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LANL Engineering Standards Manual STD-342-100 Chapter 1, Section 210 Attachment 1, System List

System Title ID Subsyst and Facility(ies) Typical System Components Functional Description Comments, Usage Old LANL Terms
(default sort) Drawing Authorized Examples, Source (Reference Only)
Acronyms to Use of Acro

Acid Waste AWS Any TA55,

Air Sampling AS Any Ionization chamber, germanium Monitors real-time emissions of gases, vapors and Stack Monitoring-
detector, charcoal filter, paper particulates, including radionuclides, from the STKM, Stack
filter, vacuum pumps facility. Discharge

Airborne ARD Any Continuous air monitors (CAMs), Monitors airborne contamination both on a real- RLUOB calling Airb.
Radiation fixed head air samplers (FAS), time basis, including alarms, and by collecting Contam. Det.
Detection critical flow venturis, vacuum samples for periodic analysis. CMRR NF system
pumps, piping, valves, more specific than
instrumentation Radiation

Artic Balance of ARTBLP RLWTF only

Area Radiation ARM Any Area radiation detectors, monitors Monitors gamma and neutron levels in key areas CMRR NF system
Monitor like the vaults and large vessel handling area and more specific than
alarms excessive levels. Radiation

Argon Gas AR TA55 only: Any Piping, valves, storage bottles Provides argon gas to labs and process equipment Periodic table of the
AR100, AR35 throughout the facility. elements
Argon/6% REGEN Any TA55
Hydrogen Regen
Automated AACS Any Turnstiles, badge readers, Monitors and controls all access through selected TA-55, RLUOB. ACS
Access Control personal identification number entrances and exits. Falls under SEC
(PIN) entry keypads (RAPs), OpSys.
biometric devices, door strikes,
electric latches, door

Auxiliary Power APS TA55 only

Beamstop BMSTP Any Beamstop plugs (2@), mechanical Contain radiation in accelerator hall to allow DARHT
parts, actuator downstream work; part of beamline vacuum
Beryllium Lathe ENCLBE TA55 only

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LANL Engineering Standards Manual STD-342-100 Chapter 1, Section 210 Attachment 1, System List

Boiler BLR BLR1 BLR2 Powerhse Boiler, fans, indicators, Produces steam. For small packaged
BLR3 only transmitters, pumps, valves, boilers, use STM for
OpSys and boiler
will be an
equipment item.
ASME, IEEE 803.1,

Boiler Feed BFW Powerhse Heaters, valves, gauges, Supplies water to powerhouse boilers. ASME, ASHRAE
Water only indicators, valves 134, NCS/UDS.
Breathing Air BA Any Piping, storage bottles, breathing Provides respiratory protection and air quality to TA55 uses BRAR. Self-Contained
air stations, distribution manifolds, workers in accordance with ANSI Z88.2. This may Breathing
pressure-demand regulators, full- be accomplished by self-contained breathing air Apparatus-SCBA
face respirators, oil-free apparatus or a pressurized mobile or centralized
compressor, valves, hoses, distribution system.
instrumentation, SCBAs.

Building BLDG Any Structural members, interior and Provides protection to personnel and equipment by Widespread. IEEE Building
exterior walls (incl. fire barriers), providing fire barriers to separate the facility into 803.1, ASME, Structure,
formed or pre-stressed concrete, fire areas and shelter from the environment for NCS/UDS, NECA Building-
masonry, structural steel, doors equipment and personnel. For nuclear facilities, 100. BG, Building
(fire, security, etc.), windows, can reduce doses by providing a confinement Structure-BGS,
roofs. and/or shielding barrier. SH, shielding,

Building BAS Any Sensors, including differential Provides for online continuous monitoring and NCS/UDS. Facility
Automation pressure, temperature, loss of control of primarily commercial-type HVAC Management
power, switch positions, relay equipment and key parameters. Usually applied to System-FMS,
contacts, flow, etc., one facility and performs both discrete and Alarm Monitoring-
microprocessor, control console, continuously variable functions. Also see Facility AM, Building
CRT, alarms Control. Management
BMS, Distributed
Control DCS,
Direct Digital -

Carbon Dioxide CO2 Any TA55

Cathodic CP Any Cathodes, well, cable, Protects underground piping and equipment from CATHOD
Protection transformer-rectifier (TR) sets, corrosion by applying voltage to suppress
monitoring stations electrochemical attack.

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LANL Engineering Standards Manual STD-342-100 Chapter 1, Section 210 Attachment 1, System List

Caustic Waste CWS Any Holding tank, pumps, filters, Collects caustic liquid waste and chemically TA-55; CMRR NF
System instrumentation contaminated wastewater, transfers to yard piping. CW generated
specifically from
operations Cat I
Building Module

Central CCCW TA55 only

Chilled Water
Central CCHW TA55 only
Circulating Hot

Central Gas CGAS TA55 only

Chemical Supply CS Any Tanks, hoppers, feed piping, Typically used to deliver water treatment chemicals TA55.
pumps, metering, controls to various water systems.
Chemical Supply CSC Any Tanks, piping, instrumentation, etc Neutralizes process acid or used for pH RLW Bal of plant
- Caustic adjustment

Chemical Supply CSG Any Bottles, manifolds, piping for CO2, Supplies compressed gases RLW Bal of plant
- Compressed argon, N2, O2, P-10

Chemical Supply CSP Any Tanks, pumps, piping for HCl, Delivers chemicals to facility SSCs RLW Bal of plant
- Process NaOH, lime, Fe2(SO4)3,
Mg(OH)2, etc.
Chilled Water CW Supply CWS Any Chillers, piping, valves, heat Provides chilled water to facility and process Central
Return -- exchangers, evaporative heat equipment for heat removal. (Tower Water and Circulating
CWR exchangers, pumps, Refrigeration are other systems that may be Chilled Water,
instrumentation related). Chilled Water-CH.
Secondary CW

Circulating CCW TA55 only

Chilled Water
Clean Agent Fire FCA TA55 only

Closed-Circuit CCTV Any Cameras, video screens Permits remote viewing for operational or security CEF
Television needs
Combustion Gas CGTG Powerhse The Opsys, comprised of the 5 Provides an independent electrical generating unit
Turbine only Systems below (TA-55 style providing 13.5kV.
Generator CMMS use)

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LANL Engineering Standards Manual STD-342-100 Chapter 1, Section 210 Attachment 1, System List

CGTG Cooling CGTGC Powerhse Pumps, valves, piping, surge tank, Cools components and fluids of the CGTG
only fin-fan cooler, instrumentation, and
a temperature control PLC

CGTG Drive CGTGDT Powerhse The major rotating and power- Produce electricity by burning natural gas in a gas
Train only producing components of the generator (jet engine); its exhaust gases drive a
CGTG: gas generator, power power turbine which drives an electrical generator
turbine, reduction gear, electric
generator, exciter, and hydraulic

CGTG Main CGTGML Powerhse Pumps, valves, filters on skid Lubricates power turbine, gearbox, electric
Lubrication only generator, etc
CGTG Support CGTGS Powerhse Main PLC, gas chromatograph, Supports CGTG operation and maintenance with
only tanks, sumps, inlet combustion air functions not provided by the four other CGTG
filters, ventilation filters, ventilation systems
fans, instrumentation, stack, and

Combustion Gas CGTGGL Powerhse Pumps, valves, filters on skid Lubricates the gas generator (jet engine)
Turbine Gas only

Comet COMET DAF only Support stand, two stacked Comet is a general purpose critical assembly NCERC
hydraulic rams and a stepper machine used to move nuclear materials into a
motor drive. critical configuration.
Compressed Air CA Any Compressors, valves, piping, Supplies air for motive power source for tools and Also see Instrument Plant air
instrumentation, air dryers, equipment, and oxygenation of effluent. Air, Breathing Air,
controls Process air.

