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LUCKNOW (INDIA) VOL. 23, No. 3 July, 2017

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Prof. S.K. Barik, Director, CSIR-NBRI & President ISEB

Dr. K.J. Ahmad, Secretary ISEB
Environmental challenge
and opportunity
(Jointly organized by International Society of Environmental Botanists (ISEB) &
C.K. Varshney (India) 05
CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute (CSIR-NBRI), Lucknow, INDIA)

27-30 November 2018,

Multiple benets of Venue: CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute,
herbal bath with Lemon Lucknow-226001, INDIA
Mahendraa Modi
(India) 07

Organizing Secretaries
News & Views 08
Dr. R.D Tripathi Dr. Nandita Singh Dr. Vivek Pandey
(Emeritus Scientist CSIR) (Consultant Scientist (Senior Principal Scientist
Additional Secretary, ISEB CSIR-NBRI) CSIR-NBRI)
Conferences 12
Joint Secretary, ISEB Joint Secretary, ISEB

Books 12
Website of the Conference: http://isebindia.com
Mailing address: Organizing Secretaries, ICPEP-6,
CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute,
Rana Pratap Marg, Lucknow-226001, India
Phone: +91-522-2297821/2297825/2297929/2297931;
Fax: 91-522-2205836/2205839
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ENVIRONEWS, July 2017 1


T he UIA cordially invites you to send

two representatives to its 5 t h
Associations Round Table Asia-Pacic
the travel arrangements. For conditions
and applications for hosted buyer
s t a t u s , p l e a s e g o t o
communication modules in such a way
that every future citizen would be
better equipped to identify appropriate
on Thursday 21 and Friday 22 http://www.itcma.com/ solutions for sustainable and equitable
September 2017 in Chiang Mai, Le Nancy Carfrae Coordinator, development. In this context, here this
Mridien Hotel, Thailand. The UIA UIA Associations Round Table project aims to identify, through a
Round Table is an opportunity to learn Haeundae, Busan, Korea consultative mechanism, most relevant
through networking and through E-mail: nancy@uia.be curricula and efcient pedagogical
practice, to meet other international tools, and outreach and citizen science
associations and share experience and
knowledge to help you run your
organization better.
T he IUBS Executive Committee
meets in Paris on 6 and 7 July 2017.
If you would like them to discuss a
programs to study the impact of climate
change on biodiversity and ecosystem
function and services and human
The registration fee for association specic topic, please come back to me. health and diseases; and ways to
representatives is 2000 Thai Baht. The agenda will be sent to you in due address these problems in the coming
Delegates are responsible for their own course. On the other hand, IUBS is years. Uniqueness of this proposal is
travel and accommodation currently involved in 2 projects our focus on those education and
arrangements and expenses. For full sponsored by ICSU (see short citizen-science modules that are locally
details, please see the Round Table summaries below): rooted yet globally relevant for much
website (roundtable.uia.org). TROP ICSU: Trans-disciplinary wider outreach. The project envisages
To register, please go to the Round Research Oriented Pedagogy for developing online learning materials
Table website (roundtable.uia.org) and Improving Climate Studies and such as lectures (videos embedded with
log in: your username is D5971 and Understanding with IUBS as lead animations), interactive
your password is VECDZWQF. You applicant. A global approach to the exhibitions/museums, mobile apps etc.
can use this to register up to two gender gap in mathematical and natural Gender Gap project
delegates; each of your delegates will sciences: how to measure it, how to Mathematical and natural sciences
need to log in and register separately. reduce it? with IMU as lead applicant. have long and honorable traditions of
Should you wish to send more than two Please contact me if you already work participation by highly creative women
delegates, please contact us. on these topics and/or if you would like contributors. However, the
At roundtable.uia.org you will also nd to be associated with these projects. In percentages of women scientists
information about our Round Table this case explain how you would like to remain shockingly low and there is a
Europe on 10 November 2017 in contribute. signicant gender gap at all levels
Brussels, at which you are equally TROP ICSU project between women and men. Barriers to
welcome. Understanding the dynamics of Earth's achievement by women persist,
For over 100 years the UIA has been ecosystem and identifying measures to especially in developing countries. The
working to promote and document the sustain it for the future requires project will produce sound data to
work of international associations. We immediate action with support the choices of interventions
look forward to welcoming you at our multidisciplinary approaches. that ICSU and member unions can
Round Tables this year. Research efforts to identify key factors feasibly undertake. It will provide
When you log in to register for a Round that affect the biodiversity and evidence for informed decisions,
Table, you may also want to take the ecosystem functions and services need including trends since the situation
opportunity to check your to be scaled up substantially and for women continues to change around
association's prole in the Yearbook of rapidly, requiring a whole new the world, with some negative
International Organizations . generation of multidisciplinary developments and will provide easy
You may also be interested in attending scientists/policy makers/ access to materials proven to be useful
Incentive Travel & Conventions, administrators, whose education in encouraging girls and young women
Meetings Asia (IT&CMA) from 26 to 28 should start now. Educating to study and work in these elds.
September. IT&CMA will pay travel (to forthcoming generations about the Regional information about careers,
and from Bangkok) and causes and effects of global climate jobs and salaries will be provided.
accommodation (in Bangkok) for change is also imperative as The Joint global survey is planned to
associations qualifying for "hosted implementing solutions depends on an reach 45,000 respondents in more than
buyer" status, and will take the Round informed public. In this context, we 130 countries using at least 10
Table dates into account when making need to develop education and science languages, while the Joint study on

2 ENVIRONEWS, July 2017

publication patterns will analyze absolutely lovely condition with over after mining extraction, rapid loss of
comprehensive metadata sources 400 trees/ shrubs with many in fruiting vegetation and natural landscapes due
corresponding to publications of more condition (nurturing the nature for to heavy socio-economic pressures
than 500,000 scientists since 1970. future). from the real estate giants, corrupt
Contrasts and common ground across Would you please consider giving political and failing administrative
regions and cultures, less developed some space in the EnviroNews for a systems are responsible for massive
and highly developed countries, men brief write up by me and some pictures landslides impacting natural
and women, mathematical and natural of the garden? If yes, then I will forward ecosystems. The afforestation and
sciences, will be highlighted. the same. social forestry programs across South
*Nathalie Fomproix, Ph.D Dr. Lok Man S. Palni, FNASc, FNAAS, Asia emphasizing heavily on planting
IUBS Executive Director FNA, FISPM indigenous trees and shrubs have been
Bt 442, Universit Paris Sud 11 Vice Chancellor, Graphic Era University, slowing down for decades and is
91405 Orsay cedex, France 566/6 Bell Road, Clement Town, showing the negative impacts on the
Website: www.iubs.org Dehradun 248 002, Uttarakhand. India local ecosystem. Under heavy
E-mail: nfomproix@iubs.org (Formerly Director: G.B. Pant National anthropogenic pressures in vulnerable
Institute of Himalayan Environment & ecosystems and in absence of root
*Note: International Society of Sustainable Development binding effects of local trees; top soil
Environmental Botanists Lucknow has Kosi-Katarmal, Almora) are being eroded by wind and water
been recognized by IUBS, Paris as one E-mail: lmspalni@rediffmail.com and getting loose over time; and with
of its Scientic members. heavy rain and oods, massive

