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Firstly, we would like to thank ALLAH, the most merciful and beneficent, for
giving us the strength to complete our project with full determination and

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our teacher Maam Farheen
Razzaq at IoBM University, for her valuable time, lectures and never ending
support and encouragement during this process. We are very thankful to her
that she has given us pleasure to use her valuable comments, feedbacks and
suggestion during the time that we have been working on this project and she
has presented a new world to our further academic research.

1. Introduction about the company.3

2. Vision statement.4
3. Mission statement..4
4. Marketing Mix5
5. Product and Services..6
6. Price....8
7. Promotion...9
8. Distribution10
9. SWOT Analysis.10
10. Position Statement12
11.Physical And Psychological Benefits12
12.Brand Personality..13
13.Brand Discrimination13

Meat one is a meat based brand that has the specialty of dealing in fresh, premium quality meat
including beef, mutton and chicken along with other marinated products. It also offer ready to
cook food including frozen samosa, rolls and chicken nuggets etc. It started its operations in
2010 and now it has a largge chain of retail outlets operating all across Pakistan. It is the
subsidiary of Al Shaheer Corporation, who is one of the largest exporters of meat all across
Pakistan. Al Shaheer Corporation established in 2008, because the company experienced that
there has been a substantial rise in the demand of Halal Meat products globally. Al Shaheer
Corporation has the largest private slaughtering facility all across the country. They select the
healthy animals from Interior Sindh and Punjab. Then process them at its facility and then export
it to different regional markets like GCC and Middle East Countries such as Kuwait, Bahrain,
Oman and Saudi Arabia. The meat processing quality of the company is HACCP certified, which
keeps strict monitoring of each step of the production process of food. This is the important one
that they are able to control major food processing and to control major risks such as chemical,
physical contaminants and microbiological. This HACCP has been endorsed by different
International bodies such as NASCA. It is the best process control system that is available in
todays age. Furthermore, they have the best slaughtering facility and it has been approved and
audited by Saudi Arab and UAE delegations after fully satisfied with the systems and quality
control. The team of ASC is blessed with the team of dedicated and trained professionals having
more than 550 employees with the total revenue of US$ 45 million, their operations are
conducted in 3 different segments of business: Meat Exports, Meat Retail, Institutional Meat
Sales and a subsidiary company recently incorporated Al Shaheer Farms (Pvt.) Limited. In the
past five years, company achieved a 27% CAGR in terms of revenue and is in the process of
rapidly expanding its corporate footprint.

Our vision is to be a leading player in Halal food business.


Our mission is to redefine the different ways people buy meat in Pakistan, through high quality
meat provision, great customer services as well as attractive shopping experience to our

Vision and Mission Statement Interlinked:

There is a vital connection between vision as well as mission statement of Meat one. Meat one
has the goal to be one of the leading players in Halal Food industry, the overall mission focuses
towards achieving its objectives. Meat one tends to focus on high quality as well as better service
provision and because of this focus, it always gains their loyal customers which will enable the
company to increase their market share. Hence the vision as well as the mission statement truly
reflects that they have the goal of becoming a market leader in the industry.

It is slightly premium
priced, which is
-Mutton justifiable Still you get
-Chicken exactly what you pay
-Fish for
-Marinade Chicken, lamb,
ribs,mutton and ready to
cook (frozen foods) MARKETING
Bill boards and -Branded Retail Outlets
discount offers -Export to Middle East
Sponsoring on TV and Countries such as
Product Placement Oman, Kuwait,
Print media
Digital Marketing
Direct marketing
Products and Services:
Fresh and chilled beef (both boneless and bone in) from cattles for export
and local market
Fresh and chilled Mutton and Lamb for both local and export market with
export weight
Range of 8-12 kg in both fresh and frozen categories
Camel Meat for export as per orders in both fresh and frozen categories
Fresh chilled and Frozen Raw fish Range of Maintained and ready to cook

meat items.

Prime Beef cuts Fish Fresh Chicken

Mutton Cuts Cuts

Front chops Front chops red snapper Biryani cuts

back chops back chops king fish korma cuts

breast Breast king fish slice Karahi cuts

mix boti Neck silver grumter leg

boneless cubes mix boti silver grumter drum stick

nihari cut ( bone Shoulder mushka fish fillet breast

nihari cut ( bone leg yellow fish wings
mince adla white promfet breast boneless

Pasanda mince Spanish makerel mince

Nail for nihari whole carcass whole chicken

whole chicken whole chicken with

Ready to cook (fresh never frozen)

Signature Series Snacks Fast Food BBQ Continental

blazin chicken chicken samosa roasted chicken Beef chapli mutton leg
wing kabab

beef tender kofta chicken cheese chicken strips chicken tikka mutton leg
spring roll beef burger patty chicken shashlik

chicken strips chicken

chicken kofta


It is slightly premium priced, which is justifiable Still you get exactly what you pay for.
They charge different prices according to the cuts, 1 Kg meat costs in the range of Rs 400
to 1100 based on the quality and customization of meat cuts. However there is an issue of
price fluctuation in meat one. Prices of their products change on daily basis which creates
confusion among consumers.

