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John Adams (b. 1947)

1 Short Ride in a Fast Machine 4:23
transcribed by Lawrence T. Odorn

David Lang (b. 1957)

Are You Experienced? 22:49

Co Broerse
2 Spoken Introduction 0:26
3 On Being Hit on the Head 2:37
4 Dance 5:58
5 On Being Hit on the Head (reprise) 1:03
6 On Hearing the Voice of God 2:52
7 Drop 6:55
8 On Hearing the Sirens Song 2:58
David Lang narrator
Hendrik Jan Renes tuba

Under Orpheus 16:23

9 I Aria. Disembodied, singing 9:57
10 II Chorale 6:26
Ellen Corver Sepp Grotenhuis pianos
David Lang and Stephen Mosko

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John Adams Netherlands Wind Ensemble Ad Welleman

Simon Wierenga
Grand Pianola Music 31:43 flute Marieke Schneemann* Jos Verspagen
Wim Steinmann Cyrille van Poucke
11 Part I 14:47
12 Slow 8:13 oboe Bart Schneemann* trombone Arthur Moore*
Jan Kouwenhoven Pete Saunders
13 Part II. On the Dominant Divide 8:39 Coen vant Hof
Ron Tijhuis
Ellen Corver Sepp Grotenhuis pianos Bram Kreefmeijer Ben van Dijk
Lindsay Wagstaff Kym Amps Ruth Holton sopranos
clarinet Harmen de Boer tuba Hendrick Jan Renes*
TT 75:43 Els Vreugdenhil Arjan Stroop
Jan Jansen
Romke Jan Wymenga* percussion Peter Prommel*
Netherlands Wind Ensemble Ivar Berix Rene Oussoren
Stephen Mosko Hein Wiedijk Richard Jansen
Paul Lemaire
saxophone Andre Arends
Johan van der Linden cello Floris Mijnders*
Jean Pierre Cnoops
Willem van Merwijk viola Annette Bergman*

bassoon Ronald Karten double-bass James Munro*

Jeff Oosting*
Hans Wisse electric guitar Paul Berner

horn Paul van Zelm* synthesizer Frank Mol

Dick Verhoef Nicolette Heerema*
Rebecca Grannetia
Anneke Vreugdenhil * Are You Experienced?
Short Ride in a Fast Machine
trumpet Hans Alting* Under Orpheus
Andre Heuvelman Grand Pianola Music

4 5
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repetitive cadenza; and a narrator (here the them. At the entry of electric guitar and
Adams/Lang: Works for Wind Ensemble composer himself). This narrator acts as a double-bass each with digital delay or
guide through the works rather rocky terrain: reverb and marked very distorted matters
having apparently been knocked unconscious become more complicated, formally as well as
Born in 1947, John Adams is ten years a combination of extended melody and by a blow to the head, the listener experiences texturally, though the basic compositional
younger than Steve Reich and Philip Glass. He harmonic drive; and allusions to, or even direct a dance, the voice of God, the Sirens Song, principle still holds. In Chorale, chords shift
has become a leading figure among those quotations from, other kinds of music, popular and eventually presumably death. The final uneasily until, at the end, guitar and bass once
composers inspired by the early explorations as well as classical. Allusion and quotation images Dont scream, Dont cry, Your world again throw a spanner in the works.
of repetition, long-held sounds and clearly have played an increasingly significant part in will let you go are drawn from Hendrixs Grand Pianola Music (1982) represents the
audible structural processes undertaken not his output, at least until the last few years. song. Taking minimalist repetition as his emotional and parodistic aspects of Adamss
only by these famous compatriots, but also by Short Ride in a Fast Machine (1986) was starting point, Lang attempts to bring style at their most outrageous. Scored for two
La Monte Young and Terry Riley, two less written to open the outdoor Great Woods dissonance back into his music as an pianos, three sopranos and an ensemble of
well-known figures who pioneered musical Festival in Mansfield, Massachusetts. A expressive, and newly strange, force in a woodwind, brass and percussion, it too was
minimalism in the late 1950s and early persistent woodblock ostinato generates both context unrelieved by any more reassuring inspired by that most American of modern
1960s. While Adams has himself attempted to the rhythm and the wild manner of this kinds of reference to the past. Despite the icons, the automobile. Grand Pianola Music
take such ideas in new directions, David Lang, four-minute composition. Adams describes the clear division into sections, the work has a started with a dream image, the composer
born in 1957, is concerned to make yet woodblock as almost sadistic and explains cumulative energy quite different from that of has written, in which, while driving down
further strides: being interested, as he puts it, the works title: You know how it is when the works of Adams, or of Reich or Glass. Interstate 5, I was approached from behind by
in how you solve the language and structure someone asks you to ride in a terrific sports Similarly, Under Orpheus (1989 94) is two long, gleaming, black stretch limousines.
problems that minimalism tried to avoid. car, and then you wish you hadnt? Originally very clearly the work of a composer who has As the vehicles drew up beside me they
While Adams has become famous, in particular, written for large orchestra, Short Ride in a asserted that he is only interested in music transformed into the worlds longest
for his operas Nixon in China and The Death of Fast Machine is here performed in Lawrence that says: Ive got an idea, and Im going to Steinways twenty, maybe even thirty feet
Klinghoffer, Lang has acted as a focal point for T. Odorns transcription for band. rub your nose in it. The piece is a reworking long. Screaming down the highway at
the latest developments in the downtown New Langs Are You Experienced? (1990) of Langs Orpheus Over and Under for two 90 m.p.h., they gave off volleys of B flat and
York musical scene through his work for a draws its inspiration from the song (and pianos, written in 1989. Two pianos play E flat major arpeggios. The work brings
festival with the abrasive title Bang on a Can. album) of the same name by Jimi Hendrix. It single-note tremolos in the first of the minimalist repetition into a glorious alliance
Adamss approach from the late 1970s, takes an instrumental line-up familiar in new compositions two movements, two-note with various elements of the composers
when he fully found himself as a composer, is music these days single woodwind, brass tremolos in the second. In Aria these heritage: Beethoven, Rachmaninov, and the
characterised by its individual development of and strings (though no violins), electric guitar, instruments lead a pair of almost identical American marching band and gospel music,
a repetitive idiom stressing two things that keyboard and synthesizer, various percussion ensembles, mainly of woodwind and brass too. Adams has written that the work seems
early, more hairshirt minimalism rejected: and adds two unusual elements: a solo electric players, which take up their own pianos to have something to offend everybody
direct emotional expression, achieved through tuba, which at one point has its own manically pitches, sustaining and gradually extending Duelling pianos, cooing sirens, Valhalla brass,

