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tools + ideas for guitarmaking

Ryan Adams
Buck Owens
Catalog #145 May 2017 Restored
vintage flag guitars
repaired for his current
world tour 52

Great pickups, great price 46 Authentic Floyd Rose 70 ColorTone Metallic Aerosols 40 Guitar Shop Starter Set 17
Easy Upgrade
This little wiring mod gives
you better tone at low volume.
Do it
yourself Pre-wired

Caps + Resistors
Build your own circuits
using the components
sold on page 54.
Treble Bleed Circuit
Control pots, Get uniform tone from high to low volume.
Hand-soldered in our workshop here in Ohio.
jacks, switches, Sold on page 54.
push-back wire
The best brands,
including CTS, CRL, Pre-wired Harnesses
Switchcraft, Emerson
For Gibson Les Paul and SG,
and more. Page 56.
Strat, Tele, Jazz Bass and
P Bass. Quality components
on a wooden placement
template. Wired by
hand in our shop.
Sold on page 56.
Aaron Smiley,
StewMac Tech Advisor

Make your own Build your own

treble bleedSECRETS
circuit pickups with
Excellent ready-to-wind
Ever notice how your tone loses pickups. We also have the
highs when you turn the volume Boutique tone that wont break the bank!
the parts, supplies and
way down? A .001uF capacitor and tools for custom builds. Golden Age Humbuckers, Single-coils and P-90s deliver the
sounds youve always heard in your head. See page 46.
a 150K-ohm 1/4 watt resistor added Page 50.
to your wiring will maintain your
tone as you turn the volume from
ten to zero.

V input + output

We show you how to wire it in our

Trade Secrets video #182. In that
video you can hear the sound dif-
ference it makes, too.

Pickup Winder
Page 48.

Strat, Tele, P Bass, and Jazz Bass are registered trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments Corp.
Find this Trade Secrets
video at stewmac.com: ts182

Thanks to Brian Delaney for this tip!

Aaron Smiley

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2 8


8 Hole for Pot Shaft (4)

Rout 1 "
4 Deep (Each End)

Rout 1316" Deep



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StewMac Trade Secrets is what we call our free information about fixing and building guitars, Mandolin Supplies 92-94
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guitar repairman and author Dan Erlewine to share Trade Secrets stories here in the catalog. Nuts + Saddles 6, 7, 65, 70, 71, 73, 87, 95
Pearl Inlay Supplies 36-37
Turn to page 52 for Dans story on fixing three guitars for singer/songwriter Ryan Adams. (Dan
Pedals, Pedal Kits 84-85
wrote a detailed article about this triple-guitar rescue in Vintage Guitar magazine, too.)
Pickguards 38-39, 47-48
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Throughout this issue youll also find quick tips from other StewMac customers. We hope youll Electric Guitar, Bass 46-50

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What trick do you do, that you think nobody else does? Well select tips for the catalog and Reamers 20-21, 30, 45, 86, 94
for Facebook, crediting the ideas to you. Email tips to: tradesecrets@stewmac.com Resonator Guitar Supplies 87
Trade Secrets on the road Router Bits 28, 32-33, 35, 37-38, 76
Routing Tools + Jigs 28, 30, 32, 33, 35
Recent visits to shops in New York and California have turned
Sanding Tools 25, 43
up lots of great ideas, and we have more visits coming up.

Saws 4-5, 14-15, 30, 36
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Scrapers + Planers 26, 34
Steve Earle looks String Spacing + Action 4-5, 16
on as Tom Crandall
Strings 88, 94, 95, 97
explains a repair job.

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Orders received by 4pm EST weekdays are shipped the same day Index | 3

Professional tools for precision nut slotting and shaping

Ten-piece pro tool set that includes all of the basic tools youll
need for professionally shaping, laying out string spacing, and
slotting a nut. These are the same quality tools we supply to busy
repair shops! A great way to develop your skills with a modest
investment in the proper tools. Set includes:

#4541 Double-edge .012"/.020" nut file

#4542 Double-edge .026"/.032" nut file
#4543 Double-edge .036"/.042" nut file
#4544 Double-edge .050"/.060" nut file
#4556 Nut + Saddle Shaping Files, set of 2 (below)
#4556 Gauged .010" Saw (below)
#1811 Feeler Gauge Set (page 5) Everything a professional would
need. The items are top quality.
#1816 Nut + Saddle Vise (page 5)
#0673 String Spacing Rule (page 5) SAVE G. OHare, Queensland Australia
+ FREE Nut making instructions

#5350 Complete set $251.52 $223.85

at stewmac.com

6 files
12 cutting Smooth
widths sides

Medium Fine
at stewmac.com cut cut

Gauged Nut Slotting Files Double-edge Nut Slotting Files Nut Seating Files
Professional edge-cut files produce round-bottom slots, Durable, efficient slotting files that cuts on the Easily clean and square a necks nut mounting
so the strings can seat smoothly in the nut without rounded edges only, and tapers from the center to a surfaces. The 4" fine and medium-tooth surfaces cut
buzzing or binding. Each tempered chrome-alloy steel different thickness on each edge. Cutting edges are only the bottom of the gluing area, leaving the walls of
file features twin 4" cutting edges. For metal saddles too. approximately 37/8" long. Steel with rubber coated the nut channel smooth. Files are 73/8" long. Steel with
Standard widths For bass handle. rubber coated handle.
Edges Edges
#0821 .010" #0831 .032" #4551 .065" #4541 .012"/.020" #4544 .050"/.060" #5055 For 1/8"-wide nut $24.26
#0823 .013" #0832 .035" #0836 .075" #4542 .026"/.032" #4545 .075"/.090" #5056 For 3/16"-wide nut $26.60
#0827 .016" #0833 .042" #5314 .085" #4543 .036"/.042" #4546 .105"/.120" #5057 For 1/4"-wide nut $41.64
#0828 .020" #5313 .046" #0837 .095" ea. $28.71
#0829 .024" #0834 .050" #4554 .105"
#0830 .028" #0835 .056" #0838 .115" SAVE! #4547 Set of 6 files, 12 cutting edges SAVE! #5060 Set of 3 files $92.50
ea. $14.42 #0928 .125" $172.26 $158.48 $83.25
ea. $16.27

teeth for
sawing at stewmac.com

Pull Stroke Gauged Saws Nut and Saddle Shaping Files Mitchell Abrasive Cord
Quickly rough-in new nut slots with these low-pro Special files for roughing-in and fine-shaping nuts and Guitar floss! Polish nut slots so strings move smooth-
file pull-cut saws, and save your nut files to refine the saddles. The set of two gives you four cuts in all: coarse, ly, for more accurate and reliable tuning. Use it in metal
depth and width. Handy for trimming nuts, saddles, medium, fine, and extra fine. You can quickly refine a bridge saddles to reduce string breakage too. Cord is
and other small parts. Steel blade with a wooden blank nut to a graceful shape, ready for final polishing. coated with durable silicon carbide microgrit. 12' roll.
handle. 10" steel with rubber coated handle.

