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SetConfig For RNS510

Comprehensive Management Unit

Direction Manual V1.0

Introduction : SetConfig is available in 2 versions, Basic and Full. It will let you
completely configure your RNS510 unit in ways that only could be done from the
Continental Factory. With this application you will be able to change any setting
within the unit, along with CUSTOM settings that we have written that are useful
for Diagnosing Bricked Units, Units that display Black/White only screens, and
also revive units that have become corrupted due to bad firmware or incorrect FW

Basic Version : The basic version of the program will have access to all functions
of the Full version with the exception of the Montior option and special Write
Functions that are available only within the Service mode of the program.

Full Version : The full version of the program will have access to all functions
including read/write of all areas including special function set inside of the service
mode. You will also have a special tab called Monitor, this function is especially
useful if you have a bricked or unit that has had issues with bad fw upgrades.

There are 7 tabs within the application; System, Coding, HDD, Hardware, Display,
Logo, Firmware, Monitor. All of these tabs contain multiple functions that cannot
be changed by the dealer, Vag Com Cable, or less capable SW packages such as
MRM, Martech Clip, etc.

Function 1 (Speed Limits)

Here you have the option of setting the speed limits for Video in Motion and also
HMI (This is where you are asked I AM AWARE when entering destinations)
when in motion for your navigation, phone, or other options.

Speed Limit: This can be set to 6/250/300Kmh to enable/disable Video in

Motion for the unit. By default it is set from the factory at 6Kmh which is
why DVDs will only play until you start moving. With this option you can
set to 250/300Kmh to raise that restriction.
HMI Limit: This can be set to 6/250/300Kmh to enable/disable the (I AM
AWARE) button that you must press when entering in navigation
destinations, phone numbers, and other options when moving. By default
this is set at 6kmh from the factory so you must press the button
acknowledging that you are aware you are moving. With this option you can
set to 6/250/300kmh to raise or lower the restriction.
Application Menu: This allows you to enable/disable the hidden service
menu within your RNS510 unit. By selecting Enable you will hold down
service button for 20-30 seconds, it will initially pass through the radio
screen and then enter the service menu. From here you can see map version,
FW version, along with many other options that are for diagnostic.
Skin: This allows you to set the 3 different skins that are available for your
RNS unit, Highline, Premium and Standard. These are Red/Blue/Green in
SW Downgrade: This will enable you to FORCE the RNS unit to go into
downgrade mode regardless of the FW you are running.

Power - This will allow you to select multiple reboot functions :

o Fast : This is default and will restart your RNS into normal Mode
o Normal Mode: This will restart your unit into NORMAL mode for
Setconfig. This will allow you to access any options that the unit
must be in normal mode to make changes.
o Service Mode: This will restart your unit into SERVICE mode for
Setconfig. This will allow you to access any options that the unit
must be in service mode to make changes.
o SWL Mode : Janis please fill in and I will clean up
o SWL Demand : Janis please fill in and I will clean up

DVD Region: Here you can change the region coding of the DVD player if
you wish to watch DVDs from other regions. You can set it for a particular
region, or you can set it to ALL REGIONS in which case you will have
access to watch DVDs from any region.
SD Card: This option will enable you to make the SD card option
Startup Logo: If you purchase your RNS second hand you and it came out
of a VW and is now going into a Skoda, you can select Skoda and it will
change the startup logo to the corresponding automobile.
Variant: This will enable you to see what section of the world the unit is
coded to, you have the option of changing this if you should move.

