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 July 2017


ICCFA Magazine

ICCFA 2017 Convention & Expo Coverage: Great ideas, products & services

July 2017

L earn from the best: ICCFA University, July 21-26, 2017, Memphis, Tennessee
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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
J U LY 2 0 1 7

International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association

11 12 13 Promoting consumer choices, prearrangement and open competition

Providing exceptional education, networking and legislative guidance and support

14 15 16 17 to progressive cemetery, funeral and cremation professionals worldwide

12 Washington Report 92 Update

18 The future of the FTC 94 Supply Line
Funeral Rule 96 Calendar
by Robert M. Fells, Esq.
19 20 97 Convention speaker index,
14 Presidents Letter details, contact information
Planning a focus on veterans,
Scenes from the 2017 ICCFA Convention future association leaders 98 Classifieds
& Expo in Nashville, Tennessee: by Scott Sells, CCFE 98 Ad Index
(1-10) First-time attendees:
1. James Mercer (p. 32),
2. Erika Maldonado (p. 32),
3. Phillip Bouyer (p. 17), 15 Convention Overview
4. Jennifer Duran (p. 50), 15 Diamonds & Denim: The Closing Reception
5. Franklin Rainear Jr. (p. 66), 16 Photos from the 2017 Convention & Expo
6. Amanda Atkins (p 32), (more Expo photos pp. 57-86)
7. Trevor Crean (p. 32), 17 First-timers (more first-timers pp. 32, 50, 66)
8. Barb Weigand (p. 17), Comments from people attending their first ICCFA Annual Convention
9. Darrell Hill (p. 50) and
18 Awards & Recognitions
10. Deborah Threadgill (p. 17).
18 ICCFA members earn professional certifications
11. Keynote speaker Joe Calloway had 18 Quarter-Century Club, Half-Century Club
his audience participating during his
20 New members elected, named to ICCFA board
presentation (p. 24).
21 Fells retires as associations executive director
12. Jan Scruggs accepts the Lasting
Baddeliyanage named to post; Fells continues as counsel
Impact Award from ICCFA Educational
Foundation President Jim Price, CCFE, 22 Jan Scruggs accepts Lasting Impact Award
CCrE (p. 22). 23 Donors give $250,000 to Educational Foundation
13. ICCFA 2016-17 President Michael 24 Keynote speakers
Uselton, CCFE, receives kisses from 24 Copy the best by becoming easier to do business with
daughters Nicole Longino and Tayler
Uselton. 24 Keep improving or risk becoming a formerly successful organization
25 Learn how to engage with the market in the age of the network
14. Keynote speaker Kelly McDonald
(p. 26). 26 Figure your FAB and market your benefits, not features and attributes
26 Give women all the options
15. Jose Elias Flores, representing
ALPAR, exchanges gifts with ICCFA 27 Stop procrastinating and do the things you know you should
2016-2017 President Michael Uselton, 27 Work together to create a creed
28 Cremation
16. ICCFA Cremation Counsel Poul 28 Think carefully about the details before selling cremation online
Lemasters, Esq. (pp. 28, 48, 52).
28 Learn how to do a FAB cremation presentation to families
17. Andy Lopez and ICCFA Past Presi- 29 Put the pen down and talk first
dent Ray Frew, CCFE, co-chairs of the
new ICCFA Veterans Committee started 29 Explain why people should not keep that urn on the mantel
by 2017-18 President Scott Sells, CCFE. 30 TECHNOLOGY
18. In the Expo Hall. 30 Start working now to engage your future millennial customers
19. The Triple H booth. 30 Look at the free app Evernote to see what it could do for you
20. The Davis Whitehall booth.  to page 8

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ICCFA news
87 Call for speaker proposals 32 Sustainability
2018 Wide World of Sales: 32 Develop a sustainability plan for your funeral home or cemetery
Proposals due July 14, 2017 32 Test alternatives to turf
2018 ICCFA Convention & Expo: 32 Realize that funeral directors are an important part of green burial
Proposals due July 14, 1017 34 Hospice
88 ICCFA University 2017 is ready for U! 34 Dont get mad and ignore hospice
Seven colleges to choose from 34 Offer continuing education that hospice staff, volunteers can take
89 How to increase market share: 34 Think about interactions with the family and hospice on first calls
Set up a contest offering a trip to ICCFAs 34 Dont turn off hospice people with how you handle first call
Wide World of Sales meeting 36 Cemetery management
by Kevin Gaffney 36 Learn what unitrusts can do for your cemetery as cremation grows
90 Cremation training 36 Consider partnerships to bring planned church columbaria to you
September cremation training just 36 Bring cremation families back with intimate micro-cemeteries
announced: September 11-12, 2017 37 Stay on top of your investment policy and open the statements
38 Know how to safely dispose of meth remnants and opiod needles
38 Bring in all the players to develop a cemetery master plan properly
38 Map your cemetery with aerial protography for easy-to-read map
38 To target marketing, learn when that urn might come off the shelf
38 Get ideas for cremation gardens from the influences in your town
To support the 40 Sales & Marketing
ICCFAs 40 Build relationships with families by showing how much you care
goal of 40 Be creative: Create events and partner with other businesses
raising  to page 10
to fight ICCFA calendar to page 10
lung cancer, 
go to www.iccfa.com for program, registration & scholarship information
todays #1 killer of women,
go to http:/www.iccfa.com/lungforce 2017 Cremation Certification
July 11-12, ICCFA arranger training July 11, ICCFA operator
training July 12; Dallas Institute of Funeral Service, Texas
July 18-19, ICCFA arranger training July 18, CANA operator train-
Catch the WIRELESS newsletter in ing July 19; Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science, Ohio
your inbox for industry news, stories about ICCFA Cremation Programs Coordinator Poul Lemasters, Esq.
colleagues making headlines and updates on
ICCFA educational events & conferences 2017 ICCFA University
July 21-26
Follow the ICCFAs LinkedIn Fogelman Conference Center,
page to read breaking news Memphis, Tennessee
about colleagues, the profession Chancellor: Jeff Kidwiler, CCE, CSE
and the association 2017 Fall Management Conference
http://bit.ly/2du252P October 4-6
Indian Wells, California
Co-chairs: Paul Goldstein and Lee Longino
Follow the ICCFA on Twitter
to receive instant updates on
the associations educational 2018 Wide World of Sales Conference
events & conferences January 10-12
http://twitter.com/iccfa New Orleans Marriott, Louisiana
Co-chairs: Jill Muenich and Lori Salberg
Like and follow the ICCFA
to read up-to-date news on 2018 ICCFA Convention & Expo
the industry, ICCFA members April 18-21
making headlines and ICCFA Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada
events & promotions Co-chairs: Shawna de la Cruz and Andy Lopez

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Convention &
Expo is back in
Vegas for 2018!

April 18-21, 2018,

at the Mandalay Bay
Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

Well drink a toast to that! say

2018 Convention Co-chair Andy Lopez and
ICCFA President Scott Sells, CCFE.
Be sure to join them!

Cemeteries T A B L E O F C ONTENTS
Crematories 42 Accept that value brands offer real competitions, and prepare for it
Funeral homes 42 Learn how to properly format your emailed press releases
Suppliers 42 Write a value statement and use it to put you and the family at ease
Pet loss professionals 42 Look to the state, U.S. Customs for help with importing goods
44 Financial
Submit your news 44 Consider active management
to ICCFA Magazine 44 Look at international stocks
Have you held a groundbreaking
44 Discuss these things with your organizations decision-makers
or grand opening for a new facility? 44 Concentrate on asset allocation for the best results in the long term
Hired or promoted someone? Is your 44 Dont follow your gut
company offering a new or updated 44 Dont fear market corrections
product to cemeteries and/or funeral
homes? Have you recently held an 46 Human Resources
unusual service or a successful semi- 46 Leverage millennials digital skills
nar at your location? Added a grief 46 Give employees frequent feedback
therapy dog to your staff? 46 Make sure you know what should (and should not) go in employee files
Share your news with colleagues all
over the worldsend it in to ICCFA
48 management
Magazine! 48 Stop losing out on revenue because youre afraid of losing a few calls
48 Learn how to expand into new markets with smaller buildings served
n Write it down. It doesnt have to be by that flagship location
written perfectly (thats why we have 48 Dont let your niceness cost your funeral home or cemetery in court
editors)it just needs to include the
facts. Remember the basics: Who, 50 First figure out and learn to articulate your organizations why
What, Where, When & How (& some- 52 Concentrate now on living the life you want to be remembered for
times Why). 52 Help shoppers remember you
52 Give callers a medium as well as a low price for cremation services
n Send it in: Email your Word docu-
ment as an attachment to sloving@ 52 Turn a negative online review into something that has a positive effect
iccfa.com, or write your release in the 53 Hold remembrance events to help families heal after loss
body of your email. Please include 49 JFDA
your full name and title and the com-
panys name and location in the body 54 Pet services
of your email. 54 Consider podcasts, TV ads and a drone tour of your property
54 To make more money, learn to listen and ask good questions
Questions? 55 Develop written protocols
Need some guidance? 55 Read The Checklist Manifesto
Email ICCFA Magazine 55 PLPA reception; PLPA booth
Managing Editor Susan Loving 57 Photos from the expo
at sloving@iccfa.com. 70 Convention sponsors

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Since 1946, Matthews has been evolving and redening the future of cremation.
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Washington Report
by ICCFA General
Counsel Robert The future of the FTC Funeral Rule
M. Fells, Esq. he Funeral Industry Trade Regulation, number of actual complaints by AARP members
popularly called the Funeral Rule, has totaled 56. We then helpfully pointed out that the
been part of our profession since 1975, 56 complaints had been solicited from 30 million
1.800.645.7700, when it was first proposed. Some say that its AARP members, a point that was not lost on the
ext. 1212 origins began as the result of Jessica Mitfords FTC staff.
direct line: muckraking book, The American Way of The commission did not announce its
703.391.8401 Death, published in 1963. Others attribute decision on the rules fate until 1994, and it was
the rules genesis to the general anti-business a mixed bag. The Funeral Rule was not repealed,
Fells is attitude that characterized the Federal Trade nor was it expanded to other sellers. It was
ICCFA gen- Commission during the 1970s. expanded to prohibit the practice of charging a
eral counsel, How bad was this bias? Congress was casket-handling fee when families purchased the
responsible for
sufficiently alarmed to pass the so-called FTC casket from a third party.
maintaining and improving rela-
Improvements Act of 1980. Among the laws One bit of relief was provided when the
tionships with federal and state
government agencies, the news improvements were cutting the commissions commission rescinded the affirmative disclosure
media, consumer organizations budget and prohibiting the FTC from expanding that price information was available by phone.
and related trade associations. the pending Funeral Rule, among other restric Henceforth, funeral providers had to give prices
tions. But by 1980 the die was cast and the rule by phone but only on request. In the meantime,
Fells has worked on behalf of
was enacted in 1982, though it was considerably some industry members challenged the
the cemetery and funeral service
modified from proposed versions (watered- constitutionality of the Funeral Rule in federal
profession on legal and legislative
down is what industry critics called it) and went court but were unsuccessful.
issues since 1975 and joined the
into effect in 1984. Coming into more recent times, the Funeral
ICCFA staff in 1983. He is retired
as the associations executive One of the concessions the commission made Rule was reviewed a second time in 1999, with
director, a position he held for 17 to the industry was to hold a mandatory review of mostly the same issues of the earlier review.
years. the rule four years after it went into effect. That There were no hearings or cross-examination
turned out to be 1988. The thinking by funeral of witnesses. Instead, a one-day roundtable
industry advocates was that the rule could be discussion was held among interested parties.
repealed at that point and all would be well. What After that, nothing more happened until March
actually happened proved surprising, as funeral 2008, when the commission announced its
directors gradually changed their opposition to the decision to simply maintain the status quo.
rule to advocating for its expansion to all sellers of Currently, the rule is nearing its third review
funeral goods and services. proceeding, and at least one consumer group
More from this author
During that second rulemaking proceeding, has petitioned the FTC to accelerate the timing
Why we vote. A series of
articles on the importance of public hearings were held in Washington, D.C., from the scheduled 2019 to the present. The
engagement in the democratic Chicago and San Francisco. When all the testi commission has also been requested to require
process in the United States. fying seemed complete, the FTC called for one that all funeral providers post their prices online.
www.iccfa.com more day of hearings back in Washington, D.C. Going back to first principles, the rule was
This writer represented the ICCFA (then the justified mainly on the grounds that funeral
Funeral Radio. ACA) and cross-examined witnesses in each city homes controlled access to funeral prices, and
ICCFA General
who felt that adding cemeteries to the rule was controlled when, where and how those prices
Counsel Robert
Fells, Esq., talks a great idea. Many anecdotes could be told of were given to consumers. There really was no
about legal and those eventful days, but I will relate just one. argument against this position; it was a fact.
legislative issues affecting The AARP was rightly considered the Today the information landscape is entirely
funeral, cemetery and crema- 800-pound gorilla that no industry wanted to different. Many funeral homes are voluntarily
tion businesses at clash with. It was the misfortune of the funeral posting their prices on their websites, and there
www.funeralradio.com industry to find itself firmly in the cross-hairs are organizations that collect these prices,
of the AARP during these hearings. The AARP whether posted online or obtained in person
went so far as to solicit complaints against at the funeral home, to facilitate comparison
cemeteries from its (then) 30 million members. shopping.
The organization shared the results during the This brings up the question of whether
FTC hearings and pointed out how 20 percent the decades-old Funeral Rule has been made
of the complaints dealt with this problem and obsolete by the power of technology, yet
another 20 percent dealt with that problem. continues imposing penalties on funeral homes
But the ICCFA team got suspicious and asked for not providing information that is more
how many complaints 20 percent represented. readily available elsewhere.
We requested to see the raw data, and when it This veteran of the Funeral Rule wars is
was finally turned over, we found that the total eagerly looking forward to the next review. r

12 ICCFA Magazine Like the ICCFA on Facebook & friend ICCFA Staff
Presidents Letter
2017-2018 Planning a focus on veterans,
future association leaders
President Scott
Sells, CCFE

his is the first opportunity I have had to leadership opportunities within our association.
address the associations members since We need to find and mentor associates with the
the convention. The time is moving passion to serve and help us grow into the future.
quickly. I will expound more heavily into these two
I have been very fortunate to inherit the reins areas of focus in my next letter.
of this organization on the heels of some great
past presidents, officers and board members. Time for summer school: ICCFAU
Over the past five years the leadership group As it is July, it is that time of year again to
under the direction of Past President Jeff Kidwiler broaden your horizons by attending ICCFA
has worked diligently and consistently on University in Memphis. Led by Chancellor Jeff
achieving the goals we laid out in our strategic Kidwiler, the university has evolved into the
scott.sells@ plan. Immediate Past President Mike Uselton premier educational opportunity for our industry.
dignitymemorial.com referred to the three main components of this plan Jeff and I graduated from ICCFAU 20 years ago
in his last presidents letter. The three components together. I share that to highlight the outstanding
Sells is market direc- are: Increasing membership, increasing attend networking opportunities which I see as an extra
tor, bay area, for Service
ance at events and creating and maintaining bonus to the educational one.
Corporation International,
Houston, Texas. He is infrastructure to fuel growth. The people I met during my years attending
based in San Jose, I truly believe that our current and future ICCFAU have been friends, mentors and
California. leadership will continue to improve and execute colleagues now for 25 years. The majority of
this strategy. I feel very excited to be surrounded the associations past and current leadership has
and supported by so many talented and passionate ties back to the ICCFAU. This will be one of the
individuals in this organization, both on our places where I will focus on identifying potential
leadership team and our staff. I have no doubt that future leaders. I look forward to seeing you there.
we will continue to thrive moving forward. We are very fortunate to have an outstanding
This year I will be focusing on two projects staff that runs the daily operation of this associa
I feel are both relevant and timely for this tion, including events such as ICCFAU. I want to
association now. The first is the formulation of thank them for all they do and for being such a
our new Veterans Committee. I have asked Ray help to me.
Frew and Andy Lopez to co-chair this group. As I move into this year, I look forward to
Please reach out to Ray and Andy if you would meeting new friends and reconnecting with old
like to serve on the committee or help in any ones. I want to thank you all for entrusting me
other way. They will be sending our members with the role of president this year. I am humbled
a survey shortly; please help us by taking a few and honored, and will do the best I can to be
minutes to complete it. deserving of your trust.
The second area of focus for me will be Best of luck, health, wealth and happiness in
identifying high potential prospects for future your endeavors this year. r

ICCFA officers  Cremation and Funeral Association. Subscription

July 2017 rates: In the United States, $39.95; in Canada,
Scott R. Sells, CCFE, president
VOLUME 77/NUMBER 6 $45.95; overseas: $75.95. One subscription is
Christine Toson Hentges, CCE,
president-elect included in annual membership dues. POST-
Andrs Aguilar, vice president MASTER: Send address changes to ICCFA
Jay D. Dodds, CFSP, vice president Katherine Devins, communications & Daniel Osorio, subscription coordinator Magazine, 107 Carpenter Drive, Suite 100,
Paul Goldstein, vice president member services manager (habla espaol) Sterling, VA 20164-4468. Individual written
Mitch Rose, vice president kd@iccfa.com; 1.800.645.7700, ext. 1224 danielo@iccfa.com; 1.800.645.7700, ext. 1215 contributions, commentary and advertisements
Gary M. Freytag, CCFE, treasurer appearing in ICCFA Magazine do not necessarily
Jason Brown, communications assistant reflect either the opinion or the endorsement
Robbie L. Pape, secretary ICCFA Magazine (ISSN 1936-2099) is published
jason@iccfa.com; 1.800.645.7700, ext. 1218 of the International Cemetery, Cremation and
Nadira Baddeliyanage, executive director by the International Cemetery, Cremation and
Robert M. Fells, Esq., general counsel Nadira Baddeliyanage, executive director Funeral Association, 107 Carpenter Drive, Suite Funeral Association.
& publisher 100, Sterling, VA 20164-4468; 703.391.8400;
Magazine staff nadira@iccfa.com ; 1.800.645.7700, ext. 1225 FAX 703.391.8416; www.iccfa.com. Published
Susan Loving, managing editor
Brenda Clough, office administrator 10 times per year, with combined issues in
& association liaison; bclough@iccfa.com; March-April and August-September. Periodicals
Rick Platter, supplier relations manager 1.800.645.7700, ext. 1214 postage paid at Sterling, VA, and other offices.
rplatter@iccfa.com; 1.800.645.7700, ext. 1213 Copyright 2017 by the International Cemetery,

14 ICCFA Magazine Like the ICCFA on Facebook & friend ICCFA Staff
Diamonds & Denim
The closing reception and dinner for the ICCFA Annual Convention & Exposition, April 5-8, 2017,
drew people dressed to honor the country and western tradition of Nashville, Tennessee.

2 3 4

1 The closing reception. 2 Conor Quiocho, finalist for
Cutest Cowboy and son of Abbie Brammer Quiocho and
Chris Quiocho. 3 ICCFA Past President Rich Sells, CCE,
with a few friends. 4 Speaker Chris Cooke, CCE, and
ICCFA Board Member Jennifer Frew, CCE. 5 Robert Hun-
saker; ICCFA Board Member Christine Hunsaker; and
Vivian and Ray Frew, CCFE, past ICCFA president and
co-chair of the new Veterans Committee. 6 ICCFA Board
Member Dyanne Miller Matzkevich and John Gouch.
7 Michael Valchuis, Tracy Coile and Wayne Jarvis.
6 7

Mark your calendar now: ICCFA Convention & Expo,

April 18-21, 2018, at the Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada

Visit the new and improved www.iccfa.com July 2017 15

i n t e r nAt io n AL C e m e t e r Y, Cre mAt i o n A nd

1 Lasting Impact Award honoree Jan Scruggs poses for a photo with some of the veterans at the Educational Foundation reception.
During the convention, ICCFA 2018-19 President Scott Sells, CCFE, announced the formation of a committee on veterans chaired by
Andy Lopez and Past President Ray Frew, CCFE. The committee is now gathering the names of ICCFA members who are veterans.

2 Chris Keller of 3
French Funerals
& Cremations 3 At the ALPAR
talks to some area of the
of the those at ICCFA Pavillion,
a screening of from left, Jose
scenes from The Flores Jr. and
Empty Chair, Gisela Adissi of
which French is Brazil; Renato
helping produce.
4 Lopez of Gua-
4 ICCFA 2017-18 President-elect Christine temala; Tatiana
Hentges, CCE, acknowledges President osorio and
Scott Sells, CCFE, who led those at the clos- Juan Tavera
ing banquet in singing Happy Birthday in of Colombia;
her honor. Beside her is her husband, Tim. Andrs Aguilar of
5 Country star Jo Dee Messina provided the Guatemala; and
entertainment at the closing dinner, singing John Gouch of
her hits and bantering with the audience. 5 North Carolina.

