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Issue No. 37
Washington New York

The Conspiracy Issue


Edibles Magazine Team
B. Le Grand
Editor-in-Chief V IV A ME X IC O ! M EDIC A L
Patrick Ian Moore MA R IJ UANA IS NO W LE GA L!
Outreach & Development

Keiko Beatie
Contributing Writers
Keiko Beatie
Dr. Mike Heller 12 Letter from the Editor
Patrick Ian Moore

Jack Paradise Q&A with Dr. Mike: The Scoop on the "Munchies"
L.C. Squared
Sean Cowhig
Rachel Zemser
16 COVER STORY: The Marijuana Manifesto of Jesse Ventura
Scout Durwood
Jamie Lee McCormick 20 Top 10 Cannabis Conspiracies
Rakefet Abergel
22 Cannabis Laws Does Not Lead to Increased Use in Teens

April Flores
Milcah Halili
Crix Lee 26 Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo New York
Russ Gooberman 2017 Event Recap
Darcy Thompson
Graphic Design 30 Editors Pick: Product Reviews (Pages 30-35)


UKs First Publicly Available Cannabis Research Facility

Stylist/Florist Now Open
Jamie Lee McCormick
Cartoonist 38 Cannabis Infused Recipes (Pages 38-43)
Breon Bliss
Photography & Video 44 Sesh in the City: It's Up to You New York?

Paul Tracy Photo

Geek Speak TV 48 Highlighting Cannabis Chef Mina Carrillo of
B. Le Grand Barons Confections
That's My DeeJay 51 Study for Marijuana to Treat Childrens Autism
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Greetings my friends,

July is here and we hope everyone

had fun celebrating and medicating on
Independence Day. The Edibles List
staff was able to enjoy some infused
barbecue and fireworks watching
while we did dabs and smoked blunts
with neighbors and new friends, just
the way our forefathers wanted us to
- and then it was right back to work!
Last month we were in New York City
for the Cannabis World Congress and
it was a great time to be had. While
there we visited The New Yorker Hotel
to see the room where Nikola Tesla covering Cannabis around the world.
lived and kept his study and also got
to spend some time in Columbus Circle Beginning July 17th well be
checking out the Museum of Art and broadcasting Edibles The Show
Design where we saw an amazing live every monday at 4PM on Z420.
exhibit about the fashion and style of TV, which means we can celebrate
late 1960s cult hippy leaders - truly 4:20 every episode! Our debut show
fascinating material for sure. Being from will feature special guests; comedian/
California, and living and working in musician Scout Durwood and City
Los Angeles where were steeped deep Councilman David Argudo, and well
in a thriving and industrious cannabis be taste testing Anakatrinas Edibles on
culture, its sometimes easy to forget the air. All episodes will be archived in
what its like out there in some of a special place on our website, so check
the other states still waiting on legal, it out when you can.
medical and recreational cannabis, and Theres also still time for possible
its always an eye opening experience modifications to be made to the
when you find yourself in a place like Proposed Medical Cannabis Licensing
that - a stranger in a strange land.. Regulations for California. Written
Thankfully times are changing there comments can be mailed to:
too and hopefully will continue California Department of Food
to progress in the right direction and Agriculture
with ever our expanding Canna- CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing
Communitys help and support. Attn: Amber Morris
Politics are crazy! Speaking of Politics, CalCannabis Scoping Comments
we had the opportunity to catch up 1220 N Street, Suite 400
with and interview former Navy Seal, Sacramento, CA 95814
Pro Wrestler, Actor and Minnesota
Governor, Jesse Ventura while in NYC, CalCannabis.peir@cdfa.ca.gov
who just authored the new book The CalCannabis@cdfa.ca.gov or
Marijuana Manifesto and has become call (916) 263-0801
a very vocal advocate of medical Mary
Jane. This is also The Conspiracy Issue Remember to tip your delivery driver,
and we put together a list of the Top 10 smile at your budtender and always
Canna-Conspiracies - some are easy to know your dose.
Edibles Magazine Issue 32

believe and at this point in history seem

pretty much like the facts, and others Truth is not obliged to stick to
not so much. Theres some great new possibilities.
products we review we discovered
at the business expo in Manhattan
and some sweet new and infused
recipes that are perfect for this time of
year, as well as all the latests in news Patrick Ian Moore

12 Issue No. 37 I Page 12 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com


Dr. Michael Heller, mjwooly.com
Q: Why does cannabis give me the munchies?
A: Cannabis triggers a set of neurons in your brain known as the
hypothalamic pro-opiomelanocortin neurons. These neurons typically
control the feeling of being full but cannabis makes them have the
opposite effect, hunger.
Q: Hyp-hypop-hypopotamus? What the hell are you talking about?
A: Bottomline, it is the part of your brain that controls body temperature,
thirst and hunger. When the CB1 receptors of your endocannabinoid
system are activated this part of your brain is tricked into thinking you
are no longer full. Fun fact the hypothalamus is also responsible for
sexual orientation.
Q: Why are my munchies worse for high THC products than high
CBD products?
A: THC binds better to the CB1 receptor of your endocannabinoid system
which in turn gives you a much stronger hunger for that bag of Doritos.
Q: Munchies? So what? I love eating food when high!
A: Well great! You are probably tasting and smelling your food better
when you are high. When THC binds to your CB1 receptors it triggers
your olfactory bulb. This is your sense of smell, you then smell things
better. When you smell things better you also taste things better.
Q: Can I get high and not get the munchies?
A: Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) is a variation of THC that has shown
to have appetite suppressing properties. The only problem is that there is
very little found in the plant.
Q: Well where can I get THCV?
A: THCV products are on the horizon. Companies like GW
Pharmaceuticals are investigating THCV for treatment of type 2 diabetes
and it is only a matter of time before selective breeding is capable of
creating THCV dominant strains.
Q: My munchies are so bad Im getting fat, what can I do?
A: The best thing to prevent gorging yourself to death is to be disciplined
and dont stock the pantry with junk food like Oreos and Twinkies. You
can also try drinking coffee to suppress your appetite or smoking on the
go where there is no food around.
Q: How bad are the munchies really?
A: On average people who toke consume 600 more calories per day, but
they also have lower body mass indexes and obesity is 1/3 lower for
cannabis users....so maybe not that bad.
G. Marsicano, et al. (2014). The endocannabinoid system controls food intake via olfactory
processes. Nature Neuroscience, 17, 407-419.
T. Horvath, et al. (2015). Hypothalamic POMC neurons promote cannabinoid-induced
feeding. Nature, 519, 45-65.
D. Butterfield. (2015). 21 shocking weed statistics. Herb.
Have some questions that you want answered? Email: hi@mjwooly.com to get them
answered by Dr. Mike!

Issue No. 37 I Page 14 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazin e.com


Jesse Ventura:
The Marijuana
Keiko Beatie
ecently I sat down with The Body, who is none Jesse Ventura is a Cannabis and Hemp
other than Jesse Ventura, Vietnam Veteran who, activist.
while in the service, worked in the elite Navy SEAL
group. As many of us know, he was first well-known After Ventura retired from wrestling,
for his World Wrestling persona, Jesse Ventura. the acting card became an abundant
Interestingly, the name Ventura was inspired by the force where he found himself in huge
coastal California beach city. His character in WWE blockbuster films such as Predator and
was a Blonde Bully archetype and after a decade in The Running Man, both released in
wrestling, he retired and then became a commentator 1987. What became a famous line for
where his tell it like it is demeanor became the truth him was from Predator, which was, I
that he is known and appreciated for by present day Aint Got Time to Bleed. During these
standards. With that developed voice of truth and films, he became close friends with
reason, his desire to unveil the realities of the system his co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger
became his mission as a politician and author. Now (another future governor), which
Jesse is telling it like it is on cannabis and hemp. His continues to this day. Jesse also played
conspiracy theories may no longer be theories as they one of Wesley Snipess CryoCon
are happening and Jesse is still Telling it Like It Is! henchmen in Demolition Man which
also featured Sylvester Stallone. Other
The Birth of Politics films and TV series that Ventura were
From the humble beginnings of the son of a featured in were Batman and Robin,
hardworking Slavic and German, both of his parents Hunter, Tagteam, Ricochet, Zorro,
served in World War II as well as his older brother Renegade, Woodshop, Major League
who was also a Vietnam veteran. His true given name II, The X-Files, The Drunk, Teenage
is James George Janos and his birthday is this month, Mutant Ninja Turtles and multiple
July 15th, 1951. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, his wrestling features and documentaries.
resume of 64 years reads as: married with two children, He has a total of 82 credits on IMDB to
former Naval Veteran, professional wrestler from 1975 date and hes not finished yet!
to 1986, actor, political commentator, prolific writer
and author of over 20 published works, actor, former Dancing With The Politics
bodyguard for the Rolling Stones, television host, When Ventura first became the Mayor

Edibles Magazine Issue 37

politician who served as the Mayor of Brooklyn Park of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, he had
The latest work of bestselling author Jesse Ventura who lays out his ideals of full cannabis (a suburb of Minneapolis from 1991 to 1995), and the the taste of politics, but it seemed more
38th Governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003. Jesse important on making the community
legalization and how it can benefit the county while also detailing how the government work in mutual understanding. As
was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2004, a list
Follow thePharma
and Big clues and
hinderyoull soon discover
our freedom Thehealth
and harm our Mystery Baking
through Company
criminalization andis of esteemed individuals in wrestling. He also taught he platformed as a candidate for
the Reform Party in the Minnesota
making deliciouslyRead
monopolization. potent edibles
the full and spreadables
book review perfect for any occasion.
online at ediblesmagazine.com third party politics at Harvard in the Spring Term
2004 at the Kennedy School of Government. Now gubernatorial election of 1998. His low-