Previously if you wanted to make changes with your RNS unit you had to have a
VCDS or Vagtech cable and have the knowledge of how to code your unit. We
have included the most important features and you will not have to use any second
hand cables or programs to enable/disable this coding. You can accomplish all of
this from Setconfig.

o Coding From here you can read and establish what your current
coding is for your RNS Unit. It is advised to write down this number
before making changes encase you should happen to forget a change
you have made and need to restore settings
Coding Override Choices (Enable/Disable)
o Display Protocol
o Multifunctional Steering Wheel
o Backup Camera Low
o Voice Control
o Speed Limit for destination input
o Speed Limit for voice destination input
o Speed Limit info in map
o CD Changer
o Theft Protection
o Pin Verification


In this section you will be able to manipulate the internal 30/40 GB HDD that is
installed inside of your RNS Unit.

o Read Here you can see what size HDD is installed inside of your
system. This value should be 30GB for A/B/C/D units and 40 GB
for E/F units.
o Create Here you can reformat and create partitions for your maps
and your music. As of 4M the maps are coming on Dual Layer
Discs, as you can see above they are not using the standard 4.7
gigs of space, the new maps need minimum around 9.5 gigs, it
is safe to make sure you make this size MIN 10Gb.
o Format This will format your entire HDD, All data will be lost.
At this point you can create your new HDD Partitions
o Backup You can back up your music or maps to your SD card if
you decide to do a format and change the partition size.
o Restore You can restore your Maps and Music if you have
formatted, resized your partitions, or performed a FW upgrade.
This is A LOT faster than reloading the maps and also all of your
music. Just ANOTHER terrific feature of Setconfig which is not
offered anywhere else.
SD Card
o Read This will tell you how large your SD card is and what File
System it is formatted in. Typically this should be FAT32

This feature is only available in service mode. You can see all the functions of
your actual HW and change values in any of the fields. The Write Option is only
available on the full version, in the Basic version you can read these values
however you cannot change them.

From this section in Full or Basic mode you can reset your pin code for the unit.
You would just type in a 4 digit number and press set and this will recode the pin
code for the unit. This is especially helpful if your radio came with no pin card and
your battery was changed, or if you bought a unit second hand and received the
incorrect code with your unit.

Here you can change the actual color values of your RNS Unit. These are values
that are set at the factory and can be changed using Setconfig.

o Display Type : Here you can set the Display Type of the screen
o LED Brightness: Here you can set how bright you want the RNS unit
screen. By default it is set around 30% under the brightest value
which you can correct
o Brightness R/G/B: Here you can set the brightness of the RGB
channels that are displayed when you are watching TV from a
VW/AUDI TV Tuner or DVD Video.
o Contrast R/G/B: Here you can set the contrast of the RGB channels
that are displayed when you are watching TV from a VW/AUDI TV
Tuner or DVD Video.

This is a feature that was developed for RNS units which allows you to create your
own custom boot screens. This is an especially nice feature that is available
nowhere else and lets you completely customize your boot screen with any image
of your choice. You simply select a .BMP image that is 800x480 and select
create .iso. This will create an .iso file that you will burn onto a cd, insert into your
RNS and it will prompt you to accept new files. You select yes, and it will rewrite
your boot screen. The whole process takes around 2 minutes and of course can be
changed back before returning or selling your unit, Setconfig comes with all 3
variations of VW boot screen for A/B/C/D/E/F/G units. You can view a
demonstration of this boot screen at the below link:

RNS 510 Boot Screen Custom


With this option you can edit FW scripts before you load them onto your RNS
Unit. There are certain options that you can comment out which will save close to
20-30 minutes in FW updating time.

This is an EXTEMELY IMPORTANT FEATURE as it will display every

command the RNS unit is executing during boot and afterwards. If you have a unit
where a FW install went bad, this can tell you exactly where the issue is and how
to repair it. If you have a White/Black screen on your unit, this will be able to
show you why it is getting stuck and give you important details. As part of
purchasing the full version and having this option you will have the ability to send
us these log files and if possible we quite often can write a recovery CD for you
that will fix the issue.


Full Version: 450eu with FTDI Cable

Basic Version: 200eu with FTDI Cable

Upgrade Version: 300eu this is if you have previously owned a SW package

such as MRM and already have the FTDI USB to RVC RNS510 cable
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