc i'rs & 201e
f CountY
i; b;;; ;. ;i !lpl'::.
'it"-rr-r,i.t,""'lt I soi+oae
Statutory DeclaLation
In the matter Amendment of Missouri Heath Division of vital records Registration # I 24-76-001 8 l8
I, Michael Anthony Fullilove now known as. N{arshawn Shiioh Wijaya Sha ' ul me ' el c/o 3916 N
Florissant St.Louis Missouri do soiemnly declare in accord r.vith: the 193 I statute of Westminster
( : ..., ), 1778 Articles of conf-ederation and perpetual Union Articles Xi, 1812
Treaty of Ghent: 1794 lay Treaty; i836 Treaty of Marrakesh (Morocco) ali recognized anci valid
treaties, constifution for the united states of America, the 19.i8 Chaner of the United Nations, the
1975 Inter-American Declaration on the rights of Indigenous Peopies and the United Nations 2nd
decade of the r.vorld's Indigenous people. that upon discoverin_q that the regisrration of a Live Birth
of Febmary 5'h 1976. in the STATE Op't IISSOURI/MISSOURI REPUBLIC called L{issouri
Republic rvas a contract between my mother and the U.S. Government Coqporation rvho did not tell
her she g,as selling me, a flesh and blood child, to the STATE OF MISSOURI CORPORAIION as
the Chattel Property/Slave rvhich is a violation of Human Rights, I hereby void the contract. ab
initio for fraud. Since I am a Flesh And Blood: Melaninite Cherokee Native American Moor of
Turtle Island and of this Pianet in accord ivith the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of
IndigenousPeopjes,HJR194-,.,ri:..,,;,,.: r: . .:. -. _ .' ,,, .: -U.SCongress
apology to Afncan Americans for Slavery, S. Con. Res. 26- United State Senate Apoiogy to African
Americans for Slavery; u.s. apology To Native Americans (Sec 8l I3 of H.R.3326 Department of
DefenseAppropriationsAct).,,,,.,.,..,-:..,:..:.:,o, ,: : .. t .i
..Upon -,,,,
discovering that Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor Mountbatten Battenberg [MISNOMER: Queen
Elizabeth III violated hercoronation oath ( a legally binding conrracr) of June 2"d 1953. On May 14,
201 I at Southward Crorvn Court {l En,elish Grounds in Southrvard, London, England) Defendant:
John Anthony Hiil in the United Kingdom proved before an Englislr jury that Elizabeth Alexandra
Mary Windsor-Mounibatten. lvas not the rightful monarch and never rvas: queen{ Elizabeth is not
the rightful monarch and never was. This ivas a t\vo point argurnent. Firstly, Elizabeth knerv- then
and norv- that she was crorvned on a fake coronation stone instead of the real Stone of
Destiny/Coronatiott Stone, which meant not only u,as she never properiy cro,uvned, but she
knowingly and fraudulently rvas conning the Public and that is ,,r,hy she did not $.ant her coronation
televised. REGINA v.JAH (case Ref. Number:T20102746) ( See
- , ., , .i.-,, r). IdeclarethatthenameMICHAELANTHONYFULLILOVE
on the registration of the Live birth is a corporarion and Michael Anthon-v Fullilove, is an
Indigenous, Flesh & Blood Man. I am Not a corporation, artifieial person. naturai person, fictitious
entity or vessel of the United States as defined under l8 U.S.C. 9 and I give notice Internationalil,,
Domestically and Universally via this Declaration rhat I deny corporare exisrence. Under
reservation of All My Rights Unalienable and otherwise, I am: Indigenous/Autochthon of this
planet. And I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing it to be rrue, and knowing that
this is the same force and effect as made under oath.
United Nations Declaration on the righr of Indigenous peoples-
(,.. .1.:.:,. ..::.. :.,---l t-.,.,-,.-.,,-,...- , ,, , ..:-,.)UrritedNationsConventionon
Economic, Social & cultural Rights, United Nations Charrer: Article 55 & 56, Presidential
proclamarion 7500,H.J.R. 194, S. Con. Res. 26 S. 120O, HJR-3

Affirmed ro and subscribed before me rhis-3 day of }r',a,v_2olf. /,/rri t/ /,'

