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COMMUNICOLOGY: Specification of Communication Networks at Four Levels


VERBAL Emotive Referential Poetic Phatic Metalinguistic Conative

NONVERBAL Vocalics Proxemics Chronemics Haptics Kinesics Olfactorics

CHANNEL & Ocularics

2016 R. L;ANIGAN MEDIA NETWORK LEVELS: Each Level is a MEDIUM of Communication

INTRA- Embodiment: CONTENT Store Pre- Synesthetic Memory:

Self Awareness, Ordering: Signification Consciousnes; Meaning Synchronic
Synesthesia Consciousness Within One Pre-Reflectivity

INTER- Dyad: TASK Transmit Consciousness; Cognitive History:

Self as Other; Ordering: Meaning Reflectivity; Meaning Diachronic
Relationship Experience One to One Conscience

Community: GROUP Retrieve Present: Affective Consociates:

GROUP Other as Self; Ordering: Signification Reflexivity; Meaning Share
Affinity; Kinship Socialization Altruism SpaceTime

Task Group: Aggregate Centrifugal: Competition Names Create Primary Roles:

EGOCENTRIC Identity by Rule PARTS One to Many Creates Agony Static Categories Leadership

Affiliation Organic Centripetal: Cooperation Names Create Secondary Roles:

SOCIOCENTRIC Group: WHOLE Many to One Creates Harmony Dynamic Relations Membership
Identity by Role

Co-Figurative INTERGROUP Evaluate, Present: Conative Contemporaries:

CULTURE Peers learn Ordering: Interpret Reversibility Meaning Share Time Only
from Peers Culturalization Meaning of Choice

Post-Figurative PLACE Space Binding Past Digital Logic: Predecessors:

SPACE Children learn Community Decode: O of E Practice In-Group Previous
from Forebears (Family) Many to Many Orientation vs. Generations;
(House) Out-Group Ancestors
Pre-Figurative NON-PLACE Time Binding Future Analogue Logic:
Adults learn Community Incode: O of A Practice Diffusion of Succeeding
TIME Generation;
from Children (Profession) Many to Many Orientation Innovations
(MOMENT) Progeny