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DRAWLUB C 100 NT is a mineral oil containing, water soluble coolant

which has been developed especially for wire drawing operations on Benefits
copper wire, copper alloy wire as well as plated / coated copper or brass
o Maximum tool life will be
wires. achieved due to the
highly effective additive-
DRAWLUB C 100 NT is successfully applied in rod-breakdown, synergism
intermediate- and multiple- wire drawing. By using DRAWLUB C 100 NT-
emulsions the machine will stay extremely clean and thus a high life time o Long service life,
will be achieved, combined with excellent lubricating properties. excellent PH-stability

DRAWLUB C 100 NT-emulsions have good filtering performances and o Suitable for wide range of
showing low foam tendency at > 100 ppm CaCO3 water hardness. New processes and metals
ingredients give DRAWLUB C 100 NT a good bio-stability, inhibiting the
o Low foam tendency at
breeding of micro-organisms and therefore largely preventing bacteria,
> 100 ppm CaCO3 water
yeast and fungicide growth.
DRAWLUB C 100 NT is suitable for the annealing step at concentrations
between 0.5 - 2%. For special quality demands we recommend to use
DRAWLUB RC 1, which has been especially developed for annealing of copper wire. The
application concentration of DRAWLUB C 100 NT depends on various factors (i.e., wire rod quality,
dimensions, machine design and drawing velocity). In general the following concentrations are

Rod breakdown 10 - 19 %
Medium wire 7 - 10 %
Multiple wire 6 - 11 %

Physical data
Appearance/20 C visual brown, clear, liquid
Density/20 C DIN 51757 approx. 0.938 g/cm
Viscosity/40 C DIN 51562/1 approx. 61 mm/s
Pourpoint ISO 3016 approx. 28 C
pH value, 10 % DIN 51369 9.6 10,0
Refractometer Factor PLM 1,0
Foam characteristics, 5 % PLM low foam, quick decomposition
(water hardness 100 ppm CaCO3)

Handling and Storage:

DRAWLUB C 100 NT should not be exposed to extreme changes of temperature. The product
should have room temperature prior to use. Recommend storage temperature: 5 - 30 C. For
emulsification please add concentrate into water while stirring it or add it into the water line at the
suction side of the supply-pump.
Only valid in combination with EC Safety Data Sheet 140114-rei-0324059
The information given here is considered to be correct and is offered for your consideration, investigation and verification. No warranties are
expressed or implied since the use of our products is beyond our control. Statements concerning the use of PETROFER products are not to be
construed as recommending the infringement of any patent.
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