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Worksheet #1 Rewrite each sentence correctly.

14. president kennedy was assassinated on november 23, 1963.

Rewrite each sentence. Add punctuation marks where they belong.
1. What is the date of our class party? Mr. Hall asked the students.

15. the u.s. constitution was ratified by the required nine states on june 21, 1788.

2. Dr. Johnson asked Steven Did your family visit the beach last summer?

Rewrite each sentence using the correct punctuation.

16. Her new haircut looks good doesn't it?
Rewrite each sentence. Add the correct punctuation to show individual ownership.
3. Gabes and Lizzies spiral notebooks were given to their teacher.

17. Amber thinks she is the smartest student in the class doesn't she?

4. Noels and Olivias paychecks were not as much as they had expected after working so many hours
this week.

Circle the word that best completes the sentence.

18. We've told you many times that (it's, its) not polite to interrupt someone while they're talking.
Circle each letter that should be capitalized. 19. Do you know (who's, whose) in charge of ordering office supplies for our department?
5. bay ly, my vietnamese friend, became an american citizen in 1989. 20. (It's, Its) not time for the movie yet, so we will wait outside.
6. luis wants to be a catholic priest. 21. (It's, Its) going to take a lot longer to complete the science project than I thought it would.
7. noah and courtney asked the methodist minister to perform their wedding. 22. Coach Williams asked, "(Who's, Whose) planning to go out for football next year?"
8. paul revere rode through the night shouting, "the british are coming! the british are coming!"
Rewrite each sentence. Use punctuation marks and capital letters where they belong.
9. my aunt joined one of the baptist churches in our town.
23. the word testophobia means fear of tests.
10. the colombian team won the soccer match.

Rewrite each sentence using the correct punctuation. 24. the word irresponsible means not concerned about the effects of your actions or not reliable.
11. The big black angry dog chased me down the street but I got away just in time.

Rewrite each sentence. Add punctuation marks where they belong.

12. Timothy brought crisp sweet juicy apples to the Halloween party.
25. Why, Tyler asked his mom, do we have to go to school today when it's snowing nonstop?

13. Jason is tall dark and handsome.

26. John Ruskin said, I believe the first test of a truly great man is his humility.
Read each sentence. Mark the space for the answer that shows correct punctuation and
capitalization for the underlined words.
27. "The weather report says it's supposed to be 28. The hamsters scampered around the cage, bit
warm outside tonight," said Mom, "but you'd each other's ears, and, rolled in the wood
better take your jacket along just in case." shavings.
tonight", said Ears, And
Tonight Said ears and
tonight," said, ears, and
Correct as is Ears, and
Correct as is
Rewrite each sentence using the correct punctuation.
29. Her parents Mr. and Mrs. Johnson are out of town.

30. Do you know the capital of North Dakota Christina?