Meat one does their promotion through print advertisements, sponsorships, and product
placements in famous drama serials, discount offers, digital marketing and direct
marketing. It ran a marketing campaign in 2010 named THINK ABOUT IT
CAMPAIGN in which they portrayed a technique for consumers to question about the
hygienic factor in consuming meat.
Meat one has 14 branded outlets across the country out of which 12 are located in
Karachi, 1 is in Lahore and one in Islamabad. It offers free delivery as well to customers
through their UAN number. It also export meat to Middle East countries such as Oman,
Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE and Saudi a Arabia.

SWOT Analysis:

First movers Advantage. Meat One is the first brand to provide the export
quality meat products to its customers which gives it a pioneers advantage
in the minds of its consumers.
Animals are of plain region, scent free and tender meat. Meat One raises its
animals in plain fields of grass to produce the best quality meat free from all
types of scents associated with meat from wild animals.
Animals free from hormones and antibiotic therapies. Which makes the
animal growth natural and its meat more organic and healthy to consume.
Live butchery plus Pre Package Model. Live butchery includes meat cuts
according to the customers preferences, while the Pre Package model
encompasses famous meat cuts such as leg piece cut, wings, boneless meat
Meat is HACCP certified (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).
Meat is fresh and kept chilled and never frozen. Which is a point of
difference as it competitor, mainly super markets (such as Nahids and
Imtiaz super market) sell frozen meat.
Professionally trained butcher and meat handlers with protective and
hygienic clothing. Meat from Meat One is export quality and ISO certified.
Free delivery through 11-11-MEAT-1

High staff turnover especially the butchers as they tend to open their own
shops. Which is problematic for the company as the cost incurred in training
the butchers is expensive and frequent training decreases companys
Only limited to 3 cities of Pakistan. It has 12 outlets in Karachi, 1 outlet in
Lahore and 1 in Islamabad.


Opportunity to expand to new cities in Pakistan, they have yet to touch the
province of Khyber Pakthunkhwa and Baluchistan and expanding to these
provinces will increase the companys overall market share

Opportunity to expand in global market, AL Shaheer Corporation can easily

utilize Meat Ones brand name to expand to new international markets of
Europe and South America

New Product such as samosa with cheese or a new recipe of meat product
can be launched to increase sales

Online Service, while the company has free delivery through phone calls the
company has yet to offer delivery through online order.


Meat itself became a threat for the company as meat of harm animals (dogs,
donkeys etc.) started selling in Pakistan which made people reluctant to buy
meat even from a premium butcher outlet such as Meat One.
Diseases such as Mad cow, Swine Flu, bird flu can substantially hinder the
companys over sales
Low acceptability in society in respect to traditional butcher shop. Even
though Meat One was providing high quality Meat products, people still
preferred buying ships from traditional butcher shops and this was evident as
the companys share in the Pakistan meat market was 0.6 percent as
compared to traditional Meat shops which had a market share of
approximately 71 percent.
Position Statement:

Reason to Believe: Meat one is HACCP certified and caters its services
according to the international standers in the most befitting manner.
Frame Of reference: Fresh Meat provider. For any meat consumer looking to
have export quality halal and organic meat.
POD: Fresh & Healthy Meat. As at Meat One the Meat is kept at between
temperatures of 0 degree to -4 degree in order to keep it fresh and is never
POP: Halal Meat Provider in Pakistan, which is according to the Islamic
teachings and according to the rules and regulation given in the constitution
of Pakistan.
Target Audience: Household &corporate sectors that loves to consume fresh
high quality food especially meat products and catering industries which
could use Meat Ones meat in producing different types of cuisines for its

Physical and Psychological Benefits

Functional Benefits:

Providing the facility of hand chopped meat with the assurance of

germ free and hygienic product. As the meat is handled by trained
butcher wearing hygienic gloves and hair cap.

Providing wide range of ready to cook meat from Samosa to ready to

fry Meat chops.

Emotional Benefit:

Halal meat and all the procedures abide the laws of Islamic religion.
Meat One also keeps an In house mufti to keep a check and balance
on the slaughtering of its animal and to make sure the animal are
slaughtered the Islamic way.

Brand Personality:
Meat one possess a personality that is trustworthy and sincere with
sophistication as icing on the top. And these three attributes makes for a very
strong and memorable brand personality for its consumers.

Brand Discrimination:
Brand Discrimination for Meat One is providing a wide range of meat Products
(Cow, Goat, Fish and Chicken) processed under highly advanced techniques
and technology with the assurance of being Halal