Convention numbers staff: 15 percent 16 percent other, including insurance agents,

total cemetery, funeral home, crematory and Final purchasing authority: 59 percent mortuary school faculty, representatives of
allied business representatives: 723 making purchasing recommendations: 34 percent industry associations
attendees representing 13 countries outside of 24 percent representing combination cemetery-
the united states: 105 Attendee satisfaction
funeral home operations
First-time attendees: 297 (including suppliers) Attendees rated the event highly, with 93 percent
27 percent representing stand-alone cemeteries
supplier booths: 534 indicating their overall convention experience
28 percent representing stand-alone funeral homes was excellent or very good and 87 percent in-
Attendee percentages 3 percent representing stand-alone pet loss dicating they definitely or probably will attend
owners: 45 percent providers next years convention, april 18-21, 2018, at the
managers: 40 percent 1 percent representing crematory operations mandalay Bay, las Vegas, nevada. r

16 ICCFA Magazine Like the ICCFA on Facebook & friend ICCFA Staff
F U NER A L A SSO C I A TION 2 0 1 7 C ONVENTION & EXPO What did you
think of your
first ICCFA

Barb Weigand
6 7 8 Diocese of Green
Bay, Green Bay,
6 Keynote speaker Joe Calloway (p. 24). 7 ICCFA members cast their ballots during the annual busi-
ness meeting to select new members of the associations board. 8 ICCFA 2017-18 President Scott Sells,
Its been a great
CCFE, hands a keepsake gavel to 2016-17 President Mike Uselton, CCFE, during the closing dinner.
experience. Very
10 Leona energetic speak-
and Sean 10 ers and a lot of
McAllister, wonderful infor-
Plotbox, mation that Ill be
Ireland, able to take back
exchange to Wisconsin
gifts with with me.
Mike Usel-
9 ton, CCFE.

9 Tayler Uselton
thanks ICCFA mem-
bers for giving to
LungForce, which
battles lung cancer 11 Phillip Bouyer
in women. Her father, Bouyer Funeral
ICCFA 2016-17 Presi- 11 Convention Chairs Nctar Centers, Royal
dent Mike Uselton, Ramrez and Mitch Rose, CCE, Oak, Michigan
CCFE, promoted the on the convention stage. It was well worth
charity, which the 12 Keynote speaker Seth Mattison the investment,
ICCFA will continue (p. 25) signs books for attendees the time and the
to promote. 12 at the Batesville booth. commitment.

I love it. I love
meeting great
people and
13 learning lots of
13 Attendees and exhibitors in the expo hall. More photos from the expo can be found on pp. 57-86. new things.

Visit the new and improved www.iccfa.com July 2017 17


Professional certifications

The ICCFAs certification program recognizes individuals who have demonstrated a high degree of competence and a high
level of cemetery, cremation, funeral management or supplier experience and skills. The Certified Cemetery Executive, Certi-
fied Funeral Executive, Certified Cemetery Funeral Executive, Certified Cremation Executive and Certified Supplier Execu-
tive titles are the keystones of the associations recognition of excellence and achievement. At the 2017 convention, the
following people were recognized, from left: Heather Barney, CCFE, Memorial Mortuaries & Cemeteries, Salt Lake City, Utah;
John Bolton, CCE (previously received), CCrE, Blackstone Cemetery Development, Santa Ana, California; Chris Cooke, CCE,
Evansville City Cemeteries, Evansville, Indiana; Stan Engh, CCFE, Memorial Mortuaries & Cemeteries, Salt Lake City, Utah;
Robert Moore, CCE, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery and Ascension Garden, Rochester, New York; Carlos Quezada, CCFE, Service
Corporation International, Winter Park, Florida; and Lynn Sullivan, CCE, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery and Ascension Garden,
Rochester, New York; pictured with ICCFA 2016-17 President Mike Uselton, CCFE.

Quarter and Half Century clubs

ICCFA 2016-17 President
Mike Uselton, CCFE, con-
gratulates ICCFA Secre-
tary Robbie Pape, Service
Corporation International,
Houston, Texas, on joining
the Quarter Century Club,
marking 25 years of service
in the profession. Addi-
tional Quarter Century Club
inductees at the 2017 ICCFA
Convention & Expo, from
left, Clift Dempsey, CCFE,
Dempsey Funeral Service of
Georgia, Cartersville; Robert
Moore, Holy Sepulchre Cem-
etery and Ascension Gar-
den, Rochester, New York;
and Ricardo Ramirez, Los
Parques, Guatemala City,
Guatemala. Next to them are
the new inductees into the
Half Century Club, J.P. Di Troia, Fresh Pond Crematory and US Columbarium, Middle Village, New York; and Stephen Burrill,
CCE, CCrE, Mount Hope Cemetery Corp. and Crematory, Bangor, Maine. Not pictured are Quarter Century Club inductees
John Hromyak, Erie Diocesan Cemeteries, Erie, Pennsylvania; Peter J. Stegman, Central Pennsylvania Cremation Society Inc.,
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; and Andrea L. Vittum, White Haven Memorial Parks Inc., Pittsford, New York.

18 ICCFA Magazine Like the ICCFA on Facebook & friend ICCFA Staff
Introducing mobile.9

Test drive the SRS products available for download at SRSCOMPUTING.COM


SRSCOMPUTING.COM | 800.797.4861

SRS Computing Solutions 2016


ICCFA 2016-17 officers Vice President Paul Goldstein, Treasurer Gary Freytag, CCFE; Vice Presidents Jay Dodds, CFSP, and-
Christine Toson Hengtes, CCE; and President-elect Scott Sells, CCFE; listen as President Michael Uselton, CCFE, addresses
the membership during the annual meeting of members at the 2017 ICCFA Convention & Expo in Nashville, Tennessee.

New members elected, named to ICCFA board

he International Cemetery, Cremation Elected to a one-year term:
and Funeral Association elected new Stephen E. Bassett, Legacy Funeral
leadership during its 2017 Annual Group, San Antonio, Texas.
Convention & Exposition, April 5-8, in Past presidents elected to one-year terms:
Nashville, Tennessee. Ray Frew, CCFE, Green Hills Memorial
ICCFA officers for 2017-2018 are: Park, Rancho Palos Verdes, California;
PresidentScott R. Sells, CCFE, Richard T. Sells, CCE, San Diego,
Service Corporation International, San Jose, California; and
California; William L. Bill Wright, Greenwood
President-electChristine Toson Funeral Homes & Cremation, Fort Worth,
Hentges, CCE, The Tribute Companies Inc., Texas.
Hartland, Wisconsin; The International Memorialization Supply
Vice President, EducationMitch Rose, Association appointment to the board is
CCFE, CCrE, Woodlawn Cemetery, the Jordan Yearsley, Ensure-A-Seal, Brooklyn,
Bronx, New York; New York.
Vice President, Membership & Market ICCFA 2016-2017 President Michael Usel-
ton, CCFE, left, hands over the gavel to The presidential appointments to represent
ingPaul Goldstein, Hillside Memorial Park
2017-18 President Scott Sells, CCFE. the ICCFA on the Cemetery Consumer
and Mortuary, Los Angeles, California;
Service Council are Tom Daly and Stephen
Vice President, Internal AffairsAndrs Memorial Gardens, Overland Park, Kansas; Burrill, CCE, CCrE, Mount Hope Cemetery,
Aguilar, Los Parques, Guatemala City, Keenan L. Knopke, CCFE, Curlew Hills Bangor, Maine.
Guatemala; Memory Gardens, Palm Harbor, Florida;
Vice President, External Affairs John T. McQueen, CFSP, Anderson Members of the 2017-2018 Executive
Jay Dodds, CFSP, The Signature Group, McQueen Funeral Homes & Cremation Committee are Sells; Hentges; Freytag;
Houston, Texas; Centers, St. Petersburg, Florida; Immediate Past President Michael R. Usel
TreasurerGary M. Freytag, CCFE, Rick Miller, CCFE, Inglewood Park ton, CCFE, Gibraltar Remembrance Services,
Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum, Cemetery, Inglewood, California; Palmetto, Florida; Arlie T. Davenport Jr.,
Cincinnati, Ohio; and Gwen M. Mooney, CCFE, Cave Hill Greenwood-Mount Olivet, Fort Worth, Texas
SecretaryRobbie L. Pape, Service Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky; (presidents appointment); Richard T. Sells,
Corporation International, Houston, Texas. Blair H. Nelsen, CFuE, CCrE, CFSP, CCE, Johnson Consulting Group, San Diego,
Members elected to serve three-year terms Service Corporation International, Richmond, California (past presidents appointment);
on the ICCFA Board of Directors: Virginia; Jeff Kidwiler, CCE, CSE, Blackstone
Thomas P. Daly, CCE, Cedar Knoll Stephen L. Schacht, CCFE, Service Memorial, San Clemente, Calfornia (ex-
Cemetery, Taunton, Massachusetts; Corporation International, Seal Beach, officio); and David J. Shipper, Futura Group,
Mathew Forastiere, Johnson County California. Buckingham, Pennsylvania (ex-officio). r

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Fells retires as associations executive director

including acting as staff liaison to the experience in meetings management,
Baddeliyanage Government and Legal Affairs Committee, accounting, advertising, exhibit sales and
named to post; Fells and responding to inquiries from the news
media, government agencies, congressional
database maintenance.
On behalf of ICCFAs entire Board of
continues as counsel

offices and the public. Directors and its membership, I would like to
Fells also will continue to write the recognize Bob for his leadership and insight
ith deep gratitude for his over the years and wish him all the best, said
Washington Report column for ICCFA
leadership and vision, the ICCFA ICCFA President Scott Sells, CCFE.
Magazine and to serve as contributing editor
Board of Directors announced Bobs retirement is our loss, but a
of Wireless, a bi-weekly electronic newsletter
the retirement of Executive Director Robert well-deserved respite for him to enjoy
that alerts members to legal, regulatory and
M. Bob Fells, Esq. time with his family. We look forward to
industry news affecting their businesses.
Fells retired as executive the associations continued success under
director effective July 1, Fells served as president and general
Nadiras guidance, congratulate her on her
2017, but continues in counsel of the ICCFA Service Bureau, a for-
professional accomplishments and know
his role as association profit subsidiary of the association which
that her progressive leadership will continue
general counsel. administered the Credit Exchange Plan, and
to keep the ICCFA at the forefront of our
Nadira Baddeli continues to serve in a volunteer capacity as
profession. r
yanage, who was director secretary of the ICCFA
of operations, is now Educational Foundation,
executive director. a tax-exempt charitable
Fells retirement and organization. In 2011,
the appointment of Fells was inducted into
Baddeliyanage were the ICCFA Hall of Fame
approved by the ICCFA for his contributions to
incoming and outgoing the cemetery, cremation
Robert M. Fells, and funeral service
Esq., moderates Executive Committees
the government, on April 5, during the
legal and legis- associations 2017 Baddeliyanage has a
lative panel at Annual Convention & background in finance
the 2017 ICCFA Exposition in Nashville, and has worked for
Convention. Tennessee. the ICCFA since 1996.
Fells has worked on behalf of the Before being appointed
cemetery and funeral service profession on director of operations
legal and legislative issues since 1975 and in 2011, she served in Nadira Baddeliyanage by the ICCFA water feature with
joined the ICCFA staff in 1983. a variety of capacities 2017 ICCFA Convention & Expo attendees Juan Tavera and
He will continue to focus on the govern within the association, Tatiana Osorio of Colombia, representing ALPAR, the Latin
ment relations activities of the association, where she acquired American funeral and cemetery association.

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I C C FA 2 0 1 7 C O N V E N T I O N

Above, the Educational Foundations annual reception drew a crowd to see Jan Scruggs, below, the man who envisioned a
national Vietnam Veterans Memorial and spearheaded the effort to have it built, accept the foundations Lasting Impact Award.

Jan Scruggs accepts Lasting Impact Award

an Scruggs, who worked tirelessly to Left, Jan
make his vision of a national Vietnam Scruggs
Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., speaks be-
a reality, received the ICCFA Educational fore accept-
ing the Last-
Foundations Lasting Impact Award at the
ing Impact
2017 convention in Nashville, Tennesse. Award, on
In my view, there hasnt been one single stage next to
individual who has had greater positive the podium.
impact over the past 35 years in helping to Below far
make acceptable for individuals to openly left, Ameri-
grieve than the man honored tonight, said can Idol
Educational Foundation President Jim Price, season XV fi-
CCFE, CCrE. nalist Tristan
Jan was persistent; he was adamant that
15, sang,
his dream would embody and honor grief, accompanied
loss, remembrance and closure. And it does. by guitar-
Dr. Alan Wolfelt says that profound loss ist Bronson
requires profound mourning. Our honoree Jan Bush.
Scruggs understands that our eventual healing Left, among
depends on these polished walls of stone the many
forever etched with our pain. veterans at
In a room crowded with veterans and the reception
were Rich
others drawn to see, hear and have their photo
Fisher, who
taken with the man responsible for The served as
Wall, Scruggs talked about the inspiration a helicop-
for the memorial. ter pilot in
Our sort-of credo is we want to separate Vietnam, and
the war from the warrior. People can debate WWII veteran
the wisdom of our foreign policy decisions, Tom Flynn.
but they cant really debate whether their
neighbors kid who volunteered for four years I just want you all to know that in my of a funeral service and a proper burial is the
in the Marine Corps did the right thing for his view, everybody in the nation really appre beginning of the healing process.
country. He did the right thing for his country, ciates the work you do. Youre in a very Scruggs is now among those working for
so lets honor the people who served. difficult business, youre dealing with the a memorial in Washington, D.C., honoring
Public mourning has sort of changed as deepest emotion when people lose a friend or veterans of the war on terror. It will be built,
the result of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, relative. So I want to thank you for the work he said. Then I think Im done with building
and thats a healthy thing. you do. I think its good and I think the idea national memorials. r

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I C C FA 2 0 1 7 C O N V E N T I O N

Above left, Educational Foundation President Jim Price, CCFE, CCrE, Midwest Memorial Group, and Andrew Clark, Park Lawn
Corp. Their companies made a joint donation of $100,000 to the foundation. Above right, Kim Price watches as Bob Ekins, stand-
ing in for Jake Johnson, signs the $100,000 check representing money raised by the Memorial Classic Golf Tournament.

Donors give $250,000 to Educational Foundation

he ICCFA Educational Foundation, a Johnson, president and CEO of Johnson Price noted that the foundations board
501(c)(3) non-profit entity, received Consulting Group, presented $100,000 raised recently added three new members: Mitch
three sizable donations at the 2017 by the tournament over the past three years. Rose, CCFE, Woodlawn Cemetery; Jill
Convention & Expo to further its sole The foundation this year awarded an Muenich, National Guardian Life; and Wanda
purpose of making it possible for members, unprecedented 24 scholarships to ICCFA Sizemore, Homesteaders Life. They join Jay
suppliers and their employees to attend University, and also awards scholarships to Dodds, CFSP, The Signature Group; Rich
ICCFA educational programs. other ICCFA educational programsthe Darby, Trigard; Chris Trainor, Batesville; Jay
Rich Darby, COO of Trigard, presented Wide World of Sales meeting and Fall Brammer, Gibraltor Remembrance Services;
a donation of $50,000 from Trigard and the Management Conference. and Ken Varner, CCFE, Cypress Lawn. r
Darby family. Andrew Clark, chairman and
CEO of Park Lawn Corp., and Price, CEO of
Midwest Memorial Group, presented a joint
donation from their companies of $100,000.
Memorial Classic Golf Tournament
Co-Chairs Kim Price, co-owner and vice
president of Memory Glass, and Jake

Right, flanking Educational Foundation

President Jim Price, CCFE, CCrE, with a
check representing the $100,000 dona-
tion raised by the annual Memorial Classic
Golf Tournament during the past three
years, are the tournaments co-chairs, his
wife Kim Price and Jake Johnson, John-
son Consulting. Far right, Rich Darby,
Trigard, announces the $50,000 donation
from Trigard and the Darby family. Behind
him is Educational Foundation President
Jim Price, CCFE, CCrE.

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The following pages include information gleaned from presentations made at the ICCFA 2017 Convention. If youd like to hear
more from a particular speaker, you can order recordings of many conference sessions at www.iccfa.com. And mark your
calendar now for the ICCFA 2018 Convention & Expo at the Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada, April 18-21, 2018!

Ive been doing this 30 years and Ive never seen a secret to success, not one. Have you? Have you ever
seen something that makes somebody successful and, gosh, nobodys ever thought of that? No, probably
everybodys thought about that, its just that that gal decided to DO it. Thats the big difference. Its not that
we dont know, its that we know and, Nah.Joe Calloway

r Copy the best by becoming Apple, Amazon and Google: What can we r Keep improving or risk becoming
easier to do business with learn from these mega-giant companies? a formerly successful organization
Joe Calloway, performance expert, author If you were to use a word to describe The best businesses always get better.
of Becoming a Category of One Apple products, what would that word be, Always. The reason the best companies are
People say, You know what we need? as a user? User-friendly, intuitive. How always improving is because they know
even in your businessWhat we need is an easy does Amazon make it for you to spend its not an option: They have to.
appropriate version of a wow factor. money with them? Too easy! In my line of Why arent we better about change and
Zappos wows people all day long, every work, Im on Google all day long. The whole innovation? What gets in our way?
day, 24/7. How do they do it? Inventory premise of Google was to make the internet Were doing OK. Here is the biggest
great selection. Fast delivery. Great customer easier to use. Do we have a pattern here? obstacle. Here is what causes so many
service. And a great return policy. How much You want an idea from these giant companies to go to work whistling like
more basic can you get than those things? companies to take home? Let me ask you a bluebird one day and a year later, Did
We all talk about thinking outside the this: How much of a competitive advantage somebody get the name of that truck? What
boxIm all for it. But how much more for your business would it be if when people in the world happened? We were doing OK.
inside the box can you get than those four in your community ask families you serve, The best companies are always the ones
things? The trick is that Zappos is so good at How did it go? one of the things they said that want to get better. The danger for a
those basic things, that is their wow factor. about you was, They made everything so company that has a track record of success is
We dont have to do something exotic and incredibly easy for us. complacency.
out there to truly differentiate. Whoever wins Would that be a competitive advantage If Im successful, I can tell you what used
on the basics, wins. Its hard to win on the for you? Take this back to your team and to work, because what used to work made us
basicsits tough. But if you can truly win in sit down and tackle this one: What are three successful up to this point. But its not that
the eyes of the families you work with, if you ways we can become even easier to do point anymore; now Ive got to look to the
can truly win on the basics, then you do win. business with? future. r

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NGL evolves
We live in a gift economy today. The
individuals who give the most without
keeping score, without expectation for
compensation, win the long game.
with you.
Seth Mattison
r Learn how to engage with the
market in the age of the network
Seth Mattison, founder and chief
movement officer of Future-Sight Labs
Its our fundamental belief that we are fully
entering an era that will come to be known
as the age of the network. Thanks to the
digitalization of everything, we are living in
a society based on networks. Networks of
information, of people, of resources.
The challenge we have in this room in
embracing this world is that for most of us,
weve been operating in a world where the
structures and, more importantly, the deeply
embedded culture, of the hierarchy have
been our reality.
As more and more of our marketplaces Theres no denying the funeral industry is changing.
and our customers behave and operate like Future success will be determined by an ability to evolve
networks, it poses the question: How do
we bring more network behavior inside our an ability to adapt to the changing needs of consumers.
organization and who would we have to NGL has thrived through change these past 100+ years
become as leaders and influencers to meet
this new reality? and will continue to evolve with you and your business.
Hierarchy is not going away. What Together we can illuminate your future success.
theyre striving for is this idea that you
can operate in a hierarchy without being
hierarchical. What are some of the
unwritten rules that no longer serve us to
compete in a world where our marketplace Evolve with NGL.
behaves like a network?
Call today to be introduced to your local NGL product provider.
You dont have to ask for permission to
be influential, but you do have to have to 888.239.7047 www.nglic.com
have impeccable two-way communication.
The quality of the communication you have
is based on the quality of your questions.
Do you want to improve your ability
to influence and connect in both of these
worlds (digital and in-person)? The best
place to start is to become a master of
perfected open-ended questions. The quality Insurance provided by National Guardian Life Insurance Company. National
of your questions impacts the quality of your Guardian Life Insurance Company is not affiliated with The Guardian Life Insurance
Company of America a.k.a. The Guardian or Guardian Life. 3800PN 08/16
communication, impacts the quality of your
relationships. r

