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Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan in English VIII

At the end of the discussion, the students should be able to:
A. Recognize difference between direct and indirect quotation.
B. Deliver different lines incorporating direct and indirect quotation in a speech act.
C. Realize the importance of direct and indirect quotation in every communicative situation.


A. Topic: Direct and Indirect Quotation
B. References: Grammar and Composition I, pp. 366-368
C. Materials: TV/OHP, laptop, colored paper, pen

A. Routinary Activities
1. Prayer
2. Energizer
3. Review
B. Motivation
Name of Activity: Constellation of Letters
Instruction: Teacher will present the constellation of letters and let the students assemble it to
know what their topic is all about.

1. 2. 3.

(Direct) (Indirect) (Quotation)

C. Activity
Instruction: Let students read a conversation about Direct and Indirect Quotation. Tell them
to listen carefully because afterwards, there will be questions that the teacher will ask.

1. What was the conversation all about?
2. What can you notice about the conversation?
3. How will you differentiate each in the conversations from one another?

D. Analysis
Only the actual words of a person or character can be used in a direct quotation.

A direct quotation represents a persons exact speech or thoughts and is enclosed in

quotation marks ( ).

EXAMPLES: She announced, I won the spelling bee in school today!

He thought, You must be kidding; youre absolutely awful at spelling.

If the words presented are only an approximation of what a person actually said or
thought the result is an indirect quotation.
An indirect quotation reports only the general meaning of what a person said or thought
and does not require quotation marks.

EXAMPLES: She announced that she had won the spelling bee at school today.
He thought that she was just kidding since she was a terrible speller.

Direct quotations can be entire sentences or they can be just words or phrases.

EXAMPLES: Rachel Carson, the well-known author of books about nature, once wrote,
The sea lies all around us. The commerce of all lands must cross it.

The commerce of all lands makes use, in one way or another, of the
worldwide network of seas according to Rachel Carson.

E. Abstraction
1. What is Direct Quotation?
2. What is Indirect Quotation?
3. What punctuation mark is being used in enclosing a persons exact speech or thought?
4. Do you think the use of direct and indirect quotation in every communicative situation is
important? Why?

F. Application
Name of Activity: Lights, Camera, Action!
Instruction: The class will be divided into two groups. Each group will be given different famous
movie lines to deliver.

Group 1- Deliver the lines written in direct quotation, and change it into indirect quotation.
Group 2- Deliver the lines written in indirect quotation, and change it into direct quotation.

G. Evaluation
RECONIZING DIRECT QUOTATIONS: Decide whether the underlined material in each of the
following items is a direct or indirect quotation. Then rewrite each direct quotation, adding
necessary quotation marks and capitals.

EXAMPLE: He often thought, someday I will know enough to become a poet.

He often thought, Someday I will know enough to become a poet.

1. Vergel said that he would like to play badminton tomorrow afternoon.

2. Each fact that a person learns is, in the words of E.L. You man, a key to other facts.
3. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
4. Carlyle once defined endurance in two precise words: patience concentrated.
5. After listening to a weather forecast, our coach announced that there would be no practice
6. You must know which song contains the words in the dawns early night.
7. During the first lap, David decided, I must win today since my parents are watching.
8. Later in the race, he decided that they would have to be satisfied with second place this
9. A book with an unhappy ending was words he used to describe his checkbook.
10. Emerson once wrote, the creation of a thousand forests is one acorn.

H. Assignment
Make a short story emphasizing the use of Direct and Indirect Quotation in sentences.
Write it on your English notebook to be submitted on Monday.

Prepared by:
Atienza, Joan R.