Condensate CON High Pr Any Traps, piping, pumps Removes liquid from the steam system and See Equipment
CONHP Low transports it to a drain or boiler for reheating. High Drains (DRE) for
Pr CONLP Pressure is > 15 psig. cooling coil and
Pumped other non-steam
CONPMP condensate.

Conduct of CONOPS TA55 only


Confinement CONF TA55 only

Contaminated CHVAC RLWTF only Ductwork, fans, filters, housing, Provides adjusted airflow so areas handling
HVAC manometers, samplers, etc. radioactive material are at lower pressure than
surrounding rooms and corridors and provides
HEPA-filtered exhaust

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LANL Engineering Standards Manual STD-342-100 Chapter 1, Section 210 Attachment 1, System List

Continous Air CAMS Any TA55

Monitor System
Control Systems CTRL TA55 only

Cooling Water COOLW TA55 only

Cranes Hoists & HC Any Cranes incl. bridge (rails, steel Performs material lifting and handling. Building Cranes-
Rigging structures), jib, monorail, etc. BGC, Material
Hoists, winches, motors; related Handling
controls. Below-the-hook and Systems-MHS,
material handling tie-down
devices including spreaders, Overhead
hooks, cable, chains, shackles, Cranes-OVC
slings, grapples, and other rigging.

Credited CRIT Any Safes, carts Equipment called out in the DSA and needing to be TA55
Criticality Safety controlled at an SS level for the credited crit safety

Criticality Alarm CAS Any Criticality detectors, monitors Monitors and alarms areas for criticality conditions. TA-55; CMRR NF in
the Cat I Building
and vaults

Deionized Water DIW Supply Any Piping, valves, filters, Provides de-ionized water for labs in the facility RLUOB. From
DIWS, Return instrumentation, storage vessels. (generally at 18 megohms resistivity or equivalent NCS/UDS.
DIWR, Drain microsiemens conductivity).

Demineralizer DEMIN Any Filters, RO units, pumps, mixing Reduces the dissolved mineral content of water syst RLUOB historical: DIWTR
Water valves, tanks, chemical injection

Diesel Exhaust DE CMRR NF Silencers, expansion joints, Exhausts diesel engine exhaust from the diesel For many, Engine
only flexible connections generators and diesel fire pumps to outside the Generator (EG) is
facility. The silencers provide noise reduction sufficent granularity
through exhaust gas silencing. without this.

Drum Vent Relief DVRS Any TA-54 mission ending

Drum Vent DVS Any TA-54 historical
Dry Vacuum DRYVAC Any TA55

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LANL Engineering Standards Manual STD-342-100 Chapter 1, Section 210 Attachment 1, System List

Effluent EFL Any Tanks, piping, pumps, valves, Performs effluent processing. SERF also returns TA-3 Pwrhse, SERF.
transmitters, CO2 injection. non-potable water to the SCC. From ASME.
Sanitary Effluent Reclamation
Facility (SERF) installation
includes mixers, reverse osmosis.

Electrical EBP TA55 only

Balance of Plant

Electrical ED EDEA1-X; Any Switchgear, transformers, Distributes nominal 13.5kV or 4160 V electrical Medium Voltage
Distribution EDG1-3 substations, switches, electrical power to various LANL facilities; includes both the MV, 13.5 or
(powerplant ducts, overhead and underground 115/13.5kV and stepdown-from-13.5 kV 13.8kV Power
gen); power lines transformers. Typically owned by Utilities. Distribution, 4.16
(various PF
ckts); EDS1-
2 (serve PP);
Cty); EDTC1,
2 (LAC ties)

Electrical EDS TA55 only


Electrical Power EP Any Electrical distribution equipment, This system distributes < 600 Vac (e.g., 480Y/277 Widespread. Low Voltage LV
MCCs, transformers, switchgear, V and 208Y/120 V) power within a facility. RLUOB using EP
breakers, cable, raceway, transfer for 480Y277V+;
switches, panel boards, meters, EPL (low) for under
instrumentation and control, and 480.
UPS (can be own system)

Electrical ES TA55 only

Electrical ET ETLA, ETMP, UI only Switchgear, transformers, Distributes 115 kV electrical power to various 115kV Power
Transmission ETNL, ETTE, breakers, substations, switches, facilities. Distribution High
ETWT overhead power lines, poles, Voltage - HV
batteries, relays

Elevators and ELV Any Lifting cage, doors, hydraulic Provides in-place people and material lifting, can TA55 just for Elevators-EV,
Lifts pump, motor, cable, lifting ram, include personnel and freight elevators, elevators. Building
controls dumbwaiters, and fixed drum lifts. Elevators-BGE

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LANL Engineering Standards Manual STD-342-100 Chapter 1, Section 210 Attachment 1, System List

Emergency ECOMM TA55 only


Emergency SPAS TA55 only

Paging System
Enclosures ENCL Any Gloveboxes and drop boxes (both Provides measure of worker protection and IEEE 803.1, ASME, Gloveboxes,
provide good confinement) and confinement of hazardous materials while NCS/UDS, NECA confinement
open-port boxes, open-front permitting manipulation and process work to be 100. RLUOB calling
boxes, slot hoods, and fume performed on these materials. This system ENCL Laboratory
hoods (less so) includes the handling of nuclear and chemically Encl Sys.
hazardous substances.

Enclosures-- GARPS CMRR NF GARP unit, vacuum pump, blower, Purifies and recirculates glovebox atmosphere to Truly an ENCL
Glovebox piping, instrumentation, getter remove water and oxygen. Subsystem,
Atmosphere beds, filters, control system, appears on CMRR
Regenerable moisture and oxygen analyzers. NF ENCL SDD and
Purification field tags.

Engine DG Any Diesel, gas, natural gas or LP A diesel, gasoline, LP, or natural gas engine- For RLUOB, called D/G, diesel,
Generator engine, generator, cooling water, driven generator that provides an auxiliary source Diesel Eng Gen. generator,
instrumentation, starting battery, of 480 Volt electrical power for the Electrical Power For CMRR NF, a emergency,
distribution panel, circuit breakers, System; starts upon loss of normal power. Ref Diesel Exhaust standby, backup
ATS DOE-STD-3003, Backup Power Sources for DOE system was also power, set
Facilities. required. IEEE
803.1 mod.

Entrance Control ECF TA55 only Others use BLDG or

Facility SEC
Entrance Control ECS TA55 only Maybe: Turnstiles, badge readers,
Stations personal identification number
(PIN) entry keypads (RAPs),
biometric devices, x-ray machines

Environmental ECS ECOPS -- Any Temperature control components Provides a thermally controlled environment to WETF
Chamber System Environment'l such as freezer, refrigerator, store tritium containment vessels (TCVs) over an
Chamber heater, testing equipment. adjustable range of temperatures. ECOPS
Over- ECOPS has instrumentation and removes power from an EC in the event of a
temperature controls temperature excursion above the setpoint.

Equipment DRE Any Condensate drain funnels, Collects condensate from the HVAC air handling CMRR Aux
Drains condensate collection sump, sump unit cooling coils and transfers it to Sanitary Waste.
Exhaust EX Any Ductwork, fans, motors, dampers, Remove air from building spaces and dicharge to See HVAC as other Exhaust Air
non-centralized simple atmosphere. May reduce the concentration of option
instrumentation, HEPA filters radioactive particulate and hazardous materials in
spaces and airstream.

