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Check this list of ece, electronics, electronics and

communication projects:

Internet of Things Based Architecture of Web and Smart Home

Interface Using GSM

Internet of Things: Ubiquitous Home Control and Monitoring

System using Android based Smart Phone

Smart e-Health Gateway: Bringing Intelligence to Internet-of-

Things Based Ubiquitous Healthcare Systems

Intelligent Helmet for Security leads to Accident avoidance



Early bridge vibration detection and alarming system





Check this list of ece, electronics, electronics and
communication projects:




IOT based waste management system

Eye retina controlled Wheel Chair based on Sensors
Over speed Fining system
Environment Pollutant data collection for Green City
IOT based Home domestics System
IOT based Women safety Jacket
New electronic approach Hydroponics
A Smart Helmet for Air Quality and Hazardous Event Detection
for the Mining Industry
A Smart Wearable System for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
NFC based super secure bike
Credit/Debit Card reader with Face Recognition based on
Biometric Wireless PenDrive
Development of a distributed disaster data and human life sign
probe system
Check this list of ece, electronics, electronics and
communication projects:
IOT based Wireless LED display
Aquatic Weed Harvester Robot
Smart tricycle
Self-Configuration and Smart Binding Control on IOT
Smart Device for Optimal Use of Stored Renewable Power
Touch-based ATM with Pattern as password
Turning the internet of (my) things into a remote controlled
IOT based approach for Digitalization of irrigation system
UR-SolarCap: An Open Source Intelligent Auto-Wakeup Solar
Energy Harvesting System for Super capacitor-Based Energy
DC motor Speed Synchronization
Patient Centric Health Care Monitoring Using IOT
ZigBee Network System for Observing Operating Activities of
Work Vehicles
Touch screen Based Nurse Calling /Attendant system for Physical
impaired patient
Bio gas Automation system
Automatic Detection and Notification of Potholes and Humps on
Roads to Aid Drivers
Wireless Environment Monitoring System using Soil Energy
Check this list of ece, electronics, electronics and
communication projects:
Intelligent Breaking System
online Prediction of Driver Distraction Based on Brain Activity
Child Security System via Biometrics and Android
Wind and Solar Powered train
Floor Cleaning robot
ECG display on Android mobile using IOT
RFID Technology for Continuous Monitoring of Physiological
Signals in Small Animals
Wearable Sensors for Human Activity Monitoring
IOT based Hand motion controlled robot
Multiple Programmable Batch Event Counter with Conveyor Belt
E-Driving License and intelligent E-Police Applied in Modern
Electronic Travel Aid
A smart and ubiquitous controlled-environment agriculture
Travolution System for car
Interference-Mitigated ZigBee-Based Advanced Metering
Intelligent Air Conditioner
Design of Entrapment Escalation using GSM for Elevators
Check this list of ece, electronics, electronics and
communication projects:
A Wearable Device for Continuous Detection and Screening of
Epilepsy during Daily Life
Digital Controller for single Phase Active Power Line Conditioner
Light Weight Access Control System for Constrained IOT
Automated Sensor Network For Monitoring and Detection of
Impurity In Drinking Water System
Power Factor Correction in Domestic Load
Home Outlet and LED Array Lamp Controlled by a Smartphone
with a Hand Gesture Recognition
The Design of Building Fire Monitoring System Based on ZigBee-
WiFi Networks
Visual Impairment Aid
Leap Motion Somatosensory Controlled Switches
Mine Detecting Robot Prototyping
Bio-inspired Plastic Controller for a Robot Arm to Shake Hand
with Human
Check this list of ece, electronics, electronics and
communication projects:
Application of RFID Technology and the Maximum Spanning
Tree Algorithm for Solving Vehicle Emissions in Cities on
Internet of Things
RFID & GSM based intelligent courier mail box system
Microcontroller based anesthesia machine
Multiprocessor Communication System for single Phase Servo
Implementation of Smart Home Control by Using Low Cost
Arduino & Android Design
smart grid
Multipoint Wireless Data Acquisition System for Smart Vehicle
IoT based Smart HealthCare Kit
Transient Stability Analysis and Enhancement of a Complex
Multi-machine System using Controllers
Enabling Reliable and Secure IoT-based Smart City Applications
Data Transfer with the Help of USB Host Controller without PC
Water management system using dynamic IP based Embedded
Web server in real time
A smart system connecting e-health sensors and the cloud
Implementation of a Web of Things based Smart Grid to remotely
monitor and control Renewable Energy Sources
Intelligent Early-Warning System for Landslides Based on the
ZigBee Network
Check this list of ece, electronics, electronics and
communication projects:
Implementation of a Wireless Gesture Controlled Robotic Arm
Design of Smart Power Controlling and Saving System in
Vehicular Pollution and Status Monitoring Using RFID
Multi-Sensors Data Fusion Based on Arduino Board and XBee
Module Technology
API for communication between Lab view and Arduino UNO
