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7/9/2017 How to Build a Career in Project Management If You Are an IT Professional

General Information regarding the PMP application process

Avantika Monnappa
Published on July 23, 2012

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If you have decided to take up PMPcertification exam and have met the eligibility criteria, you begin with the application process.

[Preparing for PMP? Take this test to know where you stand!]

In this article, we will take you through the steps to apply for the exam and the procedure to fill your application form.

There are four steps to applying for the PMPcredential

1. Filling the online application

2. The fee payment
3. PMP audit process
4. Scheduling PMP exam

https://www.simplilearn.com/how-to-build-career-in-project-management-if-you-are-it-professional-article 1/15
7/9/2017 How to Build a Career in Project Management If You Are an IT Professional

Filling in the online application

When applying for any of their credentials, PMI

encourages every candidate to utilize the online certification system. Printable application forms are available on the site.

Before beginning make sure you meet the requirements. The necessary information can then be recorded in the application. Once the
application process has begun, it cannot be cancelled. An unfinished document can be saved and completed later.

The application form will be open for 90 days, during which PMI

will send constant reminders to complete the application process. You need to include a valid email id since this will be the only mode of
communication between you and PMI

Given below is what the PMPApplication looks like.

https://www.simplilearn.com/how-to-build-career-in-project-management-if-you-are-it-professional-article 2/15
7/9/2017 How to Build a Career in Project Management If You Are an IT Professional

https://www.simplilearn.com/how-to-build-career-in-project-management-if-you-are-it-professional-article 3/15
7/9/2017 How to Build a Career in Project Management If You Are an IT Professional

Though the organization sends constant reminders, the responsibility lies on you to schedule and appear for the exam within the given 1
year eligibility period.

Before submitting the application form, you will need to read and agree to PMICode of Ethics, the Professional Conduct, and the
Certification Agreement/ Renewal Agreement. All of this information can be found in PMP handbook.

There are other uses for the online certification system, namely:

- To view submitted credential application

- To view the examination eligibility status
- To download audit forms
- To download exam report with pass/ fail status
- To submit payment for credential renewal
- To download receipts
- To access certification records and to update contact information
- To view listing in the certification registry

The application form is divided into three parts:

https://www.simplilearn.com/how-to-build-career-in-project-management-if-you-are-it-professional-article 4/15
7/9/2017 How to Build a Career in Project Management If You Are an IT Professional

- The first part asks for general information.

- The second part asks for your project management experience.
- The third part asks for the details of the 35 contact hours training program.

Application Processing:

The timeline of processing an application is dependent on how the application is submitted using the online certification system or on
paper through post. The table below shows the details of the processing period.

The fee payment

https://www.simplilearn.com/how-to-build-career-in-project-management-if-you-are-it-professional-article 5/15
7/9/2017 How to Build a Career in Project Management If You Are an IT Professional

The payment is dependent on PMI membership status and the examination delivery type for specific geographic locations. The
membership rate will apply only if you are a member of PMI during the payment. If you apply for membership just before the payment
period, you will need to first verify being a member. If the membership is not processed completely, you will be charged as per non-
member rates.

Submission of the payment:

Once the online application is processed and complete, the organization will send an electronic notification requesting the payment. To
do this, you will need to return to the online certification system and follow the given steps:

When the payment for the credential is received by PMI, the organization will send an electronic notification that will indicate one of the

- The instructions that will help in scheduling the exam.

- The application has been selected randomly for the Project Management Institute's (PMI) audit process.

The table below shows the methods of payments you can use.

The refund policy:

If the payment is already made and you wish to obtain a refund, you need to first make a request to PMI30 days prior to the exam
eligibility expiration date. PMI, however, will retain USD100 as a processing fee, if the exam has not been scheduled or taken.

You will recieve a refund if you do not meet the requirements of the audit.

For more information on PMP fees, visit this article.

The PMPaudit process

Once you have submitted the application, it is taken for granted that you have agreed to comply with the terms and conditions of the
audit process. All of the applications that are submitted to PMI are subject to an audit, though only a small percent get selected for one.
The application selection for an audit is on a random basis.

If your application has been selected for the audit, an email notification will be sent in after the fee is received by the organization. The
notification will have the details and instructions to comply with the terms of the audit.

