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About Us

QuantInsti (QI) is Asias pioneer Algorithmic Trading

Research and Training Institute, conducting professional
programmes in the field. The institute is focused on
preparing professionals in the financial industry for the
contemporary field of Algorithmic and High Frequency

QuantInstis flagship programme Executive Programme

in Algorithmic Trading (EPAT) has benefited hundreds
of participants from over 40 countries. Apart from
imparting knowledge about advanced concepts, QI also
provides practical insights into aspects like system
architecture & latency, standardized protocols, trading
strategy design methodologies and risk management for
HFT, and new developments/tools in this domain.

QuantInsti is head quartered in Mumbai with a

subsidiary in Singapore.

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Things to Know Before Starting Algorithmic Trading

Your success as an algorithmic trader is determined not only by

your quantitative skills but also depends on a large extent on the
process and the tools you select for analyzing, devising, and
executing your strategies. Lets get acquainted with the tools
required for the trade!

1. Data is everything (well almost!)

The first and perhaps the most important aspect of algo trading is
data. Data is an algorithmic traders best friend. A trader needs to
have access to data for the respective segments of the exchange
that he intends to trade in.

2. Charting Platforms
As a trader you must acquaint yourself with different charting
techniques and chart based strategies that can be profitably
applied in the markets. There are many charting platforms
available with advanced charting features and analytics.
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Learn Algorithmic Trading

With the boom in technological advancements in trading and

financial market applications, algorithmic trading and high-
frequency trading is being welcomed and accepted by exchanges
all over the world. Within a decade, it is the most common way of
trading in the developed markets and rapidly spreading in the
developing economies.

Algorithmic Trading & the Industry Requirements

For beginners who want to venture into algorithmic trading, this
article will serve as a guide to all the things that are essential to get
you trading the algorithmic way. Let us start by defining algorithmic
trading first. There is a lot of confusion between algorithmic trading,
automated trading, and HFT (high-frequency) trading.

The difference between Algorithmic trading, Quantitative trading,

Automated trading and High-Frequency trading:
i. Algorithmic trading Algorithmic trading means ...

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Scope & Employment Opportunities

The advent of algorithmic trading in the late last century caused a

massive tectonic shift in the way trading took place in exchanges
worldwide. Be it trading in stocks, derivatives, Forex or
commodities, trading firms worldwide adopted algorithmic trading
in a big way.
The last couple of decades have seen an exponential growth in
the algorithmic trading market and it continues to grow at a
significant pace. According to the Global Algorithmic Trading
Market 2016-2020 report published by Research and Markets last
year, the global algorithmic trading market is expected to grow at a
CAGR of 10.3% during the period 2016-2020.
In order to remain competitive and earn big profits year after year,
big banks, hedge funds, and other trading firms have been hiring
top talent from various universities and colleges worldwide. This is
turn has led to a surge in algorithmic trading/HFT jobs. Scores of
students, engineering graduates, and developers want to explore
and build a promising career in algorithmic trading today. This
said, many of the wannabe quants & developers are unaware of
the nature of the work in algorithmic trading firms and the skill sets
needed to make a foray into this coveted algorithmic trading world.

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Getting Started with Algorithmic Trading

Essential References:
These were some of the essential references that we thought of
sharing with our readers. For a more exhaustive list of books, you
can refer to slide share here.

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What Next?
EPAT Executive Programme in Algorithmic Trading

The Executive Programme in Algorithmic Trading at QuantInsti is

designed for professionals looking to grow in the field, or planning
to start their careers in Algorithmic and Quantitative trading.
This comprehensive Algorithmic Trading course offers
unparalleled insights into the world of Algorithms, financial
technology, and changing Market Microstructure, following an
exhaustive course structure designed by leading Algorithmic
Traders, Quantitative experts and HFT thought leaders.
Duration 6 months (4 months of training & 2 months of
project work)
Specialization Particular Asset class and/or Algorithmic
trading strategy through the project work
Online Delivery A focused learning experience consisting of
practical sessions conducted through web-meetings and virtual
learning environments
Certification Assessment comprises of assignments, quiz,
project work and attendance. On successful completion
participants will receive a Certificate from QuantInsti
Quantitative Learning Pvt Ltd


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