G reetings to you and the

EnviroNews team. Recently, on
T he recent massive landslides and
ash oods in eastern Bangladesh
resulting in unfortunate loss of precious
landslides have been adding tragedies
to the life of helpless, poor rural
communities in hilly and riverine areas.
13th May 2017 I visited Eklavya Adarsh human lives; and both private and
Active projects of planting
Awasiya Vidyalaya, Kalsi, about 50 kms government assets as well as local
local/indigenous soil binding tree
from Dehradun on the occasion of their infrastructure should aware everyone
species, bamboo forests and related
7th Annual Day as Chief Guest. This is regarding the danger of landslides
plants should be encouraged and
the only School (Class VI to XII) in the across South Asia. The massive
funded to hold the loose soil in hill
entire state of Uttarakhand that is under investments made in various South
slopes and illegal mining activities
the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Govt. of Asian countries by so-called real estate
need to be strictly monitored to prevent
India. It was established only a few agencies and the push for
massive landslides in future. Unless
years ago, and I was impressed by the infrastructural developments without
strict measures are adopted with
way the students from remote tribal keeping in mind the environmental
sincere Environmental Impact
belts were receiving a wholesome sensitivity and the ecological
Assessments made under proper
education with emphasis on overall vulnerability of the region has been the
supervision before any large real estate
development. One extraordinary thing root cause of such anthropogenic
or infrastructural projects could be
I witnessed there that they have started d i s as t e r s i mp act i n g h u man l i f e
sanctioned; dark and gloomy days with
the concept of Birth Day Garden. On devastatingly. The relentless illegal
more deaths and destruction are
his/her birthday the student plants a mining of sands in the river beds by
expected in the not so distant future.
sapling and nurtures it for the remaining illegal land maas, encroachments into
Saikat Kumar Basu
years that he/she is at this residential abandoned mines without any
UFL, Lethbridge AB Canada
school. The garden was in an precautionary measures to secure them
E-mail: saikat.basu@alumni.uleth.ca


Mr. Sheikh Adil Edrisi, Research Scholar, Institute of Environment & Sustainable Development, Banaras Hindu University,
Dr. Pratibha Tripathi, National Post Doctoral Fellow (SERB-NPDF), CSIR-Central Institute of Medical & Aromatic Plants,
Mr. Sudarshan P, Research Scholar, Central For Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Mysore University,

ENVIRONEWS, July 2017 3

World Environment Day Dr. P.K. Seth in his presidential address NBRI lawn. Guest of Honour Dr. PK
Celebrated at CSIR-NBRI appreciated that CSIR-NBRI was Seth also planted a sapling of 'Chandan'
CSIR-NBRI, Lucknow celebrated World working for the safety of environment tree. Members of International Society
Environment Day on June 05, 2017 in for the past six decades. He of Environmental Botanists, CMS-
collaboration with International emphasized that India was the only Founder Dr. Jagdish Gandhi, Prof. RS
Society of Environmental Botanists country where the environment was Tripathi were present during the
(ISEB), U.P. Council of Science & linked to religion. Plants and rivers programme. In the end, Dr. R.D.
Technology (UP CST) and Economic were worshiped in India for ages. He Tripathi, Additional Secretary of ISEB
Botany Information Service (ENVIS), underscored the importance of proposed vote of thanks.
NBRI Centre. On this occasion, Dr. organizing awareness programmes for World Environment Day Program
Dinesh Sharma, Hon'ble Deputy Chief clean and green environment; besides by CGES
Minister, U.P. was the Chief Guest and need for plantation of drought resistant On t h e o ccas i o n o f t h e Wo rl d
Dr. P.K. Seth, Ex-Director, CSIR-IITR and medicinal plants for the protection Environment Day, 'Nirala Nagar Jan
and Ex-CEO, Biotech Park; Lucknow of environment. Vikas Samiti', Lucknow, in
was the Guest of Honour. Chief Guest of the function, Hon'ble collaboration with Clean and Green
In his inaugural address, Prof. S.K. Deputy Chief Minister, Dr. Dinesh Environmental Society (CGES)
Barik, Director NBRI welcomed the Sharma in his address, emphasized on organized a Tree Plantation
Chief Guest, other dignitaries and a better harmony between Programme at Shastri Park, Nirala
large number of students from local environmental conservation and Nagar, Lucknow. Residents of the
schools and colleges, and highlighted human life-style. Dr. Sharma said that locality and ofcials of CGES planted
the history and importance of World our ancestors were very much aware 21 indigenous trees in the park. On this
Environment Day. Prof. S.K. Barik about the importance of nature occasion Prof. P.K. Seth, Vice-
informed that CSIR-NBRI was conservation and, therefore, they President, CGES; Dr. S.C. Sharma,
continuously working for the safety of linked different plants and animals to Secretary General of CGES and Prof.
our environment. He also highlighted various religious rituals. He called S.K. Barik, Director CSIR-NBRI
some of the multi-targeted programmes upon the audience to conserve nature delivered talks on the Importance of
of CSIR-NBRI running for clean and and environment as a day-to-day need, Trees for Saving the Environment.
green environment. Prof. Barik also not only just to celebrate as a special Dr. Virendra Nath former Chief
discussed the developmental strategies day. Dr. Sharma reminded about Scientist & Emeritus Scientist CSIR-
of green belts along the rivers. He also linking of each tree to each planet NBRI and a Life Member of
informed about the recently developed covering major nine planets of the International Society of Environmental
low arsenic rice variety by NBRI universe. Dr. Sharma informed about a Botanists (ISEB) has been elected as
scientists and suggested for its large tree bank of 35000 trees that he President of International Council for
scale uses in Uttar Pradesh. He also initiated during his tenure as Mayor of Biodeterioration of Cultural Property,
sought help and support from State Lucknow earlier. These trees were Lucknow.
Government for oriculture industry planted as a mission in the city with the Dr Rana Pratap Singh, Professor,
set up and herbal medical research. help of students of schools, colleges, Department of Environmental Sciences
Dr. Pankaj Kumar Srivastava, Senior universities and Lucknow Municipal and former Dean, Academic Affairs,
Scientist informed about ENVIS-NBRI Corporation. Dr. Sharma appreciated Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar
Centre supported by the Ministry of the proactive role of institutions like University (A Central University)
Environment & Forests, Govt. of India NBRI in the State Government's efforts Lucknow has been awarded "Panjab
along with environmental conservation for development vis--vis Singh Vishishtha Krishi Vaigyanik
and awareness programmes being environmental conservation through Puraskar " instituted by Uttar Pradesh
conducted by the ENVIS-NBRI, green technologies in collaboration Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The
including newly developed android with different state departments. award was given by Hon'ble Governor
mobile application app Green Planner Students from major educational of UP Shri Ram Naik for Prof Singhs
for citizens available at Google Play institutions (Saarthak Foundation, research and technological
Store. He also made a reference of ISEB Ahsaas Organization, Integral contributions on Sustainable
and its contributions since its founding University, Amity University, RLB, Agriculture. Apart from his many
in 1994. During the programme, an CMS schools) participated in the open- outstanding achievements Prof Singh is
ENVIS-NBRI Newsletter Indoor Air day programme at NBRI as a part of a life member of International Society
Pollution and EnviroNews, a quarterly World Environment Day Programme. of Environmental Botanists (ISEB) and
publication were released by the chief The Chief Guest Dr. Dinesh Sharma also a member of its Executive Body.
guest. planted a sapling of Rudraksh tree at

