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Welcome to the Form Lab 2.5 Goals Strategy Guide.

This guide outlines a simple way to quickly find profitable bets using the Game Notes available in all levels
of Football Form Lab subscriptions.


Form Labs game notes use an algorithm to scan the team trends for any relevant betting ideas. This is an
excellent shortcut to finding betting ideas for those without enough time to do their own research or for it
to be used as a starting point for your own ideas.

For example, the game note for Fulham vs Man City highlights the over 2.5 goals market as a good betting

Bet Idea: Over 2.5 match goals @ 1.92. The bookies give odds of 1.92
on there being over 2.5 goals in the match.

The game indeed ended with over 2.5 goals, landing a healthy profit on the game.


The over/ under 2.5 goal market is an particularly strong market for form lab. This is an ever popular
betting medium is betting as in certain matches, it can be easier to predict the number of goals rather
than the match outcome.

For example at certain times of the season, in a tight relegation dog fight, the result could go either way,
but goals (or lack of) could be a better focus for your betting.

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The main goals market you will most likely be using will be Over/Under 2.5 goals. This sometimes
confuses people who are new to football betting as there is obviously no such thing as half a goal!

So why is 2.5 goals is used? Its so bookmakers can offer the bet on a single line. In reality with 2.5 goals
betting, you are betting on there being over 2 goals or under 3 goals. By referring to 2.5, you have
everything on a single line as three is above 2.5 and 2 is below 2.5.

Basically, if you back over, then you need three goals to win, if you back under, then you want no more
than two goals.


When it comes to match goal betting trends, different leagues have their own characte ristics.
For example France had 57% of games go under 2.50 in the 2010/2011 season, while Germany had just
44% of games go under. The Premier League is emerging as a strong over 2.50 goal market as well.

Form Lab not only helps you identify these trends, it also helps you beat them.

The table below shows the main European leagues and their over/ under 2.5 goal betting
trends for the 2010/2011 season. The league average shows the bias in that league for games
being over 2.5 goals or under. For example, the premiership had 54% of games go over 2.5
goals in 2010/2011 season.

The Note Correct column refers to the accuracy of the betting notes with the final column
showing you whether the game notes beat the league average.

You can see that in all but two leagues, the game notes were more accurate than the league
average. In the Premier League, games ended with +2.5 goals 69% of the time when it was highlighted in
a game note versus the general league average of 54% of games going +2.5.


You might wonder whether this out performance actually translates into betting profits. Its all very well
spotting games that are more likely to go +2.5, but if the bookies are already pricing this in with their
odds, youre not going to make a profit.

Thankfully last season, Form Labs game notes not only beat the league average, they also pulled in a
healthy profit.

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ROI = Return On Investment Your profit divided by the total amount staked.

These returns are based on the best available price only with recognised, respectable bookmakers at kick
off. We do not have the odds for Frances League 1, but have been able to calculate the profit and loss in
all other leagues.

Not every league is profitable, but a decent profit is made overall acro ss the leagues.

Observing the distribution of results, one key trend to notice is that the best results tend to
come when you bet only in the direction of the general bias for that league. For example, the
Italian Serie A historically has more games going -2.5 goals so it makes sense to not fight the
trend and bet only on -2.5 goals for that league.

We have gone back more than one season to identify these trends, but the main biases are as

Serie A: -2.5 goals.

La Liga: No strong overall bias.

Premiership: No strong historical bias (but +2.5 goals increasing).

Bundesliga: +2.5 goals.

Now lets look at the results if we bet only in the direction of a historical bias if there is one:

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We are able to increase the total profit by making less bets. The total profit is 46.45 points
from 486 bets, which represents an ROI of 10%, or 10 profit for every 100 you put at risk.

At just 25 per bet this could have returned 1,161.25 over the course of the 2011/2012
season. This offers an excellent rate of return and this is before you improve performance
further with optional additional analysis.


Form Labs Game Notes automatically summarise the best trends for you, but you can easily
increase performance by performing some additional analysis of your own.

A key filter might be to check the consistency of any betting trends which might give you
further confidence in a bet.

The game note below highlighted a strong chance of +2.5 goals in the Swansea vs Bolton
match on the 29 .

You could double check this trend by looking at the match goals form table under the match
data tab. We can see that Bolton have the most games going +2.5 goals in the last 20, but also
that the trend his highly consistent, making this a strong bet.

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Team News

If you are a subscriber to Form Lab Black, you can benefit from the player analysis and daily
reports which help you determine if any key players are missing that might upset any betting

For example, if there was a game note hinting at there being +2.5 goals in the
Monechengladbach vs Hannover game on the 29 , you might have been interested, but
finding yourself needing more reassurance with the best odds being just 1.92.

This reassurance might have come in the daily rep orts which highlighted that Hannover are
less likely to keep a clean sheet when defender Steven Cherundolo is absent.

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Whether you follow the 2.5 goal game notes blindly or apply your own additional analysis
(recommended), we were confident that the Form Lab 2.5 Goal Strategy will provide you with a solid
platform for betting profits. Remember the Game Notes are really just the start of what Form Lab has to
offer, with key trends, pre match queries and other powerful tools at your finger tips.

If you are yet to try Football Form Labs, you can pick up a 28 day free trial here:

In the meantime, if you have any queries or would like to upgrade your subscription, please feel free to
contact us at support@footballformlabs.com

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