You will need to carry the following documents to an audit:

https://www.simplilearn.com/how-to-build-career-in-project-management-if-you-are-it-professional-article 6/15
7/9/2017 How to Build a Career in Project Management If You Are an IT Professional

You will be given a time limit of 90 days before which you will need to submit the requested documents. Once the documents are
submitted, the audit will take place within six to seven working days. The documents can be sent by either postal mail or express courier
service to the given address.

Once the audit is successfully completed, the one year examination eligibility period begins. Submissions that are incomplete are not
processed and will result in failure of the audit, wherein you will be given a refund.
The audit process is a quality insurance procedure to maintain the highest quality of the PMP certification.

Given below is what a PMP audit form looks like.

https://www.simplilearn.com/how-to-build-career-in-project-management-if-you-are-it-professional-article 7/15
7/9/2017 How to Build a Career in Project Management If You Are an IT Professional

https://www.simplilearn.com/how-to-build-career-in-project-management-if-you-are-it-professional-article 8/15
7/9/2017 How to Build a Career in Project Management If You Are an IT Professional

Scheduling the PMPexam

The URL to the Prometric website can be found under the Project Management Institute's (PMI) exam scheduling instructions.

Given below are instructions to scheduling an appointment on the Prometric website.

Step 1: Select a geographic location

Step 2: Select the option "Schedule an Appointment"
Step 3: Read through the exam information that pops up
Step 4: Agree to the "Policies" and the "Data Privacy Notice"
Step 5: Enter the "PMI Eligibility ID" and the first four letters of your last name
Step 6: Select a preferred test center
Step 7: Select an exam date and time
Step 8: Confirm the contact details
Step 9: Review the appointment details
Step 10: Examination confirmation details and the unique 16 digit confirmation number will be displayed.

Keep this information safely. The information will also be sent through an email notification.

https://www.simplilearn.com/how-to-build-career-in-project-management-if-you-are-it-professional-article 9/15
7/9/2017 How to Build a Career in Project Management If You Are an IT Professional

Reschedule the PMPexam:

If you have already scheduled the exam but need to shift dates, you are allowed to rescheduled your dates upto two days prior to the
exam. However, the administration fee may apply according to the following fee agreement:

- Beyond 30 days no fee

- Within 30 days and 2 days before the exam UDS 70
- Within 2 days no fees, all fees forfeited

Filling out the PMPapplication form is a tedious process by itself. PMPexperts recommend that you gather all the relevant information
regarding the application process before filling it up.

https://www.simplilearn.com/how-to-build-career-in-project-management-if-you-are-it-professional-article 10/15
7/9/2017 How to Build a Career in Project Management If You Are an IT Professional

This could help in avoiding a lot of errors and increasing your chances of receiving an application approval.

[Related: Download this free ebook on cracking PMP exam in 45 Days]

Here is a video on tips and tricks for PMP.

Project Management

For more articles on Project Management, please visit our Free Resource Section.

PMP, PMI, and PMBOK Guide are registered trademarks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

About the Author

A project management knowledge manager at Simplilearn, Avantikas area of interest includes project design for digital marketing, data
science, and analytics companies. With a degree in journalism, she also covers the latest trends in the industry.


https://www.simplilearn.com/how-to-build-career-in-project-management-if-you-are-it-professional-article 11/15
7/9/2017 How to Build a Career in Project Management If You Are an IT Professional

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John 8 months ago

Very informative Avantika. Is there a time frame to appear for the test after the application is approved and payment made?
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mubin a year ago

I want to know about pmp
3.which clg and where
4.its soo hard to complete the course
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Tyge 2 years ago

Great Article, the information is very clear. I'm trying to find get direction on how project dates and hours are recorded if multiple projects run concurrently
and over a long period. From what I understand, there can be no overlap in the reporting. Thank you for any direction you may have.
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How to Build a Career in Project Management If You Are an IT Professional

Hemant Deshpande

https://www.simplilearn.com/how-to-build-career-in-project-management-if-you-are-it-professional-article 12/15
7/9/2017 How to Build a Career in Project Management If You Are an IT Professional
Published on Dec 30, 2015


Project Management Professional (PMP) is now-a-days the most challenging task for an individual. Every individual who wants to do
something innovative will choose this profession. It is now becoming a trend to accept this profession as per the market demand. Now, if
you are a fresher and just completed your study and want to explore your career in project management you can grab the
opportunities as this could be more challenging and lucrative. As a fresher, you could start your career in any field. This is because a
project management is required in every industry sector. You need to know project management job availabilities in different industry
sectors. Mind you, there are ample amount of project management jobs available in top sectors such as IT (Information Technology), ITES
(Information Technology Enabled Services), Banking, Construction and many more. It is up to an individual to pick any of it of his/her
choice and go with it.

