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- Prayer & the Place

Prelude Look Upon Us, Blessed Lord, by A. W. Leupold Angelica Prodan

Praise Music Mens Choir

Intercessory Prayer Shiphrah Fepuleai

Childrens Story Viana Chambers

Offering Appeal Jeff Shannon

Offertory Nothing But the Blood Mens Choir

Scripture Reading John 4:13-14 Rolland Crawford

Special Music Heavenly Love Mens Choir

Message Prayer and the Place Pastor Jonathan Henderson

Closing Song Abide with Me Mens Choir and Congregation

Benediction Pastor Jonathan Henderson

Postlude Recessional, by David Lasky Angelica Prodan

Study Time 9:45a To Serve You
Theme: The Gospel in Galatians Julio Tabuenca, Senior Pastor, 909.771.4179, juliotabuenca@gmail.com
Cristian Iordan, Worship & Media, 909.553.3996, campushill@gmail.com
Leader Marijke Sawyer Shiphrah Fepuleai, Young Adults & Women, 760.224.4404, pastorshiph@gmail.com
Teachers Bill Wright, Grant McAuley, Viana Chambers, Youth & Children, 760.670.6220, campushillkids@gmail.com
Bashar Fargo, Tom Gibson, and Gabriel Katrib, Visitation, 909.478.9707
Dorothy Donesky
Lourdes Gudmundsson, Head Elder, 951.522.5210
Lesson: Pauls Authority & Gospel Judi Wright, Administrative Assistant, 909.796.0222
Rita Bender, Office Assistant, 909.796.0222
Memory Text: For do I now persuade
men, or God? Or do I seek to please Office
men? For if I still pleased men, I would Phone: 909.796.0222
not be a bondservant of Christ Gal. 1:10. campushill.office@gmail.com I www.campushillchurch.net
. Hours: Monday through Thursday, 9 to 5p.
Good News

Welcome to this House of Worship. May the Spirit of Vacation Bible School Passport to Peru
the Living God fill your heart with joy and peace.
Sunday, July 16 to Friday the 21st 6-9p.
The Encounter Guest Speaker, Pastor Jonathan Children 3 13 are invited.
Henderson, Pacific Union College Head Chaplain, Register online tomorrow, July 9,
continues the Prayer series with the topic Prayer and CampusHillChurch.net
the Place. Pray the Holy Spirit equips and empowers
him in this important subject of four expositions. VSM-SK for Parents! As your children
enjoy the Peruvian excursion, parents are encouraged to
Refreshments will be served at the Linda Hall patio attend the Smart Money Smart Kids seminar by Ramsey
immediately after the worship service. Take a moment Solutions (video). Register ASAP online at
to mingle with your fellow worshipers as you enjoy the CampusHillChurch.net
goodies prepared by Marie McCalla and friends.
Todays kids pocket Winner Magazines heading is The
Guest Participants Bottle. Children, make sure to read the two questions
posted at the end of the story.
Doris Perez, Mens Choir Conductor.

An enthusiastic art lover with a generous spirit.
SIGNS OF THE TIMES pocket size title is, How to
Jeff Shannon, offering appeal.
Pray. Claim your copy at the end of todays
A successful businessman with a heart of gold. worship service.
Rolland Crawford, Scripture reading.
Former Loma Linda Fire Chief. Young Adults in worship: Join us on Friday evening from 7
to 8p in Hammond Jewell for a time of meaningful
Music fellowship and worship.
Today - Mens Choir
Under the direction of Doris Perez, a dynamic group
of men will use their talent to praise our Savior. HOLINESS
July 15 George Sampson

A beloved national artist whose beautiful singing Gods command is Be holy, for I am holy. But as victims
of sins guerrilla warfare, Christians are often prone to
voice will surely lift us up.

give up the fight, or at least to compromise with sin in its
more difficult forms.
July 22 Brian Bautista Singers

Doctor Bautistas gifts go beyond medicine; he is
Why do we so rarely experience holy
also a talented pianist and a
living? The central issue confronting
choral director. On the same us is that Christians fail to
Sabbath, Matunda ya Yesu, an understand their own responsibility
African ensemble, will do the for holiness.
offertory and special music.
Today at 5 pm, they will offer an hour of delightful Starting on Sabbath, August 5 at 11 oclock, well explore
African music. You are cordially invited. topics such as:
What God has provided to help us live holy lives
July 29 Mike and Sharon Hanson, former What is meant by the scriptural statement that we
Campus Hill ministers, will fill your heart with died to sin
beautiful music during the worship service. Guest Practical guidelines for determining right from wrong
Speaker Ira Lakes message will be, Hope and The struggle we have with physical overindulgence
Healing for the Hurting. and unloving attitudes

How our reason and emotions influence our will
At 6p, Mike and Sharon Hanson along with Teri and How habits and personal discipline play a part in holy
Mickey Seiler will share their story of faith and trust living
in God through the recent loss of their daughter
Heidi. Dont miss it! More information to come