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way that really counts. Shes going to have
different priorities and pressures on her. Shes
going to make decisions differently that I am.
Im going to take you through eight
strategies for crafting an exceptional customer
experience for people who are not like you.
The first one: Figure out your FAB. Your
FAB is not youre fabulousness, its your
features, your attributes and your benefits.
This one is tough. Marketing people
usually get this wrong. They usually market
and advertise their features and attributes,
but not the benefits. And the only thing your
customer cares aboutthe only thing that
they care aboutis the benefits.
Let me give you an example: my car. It
has Bluetooth technology. That is a feature.
The attribute is hands-free talking. I dont
care about Bluetooth and I dont care about
hands-free talking. What I care about is
safety. Because with Bluetooth, I can make
a phone call and talk with both hands on the
wheel. Its a safer drive.
So when youre marketing, stop focusing
on your features and attributes and focus
instead on your benefits. Think about features
Millennials would rather join a cause than a club. Why? Because clubs are
exclusive, they exclude people. Whereas causes are inclusive and anyone can help as being the what, the attribute as being
with a cause.Kelly McDonald the how and the benefit as being the why
I care. Im not saying dont talk about your
r Figure your FAB and market your different races or ethnicities? features or your attributes, but only in the
benefits, not features and attributes Back in 1980, there was a 34 percent context of why your customer should care.
Kelly McDonald, marketing and probability. In just three decades, weve gone
consumer trends expert from a 34 percent probability to a 52 percent r Give women all the options
Youre already successful. How much more probability. Women value expansive options and
successful can you be if you can figure That is not a fad; thats a trend. As busi seeing all our options; we are not over
out how to give an exceptional customer nesspeople, you should not pay attention to whelmed when we are confronted with
experience to the people that youre not fads; you should absolutely pay attention all kinds of options. We actually feel
serving or you dont necessarily know how to to trends. The difference between a fad and empowered. I can look at 175 different
serve all that well because they may be very a trend is fads come and go, like fashions. blouses and I know that I want the tanger
different from you? Trends dont come and go; trends are shifts. ine one, and Im 100 percent certain of that
The reason were talking about people not This session is called Crafting the because I looked at all 175.
like you is because weve changed. Were not customer experience for people not like Men, on the other hand, want their choices
a melting pot anymore and were never going you. The reason I call it people not like simplified. Im sorry, guys, but theres a
to be again. We have become a salad bowl. you instead of using the d-word, diversity, is reason your clothes only come in three colors:
The melting pot idea was that no matter because I dont really like the d-word. black, navy, khaki. All kidding aside, the
who you were, where you were from, they People think too narrowly about diversity magic number for men is three. Four is too
threw you into one pot, simmered away the when they hear that word. They think much choice; two is not enough.
differences and everybody came out the racial and ethnic diversity, and thats super- If you are working with a woman and
same, Americanized. important, but thats not the only definition of she is making the decisions for her loved
Every element of the salad is distinctive diversity. My definition of diversity is any ones, then you would say, Here are all the
and can be seen for what it is. And most of us way you can be different from me. ways we can do this memorial service. You
would agree that the more and different stuff Lets say she and I are the same age, the give her everything. Shes not going to be
you put into a salad, the better it gets. same race, the same gender, live in the same overwhelmed.
The census has been tracking diversity zip code and even made the same household With a guy, you would say, Our three
for several decades with what they call the income. On paper, she and I would look most popular plans are. Or three most
diversity index. What this means is, if I the same. But shes got kids; I do not. You popular products are. Our three newest
grab two people at random anywhere in the know, and I know, that if youve got kids and whatever. You give them three. If a guy wants
country, what is the likelihood they will be of I dont, were going to be different in every more information, hell always ask. r

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r Stop procrastinating and do check-listers, the taskmasters, the very people ignore it, they dont try to run away from
the things you know you should you would think not to be procrastinators. it, they charge right at it. They look for the
Rory Vaden, entrepreneur, co-founder We call this priority dilution. We delay on opportunities and they make things happen.
of Southwestern Consulting the days most significant priority not because They understand that easy, short-term
Successful people form the habit of doing were lazy or apathetic or disengaged, but choices lead to difficult long-term consequen
things they know they should be doing even because as we grow, as our leadership pur ces. Meanwhile, difficult short-term choices
when they dont feel like doing them. Success view expands, we have more and more lead to easy long-term consequences.
is about doing the things we opportunities, more and The great paradox is that what seems easy,
know we should be doing, more things pulling on our like avoiding change, not having to change
even when we dont feel like attention. People describe the way we do things, is easy in the short
doing themespecially in this as I am constantly term. Conversely, doing the things we dont
times of change. Your industry putting out fires. Always want to domaking the sales calls, putting in
is going through so much victim to whatever is latest the extra hour, adapting the business model a
change. and loudest. We know what little bitare hard in the short term, but are
What is the word we needs to be done, but we the vehicles to the easier life.
use for putting off stuff cant ever carve out enough Learn to leverage long-term vision to
that we know we should space to do it. endure short-term sacrifice.
be doing? Procrastination. What is the solution?
Procrastination is the most It all comes down to this r Work together to create a creed
expensive invisible cost in one little word: Discipline. Do this the next time youre sitting down
business today. The most successful with your team, or pull some key leaders
Creative avoidance is people, the most successful from different parts of your organization if
unconsciously filling the day small businesses, the most you have a big operation. Turn on a recorder
with menial or trivial work, The industries that go successful organizations, and ask: What do we believe to be true about
and whats wild about creative extinct, the businesses that simply have the discipline how we do business? How do we want to be
dont make it, the people
avoidance is that we can get to do the things they know known? What kind of experience do we want
who dont hit their targets,
in early in the morning, be in it has much more to do with they should be doing even our customers to have? What are the things
a lot of meetings, on a lot of a lack of will than a lack of when they dont feel like we value most?
calls, pushing a lot of paper, skill.Rory Vaden doing them. Let them brainstorm a list of the things
answering a lot of emails, You see this consis they care about and want to be a part of, and
doing a lot of stuff, and yet when we look tently in all high-performing organizations, youll be amazed. Theyll come up with stuff
back on what we accomplished at the end of a tremendous culture of discipline. thats better than you would.
the day, if were honest with ourselves, we The most disciplined people in the world Capture it and catalogue it and then edit it
realize we were doing nothing more than just dont like discipline any more than the rest down and fit it on one piece of paper to be a
being busy. of us. Ultraperformers know that problems creed and read it at the start of every meeting
Another type of procrastination affects procrastinated on are only amplified. Waiting and watch how it completely transforms the
the chronic overachievers, the owners, the always makes it worse. culture, because its not from you, its from
leaders, the managers, the top performers, the When change comes, they dont try to them. r

Investing for the future because forever is a long time

With more than 20 years experience in managing endowment care funds, well help ensure they withstand the
test of time long after the last plot has been purchased. Call for a complimentary review of your endowment
care investments.

Pat Severo, CIMA, AWM SB Wealth Strategies

Managing Director Financial Advisor
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r Think carefully about the details data, and you may not be able to do that.
before selling cremation online If youre going to get a privacy policy,
Poul Lemasters make sure its something that applies to you
Most brick and mortars, when they go online, and protects you and its what you do.
create another brand. Im not telling you How many of you believe that if you sell
its wrong, but for the licensing, some states online, at some point, you have to make sure
are saying you cant do that. So you need you provide the General Price List? Heres a
to check, if youre going to come up with little tidbit for you: The FTC admits that they
another brand, another business, you may have no governance under the Funeral Rule
need another license. for online pricing or GPL handout.
Another issue we get into very quickly is So, technically, you never have to give out
cyberlaw, trademark, cybersquatting. Theres a price if youre doing it online. Should you
a race to get all of these cremation website do it? Absolutely you should be doing it.
names. Everybody wants to have The The whole point of going online is I want
(location) Cremation Society, Cremation to be able to shop and not talk to anybody.
Society of (my town/my state/my city). You I dont want you to be there. I want to be able
have to be careful; you have to make sure you to figure out what something costs and do my
have a right to it. own research. If you dont put your prices
If your website is info only, this isnt a big on there, theyre going to go somewhere else.
deal, but if were into the online world and A company I was working with, very
were collecting information, we need to have forward-thinking, did their contracts online.
some very good privacy policies, because we They said, Poul, we cant get them to sign
are taking in information. it. I said, Send one to me.
Worst thing we can ever do is say, Well, Here was the problem: When you got to
I bet you this company is huge, I bet they the end of this beautiful presentation, you had
have a great privacy policy. Well just copy to print it out, sign it, scan it and email it to
theirs. You better read it and understand it, them. Thats not online. Thats horrible.
Right now, there are barely any state or
because with privacy policies a lot of times He had 10 outstanding contracts. He went
federal regulations on online practices. companies actually make promises, like with an online signature program and had all
Poul Lemasters every three months, we will delete your of them signed within half an hour. r

r Learn how to do a FAB what something is, an lost somebody who was my
cremation presentation to families attribute is what it does life and my anchor is call a
Nctar Ramrez and a benefit is what catering company and invite
A study of 5,000 consumers making major you actually get. people to an event and arrange
purchasesvehicles, appliances, funerals, Ill give you an flowers. I want to cry. I want to
weddings, vacationsfound that consumers example in a memorial be comforted. And by doing a
split into three groups. service for a cremation. memorial service, you let me
About 5 percent of the population want Whats the feature? get what I need and you take
the best. Then you have the opposite side, This is our memorial care of the details for me.
the price-aversive consumer. Thats 20 service. Whats the But we dont always explain
percent. It doesnt matter what you say attribute? It allows If people like you theyre this to them. We stop at its
or do, they are going to buy the absolute your friends and family going to listen to you, but if a big room, you can have 200
they trust youthats when
cheapest thing. to gather to honor people, we have food, you can
they do business with you.
The bulk of consumers, 75 percent, are your loved one. We Nctar Ramrez play a video and music. Those
whats called best value. Theyre going offer a large facility, are attributes. Tell me what Im
to spend depending on what they perceive AV equipment, parking, food. As funeral going to get as a benefit. We need to get
the value is to them. You have the power to directors, this is where we stop explaining better at explaining the benefit, because this
influence how 75 percent of the consumers this offering. is where the value lies, and this is what is
purchase based on how you present to them. Heres the benefit of a memorial service: going to make me want to buy it.
The good news is that its 75 percent. The We take care of everything. All you need
bad news is we havent been very good at to do is show up. You can come, have time r Put the pen down and talk first
talking to them in their language. with friends and family in a place thats This is the one thing Im actually going to
We do it with a FAB presentation. This informal, getting comfort, breaking bread demand that you do. You need to put your
builds on what Kelly McDonald talked with your friends, sharing stories, crying, pen down the moment you sit at the table
about yesterday. FAB is a feature, attribute hugging. with that family. Click it off, put it down,
and benefit presentation. A feature is The last thing I want to do when Ive move it aside and take the first five minutes

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i C C FA 2 0 1 7 C o n v e n t i o n
C r e m At i o n LED Lighting Solutions
for Memorial Products
to talk. I have a lot of directors say, Oh, yeh,
Nectar, I do that. We just talk the first five E N E R G Y S AV E R
minutes. But sometimes you still take a note.
You write their name down. They might say
LED light bulb for Crypt
something important and Ill forget.
& Niche Fronts
The moment you write something down,
your eyes are down. You cannot establish a Warm color for Bronzes
personal connection unless youre looking
the person in the eye, and you cant do that if
youre writing something down. www.septechnologies.com
And writing connotes a business trans- 1 877 515-4672
action. Writing is about business, and youll
get to business. Youll have time for the
forms. Take five minutes, put the pen down,
move it aside and talk. This alone will change
the tone of that arrangement.
If you have staff meetings, have your staff
practice this.
Key question to ask those first five
minutes: What happened? If your dad just
died and you call your best friend and say,
Dad just died. Your friend doesnt say, My
god, what was his Social Security Number?
Whats the first thing somebody who
loves you would ask? What happened?
Somebody who cares about you wants to
know the circumstances of that death. Its a
natural reaction. And as a funeral director,
you want to know because this affects the
state of mind of that family.
Is this a family where mom was in
hospice for three weeks in tremendous
pain on a morphine drip? Now shes finally
relieved of pain and with dad dancing the
jitterbug in heaven. Or, dad got up this
morning, laced his sneakers, went for a run
and dropped dead of an aneurism. Two very
different families.
Both families are still processing what
happened, especially the one that was a
shock. Theyre not listening to you. By
allowing them to share, you let that out so
that you can then get information in.
They may not want to share, and thats
OK. But you should always ask.

r Explain why people should not

keep that urn on the mantel
Everybody needs a place where they live, and
they need a place where they grieve. When
you take that urn home and it sits on your
mantel, youre not separating the twoand
youre not allowing others to grieve properly.
So have a place where you can grieve,
you can go in those moments and then you
can go back to your home and continue to
live your life. Those should be two separate
locations. r

Visit the new and improved www.iccfa.com July 2017 29


r Start working now to engage What if I want to pay an them, If you were to research a cemetery or
your future millennial customers installment on my moms crematory for yourself or a loved one, how
Leona McAllister contract and I go in and would you contact them?
Some research by Forbes on the millennial you ask me to write a Over 50 percent chose to do something
check? Im a millennial.
consumer: online. The rest wanted that face-to-face, I
I dont have a checkbook;
They arent influenced at all by adver I dont even carry cash. would go and visit them.
tising. Only 1 percent of millennials surveyed Leona McAllister We then asked, if you were to purchase a
said that a compelling advertisement would plot in a cemetery or a cremation service for
make them trust a brand more. So lets look at the buying cycle, starting yourself or a loved one, what method would
They review blogs before making a with the awareness-of-need stage. We you use to communicate with them?
purchase, so they need social proof. actually think theres a stage before that, And interestingly, over 75 percent wanted
They want to engage with brands on an unawareness stage, particularly in this that face-to-face. That tells us that human
social networks. That doesnt just mean industry where millennials are probably not interaction is still massively important, but
that they want to follow brands on social aware of or are ignoring that they should even also that we need to engage with them and
networks, they want to actually engage with be considering making any plans for the end have a presence online to get them down
them and communicate with them. of life. that sales funnel. If we dont bring them
They want to co-create products with Theres the awareness of need, theres into the sales funnel and nurture them all the
companies. They want to be involved; they the consideration stage, where theyre doing way through, theyre not going to get to that
want to give feedback; they want to shape research. Theres the analysis and comparison decision-making stage. r
the products and the services theyre going to stage and then you get to stage four, which
consume. is the decision-making stage, where theyre I Googled nearby cem-
They expect brands to give back to going to make a purchase. eteries hereimagining
society. Its only at stage four that you bring that there was an at-need
So how do we sell to them? We dont. in the sales team to close the deal. Every deathand only three
cemeteries out of 12 even
We engage them. The biggest shift in selling thing before that is marketing and engage
had a phone number on
to millennials is the transition from ABC, ment. Traditionally, we talk about sales Google for me. And the
Always Be Closing, to ABH, Always Be and marketing, but it really should be first site I picked, I couldnt
Helping. Millennials want to feel that a brand marketing, and then sales. really see on my phone.
genuinely cares about them and not just their We did our own bit of research specifi Taking care of these small, basic things
profit. cally on millennials and cemeteries. We asked really does help.Sean McAllister

Cave Hill Cemetery said content on the page, quickly draft yourself a shows continued dialogue between all the
that sharing information note and say, Add this to my folder about people working on this particular item. So
with the public creates a new space development in this garden of if the director of the cemetery sends this out
tremendous amount of the cemetery. You can tag it there and put a to the grounds crew, and they have maybe a
good will. Theyve had a
reminder to go back and look at it later. picture and description of what needs to be
lot of success with driving
Its very powerful in terms of organizing done, as the grounds crew starts typing in
traffic to the website
though burial search, information, and you can add all these tags, information and working on it, they put in a
and then they show the then go back and search all of this infor quick update and the manager gets an alert
different types of property available. mation in a very rich way. It allows you to on his Evernote that pushes to his phone or
Theyre getting three or four highly search emails, documents on your computers, laptop telling him whats being done. You
qualified leads a week to buy property things youve clipped out of websites. have the ability to search and sort these very
through putting it online.Nick Timpe Gethsemane leveraged this as a work- effectively.
r Look at the free app Evernote order platform; theyve set up their I would encourage you to look at
to see what it could do for you Evernote account so that that they track Evernote. Its a free application that has some
Nick Timpe and manage work orders. They basically possible add-ons for a small rate. There are
How many times do you get an email create a new ticket in Evernote and give it also a lot of industry solutions, so if you do
that has this interesting article a friend or a title saying what type of work is being have your records in the computer, theres the
colleague sent you and you know you want done. Then they can tag another Evernote added benefit of using an industry solution
to read it, but you just have absolutely user, someone else at the cemetery who is that is going to be tied into your data.
no time that day? Maybe you mark it as responsible for that work order, and put a If you have all of your lots and sections
unread, or you put it in a folder in your date of when they want to get it done. It also and spaces outlined in a database with your
computer, never to think about it again. automatically tracks and dates every time owners and next-of-kin already put in, you
With Evernote, you can tag it. It synchs somebody updates that particular task. can create work orders in your database
with your email, with your web browser, In your description, you can attach and attach the owners and next-of-kin so
with all the different applications on your images, files. As people work on it, you you know who to contact once the work is
computer. You can basically highlight the basically have a chat box right there that complete. r

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I C C FA 2 0 1 6 C O N V E N T I O N FI RS T-T I ME RS
S U S TA I N A B I L I T Y Amanda Atkins
Hippensteel Funeral
is for the short term. Home, Lafayette, Indiana
Laurel Hill had three criteria. It was Its been very informa-
important for them to support the company tive. Ive learned so
value of being a good citizen. Doing the much and heard so
right thing is critically important in their many good ideas to take
culture. Risk management was the second back to our firm and
criterion. And third was to align with and implement, hopefully.
support the business strategic plan.
It was really important to get everybodys Trevor Crean
input in that process. There were some Heritage Garden
really interesting things that came out of that Cemeteries, Vancouver,
Sol Mow, Gino Merendinos solar mow- British Columbia
er, sat quietly during the session. You dialogue with management and employees
Im very much enjoying
can friend Sol Mow on Facebook. in a room together talking about how are it. I liked all the exhibi-
these things affecting our lives, how are they torsthats the biggest
r Develop a sustainability plan affecting our customers and our community convention Ive ever
for your funeral home or cemetery members. There were surprising conversa been toand Im learning a heck of a
Cliff David tions that were very helpful. lot in all these presentations.
When I started, I thought, Some of the goals: Decreasing waste to
What is sustainability? Its landfill; reducing fuel useboth fuel used James Mercer
recycling paper and making for mowers as well as fuel used in cremation Hites Funeral Home,
sure you dont use more and other things; reduce the amount of topsoil Pahrump, Nevada
water than you have to and purchasedthrough an organic recycling I think its amazing.
you turn off the lights when program; and improve employee satisfaction. Ive been enjoying the
you leave the room. But its All of these things are measurable, achiev lectures, particularly. Its
far more complex. able. Theyre what we call smart goals.
a lot of informationyou
Every month, we have a full staff meet kind of get bombarded
ing, and one of the topics is sustainability. at firstbut its been a wonderful
r Test alternatives to turf experience.
They hear it from us, and they also participate Gino Merendino
themselves. Were looking at a cultural shift The hardest place in the world to grow
within our organization. We know its got to material is in a parking lot. In
Erika Maldonado
be embedded. It cant just be dont forget to Los Parques, Guatemala
the funeral home parking lot, City, Guatemala
turn off the lights. Its got to be a lifestyle, we had these wonderful beds This a convention that
and were starting to see that happen. that had turf on them. Turf provides a lot of knowl-
next to asphalt gets very hot; edge, a convention
Jennifer Anderson its hard to irrigate; its really where people come to
There are lots of things tough to mow. share their knowledge
that you can do across The horticulturist had and great ideas for better business de-
environmental, governance the insight to plant liriope.
velopment. The emphasis on memori-
and social categories. The It grows nice and denseit
alization is very significant and makes
idea is to identify the things me want to implement a lot of what I
almost looks like turfand have learned here, and to come back.
that you could do and then you can cut it once a year.
narrow it down to the things We put in some liriope gardens and found
that are relevant to your they would pay for themselves in five Bryan Mason
business and then significant to the bottom years, just in labor savings. r
The Gardens Cemetery,
line, and then ultimately what the priority Boston, Massachusetts
Its very helpful. Im try-
ing to learn more about
r Realize that funeral directors are Dyanne Miller Matzkevich the industry and look at
an important part of green burial We have some families who some of the cool prod-
Kate Kalanick take care of their own dead, ucts. Ive really enjoyed a
Green burial soothes the souls which is allowed in North lot of the seminars.
of those left behind. A lot of Carolina. But for the most
the personal healing is due part, people choose to use Adam Walker
to the funeral directors and a funeral director. I always Walker Funeral Home,
cemeterians who participate point out you dont know Spanish Fork, Utah
in it. Its allowing them to how someones going to die, Very good. I loved the
recapture the tradition of keynote speakers, and
what the circumstances are going to be. To
the booths are very good.
service to families. have that professional to guide you through Ive enjoyed it very much.
the process is, I think, necessary. r

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Cemeteries Prefer Diamond Shield

We were very pleased to return back to Matthews
and their Diamond Shield Protective Coating
after several years with a very large competitor.
The quality of their products and the protection
of their Diamond Shield Coating are wonderful
they meet all of our cemeterys needs.
Missy Chieffalo, Office Manager
Holly Memorial Gardens
Colerain, OH

Diamond Shield

Contact your Matthews Field Sales Manager at

1-800-628-8439 to ensure your memorials have
the lasting protection of Diamond Shield

*Q-Lab Test Services Accelerated Corrosion Test MIP-5, Report 2, May 6, 2016. Absence of oxidation after 1,000 hours of exposure to humidity, salt spray and high temperatures.
2017 Matthews Resources, Inc., all rights reserved. MATTHEWS and MATTHEWS INTERNATIONAL are registered trademarks of Matthews Resources, Inc. CP-3651-2017