4 ENVIRONEWS, July 2017

Environmental challenge and opportunity*
Prof. C.K. Varshney
Emeritus Scientist, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India

Human civilization has, made an There is clear evidence to show that melted asphalt and had to struggle to
impressive progress to achieve climate change is happening. Since the free their shoes.
economic wellbeing and all-round industrial revolution, atmospheric Currently, one third of humans have
development that has certainly made concentrations of greenhouse gases inadequate access to clean, fresh water.
life a lot more comfortable. However, (GHGs) are now at their highest level The number is expected to increase up
this progress has come at enormous for hundreds of thousands of years. to two thirds by 2050. Some experts
cost to the environment that often There is an overwhelming scientic believe that in the near future water will
negates the advantages of economic consensus that climate change is become a commodity just like Gold
growth. The term environment refers to primarily due to the use of fossil fuels, and Oil. Some experts say that wars will
everything that is around us, land, which releases carbon dioxide and be fought over who owns the water
water, atmosphere, plants and animal other greenhouse gases into the supply.
life. In fact, environment is the main atmosphere. The CO2 concentration in In India, water availability is becoming
supplier of vital resources that we need the atmosphere is now, and the average increasingly crucial because per capita
to survive. It is no wonder that the other temperature at the earth's surface is availability of water in the country has
planets have no life simply because now about 1C higher over the last sharply declined as a result of
their environments cannot sustain life. century. Ambient temperature data population growth. Most of our rivers
It is a truth that ecosystems and its show that 13 of the 14 warmest years on are in varying degrees of decline and
peoples are bound together in a record have occurred in the 21st distress. Over seventy percent water
tenuous symbiosis. The industrial century, and in the last 30 years each bodies in the country have been
society is increasingly destroying this decade has been hotter than the polluted or drained. Large volumes of
relationship giving rise to many previous one. Rising ambient untreated efuents are drained into
complex environmental problems of far temperature affect crop yields globally, rives, and water bodies. Most of the
reaching consequences. In addition, with all other factors being equal. Some Indian rivers are thoughtlessly used for
the unintended and unanticipated studies have estimated that the crop disposing raw sewage and untreated
environmental and social damage yields may drop by about 10 percent by efuents. It is obvious that water of most
caused by the prevalent paradigm of 2050. Apple cultivation in Himachal of our rivers is unt for drinking, and in
economic development has resulted in Pradesh has suffered adversely from many stretches not even t for bathing.
complex environmental problems that rising temperature, affecting livelihood Despite various efforts, pollution of
seriously undermine food security, of lakhs of farmers. For apple trees Ganga and other rivers continue to
water security and biodiversity. The winter temperature and precipitation in remain a major challenge.
main problems threatening life support the form of snow are critically Sea level is rising: The latest
system of our planet are elaborated in important to ensure normal owering measurements show that the average
the following paragraphs. and fruiting in apples. Apple trees sea level is currently 50 mm higher than
The biggest issue facing the requires over 1200 hr. of chilling for in 1993. According to a United
environment is over population of satisfactory owering and fruiting. Nation's forecast, sea levels are likely to
humans. The global population has Relatively warmer December and rise well over 50 cm by 2100, posing
more than tripled in the last 60 years January fails to provide the critical serious threat to coastal communities.
placing stress on every aspect of the chilling requirements. Data of last thirty Half of the 10 largest cities in the world,
environment. Ever increasing area of years show that apple crop is getting including Mumbai, Kolkata, New York
land is being taken up by urbanization adversely affected in all apple growing City, French Riviera and one-third of
and human settlements to regions (Shimla, Kullu, Lahaul and the world's 30 largest cities are already
accommodate the fast growing Spiti) as a result of relatively faster threatened by sea level rise.
population. warming of the Himalayan region than The Maldives, a chain of 1,200 islands
Rising levels of carbon dioxide and most places in the world. and coral atolls, about 500 miles from
other gases, such as methane, in the This year in early May, blistering the tip of India, is one of the lowest
atmosphere create a 'greenhouse summer heat melted the asphalt roads countries on the planet, with an
effect', trapping the Sun's energy and in Valsad, Gujarat, resulting into a life average land level of 1.5 m above sea
causing the earth and oceans to warm. threatening situation for pedestrians, level, may disappear, if the present
The higher the amounts of greenhouse who found it difcult to walk as their pace of global warming continues
gases in the atmosphere, the warmer shoes got awkwardly stuck in the unabated.
the earth becomes.
*Reproduced from Employment News, New Delhi
ENVIRONEWS, July 2017 5
The chemistry of the oceans is also and ash ooding. change. When a species become
changing as they absorb much of the Growing populations and rapidly extinct, it has a knock on effect in the
excess carbon dioxide being emitted expanding urbanization and food chain upsetting the structure and
