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Jho Low has reportedly spent the past several months residing at the
Presidential Suite of the five star Peninsular Hotel in Shanghai, from where he
occasionally flits (by private jet of course) to places where he still has contacts
and influence, like Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

He is currently protected as the key advisor to Najib, say those in the know,
because the Malaysian Prime Minister is doing everything China wants in
the context of their present policies of expanding economic and military
influence in the region.

But, the Chinese are pragmatists with an eye on the future. Their
engagement in Najibs 1MDB bail-out plans has been cautious and limited
and the extradition requests are clearly queuing up.

So, how long can this last and when will Jho Lows guilded cage convert into a
holding cell on the way to Washington, Zurich or Singapore?

Jho Low has been living in protected grandure in China on his 1MDB gains.

It is a nightmare that Jho Low himself, like all master criminals, is plainly not
willing to entertain as he continues to blow his stolen money. Yesterday, through
his New York publicists the fugitive was again issuing furious statements against
the latest evidence to emerge against him in Singapore, as his former wealth
manager was jailed for assisting his money laundering of billions stolen from

Any attempts to link Mr Low to the recent guilty pleas by parties allegedly
making secret profits are based on unfounded assumptions.
This is an example of overreach with a politically motivated and selectively
chosen narrative alleging 1MDB as a victim, when it has been clearly stated by
the Malaysian authorities that there has been no evidence of any
misappropriation of 1MDB funds.
No wrongdoing has been proved in any jurisdiction relating to the alleged
misappropriation of 1MDB funds, and this development in Singapore does not

change that.
Mr Low is confident that any impartial party presented with the complete facts will
see that the allegations are flawed, biased and create an inaccurate picture.

Of course, Jho Low could always choose to walk into an impartial court of law,
armed with the complete facts and explain why the allegations are flawed.
However, he seems to have lost confidence in institutions in countries where he
was once happy to plough billions into investments.

We are getting the same message from the bunker in KL, of course, where Jhos
patron Najib himself is likewise watching a horrifying alliance of combined forces,
which are now closing in against him united in revulsion against corruption.

What Came Out In The Singapore Court

According to the Jho Low/ Najib nexus there is no proof behind the allegations
which have sparked global investigations and landed several of their associates
in jail. None whatsoever. Not a shred of it anywhere. Any court, government,
official investigator, repentant banker or plea bargainer from East or West who
says otherwise is merely politically motivated and biased, according to Najibs
narrowing band of spokesmen.

So lets evaluate their logic with reference to the devatating documents released
yesterday by the court of Singapore, as banker Yeo Jiawei was sentenced to an
extended 54 months in jail. The sentence was mitigated by the fact he had
confessed and cooperated . providing valuable evidence, say prosecutors,
about the main person of interest in the ongoing case, which is Jho Taek Low.

Just made up says Jho Low, 1MDB and Najibs remaining ministers who are
willing to speak on 1MDB

Jho Lows former wealth manager at BSI, who went on to be his direct employee,
has now pleaded guilty to a Singapore Court to a string of charges relating to
laundering stolen money from 1MDB on behalf of Jho Low and organising for
secret kickbacks for himself.

Yeo Jiawei has agreed to cooperate in the case against Jho Low in Singapore

At the start of this saga, Jho Low, 1MDB and supportive Malaysian politicians
had concentrated on the argument that there was no proof because there had
been no trial and judgement in a court of law.

Even the DOJ court filings have been dismissed in this vein, because they have
not yet come to trial.

Yet the fact of the matter is that the Singapore Courts have now ruled in this
case, as well as others, and in the process have entirely corroborated the
findings placed by the DOJ before the US courts.

Except for some reason Jho Low claims the judgement doesnt prove what it
says:No wrongdoing has been proved in any jurisdiction relating to the alleged
misappropriation of 1MDB funds, and this development in Singapore does not
change that, his statement claimed.

Yet, wrongdoing with relation to 1MDB funds is exactly what the judgement
proves and the prosecutors took the trouble to repeatedly name Jho Low,
squarely at the centre of that wrong-doing and they made clear that they
are looking for him as part of their continuing on-going investigation.

Not only that, the Singapore prosecutors did not stint in laying out the
scale and enormity of the wrong-doing Jho Low is at the centre of. Quite
simply, it has been the largest, most outrageous and complicated theft they
have ever had to deal with:

Since 2015, Commercial Affairs Department has been conducting investigations

in a case that has been dubbed the worlds biggest financial scandal by
international media. In the context of Singapore, it is incontrovertible that it is by
far the most complex, sophisticated and largest money laundering
case that CAD has ever handled.

The case concerns staggering amounts of moneys traceable to 1MDB and

SRC, numerous transactions in which these moneys were moved across multiple
jurisdictions, entities bearing similar names but having no genuine affiliation
to that of established companies (eg, entities bearing similar names to the
sovereign wealth fund, Aabar Investments PJS), and voluminous amounts of
documentation that evidence improprieties that spanned the course of
several years. The scale and sensitivity of CADs investigations
are unprecedented.