16 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 17
budget campaign centered on grassroots possible cover-up of the black box recordings from the is flat-out bullsh*t, according to Jesse Ventura. that he has been reassured by RT that
events and unusual ads that urged airlines that were used in the attacks. In his shocking collection of actual government he will not be censored. The show has
citizens not to "vote for politics as usual". documents, he was led to bring forth what he could just begun and it airs on Fridays, with
Global Warming
Ventura's campaign was unexpectedly in the simple truths to the people. Jesse, as we know, reruns over the weekend.
Ventura looks at some of the purported evidence
successful, in which he narrowly defeated is an independent and a non-partisan truth-seeker,
that manmade global warming is an elitist scam, It seems that his goal is to speak the
both the Democratic and Republican he seemed to want to prove beyond any doubt some
and the money trail leads him to the doorstep of an truth to everyone and anyone willing
candidates. As governor, Ventura was of the most incriminating information and to reveal
elusive billionaire and a former UN adviser residing to listen. To capture the feeling of
instrumental in reforms of Minnesota's what really happens behind the closed doors of our
in Shanghai. freedom is what he says is the main
property tax. Other initiatives made by government and country.
Ventura included construction of the Skinwalker Ranch goal in doing the show. In the shows
Metro Blue Line rail in the Minneapolis A secret laboratory where Alien research is said to Politics of A Public Figure promo, it features a video ad of Ventura
Saint Paul metropolitan area, and cuts in be taking place; hidden and unknown to most of the Being a Public Figure is a choice and with it comes on an open road, sans motorcycle and
income taxes. general public. scrutiny and accusations; the tallest blade of grass saying, Everyone in the world should
gets cut, sometimes with unprovoked malice. Some experience the feeling of freedom, and
While speaking with him, he shared how Big Brother you get it on the open road. Welcome
are created for financial gain or to bring the accuser
he had plans to upkeep the major sports Ventura looks into theories about how far the U.S. to my world. Come along for the ride.
notoriety, such in the case of Chris Kyle. Kyle is a
stadiums across the country, but that Government has gone, in the name of national Working again to expose government
former Navy SEAL sniper that was reported to have
none of the venues or owners of teams security, to keep an eye on its citizens including hypocrisy and corporate deception,
the most confirmed kills. He wrote a book called
were interested in long term plans. While contracting private companies to spy on people and with the open forum of truth for all
American Sniper and in it, a story was told of meeting
Ventura was the highest elected official to giving special incentives to InfraGard members who platform. The World According To
Jesse Ventura in a bar and beating him up. It was
ever win an election on a Reform Party report suspicious activity. Jesse airs on RT, Friday nights.
proven in court that this was a false story and that
ticket, he ended up switching over due to Secret Societies Kyle and the publisher HarperCollins, did so with
internal fights for control over the party. Ventura infiltrates the Bilderberg Group a very actual malice, which is knowledge that it is false or Politically Correct
Jesse then joined the Independent Party secretive, annual meeting of elitists who gather in with reckless disregard for their falsity. The jury Jesse currently resides between Mexico
as his conscientious outlook was much luxury hotels, under heavy security, and supposedly then awarded Ventura $1.845 million in damages, and Minnesota with his wife of many
more of a non-political plan of how to run plan the strategies for world domination. The location specifically, $500,000 for defamation and about loving years. His children are Jade (b.
a government. He has since also hosted a and attendees of these secretive events are often posted $1.345 million for unjust enrichment. In other words, 1984) and Tyrel (b. 1980) and he has
number of television shows radio and has online. Kyle unjustly profited from defaming Ventura. chosen not to run for a second term
written several political books. in office as governor to protect the
Apocalypse 2012 Sadly, the court of public appeals have turned privacy of his family. Ventura doesnt
Conspiracy Theories are Political Some believed the world was heading for disaster their backs on Ventura, where he lost his veterans wear any personal undergarments
Jesse is convinced that our society, in 2012 and Ventura looks into rumors that the U.S. right to participate and it is heard that he is no and at one time, while in office as
government, country, and world have Government has a doomsday plan for saving the longer invited to veterans events. Kyles widow is Governor of Minnesota, he had t-shirts
hidden agendas that drives many to elite while leaving the rest of us to fend for ourselves. currently appealing the decision and because of the made at the state fair that said Got
concoct falsehoods to sway the people. Ventura also checks out the Denver International facts and information that was presented at the trial Underwear. Jesse Ventura voted for
His goals were to unveil the truth and Airport. her odds of winning the appeal are quite low. This the Green Partys Dr. Jill Stein in the
dispel the rumors with facts to show suit with HarperCollins is still pending but during 2016 Presidential Election. He chose
Manchurian Candidate
we are being deceived by those that we the first trial, Venturas attorneys uncovered records to dedicate his Marijuana Manifesto to
Ventura and his crew investigated rumors that the CIA
trust. Through all the years of Jesses of HarperCollins negligence in fact-checking. cannabis hero and icon Tommy Chong
has restarted the project to turn ordinary citizens into
conspiracy theory revelations in book, American Sniper the film starring Bradley Cooper, for his time sentenced to prison on
programmed assassins and super soldiers through
TV and film, audiences were shocked profited over $100 million at the box office. But once unjust charges. Watch for his new show
hypnosis, experimental drugs, torture and other
by the facts, figures and interviews with again, Ventura feels that he is not able to get many on RT and Jesse, please keep telling it
methods. He also meets a man who claims to be a real-
vetted participants. Here is a short but jobs because of this incident. like it is as this is the true reality of The
life Manchurian Candidate
fascinating list of some of his focuses of Marijuana Manifesto.
Venturas Conspiracy Theories. Operation Northwoods Politically Active
The US military plan to hijack airplanes and blame it At this time, he remains politically active and is Jen Hobbs is the Co-Author of Marijuana
Alaska HAARP
on Cuban terrorists. currently working on a new show on RT (Russian Manifesto and a longtime cannabis
Ventura visits HAARP (the High-
TV) called Off the Grid. Ventura will also host "The supporter. Her insight and dedication
Edibles Magazine Issue 37

Frequency Active Aurora Research Healthcare False Issues

World According to Jesse" on RT which is coming assisted in Venturas outreach to

Edibles Magazine Issue 37

Program) in Gakona, Alaska to uncover Potentially deadly health care cover-ups, including a
this summer. RT is the Washington-based branch share about cannabis and hemp.
the alleged truth behind rumors that it dengue fever outbreak.
of Russian State Television. Known previously In honor, we here at Edibles List
is being used as a weather modification
Emergency Camps as Russia Today, RT is funded by the Russian Magazine dedicate this article to
weapon, an instrument for mind control,
What the Department of Defense knows about government and describes itself as a TV channel for those who served time for unjust
or both.
our food supply, but is keeping it under wraps and viewers who want to question more. Critics call RT persecution of a simple plant that has
September 11th Homeland Securitys emergency detention camps a propaganda tool with poor journalism standards, the capabilities to heal and comfort the
Ventura investigates the rumors of a The official spin on numerous government programs as The Washington Post has reported. Ventura feels spirit of humankind.

18 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 19

Simmons of KISS has never tried cannabis.

Top 10 Cannabis Conspiracies 5. Dangers of Super Scientific

8. The New World Order:
The food giant
Monsanto has been
Patrick Ian Moore The idea that by using modern purchased by the
The dictionary defines the word conspiracy as: a secret plan made by two or more people techniques, growers have German-based
to do something that is harmful, unlawful or illegal, but the details get a bit muddled when developed strains of cannabis company, Bayer
you talk about the technical definition of a criminal conspiracy versus a regular one. Here that have much higher levels which is one of
of THC than in the past. The the largest seed companies in the world. The
in this piece were actually only talking about Cannabis Conspiracies, some of which may
highest level found in the plant is around 32%. company was purchased for $66 billion, and it
or may not really be true, but remember - being paranoid doesnt necessarily mean you
For comparison: The pot smoked at Woodstock is reported that the deal was conducted entirely
arent being followed. We arent passing judgement or solving mysteries with this list - only in 1969 and through the late 1970s contained in cash, and now Monsanto is moving in to
sharing the information. With that said and with an open mind, Edibles List now presents, roughly 1% THC. The more THC, the more monopolise the marijuana industry - allowing
in no certain order: The Top 10 Cannabis Conspiracies! psychoactive the drug and the higher the potential the New World Order (NWO) to take over and
for abuse, addiction, and other harmful effects. rule everything.
1. Extraterrestrials: 3. The Cartel:
Cannabis was brought to William Randolph Hearst -
Earth from Sirius B by aliens. the newspaper magnate and 6. The Alcohol & Big Tobacco Mafia: 9. Cancer Business Boom:
The Dogon Tribe of Mail father of yellow journalism The liquor and big Cannabis was
in West Africa was visited who was heavily invested in tobacco companies used as the
hundreds of years ago by a paper, timber and lumber, fund more than a primary medicine
Goddess from another planet the petrochemical DuPont million dollars a day to for healing over
in the Sirius system (The 2 brothers, US Secretary of the Partnership for a Drug- 100 different
Dog Star) which is also the Treasury, banker and oil man Andrew Mellon Free America and other ailments in the
home of the 2 Dog Plant and his nephew-in-law, head similar agencies. Marijuana is very much a United States from
(Cannabis) which the Dogon of the Federal Bureau of danger to the alcohol and big tobacco industries, 1850 to 1936, until
continue to enjoy and celebrate to this very day. Narcotics, Harry Anslinger especially since it is so much safer than either Mass Media, Elite
The cannabis plant is an alien plant and there conspired together to eradicate of them. Many public service announcements Bankers, Hollywood, Globe Earth Theorists and
is strong physical evidence that cannabis is not and eliminate hemp as a designed to educate the people about the evils eventually NASA - conspired together to create
like any other plant on this planet. One could competitor crop and perceived of marijuana addiction aired right alongside the exponentially lucrative "Cancer Industry
conclude that it was brought here for the benefit threat to their wealth in the popular advertisements for beer and wine and the billion dollar chemotherapy business -
of humanity by extraterrestrials. United States of America. coolers in the 1980s and nineties. creating customers instead of cures.

