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I diinthismeni tes artes, ke pefotismeni Adorned with Virtue as with flowers,

ton logismon, i myra proheousa en and Enlightened in reason, pouring
tes kardies ton Piston, i ek tis eoas
anatilasa os astir fainos, ke
forth fragrant Myrrh into the heart
of the Faithful, Thou rose from the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria & All Africa
athrismon piisasa, dia tis tou Agiou East like a shining Star, O Euphemia Archdiocese of Good Hope
Pnevmatos epifitiseos ton Thion All Praised. And having ratified the
Pateron, mi dialipis iper imon Visitation of the Holy Spirit, do not
disopousa pros Kyrion, Eufimia cease Entreating our Lord on our
Panevfime, Sothine tas psihas imon. behalf, for the Salvation of our soul!
Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the Ages of

eonon. ages.
Amen Festal Vespers Hymns
THEOTOKION TONE (6) PLAGAL 2 Miracle of St Euphemia
Theotoke, Si i i Ampelos i Alithini, i Theotokos, Thou art the True Vine that
Valstisasa ton Karpon tis Zois, Se produced the Fruit of Life. O Lady, Also the Feast of St Helen/Olga, Venerable Princess & Equal to the Apostles, of Russia
iketevomen, presveve Despina, meta we fervently Entreat Thee to St Cindeos the Presbyter & Hieromartyr of Pamphylia, Asia Minor St
tis Athliforou ke panton ton Agion, Intercede together with the Martyrs Nikodemos the New Martyr of Albania St Barbara, Great Holy Martyr,
eleithine tas psihas imon. and all the Saints, that our soul be Translation of Holy Relics St Arkadios of Novotorsk St Nektarios of Vrioulon
treated mercifully.
Lian evfranas tous Orthodoxous, ke To the Orthodox Thou brought elation,
katishinas tous kakodoxous, Evfimia to the unorthodox, humiliation, O
Hristou Kalliparthene. Tis gar Euphemia, the Beautiful Virgin of
Tetartis Synodou ekirosas, a i Pateres Christ. For what the Fathers of the
Kalos Edogmatisan, Martys Endoxe, Fourth Ecumenical Synod Decreed
Hriston ton Theo iketeve, dorisasthe well as Dogma, Thou Ratified. Pray
imin to Mega Eleos. to Christ our God, O Glorious Martyr,
fervently Entreating Him to grant us
His Great Mercy.
Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati, Glory to the Father, and to the Son,
ke nin ke ai ke is tous Eonas ton and to the Holy Spirit, now and
eonon. forever, and to the Ages of ages.
Amin Amen
Se tin mesitefsasan tin Sotirian tou Unto Thee who Mediated the Salvation Our Eternal Gratitude to Pater Seraphim Dedes & all the contributing Translators
genous imon, animnoumen Theotoke of our race, we sing praises, O Virgin for the Greek & English texts that make our Worship much easier to
Parthene. En ti Sarki gar tie k Sou Theotokos. In the Flesh that He understand, to participate and to appreciate.
proslifthisi, O Iios Sou ke Theos imon assumed from Thee, Thy Son and Glory to God for His Great Mercy!
to Dia Stavour katadexamenos our God accepted Suffering by www.agesinitiatives.com
pathos, elitrosato imas, ek fthoras os crucifixion, and has thereby set us
Filanthropos. free from corruption, in His Love of

By the Grace of God



Akousate oun, Vasilis, ke sinete. Listen, therefore, O Kings, and
Mathete, Dikaste peraton Gis. Learn, O Judges of the ends of the
Festal Vespers Hymns & Readings St Euphemia Enotisasthei kratountes plithous, ke
Give ear, you who Rule over multitudes,
Kindly use the Service Book until this point, then carefully follow instructions gegavromeni epi ohlis Ethnon. and take pride in yourself over a
multitude of Nations.
with regard to these Hymns Oti edothi para kYriou i kratisis imin, ke For Power was granted to you from the
HYMN OF THE EVENING INCENSE i dinastia para Ipsistou. Lord, and your Reign from the Most
Kyrie ekekraxa pros Se, isakouson Lord, I cry out to Thee: hear me, O FESTAL APOSTICHA ST EUPHEMIA TONE 2
mou. Isakouson mou, Kyrie. Lord! O Lord, when I cry out to Defte,
Kyrie, ekekraxa pros Se, Thee, hear me! Hear my voice,
Katharthomen Adelphi, hilesi Come, O Brethren, let us be Cleansed in
psihi ke kardia, ke arisometha, lips, and in soul, and in heart, and
isakouson mou, proshes ti foni when I cry out to Thee! Hear me,
plouton adapaniton ek tis Agias let us draw for ourselves the
tis deiseos mou, en to kekragene O Lord!