6 7
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thwacking bass drums, gospel triads, and a Philharmonic Orchestra, Residentie Orchestra Symphony and the Los Angeles Philharmonic Stephen Mosko is an expert in the field
Niagara of cascading flat keys all learned to The Hague, Northern Holland Philharmonic and his awards include an NEA Composers of Icelandic folk music, having received
cohabit as I wrote the piece. Orchestra and Dutch radio orchestras. Each Fellowship. He has received commissions from two Senior Fulbright / Hayes Fellowships to
Grand Pianola Music is in three movements. year the Ensemble gives approximately forty the Fromm Foundation and the Los Angeles Iceland. He is currently a member of the
The first two are played without a pause, performances, at home and abroad, and Philharmonic amongst others, and was featured composition faculty at the California Institute
forming the major part of the piece and undertakes two international concert tours. An composer at the 1989 Sacramento New of the Arts and an instructor at the University
concluding with a slow serene pasture with a annual high point is the spectacular New American Music Festival. of Chicago.
grazing tuba. The final movement, entitled On Years Concert in the Concertgebouw,
the Dominant Divide, is based on the simple presented jointly with the VPRO broadcasting
tonicdominanttonic chord progression that, association and transmitted live on radio and
Adams observed, most minimal music avoids; it television. The musicians enjoy adventurous
is also the most boisterously parodistic of the programming, performing works by classical
three. Scoring as well as musical material evoke and contemporary composers, as well as
his sources: a bass drum recalls the marching- regular collaborations with children, jazz
band tradition; the two pianos play the same musicians, dancers and producers.
material slightly out of phase with each other,
imitating the pianola, or mechanical piano, of Born in Denver, Colorado, Stephen Mosko
the works title. Three sopranos (the cooing received his BA from Yale University studying
sirens) meanwhile provide what the composer with Donald Martino and Gustav Meier, and his
calls wordless harmony. In the last movement, MFA from the California Institute of the Arts
though, they also briefly have real words to studying with Mel Powell, Leonard Stein and
sing, which an earlier sleeve-note writer was Morton Subotnick. He is Director of the San
forbidden to quote. Being under no such Francisco Contemporary Music Players and the
constraints, I can reveal that the text simply Chicago Contemporary Players of the
reads: For I have seen the Promised Land; I University of Chicago, and was Principal
cannot, however, explain it. Conductor of the Griffen Music Ensemble of
Boston. He has been guest conductor with the
Keith Potter San Francisco Symphony and the Los Angeles
Philharmonic and has appeared as conductor
The Netherlands Wind Ensemble (Nederlands at numerous festivals.
Blazers Ensemble) comprises soloists from the Moskos compositions have been performed
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Rotterdam by many ensembles including the San Francisco

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As-tu de lexprience? Are You Experienced? Hast du Erfahrung?

