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Technical Data Bulletin

EXVH 30198

Explosionproof Alarm Horn

The Explosionproof Alarm Horn is supplied with the

following standard features:

C Available in AC or DC voltages
C Suitable for a wide variety of hazardous locations
C Heavy-Duty construction
C Low operating current
C UL listed and FM approved


Used principally in solvent recovery operations, ARCHITECT/ENGINEER SPECIFICATIONS

paint storage areas and other locations that contain The audible alarm shall be a Chemetron Fire Sys-
hazardous vapors, the Chemetron Fire Systems brand tems stock number (see ordering information below)
Explosionproof Alarm Horn is suitable for Class I Explosionproof Alarm Horn that is Underwriters Labo-
Groups B, C, & D, Class II Groups E, F, & G, and Class ratories listed and Factory Mutual approved. It shall be
III all divisions. This alarm horn is designed to emit a suitable for Class I Groups B, C, & D, Class II Groups
piercing signal rated 100 db at 10 feet. Its low current E, F, & G, and Class III all divisions. It shall emit a
draw and wide operating voltage range (-20% to +15% piercing tone of 100 db at 10 feet. The housing shall
of nominal voltage) make this unit ideal for commercial have mounting lugs and shall be made of die-cast
and industrial applications. steel. A 3/4" sealing fitting shall be provided for con-
A heavy-duty, die-cast housing is equipped with duit and wiring connection.
mounting lugs and a 3/4" sealing fitting for easy instal-

Ordering Information

Shipping Weight
Stock Number Description lbs (kg)
70100346 Explosionproof Alarm Horn - 24 VDC Polarized 10 (4.5)

70100347 Explosionproof Alarm Horn - 120 VAC 10 (4.5)

70130165 Explosionproof Combination Horn/Strobe - 24 VDC 18 (8.2)
Technical Data Bulletin
EXVH 30198

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