Sofou, Dorean prosheomenon nin tis Inexhaustible Wealth freely pouring
me pros Se, isakouson mou
Panevfimon, meson prokimenis te, ke from the All Laudable Saints
oromenis tranos, in per makarizontes Reliquary, wich is now set before us
Katevthinthito i prosevhi mou os Let my Prayer rise before Thee like potho, ke Pistos gererontes pantes, in our midst, and is plainly seen. As
thimiama enopion Sou. Eparsis incense - the lifting up of my Thiis egkomiis katastepsomen. we lovingly Bless her, and Faithfully
ton hiron mou Thisia Esperini. hands as the Evening Sacrifice. Honour her, let us all Crown her with
Isakouson mou Kyrie! Hear me, O Lord! Holy Praises.
FESTAL PROSOMIA MIRACLE OF ST EUPHEMIA - TONE (8) PLAGAL 4 Ipomenon ipemina ton Kyrion, ke I waited patiently for our Lord, and He
Ean anomias paratirisis, Kyrie, Kyrie, If Thou, O Lord, should mark proseshe mi. Ke isikouse tis deises heeded me. And He heard my
tis ipostisete? Oti para Si O ilasmos transgression, O Lord, who would mou. Supplication.
estin. stand? For there is Forgiveness Estis pro Vimaton karteros, dissevon Thou stood before a Tribunal of
with Thee. tyrannon os akmon, pinis analotos, impious tyrants, brave and firm, like
O tou paradoxou Thavmatos! I tou O Marvellous Wonder! The Lords Ewe- Martys Kalliparthene, Hriston an anvil, impervious to pains, O
Kyriou amnas, tin aftou ethelousion, Lamb, through the Contest of kirittousa, Theo ene Pantelion, ke Martyred Fair Virgin, proclaiming
mimoumeni nekrosin, dia ponon Suffering, imitates His voluntary sarka lavonta, en disi tes fisesi, ke tes that Christ is our All Perfect God
athliseos, kimeni tafo, ematos Death, and while lying in the tom, thelisesin. Othen is sous podas ton Who, having received Flesh, is in two
proshisin, anapigazi stheni tou she makes an effusion of blood sprin tomon, ton eretikon aporriptis, zilo Natures and two Wills. Wherefore,
Pnevmatos, O ariomeni, is psihon up by the Power of the Holy Spirit. ton imeteron katehousa. Thou cast at Thy feet the heretical
katharsion, to tou pantos, enesin Drawing from this for the decree, hold on to our Decree with
prosagomen, Theo ekastote. Purification of our soul, we offer Zeal.
Praises at all times to the God of all. Ke estisen epi petran tous podas mou And He established my feet on a Rock
Eneken tou Onomatos Sou ipemina Se, Because of Thy Law, O Lord, I waited ke katiithine ta Diavimata mou. and kept straight my steps.

Kyrie; Ipeminen i psihi mou is ton

for Thee; my soul waited for Thy Martys, Evfimia tou Hristou, pantes We whom the Shepherd of Believers has
Word. My soul Hopes in the Lord. evfimoumen en Pisti, ke now assembled, having come
Logon Sou, ilpisen i psihi mou epi
ton Kyrion. Makarizomen, Ieris en asmasi ke together as one, all Praise with Faith,
Martys Alithos panevfime, thiron
O Martyr Truly All Laudable, like Daniel Melodimasi, tin septin sou panigyrin, and Bless with Holy Songs and
before Thee, Thou held off the is en sinelthontes, ous to nin Melodies, Thine August Feast. Keep
epeshes ormas, Daniil os to proteron, sinithrisen O Vizantion Pimin, onper Watch, Guard, Shelter and Deliver us
attacks of wild beasts, and by Grace,
ke piros en Hariti, evheros frouri filatte skepe, ke imas pantias from every kind of harm by Thine
readily faced fire with boldness; and
katetolmisas, ke pasan allin, vasanon ek vlavis, Litrose Presvies Sou Intercessions, O All Praiseworthy
having accepted every other torment,
sterxasa, edexo stefos, nikis panevfime. Martyr of Christ, Euphemia!
