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Covering Letter

I am currently working with European Commission - European Civil protection and Humanitarian
aid Operations (ECHO) as Regional Human Recourses Focal Point (HRFP), which makes me
mainly responsible of developing long-term approach to strategies via providing technical
leadership, managerial advisory services as well as administration in the area of HR, and facilitate
application and adaptation of ECHO HR policies and strategies in the Regional Office and
throughout the region. Also, I am providing HR planning and management process with innovative
leadership via recruitment, evaluation, training, etc in Region (Jordan, Turkey, Palestine, Iraq,
Ukraine, Algeria, Yemen, Belgrade).

Prior to that, i was working with Medecins Sans Frontieres - France (MSFF) as Finance &
Administration Manager, which makes me mainly responsible for setting up the elements required
for managing resources used in the mission in Iraq, Yemen and Syria (Jordan), via being responsible
for organizing the administrative management of personnel (national and international) and
supervising their qualitative management, and on the other setting out, highlighting and managing
the means required for the implementation of operational decisions. Also, guaranteeing the
application of money security rules, respect for procedures and readability of expenditure in the
mission; via different finance day-to-day activities and annual budget.

Since 2008 till 2013 as The Executive Department Manager of BT Applied Technology Group
(BTAT), I have been personally involved in expanding the operation of the group to many countries
in the MENA region such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and others. BTAT Group has more than
one specialization such as Smart Building Solutions, I have been consistently assigned to new
projects and starting up companies within the group to monitor and manage the operations like
Budgeting, Marketing, and Recruitment and assuring that everything is going the right direction.
Since 01st May 2012, and under the same umbrella of BTAT, with Hardware Solutions Builders Co.
(HASOUB), I have been promoted to Managing Director of Applied Software & Systems
Integration Solutions Company (ASSIST) which is a total application and systems solution provider
based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, with a team of 25 developers & others.

Prior to that, I was working with the UN Agency IOM; which added to my experience the
humanitarian field experience, as I was assigned to an operations mission by our Chief of Mission
to Australia. Also, I learned a lot about refugees cases and how to deal with it.

Working with Emirates Airlines, in Amman Jordan, for almost 7 years; gave me the opportunity to
deal with multinational companies and staff added value to my experience. During the 4 years
before joining Emirates, Jordan, I have worked in different fields.

Studying my MBA Leadership, from University of Liverpool added a lot to my knowledge and
was transformed to my practical experience. The MBA program is on researches basis, which was a
great opportunity to apply what I have learned from my daily work to my researches and
assignments and vice versa.
I hold both nationalities; Jordanian and British, which would facilitate my travel processes. Also, I
am fluent in both Arabic and English languages.

Hanan AlKhatib

00962 795111384
00962 795535617
Mobile Amman - Jordan: + 962 (0) 795111384, 0795535617, 0799702414

Email: hakhatib78@hotmail.com



Date of Birth: 12/3/1978

Place of Birth: Edinburgh Britain.
Nationality: British & Jordanian
Marital Status: Married


To achieve a high level career position, to be able to serve the community that I live in.
Human Resources field is one of the fields that I find myself in; I look forward to work
within healthy work environment via using my experiences and knowledge and to develop
both of them in order to serve the organization that I will be belonging to.


University of Liverpool
MBA - Leadership

Al-Zaytooneh University Amman.

B.A. in Business Administration.
With V. Good
Feb 2016 till now: Regional Human Resources Focal Point - European Commission -
European Civil protection and Humanitarian aid Operations (ECHO) - Amman, Jordan.


Responsible of providing technical leadership, managerial advisory services as well as

administration in the area of HR, and facilitate application and adaptation of ECHO HR policies and
strategies in the Regional Office and throughout the region. Also, I am providing HR planning and
management process with innovative leadership via recruitment, evaluation, training, and the
following tasks in Region (Jordan, Turkey, Palestine, Iraq, Ukraine, Algeria, Yemen, Belgrade).

Strategic HR Planning and Management: Provide ongoing strategy guidance, interpretation and technical
support to management of the regional and country offices in the all area of HR management.
Recruitment, Selection and Placement: Advise on effective and timely recruitment processes in the hiring,
developing and retaining the best talents available to support the strategic human resources needs of the office,
the region and the organization.
Policy Implementation and HR Administration: Promote equity, transparency and consistency in the
interpretation, determination, implementation, and administration of HR policy, procedures and guidelines on all
HR related matters applicable to the staff.
Staff and Management Relationship Management: Monitor staff/management issues and support/advise
management and staff as appropriate to improve the relations and resolve the HR issues. Provide support to
the staff-management bodies in the capacity of HR in the region and the Regional Office.
Staff Wellbeing and Security: Ensure mechanisms are in place for stress management and to promote staff
Emergency Preparedness and Response: In coordination with management and the staff, plan and ensure
effective emergency preparedness and rapid responses mechanisms are in place in case of emergency.