Development of an ambulatory ECG system based on Arduino
and mobile telephony for wireless transmission
A Framework for Environmental Monitoring with Arduino-
Based Sensors Using Restful Web Service
Design of Self Powered Embedded Wireless Smart Camera Using
Multimodal Video Analysis
Implementing Intelligent Traffic Control System for Congestion
Control, Ambulance Clearance, and Stolen Vehicle Detection
Implementation of Arduino-based Multi-Agent System for Rural
Indian Micro grids
An Arduino-based Indoor Positioning System (IPS) using Visible
Light Communication and Ultrasound
Smart Life using NFC
WSN-Based Smart Sensors and Actuator for Power Management
in Intelligent Building
NFC based locker system
Check this list of ece, electronics, electronics and
communication projects:
Deep Sea Fishermen Patrol System for Coastal Intruder
Electric Vehicle Charging Method for Automobiles Using
Photovoltaic Cells
Weapon Authentication and Control System Using Palm Image
Smart phone based robotic control for surveillance Applications
Ultrasonic Spectacles & Waist- Belt for Visually Impaired &
Blind Person
Wireless Black Box Using MEMS Accelerometer and GPS
Tracking for Accident Monitoring Of Vehicle
HandiCom - Handheld Deaf and Dumb Communication Device
based on Gesture to Voice and Speech to Image Word Translation
with SMS Sending and Language
Embedded Controller Integrated Into a WSN for Control Motor
Speed Using WiFi Network
User Interactive and Assistive Fleet Management and Eco-
Driving System
Instrumentation for safe vehicular flow in intelligent traffic
control systems using wireless networks
Solid Waste Management Architecture Using Wireless Sensor
Network Technology
Check this list of ece, electronics, electronics and
communication projects:
Detecting and warning system for fireworks warehouse based
wireless sensor network
Context-adaptive multimodal wireless sensor network for energy
efficient gas monitoring
High Efficiency Hybrid intelligent Street lighting using zigbee
network and sensor
A novel and lightweight system to secure wireless medical sensor
Vehnode : wireless sensor network platform for automobile
pollution control
Data acquisition and control using Arduino-Android Platform :
Smart plug
Monitoring driving habits through an automotive CAN network
Design of preferential Electronic Voting Machine using AVR
series Microcontroller
Design of remote automatic meter reading system based on
ZigBee and GPRS
Weapon Authentication and Control System Using Palm Image
Check this list of ece, electronics, electronics and
Hi-tech energy meter
communication with automatic Load control using ARM7
Secure message transmission over wireless communication using
Real- Time Automation and Monitoring System for Modernized
Agriculture using ARM7 TDMI LPC2148
A Study and Design Based Simulation of Hybrid Solar Car using
Object sorting system using Robotic ARM using ARM7 TDMI
A Review on Smart Sensors Based Monitoring System for
Agriculture using ARM7 TDMI LPC2148
Gas Leakage Detection and Monitoring Based on Low Power
Microcontroller and ZigBee using ARM7 TDMI LPC2148
Coal Mine Detection using Embedded System using ARM7 TDMI
GSM based advanced transformer load sharing system using ARM
7 TDMI LPC2148
Biometric finger print based bank locker system using ARM 7
TDMI processor LPC2148
Hand gesture recognition using MEMS for specially challenged
people using ARM7 TDMI LPC2148
Touch screen and zigbee based wireless Communication assistant
using ARM7 TDMI LPC2148
Mobile Phone Signal Jammer for GSM, CDMA With Pre-
scheduled Time Duration using ARM7 TDMI LPC2148
Design of Intelligent Ambulance and Traffic Control using ARM7
ARM Based Voice Operated Device Control Using voice And Xbee
For Physically Challenged People.
Check this list of ece, electronics, electronics and
Coded Card Security
communication System Using MSP430 For Smart Office
With Wireless Paging.
Industrial Disaster Management System Using ARM 7 With
Various Parameter Monitoring On GLCD
Xbee Based Smart Vehicle Sniffer For Thefted Vehicles With
Various Security System
Xbee Based School Bus Or Company Cabs Tracking System With
Remote Locking
Virtual ATM: A Low Cost Secured Alternative to Conventional
Mobile Banking
ARM based Tsunami Detector
Dynamic wireless sensor networks for real time safeguard of
workers exposed to physical agents in constructions sites
ARM based smart Building security
ARM based college annunciation system
ARM Based Integrated Method for Calculating the Vehicle
Parameters monitoring by Using CAN Protocol
Secure and Lightweight Network Admission and Transmission
Protocol for Body Sensor Networks
ARM based LIFI System
ARM based child security system
Scada based power distribution and monitoring system
Intelligent Monitoring and Control Rendered to Street Lighting as
per density
Smart ordering system with billing facility
Automated agriculture System Using a Wireless Sensor Network
and GPRS Module
Check this list of ece, electronics, electronics and
communication projects:
Design and Development of Digital PID Controller for Brushless
DC Motor Drive System
Design and implementation of a home automation system for
smart grid applications

