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Critical Event Reflection

A. This event took place at Manatee Cove Elementary on May 26th, 2017 in a 4th grade general education

B. The teacher has 10 years experience C. I was very pleased that the teacher allowed me to
- The observation was conducted on the last day observe her on the last day of school. This
of school demonstrated her experience and flexibility.
- The teacher was facilitating a Socratic -Socratic discussions had students collaborating,
discussion discussing, and defending their answered. I was
- Students were seated in a circle
shocked at the amount of higher order thinking
- Students were discussing a poem about goals
happening in the classroom.
and aspirations
- Students had annotated the text, created three - The circle seating was a great way for students to
questions on their own, and were answering face one another and discuss the text.
students questions citing evidence form the text
- All students were engaged in the lesson and - I was interested in the complexity of the poem
participating for a fourth grade classroom
- During the post conference the teacher stated - I was impressed with the well developed
she learned about Socratic seminars through a questions from the students and the attention and
professional development offered at the school
respect from each student.
- The teacher stated Socratic discussions have
been implemented throughout the year and have - I was happy to see teachers implementing some
increased engagement and questioning skills in of the professional learning we attended this year
her classroom
- The teacher pulled the lyrics from a popular -I liked how the teacher integrated the students
song How Far Ill Go which integrated interest into the lesson.
student interest with literary elements

D. This experience demonstrated to me the power of class discussion and the importance of the teacher
taking a role of a facilitator rather than feeding students information. When looking at student
engagement, Martin states to look at Note the locus of control for classroom activity. Who is doing all
the talking? Who is doing most of the work? Student input. Suggest ways for students to have input into
the lessons (Martin, 2010). This classroom demonstrated a classroom full of student lead discussion,
learning, and student input.

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E. This experience leads me to focus on engagement and discussion strategies in professional developments
for my own staff. As an administrator, I would encourage teachers to use engagement strategies that
promote student leadership like Socratic Seminars. This was also a great example of how to highlight
teachers that are doing a great job. As an administrator, I would share this teachers practice with the rest
of the staff at a staff meeting or PLC.

F. This event correlated to ISLLC standard 3 which states An education leader promotes the success of
every student by ensuring management of the organization, operation, and resources for a safe, efficient,
and effective learning environment. This class observation displayed what a efficient learning
environment looks like and demonstrated strategies that can be used to create this environment.
G. This event relates to the school vision by creating a positive classroom environment that promotes
collaboration and higher order thinking through class discussion. This ensures each student reaches their
personal best which is the school vision.

H. Notes/comments

2015. Grand Canyon University. All rights reserved.