into the atmosphere. This is causing the infrastructure are making the societies function of ecosystem, which have
oceans to become acidic more rapidly more vulnerable to extreme weather developed through a long process of
than at any point in the last 65 million events. More extreme weather events evolution. The biological, chemical,
years. Increasing acidity is highly are being seen around the world. Heat and physical interactions between the
damaging to marine food-chains and waves have become more frequent and components of an ecosystem (e.g., soil,
ocean productivity. are lasting longer. Warming is expected water, plants, animals and
Climate change promotes melting of to cause more intense, heavy rainfall microorganisms) produce a variety of
polar ice-caps, which in turn events. Recent devastating oods in services in the form of oxygen needed
contributes to rise in sea level. As the Chennai were to a large extent due to for breathing and fuel combustion,
Arctic warms, sea ice is rapidly the building of the cyber city in a low clean water, carbon sequestration, soil
decreasing. Over the past 20 years the lying area without worrying about the fertility and control of soil erosion
ice sheets in Greenland and the local ecological and hydrological among others. Another critically
Antarctic have shrunk, as have most features. Accordingly, a heavy spell of important ecosystem service for
glaciers around the world. rain ooded the area causing enormous humans is pollination. It is the transfer
India has 5243 glaciers covering an hardships to residents and ofce goers, of pollen from the producing anthers to
area of 37579 km2 and containing apart from substantial economic loss to the receptive stigma which is an
142.88 km2 of ice. The Gangotri glacier, individuals, institutions, entrepreneurs essential step for sexual reproduction
the source of the Ganga is receding at a and public exchequer. In future leading to fruit and seed formation in
rapid pace. Some of the most extreme events are expected to become owering plants. Success of pollen
devastating effects of glacial meltdown more common, more intense and more transfer to stigma is directly related to
occur when glacial lakes overow and frequent and this needs to take into yield for all crops in which the
burst and give rise to disastrous oods account in future development. pollination is a prerequisite for sexual
downstream. The 2013 Uttarakhand According to the UN projection, the reproduction. Rapid and large changes
disaster resulted from heavy cloudburst global population is expected grow in global temperatures, 4oC or more,
coupled with collapsing of an upstream from 7 billion in 2012 to 9.3 billion by above the pre-industrial temperature,
glacial lake. Episodes of extreme 2050. In spite of growing economic could cause mass extinction of species
rainfall events and cloudburst cases prosperity and technological progress and collapse of ecosystem services and
have increased and they are likely to be approximately 870 million people jeopardize human survival.
more frequent in the coming years. remain undernourished even today. The desperate scenario presented by
Floods have become more frequent and The question of food security, hunger, the environment challenges can be
affect the maximum number of people malnutrition, poverty and parity are reversed and turned into opportunity,
in the world. Many of the fastest high on the global agenda. provided urgent and concerted actions
developing cities in coastal areas, India with a population of 1.2 billion is are taken simultaneously on multiple
means that more people, infrastructure, the second largest populous country of fronts. Environmental conservation and
and buildings are vulnerable to the the world and likely to touch 1.6 billion effective use of ecosystem services
ooding caused by storm surges or by 2030, surpassing China. Despite must receive highest priority and
cyclones, and sea level rise. Even if not economic growth and self-sufciency should be the under lying theme of all
on the coast, cities have sprawled onto in food grain production, high level of development activity. We have to make
oodplains and wetlands. There is food insecurity and malnutrition an all-out effort to decarbonize the
simply more stuff, more people, more persists in the country. economy, increase resource use
industries, more infrastructures and Forests are natural sinks of carbon efciency, protect biodiversity and
more investment in coastal areas than dioxide and produce fresh oxygen, ecosystem services for the benet of
few decades ago. Globally exposure help in regulating temperature and present and future generations. Paris
and vulnerability of coastal rainfall, but getting destroyed without climate agreement, and global
communities have increased manifold. realizing that there is no substitute for agreement on sustainable development
Changing rainfall patterns will affect the services they provide. Trees are goals SGDs, are very encouraging
water supplies. Too much rainfall in now dying globally at a rate never seen developments. We must support these
some areas, and not enough in others, before. Since 1990 half of the world's initiatives and resolve to protect Mother
will contribute to both ood and rain forests have been destroyed. Earth Our only home - from
drought conditions. We are already Currently, many plants and animals are environmental abuse and commit to
seeing increasing numbers of heavy in danger of becoming extinct, either work for improving quality of life and
rainfall events, and expect this increase from being forced out of their habitats human well-being.
to continue, with greater risk of river by anthropogenic actions or by climate

6 ENVIRONEWS, July 2017

Multiple benets of herbal bath with Lemon
*Mahendraa Modi, IPS
D.G. Training, Luckonw, U.P., India