Sun Tracking Solar Panel Using Arduino

Ultrasonic Blind Stick With GPS Tracking

Vehicle Speed Limiter Project

Automated Paralysis Patient Healthcare System Project

Self Balancing Robot Project

Flammable Gas & Fire Accident Prevention Project

Workplace Alcohol Detector With Instant Reporting

Bus & Truck Drunk Driving Alert Using PIC

Combustible Gas Detection With GSM Alert Using PIC

Automatic Railway Train Safety System

Rotating Solar Panel Using Arduino

Check this list of ece, electronics, electronics and
communication projects:
Factory Worker Alcohol Detector With Automatic Machine

RFID Attendance System With SMS Notification

Fingerprint Based Security System

Advanced Footstep Power Generation System

Coin Based Water Dispenser System

Rough Terrain Beetle Robot

IOT Weather Reporting System

IOT Air & Sound Pollution Monitoring System

Energy Meter Monitoring Over IOT

IOT Based Person/Wheelchair Fall Detection

IOT Patient Health Monitoring Project

IOT Heart Attack Detection & Heart Rate Monitor

IOT Based Toll Booth Manager System

Anti Drowning System With Remote Alert

Fire & Gas Accident Avoider System

Solar UPS Project

Check this list of ece, electronics, electronics and
communication projects:
GPS Vehicle Tracking & Theft Detection

Automated Car Parking With Empty Slot Detection

Vehicle Movement Street Light With Light Sensing Atmega

Programmable Energy Meter With Bill Estimation

Remote Controlled Pick & Place Robotic Vehicle

Voice Based Notice Board Using Android

Android Antenna Positioning System

Wireless Mobile Charging Project

Hand Motion Controlled Robotic Arm

Soldier Health & Position Tracking System

Hand Motion Controlled Robotic Vehicle

DC Motor Speed Control By Android

Android Circuit Breaker

Android Password Based Remote Door Opener System Project

Industry Process Automation Using Programmable Switching

IOT Garbage Monitoring System

IOT Liquid Level Monitoring System

Check this list of ece, electronics, electronics and
communication projects:
Voice Controlled Home Automation

Traffic Controller Based On Density With RF Remote Override

Heart Attack Detection By Heart Beat Sensing

GSM Based Home Automation

Android Military Spying & Bomb Disposal Robot

Wildlife Observation Robot Using Rf

Remote Controlled Automobile Using Rf

Android Controlled Wildlife Observation Robot

Electronic Notice Board Controlled By Gsm

Automated Water Pump with Dry Run Intimation using Gsm

Controlling Pc By TV Remote as Mouse

Configurable Medication Reminding Syst

Electrical Load Controlled By PC

Displaying Moving Message On Notice Board Using PC

Efficient Power Manager Project

Testing Life Cycle Of Electrical Loads Using Down Counter

IR Based Obstacle Detection For Load Switching Project

Check this list of ece, electronics, electronics and
communication projects:
IR Based Traffic Density Detection And Signal Adjustment

AC Power Strength Controller System

Traffic Signals With Synchronization System

Solar Panel With Sun Position Tracking

Multi Motors With Synchronized Speed

Irrigation System running on Solar Power

System To Measure Solar Power

Controlling Solar Energy Charge

Single Phase Induction Motor With Smooth Start

Configurable Password Security System

MC Based Line Follower Robot

Supervisory Controlling Plus Data Acquisition For Remote Industry

RFID Based Passport Project

Android Controlled Notice Board Project

Displaying message Using Led Propeller

Load Control System Using DTMF

Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Project

Check this list of ece, electronics, electronics and
communication projects:
Dialled Telephone Number Display On 7 Segment