Investigations have uncovered actual facts that indicate that the central
figure behind the improprieties is Jho Low. Other key persons of interest
are Jho Lows associates such as Eric Tan and Al-Husseiny. Investigations
indicate that Jho Low was a key advisor to 1MDB and SRC and was highly
influential in decisions made by these companies. [Prosecutors Remarks
bold added]

In the court documents the Singapore prosecutors have laid out in detail their
findings that a) $1.03 billion dollars was stolen from the 1MDB investment into

the PetroSaudi joint venture project by Jho Low b) the claim that 1MDB later
successfully sold out its interest in the venture was a sham to conceal the theft
c) instead, Jho Low, using his Singapore advisors like Yeo Jiawei at BSI bank
had merely restructured the investment to give the appearance of having
cashed in their share in PetroSaudi and then used the proceeds to buy Units in
a specially formulated investment fund based in the Cayman Islands named
Bridge Global, which they bribed analysts to falsely value at $2.3 billion d) the
only portfolio the specially formed investment fund had invested in was the
self-same PetroSaudi venture 1MDB had pretended it had divested from at the
same price e) the only asset in that PetroSaudi venture (its investment in
Venezuela) were two aging drill ships that were only worth a few million dollars
nothing like the $2.3 billion that the units claimed to be worth.

These findings by Singapores investigators match entirely the findings of the

DOJ. The Singapore investigators also quote emails between the conspirators as
evidence that the entire sham was planned and orchestrated by Jho Low and the
likes of Yeo Jiawei were following his instructions.

..the accused sent an email .. on 13 June 2012 at 4.54pm in relation to the

restructuring, stating: Also the point on is 1MDB all aligned to JLs plan. In
another email ..the accused attached an outline plan for the restructuring of
PSOSL for discussion/review with JL.

The Singapore investigators make no bones about the fact that the whole
enterprise behind the creation of the secretive Cayman Island fund in late 2012
and then the so-called Brazen Sky fund, 1MDBs subsidiary which was supposed
to be holding the units for that fund, was to disguise the fact that Jho Low had
stolen over a million dollars from 1MDB via his company Good Star Limited and
there was a whopping great big hole in the accounts as a result.

The main victim in this case is 1MDB.

Based on actual facts uncovered in the investigations, the central
figure in the case is Low Taek Jho.
He and his associates like Eric Tan Kim Loong are key persons of
interest in the ongoing investigations.
Investigations reveal that Jho Low was a key advisor to 1MDB and
SRC and was highly influential in decisions made by these companies.
Investigations also reveal that Jho Low received huge sums of money
traceable to 1MDB. These moneys were used for his own benefit, the
benefit of his family, and the benefit of his close associates.
Jho Low has gone missing from the public eye. [Oral submissions by
Prosecutor bold added]

Its all pretty incontrovertible stuff, judged in a respected court of law on the basis
of evidence provided by banks and insiders. It also explains why 1MDB is so
cash-strapped and it matches everything else that has been said by third party

investigators ever since Sarawak Report first revealed the PetroSaudi data back
in March 2015

Singapore also do not hold back over making plain that they regard Jho Low as
the central figure, prime instigator and major beneficiary of the theft. Moreover,
that he is a person of interest to them; that they are hunting him down and that
far from being finished, their investigation is on-going in relation to Jho and his
key associates.

The tone of the Prosecutors mitigating remarks in favour of Yeo Jiawei

holds a menacing significance towards Jho Low:

He [Yeo Jiawei] has voluntarily disgorged his ill-gotten gains, and has
indicated his unequivocal intention to cooperate in CADs ongoing, wider

Singapore has not finished with 1MDB.

Only the Right Court Will Do!

So, perhaps its not surprising that over the past days Jho Low and Najibs team
have started altering their narrative over waiting till being found guilty in a court
of law. It now seems only certain court judgements will be entertained.

Places like Singapore and the United States are being dismissed as
untrustworthy institutions their findings dismissed as being biased, politically
motivated and concocted as part of a global plot.

Najibs key allies against a world biased against us who to believe them or the
rest of the world?

According to these statements the only courts likely to be regarded as objective

and free from political pressure in this case are those in Malaysia, which Najib
controls (for now at least).

But, this is not a single faceted drama. In two weeks Najib is going to face the
deadline for the first of the payments awarded by yet another court, the UK Court
of Arbitration, in respect of 1MDBs failed case against Abu Dhabis Aabar/IPIC.
The Minister of Finance will have to somehow find $620 million to prevent
Malaysia going into default. It has been alleged that he will do so by cashing in
those units in Brazen Sky, which Singapore have just again confirmed are

Once again, therefore, come July 31st, Najib and his ministers will be exposed
for saying one thing in contravention of what the rest of the world can read as
plain facts.

It must be a tempting option to just fess up and find a scapegoat. However, the
Prime Minister cannot throw Jho Low to the wolves, as the young fraudster has
carefully spelt out between the lines of all his statements. Because, Jho is the
prime witness in this case, who like Yeo Jiawei could provide evidence against
the real decision maker behind the thefts at 1MDB: the sole sharehold and sole
signatory, Najib himself.

It has narrowed the Prime Ministers options and cornered him further, as UMNO
consider what to do with their lame duck leader. Over in KL talk of autumn
elections have been put to bed, according to those near official circles. Now
united, the opposition present a major threat and Najibs reputation is shredded
with the electorate.

Instead, the Prime Minister has reportedly started asking around his advisors, the
civil service and the military to see what support and mechanisms he can put in
place to call that State of Emergency he made provision for so he can protect
himself from this global conspiracy to catch him stealing billions.

Such a solution can only spell disaster for Malaysia.

Sarawak report