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Business Plan

Travel Agency
LLC ,,WOW Travel Agency

Autor: Alina Druta

Group: FB159
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Teacher: N. Coselev

Chisinau, 2015
Business Plan of the LLC WOW Travel Agency

(The plan contains confidential information that can not be reproduced,

distributed or used without the consent of the manager of the company)

Adresa: Republica Moldova, Chisinau. Str. Alba Iulia 27/3

Informaii de contact:
Tel: (068) 32 22 23
Fax: (022) 32 22 23
E-mail: http://wowtravelagency.com
Name of the administrator: Druta Alina

Chisinau, 2014


2.Bussiness description...5
3.Operational plan.7
4.Marketing plan8
5. Management and staff .13
6.Financial plan11
7.The SWOT analysis ..13

Limited liability company Wow Travel Agency is an entity which
will activate in the tertiary sector. It represent a company which will
provide touristic services. For the beginning, initial investments will be
very big, but will be but they will be recovered in short term.
Potential clients would be persons with medium or high income and
also legal entities.
This agency will activate in Chisinau, on the Alba Iulia 27/3 str. and
will offer services at the highest quality and also unique offers.
First of the main points of the agency will be the interior and exterior
design, which will attract the attention of the passers. The unique design
of the agency will make the passerby to want to enter in the office. The
second point is the easiness with which a costumer can choose his
perfect journey, because of the effectiveness of the staff. This two points
should be a strategy for attracting customers.
Motivation of the company has at its base the development of internal
and external tourism.
WOW Travel Agency wants to enter on the market with the following
purpose: to develop a new level in the tourism branch from Republic of
An important characteristic of the agency will be the staff. This will be,
obvious, very kindly, sympathetic, patient and of course good looking
and mannerly.
All of this will contribute positively to the image of the agency,
materializing in winning loyal clients.

Bussiness description

WOW Travel Agency will start its activity on 22.06.2016.

The office of the company will be in Chisinau, on the Alba Iulia 27/3
str. and will be represented by Alina Druta as a general director.
The company will be founded in order to provide qualitative touristic
services in over 80 contries of the world. WOW Travel Agency will
offer excursions, trips and vacations for its clients and will ensure
security and comfortability. Also the agency will also offer individual
trips with different purposes for each kind of preferences even for the
purpose of restoring or improving health.
WOW Travel Agency will be a tour operator enterprise because it has
as main activity the organization and selling on their own, travel
packages or its components, direct or through intermediates.
The agency will offer:
- Qualified, kindly, sympathetic and patient staff.
- Online booking for the travel packages (airplane, hotels,
- Medical insurance
- Appropriate services looking to the ratio quality-price
- Attractive excursions for adults and kids
- Treatments in the best hospitals and sanatoriums of the world
- A free excursion as a gift for the first 100 custumers (the excursion
is chosen according to the travel package chosen by the customer.
- Rapid responsiveness to potential arising problems.
We will be memers of:

ANAT- National Agency of Tourism Agencies from Moldova

IATA - International Air Transport Association
ADTM - Association of Tourism Development in Moldova

The main objectives of the company are:
- To obtain the maximum profit through the satisfaction of the
customer needs.
- To open a successful enterprise.
- To develop trusting relationships with clients, so in this way to
achieve a good company promotion through them.
- To offer varied assortment of products and services to suit the
needs of all categories of consumers.
- To provide an unique interior and exterior design of the companys
- To ensure the easiness with which a costumer can choose his
perfect journey.
- To ensure the customers with very kindly, sympathetic, patient and
of course good looking and mannerly staff.

Operational Plan

Location: :WOW Travel Agency will has its office in Chisinau on the
Alba Iulia 27/3 str.
There will occur all the future collaborations with hotels and partners
from all over the world; touristic offers; meetings with the customers;
The agency can open branches in Moldova or in other countries, in
terms of the formalities prescribed by law. The company is a VAT
I chose this kind of activity because tourism is growing in Moldova, and
because most people get to travel at least once a year (source:
Beautification and the furniture of the office will be made by a unique
project combining refinement of contrasted colors and classic style

(Annex 1), the furniture and technical equipment will be procured at a
high quality (manufactured by European standards)( Annex 2).
The employees must have higher education proved by a diploma
offered after required graduation. Their remuneration is based on
objectives of the firm and their performances. For the staff motivation,
the firm will reward their efforts with bonuses and gifts, especially
during the holiday period.

Marketing Plan

In practice, marketing plays a key role because it creates on the one

hand, differentiation in consumers' minds, and on the other hand, creates
specific tools on accomplishment of strategic objectives, which results in
those 4P:

Marketing analysis:
Tourism is one of the most important branches of economy, being also
the sector which records the highest growth rates in the European
For firms satisfaction and success, I made the tourism market analysis.
After this analysis I set affordable prices for our customers, and
marketing strategies for highlighting WOW Travel Agency.
So, I decide to attract customers using:
- Billboards which have to be placed in public places.
- Letters of congratulations on the holidays.
- Letters of thanks for our customers confidence.
- Accessible web site with a lot of information.
- A book with customers reviews, etc.
WOW Travel Agency aims to attract a large number of clients, both
national and international to promote domestic and international
tourism, regardless of age, social status or nationality.
The agency will satisfy customers needs by creating for each one an
individual travel package according to their lifestyle and preferences.
WOW Travel Agency has the potential to become a leader on the
market place, due to the knowing of the over agencies weaknesses.
See the main competitors in Annex 3.
Services promotion:

