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v 1.
v Today, with , a serious social problem has arisen .
v Nowadays, there is growing concern over .
v Currently, is being considered a major problem in .

v (3)
v 1. There are many/plenty of/ a number of/ numerous reasons explaining/
for .
3. Many factors contribute to .
v 10. The reasons that caused changes are diverse. On the one hand, .
On the other hand, .
v 11. The rapid growth of . owes much to .

v 2.
v To put an end to this serious problem, in my opinion, several measures
should be taken/adopted by .

v 1.
v A number of factors, both physical and psychological affect/both individual
and social contribute to
v Another important factor is
v is also responsible for the change/problem.
v The factors that contribute to include .
v Thanks to/ Owing to/Due to/Because of/As a result of

v 2.
v It will produce a profound/far-reaching effect/impact on .
v It involves some serious consequence for .
v There are a number of dreadful consequence of . Perhaps the most
serious/disastrous consequence is .
v It may cause/result in/lead to a host/number of problems.
v It leaves/involves some serious consequence of
v The immediate result it produce is . And perhaps the most obvious
result of is .

v (4) / / /
v 2. In short/ In brief, .

10Now we are entering a new era, full of opportunities and challenges.

8The human race has entered a completely new stage in its history, with the increasingly rapid e
conomic globalization and urbanization, more problems are brought to our attention.

5As to whether it is worthwhile ....., there is a long-

running controversial debate. It is quite natural
that people from different backgrounds may have divergent attitudes towards it.

9...... plays such an important role that it undeniably becomes the biggest concern of the present
world, there comes a question, is it a blessing or a curse?

question, problem, issue

2 Now we are entering a brand new era full of opportunities and innovations, and great chang
es have taken place in people's attitude towards some traditional practice.

3 Recently the issue of whether or not ... has been in the limelight and has aroused wide conce
rn in the public.

7 People from different backgrounds would put different interpretations on the same case.

8 The controversial issue is often brought into public focus. People from different background
s hold different attitudes towards the issue.

In general, all in all, on the whole , in brief, in summary, in conclusion, in short, in a word , to sum
up, to conclude, to summarize,...

But all in all, I would say the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. With the advance of society,
if we encourage the merits and eliminate the drawbacks, all people will enjoy a better life.

From what has been discussed above, we may finally draw the conclusion that...
So, as I see it.._________

What we must do is to encourage the strength and diminish the weaknesses to the least extent.

In conclusion, although ... has its negative effects, it can to a great extent bring us more advantage

From what has been discussed above, we can see ... does more harm than good to us. Therefore, I
strongly approve of the motion that...


For instance,
It can be given a concrete example,
Take ... for an example, it is a very obvious case
I will never forget that
To illustrate this, there is an example that is very persuasive.
An instance that accompanies this reason is that...
An example can give the details of this argument, ...
It is a forceful example to demonstrate the importance of ...
History presented many examples of...

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1. When asked about, the vast/overwhelming majority

of/most/many/quite a few people say/think/believe/answer
that .But other people regard/view/see/think ofas . I think/view
quite/a bit differently
When asked what kind of career they will purse upon graduation,
most of college students say that they would choose a job which
will bring them a lot of money and a comfortable life. Working in a
big bank or company is what they desire. But I think quite
differently. I would prefer a career that will help realize my

2. When it comes to, some people think / believe that Others

argue / claim that the opposite

/ reverse is true. There is probably some truth in both arguments /

statements, but .

3. There is a public / general / much debate / discussion/

controversy today / nowadays on / about/ over/ as to the problem/
issue of . Those who criticize / oppose / object to argue that
They believe that . But people who advocate / favor , on the
other hand, maintain / assert that .

There is much discussion today about whether fast economic

growth is desirable. Those who criticize economic growth argue
that we must slow down. They believe that society is approaching
certain limits on growth. These include the fixed supply of natural
resources, and the possible negative effects of industry on the
natural environment. People who want more economic growth, on
the other hand, argue that even at the present growth rate there
are still many poor people. They maintain that only continued
growth can create the capital needed to improve the quality of life
and provide the financial resources required to protect our natural
surroundings from industrialization.


1. Now in many big cities /countries/colleges, an overwhelming

majority of/ a significant
proportion of/ a sizable percentage of the public/ college population/
people . what

accounts for / explains/ lies behind the phenomenon/ problem ?

Most people in China think the place for children is in school and
most kids go there every day, as they should be. A significant
proportion, however, over 2 million children according to the 1995
census--- were not enrolled. What accounts for the phenomenon
that occurs when the general standard of living has been raised?

