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Expression of Asking and Giving Opinion

Dialog 1
Mr. Zoe : What do you think of my new house?
Shane : It is beautiful. I think. Oh you have many novels in your new house.
Mr. Zoe : Yeah, some. I like Andrea Hiratas novels.
Shane : How do you feel about Andrea Hiratas novels ?
Mr. Zoe : I feel they are great novels.
Shane : Yes, you are right. I think it is going to rain.
Mr. Zoe : I dont think so. Look outside at the sky! Its so clear. No clouds there.
Shane : But I watched the weather forecast yesterday. It said that today is going to rain. OK Mr. Zoe see you.

Dialog 2
Hikmah : Hey Indana ! Do you know the hot news in our school ?
Indana : Yes, I know. About the minimum score, isnt it ?
Hikmah : Yes, exactly. What do you think ?
Indana : I think it so high. I believe that is bad idea.
Hikmah : I dont think so. Precisely with the 70 score, we can go into the University easily. With PMDK program.
Indana : Yes, I know it. But, for everyday it so hard.
Hikmah : Maybe, it can be the pole for us to be better than yesterday. I hope we can do it. Although it so hard.
Indana : Ok. Amin.

Soal Latihan :
Chiko : Chica, what do you think of pop music recently? I mean, do you like them?
Chica : Well, Id say I dont really like them. Id prefer jazz.
Chiko : Why? I think pop music is very entertaining.
Chica : In my opinion, jazz music is relaxing

Answews the following questions based on the dialogue above:

1. Who are talking in this dialogue?
2. What are they talking about?
3. Can you find any expressions of asking opinion? What are they?
4. Can you find any expressions of giving opinion? What are they?
5. What is Chicas opinion?
6. What is Chikos opinion?

Dialog 3
Karlos : Dear friends, I have a serious problem now. But I haven't found the solution yet. I'm confused. Can you help
Upik : Tell us what it is!
Karlos : Yeah. Next month I must stop my studies because my father retired three months ago. So he cannot pay my
school fees.
Lidya : Take it easy. It's not a serious problem.
Karlos : What? How can I solve the problem?
Lidya : Okay. I think you should ask for a letter from the authority telling that your family can't afford the school fees.
Then you submit the letter to your school or to the parents'
Upik : In my opinion you can also request scholarship. I think you are the best.
Karlos : Thanks a lot for the suggestions. I'll try to do that
Dialog 4

Utami : Our headmaster wanted us to improve and increase the quality of our English club. What do you think, Krisna?
Krisna : Well. I think so. We should be able to do that.
Utami : So what should we do?
Krisna : I think that we have to improve our syllabus. It must be more relevant to English.
Hani : That's a great idea. But don't forget. I think it is not only that. We should also know the student's needs, because
we handle different levels and wishes.
Utami : Yes, I know that. Thank you. And then do we need new instructors here?
Krisna : dont think so

Dialog 5

Helmi : Retno, what do you think is the best action to reduce global warming?
Retno : I think everyone should start changing their way of life.
Helmi : What do you mean?
Retno : Well, we have to start to do what we can, to help reduce global warming.
Helmi : What do you suggest that we should do?
Retno : Well, there are lots of things that we can do. We should start saving electricity, start recycling things, start using
public transport means, buying and consuming as much as we need only, etc. Basically, just save anything that we can.
Helmi : Wow! You know a lot of things about reducing global warming. Where did you learn all of that from?
Retno : Well, I read newspapers, magazines, and also search for information in the internet. Actually, I want to inform
what Ive learned to everyone so that everybody can start helping to save our mother nature.
Helmi : Youre so awesome. How about if you write it in our school magazine next month?
Retno : Thats a great idea. Ill do that.

Dialog 6

Fetty : Hi. What are you doing here?