Preparing for PMP Certification? Take this test to know where you stand!

Someone asked me, where is more demand of project management. I said, everywhere! And, you know in real now-a-days, in each
industry, there is a requirement of project management. Let me clarify one thing to you you really could not categorize the project
management industry-wise. It is not possible as you need to know and understand the basic concepts of project management and it is
required in each project to deliver the optimum results. No one could say that without a proper project management they could manage
a project. Let us now examine some of the major industry sectors where project management is very much in use.

IT (Information Technology)

It is a trend now each parents now seeing a dream that his ward will start a career in IT. Is it the case with you as well? In IT, there are
surplus amount of project management concepts required to run a project mainly the software development. An individual could explore
his/her career starting as a developer and later could excel up to project management by learning the best methodologies and basic
concepts of project management. S/he could go for some certification like PMP to learn the basic concepts of project management. So
for, IT is a suitable platform to begin your career as there are many opportunities to increase your learning curves.


Yes, it is a big platform again to start your career whether you are in call center or outbound and inbound processes or you are in
knowledge processes such as publishing industry, project management plays a critical role everywhere. Whether it is matter of team
handling, estimation or client interaction, project management have to be in use by an individual. So, this could also be your ideal
platform to begin and make a good career.

Banking and Insurance

Jobs are also available in banking and insurance industry. Whenever there is new policy in insurance and banking, there needs a project
management in practice. Hence, there are so many jobs are open in this sector as well. Most of the private banks such as HDFC and ICICI
are very keen to take a service of project manager who is expertise in project initiation, planning and having depth knowledge of
understanding the constraints of the project.


Healthcare industries are also recruiting project managers hugely now-a-days. Whenever there is a demand for project management, they
are seeking the same service form a hub of project managers. It is a big industry who is taking care of so many projects of health related
and premium related who are creating several jobs almost daily. Certified project managers are highly demanding in this type of industry.

Manufacturing and Construction

Whenever there is work like road construction, bridge construction, building construction and work like some product manufacturing,
there is a huge demand of project management. As you know these are time-bound work and highly changeable in nature, so there is a
need for a person who is well versed in monitoring schedule, cost and scope as per the requirement and it is the work of a project
manager. So, in construction and manufacturing, there is a huge chance of getting a project manager job and a better chance of

Training and Consultancy

https://www.simplilearn.com/how-to-build-career-in-project-management-if-you-are-it-professional-article 13/15
7/9/2017 How to Build a Career in Project Management If You Are an IT Professional

As project managers deal with customer, project team and several other stakeholders and also take care of schedule compression, cost
performance baselines and several issues they could be a good consultant as well. Even if you are a good project manager having
experience, you could start your own consultancy firm where you could help individuals or organizations to get their project-related
problems solved. Even you could be a good trainer in project management as well as in management training, PMP Training and any
type of project training. You could start this job individually or you could start in a group as well.


It is very truly said about a project manager Project managers are future CEO of the organization. This is because they know the best
practices and methodologies on project schedule, cost, scope balance, how to cope and balance other project constraints, how to
compete in the market, how to pick projects among group of projects, how to manage the stakeholders, how to do procurement
activities so its all are the features of a project management. Thats why they could reach to the top most position soon in any type of
organization. So, if you have the will do anything and if you are thinking your career in project management; there are numerous
industries available to take your services. So, move ahead !

PMP is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

About the Author

Hemant Deshpande, PMP has more than 17 years of experience working for various global MNC's. He has more than 10 years of
experience in managing large transformation programs for Fortune 500 clients across verticals such as Banking, Finance, Insurance,
Healthcare, Telecom and others. During his career he has worked across the geographies - North America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia
Pacific. Hemant is an internationally Certified Executive Coach (CCA/ICF Approved) working with corporate leaders. He also provides
Management Consulting and Training services. He is passionate about writing and regularly blogs and writes content for top websites. His
motto in life - Making a positive difference.


