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Taylor & Francis

For further information on Taylor & Francis eBooks, purchasing
What are my Print limits?
options, and content for your library, please contact:
30 pages per reader/per book/per session
What are my Copy limits? United Kingdom and Rest of the World
Taylor & Francis
5% per book/per year
2 & 4 Park Square
How many simultaneous users can there be? Milton Park
Each title can be viewed by five concurrent users. Abingdon
Oxfordshire, OX14 4RN

Outright Purchase License FAQs Tel: +44 (0)20 7017 6062

Fax: +44 (0)20 7017 6699
What are my Print limits? Email: online.sales@tandf.co.uk
30 pages per reader/per book/per session United States/ Canada & South America
What are my Copy limits? Taylor & Francis
2 pages per reader/per book/per session 270 Madison Avenue
New York
How many simultaneous users can there be? NY 10016
Each title can be viewed by one user at one time, unless you USA Eve
purchase multiple copies. Tel: +1 888 318 2367 ing
Fax: + 1(212) 244 1563 nee
d to
Email: e-reference@taylorandfrancis.com w...

Visit our website at:

Taylor & Francis offers over 20,000 eBook titles in Do you offer a free trial? What format are eBooks available in?
the Humanities, Social Sciences, Behavioural Sciences, Yes, free 30-day trials of the complete portfolio are available Taylor & Francis eBooks are available on DX Reader
STM and Law from some of the worlds leading imprints on request for libraries and institutions
What are the authentication methods?
What features can eBooks offer? Authentication is via IP check, referring URL, or
How many titles are included?
MARC records provided free; Quick & Advanced Search; ATHENS
Over 20,000 titles in 30 key subjects
Text Highlighting & Annotations; Bookmarks; Athens
compliant; COUNTER compliant usage statistics How are the eBooks hosted?
What packages are available?
eBooks are available in eCollections, eBest-seller packages, Our eBooks are hosted on the Taylor & Francis platform
Do I need special software?
subscription packages or on a Pick & Mix basis Do you charge a hosting/maintenance fee?
No, you only need a standard web browser
Where can I find these packages online? No maintenance charges will apply so long as a minimum
Are there a minimum number of titles I must buy? of 1 new title is purchased each year
Yes, an initial purchase of 50 titles, after which further titles
How can I purchase? Are eBooks published at the same time as
can be added whenever you wish
eBooks are available by Annual Subscription or by Outright print editions?
Purchase. For further information relating to licenses please Can my library buy just one title? Yes, our eBooks and print editions are
see the back cover Individual titles can be purchased by visiting our eBookstore published simultaneously
at www.ebookstore.tandf.co.uk. However, for multiuser
functionality you can choose titles to create your collection
through our Pick & Mix package model

Weve Worked with a diverse customer base, How can we help you?
If none of our packages suit your institutions needs, you can tailor-make your own annual subscription from across our full range of over 20,000 eBooks