#3570 .010" #3573 .025" SAVE! #3606 #4556 Set of 2 files $31.05 #6125 .015", 200-grit $6.10
#3571 .015" #3574 .030" Set of 5 saws $49.95 #6126 .018", 200-grit $5.95 SAVE! #6129
#3572 .020" ea. $9.99 $44.46 #6127 .030", 200-grit $5.95 Set of 4 $23.95
#6128 .055", 150-grit $5.95

4 | Tools for Nut Making + Shaping Call our product experts! 800-848-2273 Order online at stewmac.com
Its that third or fourth hand

you need when cutting nut
slots to depth. Harry, Carr CO

Extra clearance for

easy nut shaping
Nut + Saddle Vise
Shop vise jaws just get in the way when youre filing
a nut or saddle. We gave this special vise extra-tall
jaws with steep angles for easier access, and beveled
the end of the vise for extra relief. Theyre undercut
SAFE SLOT NUT GUARD SET at stewmac.com
to stay parallel under pressure and grip uniformly
without slipping. Great for all kinds of small work.
This complete system ensures perfect string slot This sturdy, portable steel vise; you can clamp it to the
spacing and depth. Developed by StewMacs own edge of your workbench or into your larger shop vise.
Don MacRostie for accurate nut slotting on his Red
Diamond Mandolins. Felt-padded caul adapts to #1816 $39.42
guitar, bass, and most other neck shapes. Works with at stewmac.com
any fingerboard width up to 21/16".
#1823 Complete set $89.72

Safe Slot Nut Guard

Holds multiple feeler gauges, pulling them tight to #1811
match fretboard radius. Locks in place against the
nut. No slipping!
#1821 $39.80

Feeler Gauges
Steel gauges that enable precision filing of nut slot #0675
depths. Stack them on the fingerboard, against the
front edge of the string nut, and file the nut slot down
to the top of the stack.
#1811 $34.22

Perfectly square
String Spacing Rule nut in seconds!
Like a cross between a Feeler Gauge and our String
Spacing Rule! It fits into the Safe Slot Nut Guard to Nut + Saddle Sander
help you accurately mark proportional slot spacing.
This vise on wheels is the fastest, surest way to get
No calculations required!
the bottom of a nut or saddle square, which is crucial
#0675 $15.70
for good tone. Its a unique tool that keeps your nut
or saddle perfectly vertical while you roll it over sand-
paper on a flat surface. Indexed adjustment screws
let you dial in the exact amount of material to be
String Spacing Rule removed. In moments your nut or saddle is squared
Does all the math for you: proportional slot spacing up and truly flat. Aluminum body with steel ball
automatically compensates for string diameters, from bearing rollers. Works with any nut/saddle material
treble to bass, so the strings wont seem crowded to the up to 31/4" x 3/8".
player. Simply pencil the string positions through the #4047 $179.35
at stewmac.com
rule and onto the nut, or scribe accurate starter grooves
for nut files. Laser-cut slots wrap around both edges of
the rule in a continuous scale. Use the rule for notching
bridge saddles and laying out bridgepin holes too: its
made of flexible stainless steel to conform to flat or
arched surfaces. Instructions included. #3617
#0673 $22.00
Saws for Detail Work #3612
These saws cut on the pull stroke for precision. Perfect
Simply mark the two for nut work, and much more! Alloy steel blades.
outer string positions,
the rule shows the other #3617 Super Fine-cut Saw
string positions! Blade is .0075" thick, 25/16" long edge $36.02
#3612 Curved-edge Mini Saw
at stewmac.com Thanks to luthier Kevin Ryan for creating tool. Blade is .0085" thick, 25/8" long edge $26.15

Orders received by 4pm EST weekdays are shipped the same day Tools for Nut Making + Shaping | 5
ZerO Glide Nuts Easy installation!
your setups! The zero fret approach reduces string contact in the nut by 93%. Strings glide
freely on the polished fret, and return to tune fast and reliably. No cutting or

Nut changing your guitar required, you can switch back to your conventional nut
Slotting if you ever feel like it. Fretboard radius is not an issue: choose the ZerO Glide
that fits your guitar, and the zero fret flexes to conform to your fretboard.
Gauge Available preslotted for most string spacings, and unslotted for any situation.
Quickly and precisely
measure the heights Top String
Length Height Thickness Radius Spread
of the strings over
the first fret, so you #7030-F ZS-7F for Fender 111/16" 13/64" 7/64" 9.5" 13/8"
can file nut slots #7030-G ZS-1 for Gibson 151/64" 15/32" 15/64" 12" 17/16"
more accurately #7030-M ZS-3 for Martin* 149/64" 15/32" 15/64" 16" 123/64"
than ever before. #7030-T ZS-5 for Taylor 151/64" 15/32" 15/64" 16" 113/32"
That means easier, #7030-D ZS-14 for Dreadnought 13/4" 15/32" 15/64" 16" 115/32"
more consistent #7030-000 ZS-15 for 000 Guitar 13/4" 15/32" 15/64" 16" 133/64"
playability that you #7030-13 ZS-CL for Classical 21/8" 7/16" 13/64" Flat 145/64"
at stewmac.com at stewmac.com #7030-MA ZS-10 for Mandolin 117/64" 15/32" 15/64" Flat 61/64"
can custom-tailor
to individual instruments and playing styles. The Top
gauge eliminates guessworkno more eyeballing Unslotted
Length Height Thickness Radius
string heightsand its faster and easier to use than #7030-FB ZB-12F for Fender 111/16" 13/64" 7/64" 9.5"
feeler gauges. Designed by Don MacRostie, it utilizes #7030-GB ZB-2 for Gibson 125/32" 15/32" 15/64" 12"
a swiveling dial indicator with adjustable zero point, #7030-MB ZB-4 for Martin*, Taylor 157/64" 15/32" 15/64" 16"
accurate to .001". The machined brass base fits over #7030-12 ZB-11 for 12-string 2" 15/32" 15/64" 16"
the strings to rest on the fretboard. The gauge *Flat-bottom Martin nuts, not angled-bottom nuts. ea. $30.00
works with most guitars, mandolins and banjos
(see our bass model below). Instructions included.
1. Touch the 2. Press the string
plunger to
onto the fret
Find our ZerO Glide Nut Sizing Guide online. stewmac.com search: a-zeroglide
the string 80 0 and read 80 0
and turn 70 10
the exact 70 10
the dial string
to zero. 60
50 30
20 height. 60
50 30
Tusq XL and Black Tusq XL Nuts from Graph Tech
40 40
Self lubricating As strings move in a highly resonant Tusq XL or Black Tusq XL nut during bends
and tremolo action, microscopic Teflon, more slippery than graphite, lets them return to pitch accu-
rately. Trimming and slotting are required unless noted. #1865, #1884, and #1890 have flat bottoms.
#1866, #1891 have curved bottoms with a center foot that can be filed off for use in a curved slot.
Top String
Tusq XL
Length Height Thickness Radius Spread
#2003 $72.06
#1865 For Fender, unslotted 13/4" 1/4" 1/8" 10"
#1884 For Fender, slotted 13/4" 1/4" 1/8" 71/4" 13/8"
#1866 For Fender, slotted 111/16" 7/32" 1/8" 71/4" 13/8"
Bass Nut Slotting Gauge
#1868 For Gibson, unslotted 129/32" 3/8" 3/16" 12"
The larger brass base is machined
#1869 For Gibson, slotted 13/4" 11/32" 3/16" 16" 17/16"
to fit bass string spacings.
#1873 For Epiphone, slotted 123/32" 11/32" 1/4" 15" 13/8" ea. $11.60
#2006 $72.79
Top String
XL (ivory color) Length Height Thickness Radius Spread
#1890 For Fender, unslotted 13/4" 1/4" 1/8" 10"
String Lifter #1891 For Fender, slotted 111/16" 3/16" 1/8" 71/4" 13/8"
Speeds nut
Slip it under the string slotting jobs #1892 For Gibson, unslotted 129/32" 3/8" 3/16" 12"
in front of the nut, and #1893 For Gibson, slotted 13/4" 3/8" 3/16" 16" 17/16" ea. $12.71
quickly lever the string
up out of the way. Al- Teflon is a registered trademark of DuPont.
lows you to quickly
reseat it to check the
slot depth. No tedious Tusq Nuts and Saddles from Graph Tech
retunings. Fits any
string up to .062". Tusq advanced high-density polymer is designed to transfer string energy more efficiently, for
enhanced harmonics, volume, and sustain. Uniform density makes Tusq saddles ideal for use with
3+ undersaddle pickups. Final trimming required. #1883 has a flat bottom. #4750 has a curved bottom
#4803 $4.99 $4.44 with a center foot that can be filed off for use in a curved slot.
Top String