The average length of r Dont get mad and ignore hospice does that mean? There are a lot of people
hospice stay is 72 days; Kim Medici Shelquist coming through your door whose first
the median is 19. Hospice Ive heard funeral directors say, I kind of got conversation about funeral service happened
caregivers have a lot of irritated with our hospice, so Im not really with a hospice caregiver, because one of the
time to get to know their
going to pay attention to them anymore. first jobs of the hospice social worker is to
patients and the families,
to build relationships That is an understandable reaction when say, Have you made funeral plans?
before that family comes things arent going the way you want them to Medici Shelquist handed out USB drives
to you. go, but I think its maybe a fatal mistake. with a hospice toolkit; a limited number
Kim Medici Shelquist In the United States today, almost half of remain. Call the ICCFA at 1.800.645.7000 to
all deaths occur under hospice care. What request one; first-come, first served. r

r Offer continuing education that a vet nowadays. Theres a big push to offer Personal safety: Have somebody from
hospice staff, volunteers can take more to Vietnam vets. the sheriffs department come out and talk
Jim Monahan Breakfast presentations on the rules of about how to walk to the car. Things that
Offer continuing education for hospice the funeral industry. We really dont know people who are bereaved, whove had a death
staffs. Hospice volunteers have to go through your rules and regs. Breakfast because if in the family, could get something out of.
12-14 hourssometimes you offer a lunch, you Offer education on the why of the
its up to 20 hoursof know what happens. psychology of the funeral.
training. If you invite people People go to work, 
to your facility so they can theyre not going to stop r Think about interactions with the
see what its like in your and go to something. If family and hospice on first calls
funeral home and you talk they can do it on the way I did a survey of two hospices in the
to them about it, youll get to work, thats good. Tampa Bay, Florida, area, when I was
hospice workers in. More Do a community preparing for this session. One question
ideas: event and call on the I asked was if they could ask a funeral
Cultural end-of-life hospices, say, Were director one question, what would it be.
issues. I think if you did planning on having If there was one sore point, this was it:
that, youd fill the room. something for the How do you select the staff members who
Anything on ethics, community, would you have initial contact with the family during
because anyone with a like to refer people to retrieval? (Thats where you come to pick up
license in social services us? Would you have the body.)
needs ethics education suggestions? When the funeral home comes to pick up
every year. Things like a body, thats the ultimate time. Were there
The big thing now is Cooking for one. probably 97 percent of the time, and thats
supporting Vietnam vets. We had somebody in where we have the interaction with you guys,
Theyre our next big group Sarasota offer that and and thats what they see, the person who
coming through, and its a we had 70 or 80 people comes to pick up the body. This is such an
whole lot different being a Vietnam vet than attend. Practical issues, not grief-related. important time to interact. r

r Dont turn off hospice people the ceiling. Theyre used to it. The hospice people
with how you handle first call We become death-blind. Its another call. dont know the
Glenda Stansbury Its another body. Its another pick-up. We difference between
First call is gonna kill us or its going to save forget that this is the only time this person a $595 box and
burn and a full-ser-
us. Remember the old Police song? Every is going to die for this family. We have a
vice funeral home.
move you make, every breathe you take, Ill tendency at first call to make it very technical, Theyre not going to
be watching you. The hospice people watch point A to point B, lets go, rather than know unless we tell
us. They watch how we deal with their all about the family, lets talk. Theres a them. So we have
families when we walk in. difference, transactional versus relational, and to be the big brave
How many of you watch the show they are watching us. people in this and
Hoarders? When the psychologist walks If youre using a third party, you better be start finding ways
into the house and theyre seeing the first going out there and creating a relationship to explain.
shocking thing, the hoarder, nine times out of with the family after the third party has done Glenda Stansbury
10, will say, I dont know why everybodys the removal. Are you calling that family? Are So if you think that getting to sleep in at
so upset about this. Its not that bad. you showing up? Because all the hospice night by having a third party come pick up
They have become what is psycholo nurse is seeing is some guy whos walking your bodies is helping, its really not. Think
gically called clutter-blind. They dont see it, in, saying, I cant answer any questions; Im about what hospice and the family are seeing
the fact that they are living on a stack that hits just the removal service. at first call and do some bridge-building. r

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I knew everything
about my business.
Except how
to sell it.
Laurens Fish III
Funeral Homes &
Cremation Services

One doesnt learn everything about their business overnight. In fact, it has taken me
over three generations of family ownership and Im still learning. When it came time
for me to make a transition, I realized I was out of my comfort zone. My research
kept showing that Johnson Consulting Group was the go-to firm for funeral
homes in my situation. It was the best call I ever made.
Not only has JCG helped funeral home owners time and time again, they
understood that this would be my first and only time to do this. And that I had
some unique wishes. Like the fact that I wanted to stay involved after the sale. And
that I wanted my staff to stay intact as well. My goal was to remain connected and
have more time to devote to the local community and my favorite charities. JCG
made all of that happen. They know their business. Because they understood mine.
2017 MKJ Marketing


Mergers & Acquisitions Valuations Accounting Management Services Financing Customer Surveys

From left, Jim Breaux, Corrie Gabriel, Wendy Wiener and Bill Williams talk about unitrusts and how they can help cemeteries.
r Learn what unitrusts can do for Wendy Wiener Jim Breaux
your cemetery as cremation grows Its not new. Total return distribution is Fixed income generates roughly 3 percent,
Bill Williams an extremely common method used by right? Three, three and half percent. So if you
The unitrust is probably the greatest thing entities just like cemeteries, entities that have 80 percent of your portfolio generating
to happen to the cemetery industry since need to support beneficiaries for a long, 3 and a half percent, youre not going to get
the very first cemeteries. There are a lot long timelike, in the case of cemeteries, much more than thatever.
of people worried about the sustainability in perpetuity. The goal is to get more of your assets
of perpetual care cemeteries, and this is As we see cremation rates grow, exposed to areas of the market that produce
one way we can help improve that. It will concern about the ability of perpetual care higher returns. We do this through what we
produce more income, more cash, for your cemeteries to support themselves in the feel is an acceptable mix of asset classes so
cemetery today while still growing your long run is the real impetus behind the we dont throw risk through the roof.
perpetual trust fund for tomorrow. adoption of the unitrust law in the states.  to page 37

r Consider partnerships to bring I do think that thats going And there are huge revenue opportunities
planned church columbaria to you to be the way of the future, here, ones we thought were going out
Christopher Keller this type of development. the door. If we do it right, we can get that
If somebodys coming to you asking Mixed use, very experien-
business back. But we have to be intentional
tial. It pulls you in and it
how to establish a columbarium in their about getting it back into our world.
wants you to touch things.
churchyard, once you get off the floor and Theres color, theres glass, That developed space you see is going to
shut your mouth, you ask them a couple of theres movement all over be two acres. It sits right next to our newest
pointed questions like: What are you going the place. All of those things are not ex- mortuary location. Tiny but mixed use,
to do when your church moves? Do you actly what we associate with cemeteries. ground burial and above-ground. Its very,
have any recordkeeping? Do you understand Christopher Keller very dense, though it doesnt look it, because
youre setting up a cemetery? That would still be better, in my mind, woven throughout is a nature trail, a dog-
If you get past all those questions and than them doing it in a churchyard and walking parka community enhancement.
theyre still set on it, then I go to Plan B. moving it 30 years from now. And I get to We polled all the people who live in the
OK; I get why you want to do this. I support participate directly in the revenue stream. area and they cant wait for us to build it,
why you want to do this. Would you consider because Im turning an empty lot full of
partnering with my cemetery to do it here? r Bring cremation families back weeds into a park for them.
We are very well endowed; our cemetery will with intimate micro-cemeteries They dont care that there are going to be
be taken care of in perpetuity. How about I love the fact that micro-cemeteries are bodies buried there. What they care about is
we establish a dedicated congregational encouraging memorialization from the I just made something beautiful for them that
courtyard or pavilion for cremated remains in get-go. Families need place and history. doesnt look and feel like a graveyard. Its
our cemeterydedicated just to you. It would Cremation is not final disposition. Theres a mixed-use; its intimate; its small; its local.
be just for your parishioners. body to deal withdont throw it away. Its very Rio Rancho, New Mexico. r

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from page 36
Wendy Wiener
Right now, Iowa, Missouri, Tennessee
and Florida have adopted the total return
distribution method. It is in place and
working there for licensees.
In Arizona, California, Colorado,
Georgia, Nevada, Texas and Virginia, either
laws have been passed and are sitting on
governors desks, or governors have signed
and laws are about to go into effect in July,
or something is moving through the process
in a very positive way.
The best way to benefit your cemetery
in this way is to start talking to your
legislators and your regulators and get them
to understand that in a world with a super-
increasing cremation rate, the need to care
for perpetual care cemeteries over the long
term, an investment strategy involving a
significant mix of equities with your long-
term investments is the way to support the

r Stay on top of your investment

policy and open the statements
Corrie Gabriel
The biggest red flag I end up seeing when
Im speaking to funeral home operators and
cemetery operators: Review your investment
policy statements. A lot of properties end up
having an investment policy statement that
was put in place at a board meeting 10 years
ago and doesnt get updated.

Bill Williams
For years, when I first took over this
company back in the early 2000s, I made
it a goal to go out and see every one of the
clients we had. And thats back in the days
when we mailed, via snail mail, monthly $&.&5&3:1-"//*/(
Id walk into a clients business office
and over in the corner thered be a stack this
high of FSI monthly statements. They had
not been opened. For years, theyd been in
that corner collecting dust. 1-"//*/($&.&5&3:%&7&-01.&/54
The only time clients look at these 4*/$&

statements is when the market goes to &2035(+(16,9(0$67(53/$16&216758&7,213/$16 63(&6

hell in a handbasket. Then they open the 6(&7,21/$<2873/$16&5(0$7,21*$5'(13/$16
statement and say, What in the heck
3/$17,1*3/$16 63(&6
happened to my trust?
Review your monthly trust statement. /27/$<287 6$/(60$3663$&(5(&29(5<352*5$06
Look at the daggone things! Open the 6,7((9$/8$7,216 )($6,%,/,7<678',(6
envelope, open the email. Look it over. If
you see something thats not quite right, ask
*:*5(9(5 :$5'

questions. Pick up the phone and call.

   1 % 8 ) )$ / 26 7
r 2 5 & + $ 5 '3$ 5 . 1 <         

Visit the new and improved www.iccfa.com July 2017 37


By simply going around at night, because thats a darkened area, and Sure enough, I went up there, grabbed
night and ensuring that the they could cook and ventilate the process to both pants legs, emptied out the pockets and
lights were not burned out, make their meth so they didnt have to do it in two needles popped out. One had a cap, one
we were able to limit the their home. did not. And where the cap wasnt was where
amount of crime going on
When you get a little closer, you start he was going to put his hand in, and he would
in our facilities. Youve got
to do the little things right seeing the jar where they cut some of their have gotten stuck by the used drug needle.
to build a deterrent against stuff. What you really want to be careful of, This year weve redoubled our efforts
crime. Dont let lights get obstructed by is with the residue thats in those jars. If you on needle safety. Heroins become such a
branches. Have an arborist come out and kick it, you could initiate a reaction and create problem with finding these needles, at least
properly prune the tree.Chris Cooke an explosion. in southern Indiana, that they wont even
Youve got to really know what youre respond to this anymore.
r Know how to safely dispose of handling when you come across this meth When I called dispatch and said, We
meth remnants and opiod needles trash, because you can get people burned, you found some more needles, are you going to
Chris Cooke can get them seriously hurt. send somebody by to properly dispose of
My mowing contractor came up to me. He Jokingly one day, an employee comes them? They said, No.
knew, from our education, what this was, but over the radio and says, Hey, Chris. Is Then how do you recommend that I
to the untrained eye, that just looks like a bag somebody walking around up in the front part dispose of these safely? They said to take
of trash, doesnt it? In the very corner, right of the cemetery without pants on? an empty bottle, put some gloves on, put the
inside our front gate by our veterans plaza. Why? Well, we found a pair of pants needle in the bottle, close it and dispose of it
I knew what it was, it was the remnants of up here with nobody in them. Im going to that way so it doesnt inadvertently puncture
a meth lab. The meth cook sat in that corner check the pocket. somebody else.
right there and could see the traffic go by at Do not put your hands in the pocket. Check with your own local agencies. r

r Bring in all the players to develop r To target marketing, learn when dont understand why it changed. One of
a cemetery master plan properly that urn might come off the shelf the things we can do is understand what
Tom Daly Erin Whitaker motivates and drives consumer behavior
Surprisingly, we have worked When you have a burial, the interment is and answer that. I think its going to be
on projects where they said, usually that day or within a day or two different in every market, and certainly it
Do a master plan, and its we know that. Cremation families are not can change over time. But if youre asking
come from a procurement or necessarily doing it right at those questions, you can get an answer for
financial office and theres no the time of cremation. Do we your area.
communication with all of the understand what that time is?
cemetery management, all of the players. Any Thats important for us, r Get ideas for cremation gardens
master plan you do, youre looking at the because how do you market from the influencers in your town
rules and regulations the cemetery has, and to those families? Are we A great way to market a cremation garden
you have to look at what the future is. marketing only at the time of in a small town to the funeral homes is to
Collaboration is the key. death? If we find its seven invite them to be a part of the process of
months, or two years or three years, are we developing it through focus groups.
r Map your cemetery with aerial going back and marketing and remarketing Get them in, ask them, Were doing this.
photography for easy-to-read map again? Are we asking them, Why now? Tell me your thoughts. Youll get some
David Crispin That might feel like a tough question to great ideas. Youll hear their objections if
If youre mapping ask, but I think we can ask in conversation. they have some, which will prepare you
over 25 acres or so, A lot of times, its a life event. Mom kept down the road on how to present it to them.
it becomes much dad on the mantle and then mom died and They start to feel a buy-in, excitement.
more cost efficient the children said, What do we do? They want to see when youre doing this.
to do it with aerial But if we could understand a little bit They want to see what does this look like.
photography. All more about itthats information we likely This was my idea. And who cares if it was
of that goes into a readily have available, weve just never or it wasnt? If they believe in it, theyre
database, all these different layers. considered how best to use it. I want you to going to sell it, theyre going to share it
The aerial photography also creates a think about How do I use the information with their families and its going to be more
rather interesting thing. I call it map reading that I already have to help me develop some successful.
for the map-reading impaired. marketing and business strategies. You can do that with funeral homes,
Ive been to so many planning board and I cant answer it nationwide, but one year clergy, influencers in the community. You
conservation commission meetings where when we did the study, we found it was an can have focus groups, dicussions. Formal
you put that box-of-spaghetti topography map average of three years. The next time we ones, informal ones where you just invite
up there and they look at you like, Huh? did the study, about five years later, it had them in and say, Wed like to pick your
Whats that? I see what it is, but the public shortened to seven months. brain about this. It really helps gain that
doesnt. So I love aerial photographs. r Why? We didnt ask, Why now? We buy-in. Theyll help sell it for you. r

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preneed program should grow your business and your profits too!
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r Build relationships with families

by showing how much you care
Jason Troyer
Almost every business will say, Were better
than our competitors because we really care.
And I believe that, as a profession, you really
do care. But you have to do things so that the
family feels your empathy.
Let me give you one example. Its time
for a private viewing. Familys coming in
at 10 oclock. One way you can do it is
have everyone wait in a meeting room until
everyones there. Is everyone here? Great.
Lets go back and see your loved one.
Thats perfectly fine; theres nothing
wrong with that. But what if we could Jason Troyer talks about ways to build relationships with families.
prepare them even better? What if we could of you if theres anything we can do to profession to get into a pattern. Its not that
help them make the most of that experience? make your loved one look their best, you dont care, but its the fourth one youve
Heres something you might say. (Youre because we really think thats important. done this week. But when you have a spiel
going to have to come up with something that Do you have any questions? like that, it forces you to slow down and say,
fits you and the situation.) Oh, and by the way, some of your OK, even if this family was here six months
Is everyone here? Great; I want to talk to family members are going to react differ ago for grandpa, this is the first time they
you about a few things before we go back to ently. Some of you are going to want to are going to see grandma, and thats really
see your grandmother. Just to let you know, I stay in there for quite a while, some of you important.
think youve make the right decision. I know maybe arent going to be very comfortable Slow down, be fully present for this
that viewing your loved one is difficult, but I in there. Some of you maybe will cry, and family and really be there with them. It
think this is important for your grief process, some of you are going to feel like youre communicates,Im an expert on this, and
and I think youll get a lot out of it eventually, walking through a cloud. Those are all I think this is a big deal.
but I know its tough right now. normal reactions. I would urge you not to And, more importantly, I care how this
When you go back, you can touch your judge other family members. I know you all goes, because I want you to get maximum
loved one, you can talk to themthats all miss your grandmother. benefit out of this.
normal. Im going to give you plenty of Are we ready to go? Lets go on back. For funeral and cemetery professionals,
time, and Im going to step out of the room What are you communicating when you one of the worst things you can hear is,
at various points to give you some privacy, do that? You care, and they can really feel it. I wish I could go back and do it differently. I
but Im also going to be nearby if you need I know that a lot of you have done count wish Id said something out loud to them;
anything. less viewings. I think another thing this does I wish Id touched their hand. I wish Id
At some point, Im going to ask some is slow you down, because it is easy in any written a note and put it in the casket. r

r Be creative: Create events and get a treat. This went on until there was only got to take a break and have some water.
partner with other businesses one dog. It was great; the people loved it. Youve got to be creative, and look at
Jodi Clock It is all about creating a newsworthy whos their market and how can we help each
Youve got to have a reason event so you can get new people coming other. What can we pass out? Maybe at the
for people to come to events. through your door with new ideas. What you funeral home at the end of the route weve
You cant just call a picnic have to do is capture those namesthats got coupons for those businesses. Youve got
and expect people to show importantthrough drawings or prizes. to drive business both ways.
up. What do you do? We did a little ruff-ruff route. Were You dont have to spend a lot of money.
The dog groomer does in downtown Muskegon. We got the local Youve just got to spend energy and be
free nail clipping. The businesses on three city blocks on board. creative. And youve got to have that
photographer will take little pictures. We had a drawing; there was a punch card. premium and incentive. Nobody would go
We had a pet medium there, and people People had to go into the businesses for on that walk and do this unless, OK, I can
were really excited about itthe line went punches. You make it a win-win situation. go here and I get 10 percent off at the cheese
way out. We had a pet chiropractor; little Baker College is a culinary college. They lady. I can go in and get a flight of beer for
doggie and kittie massages. Pet parents will made all kinds of special doggie-edible treats. $2 when its normally $10. And include
do anything for their pet to have a good time. And then of course people grabbed a cookie incentives for pets all the way through.
We had a cake walk with cupcakes from for themselves. Great exposure. Were on our sixth year of doing this, so
a barkery. The doggies would go while the Pigeon Hill is a brewery. People walked in its become standard. It took a while for it to
music goes, it stops, they get on a square and and got to sample a flight of beer. Their dog catch on, but its a very successful event. r

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We are a cemetery, crematory and mausoleum product supplier.
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Urn Vaults.
Vaults. Proven in use.