2. Whenever you see (find), you cannot help being struck

(surprised/ astonished/ disappointed/ impressed) by (at)

Whenever we visit a terminally ill patient, we cannot help being

struck by his eagerness to know the truth about his condition. He
does not only suffer from his illness, but also from the anxiety about
its potential outcome.


1. Never / Nowhere in the history/ the world/ China has the issue/
change/ idea of . been

more/ as visible/ evident/ popular than/as .

Nowhere in the world has the issue of birth control been more
evident than in China. The nation is faced with such se rious
situation as the one in which its population is increasing much faster
than the supply of food and available resources.

1. It is about/ high time we exploded/shattered/ freed ourselves

from the myth/

illusion/ fiction


3. Perhaps/ Maybe we should/ it is time to rethink reexamine/have a

fresh look at the

idea/value/attitude that


1. Knowledge is power. Such is the opinion of / remark made by

one of the great men. This

view/ remark has been shared/ confirmed by more and more people/
many historical events.

Great minds must be ready not only to take the opportunity, but to
make them. Colton, a great writer once remarked. But it still has a
profound significance now. To a person, in whose lifetime
opportunities are not many, to make opportunities is more ess ential
to his success.

2. . The same idea/ complains/ attitude is voiced/ echoed/

shared by .

3. One of the great men/ writers/ philosophers/ scientists said/

wrote/ remarked that . If this is

true/ the case, then the present/ current view/ value / attitude/
situation should make us

wonder whether/ ponder over .


1. For years/ Until recentlyhad been / was seen/ viewed/ regarded

as. But that is changing

now/ people are taking a fresh look at it. With the growing/ mounting
demand for/ interest

in/ concern over, people .

Until recently the general attitude toward day-dreaming remained

hostile. Day-dreaming was viewed as a waste of time. Or it was
considered an unhealthy escape from real life and its duties. But
now some people are taking a fresh look at day-dreaming. They
think it may contribute to intellectual growth and lead to the
attainment of actual goals.

2. People used to think/ It was once thought that . In the past/ old
days . But things are quite

different/ few people now share this view.

3. Historically/ Traditionally we tend to . But most scientists/

researchers/ doctors have now
found that .


1. How do you (What do you / Do you ever) think of? How do you
(What do you / Do you ever) see? Your answer to these questions
will differ (reflect / reveal) but .
How do we think of the heavy burden a student has to carry fro m
kindergarten through graduate school? How do we measure
success in education? How does education affect not only labor
skills but the quality of life? In seeking answers to such questions,
there is much room--- indeed necessity--- for consideration and
robust debate.

2. Why do (have) ? Many people often ask (pose) the question

like this.


1. In conclusion (summary) I would like to say (it seems obvious)

that it is a question (issue / problem) that deserves (wo rthy of)
special attention (serious consideration / immediate notice) from the

In conclusion I would like to say that change is a problem

confronting most of us today. The changes that have already taken
place in every field of our life are irrev ersible. Continuation of the
growth that has already began inevitable. During this evolution there
are great rewards to be wonby those who are willing to take the
opportunities being offered.

2. The precious (real / valuable / moral ) lesson to be learnt (drawn)

from the story (thing) is.
The conclusion we can draw/arrive at/come is to

II. :

1. Any person (nation / society) who (which) ignores (is blind to

/fails to learn) the lesson (warning) would pay a heavy price (come
to no good end / end in failure/disaster/nothing)

2. We need to take a fresh (clear/second/clear -eyed) look at the

problem (matter/ situation) from a wider standpoint (more
broadly/seriously / in a new perspective/an optimistic light),
otherwise, we dont come anywhere near understanding
(achieving) .
We need to take a clear-eyed look at how we are bringing up our
young boys and girls in this changed culture and society; otherwise,
we wont come anywhere near understanding the psycholo gical
dynamics that lead children to adopt a rebellious attitude toward
parents and school authorities.

III. :

1. There is no easy (logical / quick/ immediate / effective) method

(solution / approach /answer / remedy) to the (problem / question /
issue) of , but might be useful (helpful / beneficial).

There is no easy, logical way out. No new method or solution is at

hand to render our children immune from constantly repeated TV
violence. But few watching hours and more constructive programs
might be the first step in the right direction.

2. What will happen to ? (How much change will take place

/Whether it is likely or not,) we dont yet know for certain (no one
can say exactly / precisely/ nobody really knows) what , but one
thing is certain /clear (the direction is clear).