Length Height Thickness Radius Spread
#4750 For Fender, slotted 111/16" 3/16" 1/8" 71/4" 13/8"
BIG time savers for #1883 For Fender, slotted 13/4" 1/4" 1/8" 71/4" 13/8"
spot fretboard work #1885 For Gibson, slotted 13/4" 11/32" 3/16" 16" 17/16"
#1874 For Epiphone, slotted 13/4" 3/8" 1/4" 14" 13/8" ea. $11.60

Tusq Bridge Saddles for Acoustic Guitar (Measure your saddle slot width before ordering.)
Length Height Thickness Top Radius String compensation
#3559 229/32" 3/8" 3/32" 20"
#3557 31/32" 7/16" 1/8" 14"
#3558 213/16" 13/32" 1/8" 12" B string
Mini String Spreader #1880 27/8" 7/16" 1/8" 10" Fully compensated ea. $11.60
Work under your strings without
removing them. Grooved for TIP
non-slip positioning on a fret.
Made of tough nylon for long life. Nut slot depth tip: The slot for an unwound string should be the same depth as the strings
diameter. A wound strings slot depth should be half the diameter.
#1191 Set of 2 $4.83

6 | Tools, Nuts + Saddles Call our product experts! 800-848-2273 Order online at stewmac.com
14% OFF when you buy any 12+ 26% OFF when you buy any 24+

Bone for Tone! Bone Nuts Blank and Shaped, Unslotted Shaped/
Bone has been traditionally favored for quality instruments. We offer Slotted
bleached-white and harder unbleached vintage-look bone. Final trim- Bone Nuts
ming, filing, sanding, and slotting are needed. and Saddles
Super-hard vintage-look
Bone Bridge Saddles for Acoustic Guitars MIX+SAVE unbleached bone nuts are
StewMac exclusives, researched
Nut Making DVD ea. any 12+ any 24+ by our repair experts from factory
page 100 Blank 41/4" x 15/32" x 3/32" thick #6030 Bleached $5.66 $4.87 $4.19 specs. The starter slots make final filing easy,
#6030-V Unbleached $7.32 $6.30 $5.42 and proportional spacing means thicker strings
Blank 41/4" x 15/32" x 9/64" thick #6031 Bleached $6.48 $5.57 $4.80 wont feel crowded to the player. Minor trimming,
#6031-V Unbleached $8.98 $7.72 $6.65 filing, and sanding are usually all youll need to do.

Blank 4" x 1/2" x 1/4" thick #6032 Bleached $10.76 $9.25 $7.96 Slotted/shaped nuts for Gibson guitars
A 1-13/32" (6012-VS)
Shaped 41/4" x 25/64" x 3/32" thick #6033 Bleached $12.96 $11.15 $9.59 A
1-21/64" (6013-VS)
23/64" (6012-VS)
Martin-style, 20" top radius #6033-V Unbleached $13.43 $11.55 $9.94 B B 21/64" (6013-VS)
C 1-3/4" (6012-VS)
C C 1-45/64" (6013-VS)
Shaped 4" x 25/64" x 1/8" thick #6034 Bleached $13.60 $11.70 $10.06 D 3/16" (all)
Gibson-style, 10" top radius #6034-V Unbleached $13.60 $11.70 $10.06 Radius spread ea. any 12+ any 24+
#6012-VS 12" Standard $16.22 $13.95 $12.00
Bone Nuts for Gibson Guitars (3/16") #6013-VS 12" Narrow $16.22 $13.95 $12.00
END ea. any 12+ any 24+
Blank 23/16" x 7/16" x 3/16" thick #6010 Bleached $5.20 $4.47 $3.85
Slotted/shaped nuts for Fender guitars
#6010-V Unbleached $6.26 $5.38 $4.63
A D A 1-13/32" (all)
B 15/64" (6001-VS, 6004-VS)
Shaped 15/8" x 21/64" x 3/16" thick #6011 Bleached $11.50 $9.89 $8.51 B B 7/32" (6002-VS, 6003-VS)
END with 12" top radius #6011-V Unbleached $12.55 $10.79 $9.29 C
1-45/64" (all)
1/8" (all)
SIDE Top Bottom
Shaped 145/64" x 21/64" x 3/16" thick #6012 Bleached $11.50 $9.89 $8.51 radius radius ea. any 12+ any 24+
with 12" top radius #6012-V Unbleached $12.55 $10.79 $9.29 #6001-VS 71/4" 71/4" $15.73 $13.53 $11.64
#6004-VS 71/4" Flat $15.73 $13.53 $11.64
Bone Nuts for Martin + Classical Guitars (1/4") #6002-VS 10" 10" $15.73 $13.53 $11.64
#6003-VS 10" Flat $15.73 $13.53 $11.64
END ea. any 12+ any 24+
SIDE Blank 23/16" x 7/16" x 1/4" thick #6020 Bleached $5.81 $5.00 $4.30
#6020-V Unbleached $7.09 $6.10 $5.25 Slotted/shaped nuts for Martin guitars
A 1-17/32" (6023-VS)
Shaped 113/16" x 3/8" x 1/4" thick #6022 Bleached $11.76 $10.11 $8.70 A C
A 1-15/32" (6025-VS)
18" top radius; angled bottom #6022-V Unbleached $12.86 $11.06 $9.52 D B 1-13/16" (6023-VS)
B 1-23/32" (6025-VS)
B C 1/4" (all)
SIDE Shaped 113/16" x 21/64" x 1/4" thick #6023 Bleached $11.76 $10.11 $8.70 D 21/64" (all)
18" top radius; flat bottom #6023-V Unbleached $12.86 $11.06 $9.52 Flat
Radius width ea. any 12+ any 24+
#6023-VS 18" 13/4" $16.33 $14.04 $12.08
Bone Nuts for Fender Guitars + Basses (1/8") #6025-VS 18" 111/16" $16.33 $14.04 $12.08
ea. any 12+ any 24+
SIDE Blank 17/8" x 9/32" x 1/8" thick #6000 Bleached $4.01 $3.45 $2.97 A C A 1-17/32" (6022-VS)
#6000-V Unbleached $4.43 $3.81 $3.28 A
1-15/32" (6024-VS)
1-13/16" (6022-VS)
B 1-23/32" (6024-VS)
Shaped 145/64" x 3/16" x 1/8" thick #6001 Bleached bone $10.92 $9.39 $8.08 C 1/4" (all)
71/4" top and bottom radius #6001-V Unbleached $9.95 $8.56 $7.36 D 13/32" (all)

Angled bottom
Shaped 145/64" x 3/16" x 1/8" thick #6002 Bleached $10.92 $9.39 $8.08 +
sides Radius width ea. any 12+ any 24+
10" top and bottom radius #6002-V Unbleached $9.95 $8.56 $7.36 #6022-VS 18" 13/4" $16.33 $14.04 $12.08
#6024-VS 18" 111/16" $16.33 $14.04 $12.08
Bone Nut for Rickenbackers + Square Neck Dobro (3/16")
ea. any 12+ any 24+ Shaped bridge saddles
SIDE Blank 21/8" x 3/4" x 3/16" thick #1526 Bleached bone $11.80 $10.15 $8.73 Compensated for B string.
C A 13/32" (all)
B 4-1/4" (6033-VS)
A B 4" (6034-VS)
C 3/32" (6033-VS)
B C 1/8" (6034-VS)

