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To whom it may concern,

Stated below are the justification for my expenses last March 25-27, 2017 for the Pasacao Site

1) Breakfast and Lunch is bought at NAIA since there were no available food at site.
2) Shuttle from Naga Airport to Pasacao- Site do not have direct PUV from the Airport and no
available PUV at that time to make it to the site before lunch. I arrived at Naga airport at around
9: 30 am due to delayed flight.
3) Hotel and Dinner- Their receipt is under Precious Construction. I opted for the nearest hotel
with available room since I finished my inspection (with the contractor) at around 6 pm and the
location was very isolated from the city part of Bicol. My dinner is also included in the receipt.
Hotel rate was Php 1500 and my dinner was Php 145.
4) Tricycle and Jeep Rental- PUV are so scarce near the site. I started my travel to go home at
around 7:30 am from the hotel (March 26, 2017, Sunday). I waited for half an hour to be able to
catch a chance tricycle to take me to the nearest PUV Terminal then Tricycle brought me to
Pamplona- Pasacao Road to catch a Jeep. There was a jeep waiting to be filled up with
passengers before they go. I asked a bunch of people around the area if how many minutes
before the Jeep would go since I was the first passenger. They said that it depends upon the
volume of the passengers but still they need to fill up to maximize the use of gasoline. I waited
for an hour for other passengers but I was still the only passenger. I started to haggle to the
driver since I will be late for the check in. He asked for Php 500.00 but up to the bus station only.
I agreed since I really dont have a choice then I just rode a bus going to the airport.
5) OR number of Breakfast and Lunch are interchanged- I ate breakfast at Naga Aerodome Kiosk at
the airport but I forgot to request for the receipt. Since the flight is declared delayed at that
time, I went back to the restaurant and ate for lunch. I request for the OR of Lunch and
remembered that I forgot to get another OR for Breakfast (That is why the OR number is
6) All expenses related due to cancellation of Flight- PAL declared cancellation of flights at around
2: 30 pm. They initially offered 2 choices for the affected passengers, rebooking of flight for the
12:00 pm flight next day or taking the rented bus of PAL that will be going to Manila at that the
same day (March 26, 2017). I opted for the Bus since I need to attend a Project Management
Seminar at Richmonde Hotel which Petron paid for me to attend at 9 am. I was advised to wait
for further announcement since they are coordinating with their tie ups. Unfortunately, majority
of the passengers opted to rebook their flight and PAL cancelled their Bus option. I coordinated
with PALs representative to address my concern. They offered a Php 1500 travel allowance for
commute plus an open ticket which I can use for the same route (They still have to secure
approval if I will rebook it to a different route). I agreed and commuted from Naga to Alabang
bus and hailed a taxi going to NAIA terminal 3 (SV is parked at NAIA terminal 3) since it was
already almost 3am of March 27, 2017 and there were no PUV going to the airport at that time. I
took the Skyway since it was the easiest way to Terminal 3.

Thank you very much,

Lenah Marie Ramos