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Sexuality Education for Adolescent in the Family

I. To Give Knowledge about Sexuality for Young People.

Sexuality Education to important for young people, so that the young people of
Christian to have knowledge that about the reality and to significant of sexuality, and
to have knowledge about development of integral or complete and harmonious toward at
adulthood or overripe of psychology although to adulthood of spirituality, that become
aim vocation everyone.

II. To Form Behavior of sex that Adult and to be Responsibility.

Sexuality Education is true is not just to limit of self to give rational information
only, but to be careful especially at wise, feeling and emotion. We can say, sexuality
education to have able to form adult attitude, and to be responsibility. In the sexuality
for young people so that can to behavior to morality norms and Church doctrine. So
that to direct at adulthood in the life of sexual affection, self control is necessary for
to form to be havior of good manners, to self restrain, to respect of him self although
this other, and openness to fellow, course this all not possible without be to the power
that to come from God.

III. Support to Someone for To Give a Pure Love

Sexuality Education guide to adolescent or young people in other to reach adult
that not only to receive sex as part of totality of values humane, but also look at to
sexuality as self dedication, that is ability for give the pure love, love is altruistic.

IV. The Pure Alive

Sexuality Education should make for the young people be able for pure live, so
that able receive to vocation of God to love true, in this life family although to celibate.
So into more detail of sexuality education make for adolescent can;
1. To develop at respect to deep, that they are an illustration or mirror of
God is unique.
2. Admit and understand physical aspects, psychology and spirituality of live
them, as certain be able is good foundation.
3. Expose to receive love and can to love other people suitably with level
adulthood them.
4. Expose to growth happen cause relation of interpersonally and take part
in relationship as individual to have of sex to be able natural or normal or proper in
this life for young people.
5. Appreciate to be responsibility that be demanded in transition period or
transfer period of orientation or view of life at yourself is not adult to orientation
for other people.
6. Appreciate role be played by sexuality in development to relation that to
be responsibility and full of loyalty.
7. Appreciate purpose or aim foundation of Christian marriage which to
stress or to press to procreative aspect or create and unity aspect at relationship
of sexuality marriage couple.
8. The pure alive is true in the marriage although in existence of celibate.