Affiant UCC 1-308 rvithout prejudice

"froduce Idenqfio;iiion.,
' -,
Tr,ne ancl # IL') ->'/z,z! -r'/ :,1'2,7t /;,; 7 (
/ t'-. :, !' ; 2 '' 2 ,/ ,1 il, / --. :-
I, Sion-1'a lr{ichelie rrsrv_v
Haley uv'r
aorv uvlYrr
knox,n as:
,L>- kiya Jralr
rtryta Sha'ul
Siran DIta ul me el clo
me'el c/o3916
3y Lo N
iv r-loflssaJll
Florissant SI.LouIs
dosoleuuriyder1areinaccordwith:tIre193iStatueofWeslnriniSter@),17,778Missouri Articles
of Coniederation and Perpetual Union-Art )il, 1812 Treat5r of Gheni i794 Jay Treary; 1835
Treary* of
Marrakesh (i\{orocco) atl recopized and valid treaties^ coq+iiufiqn
fgq rh; urriFed stares ofAmeric4 rhe
i948 Cbarrer of the united Nations, rhe 1975 int.r-a3&1.&ro[Jr*[ritrf"#{e righrs of Inrtigenous
Peoples, Pope's Apolog'lo Indigenous Peoples (http:r*rirv.hufiinetonpost.conrientily'pcp-fr;ncis-
apoto gzes-Ior-ch urchs-oftbnces-against-indi
-offi genous_peonlEi: 155dd59 ), United Nations
DecJaration on the fughts of Indigenox peoples(iJNDRF-
and &e United Nafiors Inte;national
-rh _ ^ - ^ - 1,":it:..jll::rlry59T upo"
!r14r ii'*',".i"s
uv registration
rsBrJu4lull of da Live
Ul IJIYtr Birrh of Janua
.DIf 1.1I OI January
S,IqTE.Of REPLIBLIC called Mis.souri Repubtic *nou",
9 my mother and theryS^SqURr/l\dISSoURI
between ',.*,mg a flesh
U-S. Government Corporation rvho did not tell her she was selliog
and blood child to the STAIE OF MISSOTIRI CORPORAilON as rhe Chafiel prope*y/Slave
which is a
violatian of Human Rights, I hereby void the confac! ab initio for fraud- I am a Flesh And Blood
\ r-l- -: .,
ivivituii-iiiie ciier-okee t'iative American of Turtle Isiand and of this Planet il accord rvith the United
Declaration ol the Rights of Indigenous peoples, HJR I94_
ttttp:;rg<-rviracx-uslcongress/btlisr l I0lhres I94itexi U-S Congress
Slavery, S, Con, Res. 26
- Apology to A_&ican Americans for
- United States Senate
Apology toAfricanAmericans iorsravery; us. apolog,To Nutir,"A*"ri
ofH-R.3326 ill
Department of Defense Appropriations Act) hffp:l/u,qi,.gortmck.us./congesyLjltv t 1 irnr3326ltext
-- iJpon
discovering that Elizabeth Alexandra Mary\riadsor Mountbatten
Battenberg MISNO\{ER: eueen
Elizabeth III violated her-coronation oath a legally binding conrracr)
i orrun?'iJiqs3. o, Ma1, 14,z0ll at
Southward Crorrn court (l English Grouncis in Scuthu,ara,-l-onaon,
England) DefendantJohn Anthony Hill
in the United Kingdom proved before an Engtish jury rhat
Elizabeth Alexandra Maqa windsor-Mountbaren,
rvas not the riSltful monarch and never was: queen!
Elizabeth is not the righfful monarch and never was.
This *'as a tv"o point aqgument Firstly, Elizaboth knew- then
aud nou- that she rvas crorvned on a fake
coronation sione irctead ofthe real Stone of Destiay/Coronation
Stone, which meant not only rvas she
never properly crowned, bur she knowingly ard fi-audutenrly
was conning the public and that is why she did
not want her coronafion televised REGINA vJAII (case
Ret NumneriTz010774q ( See
hfrp;//wr$r'-mtrial.ors//node/i33). r declare rhat &e
name sroilryA*flcFi-tr.r.T,r'. I[aLEy on frre
regisiration of the Live birth is a corporaiion and Sionya it,Iichelle
Etaley is an Indigenouq Flesh & Blood
Worna-u' I am Not a corrylation, artificial person,
natural persorL fictitious entily or vessel of the Unked
States as defrned under Tilte l8 u-S-c. 9 and I give
$ notice lntemationallli Domesfically and univcrsally
via this Declaration that I deny .otpo*ti existence. under
reservation ofail My Rig*rts ilnalienable and
I am: Indigenous/Autocl&on ofthis planet. Ald I ma.ke this solernn
believing it to be true. and knon'ing thai ttris i-s the same
declaration conseienriouslv
force and effect as made under;tt--'--*'^
United Nations Delaration on the righr of Indigenous peoples_
United Nations Convention Economic.
on eurtul.lr.tt
rv! ur
194, S. Con. Res. 26 5.1200, FIIR-3

