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AWS Dl.liD1.lM:2010 CLAUSE 4.


Table 4.11 (Continued)

Welder and Welding Operator ~ualificatibn- umberand Type of Specimens and
Range of Thickness and Diameter Qualified (Dimensions in Millimeters) (see 4.s.2.1)
(1) Test on Plate / Number of Specimensa / Qualified Dimensions I


Table 4.11 (Continued)

Welder and Welding Operator Qualification-Number and Type of Specimens and
Range of Thickness and Diameter Qualified (Dimensions in Millimeters) (see
(21 Test on Pine or Tubinef (Cont'di
Qualified Dimensions
Nominal Wall or
Production T-, Y-, or K-Connection Number of Nominal Pipe or Tube Plate Thicknessd Dihedral Angles
CJP Groove Welds Specimensa Size Qualified, mm Qualified, mm Qualifiedh

Nominal Test
Type of Size of Test Thickness, Side Macro-
Test Weld Pine. mm mm Bendb etch Min. Max. Min. Max. Min. Max.
Rpe Groove - 30" Unlimited
t 150 O.D. t 12 4 100 Unlimited 5 Unlimited
(Fig. 4.27)
Pipe Groove
< 100 O.D. t5 Natei - 20 < 100 3 Unlimited 30" Unlimited
(Fig. 4.28)
Box Groove Unlimited Unlimited
Unlimited t 12 4 5 Unlimited 30" Unlimited
(Fig. 4.29) (BOXonly) (BOXonly)
Production T-, Y-, or
K-Connection Fillet Welds Number of Swcimensa 1 Qualified Dimensions

Nominal Nominal
Size of Test Fillet Qualified, mm Qualifiedh
Type of Test Pipe, Thickness, Weld Macro- Root Face
Test Weld D mm Break etch Bendb Bendb

Option 3-
Fillet (Fig. Unlimited 23 - 1 - - D Unlimited 3 Unlimited 30" Unlimited
(3) Tests on Electroslag and Electrogas Welding
Production Plate Groove Welds Number of Specimensr Nominal Plate Thickness Qualified, mm

Nominal Plate Thickness Side Bendb

Min. Max.
Type of Test Weld Tested, T, mm (see Fig. 4.13)
< 38 2 3 T
Groove (Fig. 4.36)
38 2 3 Unlimited
a All welds shall be visually inspected (see 4.211). One test pipe, plate or tubing shall beryuiredfor each position teled, unless olhcrwise noted.
bRadio,mphic examination of the test plate, pipe or tubing may be made in lieu o f the bend tes& (sce4.&1.1).
( ForlOmmplate or wall t h i ~ h e s sa, side-bend test may be substituted foreachof lhe required face- and r o o t e n d tesls.
Also qualifies for welding any fillet or PIP weld size on any thickness o f plate, pipeai tubing.
Theminimum pipe size qualified shall be 112 the test diameter or LOO mm, whichever is greater
See Table 4.10 for apprapnate groove dethils.
a TWOplates required, each subject to the test specimen requirements described. One plate shall be welded in the 3F position and the other in the 4F
"or dihedral angler < 30, see 4.x.1.
' Two root and two face bends.