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Words related to World Cup

1. Dummy = "Drible da vaca" or "dar o drible da vaca"

Ex: Pele's dummy against Uruguay in the semi-final.

Ex2: Pele dummied the keeper with unprecedented audacity, before his angled shot
dribbled tragically past the post.

2. Cheat = "Juiz ladro"

Ex: The referee is a cheat and I will tell him to his face.

3. Turn the game around and win/come-from-behind win = Ganhar de virada

Ex: France turned the game around and won.

Ex2: Brazil had a come-from-behind win in Confederation Cup against EUA.

4. Brazilian (national) soccer team; Brazilian (national) football team =

'Seleo brasileira de futebol'

Ex: The Brazilian soccer/football team got in Africa.

5. On a losing/winning streak = "bola murcha/cheia"

Ex: The Vasco (football team) is on a losing streak.

Ex2: Corinthians is on a winning streak.

6. Football Show/ball some = show de bola

Ex: The Brazilian football team is a football show/ball some.

7. Hammer; Thrash = Golear

Ex: Brazil hammered Argentina.

8. Hammering; Thrashing = goleada; massacre; esmagadora

Ex: First, they beat Manchester United in the Community Shield, then a very
convincing 4-0 thrashing over Arsenal last week.

9. The World Cup is approaching. Good Luck, Brazil! /The World Cup is
coming soon and I wish all the best to Brazil = A copa do mundo se
aproxima, boa sorte para o Brasil.

10. Nation in football boots = Ptria de chuteiras

Ex: The Brazilian football team is the nation in football boots.
11. World Cup call-up = convocao para a copa do mundo
Ex: World Cup call-up is a dream come true for Grafite.
12. World Cup Roster = lista dos convocados
Ex: Ronaldinho, Adriano and Neymar have been left off Brazil's 23-player World Cup
13. Host: ser a sede de
Ex: Brazil will host the 2014 FIFA World Cup.
14. Host matches = sediar jogos (partidas)
Ex: Salvador Will host matches the 2014 FIFA World Cup.
15. Host cities = cidades-sede
Ex: So Paulo is one of the host cities of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.
16. First team; First string/ Second string = Time, equipe titular/reserva
Ex: Losing the game with our first string would have been disastrous.

Ex2: The first team is taking the field today.

17. To be on the bench/ Go to the bench/To bench = Estar no banco de

reservas,Ir para o banco de reservas,Deixar no banco de reservas

Ex: Nilmar is on the bench.

Ex2: After scoring only 13 points in the game, Jordan went to the bench.

Ex3: The coach benched him.

18. Extra time (BrE); Overtime (AmE) = Prorrogao

Go into extra time/overtime = Ir para a prorrogao

Ex: The game went into overtime/extra time.

19. Paradinha = paradinha

Ex: Should the paradinha be legal?

20. Stepover = pedalada

To do stepovers = Dar pedaladas

Ex: Robinho is one of the stopovers kings.

21. Handball = Mo na bola

Ex: It will be honest, it was a handball. But I'm not the ref. I played it, the ref allowed
it. (Thierry Henry)

22. Drop the Ball/To fumble (the ball) = Pisar na Bola

Ex: He dropped the ball and dummied the defensor.

23. Clear on goal = Na cara do gol

Ex: Samuel Eto'o put Diego Milito clear on goal.

24. Direct Free Kick = Tiro livre direto

Indirect Free Kick = Tiro livre indireto

25. Take a throw-in = Bater, cobrar lateral

Take a free kick = Bater, cobrar falta
Take a corner kick = Bater, cobrar escanteio
Take a penalty kick = Bater, cobrar pnalti
Take a goal kick = Bater, cobrar tiro de meta

26. Offside position = Posio de impedimento

Ex: Rooney scored but he was in a offside position.
27. Linesman/woman = Bandeirinha
Ex: The linesman raised his flag for offside.
28. Ball Juggling = embaixadinhas
To ball-juggle/kick up (mais usado) = fazer embaixadinhas
Ex: A record was set on 26 April when 459 children successfully ball juggled for 10
seconds and set a new Keepy Uppy world record. ...
Ex2: How to Ball-Juggle/kick up?

29. Goal Kick = Tiro de Meta

Own Goal = Gol contra

30. Sieve = goleiro frangueiro

Ex: Many teams have sieves on their goal.

31. To whitewash/to be whitewashed = Ganhar/perder de capote, sem marcar

32. Training session = Treino coletivo

33. My team is being hammered = O meu time est tomando um vareio de bola;
t tomando uma surra.

34. If it's not broke,don't fix it = em time que est ganhando no se mexe
35. (Try to) win a penalty = cavar um pnalti

36. Knockout stage = Fase de mata-mata, fase eliminatria

37. Whats the score? = Como est o placar?

Whos winning? = Quem est ganhando?
Its 4 to 0, Cruzeiro = Est 4 a 0 para o Cruzeiro.
It was an upset, Atltico won = Deu zebra, o Atltico ganhou
They won by penalties = Eles ganharam nos pnaltis.

38. What team do you support? /What team do you cheer for? /What team do
you root for? = Eu toro para o tabajara esporte clube

39. Commit a foul = cometer uma falta

40. Talent scout; talent-spotter = Olheiro,caa-talentos

41. Hand/give/offer something on a plate = entregar de bandeja

Ex: Bahia handed/gave/offered the victory on a plate.

42. Association of football (soccer) fans/ Soccer gang = torcida organizada

Ex: The Corinthians soccer/football gang is very violent.

43. Soccer/football mogul = cartola/dirigente

44. Field; Pitch = campo (esportes)

45. To graze the crossbar = Tirar tinta da trave; Passar raspando a trave

Ex: The ball grazed the crossbar, deceiving him.

46. Go for it/Go for broke! = vai que tua

47. Efeito = Spin

48. The ball had a spin on it = A bola estava com efeito

The ball had a lot of spin on it = A bola estava com muito efeito
He put a lot of spin on the ball = Ele colocou muito efeito na bola
He didnt put much spin on the ball = Ele colocou pouco efeito na bola

49. Six time Champion = hexacampeo