This article has been written in two 'BMC Pharmacology hesperidin' Advantages of Lemon bath
parts. Part 1 consists of scientic lemon peels lower the blood and liver Discard LIRIL, forget BATH SOAP,
composition and benets of drinking cholesterol and is benecial to fatty Refresh yourself with Lemon water!
lemon juice. The second part has lever disease. Have eco-friendly, economic bath and
explored a new world of benets of 2. Citrus avonoids improve digestion conserve water.
having lemon bath as the increasing with warm lemon water. Zest of the 1.3 billion family members of the
trend of global warming and lemon improves the good bacteria in Indian Nation and 7.65 billion world
diminishing rainfall demand this the gut. citizens need not spend their valuable
research. 3. Alkalize with Lemon water alkalinity money on purchasing bath soaps.
Lemon juice contains Protein, fat and neutralizes acid in the body. Lemon Taking bath with lemon water will be
Carbohydrate and is full of calories and water helps the ph range to keep suitable for the environment and socio
bre. Lemon is also rich in minerals like between 4.6 to 8.0 and thus neutralizes economic condition of India and
potassium, sodium, calcium, the negative effects. Achieving healthy similarly placed people.
phosphorus and magnesium. Lemon alkalinity benets the bone health, Have a lemon tree.
fullls the mineral components reduces muscle wasting, decreases (1) (a) One lemon tree produces
normally decient in RO water or rain chances of hypertension and strokes enormous lemons, enough to save the
water. Vitamins found in lemons are and also improves memory. expenditure on bath soaps of at least
Vitamin A, Beta Carotene, Vitamins E, 4. Weight loss/appetite suppressant- two families. I have been (b) taking bath
D and C. pectin and polyphenols found in and (c) washing my face by lemon
Benets of Lemon water: Lemon adds lemons reduce excess weight and has water only.
vitality and has incredible cleansing also the appetite suppressing quality. (2) Lemon tree grows in every district
effects on the body and has the power The studies of Florida State University rather in every block/village of India
to heal us. Hence, incorporate lemon conrm it. Keep a record of your mood and it grows any where easily.
water into our daily life. Experience enhancement after 2 weeks after (3) While taking bath with a soap you
after 14 days of having lemon juice and experiencing the positive benets one have to spend more water on washing
taking juice and lemon peel oil water experience from lemon. the residues of the soap from the body.
bath. 5. Reduce wrinkles and improve your But if you take bath with lemon water
Botanically, lemon is known as Citrus skin after having lemon bath. Lemon you can save 50 to 70 percent of the
limon. It originated in India in the foot has anti-ageing properties. Lemon quantity of water spent on having a
hills of Himalayas and the spread out. derived antioxidants are able to reverse soap-bath.
Two main types of lemon are Lisbon the breakdown of collagen bers in the (4) It has been a problem to decompose
and Eureka. Lemons are rich in Vitamin skin. Collagen gives skin its strength the grey water (Soap water). One
C which is essential for normal growth structure and plumpness and protects cannot recharge the grey water into the
and development. Vitamin C has a the skin from toxins. Our body is ground. This lemon-water-waste down
myri ad of heal t h benet s f rom exposed to drugs, radiation, pesticides, the bath room can be recharged easily
protecting against pre natal problems, pollutants, solvents, alcohol, tobacco, into the ground as this is eco-friendly.
cardiovascular disease, cancer, eye smoke pollution and even foods we eat. The soapy water acts as a lm which
diseases, skin wrinkles and immune 6. Add half or one lemon to one bucket hinders the speed of water recharging.
system deciencies .It is an antioxidant, full of water and take bath. The negative (5) After taking bath with a soap you
and hence, helps protect cells from effects of environmental hazards will have to spend more time in cleaning
damage caused by free radicals. be washed off. The essential lemon oils your ear off the residue of the soap. You
Unique health benets of Lemon: coming out of the peels of the lemon get relieved of this problem when you
1. The citrate of lemon water is a natural has antimicrobial activities against bad use lemon water.
detoxicant and ushes out the bacteria, yeast and fungi. The sciatic (6) There will be no need of acidic
unwanted toxins from the body. nerve damage gets reduced through material used in decomposing this grey
According to 2002 edition of 'European lemon use. Use of lemon oil regulates water. The acid acts as a poison to the
Journal of Nutrition', and 'Indian energy stores. environment. This grey water produced
research Journal in 2005 edition of at present needs STPs (Sewage

*The author, a well known crusader of water harvesting, is Additional Director General of Police, U.P.

ENVIRONEWS, July 2017 7

treatment plants) for getting treated. juice is a health rejuvenator. plain water on your body after having
One third of these expensive STPs in (11) Precaution- Beware of synthetic lemon water bath.
India are defunct. And their "treated" lemon juice. Use only natural tree (16) Some people take bath with
water is hardly useful for even taking lemon. imported soap. By having lemon bath
bath. (12) Additional uses of lemon water one will save foreign exchange
(7) As and when there is little bath soap (i) Fresh lemon juice has a miraculous reserves.
in use, we will be able to save the ability to kill cancer cells much more (17) Lemon peels will turn into bio-
environment further from plastic and than chemotherapy. (ii) Lemon juice fertilizer if you bury them in a pit. Do
plastic-coated paper wrappers of the contains antimicrobial property, it can not transport them by dirt carrying
soaps. This will again help create an combat bacterial and fungal infections municipal vehicle to the land ll.
eco-friendly environment. and it is also effective against worms (18) Cleanse your utensils with lemon
(8) Any manufacturing process may and parasites. (iii) It regulates blood peels.
increase global warming. When soap pressure and is an anti depressant, (19) Let us plant lemon trees in every
park, garden, barren land or
manufacturing unit gets reduced, it will combats stress and nervous disorders.
agricultural eld. This will enhance
help mitigate global warming. (13) What about washing clothes with
green belt.
(9) Some soap factory owners may lemon water? My research on it is
(20) More honey bees will spread out
lobby against this move. But when 1.3 incomplete. But if you have put on your new bee hives, thereby promoting
billion people get beneted, the T-shirt, shirt or small clothes for only production of honey.
closure of bath soap factories will need one day or got sweat wet after playing (21) Farmers can earn money by selling
only a switch over to other professions sports, just wash your clothes with their lemons.
or they can grow lemon trees to sell lemon juice water. It is enough. Hence, I dedicate the ndings of my
fresh lemon juices for the people. (14) (i) Lemon water bath will remove own research, experience and thoughts
(10) The lemon juice bath and oil from the dandruff from one's head. (ii) It to the environment loving people.
the peels of the lemon will remove helps remove skin diseases. Again I call- stop bath soap. Start lemon
toxic elements from the body. Lemon (15) Just take care to pour two mugs of bath.


Banned pesticides continue to affect surface runoff is high, and during a monitoring programmes which
toxicity in streams period of low precipitation, when estimate the ecotoxicity of streams be
groundwater was expected to be the adjusted to reect this. Furthermore,
The green revolution in the 1940s
largest source of inow to the streams. they advise that a greater research
produced many effective and
Twelve of the streams were located in emphasis be put on the analysis of
apparently safe pesticides, including
catchments where agriculture groundwater, often presumed to
synthetic insecticides such as DDT.
represents 80% or more of land use. contain low levels of pollution. They
Many of these chemicals were later
Water samples were collected from also highlight that pesticides bound in
discovered to have toxic effects, such as
2010 to 2012 mostly during May and particular to suspended sediments were
carcinogenicity, and subsequently
June, the main periods when pesticides a major source of predicted toxicity and
banned from use. Another important
are applied to crops. The total toxicity need to be further studied
issue is persistence; their long lifetimes
was assumed to be the sum of the Source: Science for environment
means some of these so-called 'legacy'
individual toxicities of all pesticides policy
pesticides can persist in the
detected, neglecting any enhanced or
environment several decades after their Secrets of tea plant revealed by
reduced toxicity which may occur
use is prohibited. science
when different pesticides interact. A
Researchers examined the presence of
total of 32 pesticides were detected. A team of research scientists from
both contemporary and legacy
Two of the four most commonly Kunming Institute of Botany, China has
pesticides in 14 streams in Denmark,
detected were dinitro-ortho-cresol and decoded the genetic building blocks of
and used their results to predict the
trichloroacetic acid. the tea plant, Camellia sinensis, whose
overall toxicity of the streams. They
The study indicates that, alongside leaves are used for all types of tea,
looked at both the inuence of surface
contemporary pesticides, legacy including black, green and oolong. The
run-off and groundwater on
pesticides, and the compounds research gives an insight into the
concentrations in streams by taking
produced as they break down, remain a chemicals that give tea its avour. Until
samples in the streams shortly after
hazard to aquatic environments. The now, little has been known about the
periods of high precipitation, when
researchers recommend that