(ddi Jack et Robin Homer) (dedicated to Jack and Robin Homer) (Jack und Robin Homer gewidmet)

Introduction narrative 2 Spoken Introduction Gesprochene Einfhrung


Bonjour! Hello. Guten Tag.
Je suis David Lang.* Im David Lang.* Ich bin David Lang.*
Je sais que tu te rjouissais dentendre cette pice, I know you were looking forward to hearing Ich wei, Sie haben sich darauf gefreut, dieses
mais quelque chose deffroyable vient de se passer. this piece, but something terrible has just Stck zu hren, aber gerade eben ist etwas
Comme nous nous installions, quelquun sest happened. Furchtbares passiert.
approch de toi pas de loup et ta frapp dun coup While we were busy setting up, someone crept Whrend wir mit dem Aufbau beschftigt waren, hat
sec sur la tempe. up silently behind you, and dealt a quick blow to sich jemand leise von hinten an Sie herangeschlichen
Alors que tu tombais sur le sol, et commenait the side of your head. und Ihnen seitlich einen schnellen Schlag auf den
perdre conscience, des penses dcousues se sont As you fell towards the floor, and began losing Schdel verpasst.
bouscules dans ton esprit. consciousness, a number of disconnected Whrend Sie zu Boden gingen und dabei waren,
En voici quelques-unes: thoughts crowded into your head. das Bewusstsein zu verlieren, sind Ihnen Unmengen
Here are a few of them: zusammenhangloser Gedanken durch den Kopf
Hier sind einige davon:

1. Au moment du coup sur la tte 3 1. On Being Hit on the Head 1. Aus Anlass des Schlags auf den Schdel
Quoi? Que cest-il pass? What, What happened? Was, was ist passiert?
Cest comme si javais reu un coup sur la tte That felt like a blow to my head Mir ist, als htte mir jemand auf den Schdel gehauen
Cest la deuxime fois cette semaine Thats twice this week Das ist schon das zweite Mal diese Woche
Quai-je fait? What did I do? Was hab ich falsch gemacht?
Pourquoi me tombe-t-il toujours sur le dos? Why do they always pick on me? Wieso hat man es immer auf mich abgesehen?
Hein? Huh? H?
Et pourquoi suis-je all ce concert? Why did I go to that concert anyway? Wieso bin ich berhaupt in dieses Konzert gegangen?
Je le sens. I can feel it. Ich spre es.
Je tombe Im falling Ich falle
A quelle vitesse ma tte sapproche-t-elle du sol? How fast is my head approaching the floor? Wie schnell nhert sich mein Kopf dem Boden?
5, non, 10 mtres par seconde 16, no, 32 feet per second Fnf sind es, nein, zehn Meter pro Sekunde
par seconde per second pro Sekunde
Cela me semble beaucoup plus lent. It feels much slower than that. Mir kommt es viel langsamer vor.
relaxe relax entspann dich

18 19
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Serai-je bien? Will I be alright? Werd ich es heil berstehen?

Comment rentrer chez moi? How will I get home? Wie soll ich nach Hause kommen?
Que fais-je? How do I act? Wie verhalte ich mich?
Suis-je habill correctement? Am I dressed right? Bin ich dafr richtig angezogen?
Cest la premire fois que je perds conscience. Ive never been unconscious before. Ich war noch nie ohnmchtig.
Jespre que je nai pas la bouche ouverte. I hope my mouth isnt open. Hoffentlich steht mein Mund nicht offen.
Chhh Shhh Schhh
Ne ten fais pas Dont worry Keine Sorge
tu te sentiras bien youll be fine es wird alles wieder gut
relaxe relax entspann dich
Contente-toi de faire Just do Tu einfach
juste ce que exactly what genau was
je I ich
dis. say. sage.

