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Karin Webb: Performance Artist/Character Actor/Clown, Writer, Director, and Teacher

1810 Staffordshire Crescent, Houston, TX 77030

(713) 249-6501

2005 Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theater, Certificate in Physical and Ensemble Based
Theater, and 1st year of MFA program completed
2000 Boston University, BFA (Magna Cum Laude)
1999 London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), Study Abroad
1986-1996 Nancy Durham Glynn, Classical Ballet and Pointe

Selected Honors and Awards:

2017 Star & Snake Artist Residency, Center Harbor, NH
2017 and 2016 Asheville Fringe Festival winner of Artist that challenged and/or pushed boundaries with the
human body (Original solo show written by Karin Webb (2017), and short play written by Karin Webb &
Richard Risbridger (2016))
2013 HUB Theater Award for Best Ensemble (Whistler in the Dark Theaters Vinegar Tom)
2012 IRNE Nominated "Best Puppetry" (New Exhibition Room and Elephant Tango Ensembles Story Time
Preservation Hour)
2012 GO! Magazine's Reader's Choice "Best Drag Performer" Award (All The Kings Men performance
2011 GO! Magazine's "Top 100 Women We Love" (All The Kings Men)
2004 Boston Phoenixs Readers Choice Best Kept Secret Award (All The Kings Men performance troupe)
2004 Curve Magazine's "Best Lesbian Theater Company" (All The Kings Men performance troupe)
2004 Elliot Norton Award Best Production by a Small Theater Company (Gloucester Stage Companys
Collected Stories)

Select Repeat Theater Events:

[Year / Show Title (my part), Created by or Produced by, Venue, City, State/Country]
2016-2017 Asheville Fringe Arts Festival (Performance Artist and Writer), Asheville Fringe, Toy Boat
Theater/Mothlight Stage, Asheville, NC
2012, 2013, 2017 Revenge of the Robot Battle Nuns (Guest Soloist, Scientist's Wife, Minion), Slaughterhouse
Sweethearts, Oberon Theater, Cambridge, MA
2015-2017 Asheville Vaudeville (Guest Soloist, Black Forest Menagerie Ensemble), Asheville Vaudeville, Toy
Boat Theater, Asheville, NC
2002-2015 All The Kings Men (ATKM) (Soloist, Ensemble Member, Founding Member), ATKM
Productions, Many Various Venues, Greater Boston Area, MA
2015-2016 LEAF Festival (Puppeteer, Creator), Performances w/ Toybox Theater, Majestic Lake Eden, Black
Mountain, NC
2014-2015 Adventures in Folklore (Lead Puppeteer), Red Herring Puppets, 8 Month Tour, Everywhere, USA
2002-2013 All The Kings Men: Select College Performances: Yale, Keene State College, University of
Maine, Hamilton College, SUNY, MASSART, University of CT, Smith College, Dartmouth College
2008-2013 The Slutcracker (Drosselmeyer, Wet Spot Fairy, Tango, Act 1 Partygoer, Nightmare, Bacchanalia,
Chinese), Sugar Coated Productions, Somerville Theater, Somerville, MA; Thtre St. Dennis, Montreal,
2010-2013 Puppet Slam (Puppeteer, Ensemble Member, Artistic Director, Writer), Various shows w/ Elephant
Tango Ensemble Puppets, Puppet Showplace Theater, Brookline, MA
2012-2013 Bilicious Boston Show (Featured Performer), Bilicious Productions, Club Cafe Theater, Boston,
2003-2012 Memorial Day Weekend (ATKM Ensemble), ATKM Productions, ArtHouse Theater / Crown and
Anchor / Vixen/City Hall, Provincetown, MA
2010-2013 Org (Soloist), Mali Sastri/Jaggery, Cloud Club, Boston, MA ; Oberon Theater, Cambridge, MA
2003-2011 Womens Week (ATKM Ensemble), ATKM Productions, ArtHouse Theater/Crown and
Anchor/Vixen/City Hall, Provincetown, MA
2006-2011 Jerkus Circus (Soloist), The Steamy Bohemians, Various Venues, Cambridge/Worcester, MA
2009-2011 Blood from a Turnip (Elephant Tango Ensemble, Soloist), Perishable Theater, Providence, RI
2010-2011 Bent Wit Cabaret (Core Performer/Soloist, Writer, Director, Artistic Director, Producer), Axe To
Ice Productions, Oberon Theater, Cambridge, MA
2007, 2009, 2010 Boston Pride (ATKM Ensemble), Boston Pride Committee, PRIDE Main Stage, Boston, MA
2005-2006 Das Puppenspiel Puppet Theater (Multiple Repertory Roles, Touring Ensemble), Das Puppenspiel
Puppet Theater, Various locations, USA
2002-2004 ART WhOReSHIP (I, II, III) (Host, Soloist, Artistic Director, Producer), UnAmerika's Sweetheart
Karin Webb, Pan 9, Boston, MA; The Milky Way, Jamaica Plain, MA