Micarta Nut + Saddle Blanks Banjo + Mandolin Radius Shape ea. any 12+ any 24+
#6033-VS 20" Martin $16.41 $14.11 $12.14
Aged ivory color, with uniform density Nut Blanks
thats ideal for use with undersaddle pick- #6034-VS 10" Gibson $14.09 $12.12 $10.43
Bone is 23/16" x 7/16" x 3/16"
ups (a bit softer than bone). Shaping and Pearl is 11/4" x 5/16" x 3/16"
slotting required.
ea. any 12+ any 24+ TRADE SECRETS
ea. 12+ 36+ #6010 Bleached bone $5.20 $4.47 $3.85
#0187 Nut 17/8" x 9/32" x 1/8" $3.54 $3.01 $2.48
Does this bone nut fit my guitar?
#6010-V Unbleached bone $6.26 $5.38 $4.63
#0218 Nut 23/16" x 7/16" x 3/16" $4.54 $3.86 $3.18 Repair Expert Erick Coleman shows you the
ea. 12+ 24+
#0210 Nut 23/16" x 7/16" x 1/4" $5.13 $4.36 $3.59 easy way to find the correct replacement nut
#0219 Mother-of-pearl* $10.48 $9.01 $7.76 using our Bone Nut Sizing Guide.
#0211 Saddle 41/8" x 15/32" x 1/8" $4.46 $3.79 $3.12 #0083 Banjo 5th string nut
bone, 1/4" x 1/8" dia. $2.33 $1.98 $1.63 stewmac.com search: ts164
*Pearl cannot be shipped outside USA

Orders received by 4pm EST weekdays are shipped the same day Nuts + Saddles | 7
15% OFF when you buy 3+
Youll save when you order fretwire by the pound! Instrument
makers and repair shops rely on us for the highest quality 18%
nickel-silver fretwire. We supply our fretwire in 2-foot straight lengths. Supplied in clear
Order 6 feet for a complete guitar or bass fret job, and 4 feet for a storage tubes to
mandolin, banjo or ukulele. keep your wire
Our fretwire is sized to fit Width organized and
.023" fret slot width. Note your workbench
that after frets are installed Crown uncluttered.
and leveled, they can lose from
.004" to .010" in height. Tang
Mini bar clamp supports the binding
Medium Fretwire .080" to .095" width
Medium widths are used extensively by Martin, Fender and Gibson, and are the most Cleaning out fret slots on a bound fretboard, I use
popular fretwire sizes. #0148 medium fretwire is our best seller. MIX+ a mini bar clamp to hold the binding on both sides.
This lets me scrape from end to end without bump-
Width .084" ea. any 3+
#0148 For acoustic or electric guitar. Our most ing the binding loose. James Hingston
Crown .039" #0148 2 feet $4.05 $3.44
popular wire for fretting Martin, Fender,
Tang .055" Gibson and other guitars. #0148-LB 1 lb (72 ft) $52.24 $44.40

Width .095" #0141 Medium/high ea. any 3+

For acoustic or electric guitar. This #0141 2 feet $4.87 $4.14
Crown .045" size can often be redressed without
Tang .073" becoming too flat. #0141-LB 1 lb (54 ft) $51.04 $43.38

Medium/higher ea. any 3+

Luthiers Digital Caliper at stewmac.com
Width .092" #0152 Essential shop gauge also measures fret height
Crown .048" For acoustic or electric guitar. Extra #0152 2 feet $4.98 $4.23
Tang .062"
width with extra crown height. A Dan #0152-LB 1 lb (54 ft) $45.15 $38.38 Features a custom jaw notch for measuring fretwire crown height
Erlewine favorite. (the height above the fingerboard). This is a must for comparing
new wire to the original wire. Thanks to a great idea by repairman
Width .080" #0155 Medium/highest ea. any 3+ Frank Ford, weve also added a notch on the
Crown .050" For acoustic or electric guitar. Extra
height for leveling and recrowning #0155 2 feet $4.88 $4.15 depth gauge to measure fret height on the instru-
Tang .048" after installation or refretting. #0155-LB 1 lb (62 ft) $54.99 $46.74 ment. Handy for lots of other jobs in your shop
as well, the caliper gives LCD readouts in inches,
millimeters, or fractions. It measures outside,
Wide Fretwire .100" to .110" width inside and depth dimensions up to 6" (154mm),
Favored for string bending; used on many modern electric guitars and basses. with super-accurate .0005" (.01mm) resolution.
(Late 50s Gibson .098" jumbo fretwire is medium by modern standards.) The stainless steel jaws can be locked at any
position. Storage case included.
#0150 Wide/highest #0447 $48.70
Width .110" ea. any 3+
For electric guitar or bass. Modern #0150 2 feet $5.72 $4.86
Crown .053" jumbo fretwire as used on ESP, Jackson,
Tang .074" Ibanez, Kramer, and similar guitars. #0150-LB 1 lb (46 ft) $49.86 $42.38
Fret Beveling Files
A more consistent way to bevel
Width .100" #0154 Wide/high ea. any 3+
the ends of the frets before
Crown .050" For electric guitar or bass. Extra height #0154 2 feet $5.79 $4.92
for leveling and recrowning after instal- final hand-dressing. Each 11/2"
Tang .060" #0154-LB 1 lb (48 ft) $50.79 $43.17
lation or refretting. x 13/4" low-friction block holds a
removable fine-tooth flat file at
Width .103" #0149 Wide/medium ea. any 3+ the proper angle to smoothly
For electric guitar or bass. Taller than #0149 2 feet $5.25 $4.46 bevel all the fret ends along the
Crown .046" old Gibson jumbo wire; for leveling
Tang .067" new frets and retaining jumbo feel. #0149-LB 1 lb (52 ft) $49.98 $42.48 edge of the fingerboard. Much
easier and safer than a handheld file. The 33/4" model is for shorter
fingerboards, and for spot-filing partial refrets.
Width .106" #0146 Wide/low ea. any 3+
For electric guitar. Much lower height #0146 2 feet $4.44 $3.77
Crown .036" than modern rock frets. Good for par-
35o #3760 33/4" long $55.10
Tang .074" tial fret jobs, to match large worn frets. #0146-LB 1 lb (58 ft) $49.98 $42.48 #3775 71/2" long $74.37

at stewmac.com FRET SAVE! #3759

Width .110" #0158 Wide/pyramid ea. any 3+ Set of both files $129.47
Crown .052" For electric guitar or bass. A little extra #0158 2 ft $5.74 $4.88 FRETBOARD
height, and a unique profile with more
Tang .074" steeply sloped sides. #0158-LB 1 lb (46 ft) $48.09 $40.88

Fret Polishing Wheels

Narrow Fretwire .053" to .080" width Smooth frets with your Dremel or Foredom
Narrow fretwire sizes were used on pre-World War II acoustic guitars, and are used (page 33). Rubberized ceramic wheels
on modern banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, and dulcimers. give your fret jobs that mirror shine and
ultra-smooth feel. Complete set includes
Width .080" #0147 Narrow/medium ea. any 3+ fine and extra fine wheels (5 each) and
Crown .040" Standard modern banjo and dulcimer #0147 2 feet $4.14 $3.52
wire; a bit larger than vintage Martin 1/8"-shank mandrel.
Tang .062" #0147-LB 1 lb (74 ft) $55.08 $46.82
guitar wire or old banjo wire. #5266 Fine wheels, 5 pack $6.83
#5267 Extra-fine wheels, 5 pk $6.83
Width .053" #0764 Narrow/low ea. any 3+ #5268 Mandrel, 1/8"-dia. shank $3.41
Crown .037" Modern standard mandolin fretwire. #0764 2 feet $3.19 $2.71 #5269 Complete set $17.07
Sometimes used to approximate old Works on stainless
Tang .054" #0764-LB 1 lb (90 ft) $57.73 $49.07
style small banjo fretwire. frets too!

8 | Fretwire + Fretting Tools Call our product experts! 800-848-2273 Order online at stewmac.com
Pressing STEWMAC
Pressing frets gives more consistent results than hammering. Pressed-in frets are less likely to have

loose ends and uneven heights, because theres no recoil from hammer blows.