X Two sizes Original 9x9x14 X Three colors

ors Gray
G ay
ie A Ant
quue X So
o Gray Granite
nitte TTexture
ext ure
e X Excellent
e t ffor
Over 900 cubic inches Metallic Gold or Permanent Peace White. Inside and Outside for Committal Services.
Accommodates most urns, X Lightweight, high-impact polystyrene. Consistent Appearance.
three per carton. X Lids interchangeable with common X Oversized lid manufactured
Oversized 9x13x14 vault base bottom. with top connected to 4
Double urn burials and larger urns, X Sealer included with each vault.
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Authentic connection. for maximum strength.
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r Accept that value brands offer r Learn how to properly format Look for people who are regularly reporting
real competition, and prepare for it your emailed press releases news. If there are reporters who seem to be
Erin Whitaker Lynn Sullivan reporting the types of things youre looking
This is Simplicity Lowcountry The one thing to be aware atif theres a reporter, for example, who
Funeral & Burial Services in of, any communications that focuses on events and youre doing an
Charleston, South Carolina. you send, all information eventtry to contact that reporter.
Nice building, nice faade. has to be embedded in your At the very least, you always want to
Inside, nice and clean. Capa communication, and the vast send your material to the news desk or
ble of having the arrangement, majority of these are going general news contact at the outlet. You
the services. Hes able to out via email. You can send always want to get to the news desk.
provide all of the same services in this facility press releases via snail mail; you wouldnt You always want to embed pictures or
that you would in a traditional funeral home. be able to send a media alert via snail mail whatever in your release; you dont want
Now, it doesnt look like a traditional because it has to be done within the day. You to attach anything. As a back-up, you can
funeral home, but its very consumer-focused. can send it ahead of time, but just recognize always snail mail materials, but be aware of
Funeral Alternatives of Washington is you run the risk of it getting lost in the mail. lead time.
another value brand. They have a large Email is typically preferred, but all the If youre sending by email, never send
facility. They have an event room right next information has to be embedded in the on Monday or Friday. There are days of
door. Theyre able to do catering. email. Dont send attachments, because if the week you want to stay away from. The
When we look at the value brand segment, you do, your press release, your media alert, reason you want to stay away from Friday is
its not necessarily cheap, run down, nothing will be lost completely, because in many because Friday goes into the weekend, so it
there. Its actually very nice, very consumer- cases theyre concerned about downloading will get lost. Sending it on Monday, theyre
focused. One of the things people say, when viruses, so theyre not going to open still dealing with things from the weekend,
I ask what differentiates them from the value attachments. so it will get lost as well.
brand, is, We have better facilities. You want to be strategic about whom The only time you want to send on a
Do you, in the mind of the consumer? you contact. Reporters and assignment Monday or Friday is when youre dealing
This competition is real. We are talking editors are key. Beat reporters, if applicable. with a weekend story.  r
about 20-25 percent of our market. We have
to understand that this value segment is real. r Write a value statement and use sitting there, wondering, My moms died,
it to put you and the family at ease Ive got all these things going on, and my
Justin Baxley Mike Watkins neighbor said, Dont let that funeral director
If youre going to be One of the things I am rip you off.
competing with one of these truly passionate about is How do I make myself and the family
value funeral home brands, developing your value more comfortable? By having a value
you really need to be honest statement. statement and saying, I realize making
with yourself and ask what is As it relates to how funeral arrangements is not something the
really your differentiator. If we make arrangements, average person does every day, and I want
youre charging more, how are I always talk about your to assure you that my co-workers and I
you different, why are you different, how do value statement as your opportunity to say are all dedicated to making this as easy as
you establish that value. whats in your heart, to help ease your mind possible.
Its not only important that the owner and so youre not thinking, Boy, I dont want And we outline about learning about
manager can articulate those differentiators, to sound like a used car salesman to this their loved one, and giving them all their
it is important that their staff can articulate family, so Im not going to provide them options. Ultimately, the decisions are going
themover the phone, in person, in the with any options or educate them. Im just to be yours to make, but we want them to
grocery store. That theyre confident in how going to take their information and ask them be informed decisions, and we want you to
theyre different and why theyre different what they want. understand all of your options.
and how the prices justify that difference. And Im also worried that the family is Who can fault you for saying that? r
This is something that I hear all the time,
both inside and outside our companyIll
give you a hint: The differentiator is not better r Look to the state, U.S. Customs consultants that will help you develop
service. It simply isnt. That is not something for help with importing goods your international business of importing
that translates well to the consumer, because Patrick Spence or exporting. Also the SBAs international
to the consumer were all the same, until they Really, there is very limited trade loans can help you either importing or
learn something different. help for U.S. businesses exporting. One agency you need to get to
I really encourage you to focus on how are trying to import. Sometimes know really well is U.S. Customs, because
you different and what you communicate to a states small business you can choose the people who ship your
consumers about your difference. That will development center has an products, your bank, but you cannot choose
increase your effectiveness in being able to international trade center, the customs agency. Most major cities have
retain market share. r a group of state-funded a customs presence, so get to know them. r

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If someone is showing you The biggest thing any advisor can do is r Discuss these things
a performance report and take emotion off the table. Because more with your organizations
a benchmark is changing often than not, people make decisions based decision-makers
quarter by quarter ... there on what they most recently experienced. Jeff Goldstein
are ways to game the sys- I think its important for you
The idea of investing is to get in when
tem. You want a benchmark
things are inexpensive and to get out when to take a look at when you last
that stays the same and is
theyre expensive. Ive found it interesting discussed these things with
not a moving target because
their performance might that when stocks are on sale, its not like the decision-makers at your
look better in a given quarter against a anything else. Cars are on sale, Nordstroms organization, with your board:
specific benchmark.Pat Severo is having a sale, people go and buy. When Is your cemetery properly positioned
stocks are on sale, people run for the hills. to withstand a market downturn? Are you
r Consider active management well diversified, not only across asset classes
Pat Severo r Look at international stocks but within each asset class to withstand the
Weve seen a lot of movement to passive When you consider that two-thirds of the downturn?
management, indexing. I suggest that at this global capital is outside of the United States, Is your income high enough to meet
point, active management is probably better. there are going to be opportunities there, current and future obligations? We feel that
In the early 2000s, we had the tech regardless of what happens with Brexit. Right typically 85 percent of cemeteries are, quite
wreck, with about a 30 percent decline. We now, you have domestic stocks trading at frankly, underfunded. (Severo: I would say
had a very nice recovery, gave back about about 18 times earnings, and about 2 percent that number is actually low, Im sorry to say.
about 50 percent of that in the credit crisis dividend yield. It might even be higher than that.)
and then, amazingly, weve had an almost Currently you can probably buy a basket What process do you have in place
200 percent move in the marketplace. of international stocks trading about 12 times to fulfill your fiduciary duties as a trustee?
If you were in something like a passive earnings with a 4 percent yield. Theyve At the end of the day, you have a fiduciary
S&P index over the last 16 years, thereve underperformed for about the last five years. obligation to your organization. What
been two 50 percent declines. I dont know Everything goes in a cyclical fashion, and processes do you have in place to make sure
anyone in this room who wants to go to their we believe over the next three to five years, that those duties are actually fulfilled?
board of directors and say, Were down 50 youre going to have better returnsbetter Do you have a fully independent
percent, but thats what a passive benchmark income off of dividends and less riskoff a investment advisory, and do you adhere to
would have done. portfolio outside of the United States. r your investment policy?  r

r Concentrate on asset As you increase time, you what the return was in the S&P 500 if you
allocation for the best decrease risk. There has bought it 20 years ago and literally did
results in the long term never, ever, in the history nothing. The return was between 9 and 10
Paul Gottlieb of the markets, been a percent, on average, per year.
Security selection is, Do I buy 10-year period where you
What do you think the return was of
would have lost money in
Exxon or do I buy Chevron, do the average investor over the same time
an allocation of 70 percent
I buy Lowes or do I buy Home stocks and 30 percent period? Two percent. I think I already
Depot, do I buy Snapchat or bonds, even including answered the question, Why? Because
Facebook? It does matter, but it during the Great Depres- when you start feeling good, you buy, and
doesnt matter as much as people sion.Paul Gottlieb when you start feeling bad, you sell.
think. Over the long run, less than
are all over the board. But
5 percent of the performance of an r Dont fear market corrections
this makes sense for anyone
account or a portfolio is dependent I get asked all the time, Are you expecting
who has a long-term time
on that type of decision. a correction? And the answer is, Yes. The
horizon and the ability to take
Marking timing is less than 2 data on corrections tell me that corrections
on a certain amount of risk.
percent. Do I buy now, or do I are normal, and corrections are not bad. By
wait for a correction? Or, Im sitting on r Dont follow your gut definition, a correction means it goes down
a whole bunch of cash and Im going to If you live your life by making decisions and then back up.
wait for a correction, or Im going to wait based on your gut feelings, it will lead you On average, theres a 10 percent correction
for the market to tank before I invest. Do to a lot of really, really good decisions. But every other year, and three 5 percent correc
those decisions matter? Of course they do, its not like that with investing. When the tions per year. So, yes, were expecting a
absolutely, but not as much as people think. markets going up, you start feeling really correction. Every year were expecting at
The answer? Asset allocation: How much good. When the markets going down, you least one correction, because thats what
is in stocks for growth, how much is in bonds feel the exact opposite. That will lead you the data show. Ninety percent of the time,
for income. Over 90 percent is dependent on to do the exact opposite of what you should. if it goes down 5 percent, it goes back up, it
this one decision. There is one caveat: Time. Youre supposed to buy low and sell high. doesnt turn into a big, horrible 20 percent-or-
If you look at it for six months or a year or This will lead you to buy high and sell low. worse bear market.
some very short time period, these numbers Theres a research piece that looked at Dont be scared of corrections. r

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Whats I C C FA 2 0 1 7 C O N V E N T I O N
having r Leverage millennials digital skills youre thinking about what theyre doing and they
a photo
Mike Jorgensen want to be able to improvise and make adjustments on
booth, or
Statistically speaking, millennials are the fly. Its not particular to millennials. I think a lot of
someone twice as likely to be bored at work as people would like more feedback at work.
with a video camera boomersfor a lot of reasons. They
Mark Jorgensen
and a microphone are digital natives and can accomplish
Millennials prefer being coached to being directed. No
saying to somebody, the same tasks as people in other
surprise thereI think a lot of us feel that way. That
What do you remem- generations four or five times quicker.
involves more work for you, as a manager, supervisor.
ber about Jerry? I worked for a boomer pastor when
Have you got a favor- It will be more intensive. Coaching implies frequent
I was in youth ministry, and he would send me off
ite story? We might feedback in real time.
with some data and say, Today, I want you to put
want to consider that Have a plan to talk to people about performance on
all this in a spreadsheet and bring it all back to me
when were giving op- an ongoing basis.
tions to our clientele. tomorrow.
Some of you probably use as a yardstick to eva
Dale Amundsen And 90 minutes later, after a 30-minute coffee
luate after 90-day probation period. Thats kind of
break, Id bring it to him and hed be in awe that I
standard issue. If day 91 is the first performance-
was able to assemble this data in a visually pleasing
The related conversation, weve probably failed in
manner in 60 minutes, but I know how to automate
primary managing that employee.
things like that. I can work very quickly with my
expo- In fact, a lot of places now will sit down and say,
computer. Thats just one example of how you can
sure you We want to have a plan for performance; lets outline
would get really capitalize on that or let them be bored.
it. Now, what would we like you to accomplish on
is inhal- your first day on the job? After one week on the job?
ing the ra- r Give employees frequent feedback
After 30 days on the job? r
dioactive Mike Jorgensen
ash. If According to Harvard Business Review, millennials Millennials are now the largest
youre protecting your- want greater accessibility to management. If you only single generation in the American
self with PPE against sit down with your employees once a year, many workforce. In 2030, theyll be 75
inhaling the ash, then percent of your workforce. I know
of them will feel thats not enough engagement. In
there shouldnt be any that sounds like a long ways off,
my current job, I get about once a month and as a
exposure.The direct but its 13 years away. The new
radiation exposure is millennial, I d rather have a little bit more face time. reality is that millennials are a
not going to be that That doesnt mean it has to be positive. Positive or critical part of the team going
great. Awareness is negative, they want check-ins. They want to hear what forward.Mark Jorgensen
taking the proper pre-
cautions for that puff r Make sure you know what should Youre probably thinking, This is regular stuff.
of dust. (and should not) go in employee files Why are you giving me this list? I knew all that.
Glenn Sturchio, PhD
Stephanie Ramsey Because for all these things that should be in there,
One of the most common HR there are some things you shouldnt have in there.
The dead mistakes that I come across is that Do not have an employees medical records or I-9
have employers dont have employee files. forms in an employee file. Say you have an employee
rights. Are employee files necessary? YES! who has a workers comp file, theyve gotten injured
Case Have an employee file on each of your on the job with you. Typically youll get medical
after employees. Theres not a federal law reports about their condition. That is privileged,
case that says You must have an employee confidential information.
after file. Im telling you, you want one for yourself. As a Your employee file can be read by anyone in
case, the
resource, as protection from litigation. your HR department, your office manager as shes
say the dead have
What youre going to want to have in there: The filing information about employee benefit renewal
rights and it is the job application that your employee initially filled out, premiums or information on regular annual review.
responsibility of their resume, their job description, any other benefits She shouldnt have access to medical information.
the living to protect you offered them, employee reviews, W-4s. For the same reason, you want I-9 forms
them. And their rights When you gave them an employee handbook, did completely separated. Because when the Department
include the rights to you ask them to sign an acknowledgement that they of Labor does an I-9 review, all theyre supposed to be
a decent burial and to received it? Make sure its all in the same file. looking at is I-9 forms.
undisturbed repose. If you have any kind of employment contracts, or If they come in and you say to them, We have
If the next of kin dont
employment agreements, make sure its in these files. all their I-9 forms and theyre right here, and you
protect them, the
United States Supreme
If youve had to take an employee aside and say to pull out all your employee files and your employee
Court said the courts them, If you come in late one more time, Im going files are combined with everything and theyre
need to do it. to terminate you, where do you think that should be? looking through it and youve got their workers
professor In this file, right? And ultimately, if you terminate an comp information in there for a claim and it has their
Tanya Marsh employee, it needs to be here. medical information, youve now violated HIPA. r

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really ridiculously
good looking.
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Custom Air Trays

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r Stop losing out on Publix. Youve got to go to want to saddle up with one florist because Im
revenue because youre the next level. going to be serving all those florists in town
afraid of losing a few calls The biggest reason it and their families. And I cant help asking
Doug Gober doesnt happen is that were them, How many calls are you going to get
What if you took your event afraid to deal with one over the next five years from all those florists
spaceor you built oneand caterer in town, just like families? Four?
put your catering partner in were afraid to deal with Youre going to give up all the income
charge of it? Let them stage it, one florist. Wed rather get from catering, or flowers or whatever you
supply it, man it. Think of the 100 Cs for mediocre food want to expand your offerings to, because of
things you could do with it. and beverages than 99 As those four families?
Think of how you could and lose one call when the Yes, we want to ignore the $100,000 a
compete with the guy down the street whos other caterer in towns mom dies. year thats available to us in revenue because
just bringing in a tray of sandwiches from Ive had people tell me for years, I dont we might miss four calls. r

r Learn how to expand into new front-end stores that dont have DCs and all estate and assets and saying, Let me use that
markets with smaller buildings that overhead, then we can put them anyplace to have a lower-cost outreach into the market,
served by that flagship location thats got 30,000 people. and serve different kinds of communities I
Paul Seyler Walmart found a way to serve commu couldnt touch before.
Historically, weve overin nities that were too small to attract full-scale Lets say theres a Korean community in
vested in physical plant. We investment from a Kmart. They were able to your market. Theres a general rule that you
have these flagship locations put front-ends into lots more places than the need about 150 or 200 annual deaths to build
that have all this possibility; competition could, so they took a lot of folks a $2 million funeral home to serve them.
we have all these assets. off at the knees, because people who used to What if you could do it with a $35,000
What a lot of us have drive 20 miles to a Kmart could now drive storefront arrangement center, instead? Could
started to do is to hang across town to Walmart. you now offer a Korean funeral experience?
additional locations off of them, using them Think about doing that in the funeral Could you offer the convenience and
as the hub to provide services to other, business. Suppose you had a care center, experience of Korean arrangement to folks
satellite locations. I want to suggest a slightly purpose-built to be the ass-kickingest care at a much lower cost and so be able to serve
different approach. center in your state, and it operated at scale. those folks? And if you did, would you attract
What if you said, Im going to have a Suppose you had a service center where all a disproportionate share of the 75 Korean
core service center and a care center, and your marketing and digital media production deaths in your community?
Im going to have those be the best they can and event services took place. What could You cant build them a funeral home, but
be and to change the equation for all of my you do with that? you can build them an arrangement center.
public-facing facilities. What some people are beginning to do And you could serve that from your core
Thats what Walmart did with distribu is use that as a hub from which to extend facility. You could offer a higher level of
tion centers. Kmart said you had to have multiple brands and have multiple swings at service to religious and ethnic groups. You
110,000 people in a community to support a the audience, to give people more reasons to could take that market away from whomever
Kmart store. Walmart said, Yeh, not really. choose them. And eventually, all that business is serving them today.
You need 110,000 people to support a distri is still going through that core facility. Thats a tremendous competitive advan
bution center, because thats where all your What you see them doing is leveraging tage thats there waiting to be built out of
overhead is, but actually, if we put in little what was otherwise an overinvestment in real what you have today. r

r Dont let your niceness cost your When a crisis happens to Why was it so much? Because they had
funeral home or cemetery in court you, you need to be proac- acted illegally. They didnt get a permit. They
Poul Lemasters tive, you need to be on didnt notify everybody. They were trying to
No offense to everybody social media. You have to help; they were trying to be nice.
have concern, clarity, con-
here, bur one flaw in your Some of the worse mistakes can happen
trol, confidence. You have
personality is your heart. You to do the right thing. Dont when youre just trying to be nice.
are so eager to help solve a react; respond.Jodi Clock Another issue: When you have the police
crisis, youre ready to spring saying, Come help. When you hear police,
into action. family. Everyone walks away and its fine. or someone else in an authoritative position,
An example of how bad A year later, other family members come you sometimes think, Well, if theyre telling
this can be: One time a distraught family to the cemetery, find out that the cemetery me its OK, it must be all right to do.
came in to the cemetery. They had buried the had moved their daughter. The family had I cant stress this enough: In the field of
urn in the wrong location by three feet. The not all agreed to it. That little three-foot move death care, do you know who the expert is?
cemetery said, This is not a big deal, we went before a jury and cost the cemetery over You. You have to know what you can and
can fix this right now. Were here to help the $2 million. cant do. r

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The JFDA annual meeting was held during the ICCFA convention. Right, Rabbi Richard Address
spoke to the group about how the Fifth Commandment relates to the changing nature of saying
goodbye to those we love. Above, JFDA leaders include, from left, Ed Rusnak, Beth Israel Memo-
rial Chapel/NorthStar Memorial Group, Delray Beach, Florida; Justan Goldstein, Sol Levinson &
Bros. Inc., Baltimore, Maryland; Mindy Botbol, Shalom Memorial Funeral Home, Arlington Heights,
Illinois; Matt Levinson, Sol Levinson & Bros. Inc., Baltimore, Maryland; Albert Bloomfield and
Ed Nagel, Sagel-Bloomfield Danzansky Goldberg Funeral Care, Rockville, Maryland; Jim Cohen,
Feldman Mortuary, Denver, Colorado; Susan Zimmerman, wife of JFDA President Bob Zimmer-
man; Syd Waldman, Waldman Funeral Care, Houston, Texas; JFDA President Bob Zimmerman,
Ascher Zimmerman Funeral Home, Springfield, Massachusetts; Gail Rubin, A Good Goodbye,
Albuquerque, New Mexico; Charlie Salomon, Riverside Memorial Chapel, New York, New York;
Edward Dressler, Dresslers Jewish Funeral Care, Atlanta, Georgia; and ICCFA Vice President
Paul Goldstein, Hillside Memorial Park & Mortuary, Los Angeles, California. Members of the JFDA
Executive Committee are Randy Ziegler, Ed Rusnak, Mindy Botbol, Charles Salomon, Syd Wald-
man, Henry Epstein, Albert Bloomfield and Paul Goldstein. The JFDA and the ICCFA entered into
an affiliation agreement in 2011 giving JFDA members full ICCFA membership.

Commissions Lowered? Unappreciated? Corporate Politics?

Cemetery and Funeral Sales

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If you are interested in a quality life with a quality company with no micromanagement and the opportunity to become one of the highest
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We have opportunities for Cemetery and Funeral Sales Professionals

Savannah, GA All of New Jersey & NYC South Florida

Timberland Urns
Wholesale and Custom memorial products;
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Casket Protection
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651-688-0875 Mausoleum Trays
www.timberlandurns.com ensureaseal.com
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Visit the new and improved www.iccfa.com July 2017 49

Jennifer Duran M A N A GEMENT
Moore Funeral Home
at Forest Lawn, r First figure out and learn to Im the idea guy; I come up with all
Candler, North Carolina articulate your organizations why these great ideas. Fortunately, my wife
I love it; I wish it was John McQueen pulls me back a little bit and says, OK; is
longer. Theres so As Simon Sinek says in Start With Why, it going to make us any money?
much information that people dont buy what you do, they buy We run everything through the filter of
I wish I could be at
why you do it. So you need to know your Where the healing begins. What we ask
every single one of these sessions.
You just cant get this kind of ex-
why. If you dont know your why, if you is, How is this new product or service
pertise anywhere else. This has just cant articulate your why, its going to going to help the families we serve on their
been a fantastic experience. make it very hard for the consumer to be grief journey? Is this going to help the
able to buy into that. family heal?
Darrell Hill For us at Anderson-McQueen, our If the answer is yes, then the second
Eternity Gardens, why is about where question is, From the
Chicago, Illinois the healing begins. companys standpoint,
Its been a wonderful
The belief, the are we going to make
event. Im impressed
why, is driven by the money with this? Is
with the quality of the
speakers, the other leader. The leader of the it beneficial for the
attendees, and their company has to have a company?
ability and willingness to share clear why, we have to If the answer is no,
their knowledge. Definitely a worth- know why we exist and its not going to help the
while experience. the message we want to family heal, then we
get across. dont move to step two.
Frank Zelinsky The how actually This is not
Americas Cemetery, comes from your key necessarily your why.
Hermitage, Pennsylvania
employees. Thats the You have to find your
Its way bigger than I
thought it was going
action. Theyre going why, what youre all
to be. Last night we to be the ones to drive about.
went to the event with your belief. So you Im going to share
Mr. Scruggs. Im a need to make sure People ask me, Whats the with you a little bit
veteran, so it was important to go your managers, your funeral home down the street about how weve
to that. I got to interact with a lot of supervisors and others, charge? I dont know; go get instituted these whys
the veterans from the industry and believe in what youre their General Price List. I dont into our funeral home.
the Nashville community. It was an selling. If so, theyre mean to sound smart-alecky, but This area, an old
unbelievable experience.
going to drive it across to I dont care, because I know most portico out front of the
Patricio Mosso the team who ultimately funeral homes are not going to do building, used to be
create the results with what we do.John McQueen concrete and we would
Parque del Mar,
Via del Mar, Chile your customers. back the limo underneath it. It wasnt real
Im very glad to be Our why is actually something my appealing.
here for the first time. wife came up with. She was new to our About 15 years ago, my brother and I
Its very interesting, industry, but she had been around as an remodeled some of our facilities and we
all that weve seen, ancillary part, being married to me, and put in brick pavers and a little waterfall in
and the speakers.
had spent 15 years in marketing for a one corner and we put hard metal benches
Kevin Hammond
Fortune 500 company. out front.
Lake Washington After being with us about a month, she About two years ago, I was speaking
Institute of Technology- said, You know, were really about where somewhere and walked up to the hotel and
Funeral Service, the healing begins. Thats what we do for saw that they had nice cushioned couches
Kirkland, Washington every family. and sofas out front. We said, We want
Its been good. A lot of And as we learned more about under to be more like that hotel. So we put
interesting presenters. standing our why, we said, you know cushioned seats out.
Its been good to con- what, thats our why. Were about where Every day we put them out; every night
nect, meet some new people and to
the healing begins. weve got to lug them back in. Otherwise
see some products from suppliers.
Thats our filter; we run everything well end up with some of our homeless
Michael Frazier through that filter. neighbors sleeping on our couches.
Roller-McNutt We get sales guys knocking on our At a typical funeral nowadays, well
Funeral Home, door every day, wanting us to buy new probably have 20 to 25 people sitting out
Conway, Arkansas products. We have new services we think there reminiscing, drinking coffee, talking
Very informative. about offering. We have all kinds of and sharing memories. Its become a very
I learned a lot and different things we think about starting at wonderful gathering place and has helped
theres lots to see.
the funeral home. in that healing process. r

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Its an amazing feat you simply wont choices at prices theyll appreciate while
see from the other casket makers. bringing home a bottom line you and
Only Sich Casket can so expertly your accountant will both love. All this
balance superior craftsmanship in plus a national distribution network
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points that are truly business- quick delivery and personal service.
changing. At long last, you can With Sich, youre about to experience
give your families premium casket a performance thats in a class by itself.