Select Theater Performances and Directing:

[Year Show Title (my part), Created by/Produced by, Venue, City, State/Country]
2017 Asheville Fringe Festival: NO SHAME (Solo Show), Asheville Fringe Festival, Mothlight, Asheville, NC
2017 True Lust: A Valentines Day Burlesque (Headlining Guest Performer), Lilith Beest, Oberon Theater,
Cambridge, MA
2016 Eros & Thanatos (Guest Soloist), Star & Snake, Center Harbor, NH
2016 Singing Over the Bones (Guest Soloist, Panelist, Workshop Teacher), Scarlet Tongue Project, Arts in the
Armory, Somerville, MA
2016 Salome: Blood & Tears (Guest Soloist), Two Queens Productions, Grey Eagle, Asheville, NC
2016 Seduction Sideshow Presents: Bound Burlesque (Guest Soloist), Seduction Sideshow, Isis Music Hall,
Asheville, MA
2016 Beard of Valencia XII: Blood (Guest Soloist), Travis Bowman and Mikey Thomas, Crow & Quill,
Asheville, NC
2016 LEAF Festival (Director, Choreographer), The Faerie Kin Ensembles Plant Medicine show, Majestic
Lake Eden, Black Mountain, NC
2016 Lupercalia (Guest Soloist), Crow & Quill Event, Crow & Quill, Asheville, NC
2016 Asheville Fringe Festival: Sliver of the Devil (Lead Performer, Writer), Asheville Fringe Festival, Toy
Boat Theater, Asheville, NC
2016 Unicorn Ball (Black Forest Menagerie Ensemble), Two Queens Productions, Grey Eagle, Asheville, NC
2016 Dr. Sketchys Anti-Art School (Model/Performer), Queen April, Odditorium, Asheville, NC
2015 All The Kings Men Holiday Show (Soloist, ATKM Ensemble), All The Kings Men, Oberon Theater,
Cambridge, MA
2015 Wham Bam Puppet Slam (Puppeteer), Toy Box Theater, Mothlight, Asheville, NC
2014 Slaughterhouse Sweethearts Present (Guest Soloist), Slaughterhouse Sweethearts, Oberon Theater,
Cambridge, MA
2014 Aesops Fables (Lead Puppeteer), Red Herring Puppets, 4 Month Tour, Everywhere, USA
2013 Sirens of Doomsday (Guest Solist, Ensemble Performer), Slaughterhouse Sweethearts, Oberon,
Cambridge, MA
2013 Bound in Boston (Guest Soloist), Bound in Boston, Boston, MA
2013 Glitterotica (Guest Soloist), Kristy McGarr, Oberon Theater, Cambridge, MA
2013 Kissing Oscar Wilde Book Release (Host), Jade Sylvan, Oberon Theater, Cambridge, MA
2013 Bacchae (Agave), Out Of The Box Festival, Spiegel Tent, Boston, MA & Oberon New Works Series,
Oberon, Cambridge, MA
2013 Basement Mix Tape (Guest Solist), Grandmas Basement, Boston, MA
2013 Becks Song Reader (Producer, Artistic Director, Dancer, Choreographer), Somerville Theater,
Somerville, MA
2013 ArtsEmerson: The Next Thing Festival (28 Seeds Characters), Paramount Center Mainstage, Boston, MA
2013 Lunar Labyrinth (Ensemble), Liars and Believers/Oberon New Work Series, Oberon Theater, Cambridge,
2013 Vinegar Tom (Joan) Whistler in the Dark Theater, Calderwood Pavilion, Boston, MA
2012 28 Seeds (Hannah Montenegro, Blogger, Ensemble), Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys/Liars
and Believers, BCA, Boston, MA
2012 ORG: Literati (Featured Writer, Host), Mali Sastri/Jaggery, Cloud Club, Boston, MA
2012 Boston Poetry Slam (Featured Guest Performer), Boston Poetry Slam, Radio, Somerville, MA
2012 Itching Man Festival (Co-Host / Interactive Character), Evan O'Television, Cambridge YMCA Theater,
Cambridge, MA