Promotion oriented to consumers follows:
- Growth of the short-term sales.
- Occupying a stable position on the market share.
- Convincing the consumers to try the product.
- Keeping away the consumer from the competitors products.
- Retaining and rewarding loyal customers
Factors which influence on consumer behavior:

- Cultural factors, which are represented by consumers culture,
subculture and its social class.
- Social factors, which include reference groups, roles, statuses and
- Personal factors, which include age and life cycle stage,
occupation, lifestyle, economic circumstances, personality and
opinion of himself.
- Psychological factors, which are detrmined through motivation,
beliefs and attitudes.

Management and staff

WOW Travel Agency has a staff consisting of:

Ms. Druta Alina 19 years, General Director and the founder of LLC
WOW Travel Agency. Is studying now Finance and Banks faculty at

Mrs. Lupu Mariana - 42 years, Deputy and Administrator. She is also

General Director and founder of LLC Megaexpres. Gratuated
Education, Psychology and Methodology of Primary Education faculty
at UPS Ion Creanga.

Mr. Druta Igor 42 years, Top Manager at Advertaising department.

He is also Top Manager at LLC Megaexpres.

Mrs. Mihalachi Madalina 21 years, General Accountant. Graduated

Accountant faculty at ASEM.

Dna Isac Mihaela - 24 years and Dna Carafizi Natalia- 25 years,

Senior at Ticketing department. Both graduated ASE Romania.

Mr. Aleco Andrei 37 years, Top Manager at Outgoing department.

Graduated USM.

Mr. Toma Sergiu 26 years Marketing Manager. Graduated Babe-

Bolyai University.
To form a positive image and to preserve the prestige, the company will
adopt a policy of radical salaries, above average wage.

Besides the level of the salary, employees motivation will be achieved

by ensuring their job (contract 5 years). The entire staff will be hired
General Director Druta Alina 8000 lei

Deputy Lupu Mariana 5500 lei

Top Manager Druta Igor 5000 lei

General Accountant Mihalachi Madalina 4500 lei

Senior Isac Mihaela 4500 lei

Senior Carafizi Natalia 4500 lei

Top Manager Aleco Andrei 4500 lei
Marketing Manager Toma Sergiu 5000 lei

Financial Plan

The financial plan of the company WOW Travel Agency includes all
costs and company profits.


Druta Alina 220000 lei

Lupu Mariana 195500 lei

Total investments 415500 lei

Start up costs:

Real estate:

Acquisition 220000 lei

Renovation/Equipment 44000 lei

Other expenses 10000 lei

Total 274000 lei

Administrative expenses:

Administrative expenses 4000 lei

Insurance 4000 lei

Salaries 41500 lei

Other expenses 2000 lei

Total 51500 lei

Advertising and promotion:

Advertising 5000 lei

Print 1000 lei

Other ecpenses 1000 lei

Total 7000 lei

Touristic Offers:

Plane tickets booked 33000 lei

Hotel rooms booked 30000 lei

Other expences 20000 lei

Total 83000 lei


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 TOTAL
month month month month month month month month month month month month
Sales 70400 80000 70500 40000 60000 55000 50000 70000 100000 50000 20000 90000 755900
lei lei lei lei lei lei lei lei lei lei lei lei lei
Salaries 41500 41500 41500 41500 41500 41500 41500 41500 41500 41500 41500 41500 498000
lei lei lei lei lei lei lei lei lei lei lei lei lei

Other expenses: 10000 lei

755900 lei - 49800 lei 10000 lei = 696100 lei (revenue per year)

Profit per year 2016:

696100 lei - 415500 lei = 280600 lei

Investments are possible to be returned from the first year of activity still with a
profit with 280600 lei.

Opinion: With a rate of 40,31% per year, the business is considered very
profitable. So the activity of WOW Travel Agency will rise the market share
because of the possibiltiy to develop it with more money than our competitors.

The SWOT analysis

The SWOT analysis of the LLC WOW Travel Agency

Main Points Opportunity

- Association with some known - The knowing of the weaknesses of

distributors of plane tickets the other competitive travel
(Wizz Air, Air Moldova, agencies;
Rynair, etc.); - Lower cost than holidays
- Association with some hotel organized by intermediaries;
booking sites (booking.com, - Tourism development;
kayak.com, tripadvisor.com, - Cheaper plane tickets;
etc); - Increasing desire and need to
- Quality of the products and travel;
services; - Declining rents for commercial
- The experience of the spaces;
Advertising department - Greater ease of finding a
Manager; commercial space compared to
- The experience of the previous years.
- Location.
Weaknesses Threats
- No name and influence on
the market (in Moldova); - Ban on leaving the country;
- Spending large amount of - War;
money on advertising; - Increased price on plane tickets
- Early booking hotels and and hotels;
tickets; - Economic crisis;
- No instant income.
- Mass occurrence of travel


Logo of the LLC WOW Travel Agency

Annex 1

Annex 2

Annex 3


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