For your nearest Sich distributor, call 888 -794-1744 or visit www.sichcasket.com

r Concentrate now on living the we take these moments that we have in life
life you want to be remembered for when we get serious and craft the life now
Rabbi Daniel Cohen for how we want to be remembered?
Youre at a funeral, and when youre You have five words to write on your
leaving, you say, You know what? I need headstone; what are they?
to spend a little more time with my family. Last week, I was giving a seminar for
I need to focus not on what is urgent in life a group of funeral directors. One fellow
but what is important, and to realize those Rabbi Daniel Cohen talked about how did this question and he said it was an
values that are most significant. his father gives him blessings and he awakening for him. He said, I wrote down
And then generally what happens, blesses his daughters. Here he gives a
husband, father, friend, son and then
blessing to attendee Gerald Webner.
within about 15 minutes you go back to life I realized I didnt write down the word
as usual, when you get the next email or and theyll call me up on the phone and say, brother. Then he said, I realized I have
something else that distracts you. Rabbi, Im going in for surgery; pray for a sister and the reason I didnt write down
Thats a challenge that we all have, me. And then theyll get really serious, and the word brother is because it must be that
this idea of coming to grips with what is say, I spend too much time at work, I have Im not giving enough attention to that
significant in life not just during a brush with to think about whats important. relationship.
mortality. And then it just goes away when, thank He said, What Im going to take away
As I rabbi, I experience this a lot: There goodness, everything is fine. from this is to think about how I can invest
are people I havent heard from in years, The question is, for all of us, how do more in that relationship. r

some other places; we encourage you to. What we need

However, do me a favor. I want you to write and what was
this down. And then give them something expected out
that will tie them to you, including your of our web-
sites and our
number, your name, so they have a buy-in to
online stuff
come back. Distinguish yourself. Otherwise, 10 years ago
it will come down to price. is not cutting
it today. And
r Give callers a medium as well as
a low price for cremation services because they
Cole Imperi value certainty,
Pull up your own website on your phone.
When people call to ask about cremation, are always going to favor companies that
Can you click on the phone number? Is I would suggest you give the lowest price have the best web interfaces, particularly
it embedded to be able to dial from the and the highest price. Think about when you mobile.Cole Imperi
phone, because if its not, theyre never walk into McDonalds and they ask, Would should always respond, but dont respond
going to call you.Poul Lemasters you like a Coke? What sizesmall, medium immediately. The owner should always
r Help shoppers remember you or large? Medium. Thats what humans respond and identify themselves as the owner.
Poul Lemeasters naturally pick. Most people fall in the middle. Always respond with a sense of gratitude.
One of the things we discovered is that as I would provide the highest and the Even if their review is absolutely crazy, you
you call more and more places, you end lowest so that they have that small and that showing up, identifying who you are, putting
up overwhelmed, and nothing stands out. large, but youve got to define for them a name and a face to the business, speaks
If nothing stands out, if I cant remember what that medium is. volumes to other customers who come along.
anybody from anybody else, how am I going People are so unsure when theyre having Thank the person for the time they took
to shop you? Price. to navigate an end-of-life situation. For you to share what happened. It took you a couple
You have to remember that when these to be able to say, The last 10 families that of days to post a response because you, as
people are calling you, not only are they walked in our door ended up doing something the owner, talked to your staff and looked at
asking you, chances are theyve shopped at like this and it came to about this much, how this happened and what you guys can do
least one other person. Not only do you have youre providing them a clear middle choice. internally to improve it. Thank them again.
to convey price to them, you have to do it in a Very rarely do we ever hear on these calls What we know from research is, when
manner they will remember, or they will mix any funeral home doing that. Nobody defines people see a negative review but then see
up conversations. the middle. that the owner responds in that very calm,
One of the best ways to get the caller to r Turn a negative online review into cool and collected way, it actually increases
remember you is to get a commitment. It something that has a positive effect the positive feelings people feel toward that
could be as simple as asking them to write Cole Imperi entity. So its not super difficult to flip a
something down. Maybe confront it: We What do you do when you have a negative negative review to a positive opportunity for
know youre probably going to want to call review? To summarize it simply: You growth. r

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r Hold remembrance events

to help families heal after loss
Allison Gilbert
How is it possible that
remembering is the key to
healing? How can that be?
Before I started thinking about
it, it seemed to be the opposite Design

sPecializing in
of what so many of my friends
expected of me after I lost my ProDucts
mom and dad. Move forward, stop talking Ventilation
about them, you have children, move on.
The reflection effect is about nostalgia and
the science of nostalgia, which is really just
the sentimental longing for the past.
Hundreds of years ago, being nostalgic
was a bad thing. It was considered a disease.
If you were thinking about the past, you were 720.583.1886 Visit our idea gallery | duncanstuarttodd.com
not moving forward.
This is not true anymore. Theres a new
science of nostalgia that thinks the opposite,
which gives credence to why helping families
remember is so vital.
What can you do, how can you act, to
keep the memory of loved ones alive? And LIFE'S TOO SHORT FOR PAPER
how can professionals help?
If you threw a memory bash for
members of your community, imagine what
could happen. You invite people to come
and celebrate their loved ones with you. Tell
local print, radio and TV to come. Tell local
bloggers to come.
Heres what it looks like: Of course, it is a
partyyou need balloons. You need food info@plotbox.io +1-650-320-7685 www.plotbox.io

you cant have a party without food. There

are drinks. Its a celebration; its fun.
Theres an activity we do at memory
bashes called memory magnets. Say on the
invitation to bring a photograph. You provide
adhesive and put their picture on the magnet
and you can put that magnet on the fridge, or
the washer and dryer.
Its making that loved one more of a focal
point than if the photo is staying in a photo
album, or on your phone or computer. Youre
taking it out of its normal context and youre
elevating it so you can enjoy it.
The other advantage of this activity is
that while theyre creating these non-mess
projects, what are they doing, while theyre
cutting? Theyre thinking of her, but even
more, theyre talking, theyre sharing, theyre
building community. The people who youve
brought together in your communities,
theyre meeting each other.
So now you can take ownership for
creating a space where people are building
friendships. Thats powerful, meaningful. r

Visit the new and improved www.iccfa.com July 2017 53

I C C FA 2 0 1 7 C O N V E N T I O N

Above left, PLPA Co-Chair Bill Remkus, CPLP, stands and listens while an attendee shares a comment during the annual Pet
Loss Professionals Alliance roundtable session. Above right, PLPA Co-Chair Coleen Ellis, CPLP, discusses the groups goals.
r Consider podcasts, TV ads Find the cable provider in your area and So weve got a well-rounded strategy
and a drone tour of your property talk to them. They have packages for small where we hit all the media outlets so they see
Ideas from the PLPA roundtable: businesses where they have remnants, and its us all the time, in a lot of places.
Something that is taking off with a lot of actually not very expensive at all.
pet-friendly businesses: podcasts. Ive been a Its been extremely powerful for us. We r Color coordinate display photos
guest on a lot of other peoples podcasts. run it like crazy where our competitors are. Color coordinate photos in display
Whats helped us on our website a lot is So youve got your salespeople out there who merchandise. If you go into places that are
we did a drone video tour of the pet cemetery. are getting appointments to see a veterinarian. beautifully appointed with their displays,
That has really driven a lot of people to our Then the vet goes home and opens up the everything is color-coordinated. So if youve
website. newspaper, and theres our information. And got a red cherry urn, find a red golden
We do a lot of TV ads. You think, Oh, on the 6 oclock news, there those people retriever, find a reddish cat. Color coordinate
man, I cant afford thatits so expensive! are again! so its very appealing to the eye. r

r To make more money, learn Your customer isnt

to listen and ask good questions buying your service;
John Evans theyre buying what
There are a lot of people who want to be your service does.
So what we have to
heard, but not a lot who want to listen. And
find out is what do
with the time crunches that weve got now, they want done.
we feel like weve got to go in and be heard John Evans
and tell people about our stuff. Im telling you
youll make more money if you go in and timeI know where
start listening and ask good questions. shes going. As soon
What customer-focused communica as she shuts up, Ill
tions strategy can we use to get us out of our be ready to go.
operating reality and into theirs? Thats right: Its multi-tasking,
Listening. because youre
And not just listening, but listening to Its non-verbal encouragement. We avoid listening and problem-solving at the same
understand, because there are all kinds of interrupting. time.
listening. Theres listening to win. Theres Think about our education system and You know the percentage of people in the
listening for a key word that he or she says so how much time is spent making us better world who can multi-task effectively? Two
I can pounce on it because Ive got a 50-slide communicators by saying, Youve got to percent! And youre sitting there thinking, In
backup that I can show them on my iPad. form your sentences, this is how you organize a group like this, I guess its me and another
Theres listening for them to draw a breath so your presentation, this is how you move your guy. No, its not.
I can jump in and redirect the conversation to hands and eyes. How much time is spend on Listening is a big deal, and we have to
where I want to go. that? Almost all of it. practice it.
Listening to understand is a challenge. How much is, Look, the real important Acknowledgingnotice were not saying
Its the basis for productive communication. thing is listening; lets practice that. You agreeingacknowledging is how we send
Listening is how we show we are interested dont get training on listening, you just do the message back, Im listening to you.
in the customer and what they have to say. ithorribly. What we typically do when we Ive really gotten fired up about acknow
listen is think: Ive been doing this a long ledging, because, as you know, a lot of

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your preneed business
your preneed business

To learn more (866) 449-3722

Experience the Difference

Up to 6% Intuitive, Site-based,
non-discretionary actionable business personalized
growth* reporting training

* With Ascent EIG product, measured at end of policy year 15. Assumes Ascent EIG growth is maximized by a 6% index cap. Index caps vary by product.
Ascent EIG product availability varies by state.
Global Atlantic Financial Group (Global Atlantic) is the marketing name for Global Atlantic Financial Group Limited and its subsidiaries,
including Forethought Life Insurance Company. Each subsidiary is responsible for its own financial and contractual obligations.
PRE1186 (07-17) 2017 Global Atlantic

PLPA reception
Pet Loss Professionals
Alliance members and guests
talk at the PLPA reception.
More education will be avail-
able at PLPA College, which
will be October 1-3, 2017,
at the Miramonte Resort in
Indian Wells, California.
(The ICCFA Fall Management
Conference will be at the
Hyatt Regency in Indian Wells
October 4-6.) Check the ICCFA
website and follow WIRELESS
for program details.

r Develop written protocols Consumers are very bomber was? It was the main bomber for the
Dr. Richard Hobart suspicious about whether U.S. Air Force in World War II. But when it
The biggest problem we run into when or not they truly got their was being developed, it had three consecutive
were accrediting people is protocols. How pets cremated remains crashes when they tried to take off.
back. That is the number
many people have written protocols? The success of the Boeing company
one question Im asked.
You know what you do, and youve That suspicion hurts rested on the success of that bomber. If they
trained your staff how to do it, but youre every single one of you. couldnt fix the problem, that company
not getting it all. If you have protocols, you You wont be able to sell value-added was going bankrupt. So they brainstormed
decrease one of the biggest hidden costs in services because theyre really not sure and investigated, and found it was the most
businessemployee training. what theyre getting.Dr. Richard Hobart complicated bomber at the time, and even
No one accounts for employee training, often, because they would know what to do. the best pilots were forgetting little things. So
unless theyre a big organization, yet that And when you have protocols, it helps you they developed the very first takeoff checklist,
costs you every single day, when you have leverage your expertise. which is now standard and makes flying safer
someone who is inadequately trained, or for everyone.
youre spending more time training them to r Read The Checklist Manifesto There are a lot of steps to flying a big
do an adequate job. Im going to introduce you to two books, and airplane, but I would argue that there are a lot
I heard from someone the other day: if you get nothing else from this talk, these of steps involved when it comes to creating
I asked my employee to do this, but she books will make you more money. The first good customer service. More steps if you
couldnt do it, so I had to do it myself. book is The Checklist Manifesto. want to have memorable customer service
With protocols that would happen less Anybody here know what the B-17 This is worth a read. r

Evans from page 54 India about something, they said, Mr. Evans, ger, vet tech. They need to talk; and you need
customer service has gone overseas. God love how are you? And I said, Well, Im looking to listen. They aint listening until they get it
those people, theyre trying real hard, but at my TV screen and all I see is a black all out.
English is their second language. screen. And he says, I apologize for that. You guys really screwed this up.
The last experience I had calling people in Where does that come from? The script. Im sorry to hear that; tell me what
For $2 a day, thats what you get, the script. happened. Get that ball back over the net
The script says, if somebody calls up and says and get them talking. Once they get the
their hairs on fire, you say youre sorry emotional energy out, then we can probably
maybe that will calm them down. It doesnt! have a rational discussion.
I fly a lot. When I call up, Ive got enough Dont say to angry people, Hey, calm
miles my name pops up. They canceled one down, I know what happened, let me
of my flights one time, so I called them. Hi, explain what happened. They dont care
Mr. Evans, this is Jean in Salt Lake, what can what happened. They dont care about your
I do for you? I said, You guys canceled my problem. They only care about theirs.
flight! And she goes, Oh no! Thats an Sometimes theyre wrong, but you dont
acknowledgement. That wasnt on the script. tell them theyre wrong until theyre done.
At the PLPA booth in the 2017 ICCFA That came from the heart. And then when you tell them theyre wrong:
Convention Expo Hall, Jodi Clock, CPLP; Its a great way to diffuse anger. Youve I have some additional information you may
Jill Muenich; and Peggy Hoyt. got an angry customer, doctor, office mana not be aware of, and stuff like that. r

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foodhow they
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in such challenging times.

Bill Newman, CPA



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Guerra & Gutierrez Mortuary
Hillside Memorial Park & Mortuary
Independence Trust Co.
J. Stuart Todd Inc.
Johnson Consulting Group
LA Ads
Madelyn Co.
Matthews Memorialization
Memorial Business Systems Sauder Funeral Products Axis Corp.
Merendino Cemetery Care
NGL Insurance Group
NOMIS Publications Inc.
NorthStar Memorial Group
Regions Bank
Rick Miller, CCFE
Service Corporation International
Sich Casket Co. Ltd.
Remembrance Creations Final Embrace
Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum
Star Granite & Bronze
StoneMor Partners LP
The Gardens at Gethsemane
The Signature Group
Tribute Companies
UPD Urns
Wilbert Funeral Services
Clark Grave Vault Honor Life

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Mom wanted a casket,
Mausoleum Protection Dad wanted cremation
You Have a Tough Job. Let Us Make It Easier.
(Like weve done nearly 30,000 times over the past 20 years) Now
Now Th
e Can
ey C
Protect Your Operations
Significant time, labor and cost savings.
Be To
Controls moisture, pests, and stains.

Protect Your Families

Dignified presentation from start to finish.
Confident, calm staff provides better service.

Protect Your Bottom Line

Clean, aesthetically pleasing
facilities sell more quickly.
Ideal for temporary storage, Introducing
disinterment, relocation,
and other risky situations.
Krypturn with
Casket Only
Designed for Companion Entombment
End Loading Design

Another Q
Qualityy Product From

mb@kryprotek.com 800.826.9406
w w w. k r y p r o t e k . c o m
One way valve
prevents gas build up 800-826-9406 Krypturn with
Krypturn with
Bag & Tray

Visit the new and improved www.iccfa.com July 2017 71


The Foresight Companies

Accubuilt: S&S and Superior

Cemetery Funeral Supply Crescent Memorial

WithumSmith & Brown Rose Petal Keepsakes J Stuart Todd Inc.

MKJ Marketing Bright Corp. The Dodge Co.

LoveUrns PSM/Picture Specialist for Memorials Sinosource International

MASA Transport & Relocation Solutions Hunyuan Shixinchang Trading Co. American Crematory Equipment

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Sunset Memorial & Stone

Great Western Insurance Co. Cooperative Funeral Fund

Keith M. Merrick

Axiom Business Systems RSK Lanka Colorblends Wholesale Flowerbulbs

Eco Cremation Solutions and American Bronze Craft

FrontRunner Professional

Eternal Brandings

Legacy Touch Premier Columbaria

Salem Stones Randolph Rose Collection

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Thoughtfulness.. When your reputation is on the line,
Consideration. use Inman Shipping Worldwide.
We have over 35 years of experience in
And efficiency.
bringing loved ones home for
f r ceremony.
fo y

800.321.0566 www.inmanshippingworldwide.com 216.621.6222

Industry Specific
presents the Industrys only Web-Based Sugar CRM Software
Online Courses & Quizzes Capture & Monitor All
Online Library Complete Online Pre-Need Pre-Need Sales Activities
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The System University LeadTrak =
a powerful pre-need selling program Convert More Pre-Need
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A complete system of learning Never Lose a Lead Again
materials for selling success
Dozens of online classes on Monitor Leads
prospecting, closing, the pre-need Web inquiries
presentation and more Owner Upgrades
Online quizzes for each course Request a demo Call Lists
Take as often as you like to reinforce Family Service Opportunities
Learn more today at
what youve learned Service Requests & Much More

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Disrupt Media

Clearpoint Federal Bank and Trust ThermoDigital

Jack C. Goodnoe Cemetery Planning and Design

Granite City Tools webCemeteries and Cemetery360

Physicians Mutual

SpartaCraft Mork Mausoleum Construction


American Funeral Supply GH Forbes Associates Architects

Family Bronze National Personnel Records Center Atlantic Coast Life

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t h e u lt i mate in

MAUSOLEUM - Mobile App -

A state-of-the-art casket
enclosure for your
Mary Jones

(888) 239-0351

Monday, Nov 28, 02:02 PM

She is calling in regards to her
mothers death certificate. She would
PATENT 6,253,503 like a call back as soon as youre

(770) 830-1120


A low-cost insurance
for your mausoleum
VKM International Inc. FuneralCall Answering Service
CALL: 800.886.2417 FAX: 352-861-2473
www.vkminternational.com www.funeralcall.com

Your Real Source.

Anywhere. Anytime.

BUYERS GUIDE Family Owned and

Operated Since 1974



800-321-7479 Fax 800-321-9040

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Passages International Global Bronze Columbarium by Design

Academy of Professional
Funeral Service Practice Memorial Business Systems Empower Sound

Angel Aire


McCleskey Mausoleums

Flowers Forever Bellabeads Implant Recycling

Contemporary Concepts Urns Factory

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Why is Regions a national leader in
Funeral and Cemetery Trust Services?
Because we care about the
details as much as you do.
Your Regions Funeral and Cemetery Trust team is staffed with
relationship consultants and tax and legal specialists who work
exclusively in the highly regulated environment surrounding the funeral
and cemetery industry. They collaborate with dedicated portfolio
managers, so we can help you move forward with smart, personalized
solutions. Make our specialists a valued part of your team.

Pre-Need Funeral | Cemetery Merchandise | Perpetual Care

1.800.850.0571 | regions.com/funeraltrust

2017 Regions Bank. Regions and the Regions logo are registered trademarks
of Regions Bank. The LifeGreen color is a trademark of Regions Bank.
Investment, Insurance and Annuity Products:
Are Not FDIC Insured | Are Not a Deposit | May Go Down in Value | Are Not Bank Guaranteed
Are Not Insured by Any Federal Government Agency | Are Not a Condition of Any Banking Activity

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EDA Land Planning Continental Computer Corp. Homesteaders Life Co.