2012 Here and Now: Mortality (Featured Dance collaboration with Mary Bichner), Jade Sylvan and Caleb Cole,
Gallery 263, Cambridge, MA
2012 ORG: Ides of March (Featured Writer), Mali Sastri/Jaggery, Cloud Club, Boston, MA
2012 The Boston Tease Party Presents: Beaver (Mini Mermaid, Shopper, Court), Sugar Coated Productions,
Somerville Theater, Somerville, MA
2012 Naughtnomicon hosted by J. Cannibal (Guest Soloist), Chris DeKalb, Oberon Theater, Cambridge, MA
2012 Broadway Does Burlesque (Guest Soloist, Ensemble), Mary Widow, Oberon Theater, Cambridge, MA
2012 Welcome To Sparkletown (Guest Soloist, Dancer), Sparkletown Productions, Oberon Theater, Cambridge,
2012 Schooltree Rock Show (Guest Dancer), Schooltree Productions, Church, Boston, MA
2012 Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School: Boston (Featured Performer), Truth Serum Productions, Club Cafe
Theater, Boston, MA
2011 Chautauqua!, The National Theater of the United States of America /Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA),
ICA Main Stage, Boston, MA
2011 The Mary Dolan Show (Super Grandpa/Adelaide), Axe To Ice Productions, Oberon Theater, Cambridge,
2012 Story Time Preservation Hour: Paper Bag Princess and Baby Zombie (Baby Zombie), Boston
Playwrights Theater, Boston, MA
2011 Our Bodies Ourselves Benefit, Rogue Burlesque, Oberon Theater, Cambridge, MA
2011First Night (Dancer), Amanda Palmer/Boston Pops, Symphony Hall, Boston, MA
2011 Lets Be Brief Launch Party (ATKM Ensemble), DROM, New York City, NY
2010 See You Next Tuesday International Festival (ATKM Ensemble), New Players Theater, London, UK
2010 Emerging Artists Festival, American Repertory Theater, Cambridge, MA
2010 SHOW w/ Henry Hornstein (Soloist), Bitches of Destiny, Coolidge Corner Theater, Brookline, MA
2009 Jerkus Circus (Soloist), Steamy Bohemians, Lucky Chengs, New York City, NY
2009 Out on the Edge Festival, The Theater Offensive, Club Caf, Boston, MA
2008 Boston Youth Pride (ATKM Ensemble), Main Stage, Boston, MA
2008 New Works Festival (ATKM Ensemble), LA Womens Theater Project, Stella Adler Theater, Los
Angeles, CA
2008 National Womens Music Festival (ATKM Ensemble), Alliance Energy Center, Madison WI
2008 Toronto Pride (ATKM Ensemble), NOW Stage & Goodhandys, Toronto, Canada
2008 All The Kings Men, ---Victoria Productions, Stonewall Inn, New York City, NY
2007 Out of the Box: Twisted Tales (Writer, Soloist, ATKM Ensemble), All The Kings Men/The Theater
Offensive, Caulderwood Pavilion, Boston, MA
2006 MIT Fierce Forever w/ Margaret Cho (ATKM Ensemble), MIT, Kresge Auditorium, Cambridge, MA
2006 Capitol Fringe Festival (Original Work), Venus Theater, Washington, DC
2004 Collected Stories (Lisa), Gloucester Stage Company, Gloucester, MA
2002 Artrages (Soloist), Mobius, Boston, MA
2000-2004 Pan 9 (Soloist, Collective Member), Pan 9 Performance Collective, Pan 9, Boston, MA
2000 Cloud Club Performance Series (Jenny), Amanda Palmer, Cloud Club, Boston, MA
1999 Wild Honey (Sofia), Boston University, Boston University Theater, Boston, MA
1999 Henry IV (Part 1 and 2 Falstaffs Page, Ensemble), Vineyard Playhouse Theater, Amphitheater,
Marthas Vineyard, MA
1992 A Midsummer Nights Dream (Mustardseed), The Theater at Monmouth, Monmouth, ME