Spring- Lock screw My favorite fretting tool.

loaded lever for clamping Dan Erlewine
Caul wont glued frets
fall and dent
your work

factory! Self-
caul with

with fence
at stewmac.com Quickly fret
new unglued
Fret Arbor Press System at stewmac.com
You can quickly and consistently fret an unglued finger-
board, a bolt-on neck, and most of an acoustic guitar
neck with our cast steel arbor press and self-leveling
steel fretting caul. Four interchangeable 21/2" grooved
brass inserts match standard fretboard radii, and a
6"-radius insert holds down the fret ends for gluing. The
Jaws Our original handheld fret press
Fret an entire bolt-on neck, or most of an acoustic neck, FAST!
adjustable steel pinionprovides firm pressure. Developed by fretting expert Dan Erlewine, for better control of the pres-
sure needed to seat a fret. Self-leveling upper caul and adjusts easily to
Versatile table. The system includes a 243/8" x 3" table any neck. It eliminates clamp setups, so fret jobs go faster. NEW: Now
attachment with fence. Adjustment screws move the Jaws includes 4 unique neck cauls to fit various neck shapes. Complete set
table to precisely align the frets with the arbor caul. includes 5 brass inserts that cover the most common fret radii. More radii
Faster fretting available at stewmac.com.
for production work. #4431 Complete Jaws Set with 5 brass inserts $328.51
The fence has a retract- #4430 Jaws Fret Press $305.16
able index pin for our
Dual Fret Scale Templates
(page 15). Attach a
slotted unglued finger-
Jaws2 Damage-free fretting over acoustic bodies
Dont hammer frets over an unsupported soundboard! Jaws2s special cauls take the
board to a matching
stress off the guitar top, so you can safely press the frets in the slots. Jaws2 was conceived
template with double-
and refined by fretting experts Bryan Galloup and Dan Erlewine. Five interchangeable
stick tape; fret slots au-
grooved brass inserts fit over a variety of fretwire radii. Also included are a contoured
tomatically align under
wooden caul to span the braces inside a Martin-style guitar, a flat caul you can shape to
the arbor.
fit over other bracings, and a felt-lined radiused caul for the back of the neck. Internal
Fret glued-on fingerboards too. magnets hold the cauls on the clamp jawno fumbling.
Contoured 12" x 23/4" x 1" cork-lined wooden #4267 Jaws2 fret press only
neck support is included. Includes three wooden lower cauls $117.51
#4480 Arbor press with table $116.43 SAVE! #4266 Jaws2 + 5 radiused inserts
#4479 Wooden neck support only $12.30 Includes 6", 71/4", 91/2", 12" and 16" radii.
SAVE! #4481 Complete: arbor, table, neck support, Additional radii sold separately below.
and 5 radiused inserts $199.03 $140.86 $135.23
Inserts have 6", 71/4", 91/2", 12" and 16" radii. Extra wooden lower cauls
Additional sizes available separately at lower right. #4268 Flat caul $15.28
#4269 Neck caul $16.04
#4270 Soundhole caul $14.84
Fret Setter
Reset loose fret ends
This 5" brass tool is grooved to
fit over a fret; simply tap it with
a hammer to reseat loose fret
Jaws Deluxe Set Includes both Jaws fret presses! Save $35.68

Plus 6", 71/4", 91/2", 12", and 16" radiused inserts. #4276 Jaws Deluxe Set $446.02 $410.34
ends quickly. No unstringing!
Use it to hand-press a loose
fret end while your super glue Fret Press Caul Set Radiused Inserts
sets too.
Use your drill press! Fits all our fret presses. Brass, 21/2" wide.
Self-leveling; 3/8" shank. Includes 6", 71/4", Radius Radius Radius
91/2", 12" and 16"-radius inserts. #43676" #437010" #437316"
SAVE! #4365 Caul Set $70.30 #436871/4" #437112" #437420"
#1662 For jumbo fretwire ea. $59.75 #436991/2" #437214" #4375Flat
#1665 For medium fretwire $25.06 #4366 Caul only $46.95 ea. $4.67

Orders received by 4pm EST weekdays are shipped the same day Fretting Tools | 9
Crowning Dressing LEVELING TOOLS

Fret levelers give the frets uniform height. The process slightly flattens the tops
of the frets, to prepare them for dressing tools that restore roundness.

Radius-sanding Beam
You can create a constant radius on an unfretted
fingerboard, or level installed frets with this unique
professional tool. The 23/4" wide x 18" extruded alu-
minum block is comfortable to hold, and its stiffness and
precisely machined radius assure accuracy thats not possible
with a wooden block of the same length. We designed this Attach
tool for a lifetime of use in the busy shop. Attach 220/320-grit Stikit abrasive
Stikit abrasives (page 43) for fret leveling, and 80/120-grit
Attach for shaping the fingerboard. Makes a great clamping caul for at stewmac.com
Stikit abrasive glue-in fret jobs too!
#5640 71/4" radius #5644 14" radius
18" length Fast, consistent fret #5641 91/2" radius #5645 16" radius
gets the job #5642 10" radius #5646 20" radius
done fast
leveling and fingerboard
radiusing #5643 12" radius ea. $149.99

Radius-sanding Blocks Use 3M Stikit with levelers, blocks, and beams.

Radius fingerboards and level frets Sized for our radius-sanding tools, see page 43
Radius a fretboard quickly, accurately, and without
guesswork. We make these popular 23/4"wide hardwood
sanding blocks for use with 220 through 400-grit Stikit
abrasives as fret levelers, and with 80 through 220-grit
for shaping fingerboards. You can create compound Fret and Fingerboard Levelers
radii by simply changing blocks as you progress along Precision-ground for flatness
the unfretted board. The 4" blocks are for spot level Fast, accurate leveling tools for professional
ing, and are also handy as clamping cauls for gluing shops. Each heavyweight rectangular 1" x
press-fit frets. 2" steel tube is precisely ground for flatness
4" blocks 8" blocks on the narrow sides. Attach 220/320-grit Attach
#0410 71/4" radius #0415 71/4" radius Stikit abrasive (page 43) to quickly Stikit abrasive
#0404 91/2" radius #0405 91/2" radius level the frets, or use 80 or 120-grit to level
an unfretted fingerboard. The tools #4577 8" $41.88
#0411 10" radius #0416 10" radius #4578 16" $54.44
#0414 11" radius #0406 11" radius edges are smooth to prevent gouging.
at stewmac.com #4579 24" $85.45
#0412 12" radius #0417 12" radius
NEW #0426 13" radius NEW #0437 13" radius
#0407 14" radius #0419 14" radius
#0408 15" radius #0420 15" radius
#0413 16" radius #0418 16" radius Fret and Fingerboard Leveling Files
#0409 17" radius #0421 17" radius Our fret leveling files have single-cut
NEW #0427 18" radius NEW #0438 18" radius no-chatter teeth that do the job quickly
NEW #0428 19" radius NEW #0439 19" radius and smoothly. Theyre great for bevel-
#0402 20" radius #0403 20" radius ing the fret ends too. The fingerboard
ea. $11.99 ea. $19.34 leveler is a double-cut file for ebony,
rosewood, and pearl inlays. Each file is
SAVE! Essential Set of 5 When you buy this set of 1" wide with a comfortable hardwood
our most popular radii: 71/4", 91/2", 10", 12", 16". handle. The 6" length is for general use, #0861 Fret leveler, 3" $39.31
#0431 4" set of 5 $59.95 $47.96 and the 3" length is for spot leveling. #0862 Fret leveler, 6" $43.41
#0430 8" set of 5 $96.70 $77.36 #0864 Fingerboard leveler, 6" $43.41
Get a handle on fret work!
SAVE! #0860 Set of 3 Leveling Files $126.13

Snapfile Leveling System

Unique 4-in-1 tool with magnets for fast file swaps
Our all-purpose fret/fingerboard leveler features interchangeable files:
one tool does the work of four. We gave the handle a hefty weight, to work
more efficiently with less chatter. Made of anodized aluminum for lifetime
durability, its shaped to fit either hand. Strong magnets are embedded in
the recessed bottom: files snap in and snap out, fast and easy. Saves space
in your tool drawer.
Diamond Fret Levelers
Each of these steel sharpening blocks has an industrial 300-grit diamond-coated
diamond-coated side that will put razor edges on your file levels frets smoothly
#2251 Magnetic handle only $47.04 in both directions.
chisels and knives. And best of all, theyre great for level-
#2252 Diamond leveling file $55.44 Standard fret leveling file
ing frets. The cutting surfaces are finer than our other
#2253 Standard leveling file $32.76 features chatter-free
diamond-coated fretting tools. Theyll remain flat and
#2254 Razor leveling file $43.21 single-cut teeth.
wont chip or crack. Each leveler is 6" x 2" x 1/4".
#2255 Fret end beveling file $32.76 Super-sharp chemically-
#5256 Extra-fine (1200 grit)
SAVE! #2256 Complete Set $211.21 machined razor file levels
#5257 Fine (600 grit) ea.
fingerboards and inlays.
#5258 Coarse (325 grit) $44.72 $187.98
Fret end beveling file with
SAVE! #5259 All 3 Fret Leveler grits $134.16 90-degree teeth resists
$128.79 at stewmac.com sliding off the fretboard.