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LANL Engineering Standards Manual STD-342-100 Chapter 1, Section 210 Attachment 1, System List

Exhaust Stack ESM Any TA55

Facility Control FCS Any Sensors, including differential Provides for online continuous monitoring and TA55. See Building Facility Control
pressure, temperature, loss of control of important industrial-type process Automation System System-FCS, G2,
power, switch positions, relay equipment and key parameters. It is usually for non-process Alarm Monitoring-
contacts, flow, etc., applied to one facility and performs both discrete control. AM,
microprocessor, control console, and continuously variable functions.
CRT, alarms

Facility Gases FGA WETF only Air compressors, compressed air Supplies and distributes liquid nitrogen [liquid, low- Legacy Opsys; use
and Air receiver tanks, reducing and pressure (LP) gas, and high-pressure (HP) gas] of discrete systems
regulating valves, compressed and compressed gases for facility and process preferred
gas cylinders, a breathing air loads including compressed air (high-pressure and
supply trailer, a liquid nitrogen instrument air), oxygen, breathing air, ultra-high-
supply tank and Dewar, and purity helium (UHPHE), ultra-high-purity argon
distribution piping (UHPAR), hydrogen-argon mixture, deuterium, and
calibration gas that is 70 ppm oxygen with a
balance of nitrogen

Facility FMS Basic Process CMRR only Primary sensors, including Provides for online continuous monitoring, CMRR RLUOB and
Management Control differential pressure, temperature, alarming and control of key facility processes. It NF are authorized
System loss of power, switch positions, performs both discrete and continuous functions to use this versus
(BPCS) relay contacts, flow, etc, control limited to one particular facility. BPCS is industrial BAS alone and/or
Building console, input/output cabinets, grade PLC for utilities. BAS is commercial grade FCS.
Automation processor racks, system electrical for RLUOB control.
System (BAS) and network cabling, network
switches, servers, historian,
printers, alarms

Facility Structure FS WETF only Provides safety-related facility/building functions

described in the FSAR created for ease of MEL
use. Non-safety SSCs are under BLDG.

Includes (1) the building structure

itself; (2) certain vehicle crash
barriers outside; (3) the lightning
protection system; (4) fire barriers
between designated areas (as
defined by the fire accident
analysis in Appendix D for
combustible loading limits location
applicability); and (5) the means
for anchoring critical equipment
within a certain room
Fall Protection FALPRO TA55 only
Fire Alarm FPD TA55 only
Fire Barriers FRBAR TA55 only

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LANL Engineering Standards Manual STD-342-100 Chapter 1, Section 210 Attachment 1, System List

Fire FEXT TA55 only

Fire Protection FP Detection- Any Water supply, piping, valves, Consists of two main subsystems: 1) the FP Widespread.
FPD automatic wet-pipe sprinklers, Detection and Alarm subsystem and 2) the FP NCS/UDS.
Suppression - standpipes, FM200 or CO2 agents, Suppression subsystem. FPD detects a fire and
FPS Water portable extinguishers, fire generate signals indicating its presence and
FPW DACS - hydrants on FP-owned dedicated location; it also executes commands and alarms as
FPDACS loops (TA-55), pressure switches, appropriate. FPS delivers extinguishing agent to
flow switches, fire alarm initiating sprinkler heads and standpipes to provide fire
and notification devices, cable, suppression coverage. The Data Acquisition
control panels. Piping supplying Control Subsystem is the central alarm point.
water for human consumption is
PW, not FP.

Fire Suppression FSGB CMRR NF Heat detector, piping, suppression Supplies suppression agent to extinguish fires Truly an FP
Glove Box only agent tank, instrumentation, internal to gloveboxes. Provides local audible and Subsystem,
audible and visible alarms. visual alarms as well as interfaces with the FMS. appears in CMRR
on field tags.

Fire Suppression FPS TA55 only


Fire Water FPW TA55 only

Supply System
Fixed Head Air FASS Any TA55
Sampling System

Flat-top FLATOP DAF Support table, two hydraulic rams The Flat-Top critical assembly is a benchmark NCERC
and three stepper motor driven critical assembly consisting of a natural uranium
control rod drives. reflector and two fissile cores, one enriched
uranium, one plutonium.

Floor Drains DRF Any Sumps Collect and retain a limited volume of fire water in CMRR NF
the CMRR NF floor drain sumps on the Basement
Level during fire events in the Auxiliary Building,
Security Category I Building, and Vault Building

Fluorine Gas F2 Any TA55

Fuel Oil FO Supply FOS Any Tanks, piping, valves, strainers, Stores and dispenses fuel oil to systems upon ASME, ASHRAE FOS, FUOIL
Return FOR heaters, indicators, dispensing demand for combustion and heating purposes. 134, NCS/UDS
Vent -- FOV equipment

Glovebox SPRTC TA55 only GB stands (legs, bracing, Credited support for PF-4 GBs
Support Stands anchorage)

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LANL Engineering Standards Manual STD-342-100 Chapter 1, Section 210 Attachment 1, System List

Glovebox SPRTNC RLUOB GB stands (legs, bracing, Non-credited support for GBs.
Support Stands anchorage)
Glovebox GBS TA55/RLUO Gloveboxes Confine and in some cases shield radioactive RLUOB, TA-55
Systems B only material. (OpSys)
Gloveboxes GB TA55 only Gloveboxes. Confine and in some cases shield radioactive See also
(System) material. Enclosures
Godiva GODIVA DAF only Core, hydraulic ram-driven safety A prompt burst critical assembly. The core NCERC
block, compressed air cylinder- consists of a stack of high enriched uranium rings
driven burst rod, 2 stepper-motor- and plates.
driven control rods.

Hazardous HAZW Any Various non-destructive assay Provides for the accumulation, treatment, CMRR NF
Waste equipment (i.e., trash compactor) packaging, manual transfer, staging, and shipment
of Analytical Chemistry and Materials
Characterization (AC/MC) solid process wastes
and for other industrial and sanitary or recyclable
wastes such as printer toner cartridges.

Health Physics HPV RLUOB only Vacuum pumps, piping RLUOB

Provides vacuum (up to boundary valves) in CAs
to allow operation of CAM and FAS equipment
(they perform airborne radiation detection)
Heat Recovery HR Any Heat recovery pumps, glycol Recovers heat from exhaust ductwork and At CMRR NF,
make-up pump, glycol make-up provides preheating/pre-cooling for air handling recovers heat from
tank, expansion tank, air-operated units serving other areas. Designed to reduce zone 2 exhaust
valves, instrumentation peak HW System demand. ductwork and
change room, and
cooling for HVAC
units serving the 3
lab wings and
change room.

Heating Systems HS TA55 only

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LANL Engineering Standards Manual STD-342-100 Chapter 1, Section 210 Attachment 1, System List

Heating HVAC See also Any Supply and exhaust ventilation, Supplies and distributes tempered air for the NCS/UDS, NECA Differential
Ventilation & Air Exhaust (EX) heating and cooling coils, HEPA general comfort of workers and to support ongoing 100. RLUOB may Pressure
Conditioning for exhaust- filters, ductwork, dampers, motors, activities. May remove air from laboratory research be using HVACE for Monitoring-DPM,
only systems, fans, and non-centralized simple processes, machinery operations, and personnel entry fac. Alarm-
CHVAC for instrumentation. occupancy. May reduce the concentration of HA, HVAC
RLW radioactive particulate and hazardous materials in Control Air-HCA,
contaminated occupied spaces and building exhaust. HV,
system Graphite
Collection, HEPA
HVAC, Ventilation

HVAC -- CMRR HVAD CMRR NF Supply and exhaust fans, filters, Supplies filtered air and exhausts air to maintain CMRR NF HVAC
Aux Bldg only cooling and heating coils, room temperatures for diesel generator, electrical Subsystem: Aux
dampers, ductwork, louvers, equipment rooms, battery rooms, inverter rooms. Bldg HVAC SS-A,
motors, instrumentation Tempered supply air may also be provided based SS-B, Security, and
on design temperature requirements. Also, limits NS Electrical
hydrogen concentration in battery rooms and oil Equipment Room
fumes in diesel engine rooms by providing exhaust HVAC Systems

HVAC -- CMRR HVAF CMRR NF Intake and exhaust louvers, Provides an airflow path for diesel-driven fire-water CMRR NF HVAC
Aux Bldg Fire only ductwork, dampers pumps. Subsystem
HVAC - CMRR HVAL CMRR NF Supply and exhaust fans, filtration Provides tempered air to locker/changing rooms, CMRR NF HVAC
Aux Bldg Locker only units, cooling and heating coils, showers, toilet, and adjoining spaces for the Subsystem
Room dampers, ductwork, motors, and comfort of laboratory workers.

