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-is used when talking about temporary Affirmative and negative forms Question forms

situations at a particular point in

time I am (not) cooking now. Am I doing this noise?
You are (not) driving car. /arent/ Yes, I am / No, I m not.
see,love,like,hate,want,need,think,under He is (not) playing football. / isnt/ Are you writing that composition?
stand,know...) stative verbs are not She is (not) swimming. Is He/She/it eating ?
used in the Present Progressive. It is (not) sleeping) Yes, he/she,it is./ No, he/she/it isnt.
Eg: I am seeing that house./-is wrong! We are (not) studying Japanese. Are we/you making some tea?
/arent/ Yes, we are. No, we arent.
-time expressions:now,at the moment, You are (not) watching video film. Are they joking?
today, these days, this week/year They are (not) taking photos. Yes, they are./No, they arent.

Match the questions to the answers

REMEMBER: Verb + ING 1. Are you going home? a. Yes, she is.
2. What are you reading? b. No, he isnt.
Verb+ ing: read- reading 3. Is She baking a cake? c. Yes, they are.
do- doing 4. Is Dave diving into the d. No,Im not.
-e+ing: drive- driving (-e)
5. Is Mary playing cards? e. They are going on
make- making
- 1 vowel before 1 consonant: holiday.
cut- cutting, 6. Are they playing soccer? f, No, she isnt.
swim-swimming 7. Is the lion sleeping under g. A new Harry
-y+ ing: the tree? Potter book.
enjoy-enjoying, 8. Where are they going? h. Stephie is
singing .
9. Who is singing ? i. No, I am not.
10. Are you sure going into j. No, it is hunting.
Fill in the gaps and match them to the pictures.
1.Sarah always goes to the park. At the moment she the bears cave?
is there and she ______________ photos.
2.Paolo thinks about himself that he is a famous 12. Are they yours? L. Were fine
painter. So, he _________________ now a modern
3.The Browns like Shakespeare, that is why they
are in the theatre and ___________ Hamlet.
4. Jack likes speed, he ________ bike too fast.
5. Mac and his friends are in the disco. They
__________. They are having fun.
6. Bob likes this season. He _________________ in
the valley.
7. This feeling is incredible.-says Jack ,who
_________ from a high bridge.
8. Children are in the school. They
a new stamp album.
9. I do not like sharks. I keep little fish in a tank in
my room. I ____________ them with fish food.
10. Raul is keen on TV games. He _______________.
11. Peter likes water sports. Ever year he goes to