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To, Date:

The Manager
LIC Housing Finance Ltd,
Nashik Area Office,

Dear Sir / Madam,

We confirm that the above society has been registered under no NSK / HSC / (T.O.) 3115 / 1997,
dated 21/03/1997. The society is the owner of the land which is situated at S. No. 474 (1+2+3), Adgaon
Shiwar, and Mumbai Agra Road, Nasik as per the conveyance dated ____________ executed by
___________and registered under no ___________ on _____________ with Sub Registrar of assurances

1. The Society has allotted Plot No 60 to Mr. Ramdas Mansaram Bagul.

2. The Tentative cost of the plot is Rs. 2000000/- of which sum of Rs. 2000000 has been paid
by the member to the society. No other dues of the society are outstanding against him/her
in relation of the said plot.
3. He is bonafide member {Membership No.____} of our society and has been issued Share
Certificate no ______ dated ________________.
4. We have no objection to the buyer/s mortgagor/s if the said Plot to You as a security for
loan agreed to be advanced by you for the purpose of purchasing the said plot.
5. We will not issue duplicate share certificate to the above buyers without obtaining the prior
written consent of the LIC Housing Finance Ltd.
6. In the Event of default by the buyer / mortgagor if the LIC Housing Finance Ltd enforces the
security by sale, the society would accept the purchaser of the property as the member on
such purchaser complying with the necessary requirement fort becoming a member of the
7. He / She has not availed of any loan from the society.
8. In the event of the cancellation of the above allotment/purchase of a Plot before actual
possession thereof by him/her on account of his/her withdrawing the application or on
cancelling the allotment for ant reasons whatsoever, the society undertakes to refund the
LIC Housing Finance Ltd. The entire amount advanced by them on behalf of the allottaee
towards the cost/value of the Land/Flat.
9. We have not created any charge, encumbrances of whatsoever nature in relation to the
land and or building in question till date.
10. We confirm that we have complied with all the necessary conditions set out in the orders of
the competent authority under the Urban Land Ceiling & Regulation Act 1976.
11. We also confirm that we have complied with all the condition set out by local authorities
while sanctioning the layout plan etc.
12. We undertake to forward original share certificate duly endorsed in the name of the
transferee as and when share certificate is transferred in new members name

Yours faithfully,