May 2015 Jan. 2016: Finance & Admin. Manager - Medecins Sans Frontieres - France
(MSFF) - Amman, Jordan.


HR Tasks:

Managing staff in Iraq, Yemen and Syria (Jordan), via being responsible of supervising Human
Resources and Development and Administrative functions for the office in Jordan. Following day-
to-day tasks is part of the job:

Following up and updating personnels pay and files (Homre)

Responsible for monthly payroll of personnel
Following local inflation
Monitoring the diffusion of HR reference documents to national and international personnel and ensuring
respect for the principles they contain (interior regulations, procedure for the management of abuse, etc.)
In charge of the remuneration of the consultants abroad according to their contract and activity
Team composition
- Updating organization charts
- Helping with the drafting of job descriptions and ensuring they are kept updated

Individual reviews
- Planning reviews
- Ensuring teams have access to the necessary documents for carrying out reviews

Internal communication and representation of personnel

- Circulating information on the association, the MSF movement and the mission to all personnel
- Organizing personnel meetings
- In charge of the process of recruitment

Logistics Tasks:

Managing properties and vehicles (choices, organisation, contracts, administration, insurance, etc.)
Participating in drawing up a supply framework for the field
Collecting and analysing information on non-budgetary management (activities, consummation, donations, etc)
Together with the coordinators, creating and analysing the indicators for human resources management
Keeping the missions administrative archives up to date

Finance Tasks:

Implementing procedures: money security (management of cash boxes, transfers, advances), expenses
commitments (purchase procedures, validation and organisation of payments, follow up of regular payments)
Ensuring the application of the country allocation guide (accounting, project and analytical points codes)
Managing cash boxes and banks in the mission
Ensure the control of expenses of the project done in countries abroad (Yemen, Iraq, )
Knowing the national supply circuit, analysing the risks
Setting out and budgetary translation of elements for human resources management.
Analysing the general and specific monthly budgetary follow up.
Controlling Budget.

During 2014: I was working on my MBA Dissertation which is mainly about Employee
Relations, Equal Opportunities and Diversity in a Community in Saudi Arabia, via giving an
example of ASSIST Company.

November 2013 January 2014: Deputy Country Manager (Palestine Association for
Childrens Encouragement of Sports (PACES) - Amman, Jordan.


Managing and supervising the sports program in all its aspects including PACES
Administrative and Technical staff.

Prepare operational and program budgets and reports as needed including financial
management of the program.

Ensure proper management of human resources in the program.

Overseeing established systems and standards for assessment and monitoring/evaluating the
program against its strategic goals.

Developing the internal and external structures of the Program.

Assist PACES Team in developing and implementing short and long term strategies, while
ensuring their timely implementation.

Preparing high quality fundraising proposals, reports and statistics as requested by Senior
Design, propose, and/or implement workshops to enhance the skills and build the capacity
of PACES Staff as well as the Coordinators at the local sports clubs and centers.

July 2008 May 2013: Managing Director (HASOUB ASSIST) & Group Executive
Department Manager (BTAT) Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Worked as Executive Department Manager of BT Applied Technology Group till 01st May 2012.
Then, and under the same umbrella of BTAT, with Hardware Solutions Builders Co. (HASOUB), I
have been promoted to Managing Director of Applied Software & Systems Integration Solutions
Company (ASSIST) which is a total application and systems solution provider based in Jeddah,
Saudi Arabia, with a team of 25 developers & others.

Experience Managing Director - ASSIST:

Provide total support to Human Resources processes, including recruitment, training, and

Develops and operationalizes business strategies, long-range plans, annual operating plans,
and annual budgets for the Saudi market. Ensures regular communication of business
performance against objectives.

Oversees P&L and balance sheet performance. Measures progress on an ongoing basis and
initiates corrective action as appropriate. Drives overall profitability and builds sources of
growth and value creation in line with pre-set targets.

Provides leadership and strategic direction for the operations in securing and executing
contracts and the ongoing development of the market. Ensures customer and contractual
expectations are met in the delivery of quality products and services. Promotes an
environment of compliance by following and advocating company policies, processes, and
controls as well as relevant laws and regulations.

Takes an active role in Business Development, Marketing and Sales efforts in support of the
market. Builds effective customer relationships and meets with key customers on a regular
basis to ensure their satisfaction. Develops strong relationships and communication links
with key stakeholders such as employee representatives, local community leaders, industry
organizations, etc.

Develops the staffing plan for contracts secured, assigning employees and/or project staff
based on duties, responsibilities, and scope of authority. Plans and manages the Operations
teams development to build a team of talented and innovative professionals who embody
corporate culture and collaborate to achieve success. Develops and attracts a pool of talent
for the organization.