Thou were Crowned with an
amaranton, ke anelilithas, pros ton Si
pothoumenon, periharos. Othen Se
unfading Wreath of Victory, and Doxa Patri, ke Io, ke Agio Glory to the Father, and to the Son,
Joyously ascended to Him for Whom Pnevmati and to the Holy Spirit.
gareromen, ke makarizomen.
Thou longed. Wherefore, we honour
Thee, and call Thee Blessed.

Ke en kero episkopis afton And at the time of their Visitation, they Apo Filaktis proias mehri niktos, apo From the morning watch until night;
analampsousi, ke os spinthires en will shine forth, and will run like filakis proias, elpisato Israil epi ton from the morning watch until night
kalami diadramounte. sparks through straw. Kyrion. let Israel Hope in the Lord.
Krinousin Ethni, ke kratisousi laon ke They will Judge Nations and Rule over Thion Pateron sinathrisma, Pisteos Oran The Convocation of Divine Fathers
Vasilefsi afton Kyrios is tous eonas. people, and the Lord shall Reign ti Si, korifi epitithete, onper placed the definition of Faith near
over them unto the Ages. Panaidime, igkaliso filattousa, tin Thy head, and Thou took it in Thine
I papithotes ep afton, sinisousin alithian, Those who trust in Him will Thia Pistin aparasalevton, arms, preserving the Divine Faith
ektrepomeni, apasan eresin, ke unshaken, shunning all heresy, and
ke i Pisti en Agapi prosmenousin afto, Understand Truth, and the Faithful
kateshinousa, tous tou psivdous putting to shame the defenders of
oti Haris ke Eleos en tis Osiis Aftou, ke shall continue with Him in Love, for
endoxe, proaspistas. Othen Se falsehood, O Glorious Martyr,
Episkoi en tis Eklektis Aftou. Grace and Mercy are upon His Elect.
gereromen, ke Makarizomen. hymned by all. Wherefore, we
honour Thee, and call Thee
Sofias Solomontos to anagnosma. READER The Reading is from the Wisdom Blessed.
of Solomon Oti para to Kyrio to Eleos ke polli par For with the Lord there is Mercy, and
Sofia! Proshomen! P R I E S T Wisdom! Let us attend! afto Litrosis. Ke aftos Litrosete ton with Him is Abundant Redemption;
Israil ek pason ton anomion aftou. and He will Redeem Israel from all
Dikei is ton eona zosi, ke en Kyrio O READER The Righteous live forever, his transgressions.
misthos afton, ke i frontis afton para and their Reward is with our Lord, Tin Sofon ton Lipsanon Sou, kathorontes Observing the Casket of Thy Relics, All
Ipsisto. and their care is by the Most High. Panevfime, rosin ariometha Laudable Euphemia, we draw for
Dia touto lipsonte to vasilion tis evrepias, Therefore, they shall receive a kingly adapaniton, ke tas psihas fotiometha, ourselves Inexhaustible Health and
ke to Diadima tou kallous ek Hiros dwelling of dignity and a Diadem of ke noun ellampometha, Strength, and are Illumined in our
Kyriou, oti ti Dexia Aftou skepasi Beauty from the Hand of the Lord, katharthentes noitos, tes aktisi tou soul, and Enlightened in mind, being
aftous, ke to vrahioni Iperaspii Afton. because He will shelter them with Pnevmatos, mesities Sou, Ieres Purified noetically by the Spirits
His right Hand, and Protect them Evfimia. Dia touto, meta pothou, Rays through Thy Holy Mediation.
with His Arm. evfimoumen, tin Ieran Sou Panigyrin. Wherefore, with Love, we honour
Thy Holy Festival.
Lipsete panoplian, ton zilon aftou, ke He will take His Zeal as His full
oplopiisi tin Ktisin is aminan ehthron. Armour, and will turn His Creation Enite ton Kyrion panta ta Ethni! Praise the Lord, all Gentiles! Praise
into Weapons against His enemies. Epenesate Afton pantes i Lai! Him, all you people!