2. Racism: 4. The Gateway Drug: 7. Military Human Experiments: 10. The Sperm Killer:
The first prohibition The Gateway drug From 1948 to 1975, the The spread of
laws in the United theory (AKA: the U.S. Army Chemical legal medical and
States were opium bans stepping-stone theory, Corps conducted recreational marijuana
aimed at oppressed escalation hypothesis or classified human use in the USA may
Chinese immigrants. progression hypothesis) subject research be a contributing
The laws and systems is a comprehensive at the Edgewood factor to the increase
prohibiting cannabis have historically, unfairly catchphrase for the medical theory that the use Arsenal facility in Maryland. The purpose was in male infertility. Men who smoke cannabis
Edibles Magazine Issue 37

Edibles Magazine Issue 37

targeted Blacks and Hispanics and resulted of a psychoactive drug, typically to evaluate the impact of low-dose chemical frequently have significantly less seminal fluid,
in a rapid, tragic and unbalanced growth in cannabis, can be coupled to an warfare agents on military personnel and to a lower total sperm count and their sperm
the Prison Industrial Complex, a system still increased probability of the use test protective clothing, pharmaceuticals, and behave abnormally. Considered by many to
operating today on the slave labor of people of of further more dangerously vaccines. Cannabis was used often in these be propaganda created by the rapidly growing
color, many of whom are imprisoned for non- addictive and harmful drugs. experiments, as was LSD, GHB, MDMA, MK infertility industry in collaboration with Big
dangerous cannabis related crimes. This supposedly is why Gene Ultra Mind Control and Chemtrails. Pharma.

20 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 21


Cannabis Laws
Does Not Lead
to Increased
Use in Teens
L.C. Squared
Logic and reason once again successfully hands
another victory for cannabis by nixing yet another
demonizing preconception. A research report
has been published in the peer-reviewed journal
Addiction explains how the passing of medical
cannabis laws has NO correlation with cannabis
use disorders. The study was led by researchers
from Columbia University who found that while
recreational cannabis laws lead to increased
consumption, it actually only occurs with adults
over 26 rather than with teenagers or children.

Our findings do not show increases in prevalence

of marijuana use among adults in states with
medicalized MML programs, the authors explain,
Additionally, there were no increases in adolescent
or young adult marijuana outcomes following
MML passage, irrespective of program type.

The results of this student contradicts, if not,

outright disproves a widely circulated paper from
JAMA Psychiatry which claims that, the risk for
cannabis use and cannabis use disorders increased
at a significantly greater rate in states that passed
medical marijuana laws than in states that did
not. However, multiple studies that date back to
2012 claim otherwise by stating that the passing
of medical cannabis laws do not indeed lead to
adolescent consumption or adult abuse. A study
published by JAMA Psychiatry itself back in AVAILABLE THROUGH
February 2016 claimed that while adult cannabis
use increased by 19% between 2002 and 2013, the
researchers found no evidence of any problems.
It appears that the authors of the slippery slope
repor based their conclusion on bias and conjecture
rather than any real research and estimates like the
previous studies were based on.

Issue I Page 22 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com


Patrick Ian Moore

Kristina Smith everything there was about cultivating,
be c ame ill cannabinoids, extraction, infusion, and
mysteriously more - and Barons Confections was
when she was created. From seed-to-table theyre
only 6 years old. making organic, gourmet, elegant and
After she spent infused edibles that are among the
six months in a absolutely most beautiful and delicious
coma, Kristina youll find anywhere in the industry.
woke up and was Barons was at the Best of Edibles List
diagnosed with Encephalopathy Etiology Awards in February and took home
Unknown, meaning brain damage with an six trophies in a variety of categories.
unknown cause. This meant Kristina now They are clean-green certified and use
suffered from frequent seizures, ataxia an all holistic approach to growing and
(shaking), as well as a decrease in motor the edibles they make are infused with
and speech skills. Physicians prescribed pure pressed fresh rosin from their own
a plethora of prescription medications grown flowers. They make a variety
that did little to actually improve how of THC and CBD options and also
she felt. Her doctor recommended using have vegan treats to choose from too.
cannabis as a holistic approach to healing
but Kristinas mother Mina had strong I had the opportunity to sit with
reservations. The portrayal of marijuana in Kristina on their beautiful deck on
the mainstream media made her nervous the Baron's Southern California Farm
about the risk of addiction and potentially while we medicated together using a
harming her child with dangerous drugs. special blend of Grand Daddy Purple
Nearly 15 years after first being suggested, Indica Cannabis oil her mother makes
Kristina decided for herself that she especially for her. Kristina wanted to
wanted to try using cannabis and told her make sure everyone knows that she
mother. Now convinced that it was an feels great, shes happy and she loves
idea at least worth trying, Mina got some life! She loves animals, especially
cannabis buds from a dispensary and used dogs and some of her favorite things
them to infuse a homemade dish of chicken to do are write poetry and read the
alfredo, Kristinas favorite meal. Kristina works of William Shakespeare. Edibles
finished her dinner and went to lay down and vaping are her favorite ways to
early that night. 30 minutes later she got up medicate, and she has yet to try a kind
and was walking and talking comfortably of cannabis she doesnt enjoy. Kristina
for the first time since age six. Mina was said using cannabis helps her relax
awestruck as she heard her daughter say: around other people and to feel more
Mom, I LOVE Cannabis. It makes me feel comfortable as well as liberated. I had
normal, it makes me feel free! an incredible time hanging out with
this wonderful family and learning all
Mina felt guilty for not trying it sooner, but about them and the great things they

Edibles Magazine Issue 37

Edibles Magazine Issue 37

she was now on a mission. She not only are doing with medical marijuana.
believed in the healing power of the plant Baron's Confections is truly doing
but was also now driven to make sure the innovative things and transforming
medicine she gave Kristina was the best expectations when it comes to the
available. Mina quit her job as an engineer healing power of edibles. Check them
and went to culinary school and studied out online at: baronsconfections.com
baking and pastries while also learning

24 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 25


Cannabis World Congress

& Business Expo New York
2017 Event Recap

Keiko Beatie
The Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo, CWCBE
took place for the fourth year in New York City this past
June at the Jacob Javits Center. This year, more than ever,
the event made its jump on the Green Market place with
speakers, seminars and panels over the three day Expo.
The Keynote speakers being highlighted were Reverend
Al Sharpton and the Former Governor of Minnesota,
Jesse Ventura. Greenspoon Marder did wonderful
educational seminars to support the eager attendees on
the innovative ways to be part of the cannabis industry.
The Exhibitor booths were incredibly active and robust
with some of the newest cutting-edge solutions to
owners and managers of businesses in this fast-growing
industry. These exhibitors seemed to have a wealth of
opportunity and knowledge to share with those looking
to enter the market as well as many potential partners
and investors seeking collaborations. This years World
Congress has had the most booth participants to date,
with over 150 companies exhibiting on the attractive
floor space.
On hand were companies supporting the latest
technologies, solutions and resources for the cannabis
industry thats expanding on a global scale. The
Cannabis World Congress & Business Expositions are
held each year in New York and Los Angeles with the
newest location for 2017 located in one of the fastest
moving cannabis states, Massachusetts. The Los
Angeles dates are set for Sept. 14th, 15th and 16th at the

Edibles Magazine Issue 37

Los Angeles Convention Center.
The event for Boston will be held on October 4th, 5th and
6th at the Hynes Convention Center. Attendees should
be people who are seeking to be a part of this industry
as well as companies that are already in business and
looking for other opportunities. For more information
visit: www.cwcbexpo.com

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Jack Paradise Patrick Ian Moore
Rusty Raw Rolling Weve got a new favorite style
Papers are absolutely of pipes, bongs and one-hitters
my new preferred and its called Piece Maker!
Papa and Barkley Topicals La Vida Verde Salad Dressing papers when it comes These brightly colored and
Keiko Beatie Keiko Beatie to rolling my own. extremely durable pieces are
One of the best items I La Vida Verde has come These beauties were constructed from high-grade,
found at the wonderful out with strain-specific gifted to me on the floor of the Cannabis World industrial strength silicone
Emerald Exchange Congress last month in New York City by Rusty meaning theyre dang near
olive oils for spectacular
this past spring is the himself, who stopped me in my tracks to give me indestructible! Blowtorch
cooking infusions. Each
new brand, Papa & free packs of the best papers Ive ever rolled or proof? Yes, totally! Can you
30ml bottle contains 200mg
Barkley. It is a Releaf smoked. They come in 2 different styles, Original drive a car over it? You sure as
of cannabinoids with a
product line that (Raw and Unbleached), or Organic Hemp and both heck can. If youve ever suffered
dropper to assist with sets come with the purest cardboard fiber filters the heartache of seeing your beautiful hand blown
delivers Serious Pain precise infusion of tasty
Relief within their built in so you never waste bud or burn lips. Every glass bong shatter into pieces, we sure feel for you,
milligrams. It comes in pack has 32 papers and a handy dandy built in but you neednt suffer anymore. Piece Makers are
clean and simple branding of whole plant, triple both Indica and Sativa. Microdosing at its finest from
tested and all natural topicals. Releaf Balm has both magnet keeps the package shut and secure so you easy to keep clean and look like they were designed
this highly regarded brand are now available from dont need to worry about rips or tears. The glue is by Doctor Seuss or Jim Henson. You can use them for
THC and CBD along with coconut oil and is in a 3 the creator of Hashman products. All of the edible
to 1 and 1 to 3 formulas. The impressive transdermal natural Arabic gum, works great and has zero taste dabs or flower and the lids fit snug enough to protect
products from La Vida Verde are non-GMO, pure, whatsoever. Theyre King Slim Size and thats my that bowl you packed before putting the pipe in your
patch is available with similar formulations and gluten-free and have no refined sugars. Healthy,
which also includes a CBD only patch! With body oil favorite length. Each time you roll you get a smooth pocket. Never cry over shattered glass again get a
simple, flavorful, natural and pure! With special and slow burning joint that smokes perfectly all the Piece Maker pipe and smoke fearlessly! You can order
and tinctures manufactured with impressively clean
attention to organic ingredients, flower, oil, CO2 way to the crutch with no runners. Burn one ASAP. your own at PieceMakerGear.com and get started.
ingredients and lovely packaging, it made hiking
extraction, this is what we consumers want to see for
the hills and dusty trails of the Emerald Exchange
all edible products for the future. Ive cooked both Caligold 9 Pound Hammer Vape Cartridge + Battery
well worth the trek. The next bath I took included
the amazing Papa & Barkley Releaf Soak. I was in oils in an Italian Red Sauce of Capellini Alla Checca in
which the Rosemary Garlic was outstanding for both Patrick Ian Moore
my own tub of nirvana, floating away to soothing Caligold has developed as much THC per 3 second pull as the average cart
bliss! Named after founder Adam Grossmans father, flavor and dosing. As for the Lemon Balsamic, it was a really good reputation youll find on the market. The strain I got was 9
Morton, and beloved dog Barkley, this is truly from a perfect match for a Arugula Salad with strawberries
for manufacturing Pound Hammer and its an 80% indica that crosses
the heart and is focused on providing patients relief and toasted pecans. Exceptionally delicious flavors
some of the very best Gooberry, Hells OG and Jack the Ripper, and lab
from pain and healing. The brand has already won and perfect doses made an infused meal of culinary
delights for dining out on the moonlit terrace on a infused chocolate in results and cannabinoid content are right on the
Best Topical at the High Times 2017 competition. the industry, and now box - a nice 66% THC. The direct inhale battery and
Soon on the horizon will be the pet care line as Papa summers night. La Vida Verde is on the path on
elevating the exciting growth of infused dining for theyre making vape charger come included in this kit and are available
& Barkley uses only sungrown flowers to create a
the robust gourmet and basic chefs of home and fine cartridges too! Caligold in black or white. Its a great tasting product with
brand worthy to honor a father and his favorite pet.
papaandbarkley.com dining experiences. Go out and try La Vida Verde Medical Cannabis strong smooth flavor that vapes very well, plus it
and lets see what our taste buds will discover. Vape Cartridges are 1 full gram of Co2 extracted and looks quite cool. To find where Caligold vapes are
2wenty3 Vape Cartridge + Battery Learn more at www.lavidaverdeedibles.com lab tested amber colored oil that delivers 3-4 times available visit their site at www.caligoldbars.com.
Keiko Beatie
2wnty3 is a new brand scientists and engineers who focused on philosophy Anakatrinas Edibles Chocolate Brownie Bites
that feels solid, but the and purity to bring this well-respected vape and Jack Paradise
cartridges are a great cartridge to market. Using refined methodologies Anakatrinas Edibles diabetes, soy allergies or are lactose intolerant. The
formulation. Guess what? developed over the last 5 years, they preserved the are a special new ingredient list is short and thats always a good sign:
Mine is pretty and Pink! original embodiment of the strains true flavor, while infused gourmet almond flour, zucchini, eggs, cocoa powder, vanilla
I have a Sativa Vape still achieving some of the highest potencies in the product created extract, Cannabis oil, baking soda, and Kosher salt.
Cartridge and from what market. 2WNTY3s oil has no artificial or engineered