2. Danse 4 2. Dance 2. Tanz

Danse Dance Tanz

3. Au moment du coup sur la tte 5 3. On Being Hit on the Head 3. Aus Anlass des Schlags auf den Schdel
(reprise) (reprise) (Reprise)
Me revoil. Im back. Ich bin wieder da.
Tai-je manqu? Did you miss me? Hast du mich vermisst?
Je pensais juste que tu aimerais I just thought youd like Ich dachte nur, du wtest gern,
savoir o tu te trouves, l, maintenant. to know where you stand right now. wie es jetzt um dich steht.
O.K.? O.K.? Okay?
Tu es sur le sol. Youre on the ground. Du liegst auf dem Boden.
Tes paupires palpitent. Regardons les choses en face, Your eyelids are fluttering. Lets face it, Deine Lider flattern. Machen wir uns nichts vor,
tu nes pas vraiment bien, mais youre not doing so well, but es geht dir nicht besonders gut, aber
tout est planifi, everything is planned, alles ist geplant
et cest parfait and its perfect und es ist perfekt
H! Je me souviens de cette musique Hey I remember this music He, ich erinnere mich an diese Musik
Cest beau mais on la dj entendue Its nice but weve heard it already Sie ist ganz nett, aber wir haben sie schon mal gehrt
allons de lavant donc so lets get on with it also, machen wir weiter

20 21
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4. En entendant la voix de Dieu 6 4. On Hearing the Voice of God 4. Beim Klang der Stimme Gottes
Parle. Speak. Sprich.
Parle vite. Speak fast. Sprich schnell.
La Vrit. The Truth. Die Wahrheit.
Maintenant. Now. Jetzt.
Dis-la. Say it. Sage sie.
La Vrit. The Truth. Die Wahrheit.
Encore. Again. Noch mal.
Il le faut. You want to. Du willst doch.
Souviens-toi. Remember. Erinnere dich.
Dis-moi. Tell me. Sag es mir.
Fais-moi confiance. Trust me. Vertrau mir.
De grce. Beg me. Bitte mich.
Encore. Again. Noch mal.
Qui sont tes amis? Who are your friends? Wer sind deine Freunde?
O sont-ils maintenant? Where are they now? Wo sind sie geblieben?
Dis-le. Say it. Sag es.
Cest tout. End it. Mach ein Ende.
Fin. The end. Das Ende.

5. Prcipitation 7 5. Drop 5. Sturz

6. En percevant le chant de la sirne 8 6. On Hearing the Sirens Song 6. Beim Hren des Sirenengesangs
Je sais I know Ich wei
Je suis mauvais Im bad Ich bin bse
Jai t tellement mchant Ive been so wicked Ich war so gemein
Sil y a en moi quelque bont If there is good in me Ob etwas Gutes in mir steckt
Il ne me reviens pas de le dire Its not for me to say Kann ich nicht sagen
Tous les autres Those other Diese anderen
Ntaient rien pour moi They meant nothing to me Die haben mir nichts bedeutet
Je ne pourrais jamais te faire cela toi I could never do those things to you Ich knnte dir so was nie antun
Tu es trop forte, trop bonne Youre too strong too good Du bist zu stark zu gut
Jamais, je ne te ferai du mal Ill never hurt you Ich werde dich nie verletzen
Laisse-moi te le prouver Let me prove it to you La mich es dir beweisen
Ne crie pas Dont scream Schrei nicht
Ne pleure pas Dont cry Weine nicht

22 23
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Ton univers te laissera le champ libre Your world will let you go Deine Welt wird dich gehen lassen
Je ne vais pas te mentir Im not going to lie to you Ich will dich nicht belgen
Ton nom dans le lointain Your name in the distance Dein Name in der Ferne
Lentends-tu? Hear it? Hrst du ihn?
Oui You will Du wirst
Ecoute bien Listen closely Genau zuhren
Voil: Here it is: Hier kommt es:
Toi seule Only you Nur du
Toi seule Only you Nur du
Toi seule. Only you. Nur du.

*Le narrateur doit sidentifier David Lang, mme si, dans le rel, *The narrator must identify himself or herself as David *Der Erzhler bzw. die Erzhlerin mu sich als David Lang
il ou elle nest pas David Lang. Lang, even if he or she is not, in real life, David Lang. vorstellen, selbst wenn er/sie im richtigen Leben nicht David
Lang ist.

Traduction: Marie-Franoise de Mees bersetzung: Anne Steeb/Bernd Mller

Co Broerse
David Lang and Hendrik Jan Renes
24 25
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Amplification and electronic effects: Bart Mesman and Kees Koeman

Recording producer Paul Spicer

Sound engineer Ben Connellan
Assistant engineer Peter Newble
Editor Jonathan Cooper
Recording venues Muziekcentrum Vredenburg, Utrecht; 9 11 November 1994 & St Judes
Church, London NW11; 12 February 1995
Front cover Photograph C Tony Stone Images
Back cover Photograph of the Netherlands Wind Ensemble (photographer unknown)
Design Sean Coleman
Volans Booklet typeset by Michael White-Robinson
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