Endisete thoraka, Dikeosinin, ke
perithisete koritha, Krisin He will wear Righteousness as a Ke piri prosomilisas, ke thiriis ekdedose, And Thou experienced fire, and were
anipokriton. Breastplate, and put on Impartial ke en lakko vevlise kalliparthene, ke handed over to wild beasts. Thou
Judgement as a Helmet. is trohis epitethise, ex on Se errisato, were thrown in a cistern, and were
O ton olon piitis, kateshinas ton tafta placed on the wheel. The Maker of
Lipsete aspida akatamahiton, osiotita, He will take Holiness as an Si, mihanomenon, ke Doxasas Se all Rescued Thee from all these
ozini de apotomon Orgin is romfean. Unconquerable Shield, and sharpen Martys Eufimia, tin kirixasa ton Ena, things, O Fair Virgin, shaming the
His Relentless Wrath as a Sword. Hriston en Dio tes Fisesin. one who cunningly prepared them
Sinekpolemisi afto O kosmos epi tous Creation will fight with Him against the for Thee, and Glorifying Thee, O
parafronoas. senseless. Martyr Euphemia, who preached the
One Christ in Two Natures.
Porefsonte evstohi volides astrapon, ke Well aimed flashes of lightning will Oti ekrateothi to Eleos Aftou ef imas, For
os apo evkiklou toxou ton nefon. strike and leap to their objective as His Mercy rules over us; and the
ke i alithia tou Kyriou meni is ton
from a well drawn bow of clouds. Truth of the Lord endures forever.
Epi skopon alounte, ke ek petrovolou Angry hailstones will be hurled as from Eftiki ke Dioskopon, ke tou toutis
thimou pliris rifisonte halaze. an engine of ware. omofronas, akefalous amate ke
The Holy Euphemia utterly disgraced
Eutyches and Dioskoros, and those o
Aganaktisi kat afon idor thalassis, The waters of the sea will be vexed with parafronas, tous aniatos nosisantas,
like mind with them, who were
potami de sigklisousin apotomos. them, and the rivers will wash is to telos katishinen, Eufimia i septi,
incurably afflicted, having lost their
severely over them. ke Hriston anekirize, tes thlisesin,
mind and their wits. And she
energies tea ma diploun onta, kath
Antistisete aftis Pnevma Dinameos, ke os A Powerful Wind will oppose them, and ipostasin de ena, os i Pateres
proclaimed Christ as Two-fold in
lailaps eklikmisi aftous, ke erimosi like a storm it will winnow them, Wills and Energies alike, but One in
pasan tin Gin anomia, ke i and Lawlessness will lay waste all Hypostasis, as the Fathers explained.
kakopragia peritrepi thronous the Earth, and wrongdoing will Doxa Patri, ke Io, ke Agio Pnevmati Glory to the Father, and to the
dinaston. overturn the Thrones of Sovereigns. Son, and to the Holy Spirit

Agagetosan tous martyras afton, ke Let them bring forth their Witnesses,
Ek dexion tou Sotiros, parsti i Parthenos At the right Hand of our Saviour stood Dikeothitosan. Ke ipatosan Alithi. and be proven right; and let them
ke ahtliforos ke Martys, perivevlimeni the Virgin and Prize-winner and speak the Truth.
tes artes to aittiton, ke pepikilmeni Invincible Martyr, arrayed with
eleo tis agnias, ke to emati tis Virtue and adorned with the Oil of
Ginesthe mi Martyes, ke Ego Martys You are My Witnesses, and I Am a
Kyrios O Theos, ke O Pes, on Witness, says our Lord God, and
Athliseos, ke voosa pros afton en Purity, and with the blood of her
exelexamin, ina gnote ke Pistefsite, My Servant Whom I chose, that you
agalliasi, tin lamada katehousa. Is Struggles; and she cried to Him in
ke sinite, oti Ego Imi. may know and believe, and
osmin Myrou Sou edramon, Hriste O Great Joy, bearing her Lamp: I ran
understand that I Am.
Theos, oti tetrome tis Sis Agapis Ego, to the Fragrance of Thy Myrrh, O
mi horisis me nimfie Epouranie. Aftis Christ our God, for I was Wounded Emprosthen Mou ouk egeneto allos Before Me there is no other God, and
tes ikesies katapempson imin, by Thy Love. Do not separate me Theos, ke met eme ouk este. Ego besides Me, there is no one who
Pantodiname Sotir ta Elei Sou. from Thee, O Heavenly Bridegroom! Imi O Theos, ke ouk esti parex Saves.