Funeral Directors Research & Insight Omneo Group Americas

Star Granite & Bronze Body Scoop by B-Mobile Begin Bronze Urns

National Guardian Life Insurance Funeral Innovations Stericycle Directors Choice Communication Solutions

KMI Columbaria National Mortuary Shipping & Cremation Tile Artisans Digital Imaging

A Simple Thank You Funeral Services Inc. Body Sealer

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Miles Supply Kings Point Capital Management Independence Trust

Memori Diamond Funeral Call Answering Service

Eagle Coach Ingram Construction PICLIF

Southern Cemetery, Cremation

& Funeral Association Dadant Candle Aftercare.com

Frigid Fluid Huntington National Bank Southwest Cargo

Heart to Heart Garfield Refining Affordable Funerals Network

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Design Department

Star Design Pro

Memorial Design

Large In-Stock Import

Granite Inventory

Private Estate

Bronze Memorials
Foundry On Site


Makeys Group Forston & Associates Homeward Bound Shipping Skyways Media The Urn Column

Meadow Hill Co. Memorial Arts Studio Affordable Natural Diamonds

National Cemetery
Nomis Publications Administration DCI Donor Services Chapter Eternal Heritage Packaging-Bioshield

Polyguard Galaxy Audio Brumlow Carpet Mills Behrens Design & Development

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Batesville Casket Co.

Matthews Environmental Solutions

Directors Choice Assignment Service Sich Casket Co. Frazer Consultants

Funeral Directors Mid-States Recycling & Custom Air Trays

Answering Service Eagle Granite Refining Repose Cemetery Solutions

Assurance Funeral Funding Roberts & Downey Chapel Equipment Wards Transport and Supplies Funeral Directors Life Insurance Co.

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B&L Cremation Systems Precious Memories Hiab USA

Many companies hold drawings during

the expo, but Global Atlantic had a spe-
cial Music City giveaway. Holding his
new guitar is winner Anthony Carpinello.
Next to him is Tim Fish from Global. Mekus Tanager Elegante Brass Co. Columbian Financial Group

InSight Books Mt. Hope Grief Services Cremation Association of North America

Theres so much to see in the

ICCFA Expo Hall, it can wear a
guy out! Soloman Flynn takes
a cat nap (dog nap?) while
Tom Flynn, whose good-for-
walking the expo floor shoes
can be seen, chats with an
exhibitor. Buy some good
walking shoes and mark your
calendar now for next years
ICCFA Convention & Expo:

April 18-21, 2018, at the Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada

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Is there a topic you are interested in that you believe should be featured at the
Wide World of Sales Conference or the Annual Convention & Expo?
Do you have a great presentation you think would be helpful to others in your profession?
The ICCFA is looking for proposals for its 2018 meetings.

Submit your session proposals for the 2018 Wide World

of Sales and the 2018 ICCFA Annual Convention & Expo
e are seeking presentations on the most relevant and thought-provoking sales
and marketing insights, tools and techniques for the 2018 Wide World of
Sales Conference to be held in New Orleans, Louisiana, January 10-12.
The 2018 WWS co-chairs are Jill Muenich of NGL and Lori Salberg of PlotBox. We
are looking for presentations that offer concrete, how-to information, with an emphasis
on the how rather than the why, and addressing the hot topics of cremation sales,
recruitment and development of your sales team, team building, the sales process and whats on the horizon.
This is your opportunity to give back to the profession by sharing your knowledge and expertise. When submitting a session pro-
posal, the ICCFA Sales & Marketing Committee requests that you include:
Your contact information, a brief bio regarding your background and qualifications and a head-and-shoulders picture of yourself.
A detailed description of your how-to topic, including the specific tools, techniques and/or initiatives the attendee will be
able to use immediately.
The primary target for your presentation (managers, counselors or both).
Any request for compensation must be included in your proposal or it will not be granted.
WWS breakout sessions are typically 50 minutes in length, so please narrow your topic to one or two key points that you can fully
develop and communicate within that time frame. All speakers are required to provide a one-to-two-page supplemental handout which
will be printed in the onsite program. Speakers will receive a complimentary registration. Panelists or speakers sharing the stage with
three or more people will be offered a discounted registration.
Submit your WWS proposal by July 14, 2017, to Kirsten Kase at kase@iccfa.com. Questions? Call Kirsten at 703.391.8402. q

o-chairs Shawna de la Cruz and Andy Lopez are looking for presentations for
the ICCFA 2018 Annual Convention, April 18-21, at the Mandalay Bay
in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you have expertise in a particular area of cemetery,
cremation and funeral service, we would like to hear from you! Guidelines for these
proposals are as follows:
Include your name, title, company name, address, phone, fax and email address.
Include a description of your session (approximately 100 words). Session descriptions
should name at least two or three specific skills, techniques or ideas the attendee will take
away from the session. We are most interested in sessions that share concrete, proven
techniques and programs, as opposed to theory or opinion.
Include a brief bio regarding your experience and qualifications within the industry as
well as any speaking experience you may have. The Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada.
Include information on which areas of our profession are the intended audience, e.g.,
cemetery owners and managers, funeral home owners, funeral directors, sales managers, etc.
Let us know how long you anticipate your presentation will take. Most presentation time slots are 50 minutes. In addition to full-
length sessions and workshops, we are interested in shorter presentations that can be combined to form panel sessions.
Indicate what types of audio/visual aids you will use, if any.
Include a list of anticipated handouts.
Note that we ask that speakers refrain from speaking about prices or other issues subject to antitrust legislation. In addition, we ask
that speakers refrain from any type of promotional marketing or selling of any product or service.
Any requests for compensation must be included in your proposal or it will not be granted.
We typically receive many more proposals than we can fit into the program, so please be sure to follow the guidelines and clearly
explain the value proposition for attendees. Submit your convention proposal by July 14, 2017, to Kirsten Kase at kase@iccfa.com.
Questions? Call Kirsten at 703.391.8402.  q

Visit the new and improved www.iccfa.com July 2017 87

iCCFA news

ICCFA University 2017 is ready for U!

CCFA University is here and ready for you! ICCFAU is being College of International Studies
held July 21-26 at the Fogelman Executive Center at the
University of Memphis in Memphis, Tennessee, and is the Dean Jim Hammond
premier educational opportunity available in our profession. Globalization is making the world a much smaller place to live
This is a one-of-a-kind program designed by top cemetery, in. Are you sure that you know how to serve families of all
cremation and funeral service experts. It offers a unique blend nationalities and religious backgrounds in your community?
of intensive, practical classroom training and continual informal Learn about the funeral customs of all major religions and
idea-sharing. population groups from around the world.
ICCFAU is considered by many to offer the most compre-
hensive funeral service education outside of attending a mortu-
ary school. And for some members of our profession who may
College of Land Management & Grounds
not have had the chance to earn a formal degree, attending and Operations
graduating from ICCFA University after four years of study may Dean Gino Merendino
be their only chance for a higher learning experience.
There are seven colleges to choose from, each with courses Exceptional cemetery service starts with the grounds and
that combine proven business theory with practical operational operations department. Without effective land management
instruction. ICCFAU classes are led by top professionals from and a commitment to an attractive, well-maintained property,
the cemetery, cremation and funeral service industry, as well as there will be no sales or service. Youll learn how your grounds
business and economics faculty from the University of Memphis. management team can succeed and continuously improve
interments, landscaping, buildings, grounds maintenance and
exceptional client experience and satisfaction.
College of 21st Century Services
Dean Glenda Stansbury, CFSP, CC College of Leadership, Administration &
How do you respond to a family who says, We dont want a
traditional funeral? Youll learn how to go beyond tradition with Management
innovative offerings and become certified as a funeral celebrant Dean Gary Freytag, CCFE
trained to provide meaningful alternatives to clergy-led services.
The cemetery, cremation and funeral service profession is
changing, and so are the skills needed to manage and lead
College of Cremation Services effectively. Youll receive solid, relevant, results-focused training
Dean Jim Starks, CFuE, CCrE targeted at todays required core competencies.
Cremation doesnt have to mean no service or no memorializa-
tion. Youll discover how to better serve families, improve crema- J. Asher Neel College of Sales & Marketing
tion operations and increase your companys cremation-related
revenues. Youll also earn three types of certifications: Operator,
Dean Gary OSullivan, CCE
Arranger and Administrator (only offered once a year at ICCFA The principles of sales and marketing dont change, only
University). technique and application do. Learn how to take the tried-
and-true principles of cemetery and funeral sales and apply
them within todays highly mobile, multi-cultural, high-tech,
College of Funeral Home Management information-driven marketplace.
Dean Todd Van Beck, CFuE
Too many managers consider creativity someone elses Register soon to secure your spot in the college of your
department. In funeral service, creative management is the key choice. For a complete course listing and to register to attend this
to differentiation. Youll learn Dr. W. Edward Demings creative years ICCFA University, visit www.iccfa.com/university. q
service management system and its specific applications to our

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iCCFA news

if you dont have an iCCFa Wide World of sales incentive trip already in progress,
then a second-half-of-2017 contest might be just the thing to make 2017 your best year ever!

How to increase market share

id I get your attention? Of course, increased market share Play it up
is a good thing if it is done profitably. So, the question A team a kick-off
behind this goal is, How do I increase my market share event to announce the
profitably? Preneed sales have always been a way to accomplish incentive is very effec-
this, but how do we get a preneed salesperson, or better yet, a tive in building energy.
team, to produce at their potential? I want to explore one of the For teams or individu-
many ways to do this effectively. als, use visuals and
reminders frequently.
Build a compensation plan and the sales professional will first
Make it public
look for ways to beat it. Then it becomes, How do I maximize
A barometer or tote
the plan? At some point the producers fall into a comfort zone or
board helps to keep the
balance of desire-to-work versus compensation. Over the course
motivation strong.
of my career, I have found that the proper use of incentives,
and more specifically incentive trips, can motivate a mid-level Consider using tiers to motivate all
producer to achieve his or her potential, and can drive a top per- Add perks for significantly exceeding the goal. It costs you
former to push through to record levels of success. nothing if the sales arent there, but it can drive the top
Many vendors and suppliers provide incentive trips, and they
Require a recap
are very effective. There is a significant cost, but they wouldnt
Require the winner to bring back their top three ideas from
do them year after year if there wasnt a good return on their in-
the event. If they are part of a team, you may want them to
vestment. The chance to ring the bell and be recognized among
present their findings.
peers is quite motivational for sales professionals, and we all love
to win! Of course, sales professionals who win the incentive Use your resources (ICCFA)
trip will also come away with valuable tools and skills that will Ask for some input from the ICCFA staff or the Sales and
set them up for a great 2018. Marketing Committee. We are more than happy to help you
build something that makes sense for your operation, and we
Several funeral and cemetery operations I have worked with have connections to people who have seen success with this
have found that holding a contest that includes a trip to the annual type of incentive trip.
ICCFA Wide World of Sales provides the spark that their sales-
person or team needs to grow market share. I have reached out to If you dont have an ICCFA Wide World of Sales incentive
several of the leaders of the organizations and here are a few of trip already in progress, then a second-half-of-2017 contest might
the best practices that have served them well: be just the thing to make 2017 your best year ever!
Start with a budget
I have just scratched the surface on ideas and tips to help you
Transportation, lodging, registration and food. If it looks
build a plan that results in increased sales and market share. If
like $1,500 will do it, then what sales increase is worth the
you have ideas or suggestions, please forward them to the ICCFA
investment? If you have multiple sales professionals, does the
team or to me personally so we can help out our fellow members.
top person go, or is there a level of production that warrants
At the end of the day, we all need to be looking for ways to grow
this investment for more than one? Do you split costs with
our businesses, and this is surely one thing that we can do and
the sales professional? If you are very limited in your budget,
have some fun along the way! I hope to see you in New Orleans
this might be a way to get it started. It can also create buy-
in 2018.
in on the learning while having some fun.
Make it exclusive Good Selling,
Whether it is the top performer or an individual, make it a Kevin Gaffney, regional sales vice president,
stretch goal, but keep it realistic. Let them know that they Funeral Directors Life
will join other top performers at the event. kevin.gaffney@funeraldirectorslife.com q

The next Wide World of Sales Conference will be held

in New orleans, Louisiana, January 1012, 2018
Visit the new and improved www.iccfa.com July 2017 89
iCCFA news

September cremation training just announced

he ICCFA has added a new date intensive training approved for six hours
and location to its cremation toward CE credit. The training will pro-
certification program in their edu- vide the history of cremation and why it
cational calendar. Join the ICCFA and the
AT is critical in understanding its increase in
Iowa Funeral Directors Association at the
CENTRAL demand. You will learn the laws and regu-
Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Cen- lations and the ethics of conducting the
ter on September 11-12, 2017, in Johnston, Iowa. Cremation most effective cremation arrangement. You will discuss pricing
Operator Certification will be held September 11 and Cremation versus value and how to market cremation for your business.
Arranger Certification will be held September 12. To successfully complete this training and receive your
In the Cremation Operator Certification training, you will certification, you will need to pass an open-book, take-home
learn all the components of cremation and how to properly test. If you miss five or more questions, you fail the test, but you
operate and maintain a retort machine. You also will learn how will be able to take the test a second time to try to receive a bet-
to properly and consistently track remains, and be provided with ter score. If you fail that test, you will need to take the training
an update on applicable laws. This training will give you 7.5 course again before trying to pass the test another time.
approved hours toward CE credit and all attendees will receive Registration for this September training will be available
a comprehensive operations manual that covers all aspects of soon on our website. To learn more about the training and to
crematory operation and maintenance. read class descriptions, visit www.iccfa.com/cremation and
The Cremation Arranger Certification training is six hours of look under Upcoming Cremation Certification Programs. q

Model contracts. Legal consultations. Sample forms. Discounts on multiple
products and services such as performance surveys. ICCFA membership
has its benefits. Reacquaint yourself with your association and see what
benefits you can take advantage of by visiting www.iccfa.com/benefits

iccfa.com/join Membership that Matters.

90 ICCFA Magazine Like the ICCFA on Facebook & friend ICCFA Staff
Free Them

Only IMSA members get a free hour of consultation with

marketing guru Dan Katz of LA ads, business strategist
Jake Johnson of Johnson Consulting, social media maven
Ryan Thogmartin of Disrupt Media and legal eagle Poul
Lemasters of Lemasters Consulting. Thats over $1000 of
value alone for the annual membership fee of just $175.
But of course theres so much more, including networking
opportunities, education, trade resources and industry
support. Visit www.IMSA-Online.com. Join, unite and thrive.

Empowering Cemetery &

Funeral Service Suppliers
Update Send in news about your cemetery, funeral home, crematory or association to sloving@iccfa.com. If you publish a newsletter,
please email a copy to sloving@iccfa.com or mail to: Susan Loving, ICCFA, 107 Carpenter Drive, Suite 100, Sterling, VA 20164.

Above, center, unity event organizer Aimee Ginsburg BIkel of the Theodore Bikel Legacy Project leads the candle-lighting ceremony.
Next to her is Rabbi Neil Comes Daniels, Beth Shir Shalom. Below left, Rabbi Ed Feinstein, Valley Beth Shalom; Bikel; and Mount
Sinai General Manager Len Lawrence. Below right, some of the participants in the service. photos courtesy of Mount Sinai Memorial Parks and Mortuaries

n Mount Sinai Memorial together at Mount Sinai, the largest Jewish Washington, Abraham Lincoln, the Statue
ParkS and Mortuaries, Los An- cemetery in Los Angeles, made a power- of Liberty, Golda Meir and Louis Brandeis,
geles, California, held an interfaith unity ful statement about solidarity after the provided an inspiring backdrop to members
service in the spring. Local rabbis; imams; recent vandalism at three Jewish cemeteries of the community who eloquently addressed
ministers; pastors; Hindu, Buddhist and around the country. prejudice and promoted unity.
Sikh priests; Native American elders; city Mount Sinai General Manager Len To address security concerns, the event
county and state elected officials; and com- Lawrence, said, When event organizers was not advertised to the general public. In-
munity leaders joined together under the approached me with the idea of hosting an stead, invitations to the service were distrib-
Heritage Mosaic at Mount Sinai Hollywood interfaith unity service at our synagogue- uted solely through synagogues, churches,
Hills in a show of unity and respect. owned cemetery, I was immediately imams and other community groups.
The Together We Stand service, jointly intrigued by the opportunity to have Mount To ensure that all cars entering the park
sponsored by Mount Sinai, owned and oper- Sinai make a very public and visible state- before and during the service time were
ated by Sinai Temple of Los Angeles, and ment against prejudice and vandalism. accounted for, Mount Sinai purposefully did
the Theodore Bikel Legacy project, brought The setting for the service was the not schedule any funeral or unveiling services
together more than 300 community-minded Heritage Mosaic at Mount Sinai Hollywood during the afternoon. Additional safety mea-
individuals who expressed their universal Hills, a majestic 145-by-30-foot mural illus- sures included directing all cars entering the
message of unity and respect though song, trating the story of the Jewish experience in park to a check-in station, making all streets
prayer and spoken word. America over 350 years. Historical figures throughout the property one-way and hiring
The decision to bring so many faiths represented in the mosaic, including George both uniformed and plainclothes officers. r

92 ICCFA Magazine Like the ICCFA on Facebook & friend ICCFA Staff

In memoriam insights, and willingness to help other Co., which provided advertising and consult-
cemeterians here in metro Detroit, around ing to the funeral industry. He purchased the
Patrick Farrell Michigan and throughout the U.S., Chilcote company and expanded the scope of the busi-
Patrick Pat Farrell, a 41-year said. He recognized the importance that our ness on an international scale.
employee of the Mt. Elliott association played in bringing comfort to the In the late 1960s, Hunter founded Amedco
Cemetery Association in families we serve. Inc. The company manufactured burial sup-
southeastern Michigan, who Survivors include his wife Suzanne, six plies for funeral homes, made wheelchairs
last served as general manager children and seven grandchildren. Visitation and other medical devices and eventually
for nearly 15 years, died on and a rosary service were held at Wasik expanded into the steel business to later
May 13, 2017, following a Funeral Home, Shelby Township, Michigan. become the second largest manufacturer of
recent illness. He was 79. Funeral services were held at Guardian Angel burial caskets in the world.
He grew up personally and professionally Cemetery, Rochester Hills, Michigan, where In 1986, Amedco merged with Service
with Mt. Elliott, having worked in a variety of he was interred. Donations in his memory Corporation International, the worlds larg-
positions for the not-for-profit organization, may be made to the American Heart and est owner and operator of funeral homes
which included five cemeteries at the time of Stroke Association and Lord Harvest Church. and cemeteries. As part of this merger,
his retirement. The association experienced Hunter, through one of his companies,
unprecedented growth during his tenure. B.D. Hunter Hunter Inc., purchased the steel process-
His influence is everywhere at Mt. Elliott, B. D. Bud Hunter, 87, ing and healthcare equipment operations of
Mt. Olivet, Resurrection, All Saints and a former vice chairman Amedco.
Guardian Angel cemeteries, including the of Service Corporation Hunter served as vice chairman on the
many developments of indoor and garden International, Houston, Texas, board of directors of SCI, and also as a
mausoleums at Resurrection, the inclusion of died on May 14, 2017. founding board member of Cash America
stunning artwork at all association properties The first job he held was International and Mark Twain Bank of St.
and the strategic efforts to develop All Saints working for a grocery store. Louis. He also served as a trustee of the Texas
following purchase of that property. delivering groceries in a 1929 Chrysler. After Aviation Hall of Fame, was a member of
Farrell also oversaw the property graduating from high school, he went on to the board of regents of Harris Manchester
purchase, development and opening of attend college at Truman State University. College of the University of Oxford, and was
Michigans then newest cemetery, Guardian In spite of working 48 hours per week, he on the Advisory Board Company of both the
Angel, in 2003, including the construction of received his degree after only two years and New York Stock Exchange and the American
the Angel of Peace Mausoleum. Following nine months and graduated in 1950. Stock Exchange.
his retirement, he served as a consultant to Hunter entered the Officer Candidate He is survived by five children, as well as
current General Manager Michael Chilcote, School for Air Force training and became a seven grandchildren and five great-grandchil-
who succeeded Farrell in 2004. captain. He served his tour of duty during dren. A memorial service was held at Geo. H.
He was a mentor not just to me but all the Korean conflict, and was later honorably Lewis & Sons, Houston, Texas, in the Jaskek
of our directors, and was widely respected discharged. He moved to Springfield, Illinois, Chapel. Immediately following, a reception
within the industry for his knowledge, and worked for the S.P. Wright Advertising was held in the adjacent grand foyer. r

n stonemor, Trevose, During his time at these companies, he was financing experience.
Pennsylvania, has appointed responsible for more than 12,000 employees Also, Bob Sick, a private equity investory
Paul Grady as president and and oversaw significant growth in earnings. for more than 20 years, has joined the com-
CEO. Grady also joins the Grady graduated in 1975 from Stetson Uni- panys board. StoneMor Partners L.P. owns
StoneMor Board of Directors, versity in Deland, Florida, with a degree in and operates cemeteries and funeral homes,
replacing Lawrence Miller, marketing and management. He also earned a with 316 cemeteries and 100 funeral homes
who has retired as chairman, J. D. from Stetson College of Law. in 27 states and Puerto Rico.
president and CEO. Grady be- The company has also n The annual War Dog Memorial
Grady gan his career in 1978 in sales, appointed Mark Miller Celebration was recently held at Harts-
marketing and corporate development roles at as CFO. Miller began his dale Pet Cemetery & Crema-
a number of consumer packaged-goods com- career at Deloitte & Touche in tory, Hartsdale, New York. Marine Corps
panies, including Campbells Soup Co. Most New York City. He has been combat veteran Matthew Plumeri described
recently, he served as interim chief executive working as a consultant for his bond with his partner, Gulliver, an 11-year
officer of Rio de Janeiro-based NEOgas S.A. StoneMor in recent months. old vizsla, a military working dog who was at
He brings more than two decades experience Prior to that he served as CFO his side during deployment in the most dan-
in the oil and gas industry, and since 1995 has Miller of Allentown-based CrossA- gerous area in Afghanistan. Another keynote
held COO positions at AmeriGas Propane, merica Partners, formerly Lehigh Gas Part- speaker was Nancy Schiesari, a director and
Heritage Propane and Titan Propane. He rose ners. He brings a 31-year finance career with producer, whose latest full-length documen-
to president of Heritage Propane prior to its a strong accounting foundation, followed by tary, Canine Soldiers, The Militarization of
acquisition by AmeriGas Propane in 2012. more recent mergers and acquisitions and Love. The film will air on PBS. r