HVAC -- CMRR HVAM CMRR NF Supply and exhaust fans, filtration Provides tempered air to mechanical equipment CMRR NF HVAC
Aux Bldg Mech only units, cooling and heating coils, rooms to meet equipment temperature and Subsystem
Room dampers, ductwork, motors, and ventilation requirements.

HVAC -- CMRR HVAS CMRR NF Supply and exhaust fans, filtration Provides tempered air to meet temperature CMRR NF HVAC
Aux Bldg only units, cooling and heating coils, requirements in telecommunication and server Subsystem
Server/Telecom/ dampers, ductwork, motors, and rooms.
Elec Rm instrumentation.

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LANL Engineering Standards Manual STD-342-100 Chapter 1, Section 210 Attachment 1, System List

HVAC -- CMRR HVAE CMRR NF Supply and exhaust fans, filtration Supplies and distributes tempered air within the CMRR NF HVAC
ECF only units, cooling and heating coils, ECF for the general comfort of security and office Subsystem: Entry
dampers, ductwork, motors, and workers. May also provide special make-up air Control Facility
instrumentation. filtration to protect security forces in the event that
chemical, biological, or radiological attack agents
are used.

HVAC -- CMRR HVZ1 CMRR NF Exhaust fans, HEPA filters, Maintains a negative pressure in primary CMRR NF HVAC
NF Zone 1 Exh only filtration units, dampers, ductwork, confinement enclosures by exhaust air. Filtration Subsystem
motors, and instrumentation reduces the concentration of potential radioactive
particulate release to the atmosphere.

HVAC -- CMRR HVZ2 CMRR NF Supply and exhaust fans, heating Same as current HVAC system except for CMRR NF HVAC
NF Zone 2 Supp only and cooling coils, HEPA filters, secondary confinement areas. Subsystem
and Exh filtration units, ductwork, dampers,
and instrumentation

HVAC -- CMRR HVZ3 CMRR NF Supply and exhaust fans, heating Same as current HVAC system except for tertiary CMRR NF HVAC
NF Zone 3 Bsmt, only and cooling coils, HEPA filters, confinement areas. Subsystem
Recirc., and PF-4 filtration units, ductwork, dampers,
Tnl and instrumentation

HVAC -- CMRR HVFO CMRR NF Supply and exhaust fans, heating Provides ventilation air to limit fume concentration CMRR NF HVAC
Fuel Oil Vault only coils, ductwork, dampers, filters, and temperature in fuel oil storage rooms and Subsystem
motors, and instrumentation. vaults.

HVAC -- CMRR HVAV CMRR NF Supply and return/exhaust fans, Provides tempered air to remove decay heat from CMRR NF HVAC
NF Vault only HEPA filters, filtration units, SNM vault areas. Filtration reduces the Subsystem
cooling and heating coils, concentration of potential radioactive particulate in
dampers, ductwork, motors, and occupied spaces and from atmospheric release.

HVAC -- CMRR HVSM CMRR NF Supply/exhaust fans, dampers, Provides for the management/control of smoke by CMRR NF HVAC
HVAC Smoke only ductwork, motors, and providing pressure differentials to prevent smoke Subsystem
Management instrumentation migration into primary egress pathways such as
stairwells in the event of a fire.

HVAC, Office HVACOB RLUOB only Outside air intake filter plenums Provides conditioned air to meet the temperature,
Bldg and fans, Air handling units, humidity, airflow and exhaust demands of the office
cooling and heating coils and and operational control room areas during normal
control valves, ductwork, relief air operations
fans for pressure control and
exhaust air fans for restrooms etc

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LANL Engineering Standards Manual STD-342-100 Chapter 1, Section 210 Attachment 1, System List

HVAC, HVACRL RLUOB only Zone 2 space outside air intake The once through, cascading pressure system
Radiological Lab filter plenums, fans, ductwork, has two functions: The Zone 2 segment provides
Phoenix valves, exhaust fans and conditioned air into the laboratory work spaces to
HEPA filter plenums. Zone 1 hood meet temperature, humidity; laboratory air
and glovebox exhaust ductwork, exchange flow rates, negative pressures and
exhaust fans, and HEPA filter HEPA filtered exhaust demands of the laboratory.
plenums The Zone 1 segment provides a HEPA filtered
exhaust path from the gloveboxes and hoods to
the exhaust stack

HVAC, Central HVACUB RLUOB only Air handling unit with fan and Single air handling unit configured in a
Utility Building cooling coils, ductwork and recirculating air arrangement using outside make-
dampers up air and an exterior exhaust for building pressure
control, designed to maintain an acceptable
environment for equipment and maintenance

Heating Water HW Supply HWS Any Provides hot water to the Heating, Ventilation, and TA55; RLUOB may Central
Return -- Air Conditioning (HVAC) heating booster coils in call it Heated Water Circulating Hot
HWR the HVAC air supply distribution ducts (250 Water, Tempered
degrees maximum). RLUOB also uses Primary Water-REPWTR,
Heating Water (HW) Hot Heating

Helium Gas HE Any Storage bottles, manifolds, Provides helium gas to laboratories and process Periodic table of the Inert gas
regulators, piping, valves equipment throughout the facility (HE not to be elements
confused with High Explosives).
High Explosives HEP Any Casting equip, presses, lathes and Provides forming and machining equipment for
Processing mills, scales high explosives processing.
Hoists and HC TA55 only
Hydrochloric Acid HCL Any TA55

Hydrofluoric Acid HFA Any TA55

Hydrogen Gas H2 Any Storage bottles, manifolds, Provides hydrogen gas to laboratories and process Periodic table of the
regulators, piping, valves equipment. elements
Hydrogen H2O2 Any TA55
Peroxide Feed

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LANL Engineering Standards Manual STD-342-100 Chapter 1, Section 210 Attachment 1, System List

Industrial Safety IS Any Eyewashes, safety showers, Provides tempered water for diluting or cooling RLW. RLUOB
windsocks, maybe other chemical or thermal tissue contacts/burns, wind calling IS
components. direction indication, etc. Emergency
Eyewash & Shower.
TA55 calls it Ind
Safety System.

Industrial Waste IWS Any TA55,

Industrial Water IW Ind Wat Hot - TA55 only
Inert and Oxygen I&OMS Any WETF

Inert gas IG Any TA55

Instrument Air IA Any Compressors, valves, piping, Supplies air to the facility at various pressures for Should meet ISA
instrumentation, air dryers, HVAC system controls; control air to the steam 7.0.01 purity
controls valves; utility air drops in the equipment rooms, requirements. TA55
basements and labs; process air to process fume calls it Instrument
hoods, glove boxes, and dry compressed air for Air Supply IAS
ventilation system pneumatic controls, damper
actuators, and diesel generator start capabilities.

