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Letter of Recommendation

Dear Mr. Maganov,

Please accept this letter of recommendation in support of Marko Petreski

for admission to your institution. Marko is an exceptionally gifted boy who
would be a wonderful asset to your program. I have known Marko for the
last year and, although Ive always been aware of his keen intelligence, it
has been a pleasure to watch him evolve into a self-assured,
compassionate and wise young man. I was introduced to Marko when he
admitted to my theater school. Originally Id observed Marko performing
theater exercises during my weekly acting lessons. Eventually Marko
developed into a superb acting student in his own right, working with other
kids and furthering his development as well. As Im sure you are aware
from supporting documentation provided by dr. Dragana Stojchevska of
Institute for psychology , Marko is also a very intelligent child, with an IQ of
137 points. However, unlike some successful prodigies, Marko has
worked very hard, in a disciplined manner to perfect his talent and
knowledge. This hard fought acquisition of his own skills has uniquely
forged Marko into a sublime young actor. As a teacher of young people,
Ive observed Marko on many occasions instruct with intelligence,
compassion and sensitivity to the temperaments and learning style of each
of his friends in my theater school. Many times Markos passion for the
theater has been imparted with humor and encouragement to learn difficult
acting concepts from myself, and that is the main reason why I have
distinct him from other students. Marko has imaginatively used different
Learning strategies such as logic, pattern recognition and story telling to
convey abstract theater ideas into nuanced practical strategies. I get the
sense that Marko draws from his own imagination as a developing student,
using a variety of tools, especially suited for him. All along Markos inherent
humility makes his knowledge accessible to many different types of
students all along the learning continuum. In summation, Marko would be a
great addition for your upcoming program. His diligence, sensitivity, wit,
compassion and humility make Marko a highly desirable asset that will only
enhance the strength of your program. Marko is not only an inspiration to
other students, but also a highly desirable candidate for a supportive team
environment with the self-discipline and ardent intelligence for advanced
study in whatever area he inevitably chooses to pursue.

Thank You for Your time in considering Marko,


Sasha Nacevski,

Principal of theater school Act 4 Scene 5

Tel. +389 78 23 20 90

E-mail: uchilishte.za.teatar (at) gmail.com