Edibles Magazine Issue 37

Edibles Magazine Issue 37

specifically For The Dont be fooled by all the healthy ingredients - these
I learned, its made to be flavor enhancements, no viscosity (thickness)
solvent-free, ultra-refined buffers; just pure ultra-refined cannabis oil. My Healthy Athletic brownies are a delicious chocolaty treat, and they
cannabis oil in .5 grams and on the average of 87.8% girlfriends all want one in Pink and Im hoping Cannabis Lifestyle. These delicious brownie bites are taste so decadent and provide such great feeling
THC. Plus its all-natural and has no additives with that they will relent and make them in purple too! each 50mg of Tetrahydrocannabinol giving you a total effects youd never know they were actually good
this cool Borosilicate tank and a ceramic heating Ohhhh so Nice 2wenty3! Their motto is Brighter of 100mg of THC per package. Anakatrinas Edibles for you! Ideal for Summertime medicating before
element made the feel and weight comfortable and than heaven and heavier than hell but joined in are also dairy free, sugar free, gluten free and soy free hiking, yoga, biking, or whatever. To read the whole
substantial. 2WNTY3s team brought together top harmony. For more info please, visit 2wenty3.com - so theyre perfect if you suffer from Celiac Disease, story and learn more, go to anakatrinasedibles.com.

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Medicine Woman Bday Cake Vape CannaDips Dipping Pouches

Patrick Ian Moore Jack Paradise
I was lucky enough to receive Cannadips CDB Infused
a 500mg B-day Cake vape dipping pouches are
cartridge while at the Orange another product I
County Cannabis Education discovered in New York at
Expo. It was the first Id heard the CWCB Expo and also
of this brand and it looked a lot one of the most fascinating.
like most higher end, glass and I was born and raised in
metal cartridges filled with clear Northeastern Oklahoma
concentrate so my expectations and believe me, I had
werent particularly high but plenty of classmates who dipped back then. I admit
this product surprised me big that I did try it when I got a free can of Skoal Bandits
time! Totally pure, organic and at the Tulsa State Fair, because giving tobacco to kids
live resin from the Birthday Cake hybrid cannabis for free was totally fine in those days, but I didnt
strain that was incredible tasting and over 90% THC! like it and remember immediately sneaking away
Made with a cutting edge purification system that to smoke a bowl afterward. Cannadips are different,
leaves no aftertaste, this TMW live concentrate is but similar. They feel the same and almost taste how
taking the Vape game to exciting new places. Its I remember the tobacco being, but with all of the
also very potent as I mentioned and makes you nastiness removed and the mint sensation preserved
float, both mind and body, in the best of ways. This with a soothing 10mg of Cannabidiol effects added in
product must be tried to be believed, and you can place of the nicotine. A nice and smokeless innovation
visit themedwoman.com to find out how you can that still leaves the awesome shape in your back jeans
get your very own. pocket. Perfect for dippers, curiosity seekers and
those who want to try something new be opened
Jambo Hybrid THC Cannabis Spray minded because these are good! Cannadips.com
Patrick Ian Moore
Life Bloom Oral CBD Spray
Jambo Super Foods is an innovative
Keiko Beatie
Cannabis brand that has some very
interesting healthy lifestyle edibles Here in my purse is one of the
on the market. I just tried their sugar newest and easiest ways to
free Fresh Peppermint Cannabis take your CBD. Life Bloom
Spray and am very impressed. Made has created a sublingual spray
from MCT coconut oil, cannabis that is compact and 99% pure
CBD. Its in a handy travel
extract, Stevia and fresh peppermint,
size spray atomizer that offers
this spray is subtle, easy to transport
a micronized oral spray of
and tastes great. Its 1000mg of THC
8 mL in size, 60 mg of 99%
total, 6mg per spray meaning
pure CBD and an estimated
the single fluid ounce bottle contains roughly 175 2 mg of CBD pre-spray which is enough to make
sprays. Certified Paleo, it makes your breath taste your day! So happy to know that brands are being
nice and fresh and has an almost buttery taste at developed with such consciousness. Life Bloom
first which is delicious and really contributes to the shares that their spray has no toxins, herbicides, no

Edibles Magazine Issue 37

Edibles Magazine Issue 37

natural flavor. This is a very convenient product to plant wax, heavy metals (sorry Metallica fans), and
carry throughout the day and take simple micro- no pesticides. They say that two sprays a day keeps
doses whenever you feel inclined. Very nice after you healthy and reaching your highest peak! Thank
a meal or after smoking to freshen the palate, relax you Life Bloom Organics for your CBD oral spray
even further and help maintain your high. Also and developing a product that is easy and functional
available in cinnamon flavor, you can Learn more and only $29 retail. For more information, reach out
about them at JamboSuperFoods.com. to distribution@lifebloomorganics.com

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Focus on Flower: Herbal Nature Pre-ICO in DTLA
Patrick Ian Moore
In Downtown Los were wanting and expecting from a Sativa.
Angeles, in an area
serendipitously Purple Wreck - Indica: PW is the offspring of two very
known as the popular strains, Purple Urkle and Trainwreck and it is
Flower District, very much an Indica. We sank deep into the couch after
youll find an smoking a few bowls and dreamily watched multiple
adorably charming episodes of GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) on
Pre-ICO collective Netflixwhilewegiggledwithheavysmileyeyelids-classic.
called Herbal
Nature, and its Dream Queen - Hybrid: a Sativa-dominant hybrid cross
becoming a local favorite medication destination of of two much loved strains, Blue Dream and Space Queen
mine. I stopped by on 4/20 and they gave me free (which is a cross of Romulan and Cinderella 99). Dream
tickets to see Half Baked at the Wiltern Theater. Queen has pineapple candy undertones and keeps you
Theres a great selection of edibles, vapes, drinks, nicely centered - good for socializing or being meditative,
concentrates and more - at very reasonable prices, this strain seemed to easily adapt with whatever direction
but this is all about the flower! We got a nice flight of we seemed to go. Very reliable while also inspiring. We
strains to taste test from our good friend Karla, the rolled the Queen into joints using natural hemp papers
Buyer and Marketing Director, and are very excited to and she burned like a champ.
share the results of these thoroughly enjoyable buds!
Located at 837 South Los Angeles Street, with very
Sublime - Sativa: This strain had some very energizing convenient parking located in the back in between 8th
effects with a fruit flavored aftertaste. We rolled it up into and Main Street right by the rear entrance to the clinic.
some nice blunts and felt incredibly creative afterward You can even press your own Rosin inside with any
and were chatting rapidly about Ancient Aliens and flower donation. Keep up with their daily specials,
Antarctica for a few hours. It was fluffy green weed and patient appreciation days and other events by joining
was easy to play with - definitely did exactly what we their Facebook page: @HerbalNatureDTLA.

Edibles Magazine Issue 37

EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 35
UKs First Publicly

Available Cannabis
Research Facility
Now Open
My Bud Vase features vintage art
glass and bud vases transformed into
fine smoking implements. These highly
repurposed one-of-a-kind recreational
creations are for discerning smokers
looking for aesthetic value, as well
as functionality.

L.C. Squared
Science and cannabis are destined to become best
mates as the United Kingdom is set to open its first
medical cannabis research facility this summer.
This 1,800-square-foot facility is being launched by
MediPen, a successful company that creates CBD
vaporizers. Last summer, MediPens products
were tested by the National Health Service which
dramatically increased interest in the medical
benefits of cannabis.