IR Based Dish Position Controller

Discotheque Flashing Stroboscopic Light

Dynamic Signal Light Timings On Traffic Density

Density based traffic controller with android overriding ability

Liquid Level Controller System Without Contact

Thyristor Based Cyclo Converter

Closed Loop DC Motor Control To Run It At Exact Speed

Remote Vehicle Control Through Cell Phone

DTMF Cell Phone Based Door Opener

RPM Display For BLDC Motor With Speed Controller

Remote Controlled Induction Motor Controller

MC Based Remote Beacon Flasher

Patient Health Check Using Wireless Health Monitor

Fire Fighter Robot With Night Vision Camera

Induction Motor Timer Using Auto Delta Star Starter

Multi-Power Supply Using 4 Different Sources

Check this list of ece, electronics, electronics and
communication projects:
IR Remote Thyristor Power Controller

Controlling Induction Motor Power Through Thyristor

ZVS Based 3 Stage Solid State Relay

DC Motor Speed Controller

Visitor Sensor Light With Seven Segment Display

Display Object Counter On 7 Segment Display

Extending Life Of Lamps Using Zero Voltage Switching

Cycle Switching Without Harmonics For Industrial Power Control

Thyristor Firing Angle Control For Battery Charging

Home Automation Using Touch Screen

Automating Homes Using RF

Auto Irrigation using soil moisture sensor

Street light automatic intensity controller

Accident Identification and alerting project

Agricultural Robot Project

IR Lighting Controller

Wireless Surveillance Robot Controlled by PC

Check this list of ece, electronics, electronics and
communication projects:
Long Range Spy Robot With Night Vision

Long Range Spy Robot With Obstacle Detection

Long Range Spy Robot With Metal Detection

Anti Terrorism vehicle authorizing System

Bike security anti theft Project

Touch Pad Based Device Project

Mobile Charging On Coin Insertion

Early Flood Detection System

Ultrasonic Navigation For The Blind

Industry Color Mixer Using Gsm

Automatic PC Surveillance System Camera

Fire Fighter Robot Project

Fuel theft detection

Home Security using Gsm

Automatic Toll Collection Project

Auto Light/Water Saving Project

Quad Rotor (Four Fan Helicopter)

Induction Motor Speed & Direction Controller

Check this list of ece, electronics, electronics and
communication projects:
DC Motor Speed Control Using GSM

Mini Windmill Power Generation Project

IR Wireless Underwater Communication System

Multiple Cities Load Shedding Using ARM

Automatic Lemon Juice Vending Machine

Solar Peizo Hybrid Power Charging System

Zigbee Based Room Temperature Controller Project

Load Sensing Seats With Lights Fan Control

Induction Motor Speed Controller Project

Arduino Based System To Measure Solar Power

Hybrid Inverter With Solar Battery Charging

Fingerprint Based Bank Locker System

Fingerprint Vehicle Starter Project

TV Remote Controlled Home Automation PIC

IOT Based ICU Patient Monitoring System

Motion Based Door Opener With Metal Detector

Secure Fingerprint Bank Locker With Image Capture

Check this list of ece, electronics, electronics and
communication projects:
Smart Room Temperature Controller Atmega

Ultrasonic Radar Project

IOT Irrigation Monitoring & Controller System

Accurate Room Temperature Controller Project

High Performance Hovercraft With Power Turning

Smart Solar Grass Cutter With Lawn Coverage

Automatic Light Intensity Controller By External Light Sensing

Vehicle Movement Based Street Lights With External Light Sensing

Traffic Density Control With Android Override Using Avr

Alcohol Sensing Alert with Engine Locking Project

Prepaid Energy Meter With Theft Detection

PC Based Home Automation

Advanced Military Spying & Bomb Disposal Robot

Human Speed Detection Project

Smart Wireless Battery Charging With Charge Monitor Project

Hovercraft Controlled By Android

Fully Automated Solar Grass Cutter

Check this list of ece, electronics, electronics and
communication projects:
Machine Overheat Detection With Alert

Home And Industrial Safety Using Fire And Gas Detection System

Rf Controlled Spy Robot With Night Vision Camera

GSM based Industry Protection System

Automated Visitor Counter With 7 Segment Display

Vehicle Theft Detection/Notification With Remote Engine Locking

Android Controlled Automobile

Home Automation Using Android

Zigbee Based Secure Wireless Communication Using AES

Voice Controlled Robotic Vehicle

Automated Elevator With Overload Alert

Accurate Room Temperature Controller Project

Gsm Based Weather Reporting (Temperature/Light/Humidity)