Instrumentation ICS WETF only See SCADA. Building

and Control Component Air-
System Provides an automated and computerized control BCA, Process
and monitoring system for selected facility Control Air-PCA
operations, including remote (a SCADA function).
Interchangeable MULTI Any TA55
Bottle Gas
Intercommunicati ICS TA55 only
Interior Intrusion IIDS Any Sensors, alarms. Falls under SEC Guards against unauthorized entry into high- TA-55, RLUOB IDS. Similar:
Detection OpSys. security areas by detecting movement and PIDAS
transmitting an alarm to security.

Irrigation IRG Any Piping, valves, sprinklers heads, Provides water for plants outside buildings.
Laboratory Dry DV Any Dry vacuum pumps, filters, Provides a utility dry vacuum service for RLUOB, CMRR NF
Vacuum discharge silencers, laboratories for control and cleanup of
instrumentation contaminants inside enclosures.
Laboratory LRW RLUOB only Pumps, control valves, piping Distribute heated water throughout lab
Reheat Water

14 of 28 Rev: 3/29/2013
LANL Engineering Standards Manual STD-342-100 Chapter 1, Section 210 Attachment 1, System List

Laboratory Walls, WCFD TA55 only

Floors, Ceilings
and Doors

Laboratory Wet WV Any Wet vacuum pumps, wet vacuum Provides a utility wet vacuum service for RLUOB, CMRR NF
Vacuum traps, seal water tanks, laboratories for control and cleanup of
instrumentation contaminants inside enclosures.

Lifting and LIFT TA55 only

Lighting LTG Exterior Any Lighting fixtures, cable, conduit, Provides interior and exterior illumination. LTGEM ASME, NCS/UDS, Lighting-LG,
LTGE panels. LTGEM can include provides illumination for personnel to evacuate the NECA 100 Electrical
Emergency - inverters, batteries, battery building through normal and emergency exits. Lighting-EL
LTGEM chargers, emergency exits lights. Another requirement is to allow identification of all
fire alarm pull stations and fire fighting equipment
upon loss of the normal lighting served by the
building Electrical Power System.

Lightning LP Any Air terminals, conductors, Aids in protecting personnel and equipment Widespread. Ref Building Lightning
Protection counterpoise, connectors, against excessive voltages caused by lightning NFPA 780. Protection Roof-
supports, grounding cable flashes; accomplishes this task by creating an BGL, Lightning
equipotential mass with as low an impedence to Protection-LP,
natural earth ground as possible. Lightning

Lightning LPT TA55 only

Limited Volume LVCCW Any Heat exchanger, pump, reservoir Interfaces with the PCW system to provide a TA55; CMRR NF
Circulating tank, instrumentation, control localized, closed loop, recirculating chilled water ENCL Subsystem
Chilled Water system, and piping. system for enclosures.

Liquid Argon LAR TA55 only

Liquid Nitrogen LN Any Tanks, dewars, piping, manifolds, Provides liquid nitrogen for use in process systems Cryogenics
valves and labs. Can feed Nitrogen.
Liquid Nitrogen LN2 TA55 only
Local Control LCS TA55 only See BAS, FCS for
System related systems.
Local Paging LPS TA55 only
Long-Term Vault LVMM CMRR NF Bridge cranes, hoists, and loading Handles containerized materials in the long-term
Material only tables. vault.

15 of 28 Rev: 3/29/2013
LANL Engineering Standards Manual STD-342-100 Chapter 1, Section 210 Attachment 1, System List

Long-Term Vault LVS CMRR NF Shielded storage cells for storage Stores SNM in a shielded criticality-safe
Storage only of containerized materials with configuration and allows for SNM container heat
optional liners, shield plugs, and removal.
cooling air ducts.

LLW Exterior RLWECS RLWTF only Low-level Exterior RLW collection Collects low-level radioactive waste solutions in
Collection system vaults and piping TAs 50, 48, 55, 03,
LLW Interior RLWICS RLWTF only LLW Interior Collection System, Collects RLW generated within the radiological
Collection Floor drains, sumps, sump pumps areas of the RLWTF

Make-up Water MKUP Powerhse Pumps, tanks, blower, indicators, Provides makeup water to powerhouse boilers ASME
only softeners, transmitters

Material at Risk MARTRK Any TA55

Material Transfer MTS Any Trolleys, hoists, and control Transports material In CMRR NF,
systems (trolley tunnels and drop between enclosure
boxes are part of the ENCL trains within
system) laboratory wings as
well as between

Measuring & Test M&TE Any Flukes, multimeters, meggers, Provides a way for the CMMS to manage this
Equipment torque wrenches inventory.
Methane Gas CH4 Any
Miscellaneous MVP TA55 only
Vacuum Pumps
Mixed Gas GASMIX TA55 only
Mobile MBLEQ Any Heavy equipment, forklifts, Provides mobile personnel and material handling TA55.
Equipment manlifts, carts, hand trucks, functions not served by Cranes Hoists & Rigging,
trailers, robots, other specialized or for fixed handling, Elevators and Lifts.
vehicles. Use TOOLS for smaller
items and those generally not on

Motorized Mobile MMBLEQ TA55 only


16 of 28 Rev: 3/29/2013
LANL Engineering Standards Manual STD-342-100 Chapter 1, Section 210 Attachment 1, System List

Natural Gas NG NG1-5 Any Piping, pressure Distributes natural gas (NG1-5, Utilities), becomes TA55 calls it Utility Natural Gas Utility
(distribution) regulators/stations; block, relief, NG just outside and within facilities for heating and Natural Gas Distribution, Site
High Pr and control valves; rectifiers, process equipment such as furnaces. High Pr > 5 (Building Supply) Natural Gas
NG Med meters, gauges, analyzers. NG1 psig; Low Pr < 14 W.C.
Pr NGM (TAs 3, 60), NG2 (TAs 6, 8, 9, 11,
Low Pr - 14-16, 22, 40), NG3 (TAs 33, 39),
NGL NG4 (TAs 2, 41, 53), NG5 (TAs
18, 21, 35, 36, 46, 48, 50-52, 54,
55, 59, 63, 64, 66)

Natural Gas NGC Powerhse Scrubbers (2), compressor, Produces high pressure natural gas for CGTG
Compression coalescing filter, receiver tank, fin-
fan cooler, piping, valves, motors
and switchgear, PLC, combustible
gas analyzer, instrumentation

Nitric Acid HNO3 Any Supply tanks, piping, valves, Stores and supplies nitric acid
Nitric Acid - HNO3P TA55 only Pencil tanks, piping, valves, and Transfer Pu-bearing nitric solutions between
Process flanges aqueous processes in gloveboxes, and store in
Solutions pencil tanks.
Nitric Acid CSTBS TA55 only
Storage Tank
and Berm

Nitrogen N2 TA55 only: Any Storage bottles, piping, manifolds, Provides gaseous nitrogen at various pressures for Periodic table of the
N2100, N235, valves use in process systems and laboratory use. elements
N2H2 Sometimes fed by LN.
Non-Potable NPW Cold NPWC Any Pumps, piping, valves, Provides non-potable water throughout the facility TA55, RLUOB. Industrial Water-
Water Hot instrumentation, fire hydrants for various equipment and system use. From ASHRAE 134. IW, Non-potable
NPWH Water-NW, Non-
Hot Recirc Potable Cold
Make-up Non-Potable Hot

Nuclear NESII Any Soil. Coupled with other controls An inactive waste handling or disposal area Area G
Environmental (depth, horizontal translation, characterized as nuclear site based on the rad
Site Inventory boundary/fence, postings, etc.), material inventory exceeding haz category 2/3
Isolation the NES inventory isolation thresholds per DOE-STD-1027. They are usually
system is the passive soil on top but not always material disposal areas (MDAs).
of the inventory (waste material
encapsulated in capped
containers) that separates the
inventory from the air above.

