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Maintenance Inspection for


Regularly and proactively scheduled maintenance is

critical in ensuring the longevity and peak performance Benefits
of your grinding mill. Outotec Preventive Maintenance
Extended equipment lifetime
services are designed to increase availability and
Reduced downtime
reliability. Equipment failures, multiple calls to the
service center, degrading process efficiency these Reduced operations and maintenance costs
can all signal the need to tune or adjust a process Improved process performance
parameter or component. They can also be indicators Supports your maintenance program
of a process in need of routine maintenance.

Outotec equipment and systems are designed for constant

heavy-duty operation in demanding environments. Expertise
in grinding mills dates back to year 1886 with brands like
Nordberg, Morgrdshammar and Scanmec. Outotec has
supplied over 1000 grinding mills all over the world.

Preventive Maintenance Inspection is one of the on-

site services offered by Outotec. Our specialists will
perform a prescribed set of tasks using an established
and proven system.
Finland, September 2012.
Service description

Outotec will initiate the scheduling of planned For the second stage the mill is kept running without
maintenance inspection visits with your plants feed until most of the material and water has passed
designated contact person. All site visits will be through. The following is an example of the inspection
scheduled to the mutual convenience of both parties. checks that Outotec recommends in the second stage:
It shall be the customers responsibility to ensure that
the plant is available for the inspection visit at the nn Trunnion bearing and labyrinth sealing feed
scheduled time. and discharge end
nn Mill pinion gear
Outotecs experienced mill specialist performs the nn Mill ring gear
maintenance inspection on site. The two-day inspection nn Mill pinion bearings
is performed in two stages. During the first stage the nn Gearbox and inching drive
mill is operating in normal condition and at normal nn Motor
load. We use advanced analyzers and instruments for nn Couplings
the inspection. Graphics from these are enclosed in the nn Coupling alignment
report. The following is an example of the inspection nn Mill foundation
checks that Outotec recommends in the first stage: nn Trunnion linings
nn Discharge trommel
nn Trunnion bearings nn Feed elbow
nn Pinion bearings nn Mill linings shell, feed and discharge heads.
nn Pinion gear nn Parts supplied and required
nn Ring gear
nn Electric motor Outputs and resulting actions
nn Gearbox
nn Bearing lubrication systems The condition and required action is evaluated for every
nn Pinion ring gear grease system procedure. The findings are summarised in Outotecs
mill inspection report. Outotecs mill specialist
evaluates the maintenance status of the equipment and
gives feedback and recommendations.

Service history of the equipment installation is

maintained in the Outotec internal service information
database. In this way, we provide the service team
another tool to help evaluate trends that may alert
them to impending process issues before they occur.

Based on the findings and recommendations, the

next shut down can be accurately scheduled and the
maintenance work planned with the highest details and
carried out effectively.

Outotecs recommendation for Preventive Grinding Mill

Maintenance Inspection interval is 6 months.

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