Visit the new and improved www.iccfa.com July 2017 93

Supply Line
n Timberland urns, Eagan, Min- cardinals, geometric design and photo
nesota, has introduced the American frame. Engraving is also available.
Spirit urn. It is topped by an sculpture 1.888.588.8767; www.terrybear.com
of a soaring eagle, originally sculpted by n LIVE OAK BANK,
Val Grinshpun. The urn can be peronal- Wilmington, North Carolina,
ized with a wide variety of cast medallions has hired Mark A. Hall as
commemorating veterans, branches of the senior vice president and
US military, law enforcement officers, director of trust relation-
firefighters and many other American ship management for Live
institutions Oak Trust. He joins live
651.688.0875; www.timberlandurns.com oak from SunTrust Bank,
n Batesville, Batesville, Indiana, Hall where he spent 22 years
has annouinced that Randy Obermeyer in the financial services industry, most
has been named a 2017 Truck Fleet recently as head of funeral and cemetery
Innovator by Heavy Duty Trucking. trust services for more than six years.
Obermeyer is manager of Batesvilles 1.877.890.5867; www.liveoakbank.com
logistics terminal. He was honored for his n Messenger Co.,
Timberland Urns new American Spirit achievements in applying lean principles Auburn, Indiana, has ap-
urn. to maximize efficiency in the companys pointed Mark Kaul as
maintenance shop. Heavy Duty Trucking sales consultant in eastern
recognized four trucking professionals. Michigan. He has more than
Obermeyer joined Batesville in 2010 25 years of experience as a
and is responsible for the maintenance of licensed funeral director, and
the companys private fleet, which includes comes from a family that
everything from over-the-road rigs to local Kaul has served the profession
delivery trucks that transport products for three geneatons. He is a 1992 mortuary
to funeral homes. He also manages the science graduate of Wayne State Univer-
over-the-road drivers operating out of the sity, Detroit, Michigan.
Batesville, Indiana, and Indianapolis loca- Also, Messenger has released a new
tions. He is a National Private Truck Coun- version of its Make It! Personal soft-
cil professional and serves on the boards ware. The cloud-based application enables
From left, Rob Meyers, vice president of the American Trucking Associations
of sales for Phillips Industries; Randy personalization and printing of memorial
Technology and Maintenance Council and stationery and keepsale products. The new
Obermeyer of Batesville; and Deborah
Lockridge, a member of the Heavy Duty Trucker Buddy International. software uses the latest HTML5 web plat-
Trucking staff. 812.934.7500; www.batesville.com form technology to optimize user experi-
n new Memorials Direct, ence, including compatibility with popular
Gig Harbor, Washington has introduced browsers. Other improvements include
personalized charm bangle bracelets. enhanced navigation through the new Fast
The polished sterling silver bracelets are Track feature, improved speed for generat-
easily adjustable for fit. The come with one ing printable files and responsive design
or more personalized petite charms that for ease of usability. 1.800.827.5151;
accommodate fingerprint, photo and text website@messengerstationery.com;
engravings. They can hold multiple charms www.messengerstationery.com
and birthstones. There are remains-holding n Aftercare.com, founded by Direc-
New Memorials Directs petite silver versions of the charms. 1.877.995.8767; tors Advantage, Clinton, North
bangle bracelet. service@newmemorialsdirect.com; Carolina, has partnered with Consoli-
www.newmemorialsdirect.com dated Funeral services, Need-
n terrybear, St. Paul, Minnesota, ham, Massachusetts. Consolidated is the
and has introduced its new Modern official technology partner of The Dodge
urn, featuring single- and dual-capacity Co. The partnership allows CFS to offer
(companion) versions. The urns have its funeral homes an aftercare program.
contrasting bamboo highlights and accom- Funeral homes can enroll familes in the
modate most standard return containers, program direction from the CFS website.
which can be inserted via a sliding panel at 1.800.721.7097; www.aftercare.com;
the top. Several magnetic panel options are 1.888.881.6131; www.runcfs.com
Terrybears modern companion and
modern urn. available to personalize the urns: loving
couple, dove, butterflies, mother and child,

94 ICCFA Magazine Like the ICCFA on Facebook & friend ICCFA Staff
Drainage tips
yan Larsen, a civil engineer
n Johnson consulting, Scotts with NDS Inc., Woodland Hills,
dale, Arizona, has appointed Nelson California, is Dr. Drainage on NDS
Thulin to its management services team. YouTube educational videos on how to
Thulin has more than 30 years of experi- correctly use drainage products. He offers
ence in operations, sales, marketing and the following tips:
financial management of funeral homes, Eliminate standing water around
both independent and corporately-owned. your cemetery and gravesites. Eliminating
He began his funeral service career at a standing water wherever it occurs is one of
family-owned funeral home in Wisconsin. the most important thing you can do. an area
He has been an independent owner and held can quickly accumulate a good amount of
corporation leadership roles. His manage- The EZ roll pavers from NDS at work. still, stagnant water. Keep the property clear
ment experience ranges from a single loca- of debris and check often for any discarded
tion serving approximately 100 families a n nDS INc., Woodland Hills, California, cans or clutter that can hold water.
year to multi-location markets serving more offers a roll grass paver as a sustainable Use catch basins. Designed to
than 2,600 families. As a mortuary science alternative to impervious hardscaping. trap sediment, debris and contaminants,
student, he received the M.M. Nolte Scholar The flexible plastic paver mats are pre- stormwater can naturally flow through
Award and continues his education as a assembled into rolls for easy installation subsurfaces. Catch basins help reduce
CFSP through the Academy of Professional on site. They can be used in cemeteries for pollutants so they cannot enter drainage
Funeral service Practice. 1.888.250.7747; headstone stablilation, service roads, truck pipes, and filter out heavier bits, such as
info@johnsonconsulting.com maintenance and equipment yards and dirt, that will sink to the bottom of the
www.johnsonconsulting.com construction entrance soil stabiliation. They basin.
also can handle erosion control on slopes Redirect downspouts. Direct down
n american Mortuary Cool-
and in swales. The pavers protect the root spouts and gutters onto your property and
ers, East Tennessee, Tennessee, has
zone and prevent soil compaction, allowing plant beds, or into rain barrels, cisterns or
introduced new walk-in and upright
healthy grass to thrive in areas that would containment areas.
cooler models. The AMC Model #1014-
tradionally have been paved over. Plant more plants. Incorporate
CF has an overall footprint of 14-by-10-
1.888.825.4716; www.ndspro.com plantings, especially in areas where runoff
by-7 feet, 9 1/2 inches. Both the cooler
and freezer until are 100 percent self-con- n The Dodge co., Billerica, Mas- collects. As runoff soaks into soil, plant
tained, making for a quick, easy installa- sachusetts, has entered into an exclusive roots help absorb and filter out pollutants.
tion. The installation can be done in three distribution agreement for the mortuary When runoff soaks into and percolates
to four hours using basic tools. market to distribute BrioHOCL PrP through soil, the soil also acts as a filter,
The roll-in-style cooler, AMC Model formula (hypochloruas acid for pri- removing some pollutants.
#3x3-S, comoplements the current line of ons). The disinfection product is made by Use permeable pavers. Permeable
two- and three-body capacity units. It can Briotech HOCL, Woodinville, Washington. surfaces eliminate or reduce stormwater
hold six bodies when using three tier racks. Prion diseases such as CJD have long been runoff. They are typically honeycombed
The oversized, 42-inch-wide compartment an issue of concern for funeral service and 3D grid-cellular systems, made of plastic
allows for a cot, dressing table or embalm- embalmers, said Timothy Collison, vice and other materials that naturally filter
ing table to be rolled directly in. This unit president of sales and marketing for Dodge. stormwater and reduce runoff that can
plugs directly into 110V current; no special The product inactivates infectious proteins pollute waterways.
wiring or plumbing is needed. It takes two (prions) that cause chronic brain diseases. NDS maintains an online drainage
to three hours to install. 1.800.443.6343; www.dodgeco.com center that offers free information for
We are seeing an increased demand in n Security national life fixing existing or potential drainage
long-term storage of the deceased, said insurance co., Salt Lake City, Utah, problems, and guides to installing drainage
company owner T.R. Ward. Some nation- has hired Bryan Smythe as market sales products. For more information, visit
al cemeteries have a four- to five-month manager for the San Diego, California, www.ndspro.com/home-drainage. r
wait before burial. 1.888.792.9315; area. He has an extensive background in
www.americanmortuarycoolers.com READERS: To find the products and ser-
sales and sales management, and earned
vices you need online, go to
n UPD Urns, Three Rivers, California, awards, including Top Sales Manager,
www.iccfa.com for the Supply
has added its third fulfillment location, while working as a preneed sales manager.
Link Search Engine, the fastest
in Austin, Texas. The companys other He led his team to Top Sales Team recog-
way to find the products and
warehouses are in Visalia, California, and nition. He has a degree in economics from
services you need at your funeral home,
Manassas, Virginia. The company also is Penn State University. 1.800.574.7117;
cemetery or crematory.
migrating to a new inventory management www.snlabetterway.com r
system, which will allow for advanced SUPPLIERS: For inclusion in Supply Line,
forecasting and inventory tracking. send releases about new products and ser-
1.800.590.4133; email@updurns.com; vices, and about awards, personnel changes
www.updurns.com and other news to sloving@iccfa.com.

Visit the new and improved www.iccfa.com July 2017 95

Calendar E-mail calendar listings and additions or corrections to bclough@iccfa.com and sloving@iccfa.com.

For continually updated meeting listings and direct links to websites To see all industry conventions and meetings for a particular month,
for professional associations, go to www.iccfa.com; select Directory, go to www.iccfa.com; select Directory, then Event Calendar.
then Industry Association Directory.

July 3-5: The Cremation Society of Great

Britain and The Federation of Burial
and Cremation Authorities Cremation & association
Burial Communication & Education conf.,
Stratford Manor, Stratford-upon-Avon,
ICCFA President-elect
Christine Toson Hent-
July 11-12: ICCFA Arranger-Operator ges, CCE, presents
Cremation Certification, Dallas Institute of Ben R. Easterling Jr.,
Funeral Service, Dallas, Texas. the outgoing president
www.iccfa.com of the Ohio Funeral
July 17-19: Michigan Cemetery Assn. Directors Association,
Summer Conf., Crystal Mountain Resort. with a plaque for out-
www.mcainfo.org standing service in the
July 18-19: ICCFA/CANA Arranger- industry at the OFDAs
Operator Cremation Certification, recent convention.
Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science.
Directors Assn. Annual Convention, The www.nysac.com
July 18-19: Assn. of California Cremation
Saratoga Hilton & Saratoga City Center, September 19-22: Catholic Cemetery
ists Annual Cremation Summit, Courtyard
Saratoga Springs. www.nysfda.org Conf. 68th Annual Convention & Expo,
by Marriott, Oxnard. www.accinfo.org
August 21: ALPAR The World United for JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa,
July 19-22: Professional Car Society
Life Global Event. www.alpar.com.co Summerlin, Nevada.
41st Annual International Meet
August 29-31: Celebrant training hosted www.catholiccemeteryconference.org
Lebanon, Missouri.
www.TheProfessionalCarSociety.org by the Florida Cemetery, Cremation September 26-28: New Jersey State
& Funeral Assn., Lido Beach Resort, Funeral Directors Assn. Annual Convention
July 21-26: ICCFA University, Fogelman
Sarasota, Florida. www.insightbooks.com & Expo, Atlantic City. www.njsfda.org
Executive Conf. Center, University of
Memphis, Tennessee. www.iccfa.com September 10-13: Selected September 27-28: Illinois Cemetery &
Independent Funeral Homes, Funeral Home Assn. 89th Annual Fall
July 31-August 2: Ohio Cemetery Assn.
99th Annual Mtg., Chicago, Illinois. Convention, Harrahs Casino & Hotel,
Annual Convention, Hilton Garden Inn-
www.selectedfuneralhomes.org Joliet. www.icfha.org
Cleveland East, Mayvield Village.
www.ohiocemeteryassociation.com September 11-12: ICCFA Arranger- October 4-6: ICCFA Fall Management
Operator Cremation Certification, Stoney Conf., Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort
August 16-18: Cremation Assn. of North
Creek Hotel & Conf. Center, Johnson, & Spa, California. www.iccfa.com
America 99th Annul Convention, New York
Iowa.www.iccfa.com October 5: Ohio Cemetery Assn. Fall
City. www.cremationassociation.org
September 16-19: New York State Maintenance Seminar-North, Perry.
August 20-24: New York State Funeral
Assn. of Cemeteries Annual Fall Conf. www.ohiocemeteryassociation.com r

Left, intricate cast alumi-

num drapes inspired awe
for this Cincinnati-built Say-
ers & Scovill 1939 LaSalle
funeral coach that was
drivennot trailered500
miles from Durham, On-
tario, to earn John and Patti
McCulloch Best of Show
at the 2016 Professional
Car Society Meet. When
its 2,800-hour restoration
was started in 2000, the ash
body framework was so rot-
Above, a peer vote at the Professional Car Soci- ted that the side doors were
etys 2016 Gettysburg Meet saw Funeral Directors lying in the casket compart-
Choice awarded to Madison, Virginia, mortician ment. This years meet is
John Morehead for this 1923 Ford Model TT eight- July 19-22, 2017.
column hearse he first admired as an 8-year-old Left, a panel casting detail
attending funeral conventions with his father. from the funeral coach.

96 ICCFA Magazine Like the ICCFA on Facebook & friend ICCFA Staff
Address, Rabbi Richard (p. 49), Jewish Jorgensen, Mark (p. 46), Global Batesville, Indiana,
Sacred Aging, raddress@gmail.com Recruiters of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, Nectar.Ramirez@Batesville.com
Amundsen, Dale (p. 46), Ceremony mjorgensen@grncincinnati.com Ramsey, Stephanie (p 46),
Masters, Monroe, Washington, Jorgensen, Mike (p. 46), The Foresight Companies,
dale@CeremonyMastersLtd.com mike.t.jorgensen@gmail.com Stephanie@theforesightcompanies.com
Anderson, Jennifer (p. 32), Kalanick, Kate (p. 32), Green Burial Remkus, Bill (p. 54), Hinsdale Pet
Sustrana, Devon, Pennsylvania, Council, kate@greenburialcouncil.org Memorial Services, Willowbrook, Illinois,
janderson@sustrana.com Keller, Chris (p. 36), French Funerals & bill@petcemetery.org
Baxley, Justin (p. 42), Foundation Cremations, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Severo, Pat (p. 44), RBC Wealth
Partners Group, Orlando, Florida, chrisk@frenchfunerals.com Management, Beverley Hills, California,
j.baxley@foundationpartners.com Lemasters, Poul (pp. 28, 48, 52), pat.severo@rbc.com
Breaux, Jim (p. 36), Live Oak Bank, The Poul Lemasters Co., Cincinnati, Ohio, Shelquist, Kim Medici (p. 34), Home
Wilmington, North Carolina, poul@lemastersconsulting.com steaders Life Insurance Co., Des Moines,
jim.breaux@liveoakbank.com Marsh, Tanya (p. 46), Wake Forest Iowa, kshelqist@homesteaderslife.com
Clock, Jodi, CPLP (pp. 40, 48), Clock University School of Law, Winston-Salem, Spence, Patrick (p. 42), U.S. Commercial
Funeral Home/Clock Timeless Pets, North Carolina, marshtd@wfu.edu Service, Nashville, Tennessee,
Muskegon, Michigan, Matzkevich, Dyanne Miller (p. 32), Pine Patrick.Spence@trade.gov
jodi@clockfuneralhome.com Forest Memorial Gardens, Wake Forest, Seyler, Paul (p. 48), Competitive
Cohen, Rabbi Daniel (p. 52), Congrega North Carolian, dymatz@nc.rr.com Resources Inc., New Orleans, Louisiana,
tion Agudah Sholom, Stamford, Connec McAllister, Leona and Sean (p. 30), pseyler@competitiveresources.com
ticut, rabbicohen@cas-stamford.org Plotbox, Northern Ireland, Stansbury, Glenda (p. 34), InSight
Cooke, Chris (p. 38), Evansville City leona@plotbox.io, sean@plotbox.io Books, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma;
Cemetery, Illinois, McQueen, John (p. 50), Anderson glenda@insightbooks.com
cooke@evansville.in.gov/cemeteries McQueen Funeral Homes and Crematory, Sturchio, Glenn (p. 46), Mayo Clinic,
Crispin, David (p. 38), BSC Group, Boston, St. Petersburg, Florida, Jacksonville, Florida,
Massachusetts, dcrispin@bscgroup.com john.mcqueen@andersonmcqueen.com sturchio.glenn@mayo.edu
Daly, Thomas (p. 38), Cemetery Helpful Merendino, Gino (p. 32), Merendino Sullivan, Lynn (p. 42), Holy Sepulchre
Solutions, Westwood, Massachusetts, Cemetery Care, Linden, New Jersey, Cemetery, lynn@holysepulchre.org
tdaly@cemeteryhelpfulsolutions.com 1776gino@gmail.com Timpe, Nick (p. 30), webcemeteries,
David, Cliff (p. 32), Conservation Econo Monahan, Jim (p. 34), Community Virginville, Pennsylvania,
mics, Lower Gwynedd, Pennsylvania, Hospice and Palliative Care, Jacksonville, nick@webcemeteries.com
cdavid@conservationeconomics.com Florida, j.monahan@outlook.com Troyer, Jason (p. 40), Mount Hope Grief
Ellis, Coleen (p. 54), Two Hearts Ramrez, Nctar (p. 28), Batesville,  to page 98
Pet Loss Center, Southlake, Texas,
Evans, John (p. 54), Carew International,
Cincinnati, Ohio, JEvans@carew.com
Gabriel, Corrie (p. 37), Roosevelt
Investment Group, New York, New York,
cgabriel@rooseveltinvestments.com TAP INTO the dynamic
Gilbert, Allison (p. 53), author, online supplier network
allison@allisongilbert.com Optimized. of the ICCFA with the
Gober, Doug (p. 48), Gober Strategic ICCFA Supply Link.
Solutions, Kenner, Louisiana,
Powered by MultiView,
the ICCFA Supply Link
doug@goberstrategiccapital.com is the premier search tool
Goldstein, Jeff (p. 44), RBC Wealth for your industry. All the
Management, Beverley Hills, California, products and services
jeff.goldstein@rbc.com you need, all within the
supplier network of the
Gottlieb, Paul (p. 44), Regions Bank, associaton you trust.
Birmingham, Alabama,
paul.gottlieb@regions.com Start your search at
Hobart, Richard (p. 56), Pembroke our homepage
Animal Hospital, Pembroke, Ontario, www.iccfa.com.
Imperi, Cole (p. 52), Doth, Cincinnati,
Ohio, cole@dothbrands.com

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from page 97 mwatkins@siggrp.net Services Inc., Tallahassee, Florida,
Services, Maryville, Tennessee, Whitaker, Erin (pp. 38, 42), Foundation wwiener@broadandcassel.com
drjasontroyer@gmail.com Partners Group, Orlando, Florida, Williams, Bill (p. 36), Funeral Services
Watkins, Michael (p. 42), The Signature erin.whitaker@foundationpartners.com Inc., Tallahassee, Florida,
Group, Houston, Texas, Wiener, Wendy (p. 36), Funeral bill@fsitrust.com r

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Cemetery sales opportunities We offer: Contact Tracy Palm at leave! They have worked for most
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Are you tired of all the corporate over-rides in the industry cemeterysales@hotmail.com happier than they are with us. You
changes, lowered compensation, No caps on income Those who join our team dont can ask any of them. r
unfulfilled promises and concern A compensation plan that has
about your job security with your not changed in over 13 years
current employer? An excellent benefits package
This could be your last call! including matching 401K Highest Quality Memorials,
The fastest-growing privately- The premier locations in their Lowest Delivered Price.
owned cemetery sales company markets
in the country, currently with 40 An old-school sales mentality, GUARANTEED!
locations in nine states, is seeking not a corporate operations mentality
experienced and successful The opportunity to be the only
cemetery sales managers and family salesperson at the location or part of
service counselors in: a sales team
Metro Baltimore, Maryland No corporate micro-
Long Island, New York management
Peoria, Illinois Relocation assistance
Eureka, California Be appreciated and earn what
Sherman, Texas youre worth!

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