Experience EDM - BTAT:

Formulate and manage the development and implementation of goals, objectives, policies,
procedures and systems for the Group companies and departments.
HR Policy implementation - Developing and managing employment programs, salary
compensation and job evaluation, benefits, promotions.
Audit and monitor the companies performance.
Project Management.
Inventory experience.
Marketing experience, Event Management.
Establishing new companies as the group expanded (core business, finance, marketing,
designs, etc).

Nov. 2007 July 2008: HR/ Finance Supervisor (UN Agency - International Organization for
Migration (IOM) Amman, Jordan.


HR Tasks:
Supervise Junior Staff in establish personnel files, contracts, promotions, and salary
certificate. Prepare for the VN (interviews, evaluation).
Supervise Attendance Records and control - payroll calculation.
Prepare the monthly payroll/ projectization sheet.
Organization Development.
Conduct annual performance appraisal to review employees work performance.
Recommend salary adjustments, rewards and promotions based on employee
Monitor the adherence of department employee's policies and procedures.
Communicate and discuss the departments guidelines and procedures with
employees to ensure responsibilities, authorities and accountabilities are defined and

Finance Tasks:
Ensure proper monitoring and control of the finance and budget activities of the mission
on a monthly basis.
Processing of payment requests and payments.
Monthly/ Yearly Closure Procedures: Ensure payments, receipts and non-cash vouchers
are entered in field accounting system (PAS 2000)
Prepare the annual budget submission and revisions.
Maintaining a petty-cash system with accurate petty-cash records and reconciliation to
the accounts.

Apr. 2001 Nov. 2007: Administrator (Emirates Airlines) Amman, Jordan.


Human Recourses: Ensure that actions taken by the personnel division are in compliance
with staff rules and regulations, personnel directives, staff management directives (i.e.
training, uniform, and medical insurance). Follow-up personnel transactions and
preparation of relevant documents, and ensure safety of personnel files and confidentiality
of materials therein.
Administer compensation, benefits and performance management systems.

Customer Affairs: Act in confident manner to ensure that callers and visitor are fully
serviced and pending matters are fully satisfied, fixing deadline to each call reply and
makes sure all is completed and 100% satisfaction level of all callers is achieved.
Control and monitor POS orders/ Rcpt: Order, Follow up and control Giveaways, through
assuring whatever required/ordered from HQ are rcvd on time, cleared through customs/
A/P and delivered on time and safely.

To plan, organise and manage stationary costs so as to reduce costs by at least 15%. This
can be achieved by reducing items prices: Dealing with suppliers to ensure cost cutting.
Acquired the knowledge of market prices and be able to help cut costs of items as well as
find areas of savings on usage within the office.

Dealing with Hotels & preparing for all the exhibitions and events: Making sure that all
the hotels corporate rates are available our end, preparing for companys events from A to

Dec. 1998 - Aug. 2000: Administrator (Omar & Khled Bulos Zumot Co./ FMCG) Amman,


Communication with clients on GMs behalf: To follow up all orders from out side Jordan,
LCs, receiving the goods to Jordan.

Provide Head Office the reports, and communicate with the finance manager the LCs

Handling shipping documentation: Following up all docs related to the shipments, act as
storekeeper for more than one store for the company, in the company and in the bonded.

Control of junior staff: Responsible for the sales team, distribute them on Jordans locations,
and follow up their cases.

Aug 1997 Nov. 1998: Admin. Assistant (Roza Marble and Granite Company) Amman,


Responsible for all office administration: Preparing all GM papers and confidential

Handling top clients accounts: Following up all the accounts and enquiries / payments, with
top clients for the company.

All Secretarial Duties: Screening phone calls, filing, arranging General Managers calendar
& appointments.

Professional Skills and Knowledge:

Analytical and problem solving skills.
Decision Making skills.
Time Management skills
High Communication and negotiation Skills.
Strong planning skills
knowledge of operations and logistics
Staff Management Skills
knowledge of applicable local and regional laws and regulations

Other Skills:

IT literate in Windows / Excel / PowerPoint/Visio/ Internet and Outlook.

Fluent in spoken and written English and Arabic, basic knowledge of
French language.
Translation Skills
Aptitude to learn new software applications and any other systems.
Conflict resolution skills.
Communication and leadership skills.


One year course in Office Management and Administration Amman.

Human Resources Management Talal Abu Ghazaleh
Stress Management IOM Amman.
Faked Documents reorganization IOM Amman.

Online Courses:
Excellence in Services: Providing Superior Customer Service;
Reservation courses: Checking schedules, adding elements,
Displaying fares; Emirates.
Safety & Security Course IOM Amman

Suhair Moyee AlDin Country Manager PACES/ Jordan
Mobile no.: 00962 777971177.

Suzan Mohareb Program Manager Legal Aid.

Mobile no.: 00962 775777077