Lulu : Hi. I just spend my holiday here. You?
Fetty : Me too. With whom you go to here?
Lulu : With my cousin.
Fetty : Really1?
Lulu : Yeah sure. What about you2?
Fetty : I go with my parent and my both sisters.
Lulu : Where do you stay?
Fetty : At the hotel, on the 28th floor.
Lulu : Wow really25? How do you feel about that hotel3?
Fetty : Yeah I think it's so amazing4, the room is very big and tidy. What about you5?
Lulu : I'm stay in my aunt's house. Mmm, look! That's my aunt's house.
Fetty : Hmm I think no too far from here6.
Lulu : Yeah I agree with you7. My aunt has so many children. Guess what? She has 9 children,
7 boys and 2 girls. The boys are very annoying. I stay in the room with my 4 cousins
Fetty : Mmm.. I think your holiday will be bad8.
Lulu : No, I dont think so9. The view is very good. If you go out, you can see eiffel tower
clearly. Would you like to come10?
Fetty : Yes, certainly11.
Lulu : Ok let's go.
Dialog 7
Lulu : Come in.
Fetty : ok.
Lulu : Wait a minute. I will take a lunch. Can you help me to bring some food12?
Fetty : sure13. Hei, what is this? I never seen it before.
Lulu : Oh this is Croque Monsieur and Bouillabaisse Soup. my aunt makes it special for you.
Fetty : Really14? thanks. Can I help you to clean up the table15?
Lulu : No, thanks16.
Fetty : Mmm can you give me some drinks17?
Lulu : Sure. Here you are.18
Fetty : What's this? Its not like mineral water.
Lulu : Yeah that's true.19 This is a wine. Try it.
Fetty : No, thanks20. I dont like it.
Lulu : Really21? mm okay I'll give you mineral water.
Fetty : Thanks. This food is very delicious. Your aunt is very good at cooking22.
Lulu : Haha. Hei look back. That is the eiffel tower. Looks beautiful from here, right?
Fetty : Yeah that's true23. Fantastic !
Lulu : Haha.
Fetty : Ok. I think I must go home now. thank you so much for everything.
Lulu : Why?
Fetty : Tomorrow I will go to Japan, and I do not want to miss it
Lulu : Really?24 Ok.
Fetty : See you next time. Bye
Lulu : Bye

Asking and giving help

Jhono is visiting his classmate Jheny. At this time, Jessica is in the backyard of her house.
Jhono : Hi, Jhen.
Jheny : Hi, Jhon.
Jhono : what are you doing?
Jheny : well. Im planting a rose now. Can you help me get the flower pot over here, please?
Jhono : yes, of course.
Jhono takes the flower pot and gives it to Jheny.
Jhono : here you are.
Jheny : thank you, Jhono.
Jhono : youre welcome. These flowers are beautiful. Are they all yours?
Jheny : yes. My mother bought them for me.
Jhono : oh, I see. By the way, would you like me to water the flowers?
Jheny : no, thanks. You dont have to.

Asking and giving help

Serra : Stubby, can you do me a favor, please?

Stubby : of course, what can I do for you?
Serra : would you be so kind as to take care of my cat. Im going to Bogor tomorrow to visit my uncle, he is sick ; Ill be
there for about two days.
Stubby : Id be very happy to take care of your cat, I love cats.
Serra : great. Thanks
Stubby : should I bath it?
Serra : no, its not necessary.

Asking and giving help

Oscar : Darrel can you do me a favor, please?

Darrel : of course, what can I do for you?
Oscar : could you buy some medicine for me? Im not feeling well.
Darrel : I think youve got caught cold. Dont worry. Ill buy you some medicine.

Asking and giving help

Bhma : chow, can you help me please?

Cho hang : sure! whats wrong, Bhma? You look sick.
Bhma : Ive got a headache, and my body feels cold.
Cho hang : what? Here, I have a thermometer. You have a fever, your temperature is high. I suggest you to see a doctor.

Asking and giving something.

A couple go to the shopkeeper to ask something.
Robert : excuse me.
Shopkeeper : yes. Can I help you?
Kristen : may I have a blue shirt with the design like this red one, please?
Shopkeeper : yes, of course. I think we still have it in the storehouse. Please wait a minute.
Robert : yes, thank you.
After a while, the shopkeeper is back.
Shopkeeper : here you are, sir.
Robert : thank you.
Shopkeeper : would you also like a hat, sir? There are several colours, including blue.
Robert : no, thank you. I dont like wearing a hat. But were very interested in buying some souvenirs you have.
Kristen : yes, the souvenirs are very pretty. By the way, well pay the shirt later along with the souvenirs, if you dont
Shopkeeper : not at all. Please.

Asking and giving information.

Selena and Taylor are in zoo, looking at some birds in the cages.
Taylor : whats so special about the birds? Tell me about them.
Selena : of course, most birds can fly.
Taylor : do you know that birds can fly?
Selena : hmmm, ostriches, emus, and the bird from Papua whats its name?
Taylor : oh cassowary, right?
Selena : yeah, thats right. Why are you asking? Do you like birds too?
Taylor : sure, birds are beautiful. I like peacocks very much.
Selena : peacocks? With their fanlike tails, right? I like them too.

Asking and giving information.

