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The True Organic Story

Formed in 2002, the co-operative of Organic Dairy Farmers of Australia (ODFA) began with a
simple objective to work with nature and share the benefits of organic dairy milk with families
and food processors seeking a reliable supply of high quality certified Organic milk products.

Today, the co-operative represents about 80% of the Certified Organic Dairy Farmers of Australia
who collectively supply 80% of all Australian certified organic milk.

Truly Co-Operative
True Organic operates on a truly co-operating philosophy one that sees it maintain a truly co-
operative ethos in balance with Nature, all its suppliers, processors and consumers.

Truly Organic farming systems recognise that our health is directly connected to the health and
taste of the food we eat and ultimately to the health of the soil.

Respecting Natures ability to provide what we need to produce truly natural products, on True
Organic farms the cows are grazed on pastures which typically include herbs and use no chemical

These Organic farms do not use genetically modified plants or animals, prohibit the use of
pesticides and optimise cow health by using a holistic approach to their grazing, breeding, rearing
and nutrition without hormones or the routine use of antibiotics.

True Organic works co-operatively with consumers believing that everyone deserves the best that
Nature can provide. By choosing to consume truly organic products, consumers become part of
the environment-safe solution not the problem.

Although there is an elected Board of Management (farmers of course!), all True Organic farmers
each have a single vote to influence the development and future of the co-operative with all profits
returning directly to the farmers. True Organic also engages highly professional management and
office administration to ensure that the Co-op optimises the opportunities for its supplier

Truly Trusted Brand

Certification integrity of the whole supply chain (Farm-to-fork) is strictly adhered to ensuring that
consumers who buy True Organic get truly certified organic dairy products.

All True Organic farms are certified and audited by registered certifiers such as NASAA the
respected Australian and International Organic Certifier.

The True Organic brandmark is a symbol of genuine, certified Australian organic milk and appears
on respected commercial brands of organic milk and organic dairy products in Australia. These
include: Parmalat, Lemnos and Tatura.


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PO BOX 880, Warragul Victoria 3820 Australia
Tel: + 61 3 5623 6622 Fax: +61 3 5623 6566
E: office@trueorganic.com.au
www.trueorganic.com.au ABN 86 123 072 766

True Organic Certified Organic Dairy Products

Focused on only the highest quality, premium certified organic dairy products, True Organic is
committed to the sustainability and growth of the organic dairy industry.

This specialty focus allows True Organic to be uncompromising in its quality standards, ensure
reliability of supply and provide the widest range of certified organic dairy milk products.

True Organic milk is used in a variety of products in Australia and overseas. These include: Butter
salted and unsalted, Cheese, Fresh whole milk, Fresh Skim milk, Ice cream, Milk Powder, UHT
Milk, Infant Formula, Yoghurt.

True Organic Premium Certified Organic Cheese Range

True Organic recently released the True Organic Premium Certified Organic Cheese Range with the
first five varieties being True Organic Cheddar, True Organic Gouda, True Organic Edam,True
Organic Mozzarella and True Organic Pecorino,

In Development
Other True Organic products in development include: True Organic butter, UHT Milk, yoghurt and

For more information or media photographs of products, please contact: Angela Ang
aang@trueorganic.com.au or Tel: 0417 394 686

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