MediPen is in the process of securing a license

with the Home Office to import and experiment
with controlled compounds, including THC, at
an location that is currently undisclosed. The
company has said, This marks the beginning of
a strenuous course of clinical trials and research
into the medicinal applications of several cannabis
constituents, with the goal of developing a
portfolio of licensed cannabinoid based medicines
Edibles Magazine Issue 37

in the coming years.

Edibles Magazine Issue 37

As a mighty plus, MediPens facility will be open
to other innovators of cannabis products who are
encouraged to take advantage of the research &
Available Now at:
development network, state-of-the-art in-house
testing, and on board legal and business advice.
The UK has lit a clear and bright path for the
cannabis industry.
36 Photo: Kelley Farlow
EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com
MyBudVase.com | @mybudvase 37
Issue No. 37 I Page 36 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com

We put together a special selection of infused recipes with a focus on Summertime comfort food. Its July and if
youre on Summer Vacation its certainly in full swing by now, and if youre not - well you can still eat like you

High n Whole Wheat Blueberry Pancakes are! What do blueberry pancakes and buffalo chicken wings have in common? Theyre delicious and at this time
of year theyre both on the menu all day long, especially when theyre powered by gourmet ganja. Serve all 4
dishes together as a magnificent meal or enjoy separate, and lose yourself if the yummy goodness of the season.

Infused Grilled Veggies

2 cups whole wheat flour
(or white whole wheat flour)
cup sugar
2 tsp baking powder
tsp baking soda
tsp salt
2 tsp vanilla extract
2 eggs
1 cup of blueberries (fresh or frozen)
2 tbsp cannabis infused olive oil (try PdH)

Sift and mix all dry ingredients (flour, sugar, salt,
baking powder & soda) together in one bowl then
set aside Beat the eggs with the buttermilk, extract Ingredients:
and oil in another bowl. Gradually add and mix 1 small butternut squash, diced Instructions:
the dry ingredients until you form a semi-lumpy 2 red bell peppers, seeded and diced Preheat oven or grill to 475 degrees. In one large
2 carrots, sliced bowl, combine all of the chopped vegetables
mixture. Do NOT overmix! Heat a skillet with
1 sweet potato, peeled and cubed while combining all of the herbs and spices in
some light cooking oil or butter and ladle cup
4 red potatoes, peeled and sliced a smaller bowl. Combine the veggies and herbs
of batter to pan fry. While the pancake is cooking,
Edibles Magazine Issue 37

1 red onion, sliced and spices together in the large bowl, then toss

Edibles Magazine Issue 37

sprinkle the side with some of the blueberries. 2 beets, diced the mixture with the oil and vinegar. Spread out
When the side of the pancake starts to bubble and 1 tbsp chopped fresh thyme evenly on a roasting pan then place in the oven/
the blueberries sink in, carefully flip the pancake 2 tbsp chopped fresh rosemary grill for 35-40 minutes. Still the veggies every 10
to cook the other side until it turns golden brown cannabis infused olive oil minutes until all the pieces are tender and brown.
Repeat until you are out of batter and blueberries. 2 tbsp cannabis infused balsamic vinegar
Serve pancakes with butter and maple syrup. salt and pepper to taste

38 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 39


Super Medicated Greek Salad Canna Baked Buffalo Chicken Wings

cup all-purpose flour
2 cups cherry tomatoes
20 chicken wings
2 cups diced cucumber
1 cup Sensi Buffalo Sauce
1 cup diced red bell pepper
tsp garlic powder
sliced olives
tsp salt
cup diced red onion
3 tbsp chopped fresh parsley Instructions:
tbsp balsamic vinegar Prepare a baking sheet by lining with it with
tsp dried oregano aluminum foil then greasing it with oil. Place the
cup crumbled feta cheese flour, salt, garlic powder, and chicken wings into
3 tbsp Pot d'Huile cannabis olive oil a resealable plastic bag and shake to mix until all
of the wings are coated. Arrange the wings on the
Mix together all of the vegetables in a large bowl then baking sheet then place in the refrigerator to chill
gently mix in the cheese. Drizzle with vinegar and oil for 1 hour. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200
and toss all together. Season with salt and pepper. degrees C). Baste the wings with buffalo sauce
then place into oven and bake for 45 minutes. Turn
MORE RECIPES AVAILALBE ONLINE AT: EDIBLESMAGAZINE.COM OR DOWNLOAD the wings over halfway through for even cooking.
Edibles Magazine Issue 37

42 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com

Sesh in the City:

It's Up to You New York?
Keiko Beatie
The New York is the fourth most populated residents and their access to medical cannabis!
state in the US. Most trends of food, fashion,
politics and social standings are generated But an invitation to a Private Secret Sesh took
and influenced between East Coast New York place with some of the top edibles companies in
and West Coast California. But when it comes the 26 mile island of Manhattan while in NYC.
to cannabis, there is a sad degradation and The special guests were the none other than the
breakdown of impact upon the New Yorkers. publisher of Edibles Magazine, B. Le Grand,
California led the way back in 1996 with medical Ms. Julie from NJ, and yours truly. We were
cannabis by passing Prop 215. Soon, other West so honored to have these dedicated industry
Coast States followed suit such as Oregon, members share the edibles of Manhattan with us.
Washington and Colorado which are all now It was Sesh In The City, but I left my Manolo
recreational. Now pending is the recreational Blahniks at the door as we did have to take off
roll out for California which is due for 2018, our shoes while in a High Rise in Harlem. On
but the East Coast New York has dulled by hand at the NYC Sesh were Gummy Goddess,
comparison. Hippie Treats, Sour Puff Boys, Brooklyn Chews,
Cannabakez, Healing Rose, Adventures of
A demise has been the slow moving train
Marvin Jane and Piece Maker Gear and many
and the subways of the city are frustrating
others who wish to remain anonymous. Can
to visitors coming the Big Apple. Recently,
you blame them?
Edibles Magazine had the pleasure of being in
Manhattan for the Cannabis World Congress
We would love to name all the amazing
and Business Expo. What business? The people
individuals who make up this hard working,
are willing, the industry is getting ready, but
envelope-pushing group who just want to
legislation is at a standstill for any recognition
envision cannabis commerce for NYC and the
of patient care and medical cannabis, much less
rest of the state! But if I did name them all, I could
for recreational. Intellectually, many governors
be blowing the cover of the under-the-cover
have been influenced by Colorado, Washington,
edibles businesses. Some were established with
Oregon and now sister states of New Jersey,
great packaging, testing by way of California,
Maryland, DC, Massachusetts and even petite
while others were just brand new and seeking
Rhode Island are moving like a New York
to find their place. Others had it down on the
yellow taxi on the ExpressWay!
Big Apple Black Market and partnered with
At this time, there is only 10,500 Cannabis other brands to unite in the Gangs of New York-
Medical Cards that have been given out in the style delivery. Admirable, frustrating and at
population of close to 20 million residents. While Edibles, our heart goes out to them. Of course,
in comparison, Michigan has over a quarter of a our visit was to taste and appreciate everyones
million medical cards. What you can do in New wares, all 20 tasty treats as we were to some the
York if you have one of these limited Doctor's experts of edibles. OK, at the end of the night,
Recs? If you are one of the 10,500, you are able I admit I almost left my shoes and I did leave
to purchase and use oil, vape and capsules, my cell phone. Oh, so Carrie Bradshaw as our
thats it! Absolutely no flower, or edibles are Sesh In The City was another epic day in New
Edibles Magazine Issue 37

allowed at this time! You must be in a doctors York City. So Governor Andrew Cuomo, listen
care with the following health issues: Cancer, up! The people are speaking like the rest of the
HIV/AIDS, ALS, Parkinsons, MS, Spinal country and your constituents are demanding
Cord Injuries, Epilepsy, IBD, Neuropathy, full access to cannabis. Its up to you, New
Huntingtons Disease, and these diseases must York, New York as Frank Sinatra croons, of
be accompanied by other server factors in course, after eating a Manhattan Edible! Love
order to receive a medical card. I am getting ill you, New York and thank you to Ms. Julie NJ,
realizing the severe predicament of New York Tarik and Steve.

44 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com

Highlighting Cannabis Chef Mina

Carrillo of Barons Confections
Keiko Beatie
A heartfelt mother knew that being there for her Baron's Confections Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe
daughter so she could have a healthy, happy
life was most important. As a highly educated Ingredients:
engineer, Mina Carrillo made the decision to 2 cups peanut butter at room temperature
leave her career and start on a quest to find foods (smooth, crunchy, or a combo)
that would help her daughter, Kristina. She saw 1 cup flour (whole wheat pastry, spelt, or einkorn)
that the medications Kristina were taking werent 1 cup natural granulated sugar
making her feel good and not be in touch with cup Earth Balance (Vegan Spread)
herself and her personality. Mina quit her job and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
went to culinary school in order to focus on foods teaspoon salt
that were healthy. She wanted foods that could Instructions:
hopefully give Kristina the nutrition she needed Preheat the oven to 350 F. Combine all the ingredients
and alleviate the pharmaceutical harms with a in a large bowl. Work together with a pastry blender
holistic understanding. or the tines of a large fork until completely blended.
Mina loved the challenge and after receiving her Scoop the dough up by rounded tablespoons, or
Culinary Degree she soon went on to pursue training a bit more if youd like larger cookies. Arrange on
as a baking & pastry specialist. With the sole purpose a parchment-lined baking sheet or two (or bake in
of being able to create cannabis-infused products batches). Flatten the dough lightly with your palm,
for her daughter, Mina found that the infused then press down lightly with a regular-sized fork in
foods made life easier for Kristina, with better two directions to make that cool criss-cross pattern
functionality than ever before. Mina dedicated her that peanut butter cookies are known for. Bake for 10
studies to cannabis research and infused foods. She minutes, or until the bottom of the cookies are golden
learned that although there were many companies brown. Allow to cool for a bit to firm up, then transfer
growing cannabis for edibles and other products, to a plate or container. Store cookies covered at room
they were utilizing sub-standard ingredients which temperature.
included unsafe, untested chemicals that were
Peanut Butter Filling:
found in Kristinas pharmaceutical medications.
1 cup Earth Balance Vegan Spread
Her daughter deserved better and Mina was
cup Peanut Butter (soft)
inspired to create her own edible company.
cup powdered sugar (sifted)
A company that would be 100% holistic, and
hold itself to a standard above any other with Cut butter in small pieces and put in small saucepan
exceptional culinary applications. This is the birthover low heat. Add peanut butter and stir until
of Barons Confections, a Multi Award-Winning melted. Remove from heat. Stir in confectioners'
edible company whose presentation of products sugar, blending well. Add more confectioners' sugar,
is exemplary and incredibly beautiful to look at! as necessary, to form a pliable mass. Wrap in plastic
and refrigerate for about an hour. Use filling as a
Chef Minas favorite recipe is her gourmet Peanut
candy center for dipping, or as a center between two
Butter Cookie with Chocolate Dip and we here
layers of coating.
Edibles Magazine Issue 37