10 | Fretting Tools Call our product experts! 800-848-2273 Order online at stewmac.com
Pressing FRET Leveling
Crowning Dressing

Fret dressing files are traditional tools for rounding the fret tops after leveling. It takes
practice to master the technique. They can also be used to round the fret ends.

Fret End Dressing File For rounding, shaping, and deburring

This file dresses the ends of the frets after theyve been installed, trimmed flush, and
beveled. One thin edge is ground safe to help protect the fretboard, and the other is Not sure how to start or
rounded. The cutting surfaces smooth the bevel on the end of the fret, and the corners
nip the burrs. The .062" x .125" x 6" file has 3" cutting surfaces.
which tools to choose?
#1175 $14.11
at stewmac.com

3-Corner Fret Dressing Files Smooth corners protect the fretboard

Specially made for traditional fret crowning, and great for shaping the fret ends too. The
tapered cutting surfaces are 3" x 1/8" on the small fine-cut file, and 5" x 1/4" on the medium-
cut. Our large file has a versatile flattened triangular shape, with 45/8" x 1/2" and two 45/8" x
5/16" cutting surfaces. All files have comfortable rubber-coated handles.

at stewmac.com

#1601 Small, 73/8" $25.07

#1602 Medium, 8"
#1603 Large, 9"
SAVE! #1600 Set of 3 $92.30
The tools youll need for installing,
leveling, crowning, and inspecting frets.
Fret Dressing Stick with Micro-Mesh Belts Sanding Belts Assembled by our experts!
Interchangeable sanding belts make this 63/8" x 1/4" tool versatile for Packs of 5 #0619 Fret Cutter (page 13)
dressing frets. The belt rotates for a fresh sanding surface. Great for #1940 120-grit #1296 Deadblow Fretting Hammer (page 13)
spot-sanding drip marks in finishes too. #1941 240-grit #0862 6" Fret Leveler (page 10)
#1938 Fret Dressing Stick only, no belts included $3.99 #1942 320-grit #4491 Double-edge Fret File (page 12)
#1943 400-grit #1175 Fret End Dressing File
#1939 Fret Dressing Stick + 14 belts (2 of each grit) $36.78
#1944 600-grit #1939 Fret Dressing Stick + 14 Belts
#1945 800-grit #3770 Fret Rocker (page 16)
#1946 1200-grit #1550 Fret Work book (page 99)
5 pack $8.70

Set includes the

definitive fretting book
Fret Erasers An easy way to make frets shine to guide you. Its full of
Flexible rubber blocks embedded with abrasive grits. Incredibly handyuse them in great techniques, tips,
sequence as a final step on freshly-crowned frets, to erase fine file marks and scratches. tools, and tricks!
The grits are color-coded for convenience. Frets gleam and play buttery-smooth. Each
long-lasting Fret Eraser measures 21/2" x 3/4" x 3/8".
I used to wrap sandpapers around rubber blocks, but that got a little clumsy. Fret at stewmac.com
Erasers are simpler and faster. No more sandy grit or sharp steel wool particles.
Erick Coleman, repairman + StewMac tech advisor
Save $38.95! #3125 Complete set $259.69
#0475 220-grit (white) #0469 2000-grit (green) $220.74
#0477 400-grit (dark blue) #0470 4000-grit (gray)
#0467 800-grit (blue) #0471 8000-grit (yellow)
#0468 1200-grit (red) ea. $7.13
Learn fretwork from a pro
SAVE! #0472 Set of 7 Fret Erasers $12.22 $45.92 Dan Erlewine DVDs
Fret Basics
Dressing and refretting using
Concave Fret End Files A B C basic tools.
#5611 $52.45
Extra-versatile files for fret end shaping
Use these special tools after your frets are installed, trimmed
flush to the sides of the neck, and the ends beveled with a
Advanced Fretting Vol. 1 Dan is the
flat file. They go an extra step beyond our Fret End Dress- In-depth acoustic and electric worlds best known
ing File (above), adding a single-cut toothed concave filing refretting techniques. guitar repair expert.
Concave #5612 $52.45 More Dan Erlewine
surface. This makes smoothing the fret ends and blending filing surface DVDs on page 100.
them into the crown of the fret more efficienta great fix
for fret ends that protrude in dry weather too. 77/8" long;
Advanced Fretting Vol. 2
A Safe surface: flat and untoothed, to protect Tips and techniques from expert
23/4" cutting length; comfortable rubber-coated handles. the fingerboard when the side files are in use. luthiers. #5613 $52.45
B Toothed sides: single-cut teeth file away metal
burrs and smooth the bevel on the fret ends.
#1704 For medium frets (.080")
C Safe corners: smooth corners help protect the SAVE! #5614 All 3 DVDs $157.34
#1705 For wide frets (.120") ea. $49.85
fingerboard and the upper edges of bound $157.34
SAVE! #1706 Set of both files $99.70 $92.72 necks.

Orders received by 4pm EST weekdays are shipped the same day Fretting Tools | 11
Leveling Crowning FRETDressing

Fret crowning files remove the flat spots left after leveling, and restore the rounded
contours. Popular modern diamond-coated files allow smooth 2-way cutting.

Crowning files that wont mess up carefully-leveled frets.

at stewmac.com

Original Safe Edge Centered

Z-File Z-File Z-File

300-grit Smooth 300-grit
Its easy to accidentally scrape the top of a fret, diamond safe edges diamond
creating a low spot that can cause string buzz. abrasive next to abrasive
on offset 300-grit on center
Z-Files dont have this problem because they angles. diamond groove
dont touch the top of the fret. abrasive. edges.
Erick Coleman, StewMac Tech Advisor
Two cutting edges speed the Offset shape like the Original, A symmetrical, centered
Z-Files restore the rounded shape, reducing the work, shaping both sides of but with a smooth, non- V-groove cuts with diamonds
flat tops to the thinnest possible width without the fret at once. Work with cutting safe edge to ride on at the same angle on both
touching the height established by leveling. one side of the file, then flip it the fret, guiding your strokes sides of the fret at once, with-
to use the other side. as you cut one side of the fret. out ever touching the top.
SAVE! Set of 3 Z-Files
#5083 $283.20 $266.21 Original Z-File Safe Edge Z-File Centered Edge Z-File
#5082 $94.40 #5081 $94.40 #5080 $94.40

Versatile, Offset Diamond Fret Files

nochatter Dual edges and better clearance
filesfor These popular dual-edge steel fret files have a unique offset
crowning shape, for more comfortable fret dressing and improved
clearance for working on the upper frets over a guitar body.
Both full-length concave filing grooves (one for narrow and medium fretwire, one
for medium and wide wire) are coated withmicro industrial-diamondparticles. They
round the fretwire more smoothly, in the forward or backward stroke, allowing better
control than toothed fret files. 81/2" x 1" x 5/32".
#5053 150-grit file ea.
#5054 300-grit file $123.22
Dual-grit Diamond Fret Files
SAVE! #5059 Both files $246.44
Our unique dual-grit diamond files feature 150
and 300-grit industrial diamond-coated concave
cutting surfaces for recrowning frets. Its easy
to switch grits: unsnap the file from the handle,
turn the file around, and snap it in again. The Double-edge Fret Files For shaping any size fretwire
bent shape gives extra clearance over the guitar body Used in busy repair shops worldwide. Each file has two different 4" concave cutting
forshaping the higher frets. Diamond-coated cutting edges. Available with toothed edges or edges electro-coated with micro industrial
surfaces work on the forward and backward stroke diamonds. Diamond edges are super-tough and round the frets more smoothly,
without chattering, to give you better control for for cleaner filing without chattermarks. Each file is 73/8" x 5/8" with a comfortable
smoothly rounding the tops of the frets. The shape rubber-coated handle.
of the handle and 51/2" overall length make the tool
comfortable to hold.