17 of 28 Rev: 3/29/2013
LANL Engineering Standards Manual STD-342-100 Chapter 1, Section 210 Attachment 1, System List

Nuclear NI DAF only Log-N, linear channel, startup Monitors the neutron leakage that is generated in NCERC
Instrumentation counter, and area monitoring the critical configuration.
Nuclear NMCA Any Counters, shufflers, detectors, Provides nuclear material measurement and/or Safeguards,
Materials Control mass spectrometers, instruments, detection functions. MC&A
and CPUs, alarms

Office Building OBP TA55 only

OSHA Safety OSHA TA55 only
Oxygen O2 Any Bottles, regulators, piping, relief Provides pure oxygen to processes requiring it. Periodic table of the
valves, flame arrestors elements, NECA
Oxygen OM Any Sensors, cable, control panel, Monitors the oxygen content of the air in TA55. OXM
Monitoring annunciators refrigerator and compressor buildings and alarms if
the oxygen level falls below 19.5%. Can also be
used with inert gloveboxes to detect leakage.

Oxygen OMS Any Sensors, cable, control panel, Monitors the oxygen content of the inert WETF
Monitoring annunciators gloveboxes to detect inleakage.
P-10 Gas P10 Any Regulators, valves, piping Provides P-10 gas (10% methane, balance argon) In CMRR NF, a
[argon/10% to contamination counting machines. subsystem in the
methane] virtual (used for
SDDs only)
Specialty Gas
(SGS) system.

PASS Site PASS Any TA55,

Access Control
Perimeter PIDAS, Any Guard stations, fences, locking Protect special nuclear material (SNM) from theft TA55. SPIDADS
Intrusion PIDADS devices, radio communications, or diversion and to protect material and facilities stands for South
Detection/Access microwave detection systems, from sabotage, provide protection of and deny PIDADS but is not a
ment [& Delay] metal detectors, tamper indicating access to classified material. true system or
switches, security lighting subsystem

Personnel PCD Any Handheld and fixed monitors and Protects and notifies workers of radiological
Contamination related instrumentation contamination acquired in Radiological Controlled
Detectors Areas.
Personnel PMON TA55 only

18 of 28 Rev: 3/29/2013
LANL Engineering Standards Manual STD-342-100 Chapter 1, Section 210 Attachment 1, System List

Personnel Safety PSS Any Door lock solenoids, micro- Protect workers from radiation and explosive DARHT
System processor controls hazards by computer-controlled interlocks on
access doors and initiating accelerator beam drop
upon opening of access doors; also trips
Beamstop. Functionally, a combination of a
LANSCE-like radiation safety system (RSS) and a
high explosive safety system (HESS).

Planet PLANET DAF only Support stand, two stacked A general purpose critical assembly machine used NCERC
hydraulic rams, and a stepper to move nuclear materials into a critical
motor drive. configuration.

Portable HEPA HEPVAC Any Portable HEPA vacuums Cleaning in contamination areas TA55
Positive Pressure PPCCW Any TA55
Chilled Water

Potable Water PW PWD1-12 Any Piping, backflow preventors, non- Provides potable water to and the fixtures for TA55 Domestic water,
Distribution safety showers, valves, regulators, drinking fountains, bathroom sinks and showers, Potable Water-
(Utilities) tanks, lavatories, and drinking and emergency eye wash and safety showers, and PO, Potable Cold
Cold PWC fountains. PWH includes water decontamination showers. The system includes Water-POC,
Hot heaters and downstream piping; the transmission lines and two distribution Water Utilities
PWH PWHR includes circulating pumps. subsystems supplying water to LANL facilities. Distribution
Hot Recirc - PWD includes hydrants.

Potable Water POT TA55 only

Potable Water, see Tepid
Tepid Water
Potassium KOH Any
Power PDS TA55 only
Pressure- PXXXX or Any Pressure vessels (PV), pressure This acronym may only be used for those Every pressure
programmatic PXXXXX relief valves (PRV), rupture disks. programmatic pressure systems that do not system at LANL will
warrant a custom acronym because generally only have a hang tag;
the vessel(s) and relief devices will be entered into use the tag number
the MEL because those require PMs. Facility and IDENTICALLY
utility pressure systems must use another Opsys (thus, for system
from this listing. numbers under
1000, use leading
zeros in the P-

19 of 28 Rev: 3/29/2013
LANL Engineering Standards Manual STD-342-100 Chapter 1, Section 210 Attachment 1, System List

Primary Chilled CW RLUOB only see Chilled Water

Primary Glycol PG Any Chillers, pumps, heat exchangers, Supply 40F glycol to heat exchangers for cooling RLUOB
thermal energy storage (TESB) of primary chilled water

Primary Heating HW RLUOB see Heating Water

Process PROCES Where more Unlimited possibilities, but typically Any programmatic, production, or other system
specific is material or chemical processing when it is the only process in a building or
inappropriate equipment, possibly piping. approved subsystems are designated (uniqueness
is maintained).

Process Air PCA Any See Compressed Air Compressed air for processes. TA55
Process Cooling PCW Supply-PCWS Any Piping, valves, heat exchangers, May be a closed loop or a once-through cooling Circulating
Water Return pumps, instrumentation system. It is the primary cooling loop in contact Cooling Water-
PCWR with process equipment, removing heat to an CCW, Process
intermediate cooling system or to the environment Water-PW,
as a once through system. Not a redundant term Process Cooling
to Chilled Water. Water-PW

Process Liquid PLW Hazardous Any Piping, drain fixtures, pumps, Collects and removes chemical and inorganic TA55, Industrial Liquid
Waste PLWH valves, storage tanks, waste solutions. Waste ILW, IWS,
Non-Haz instrumentation Collection-CO,
PLWNH Manholes-MH

Public Address PA Any Cable, speakers, headsets, Sounds an audible emergency evacuation alarm ASME, NCS/UDS. Public Address
paging stations, batteries, during all accidents involving potential nuclear TA55, also see LPS, and Intercom-PAI,
microphone preamplifier, line criticality events, and broadcasts emergency SPAS
driver, zone key card, alarm announcements for zone evacuation. Normal Life Safety-SA
generator, power amplifier, control operation may include site announcements and
panel, microphones, power supply system testing notifications.

Quartz QE Any Compressed fuel gas and oxygen, Fuses quartz around a sample.
Encapsulation torch
Radiation RM Any Continuous air monitors, fixed air Provides real time monitoring of work spaces for CEF, TA55 Radiation
Monitoring samplers, vacuum pumps, piping, airborne alpha particle-emitting radioactive Monitoring-RD,
instrumentation contamination and/or real-time monitoring of area, Air Sampling-AS,
equipment, and personnel for direct external beta, Air Sample
gamma, or neutron radiation exposure. Vacuum, Fixed
Head Air
Continuous Air

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LANL Engineering Standards Manual STD-342-100 Chapter 1, Section 210 Attachment 1, System List

Radioactive and RADW Any Trash compactors and other Provides for the accumulation, containment, TA-55, CMRR NF
Mixed Solid handling equipment. For CMRR staging, treatment, packaging, and shipment of
Waste NF, also NDA and Mat'l Mgmt Lab low-level waste (LLW), transuranic (TRU) waste,
Module equip. mixed waste, and TRU-mixed waste.