at Edibles Magazine are honored to share it with

you readers. May it inspire all of you to reach for Chocolate Chip Dip
your dreams and appreciate the creative artistry of 1 cup Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips
Cannabis Chefs as we salute Chef Mina Carrillo
Edibles Magazine Chef of 420 for July 2018! Place chocolate and oil or shortening in a microwavable
bowl. Heat on high for 30 seconds, stir. Continue
Congratulations Chef Mina, may the love for your heating in 20 30 seconds, stirring after each heating
daughter continue to shine with your amazing line until melted. Don't overheat chocolate.Use as desired
of Baron's Confections! Visit baronsconfections.com with Peanut Butter Cookies

48 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com

Study for Marijuana to

Treat Childrens Autism
L.C. Squared
A year has passed since Pennsylvania Despite the pressure, BioGreens medical
became the sixth state to allow the use director, Dr. Sue Sisley, is eager to tackle
of cannabis to treat childrens autism. the study of cannabis being a viable
Now acclaimed private research treatment for autism. Moms are certainly
university LeHigh University is taking using this actively in the black market,
the pioneering initiative by conducting a and now its time to bring everything
study to analyze the effects of cannabis out and into the open, she said. Its
on autistic children. Although parents time to let sun shine in. Dr. Sisley was
have been praising the beneficial effects part of a research team that was awarded
cannabis has had on their autistic a license from the DEA to study the
children for years, LeHigh University effects of cannabis on veterans and its
will be collecting the first real-world ability to treat PTSD. She is also widely
quantitative data in order to make those known for openly criticising the low-
claims valid. LeHighs Dean of Education, end quality of federal-grown cannabis.
Gary Sasso, expressed his interest in the
anecdotal evidence since cannabis lack The potential for cannabis as treatment for
the side effects of commonly prescribed autism gained national attention in 2009
medications for autism. However, he when a California mother named Mieko
also expressed caution since the effects Hester-Perez fed her autistic son infused
of cannabis remains largely unknown. brownies to save his life. Soon after,
parents began sharing their experiences
LeHigh has had a long history working of how cannabis turned their autistic
with autistic children at their Center childrens live for the better. One local
for Promoting Research to Practice by Pennsylvanian mother, Erica Daniels,
running organized annual workshops had exhausted all conventional options
and symposiums about the topic. The including prescription medication, diet
universitys Centennial School also changes, and even a hyperbaric chamber
serves the needs of children who have in order to treat her sons autism. Once
autistic or other behavioral challenges. she turned to cannabis, her son was
free of meltdowns a month at a time.
The university intends to work with
growers in LeHigh Growers, including Aside from these life experiences, the
BioGreen Farms which is competing for Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Israel
a marijuana growing and processing launched the worlds first clinical study
Edibles Magazine Issue 37

Edibles Magazine Issue 37

license in a nearby township. It is one out several months ago to examine the effects
of 28 other applicants who are all vying of CBD and THC on autistic children as well
for the only 2 permits that will be issued as adults. The experiments will include
for the Northeast region of Pennsylvania. 120 children who have mild to severe
LeHigh has not yet allocated funds for autism and will have controls to compare
the study, but should BioGreen win isolates to full-plant extracts. This study is
the license, it will start seeking grants. expected to conclude sometime next year.

50 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 51


Viva Mexico! Medical

Marijuana is Now Legal!
L.C. Squared
Mexico has taken its first step into the national debate last year on whether to
world of green goodness as President overhaul the countrys cannabi laws,
Pea Nieto has issued a decree that Nieto has had a change of heart by
officially legalizes medical cannabis calling for a re-examination of global
thanks to overwhelming support from drug policy. So far, the solutions [to
the both Mexican Lower House of control drugs and crime] implemented by
Congress and the Senate. The Lower the international community have been
House overwhelmingly supported the frankly insufficient, Nieto said to the
measure by 347-7 vote and said, The 2016 United Nations General Assembly
ruling eliminates the prohibition and Special Sessions in April 2016. We must
criminalization of acts related to the move beyond prohibition to effective
medicinal use of marijuana and its prevention. Since then, Nieto has even
scientific research, and those relating to introduced a measure that would allow
the production and distribution of the Mexican citizens to legally possess up to a
plant for these purposes. This decree will ounce of recreational cannabis. However,
effectively decriminalize the medicinal the bill was stalled in congress.
use of cannabis, THC, CBD and all of the
derivatives. Furthermore, the production Presidente Nieto is not alone in seeing
and distribution of medicinal cannabis has the other side of the fence. In 2015,
been allowed. A representative from the the Mexican Supreme Court ruled in
Citizens Movement Party who supported favor of four individuals who wanted
the bill said, This is not opening the door to grow cannabis in their backyard for
for a general and unchecked consumption personal consumption. Justice Olga
because it includes measures so the Snchez Cordero commented, Absolute
health department can ensure it is not prohibition is excessive and doesnt
being abused or distorted to widen it to protect the right to health. This now sets
recreational use." a precedent which may accelerate efforts
for broader forms of cannabis legalization.
The decree will put Mexicos Ministry
of Health in charge of the drafting The legalization of medical cannabis
and implementation of the regulations is hoped to help offset the drug
and public policies regarding, the violence which has claimed the lives of
medicinal use of pharmacological 80,000 people in Mexico since 2006. A
derivatives of cannabis sativa, indica representative of the Green Party hoped
and Americana or marijuana, including that this bill would, open up a new front
tetrahydrocannabinol. The ministry for authorities to combat addictions and
has also been tasked to start a research the violence that arises from the illicit
program before creating broader activities of drug growing, trafficking and
Edibles Magazine Issue 37

policies. Dr. Jose Narro Robles, Mexicos consumption.

Edibles Magazine Issue 37

Secretary of Health, voiced his support
of the measure by saying, I welcome the Currently, cannabis in Mexico can possess
approval of therapeutic use of cannabis in only 1% of THC or less. However, hope
Mexico. and determination is at an all time
high since the country has managed to
Nieto was an opponent of cannabis overcome the biggest obstacle in its path
legalization, but after Mexico held a to the promised land of legal weed.

52 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 53


Cannabis Science Conference

is Hip & Happening in Portland
Keiko Beatie
Coming at the end of August on the 28th, On August 29th and 30th, Tuesday and
29th and 30th in Portland, Oregon is the Wednesday will be the start of the speakers
informative Cannabis Science Conference. This and exhibits at the Portland Convention
event will bring to interested parties in-depth Center. The Analytical Science track includes
information on the advancement of cannabis Dr. David (Dedi) Meiri, PhD, an Assistant
science, analytical testing, and personalized Professor at the Faculty of Biology at the
medicine. Created in 2016 by Joshua Crossney, Technion Israel Institute of Technology and
the President of jCanna, Inc., a 501 (c)3 non- Dr. Jack Henion, PhD, who is an expert in Mass
profit whose goal is to bridge the gap of Spectrometry (MS). The medical science track
understanding analytical sciences between the highlights exporters in medical cannabis with
medical cannabis industry and the community. details on topics of administration, dosages
and up to date findings of advancement.
As more individuals are finding comfort in The keynote speakers for this track are Dr.
the medicinal use of cannabis, Joshs goal is to Uma Dhanabalan, MD, of Uplifting Health
provide pertinent information to best support and Wellness in Natick, Massachusetts and
the advancement of medicinal cannabis. Dr. Sue Sisley, MD, who is a primary care
Being that there is a lack of methodology and physician in Scottsdale, Arizona who is
standardizations regarding contamination, leading the current PTSD study funded by
potency, and testing cannabis, which some states M.A.P.S. (Multidisciplinary Association for
do not have in-place requirements for QC/QA Psychedelic Studies).
standards. That is why the Cannabis Science
Conference is must-needed and appreciated. The hotel sponsor for the Conference is The
Taking place at the Oregon Convention Center Hiltons DoubleTree and Cannabis Science
in Downtown Portland, this year we will have Conference attendees receive a special rate
60,000 square feet of exhibit hall space and of $179 a night. All attendees who book a
50,000 square feet of meeting space for over 100 room at the DoubleTree by Hilton Portland
exhibitors and thousands of attendees. will receive a complimentary Portland MAX
Light Rail pass to use during your stay. The
On August 28th, the first day of the Conference, passes for the Canna Boot Camp will be
is the Canna Boot Camp, a Full Day Workshop $299 while the main conference itself will
with a dual presentation. There will be a focus cost another $199 (early bird price). If youd
on the cultivation, extraction, sample prep, and like to just attend the exhibit hall and none
analytical testing for edibles manufacturing. of the seminars or mixers, a mere $40 pass is
There will also be a medical presentation available. Available at this time is a discount
with the facts and in-depth details on the where you save 25% on admission. Use promo
human bodys endocannabinoid system with code JCANNA25 on their website when
the how and why cannabis reacts with our registering. For more information, please

Edibles Magazine Issue 37

Edibles Magazine Issue 37

health. Companies will be on hand doing visit www.cannabisscienceconference.com

demonstrations of their technology, led by
medical professionals and some of the cannabis jCanna, Inc., mission statement is : Legal,
industrys top leaders. This Canna Boot Camp Medicinal Cannabis Science & Education
will comprehensively share many facets of Alliance Well see you in Portland, Oregon
science of practical and medical issues for $399 at the end of August for the Cannabis Science
a pass. Conference!