Each model is dual-grit: Reverse the file in the

handle to switch from 150 to 300-grit surfaces
Cross-sections Toothed edge files Diamond edge files, 300 grit
#4454 Narrow
#4490 For narrow + medium frets #5075 For narrow + medium frets
#4455 Medium
#4491 For wide + jumbo frets #5076 For wide + jumbo frets
#4456 Wide
ea. $42.40 ea. $93.19
For narrow, medium or wide frets ea. $75.99
#5052 Set of both $186.38 $175.20

Quarter-round Fret File

3 interchangeable Shapes frets from the sides

concave burrs Each edge has a quarter-round concave filing surface. It
shapes the frets from the sides, and rounds the fret ends.
Three-in-one Fret File Smooth corners and faces help prevent fretboard marring.
Fingerboard Guards
A versatile file featuring three interchangeable concave The filing surfaces are 41/2" long and extend approx. 080" Stainless steel guards to protect
burrs for recrowning frets. The steel shank is angled for above the fretboard. The file is 3/8" wide, with a turned your fingerboard during fret fil-
efficiency and for clearance over a guitar body. Useful hardwood handle and brass ferrule. ing or polishing. Rubber bands to
for narrow, medium, and wide fret widths. Replacement #4089 $52.18 secure the guards included.
burrs available at stewmac.com. #3744 Set of 6 for guitar $11.86
Tap-Ease Lubricant
#0685 File with 3 burrs $53.48 #3745 Set of 4 for bass $14.65
Extend the life of your files! Page 36

12 | Fretting Tools Call our product experts! 800-848-2273 Order online at stewmac.com

Extremely well made, heavy
duty, and a pleasure to use.
D. Rogers, Jackson WY
Interchangeable anvils StewMac
(included) allow the tools + ideas for guitarmaking
nippers to accomo-
date narrow , medium at stewmac.com
and wide fret wire.
The best tool for trimming fretwire ends
Our custom-made steel cutter has features just for
StewMac Fret Tang Nipper luthiers that you wont find on hardware store nippers.
Improved design: one tool fits all fret sizes! The 1"-wide jaws are specially hardened for fret work,
A repair shop favorite, Bill Collings (of Collings and are profiled and flush-ground to cut the wire close
Guitars) inspired this clever tool for undercutting to the fretboard. They cut cleanly without pulling the
fretwire to fit over neck bindings. Simply insert wire, so less filing will be needed. Longer rubber-coated
the fretwire to the desired depth in the guide handles allow better access to the frets over a guitar
notch, squeeze the handle, and the wire is quickly body too. 8" length. #0619 $30.43
and cleanly undercutno bending or crimping.
Comes with three quick-change anvil plates for
Small, Medium and Large fretwire. This handles TIP
the entire range of fret sizes from 0.053" to 0.120". Using stainless steel fretwire? Weve found
Hardened-steel cuts clean and stays sharp. Rubber all of our fretting tools can be used with
coated handles for a comfortable, non-slip grip. Tool stainless steel fretwire without premature
measures 73/4" long. wear, with the exception of our Fret Tang
#1645 $49.99

Fret Crimper
at stewmac.com
These unique pliers are
based on a technique
developed by repairman
Frank Ford. Hardened
steel jaws press slight
scallops into a fret tang
to fit an oversize slot.
Simply vary the pressure
Fret Bending Pliers Deadblow Fretting Hammer as needed. The tool is
Weve ground a fret tang slot into these special pliers, We fitted this durable hammer with a machined brass 7"long, with 13/32"-wide
to firmly grip a fret for old school bending. The smooth convex face just for fretting. The shock-absorbing shot- jaws and rubber-coated Crimps
3/8"-wide jaws wont mar the wire. FretBender users filled head doesnt bounce like a regular hammer. It handles. the tang to
find this tool handy for adding an extra overbend to transfers more energy directly to the fret to seat it more fit oversize fret slots
occasional stubborn fret ends, and for straightening a firmly, with fewer blows and less springback. 91/2" length;
twisted fret tang. 7" overall length, with rubber-covered 13/16" striking surface. Steel-reinforced handle.
handles. #4900 Fret Crimper $83.93
#1696 $46.70 #1296 $27.03

Fret Barber
Dan Erlewine designed this
ingenious tool for removing at stewmac.com
fret tang barbs, controlling
fret compression, and reliev-
ing neck backbow. Pull the
tang between the adjustable
file jaws as needed for the
desired fit. Instructions and
gauged shims are included.
at stewmac.com

FretBender Fretting Hammer at stewmac.com

Eliminates tedious hand-bending of fretwire for radiused Our dual-face hammer is widely used in repair shops.
fretboards. Insert your inverted wire, turn the crank, and The well-balanced head has two replaceable 7/8" striking
the wire emerges with a constant curvature. Smoothly surfaces: a low-dent plastic flat face, and a brass convex Trims fret barbs #4363 Fret Barber $78.70
radiused frets make your work faster, more accurate, face radiused for fretwork. 91/2" hardwood handle.
and more consistent. The sturdy aluminum column can #4895 $26.03
be bolted to your workbench, and the groove in the Fret Tang Resizing Tool Set
smooth-turning steel guide roller accepts large or small Buy the Fret Crimper and Fret Barber together
fretwire tangs. Your wire advances on two precision Replacement
Hammer Faces and save $13.01!
ball-bearingrollers, with easy adjustment for any radius. SAVE! #4901 $162.63
#4896 Plastic $2.36 $149.62
#0350 $131.20 #4897 Brass $10.75

Orders received by 4pm EST weekdays are shipped the same day Fretting Tools | 13

Fretwork without guesswork

Fret Scale Rules

Determine fret spacings and layout
fretboards accurately
12 popular scales on 3 rules
Accurate rules made of durable stainless steel.
Precisely etched, easy-to-read markings on
Order the Neck Jig both sides.
with our ShopStand
and Angle Vise as #0800 For Gibson guitars
shown here and 24.562" Gibson (249/16"), 24.625" Gibson (245/8"),
SAVE. See page 20. 24.750" Gibson (243/4"), 25.300" Gibson long
Gibson has historically referred to all three shorter
at stewmac.com scales as 243/4". For more info, see: stewmac.com/

#0801 For Fender/PRS/classical

The revolutionary string tension simulator is more 25.5" Fender, 25" PRS/Dobro/National,
versatile than ever! 650mm classical, 660mm classical

