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(1) There is grave abuse of discretion in the granting of

the Motion to Withdraw Information considering that

the Honorable Court has already acquired exclusive
jurisdiction over the present case

The filing of the information in court did not remove the instant
case from the power and authority of the prosecution to withdraw
the same. The Crespo ruling does not foreclose the withdrawal of
the information relative to the prosecutors determination of
probable cause notwithstanding that the information for Unjust
Vexation had already been filed in court.

(2) There was grave abuse of discretion in granting the

said motion since the prosecution failed to show that the
Honorable Court faithfully exercised its judicial
prerogative by making its own independent assessment as
to the sufficiency of the evidence of the prosecution in
holding the accused for trial for the violation of the
provisions of R.A. No. 7610.