8 ENVIRONEWS, July 2017

genetics of the plant, despite its huge genome of tea helped us understand scientists turned to a different kind of
economic and cultural importance. how the plant evolved. data: cores drilled into the jungle oor.
There are many diverse avours, but Another important nding is that the Six centimeters wide and 600 meters
the mystery is what determines or what biochemical pathways involved in the deep, the cylindrical cores preserve a
is the genetic basis of tea avours? synthesis of the compounds important record of the region's past
Together with the construction of in the taste of tea are also present in environments in the form of pollen,
genetic maps and new sequencing some of the ancestors of tea and have fossils, and sediments, going back tens
technologies, the scientists are working been conserved for about 6.3 million of millions of years. They used two
on an updated tea tree genome that will years. The rst plants genome was cores: one from eastern Colombia, and
investigate some of the avours. sequenced more than 15 years ago. the other from northeastern Brazil.
The Camellia grouping, or genus, Since then more than 50 types of plants They went through the cores layer by
contains over 100 species, including have been sequenced, including food layer. Most of the remains came from
ornamental garden plants. But only crops such as the banana, potato and land-dwelling species. But in two thin
Camellia sinensis is grown tomato. layers, they found marine plankton and
commercially for making tea. The Source: Helen Briggs; BBC News seashells. The Colombian core even
researchers found that the leaves of the contained the fossils of an ocean-
Was the Amazon once an ocean?
tea plant contain high levels of dwelling mantis shrimp and a shark's
chemicals that give tea its distinctive The Amazon rainforest is a treasure tooth. That was enough to convince
avour. They include avonoids and trove of biodiversity, containing 10% of them that the Caribbean Sea had
caffeine. Other species of the Camellia the planet's species in its 6.7 million reached down into the western
genus contain these chemicals at much square kilometers. How it got to be that Amazon of Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru
lower levels. way has been ercely disputed for twice. These seas didn't last for long.
Overall, the ndings from this study decades. Now, a new study suggests Colombia, which is closer to the
could have a signicant impact on that a large section of the forest was Caribbean, was inundated for a longer
those involved in the breeding of tea twice ooded by the Caribbean Sea period. Those oods could have been
but also those involved in breeding more than 10 million years ago; caused by the growing Andes. The
many plants used medicinally and in creating a short-lived inland sea that mountains would have pushed down
cosmetics, as the compounds that jump-started the evolution of new the rest of the continent as they thrust
occur in tea are often associated with species. But the new evidence still upward, letting seawater ow in. But
the biological properties of plants used hasn't convinced scientists on the other that water would have been quickly
medicinally or in cosmetics. side of the debate, who argue that it's displaced as freshwater and sediments
Decoding the genome of the tea plant hard to imagine a process that would owed down the peaks and rebuilt the
took more than ve years. At three cover such a large forest with an ocean. basin.
billion DNA base pairs in length, the tea Researchers generally agree that parts In geological time, these oods lasted a
plant genome is more than four times of the Amazon were once under water, mere blink of the eye, but it's still a long
the size of the coffee plant genome and but they don't agree on where the water time for a tree. Even these relatively
much larger than most sequenced plant came from. They argue that freshwater short events would have transformed
species. streaming down from the rising Andes the region. The new work makes the
The genetic knowledge could lead to sliced up the land below, dividing case for marine ooding much
ways to improve the quality and price plants and animals into isolated groups stronger, and it makes the timing more
of tea, by selective breeding of tea that later turned into new species. The denite, according to geologists and
plants. This work gives plant breeders a fast-growing mountains also created palynologists at the University of
"powerful new tool". Once we microclimates at different elevations, Amsterdam and Ikiam Regional
understand the basis for the avours sparking speciation and funneling new University of Amazonia in Tena,
and the processing quality of the tea, plants and animals into the Amazon Ecuador. For now, scientists will have
we can then have genetic markers that basin. However, when marine to drill and study many more cores from
breeders can look for when trying to microorganisms were discovered in across the region to solve the mystery of
produce new varieties. Six main types Amazonian sediments in the 1990s, the Amazon's biodiversity.
of tea are produced from Camellia some scientists hypothesized that the Source: Lizzie Wade (in Science)
sinensis - white, yellow, green, oolong, forest was once inundated by an ocean,
Earth's forests grew 9% in a new
black and post-fermented. Each has its which created new species as forest
satellite survey
own aroma, taste and appearance. The dwellers quickly adapted to the ood.
distinctive avours of these teas are But proving either casethe river view The Age of Exploration may be long
created by their different chemical or the ocean viewis tough. Rocks and past, but even in the 21st century, our
compositions. Knowledge of the fossils that could paint a denitive maps can still get a major update. Using
picture are exceedingly rare. Some satellite imagery, a new study has found
ENVIRONEWS, July 2017 9
hidden forests all over the techniqueslet alone switch up what Noise pollution is invading even the
worldalmost enough for a second crops they growto be prepared for the most protected natural areas
Amazonin areas with little moisture big environmental changes already
The great outdoors is becoming a lot
known as drylands. Past estimates of underway.
less peaceful. Noise pollution from
how much of the world's dry lands are According to Washington State
humans has doubled sound levels in
covered in forests have run into lots of University's Center for Sustaining
more than half of all protected areas in
problems: For instance, the satellite Agriculture & Natural Resources
the United Statesfrom local nature
images used to measure them are often (CSANR), some of the most promising
reserves to national parksand it has
so low-resolution that it's hard to gure warming-friendly farming technologies
made some places 10 times louder,
out the difference between a tree, a and practices include conservation
according to a new study. And the
shadow, or even a patch of dirt. To tillage (stirring up the soil less),
cacophony isn't just bad for animals
correct for that, an international team of precision agriculture (which employs
using natural sounds to hunt and
researchers performed the rst global information technology to monitor
forageit could also be detrimental to
study using a new set of ultrahigh- crop development, rene soil inputs
human health.
resolution Google Earth imagesin and optimize growing conditions),
Noise pollutionfrom honking cars to
which each pixel represents a patch of improved cropping systems (rening
clanging construction equipmentcan
ground less than a meter wide, as the sequence of which crops follow
disturb sleep, cause stress, and impair
opposed to tens of meters. Hundreds of each other on a given piece of land),
concentration. In 1972, U.S. ofcials
scientists and students then combed and anaerobic digestion of organic
enacted the Noise Control Act, which
through 210,000 images and found that wastes (via capturing methane waste
gave the Environmental Protection
'the worlds dry lands host 40% more and turning it into useable energy).
Agency the authority to impose limits
forests than thought. That's more than a Climate change and extreme weather
on noise from motor vehicles and
9% bumping in total global forest will likely have detrimental impacts on
machinery. But regulators have largely
coverage, or two-thirds the size of the crop production, but farmers can use
ignored noise in parks, wilderness, and
Amazon. cover crops and other soil stewardship
other protected areas, which cover
A new study using high-denition practices to make their farms more
14% of the country.
satellite images has found 378 million resilient to the climate change impacts
The U S scientists report that noise
additional hectares of forest around the already being felt and those likely to
pollution doubled sound levels in 63%
globe almost enough for a second come in the years ahead. Such practices
of protected areas and caused a 10-fold
Amazon. can also help to reduce and capture the
increase in 21%, the team reports today
The study will help researchers gure greenhouse gas emissions that
in Science. Such levels can harm
out how best to conserve and restore contribute to climate change.
wildlife and annoy visitors in natural
these forested areas. It will also help NRDC analyzed the carbon capture
areas. Generally, the more remote or
scientists make more accurate and water-holding benets of soil
restricted an area, the less noise. Parks
estimates of how much carbon dioxide stewardship methods to increase soil
and open spaces managed by local
Earth's trees are sucking out of the organic matter in the 10 highest-value-
governments, often adjacent to cities,
atmosphere and how much of our producing agricultural states in the U.S.
were the noisiest. State and federal
fossil fuel emissions they'll be able to They found that using cover crops on
lands allowing logging, mining, and oil
handle in the future. just half of the acres devoted to the
and gas extraction were also noisy.
Source: Patrick Monahan (in Science) nation's two most ubiquitous crops
National parks and wilderness areas
corn and soybeans in those top 10
Climate Friendly Farms: Agriculture were notably quieter but still not safe.
states could help capture more than 19
Adapts to Global Warming Noise pollution doubled sound levels
million metric tons of carbon each year
in 12% of all wilderness areas.
Agriculture may well be one of the and help soils retain an additional
Scientists were surprised to nd such
industries hardest hit by the effects of trillion gallons of water.
high levels of noise pollution in such
global warming. The non-prot Natural NRDC points out that besides saving
high amounts of protected areas.
Resources Defense Council (NRDC), a taxpayer dollars in insurance payouts,
The excess noise can do more than just
leading environmental advocacy expanding climate-friendly agricultural
annoy park visitors. It can also undo the
group, reports that warming-related practices helps ensure a reliable food
benets of spending time in nature, like
drought and ooding is already behind supply for the nation even in the face of
improved mood and memory
tens of billions of dollars in American more extreme weather and climate
retention. For plants and animals, the
agricultural losses annually. Given this risks.
ruckus can disrupt entire communities.
growing threat, more and more farmers Source: Roddy Scheer (In: Earth Talk)
Some plants need silence for seed
are looking to incorporate tools and

