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T with Teddy

Social construction of reality- understands all phenomenon all around us, constructed
by words
Topicality- the way we as a community negotiate an understanding of the words of a
topic and their meaning in a competitive setting
Connotative- what we associate
Denotative- socially agreed upon or technical definition of a term
How do we determine value in a valueless world
One of the most strategic things for the negative, can win entire debate on T
If everyone in the community accepted this definition it would be good for this debate


Interpretation- How experts or dictionary defines things now

Violation- How does the aff change this for their benefit , they shifty af
Standard- Why interp is so dangerous for us as the negative and debate
3 standards- Limits, Ground, Predictability
Limits describe the number of possible cases everyone would be able to interpret from
the affirmative based solely on the resolution, what categories of affirmatives are
Ground, what generic negative positions would be available, what the affirmative has
done has challenged core negative ground
Predictability, says this is how everyone ought to interpret this term, thats not
predictable Prestons blog is not predictable
Why T is a voting issue
Rule of the game-
Education- what we get out of debate

2 types of advanced T
Effects T- result in topical effect but plan itself isnt topical
Extra T- More than one part of the plan that doesnt apply to topical


We meet- we fall under the definition, you presented a definition, we are an example of
the definition
Counter Interpretation- our understanding is based on a definition
Show why this is better for debate, show why the negative interp is bad
Over limits too much neg ground

T is not a voting issue-

Classrooms not courtrooms
Bad for community

Reasonability- why we choose, this is most middle ground

Default to competing interp- whats best for the negative