Radioactive RLWBLP RLWTF only Building and non-process systems Houses and supports RLWTF
Liquid Waste
Balance of Plant

Radioactive RLWCS VAULT Any Piping, drain fixtures, valves, Collects low-level radioactive waste solutions in Acid Drains-
Liquid Waste Vent -- RLWV instrumentation, vaults, SCADA TAs 50, 48, 55, 03, 21, 53, 59, and 00. ACID, Collection-
Collection CO, Manholes-
System MH, RLW

Radioactive RLWLLW SUBSYSTEM RLWTF only Sumps, tanks, piping, Provides the interim storage, treatment of the low- SUBSYST,
Liquid Waste S, CON'T: instrumentation, valves, control level radioactive liquid waste streams from several CON'T: RVF-
Low Level Waste INF-Influent panels, clarifiers, process vent LANL facilities, discharge of the cleaned water, and Rotary Vacuum
SUBSYSTEMS: Storage; IX: filters, process filters, ion disposal of the final solidified wastes in the Filter; RPF-RP
CUF: Centrifugal Ion Exchange, exchange equipment, reverse Radioactive Liquid Waste Treatment Facility Filter; RVF-Rotary
Ultra Filter; CL: LLWSTO-Low osmosis units, sampling systems, Vacuum Filter;
Clarifiers; CIP: Level Storage; pumps, membrane separators, SRO-Secondary
Clean-in-place; MF-Media evaporators RO; SWL-Seal
EDR: Electro Filters; RO- Water; TUF-
Dialysis Reverse Tubular Ultra
Reversal; Osmosis, PIX- Filter; WEVP-
EFFEVP: Effluent Perchlorate Waste
Evaporation; Ion Exchange; Evaporation;
GRVF: Gravity POL-Polish WM2-WM 2
Filter and Sample Influent - Effluent
Effluent; RO- Dist; WMRM-
Reverse Waste Mitigation
Osmosis; Risk Mgmt; ZLD -
Zero Liquid

Radioactive RLWTRU RLWTF only Piping, tanks, pumps, filters, Collects, stores, and treats liquids and sludge
Liquid Waste valves containing transuranic waste
RLBCS RLUOB only See RLW, RLBECS systems Opsys for RLUOB low-level radioactive
radioactive liquid
waste collection

21 of 28 Rev: 3/29/2013
LANL Engineering Standards Manual STD-342-100 Chapter 1, Section 210 Attachment 1, System List

RLUOB RLBECS RLUOB only Piping, new vault on Pecos Drive, Forced transfer RLW from tanks/pumps inside to
radioactive liquid and connections made in an exterior, then via gravity to RLWCS (LANL site
waste exterior existing WM-70 vault collection system).
collection system

RLW RLUOB only Two tanks, four lift station pumps, Collect and store RLW inside RLUOB
gravity drain lines

radioactive liquid
waste interior
collection system
Radiological RADMON TA55 only
Radio RC Any Amplifiers, antennas, coax, Relay RF comm. within building (hand held 2 way RLUOB
Communications multiplexers radios, cell phones)

Real Time RTR Any X-ray tube assembly, imaging Provides nondestructive, nuclear waste inspection, CMRR NF
Radiography system, enclosure for radiation enabling characterization of containerized waste.
protection, waste container
handling system, audio/video
recording system and an operator
control panel and data acquisition

Red Network REDNET Any Cable, raceway, switchboards, Provides for transmission of classified computer- Classified Info
panels, relays based information over copper cable and fiber Network. CDIN.
optic lines within the facility and between the
facility and TA-3-1498, the central electronic
switching point for LANL telecommunications and

Refrigeration RFN Hot Discg Any Chillers, piping, valves, heat Provides mechanical cooling for HVAC or chilled
RFND exchangers, evaporative heat water systems. Its components can also be
Liquid RFNL exchangers, pumps, bounded within those systems as an alternative to
Pr Relief instrumentation use of this system.

Regen Gas RGEN Any Valves, piping. TBD In CMRR NF, a

subsystem in the
virtual (used for
SDDs only)
Specialty Gas
(SGS) system.
IEEE 803.1 mod.

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LANL Engineering Standards Manual STD-342-100 Chapter 1, Section 210 Attachment 1, System List

Roads and RG Any Roads, parking lots, driveways, Provides vehicle and pedestrian surfaces and
Grounds traffic control devices, grounds, controls, erosion control, and aesthetic functions.
guardrails, barriers

Sanitary Sewer SS Main lines: Any Piping, manholes, lift stations, Outside buildings, collects and delivers the Owned by Utilities. Site Sanitary
SS1-13 pumps, oil separators, tanks, sanitary sewer effluent to the wastewater treatment NCS/UDS Sewer Collection
valves, gauges. plant at TA-46. After treatment by Efluent System Wastewater
(& SERF) at TA-46 it is considered treated effluent.

Sanitary Waste SW Treated Any Piping, sinks, floor drain fixtures, Sanitary plumbing inside building that discharges Sanitary Waste-
Effluent sump pumps into the Sanitary Sewer system. SW, Sanitary
Vent -- SWV Waste Water-
Building Drain BD

SCRAM SCRAM SCRAM DAF only Buttons, interlocks, horns, Provides an automatic shutdown of the critical NCERC
Safety System beacons. assemblies due to a trip of the Nuclear
(SSS), Instruments, an operator pushing a manual
Operational SCRAM button, or a door being opened during
Interlock remote operation. Also provides warning horns
System (OIS) and beacons that indicate a critical assembly
operation is underway.

Secondary SCW RLUOB only Pumps, control valves, piping Distribute chilled water throughout building for
Chilled Water HVAC
Secondary SHW RLUOB only Pumps, control valves, piping Distribute heated water throughout building for
Heating Water HVAC
Security SEC PIDAS, ACSD, Any Guard stations, fences, locking Protect special nuclear material (SNM) from theft TA55, Security-SE,
ECF, ARGUS. devices, radio communications, or diversion and to protect material and facilities Intrusion Alarm-
See also microwave detection systems, from sabotage, provide protection of and deny IA, Personnel
ACS, IDAS metal detectors, tamper indicating access to classified material. Access Security
switches, security lighting System-PASS,
Security &

Security Electrial SES TA55 only

Seismic Power SPOS TA55 only
Shut-Off System

Shielding SHLD Any Concrete, steel, high density Protect workers from radiological hazards DARHT. ASME
concrete, doors
Sodium Citrate NACIT Any

23 of 28 Rev: 3/29/2013
LANL Engineering Standards Manual STD-342-100 Chapter 1, Section 210 Attachment 1, System List

Sodium NAOH Any

Specialized SPG RLUOB only Bottles, regulators, piping, relief Supplies helium, P-10, argon, nitrogen, regen.
Gases valves.
Special Nuclear SNMST TA-55 only
Material Storage

Shelves, Storage STRGC TA-55 only. Credited shelves, storage racks, Stores SNM, prevents criticality including during a
Racks and Others use cages, Kardex seismic event.
Cages STOR
Short-Term Vault SVS Any Storage compartments, shelving, Stores the volume of working inventory of nuclear CMRR NF
Storage shielding, and material handling materials.
systems such as hand trucks, and

Stack Radiation SRM Any Sample probes, detectors, record Monitors exhaust stack emissions for radioactivity Can use AS for Air
Monitoring sampler, vacuum pumps, piping, both on a real-time basis, including alarms, and by Sampling. RLUOB
valves, instrumentation collecting samples for periodic analysis. calling SRM Stack
Monitoring. CMRR
NF using SRM
since more specific
and descriptive.