By her Entreaties, O Almighty emou O Sozon.
Saviour, send down on us Thy Mercy.
Ego aningila ke esosas, onidisa, ke ouk I Proclaimed, and I Saved. I
Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the Ages of in en imin allotrios. denounced foreign gods so were
eonon. ages. none among you.
Amin Amen Imis emi Martyres, ke Ego Kyrios O You are My Witnesses, and I Am a
THEOTOKION TONE (6) PLAGAL 2 Theos, oti ap arhis Ego Imi, ke ouk Witness, says our Lord God, for
Estin O ek ton Hiron Mou even from the beginning, there is
Tis mi Makarisi Se, Panagia Parthene? Who will not call Thee Blessed, O exeroumenos. no one who can deliver out of My
Tis mi animnisi Sou ton alohevton Most Holy Virgin? Who will not sing Hands.
Tokon? O gar ahronos ek Patros praises of Thy Wondrous
eklamosas Iios Monogenis, O Aftos ek Birthgiving? For the Only Begotten Piiso, ke tis apostrepsi afto? I will work, and who will reverse?
Sou tis Agnis Proilthen afrastos Son, timelessly having shone forth Outo legi Kyrios O Theos, O Litroumenos Thus says our Lord God Who Redeems
sarkothis, fisi Theos Iperhon, ke fisi from the Father, came forth from imas, O Agios Israil. you, the Holy of Israel.
genomenos anthropos di imas, ouk is Thee Who art Pure. And, having THE PROPHECY OF THE WISDOM OF SOLOMON 3 : 1 9
diada prosopon temnomenos, all en become ineffably Incarnate, He, Who
diadi fiseon, asighitos gnorizomenos. by Nature is God, for our sake SOFIAS SOLOMONTOS to anagnosma READER The Reading from T H E WISDOM
Afton iketeve, semni Pammakariste, became also by Nature Man not in Sofia! Proshomen! OF SOLOMON
eleithine tas psihas imon. two individual Persons, but in two P RIE ST Wisdom! Let us attend!
Natures without confusion. O
ENTRANCE FOS ILARON...  Beseech him for Mercy on our souls. Dikeon psihe en Hiri Theou, ke ou mi READER The souls of the Righteous
apsite afton vasanos. are in the Hand of God, and no
torture will ever touch them.
Idou di Evlogite ton Kyrion, pantes i Behold now, Bless the Lord, all you Edoxan en ofthalmis afronon tethnane. In the eyes of the undiscerning, they
douli Kyriou servants of the Lord. seemed to have died.
STIHOS I estatos en Iko Kyriou, en avles You who stand in the House of the
Ke Elogisthi kakosis i exodus afton, ke i And their departure was considered a
Ikou Theou imon. Lord, in the Courts of the House of misfortune, and their parting from
af imon poria sintrimma, i de isin en
our God. us to be their destruction, yet they
Idou di Evlogite ton Kyrion, pantes i Behold now, Bless the Lord, all you are at Peace.
douli Kyriou servants of the Lord Ke gar en opsi anthropon ean And although in mankinds view they
THE PROPHECY OF ISAIAH 43 : 9 - 14 were punished, their Hope is in
kolasthosin, i Elpis afton Athanasias
P R O F I T I A S I S A I O U to anagnosma READER The Reading from THE pliris. Immortality.
PROPHECY OF ISAIAH Ke oliga pedevthentes, Megala And although chastened in a few
Sofia! Proshomen! P RIE ST Wisdom! Let us attend! Evergetithisonte, oti O Theos epirasen things, Great Kindness will be shown
aftous, ke everen aftous Axious to them, for God tested them, and
Tade legi Kyrios: Panta ta Ethni READER Thus says the Lord: All Eaftou. found them Worthy of Himself.
sinihthisan ama ke sinahthisonte Nations are gathered together, and Os hrison en honevtirio edokimasen Like gold in a furnace He tested them,
arhontes ex afton. the Rulers shall be assembled from aftous ke os olokarpoma Thisias and accepted them as a Whole Burnt
among them. prosedexato aftous. Offering.
Tis anangeli tafta en aftis? I ta ex arhis, Who will declare these things or tell us
tis akousta piisi imin? things from the beginning?