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BUS 511
Business Statistics

Section: 05

Prepared by
Sunviraj Rifat (1621606060)
Muhammad Sharif Khan (1621576060)
Yasir Hoque (1621348660)
Rahat Ferdous (1621581060)
Project Proposal

A study to find out the relationship between the selling price of Smartphones
and specifications of different brands available globally

To find out the level of impact and relationship between the selling prices of Mobile
handsets and phones hardware (camera, chipset, battery).
To find out the level of impact and relationship between the selling prices of Mobile
handsets and phones display.
To find out the level of impact and relationship between the selling prices of Mobile
handsets and phones operating system.
Regression analysis of five independent variables with the dependent variable.
Testing the usefulness of the model.
Testing partial regression co efficient.
Testing correlation co efficient.
To get the practical exposure of statistical analysis

Data sources:
The data for this report will be collected from different internet sources like IDC,
GSM arena, Wikipedia, Statista, Euromonitor, New York Times, The daily star etc. These
data will cover the smartphone sell stats and their prices with specifications. We will
gather different statistical data from valid sources and use them in our work.

Main Variables:
Selling price (Dependent Variable):
Selling price of a handset depends on multiple factors like its specifications, manufacturer,
availability etc. This is a dependent variable in our proposed study which will depend on
the independent variable(s) during analysis.
Camera (Independent Variable);

Handsets camera is a large factor which affects the price of a phone. Different
manufacturers use different types and features of camera. We will study different
megapixels (unit of camera power) of camera and use them as our independent

Chipset (Independent Variable);

Mobile phones run on so-called embedded chipsets, which are designed to perform
one or a few dedicated functions, often with real-time computing constraints. They
are embedded as part of the complete device including hardware and mechanical
parts. We will study different models of chipsets like Qualcomm, Mediatek, HiSilicon

Battery (Independent Variable);

Battery life gives an idea of how much battery backup you can get on a single charge.
An overall rating of 40h means that you'll need to fully charge the device in question
once every 40 hours. We will study different battery lifes of different brands in our

Display (Independent Variable);

In our study, we will consider the resolution of smartphones. Resolution is a term
that refers to the number of pixels on a display. A higher resolution means more
pixels and more pixels provide the ability to display more visual information
(resulting in greater clarity and more detail).

Operating system (Independent Variable);

The Operating system is a base infrastructure software component of a
computerized system. It controls all basic operations of the smartphone. The most
popular OS's for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) are Apple's iOS and
Google's Android.
We have been able to collect the total number of smartphones sold globally in a
reference year (2015) along with their prices. Also we have collected the data of the
specifications (camera, chipset, battery, display resolution, OS) of different
smartphones brands.
After collecting the data we will analyze them with the help of statistical software
called Minitab. We will summarize the data first and then present graphically. Then we
will test some hypothesis about the population mean for each of the variables. After
that, we will calculate the correlations by using Minitab among different variables, to
see their relationship. Later we will test hypothesis of correlation coefficient and extend
the relationships to a multiple regression model. After that we will test some hypothesis
of partial regression coefficient and finally test the usefulness of the regression model.

Significance of the proposed study:

This study will help us to understand the impact of smartphone prices and their
specifications on the buyers and understand the way people think before they buy a
smartphone. We will be able to understand the psychology of smartphone buyers all over
the world from the outcome which will be helpful for the retailers as they will be able to
stock the right phones for the right market. Smartphones are now the most common
devices in our daily life and the smartphone market has a huge potential in our country. So
both the buyers and sellers will be benefited from this study.