54 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 55


Putting Disabilites First Darcy Thompson

Last weekend, I spent To participate in the current California non-profit system,

a day in San Francisco you must be a medical patient to be on the premises. So

participating in if youre dealing with staff at your local dispensary they
activism at the Dyke must have a medical reason to be using cannabis. They INCREDIBLES OUTER GALACTIC TRIKOM TREATS
also should have firsthand experience using marijuana to Type: Chocolate Bars, Gummies, Capsules, Type: 20+ Baked Treats!!
March. I appreciated Shatter, Vape Pens
Type: Truffles- Milk Chocolate,
Pastries Cookies Breads Brownies,
the speeches which help their ailments and they understand the difference it Dark Chocolate, Sugar Free
Strain used: Hybrid or Mix Strain used: Hybrid (Sustainable) Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil
can make to quality of life. I realized this deeply changed Made with: Hash Oil Strain used: Hybrid Strain or Mix
spoke about the Made with: Cannabis, Fermented Cacao
the entire industry and brought a level of compassion Dosage available: Varies by Product Dosage available: 25mg THC per Made with: Canna Coconut Oil
inclusiveness of the that might have not been there otherwise. We put people Medical and Recreational Truffle (4 Truffles per box) Dosage available: 100mg - 110mg
event. Empowevred with disabilities first too. Available in: Colorado and California Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA
women taking www.TrikomTreats.com
up space. Radical in many ways, like no corporate All of this is changing in 2018 where you can legally Twitter.com/IncrediblesMMJ www.OuterGalacticChocolates.com Facebook.com/trikomtreats
IG: OuterGalacticChocolates Twitter.com/trikomtreats
sponsorship, this march was organized differently and employ anyone 21 or older in your cannabis businesses. Instagram.com/ IncrediblesMMJ Instagram.com/trikom_treats
I hope the current industry and all the patients dont just T
a noticeable aspect was that it was led by people with
disabilities. There was something poignant about it that fade away, I also hope everyone with medical reasons
touched my heart, and I didnt immediately know why. to consume cannabis continue to take up space and be
integrated as part of the legal market workforce. Doing
business right, being inclusive, and having a diverse staff,
These women were not afraid; they were celebrating is critical to keeping our industry special and different.
and showing off what others may see as a negative. Lets hold onto the culture of compassion and caring
They were owning up to who they were and there was for the most marginalized who are in need of love and
no shame. Ill never forget the first time I heard someone support from our communities. Lets not lose the soul of
praise medicating as an enhancement which blew my the current community and keep celebrating what was
mind. Liberal as I am, Im still fighting against society's once kept hidden. Speak up and keep taking up space
brainwashing. and be part of the future... Type: 5mg Sugar Free Micros (pack of 20 or Gummies, Fruit & Nuts, Chamoy, Type: Gourmet Edibles, Granola,
50) 20mg Gluten-Free Truffles -filled with Jerky, Take N Bake Mixes, Peanut Butter, Ranch Dressing,
CBD Tinctures & Vape Cartridges. Ketchup, BBQ Sauce, Hot Sauce,
delicious ganaches, caramel, & peanut butter Chicken & Waffles
Strain used: Indica, Sativa. StrainUsed:Indica,Sativa,HybridTHC&CBD available at Ktown Collective
Made with: Ethanol, Other Extract MadeWith:SolventlessDistillate&Isolates. Strain used: Hybrid Straing or Mix
Dosage available: 5mg Mircros & 20mg Dosage Available: 75mg, 150mg, 300mg Made with: Cannabis Flower Extract
Caramel Chocolate Truffles THC Products available: California Dosage available: Varies by Product
Available in: CALIFORNIA CBD Products available: Worldwide Available in: CALIFORNIA
Twitter.com/GetStokes215 www.InfusedEdibles.org
Instagram: @getstokes215 Instagram.com/InfusedEdiblesCA www.EdiblesRUs.org
Facebook: Stokes-Confections

t jays

Type: Organic Gummies, Fruit Chews, Strain used: Hybrid Strain

Edibles List Issue 37

Made with: Secret Concentrate
Edibles List Issue 37

and Almond/Peanut Butter, Caramel

Chocolate Cups, Nougat Chocolate Bars Dosage available: 100mg THC 100mg Type: Nutty Truffles & Bold, Boozy Bonbons
Strain used: Hybrid Strain/Mix CBD 1:1 THC/CBD BBQ Sauces, Avail- Strain used: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, CBD
Made with: Secret Concentrate able in Regular and Spicy 2 ounce bottles Made With: Organic coconut oil
Dosage available: Varies by Product (each 1/2 oz. serving contains 25mg) Doses available: 2.5mg, 5mg, 15mg, 45mg
Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA

www.SweetJaysBBQ.com Order at: www.theartofedibles.com

www.SupremeOrganics.com Instagram.com/SweetJaysBBQ www.towhomitmaychocolates.com
IG: towhomitmaychocolates

56 57
Certified Nutrition
EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com CBD Gluten Free No GMO Kosher Organic Raw Peanut Free Sugar Free Vegan Vegetarian Kitchen Tested Info Avail

Type: 125+ variety of Gourmet edibles: Type: Vegan Sour gummies, Vegan hard
brownies, lemon bars, cereals, ice creams, candies, Vegan coconut caramels, salted Type: Local, Medical - Clean Green
Type: cookies, tinctures, capsules - Potsicles, Squookies, Munchies, frozen Type: Cookies, Caramels, Baked
caramels Goods, Peanut Butter Cups, Brownies Certified, Holistic Gourmet Edibles
all CBD dominant pizzas, crispy bars, butter and spreads, Strain used: Hybrid Strain or Mix Cookies, Candy, Cakes, Caramel.
Strain used: CBD Strain, Hybrid Strain/Mix sugar-free and gluten-free options. TD MINTS Strain used: Hybrid Strain or Mix
Made with: Hash Oil, Alochol Based Tincture Made with: Co2 Concentrate Vegan Options Available.
Made with: Canna Coconut Oil, Strain used: Hybrid or Mix Type : Confections, Hard Candies, Taffy Dosage available: Hard Candies - 100mg Strain used: Hybrid/Indica, THC, CBD
Dosage availables: Lemon Cookie -
Co2 Concentrate Made with: Canna Butter, THC Vegetable Strain used: Hybrid or Mix (3.5mg per candy), Sour Gummies "Gomitas" 40/160mg, Chocolate Brownie - 40mg, Made with: Organically Grown Flower
Dosage available: low dosage / 10mg OilCanna Coconut Milk, Other Extract Made with: BHO Extraction 200mg - (10mg per gummy), Salted Caramels Peanut Butter Cups - 80/160mg (4 pack), Based Rosin
CBD : THC per dose Dosage available: 37mg THC-588mg THC Dosage available: 70-100mg - 100mg (20mg per caramel) Caramels - 40mg (4 pack) Dosage available: 10mg - 100mg
Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: ARIZONA Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA

www.heavenlysweetmedibles.com www.TDMints.com www.kannaedibles.com

www.SowEden.com Twitter.com/TDMints Instagram.com/kannaedibles www.DerbyBakery.com www.BaronsConfections.com
IG: @sow.eden.organics Twitter.com/heavenlysweetmedibles Instagram.com/DerbyBakery Instagram.com/BaronsConfections
Facebook.com/T.D.Mints Facebook.com/Kannaedibles
IG: @heavenlysweetmedibles Instagram.com/TDMints T


Type: Infused Gum in Peppermint, Grape, Type: High Potency Fruit Chews
THE MYSTERY BAKING CO. Cinnamon, and Double Bubble
Type: Brownies, Hard Candies, Caramels,
& Disposable Vape Pens
Type: Healthy, wholesome edibles
Type: Peanut Butter, Canna-Butter, Cake Pops, THC Capsules, etc. Strain used: Hybrid and Indica
Strain used: Organic/Hybrid Strain used: OG, Sour Diesel, Jack Herer Strain used: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, CBD VARAVO Made with: Canna Coconut Oil infused
Honey, Hazelnut Spread (Budtella) Made with: Sugar Cane Alcohol Extraction
Strain used: SFV OG Kush/Indica Made with: Cannabis Extract Made with: CannaButter, Type: Chocolate Chunks and Vape Cartridges with hig potency THC and CBD strains
Made with: Supercritical Co2 Extract Dosage available: 15MG per piece, sold Canna Coconut Oil, Alochol Based Dosage available: Sativa/Indica/Hybrid Strain used: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, CBD Dosage available: Canna Coconut
Dosage available: 300mg - 400mg in packs of 5 Tincture, BHO Extraction (100mg), TKO (200mg), Recover (60mg THC Made with: C02 Concentrate Oil infused with high potency THC
per 4 oz Jar Available in: OREGON Dosage available: 200mg-700mg +30mg of CBD), CBD (60mg CBD) Dosage available: Varies by Product & CBD strains
Available in: CALIFORNIA Medical & Recreational Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA
www.KushyPunch.com www.HealthyHighEdibles.com
www.TheGoodGumCo.com www.properrx.com Instagram.com/official_kushypunch www.Varavo.com
www.MysteryBaking.com thegoodgumcompany@gmail.com Twitter.com/HealthyHighMeds
Instagram.com/MysteryBaking infusions215@gmail.com Facebook.com/getkushypunch Instagram.com/Varavo
@thegoodgumcompany Twitter.com/kushypunch Facebook.com/HealthyHighEdibles

Edibles: Cookies, Brownies, Honey Sticks,
Hard Candy, Gummies, Tinctures,
Chocolate Bars KOROVA
PHARM AIDE PHARMS Flower: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid KIND XTRACTOR Type: Cookies, Mint Chocolate, Brownies,
Type: High Quality Flowers, Pre-Packaged Vapes: Disposables, Vaporizers, Cartridges. SCONED