10 Killer Interview Questions and Answers for Project Management Interviews

Hemant Deshpande
Published on Nov 6, 2015

235654 Views 11 Comments

Senior executives and HR managers recognize project management as indispensable to business success. They know that skilled and
credentialed Project Managers are among their most valuable resources. The Project Management Institute report that US$122 million is
wasted for every US$1 billion invested due to poor project performance.

But when it comes to hiring qualified Project Managers, things get a little tricky. Having worked at senior management levels for several
global organizations, I have often been on the recruitment panel for project management positions. I found it valuable to review each
candidate in a number of ways. Will this person fit into the culture of the organization? Will this person get along with other team
members and lead them effectively? Will this person deliver on the project goals on time?

Recruiting is both an art and a science. There are a lot of unknowns, but in my experience, focusing on key competencies and asking the
right questions in the interview helps to select the right candidate. So, which competencies should we assess for during interviews? And
which questions will best reveal these competencies? Here are ten interview questions that will help you evaluate candidates for project
management roles in your team and find the right fit.

Preparing for PMP Certification? Take this test to know where you stand!

Competency: Domain Knowledge and Skills

https://www.simplilearn.com/how-to-build-career-in-project-management-if-you-are-it-professional-article 14/15
7/9/2017 How to Build a Career in Project Management If You Are an IT Professional

Question: What are the three key challenges for our industry today and how can these be tackled effectively?

This question enables the candidate think about the top challenges of the industry in which your organization operates. The response
from the candidate reveals his understanding of the industry, the market, current challenges, and possible solutions. This knowledge is
critical for the success of any Project Manager as they will be tackling these challenges inside the organization if they get hired. So this
question helps the hiring managers assess whether the candidate has the domain knowledge that makes them fit for the role.

Competency: Clear Communication

One of the most important skills for Project Managers is communication. Without this everything else fails. Communication is the life and
blood of any project. Its claimed that about 90% of a Project Managers time is spent communicating. In today's siloed organizations,
communication happens between various groups and levels, including internal as well as external groups of stakeholders. I ask two
communication-related questions.

Question: What were the communication challenges on your last project?

Question: What is your communication style with your team?

The first question helps you assess how effectively the candidate handles communication in challenging situations. The second question
helps you understand how the candidate engages with others and assess whether they demonstrate good sense and judgement and are
able to use language effectively.

Competency: Consistency and Integrity

Honesty and trustworthiness are of utmost importance in the world of business. Project Managers manage critical responsibilities and
resources such as material, money, and human resources. They also represent the organization to employees, customers, and vendors.
They are role models for their team members. Any lack of consistency and integrity can cost the organization a lot more than money.
Therefore, the key questions to ask the candidate are:

Question: How do you communicate bad news?

Question: How have you handled disgruntled employees?
Question: What are some examples of times youve kept your promise even when that might have been difficult?

Competency: Customer Orientation

Project Managers are responsible for understanding the need of the customer, and responding in a timely, efficient manner in ways that
meet customer expectations. They are also responsible for establishing and maintaining effective relationships, and gaining the trust and
respect of customers. Here are a couple of questions I usually ask to gauge the candidate's customer orientation.

Question: How do you ensure you and your team deliver or exceed customer expectations?
Question: What are some best practices youve used to develop excellent customer relationships?

Competency: Developing Others

A Project Manager relies on their team to execute activities in order to achieve the desired results. It is important that a Project Manager
can assess talent, contribute actively towards developing team members, offer constructive feedback, and mentor and coach their team
members. Responses to the following questions will reveal if the candidate is someone able to motivate the members of a team.

Question: How do you go about managing the performance of your team?

Question: How do you motivate team members?
Question: What are some of the tools and resources youve used to develop your team?

Competency: Effective Delegation

One of the key success factors for a Project Manager is effective delegation. How effectively do they get work done through others?
Delegation must happen through empowerment without interference or loss of control. The following questions will determine if the
candidate is good at delegating.

Question: What is your delegation style?

Question: How easily do you delegate responsibility?

https://www.simplilearn.com/how-to-build-career-in-project-management-if-you-are-it-professional-article 15/15