10 ENVIRONEWS, July 2017

dispersalrevving cars can scare away upgrade that keeps on giving and 2015 alone, since 2006, photovoltaic
rodents that might otherwise do the job. giving. Considering the benets it is solar panel cost prices have dropped by
Animals need silence to hear predators now the time to go solar. a whopping 73 percent, making an
approaching or to communicate with Decreased Energy Bills installation far more affordable for any
their mates: A bird whose song would Average American spends a whopping family's renovation budget.
normally travel 100 meters would, with $114 per month just on electricity The environment is a fragile thing and
a 10-fold increase in noise, have its alone. Solar power helps put that it's up to all of us to help protect it. The
melody stied to a 10-meter radius. money right back in his pocket because average residential solar array will
Many protected areas already use he will be able to generate free power offset over 178 tons of carbon dioxide
noise-reducing strategies, like for the life of his solar system, which is over the life of the system, not to
operating shuttles to reduce trafc or usually well over 25 years. In fact, some mention reducing our need to source
concentrating highways and ight estimates say that the average and burn harmful fossil fuels. Thanks to
paths into noise corridors. residential solar array saves a the millions of homes that have already
Source: Ula Chrobak (in Science) homeowner more than $20,000 over made the switch to solar, over 37
20 years. million metric tons of carbon dioxide
Good Reasons to go Solar Now
Increased Property Value emissions have been offset, which is
As a homeowner, we know that According to a study in U.S.A. solar- the equivalent to having planted 956
weighing the pros and cons of a powered homes tend to sell more million trees!
particular home improvement project quickly and for higher prices than Regardless of where we are, the sunny
can be a daunting task. But converting traditionally-powered comparable days of summer are fast approaching.
our homes to solar power has many homes, with an average-sized 3.6 Let us start saving moneyand the
nancial and environmental benets. kilowatt system increasing property planetby converting our home to
Whether it's to help improve the values by roughly $15,000. solar power!
environment or to slash our energy In U.S.A. solar panels installations Source: Courtni Wisenbaker-Schee
expenses, solar power is a home increased by 70 percent from 2014 to (In: Earth Talk)

Clean and Green Environmental Society (CGES), Lucknow is organizing National Conference on Climate Change,
Environmental Pollution and Biodiversity Conservation in collaboration with CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute
(CSIR-NBRI), Lucknow during 17-18 February, 2018.
Website: cgesindia.org


ISEB deeply mourns the sad demise of Dr. Ms. Shashi Dhawan who passed away in a local nursing home
on 18 April 2017 after a protracted illness. As one of the founder members and an Executive Councilor, she
was actively involved in all activities of ISEB during her 22 years' long association with this Society.
Dr. Dhawan began her career as a Scientist at the National Research Laboratory for Conservation of
Cultural Property (NRLC), Lucknow, a prestigious Institute of the country under the Government of India.
A trained plant pathologist, she made outstanding contributions in the eld of 'Conservation biology'
including restoration of heritage buildings, old publications, documents and paintings. In view of her
experience and expertise she was also deputed to several foreign countries for restoration work. She retired from NRLC as
Head, Bio-deterioration Division.
She was one of the founders of International Council for Biodeterioration of Cultural Property, of which she was the
President since 2015 till her death. Under the aegis of this organization, she successfully organized several International
Conferences in India and abroad.
May her soul rest in peace.