Edibles List Issue 37

Edibles List Issue 37

Type: CBD Broker, Hemp Extraction, ZASP CO. Blondies, High Dose/Extra Potent, Gluten
Cannabis Bud Flower Topicals: Body Cream, Lip Balm, Bath Balm, Wholesale Sales, CBD Oil, American Grown Free & Vegan Options, Popcorn Type: Caramels, Taffy, Baked Goods, Toffee
Type: Cannabis Infused Drinks
Strain used: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, CBD Massage Oil CBD Hemp Strain used: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid Strain used: Hybrid Strain used: Indica, Sativa ,Hybrid, CBD
Made with: Cannabis Dosage available: Varies by Product Madewith: CBD Hemp, CBD Hemp Oil Made with: C02 Extract, Other Made with: Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil Made with: Other Extract
Dosage available: Varies by Product Available in: NV (Nevada Takes Out-of-State Dosage available: Varies by Product Dosage available: Varies by product Dosage available: 150mg - 1000mg Dosage available: Varies by Product
Available in: CALIFORNIA & COLORADO Medical Marijuana Recommendations!) Available in: Nationwide All 50 States Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: OREGON
www.EvergreenOrganix.com www.ZaspCo.com
Twitter.com/EvergreenMMJ www.KindXtractor.com Instagram.com/Zasp.Co www.KorovaEdibles.com
www.PharmAidePharms.com Instagram.com/korovaediblesca www.BakedSmart.Org
Facebook.com/EvergreenOrganixLV Instagram.com/KindXtractor Facebook.com/ZaspCo
T Instagram.com/evergreenorganix Twitter.com/ZaspCo

58 59
The Herb List. Our List is for consumers and dispensaries alike. Browse each brand's detailed listing and see what states they're available in. Certified Nutrition
EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com CBD Gluten Free No GMO Kosher Organic Raw Peanut Free Sugar Free Vegan Vegetarian Kitchen Tested Info Avail


Type: Pain Salve, Massage Oil, Sport JAYN GREEN FULLER LIFE REMEDIES Type: Organic Cooking Oils
Massage Oil, Body Lotion, Hash Bath, GODS GIFT BOTANICALS Strain Used: Organic Hybrid
Lip Balm, Skin Products, Topical DRAGON BALM Type: All Natural Cannabis Infused Pain Type: Body Butter, Beard Oil and Beard Type: Balms, Tinctures, Topicals, Lotions, Made with: Organic GMO-free Canola Oil,
Tincture, First Aid Ointment Type: Medicated Topicals Salve, Topical Products, Cucumber Cannabis Balm, Paraben-Free, 100% Natural, Creams, Cooking Oil, Female Lubricants, Organic Coconut Oil
Strain used: Hybrid Strain used: Hybrid or Mix Body Scrub, Coffee Cellulite Scrub, Lip Balms Not tested on Animals Sexual Enchancers, Serums, Pet Products Dosage: Serving size: 1 tsp OCCO-Organic
Made with: Canna Olive Oil Made with: Trim, Canna Infused Oil Strain used: Hybrid, CBD Strain used: Hybrid or Mix, CBD Strain used: Hybrid or Mix, CBD Cannabis Canola Oil, THC 25mg, Serving size:
Dosage available: Varies by Product Dosage available: Very High, Various Made with: Coconut oil, Cannabis Oil Made with: Coconut oil, Cannabis Oil Made with: Other Extract 1/4 tsp CANNA*COCO*BIS, THC 18.5mg
Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA Available: Nationwide Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA
www.CannaTopics.com www.JaynGreen.com
Facebook.com/CannaTopics godsgiftproducts@gmail.com Instagram.com/_JaynGreen
Instagram.com/CannaTopics LoveandLightBakery.com Facebook.com/TheJaynGreen www.FullerLife.com www.WeedEaseOrganics.com
Twitter.com/CannaTopics Twitter.com/_JaynGreen T


Type: THC & CBD Vape Cartridges, Indica Type: Auto Draw Vaporizer Shop Name: Speed Weed Delivery Service
& Sativa, Wax, Terpene Infused Pre-Rolls Cartridge Sold seperately: Yes Phone Number: 888.860.8472
Cartridge Sold seperately: Yes Disposable cartridge: Yes DEVIANT DABS Hours: 11am-2am Daily
510 Threading: Yes 510 Threading: Yes Type: Shatter, Wax, and Rosin Free Overnight or Same Day Delivery
Strains used: Indica, Hybrid, Sativa, OG Strains used: Hybrid, Indica, Sativa - Strains used: Hybrid, Indica, Sativa - Menu Includes:
Kush, Super Silver Haze Strain Specific Flavors like Skywalker OG, Strain Specific Flavors: True OG, GDP, Flowers Vapes First Time
Made with: Co2 Oil, Full Spectrum Strawberry Cough, Jack Herer, Gorilla Glue Berry White, Lemon Kush Edibles Concentrates Patients:
Terpenes, Kief Made with: Clear Made with: 100% Solvent Free Extraction CBD Clones Receive a
Dosage available: Varies by Product Dosage available: 1000mg THC Dosage available: 500-1000mg THC Tinctures Loyalty Special
Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA Bath Soaks Program Gift Bag!
www.SublimeCo2.com Instagram.com/BrassKnucklesOG Instagram.com/DeviantDabs Instagram.com/SpeedWeedProducts
MassRoots.com/BrassKnucklesOG Twitter.com/DeviantDabs Twitter.com/SpeedWeed
Instagram.com/Sublimeco2 Facebook.com/DeviantDabs
brassknucklesog@gmail.com Facebook.com/SpeedWeedLA

2015 Hempcon Winner, 2015 Dab Cup Winner

Type: Push Button & Direct Inhale Vaporizer GREEN FIEND DELIVERY BARC
Cartridge sold separate: Yes Shop Name: Green Fiend Delivery Shop Name: Beverly Alternative Relief Center
HONEY TREE MEDICINAL Location: Delivery Only Loc: 432 S. San Vicente Blvd. Suite #100, LA
Disposable cartridge: Yes Type: Full Plant Extracts, Activated Co2
510 Threading: Yes San Francisco - San Jose, CA Phone Number: 855.227.2420
Oils, Terpene Rich Vapes,Disposables, Phone Number: (585)-420-7770
Strains used: Hybrid, Indica, Sativa - Hours: 11am-8pm M-S, Sun 11am-6pm

Edibles List Issue 37

Edibles List Issue 37

Lotions, Pens, Tinctures Hours: 24/7 Daily

Strain Specific Flavors like Skywalker OG, Strain Used: Hybrid, Indica, Sativa, THC, Menu Includes:
Green Crack, GSC, Fire OG, GDP. CBD, Trainwreck, Gorilla Glue, Durban Flowers Bath Soaks Patients:
Made with: Clear/Co2 Menu Includes: Edibles Vapes
Made with: Pure Ethanol Extract Receive a
Dosage available: 500mg THC/300mg CBD Dosage available: 100mg - 500mg Flowers Topicals Vapes CBD Concentrates Top-Shelf
Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA Edibles Tinctures Concentrates Tinctures Clones Free Joint!
www.WVapes.com Instagram.com/BARC_Collective
Instagram.com/WVapes Instagram.com/honeytreemedicinal www.GFD420.com Twitter.com/BARCCollective
Facebook.com/WVapes Facebook.com: BARC Collective
Twitter.com/W_Vapes T T

60 61
The Herb List. Our List is for consumers and dispensaries alike. Browse each brand's detailed listing and see what states they're available in. Certified Nutrition
EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com CBD Gluten Free No GMO Kosher Organic Raw Peanut Free Sugar Free Vegan Vegetarian Kitchen Tested Info Avail

Moonlit Moveable
Feast Event Recap

Keiko Beatie
Magical was the word of the evening on the
Full Moon of June, for the inaugural Moonlit
Moveable Feast presented and curated by
Barbie Sommars and Lindsey Jones of MJU
High Dining, a charismatic division of Mary
Jane University. Guests were transported to
an infused thaumaturgic evening with hostess
Keiko Beatie.

Held at Furstworld, which is Bobby Furst's

private artist compound that is located on the
outskirts of the Joshua Tree National Park, guests
were greeted with infused arrival cocktails
by Levi Strom of Awakened Topicals as they
were warmed by the sunset. Participants were
enveloped throughout the evening with sound
healing by Divasonic, original art, and gourmet
artisanal foods by Chef Eduardo Pineda, a special
performance by Matt Adams of The Blank Tapes,
pre-roll flower tastings by Emerald Exchange,
private card readings by Vega of the Valley in
the Faerie Jane Oasis, a sound telescope by Artist
Kyle Simon, and an educational experience on
the solar system through a visual telescope with
live guide, Brennan Jones. Dining was in micro-
dosed increments and the magic of the moonlight
made the experience rise to epic moonbeam

Issue No. 37 I Page 63 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com


Edibles Magazine Issue 37

EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 65

Dr. Norms

B. Le Grand
The citizen-sponsored initiative prohibits growing
cannabis in residential zones, authorizes and
regulates medical marijuana dispensaries, and
limits commercial cultivation sites to industrial
and manufacturing zones with a permit issued
by the city. Opponents said the measure doesnt
do enough to protect the community, while the
supporters said Measure U will provide oversight
and transparency.

La Mesa rejected a similar ballot measure in 2012,

and banned the cultivation and manufacturing
of medical marijuana, and the operation of
The citizen-sponsored initiative prohibits growing
cannabis in residential zones, authorizes and
regulates medical marijuana dispensaries, and
limits commercial cultivation sites to industrial
and manufacturing zones with a permit issued
by the city. Opponents said the measure doesnt
do enough to protect the community, while the
supporters said Measure U will provide oversight
and transparency.

La Mesa rejected a similar ballot measure in 2012,

and banned the cultivation and manufacturing

Edibles List Issue 37

of medical marijuana, and the operation of La
Mesa rejected a similar ballot measure in 2012,
and banned the cultivation and manufacturing of
medical marijuana, and the operation of anned the
cultivation and manufacturing of medical

Issue No. 37 I Page 80 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 67

Certified Nutrition
CBD Gluten Free No GMO Kosher Organic Raw Peanut Free Sugar Free Vegan Vegetarian Kitchen Tested Info Avail
Edibles Magazine Issue 37

68 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com

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