Affimred to and subscribed before rne rhis

l-L*tof october 2016

personally Know.n r-308

,-=x x-P"duy)janttfrcatton llp'eaad#ID f,c 2< Si -lt/,L


iL\,.}}-Clt)il,:>g i - Dr

U.S. Office of Personnel Management ETHNI CTT\PAN D'RACE I D ENTIFICATIO N

Guide to Personnel Data Stanciards (Piease read the Privacy A$fftgry"lland instruciions before completing form.)
Name (Last, First, Middle lnitial) Social Seo.riivNtidber "' Birthcate (Month and Year)

Agency Use Only

iF iAH 'r 7 \#
Privacy Act Statement ',nn
Ethnicity and race information is requested under the 16 and in compliance
with the office of Manasement and Budget's 1997 Revigi?ii'iifH$Ah'dafd+H, Classiflcation of Federal
Daia on Race and Ethnicity. Providing this information is r6Tuhlry?nTTa;.rid on your employment
status, but in the instance of missing information, your employing agency will attempt to identiff your race and
ethnicih, hrr rricrral nhcanratinn
This information is used as necessary to plan for equal employment opportunity throughout the Federal
government. lt is also used by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management or employing agency maintaining the
records to locale individuals for personnel research or survey response and in the production of summary
descriptive statistics and analytical studies in support of the function for which the records are collected and
maintained, or for related worHorce studies-
Social Security Number (SSN) is requested under the authority of Executive Order 9397, which requires SSN be
used for lhe purpose of uniform, orderly administration of personnel records. Providing this information is
voluntary and failure to do so will have no efiect on your employment status. lf SSN is not provided,
other agency sources may be used to obtain it.
Specific lnstructions; The two questions below are desQned to irlentify your ethnicity and race. Regardless of your
question 1, go to question 2. "n"*",
Question 1- Are You Hispanic or Latino? (A person of Cuban. Mexi&n, Puerto Rican, Soulh or Centrat american. or otfrer
Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race.)

box. Check as many as apply.
(Check as many as apply) DEFINITION OF CATEGORY

lXl American lndian or Alaska Native A person having origins in any of the original peoples of North and South America
(induding Central Amerie,a), and who maintains tribal affiliation or community

Iasian A person having origins in any of the original peoples of the Far East, Southeast
Asia, or the lndian subcontinent induding, for example. Cambodia. China, lndia.
Japan, Korea, Malaysia. Pakistan. the Philippine lslands. Thailand, and Vietnam.

f, aUct orAtrican American A person having origins in any of the black racial groups of Africa.

f] ttative Hawaiian or Other pacific lstander A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Hawaii, Guam, Samoa, or
other Pacific lslands.

ffi wnit" A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle Easi, or
North Africa.