Mr. Lester is on a summer vocation in a town. He is trying to get to the bank but he doesnt know how. He is asking
someone for the information.
Mr. Lester : excuse me, do you know where the first national bank is, madam?
Mrs. Summer : yes. Just go straight down this road and the bank is on your right, sir!
Mr. Lester : thank you very much, madam. By the way, can you tell me how to get the subway station from the bank?
Mrs. Summer : sure, you have to take the no. 12 bus and get off in Burbank street. The subway station is there.
Mr. Lester : are you sure? As far as I know the guide book informs us that we have to take the no. 14 bus.
Mrs. Summer : youre right. I confused the no. 14 bus with the no. 12 one.
Mr. Lester : thank you, madam. Have a pleasant day.
Mrs. Summers : youve very welcome, sir.

Asking and giving opinion.

At a department store in Bali, a tourist from Washington, Miley and Daniel are going to by some clothes.
Daniel : this store has various items. There are many clothes and souvenirs here.
Miley : yes, youre are right.
Daniel : what do you think about this shirt?
Miley : mm but I dont think red is the right color for you. I think blue will be better.
Daniel : do you really think so? I think red is nice.
Miley : actually, I think red is too bright for you.
Daniel : mm I guess youre right.
Miley : but there is no blue shirt here. Lets ask to the shopkeeper.
Daniel : yeah

Asking and giving opinion.

Victoria : hi, Kayla. Where are you going anyway?
Kayla : oh, hi Vic. Im going to the library.
Victoria : oh. Hey maybe you can also borrow teen lit or chick lit there?
Kayla : well, I think thats impossible, Vic. Because I dont like those books. In my opinion, the stories are not so
interesting and sometime theyre so boring.
Victoria : I see. According to me, the books are okay. The stories are based on the everyday facts in teenagers life.
Kayla : then, we have different opinion about it Vic. And I appreciate your opinion.

Asking and giving agreement.

Alexis and all her classmates are going to Disneyland, Paris. Alexsis is chatting with her best friend, Justin.
Alexis : its very exciting today.
Justin : yes, it is. Im having so much fun.
Alexis : which is the most exciting game for you here?
Justin : well, I must say that roller coaster is the most exciting game. Do you agree with me?
Alexis : yes, I agree with you. The roller coaster gave me an unforgettable experience. I think I want to ride it again.
Justin : yes, me too.

In telephone Conversation.

Aiwa : hello.
Veronica : hello. May I speak to Aiwa?
Aiwa : this is Aiwa. Whos speaking?
Veronica : this is Ver. I just want to tell you that I cant go to Tokyo with you next week.
Aiwa : hold on, tell me whats wrong?
Veronica : well, my brother is being treated in the hospital for a dengue fever. So I have to stay in Canada for a week.
Aiwa : oh, Im sorry to hear that. I hope your brother get well soon. Hey, I know. I can change my ticket to Canada; we
can go together, right?
Veronica : yeah, Aiwa thats a good idea. Well see you in the air pot.
Aiwa : see you.

In telephone conversation.

Dean : hello! Lucy?

Lucy : hi, dean. How are you?
Dean : fine, thanks. I heard you are in London now.
Lucy : yes. How is in New york, Dean?
Dean : its foggy here, its 32 Fahrenheit. How about London?
Lucy : well, its very cold here. Its -1degrees Celsius.
Dean : wow.. thats very cold.
Lucy : ok then. I call you later.
Dean : ok. Bye.

Conversation with a Stranger.

Melanie : nice day, isnt it?

The girl : yeah. The sky is so clear. I love this weather
Meanie : so do i. We can go everywhere.
The girl : but I heard the rain will come soon this week.
Melanie : really? Well. It is the season
The girl : you are right. Um. The bus seems to be running late.
Melanie : I think so. How long have you been waiting?
The girl : about twenty minutes.
Melanie : are you in hurry?
The girl : yeah. Im in hurry. I must reach the hospital before evening.
Melanie : ooh, here is my bus. Well, I have to go now. Nice meeting you.
The girl : likewise.

Conversation with a stranger.

Clara : hello. Its hot day today, isnt it?

Trisha : right. Thats what I like about Indonesia.
Clara : do you?
Trisha : yeah. I can sunbath anytime I want.
Clara : by the way, is this your first time here?
Trisha : no, it is my second visit. I like Indonesia.
Clara : well, I bet you do.
Trisha : Uhhmm sorry, I have to go now. Nice talking to you.
Clara : nice talking to you. Good bye.
Trisha : good bye.

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