Fingerprint Authenticated Device Switcher

Fingerprint Based Exam Hall Authentication

Rain Sensing Automatic Car Wiper

Wireless Red Signal Alerting For Trains

Check this list of ece, electronics, electronics and
communication projects:
GSM Stepper Motor Speed & Direction Controller

FingerPrint Voting System

Automated RF plus IR Based Paid Parking Manager System

Geo Location Guide Using RF

Motion Based Message Conveyer For Paralytic/Disabled People

RF Based Secure Door Opener System

Billing System Based On RFID

GSM Patient Health Monitoring

Remote Stepper Motor Controller System

Dam Operation Based On Water Level

Alcohol Sensing Display With Alarm Project

Motion Based PC Video Game

Automatic Unauthorized Parking Detector With SMS Notification

To Owner

RTC Based Pump Switcher

Ultrasonic Blind Walking Stick

Check this list of ece, electronics, electronics and
communication projects:
Fire Plus Hazardous Gas Detection And Instant SMS Alerting

Remote Controlled Robotic Arm Using Rf

Android Controlled Robotic Arm

Mini IR Radar For Unauthorized Object Detection

CNG/LPG Gas Accident Prevention With Gsm Alert

Gsm Based Door Unlocker system

Auto Lap Time Measurement System

SMS Voting System Project

Prepaid Electricity Billing Meter

CNG/LPG Gas Leakage Accident Prevention System

Robotic Vehicle With Metal Detection Project

Programmable Sequential Load Operation Controlled By Android

Application Project

Car Overspeeding Detection Project

RF Secure Coded Communication System

Android Password Based Remote Door Opener System Project

Android Controlled Remote Password Security

Check this list of ece, electronics, electronics and
communication projects:
Android Controlled Railway Level Gate Control

Android Controlled Remote AC Power Control

Robot Controlled By Android Application

Xbee Transformer/Generator Health Monitor Project

Security Access Control Using RFID Project

Home Appliance Control Using Android Application Project

Anti Stampede Monitoring And Alarm Project

Attendance System Based On RFID Project

Commercial Power Saver Project

Industry Power Consumption Penalty Minimization Using AFPC

Unit Project

Obstacle Avoider Robotic Vehicle

Precise Digital Temperature Controller

Circuit Breaker Based On Password

Multi Microcontroller Networking System

Motion Based Automatic Door Opener

Industry Temperature Control System

Check this list of ece, electronics, electronics and
communication projects:
Android Controlled Fire Fighter Robot

Speech Detector Robotic Vehicle Control

Robotic Arm Vehicle Controlled By Touch Screen Display

Android Controlled Based Spy Robot With Night Vision Camera

Android Controlled Pick And Place Robotic Arm Vehicle Project

GPS + GSM Based Advanced Vehicle Tracking System Project

Shuttling Metro Train Between Stations Project

Monthly Electricity Billing Display With Bill SMS Feature

Power Meter billing Plus Load Control Using GSM

Industrial Load Switcher Based On Touch Screen

Energy Management System With Programmable Numbers using


SMS Controlled Railway Level Gate Control With Programmable


Instant Electric Circuit Breaker

TV Remote Controlled Robotic Vehicle Project

Device Load Monitor With Programmable Meter For Energy Audit

Check this list of ece, electronics, electronics and
communication projects:
Zero Contact TachoMeter (SpeedOMeter)

Power Grid Failure Detection Based on Voltage and Frequency

Variance Detection

Dish Position Controller Using TV Remote

Thyristors Based Dual Converters

Flexible Ac Transmitter System Using TSR

SVC Based Flexible AC Transmission System(FACTS)

Microcontroller based 4 Quadrant speed control system

Advanced Wireless Power Transfer System

3d Space Wireless Power Transferring Project

Car Parking Project Based on RFID

Controlling Pc By TV Remote as Mouse

Car Speed Checker With Led Display

Wireless PC Communication System

TV Remote Controlled Home Appliances Project

Digitally Controlled Home Automation Project

Vehicle Sensing Street Lights Project

Check this list of ece, electronics, electronics and
communication projects:
Lamp Illumination Control With Precision

Load Shedding Time Management With Programmable Interface

Industry Automation Using Programmable Switching in Repetitive

Nature Of Work

Android Controlled Induction Motor with 7 segment display

Ultrasonic Object Detection Project

Solar Street Lights With Auto Intensity Controller

AC Power Controller With Programmable Interface

Postage Stamp Value Calculator