How much change in marriage behavior has taken place during the
last decade? Nobody really knows. But one thing is certain: attitudes
towards marriage among those who ha ve grown up after the cultural
revolution-----those under 30 in other words---- are strikingly
different from those of earlier generations.

3. It is clear (obvious / evident / apparent / no surprising), therefore,

that the task of , demands (requires / deserves / involves) great
(immediate / considerable / serious/more) attention (efforts /
emphasis / consideration).

~~~ the + ~ est + + (that) + + have ever + seen

( known/heard/had/read, etc)
~~~ the most + + + (that) + + have ever + seen
( known/heard/had/read, etc)
Helen is the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen.

Mr. Chang is the kindest teacher that I have ever had.

Nothing is + ~~~ er than to + V

Nothing is + more + + than to + V
Nothing is more important than to receive education.

~~~ cannot emphasize the importance of ~~~ too much.

We cannot emphasize the importance of protecting our eyes too much.

There is no denying that + S + V ...???

There is no denying that the qualities of our living have gone from
bad to worse.

It is universally acknowledged that + ~~ ???

It is universally acknowledged that trees are indispensable to us.

There is no doubt that + ~~ ???

There is no doubt that our educational system leaves something to be

An advantage of ~~~ is that + ??????

An advantage of using the solar energy is that it won't create (produce)
any pollution.

The reason why + ~~~ is that + ??????

The reason why we have to grow trees is that they can provide us with
fresh air.
The reason why we have to grow trees is that they can supply fresh
air for us.

So + + be + + that + ??????
So precious is time that we can't afford to waste it.

Adj + as + Subject+ be, S + V~~~ ???

Rich as our country is, the qualities of our living are by no means
{by no means = in no way = on no account }

The + ~er + S + V, ~~~ the + ~er + S + V ~~~

The + more + Adj + S + V, ~~~ the + more + Adj + S + V ~~~
The harder you work, the more progress you make.

The more books we read, the more learned we become.

By +Ving, ~~ can ~~ ????????

By taking exercise, we can always stay healthy.

~~~ enable + Object+ to + V ??????

Listening to music enable us to feel relaxed.

On no account can we + V ~~~ ???

On no account can we ignore the value of knowledge.

It is time + S + ???
It is time the authorities concerned took proper steps to solve the traffic

Those who ~~~ ??????

Those who violate traffic regulations should be punished.

There is no one but ~~~ ???

There is no one but longs to go to college.

be + forced/compelled/obliged + to + V ???
Since the examination is around the corner, I am compelled to give up
doing sports.

It is conceivable that +
It is obvious that +
It is apparent that +
It is conceivable that knowledge plays an important role in our life.

That is the reason why ~~~ ???

Summer is sultry. That is the reason why I don't like it.

For the past + S + ?????????

For the past two years, I have been busy preparing for the examination.

Since + S + S +
Since he went to senior high school, he has worked very hard.

It pays to + V ~~~ ???

It pays to help others.
be based on ???
The progress of thee society is based on harmony.

Spare no effort to + V
We should spare no effort to beautify our environment.

bring home to + + ????

We should bring home to people the value of working hard.

be closely related to ~~ ??
Taking exercise is closely related to health.

Get into the habit of + Ving

= make it a rule to + V ???
We should get into the habit of keeping good hours.

Due to/Owing to/Thanks to + N/Ving, ~~~ ???

Thanks to his encouragement, I finally realized my dream.

What a + Adj + N + S + V!= How + Adj + a + N + V!???

What an important thing it is to keep our promise!
How important a thing it is to keep our promise!

Leave much to be desired

The condition of our traffic leaves much to be desired.

Have a great influence on ~~~ ??

Smoking has a great influence on our health.

do good to ??do harm to ??

Reading does good to our mind.
Overwork does harm to health.

Pose a great threat to ~~ ???

Pollution poses a great threat to our existence.

do one's utmost to + V = do one's best ???

We should do our utmost to achieve our goal in life.

well-known important pollution
focus benefit development
society knowledge necessary
opinion harm exception
advantage disadvantage serious
measures solve overcome
increase decrease deny
prefer example addicted
play an important role in our life
with the development of our society
bring a lot of benefits
everything has two sides
Become more and more serious
on the contrary take measures
solve this problem
the best way to
overcome the difficulties
be faced with
No one can deny the fact that
in favour of For example
become addicted to the Internet All in all
come to the conclusion
As far as I am concerned that
There is no doubt that
in a right way
waste a lot of time