Standpipe SPHS TA55 only

Stationary SB Any Two or more cells connected A direct current (dc) standby power system that will See UPS for ac. Emergency,
Battery together electrically in series, supply power to the load upon loss of ac power to standby, backup
parallel, or combination, plus the charger, failure of the charger, or when the load power - BP
switchgear and distribution exceeds the charger output. Commonly used in
equipment. industrial and substation control and

Steam STM STMH Any Piping, valves, pressure vessels, Provides steam to various systems and processes. NCS/UDS. TA55 Steam Supply
(heating heaters (radiators), steam traps, High Pressure is > 15 psig. calls it Steam Steam
steam) Hi instrumentation System. Distribution
Lo Pr --

Storage STOR Any

Storm Sewer STS Any Piping, manholes, french drains An underground sewer used for conveying Drainage,
primarily rainwater and surface water. WSTWTR -Waste
Storm Water STW Any Gutters and downspouts, and roof Provides roof drainage for rain and snow, and Roof Drains-BGR,
drains and piping discharges to the Storm Sewer system. Building Drain BD

Structure STR TA55 only

24 of 28 Rev: 3/29/2013
LANL Engineering Standards Manual STD-342-100 Chapter 1, Section 210 Attachment 1, System List

Supervisory SCADA Any PLC, microprocessor, remote Provides remote equipment monitoring and on/off TA55 call this Equipment
Control and Data terminal units, CRT, control functions. It may also provide off-site SCADA Reporting Surveillance-ES,
Acquisition instrumentation cable, equipment notification to facility operations personnel for Equipment
sensors, computerized phone abnormal equipment and system conditions. It is Surveillance
dialer usually associated with multiple facilities. System-ESS,
MIZER, alarm

Support Stands, SPRTNC TA55 only


Telecommunicati TEL Any Cable, raceway, switchboards, Provides for transmission of telephonic information See REDNET for Telephone & Data
ons panels, relays and non-classified computer-based information classified telecom. Communications-
over copper cable and fiber optic lines within the TA55 also uses COM
facility and to TA-3-1498, the central electronic TELS as an Opsys.
switching point for LANL telecommunications and
networking. The OpenNet.

Tepid Water PWT Any Safety showers, eye wash Supply 85F water to safety showers and eye wash RLUOB
stations, recirculation pump and stations
Tools TOOLS Any Powered and hand tools and light Enable or improve a person's ability to perform
equipment for indoor and outdoor manual tasks.
use, includes small earthmoving
and tamping, landscaping; small
pumps, welders, and generators;
M&TE such as multimeters
(Flukes), torque wrenches,

Tower Water TW Supply TWS Any Pumps, piping, valves, fans, Removes heat from condensers and rejects it to TA55 Cooling Water-CT
Return cooling tower, basin, structure, the atmosphere by evaporative cooling via a
TWR Drain - instrumentation cooling tower.

Transuranic TRU TCS - TRU RLWTF only Sumps, tanks, piping, Provides the collection, interim storage, and SUBSYSTEMS,
Liquid Waste Collection instrumentation, valves, control treatment of the transuranic-containing caustic and CON'T: TLT -
System, TINF panels, drum tumbler, process acid waste streams from TA-55 in the Radioactive TRU Liquid
- TRU Influent vent filters, pressure filters, Liquid Waste Treatment Facility. Treatment, TST -
Storage sampling systems TRU Sludge

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LANL Engineering Standards Manual STD-342-100 Chapter 1, Section 210 Attachment 1, System List

Tritium TCV WETF only Primary and secondary vessels, Storage and transport of tritium at the Weapons
containment getter, molecular sieve. Engineering Tritium Facility (WETF). Becomes
vessels [Elemental tritium is stored as gas part of the TGHS when it is connected to the TGHS
or on a getter material within a and the valve on the vessel is opened. A
primary containment vessel (which secondary containment vessel becomes an
may or may not be enclosed in a integral part of the TGCS secondary containment
secondary containment vessel) or when connected to the TGCS (glovebox).
as tritiated water adsorbed on
molecular sieve within a primary
containment vessel.]

Tritium Gas TGCS WETF only Gloveboxes, antechambers, Secondary confinement for tritium-containing
Containment associated piping, load-in/load-out process equipment at WETF facility.
ports, gloves, pumps, and external
secondary containment piping
[e.g., mass spectrometer sample
loop and Function Tester (FT) gas-
transfer secondary containment

Tritium Gas TGHS HIS - Hot-Inlet WETF only Pressure piping, transfer pumps, Primary tritium containment system for most of the
Handling System MGS pressure vessels, and other operations at the WETF. Designed to process
- Mixed Gas equipment. hydrogen isotopes (protium, deuterium, and
Station (He, tritium) and helium-3 (tritium decay product). HIS
D2) is sample intro for mass spec.

Tritium TMS Any Room, stack, glovebox, process, Measure various tritium concentrations and WETF, TA-55
Monitoring and portable monitors; pumps, provide appropriate instrumentation and control
System filters, flow controllers (PCV) signals (local and remote)

Tritium Waste TWTS WETF only LPR tank; gas-transfer pumps; Collects gas streams from various systems that
Treatment vacuum pump; catalytic reactors handle tritium at the WETF and recovers the
and associated controllers; tritium.
oxygen injectors to the CRs; heat
exchangers; MSDs and
associated controllers; AL-M1
containers ; various valves, filters,
piping, rupture disks, and
instrumentation; oxygen flow

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LANL Engineering Standards Manual STD-342-100 Chapter 1, Section 210 Attachment 1, System List

Trolley Conveyor TRLLY TA55 only


Turbine TG TG1-3 Powerhse Steam or gas driven turbine, A steam- or gas-turbine-driven generator that IEEE 803.1 Turbine
Generator generator, meters, steam traps, provides an auxiliary source of 480 Volt electrical Generator
valves, piping, indicators, pumps, power for the Electrical Power System; typically
fans, filters starts only upon loss of normal power.

Uninterruptible UPS Any Various combinations of Used to supply an uninterrupted source of power TA55, WETF. Also Emergency,
Power Supply rectifier/charger, battery transfer to important instrumentation and control systems see Stationary standby, backup
and bypass switches, and an for loss-of-normal-power conditions. They also Battery System. power BP
inverter. (Ref DOE-STD-3003, provide continuous, quality power for systems ASME, NCS/UDS,
Backup Power Sources for DOE sensitive to disturbances occurring in an electrical IEEE 1100, NECA
Facilities). power distribution system caused by switching, 100
faults, or power transfer. UPSs solely dedicated to
supporting another system or subsystem (e.g.,
Emergency Lighting) shall be part of that system.

Vacuum VAC Vacuum Pump Any Vacuum pumps, piping valves, Provides utility vac service for programmatic See also Laboratory Vacuum-VA,
Discharge - instrumentation processes and activities; may provide vac for Dry Vac, Wet Vac. Laboratory Vac,
VACPD Radiation Monitoring System. From ASME, TA55, RLUOB. Dry Vac, Vac
ASHRAE 134, NCS/UDS. Cleaning-VC

Vault Type Room VTR Any Structural assemblies, detection, Provides barriers to entry and/or access to includes so-called
alarms classified materials or information Super VTRs
Ventilation VNT TA55 only
Ventilation, Non- NNHVAC TA55 only
Ventilation, PF-4 HVAC TA55 only

Waste WASTE Any Trash compactors, other handling Provides for the accumulation, containment,
Management equipment. staging, treatment, packaging, and shipment of
solid non-rad and rad waste -- low-level waste
(LLW), transuranic (TRU) waste, mixed waste,
and/or TRU-mixed.

Water Systems WS TA55 only Opsys that includes storm water sys, etc.
Wet Vacuum WETVAC TA55 only
Xenon Gas XE Any

Others being used by specific permission of Chapter POC:

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LANL Engineering Standards Manual STD-342-100 Chapter 1, Section 210 Attachment 1, System List


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