ENVIRONEWS, July 2017 11

2 International Conference on Pollution Advanced Nanomaterials and their ENVIRONMENTAL BOTANISTS
Control and Sustainable Environment Applications in Renewable Energy President
05-06 October, 2017; London, UK By Louise Jingbo Liu and Sajid Bashir Prof. S.K. Barik
Contact: Conference Series Ltd Elsevier 2015 Vice-Presidents
Kemp House, 152 City Road, ISBN: 978-0-12-801528-5 Dr. S.C. Sharma
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E-mail: pollutioncontrol@conferenceseries.net Prof. Muhammad Iqbal
http://pollutioncontrol.conferenceseries.com Plant Genomics and Climate Change Secretary
(Eds.): Edwards, David, Batley, Jacqueline Dr. K.J. Ahmad
International Conference on Urban Planning Springer 2016 Additional Secretary
and Architectural Design for Sustainable
ISBN: 978-1-4939-3534-5 Dr. R.D. Tripathi
Price: 119,99 Joint Secretaries
30-31 October, 2017; Lecce, Italy
Contact: Hesham Hamdy Dr. (Mrs.) Nandita Singh
Email: upadsd2@ierek.com An Integrated Approach to Environmental Dr. Vivek Pandey
Website: http://www.ierek.com/events/urban- Management Treasurer
planning-and-architectural-design-for- (Eds): Dibyendu Sarkar, Rupali Datta,
Dr. D.K. Upreti
sustainable-development-upadsd/ Avinandan Mukherjee, Robyn Hannigan
John Wiley & Sons 2016
Prof. (Mrs.) Madhoolika Agrawal
4th International Conference on Green Energy ISBN: 978-1-118-74435-2
Price: $174.95
Prof. Arun Arya
& Expo
Prof. A.K. Attri
06-08 November, 2017; Las Vegas, USA
E-mail: greenenergy@conferenceseries.net Agricultural Systems: Agroecology and Rural Dr. H.M. Behl
Website: Innovation for Development (Second Edition) Dr. Tariq Husain
http://greenenergy.conferenceseries.com/ (Eds.): Sieglinde Snapp and Barry Pound Dr. (Mrs.) Kamla Kulshreshtha
Elsevier 2017 Dr. U.N. Rai
Third International Conference on ISBN: 978-0-12-802070-8 Prof. Y.K. Sharma
Bioresource and Stress Management Price: US $ 74.95 Prof. Rana Pratap Singh
08-11 November, 2017; Jaipur, Rajasthan, Advisors
India Biochar Application Essential Soil Microbial Prof. J.N.B. Bell
Contact person: Convener Ecology Prof. C.R. Bhatia
E-mail: osbsmconf@gmail.com By Theresia Komang Ralebitso-Senior and
Website: http://bsmconf.in
Prof. R.F.E. Crang
Caroline Hayley Orr
Prof. R.K. Kohli
Elsevier 2017
11th World Aqua Congress Dr. P.V. Sane
ISBN: 978-0-12-803433-0
09-10 November, 2017; New Delhi, India Prof. P.K. Seth
Price: US $ 99.95
Contact: Pragyya Sharmaa, Organizing Dr. B.P. Singh
Secretary, Bioremediation and Sustainable Technologies Prof. R.S. Tripathi
World Aqua Congress 2017 Secretariat for Cleaner Environment Prof. C.K. Varshney
E-166, Second Floor, Kalkaji, Prof. H.N. Verma
(Eds.): Prashanthi, M., Sundaram, R.,
New Delhi 110019, India Awareness Programme Committee
Jeyaseelan, A., Kaliannan, T.
E-mail: info@aquafoundation.in;
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ISBN: 978-3-319-48438-9
Website: www.worldaquacongress.org
Price: US $179.00 Editors, Environews
th th
12 International and 5 Asian Congress on Dr. K.J. Ahmad
Environmental Mutagens (ICEM-ACEM 2017) Microbe Induced Degradation of Pesticides Prof. R.S. Tripathi
12-16 November, 2017; Seoul, Korea (Ed.): Shree Nath Singh Dr. Nandita Singh
Contact: ICEM-ACEM2017 Secretariat Springer 2017
1F Haeoreum Bldg., 16, Yeoksam-ro 17 Gil, ISBN: 978-3-319-45155-8 International Journal of Plant & Environment
Gangnam-Gu, Seoul 06246, Korea Price: US $179.00 Dr. R.D. Tripathi, Chief Editor
E-mail: info@icem2017.org; Dr. Nandita Singh, Co-Chief Editor
Website: www.icem2017.org Impact of Biological Invasions on Ecosystem
Services Published by
National Conference on Climate Change, (Eds.): Vil, Montserrat, Hulme, Philip E. International Society of Environmental Botanists,
Environmental Pollution and Biodiversity Springer 2017
CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute,
ISBN 978-3-319-45119-0
16-18 February, 2018; Lucknow, U.P., India Rana Pratap Marg, Lucknow 226001, India
Price: US $159.00
Contact: Dr. S.C. Sharma Tel: +91-522-2297821 (Direct) /
Secretary General Using Risk Analysis for Flood Protection +91-522-2205831 to 2205835 (PBX)
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'Green Villa', 2/111 Vishwas Khand, By Zelekov, Martina, Zvijkov, Lenka
Gomti Nagar, Lucknow-226 010, U.P. Springer 2017 E-mail: isebnbrilko@gmail.com /
E-mail: scsharmagardener@gmail.com isebmail@gmail.com;
ISBN: 978-3-319-52149-7
Website: http://www.cgesindia.org/ Website: http://isebindia.com
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