Standard Form '181

tt ''.-)

U.S. Office oi Perscnnei lv'lanagemen: ETHNICITY AND R,ACE IDENTIFICATION

Gui6e to Personnel Data Stanciards (Piease reaC th Privacy Acl Siateme ni and insiruc:icrs beic:e comcleiing ,.crin.)
i..larne (L:st, Fi.st. Miccjle j,litia;i socrais=cur['ije]d#d ll Pi: 3, p}loete (i!4cnih anc Yeai)

Acencv Use Oniv


Privacy Act Siatement

Ethnicity and race information is requesied uncei'the auinoriiy of 42 U.S.C. Secilon 200Ce-i6 and in compiiance wiih
the Ofijce of Maragemeni and Bucige:'s i997 R.evisions io the Standarcjs for the Ciassificaiion of Fecieral Data on Race
and Eihnicity. Pr-oviding ihis iniormaiicn is vcllriary end has nc inroact oit your emploi/nreni staius, but in the instance
^a iiiis::ilg i-r^--^.i^^
-; -i^^;-^ in:.iiiIaiiCil, !Cii- e.ilpiC!r;-,E agd:iuy i.;rii arierr,pr io iie;'iiiiy yCu..ace arro etnnicliy iiy VtSUai CiiSeruaiiCn.

This info;'matio;,' is useo'as necessary io plan equai en'iploymeni opporiunity throughout ihe Federal governmeni. li
is also useci by tne U. S. Ofiice c' Pei-scrnel''ori"{anagenrenl cr en:plcying agency mainiaining the records ic iocate
indivicjuais foi' personnei research or surveii resoonse and in ihe prcduction of summary Cescrip'.ive stal.istics anci
analytical studies in suopoi-i of ine function ior',vhich the records are collecied and maintained. or fcr related v,1oi-kforce

Social Security i.ilurnber (SSN) is requeslec under- the auincrii;,, or Executjve Orcjer 9397, rvhich requlies SSN be useci
for the purpose oi uniforc.:, oroe;-iy ao'm:nistraiion ci perso;rnel recorcis. Pro,yiding this inforrnaiion is voluntary and failure
to do so vrili have no effeci on youi- empioymeni staius. li SSN is noi pi-ovideci, hor;ever, oiher egency sources may be
used to obtain ii.

Specific lnstructions: The tv'io quesiions belor.; are designed io ide:iiify your el-hniciiy anC rae. Regardless of your ansrver to
question 1, go to question 2.
Question 1. Are You Hispanic or Latino? iA person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerio Rican. Souih or Central A:-ne rican, or oihej-
Spanlsh culiure or origin, regardiess of race.)
f Yes $No
Question 2.
Piease seleci the racial catego:y c( caiegoiies l,;i:h r.,i:ich yci.r ,.ncsi cioseiy iCentrfy by placing an -X" in lhe appicpi.iaie
box. Check as many as aepiy.
(Check as meny as aapi.v) DEFINITION OF CATEGORY
rican incian oi Aiaska i(aiive A pi-son having orrgi:ts:n a.) cf tite oricinai ceoples cf Noih anci Sculh A.rneriCa
(:ncluiing Conirai ,An-"eri:al, anc rvho mainiains tribal affiiiaiion oi' conimuniiv

J rlsian A persor: having crcins in an-v o: ihe originai pscoies oi ihe Far East, Sculheasi
A.sia, or ihe lndjan subconijnent including, fcr example, Cambociia, Chlna, tnciia.
Jacan, Kciea, iiialaysra. Pakisiar, the Phiiiccine lsiands, Thailacd, and Vielnam.

{l 8{ack or African An-:er;ca:r A ce,-scn navirg origi"s in eny oiihe black racial croucs clA;iica.

J tiatlve Ha,...,ailan o: O1h3r- Facrfic Islancei A Del.son hav'ing cilgins in anj,o'i:e cricinal oecpies oi Hay.,a;i, G::arn, Sarnca, ci
cir,.er Pacrfic isienris,

A piscn ha'",i::c c:r:ins in anv c; iire criginal oe o;les of Eurcpe ihe I,&Ciie Easi cr
Ncnr Africa

Siardafd Form i8':

Revisec Ai;3i,st 2015
Preytous eii:icns nci usaDiS
@ qaqeJ3iil
.DECZgzoffi "qF


gl (:;r.:rtl.:i

. t ti
:j !,uL*!" n''Jit./- ---.'
li'i,.,.1, u;L riicf *ii ii ,i:ir-3 i^^,qger,l;z!
l,i(c p.g,
i/S6? D,-Lu.C
L-.. lr,nl...t \-) ." .,,4t,a;
J,." tZf :i.t;iL,