Radio / Film / Publications / Gallery Exhibits:

2017 Spaced in Podcast by Davidicus Campbell: Ep 32 (Interview), Asheville, NC [Podcast]
2016 Scarlet Tongue Project (as Self), Interview, Asheville, NC [Documentary Film]
2015 Chainsaw Maidens From Hell (Wrath), Cambridge, MA [Feature Film]
2014 Ten (Medium), Cambridge, MA [Feature Film]
2013 BLAA Presents: Momentum (Interactive Performance Art Installation), Kayafas Gallery, Boston, MA
[Gallery Performance]
2013 Big Sauce Radio (Guest) Interview, Boston, MA [Radio]
2013 Lets Flirt Radio (Guest) Interview, Boston, MA [Radio]
2012 Quiet Desperation: TV Season 3, Episodes 4 & 5: The Station (Salamander), Boston, MA [TV Series]
2011 The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide, Interview with All The Kings Men published [Publication
2011 Contemporary Puppetry Exhibit, Mikhail Zakin Gallery, Demarest, NJ [Gallery Exhibition]
2011 Big Sauce Radio (Episode #69), Interview and Poetry Reading, Boston, MA [Radio]
2010 Play in the Gray (Self / ATKM Ensemble), Planted Seed Productions, Boston, MA [Documentary Film]
1991 WMPG Duck Soup Radio, (Storyteller Performance), Portland, ME [Radio]

Companies / Troupes / Writer / Artistic Direction / Production:

2002-2015 All The Kings Men Performance Troupe (ATKM): Founding member, Ensemble Member,
Soloist with this long running, award-winning ensemble performance troupe (Boston area, MA)
2011-2013 Burns and Webb: Co-Creator, Dancer for this dynamic music and dance improvisational
performance duo (Boston, MA)
2008-2011 Elephant Tango Ensemble: Ensemble, Puppeteer, Director, Writer, Puppet-Maker for this puppet
and live music ensemble (Boston, Ma)
2007-2011 Axe To Ice Productions: Co-Creator, Artistic Director, Co-Producer, Writer, Director, Soloist and
Core Performer for this production company (Cambridge, MA)
2000-2004 Pan 9 Collective: Producer, Artistic Director, Artist in Residence, Soloist, Collaborator (Boston,
2000 Imua! Theater Company: Stage Manager for 1st staging of Santos E Santos (New York City, NY)

Coaching / Workshop Teaching:

Drag King Performance, Gender Illusion, Radical Gender Theater, Cultivating Presence, Character
Development, Shapeshifting for the Stage, Contemporary Commedia, Movement for Stage, Puppet Making and
Performance, Mask Making and Performance, Movement for Mask, Movement for Puppetry, Writing for
Characters, Storytelling, Burlesque, BDSM Skills, Psychology of a Submissive, Quality of Touch, Fun With
Food/Sexy Food Service, Rope Bondage, Needle Play, Consent and Negotiation in BDSM, and more

Special Skills:
Trombone, Fire-eating, Various Dialects and Accents, Voices, Clown, Drag, Storytelling, Improv Dance,
Tango, Ballroom, Swing, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Puppetry, Mask, Living Statue, Acrobatics/Physical Theater,
Blockhead, Walking on Glass, Sideshow Skills, Stage Combat (armed, unarmed, found object), Burlesque,
Stilts, Stupid Face Tricks, Outrageous Poetry, BDSM Demo...