Rigid aluminum. Weve refined and improved the Erlewine #0802 For Martin/mandolin/banjo
Neck Jig! Aluminum beam construction assures stability and 24.90" Martin short, 25.34" Martin long,
reduces flex, so measurements of neck deflection are even 137/8" mandolin, 263/16" banjo
more precise. Martin long scale is commonly referred to
as 25.4" but measures 25.34".
Adjusts for any fretted instrument. All components ea. $31.45
now feature adjustable positioning. You can jig guitars, basses,
banjos, mandolins and more. Asymmetrical bodies too. SAVE! #0806 Set of 3 rules $94.35
The Erlewine Neck Jig includes: $74.73
A revolution in fretwork. Dan Erlewine developed the
Neck Jig from a breakthrough idea: simulate string tension Band clamps to secure the instrument
when the strings are removed. Fret and fingerboard work per- Dial indicators to measure neck position
formed within playing parameters produces the most accurate Height-adjustable jig rods
results. The Jig has become a valuable asset in pro repair shops. Swivel-top instrument levelers Labor saver!
Its dial indicators, peghead tensioner and peghead jack help Peghead tensioner and jack
you reproduce normal string tension precisely. Mount the Jig Wooden body support slats Fret Slotting
on our ShopStand and Angle Vise, and you can even tilt it to Eyebolt for wall storage Table Saw Blade
compensate for the effects of gravity in the playing position! Instructions #5399 $486.68
Slot fretboards quickly, cleanly and precisely, right on
your own table saw. 6"-diameter 100-tooth high-speed
Fewer chips, steel blade we use here in our shops. The outer edge of
the .060" blade is specially hollow-ground to cut .023"-
cleaner refrets,
wide slots for our fretwire.
less work. #1557 $111.25

Be sure your fretwire will fit!

Fret Slot Depth Gauge at stewmac.com
Dan Erlewine developed this handy gauge to quickly
compare the wire to the slot. Hold the flat edge against
StewMac Fret Buck the fret tang, note the height of the tang against the
Shock absorber for over-the-body fretting reference lines, fit the appropriate curved edge into the
A StewMac exclusive! The Fret Buck was originally slot, and compare the lines again. The edges work with
developed by Taylor Guitars, as a shock absorber for Fret Puller and Chip Stoppers all popular radiused and flat fretboards.
hammering frets over the body of an acoustic guitar. #5435 $5.20
Specially designed to minimize chip-out when pulling
Made of sturdy cast iron, it rests over the guitars frets. The Fret Puller lifts the fret tang while the Chip
shoulders on finish-friendly cork linings. An adjustable Stopper protects the wood. The .010" and .020" Chip
clamp reaches through the soundhole to provide firm Stopper thicknesses work for a variety of fret sizes; if
Teflon Fret Dam
support beneath the fingerboard, eliminating the need a second pass is needed, simply stack another Chip 6" square sheet of non-stick Tef-
to widen the slots and glue in the frets. The Fret Buck is Stopper on top. lon. Trim a piece to fit into a fret
more affordable than ever, and a valuable addition to slot, forming a barrier to help
your shop! We also added a sliding cork-lined foot to #1637 Fret Puller $27.77 keep your epoxy or super glue
the adjustable clamp, so the Fret Buck now works for a #1158 Chip Stoppers, set of 2 $10.64 out of the slot.
ea. 3+
wider range of guitars and bracings. #0487 $5.23 $4.45
#1654 Fret Puller + Chip Stoppers Set $38.41
#0600 $146.90 $32.65 Teflon is a registered trademark of DuPont.

14 | Fretting Tools Call our product experts! 800-848-2273 Order online at stewmac.com

tools + ideas for guitarmaking

Adjustable Fret Slotting Saw
Adjustable cutting depth
Pull-cut teeth for smooth sawing
Our fret saw features a clear
acrylic depth stop that slides
up or down to precisely set any
fret slot depth (its removable Shown with StewMac
for cutting off the ends of fin- Fret Scale Template,
gerboard blanks). This saw has sold separately
You wont believe how
a brass spine and a traditional smoothly this system works.
turned wooden handle with ferrule. The high quality Don MacRostie, StewMac R&D
corrosion-resistant 10" Sheffield steel blade has .023" at stewmac.com
cutting width, to match our fretwire. It cuts on the pull
stroke to reduce blade flex in harder fingerboards, for The simplest way StewMac Fret Scale Templates
smoother cutting and less jamming than a standard to cut perfect fret slots
Smooth and efficienta great fret
Accurate fret
backsaw. 13/4" blade depth.
slotting solution for small shops. Weve added
slots without
#5745 Adjustable saw $52.24 guesswork
ball-bearing guides to make sawing impressively
#5744 Non-adjustable model $44.08
fast and easy, with no binding or jamming. Quickly
slot any fingerboard up to 27/8" wide, with adjust-
able depth of cut for any fretwire. The guides hold Durable
the saw perpendicular to the board, and can be stainless steel
adjusted to match your saw blade precisely. You
always have a clear view of your work too. Made of Use with our Fret Slotting Miter Box or your
sturdy aluminum, the tool has convenient mount- table saw. Each .075" stainless steel template has
ing holes for firm attachment to your workbench. notches for two different fret scales, and an index
Helping-hand thumbwheels hold the finger- pin for your table saw fence (a pin is preinstalled
board, leaving your hands free for sawing. in our miter box). Attach a template to the back
of the fingerboard, and saw the slots with the
Saw precise fret scales template side up.
without measuring
Japanese Fret Saw #4914 Gibson 24.625" and 24.75"*
Our most efficient handsaw for fret slots An indexing pin in the
side of the miter box #4917 Gibson 24.563" and 25.3"*
The craftsmanship and efficiency of traditional Japanese #4915 Martin 24.9" and 25.34"**
woodworking saws are legendary. Heres a handmade is for use with our Fret
Scale Templates (right). #4916 Fender 25.5" (with fretboard cut-off
example for cutting fret slots. Its our smoothest hand- and nut positions) and Paul Reed Smith/
saw for fretwork, and it cuts fast. The .023" kerf matches They enable fast, easy
and accurate fret slot- Dobro/Danelectro 25"
our fretwire. Extremely sharp pull-stroke teeth greatly #4918 Bass 34" and 35"
reduce blade flex and jamming. The adjustable clear ting for common scales.
No guesswork.Theyre #4911 Baritone guitar 28.5" and 30.2"
acrylic depth stop slides up and down for precise control Your blade glides between
tremendous time-savers. adjustable ball-bearing guides. #4912 Bass 30" and 30.5"
of the fret slot depth, and is removable for cutting off No binding and no jamming. #4919 Classical guitar 650mm and 660mm
the ends of a fingerboard blank. Smooth as glass. #4920 Banjo 263/16" and mandolin 137/8"
Overall length: 193/4" Traditional bamboo handle #4909 Uke: 15" concert and 133/4" soprano
Cutting length: 93/4" Rigid nickel-plated steel spine #2230 Fret Slotting Miter box only $196.13 #4910 Uke: 173/32" tenor and 201/8" baritone
Blade depth: 13/4" *Gibson has historically referred to all three shorter
SAVE! #2231 Miter Box + Fret Slotting Saw (left)
#5756 Adjustable model $51.62 $240.21 $228.20 scales as 243/4". Details at stewmac.com/fretscales
#5755 Non-adjustable model $43.46 **Martin Dreadnought scale is commonly
SAVE! #2232 Miter Box + Japanese Fret Saw (left) referred to as 25.4" but measures 25.34".
$239.59 $227.61 ea. $42.89

Clean or deepen
old fret slots

Fret Slot Cleaning Tool

A superior tool for scraping away
wood chips and old glue from fret
slots, for better fret seating. 51/2"
at stewmac.com long, with a comfortable handle
Refret Saws and metal collet. The replaceable
Designed by Dan Erlewine, each of these wooden- hooked .019"-thin square-edged chisel easily gets into
handled saws has two 3/8" blades. One cuts on the pull the corners of the slots on bound fretboards.
stroke, the other is push-cut. Use them in order of thick- #4870 With 2 chisels $16.28
ness to loosen packed wood dust and old glue for better
Japanese Fret Slot Cleaning Saw fret seating, or to deepen shallow slots. Theyre better for
at stewmac.com #4871 Replacement chisel $0.99
High quality .020" alloy steel blades get into fret slots these jobs than a fret saw, which wont work on a bound
to loosen old glue and wood chips. The convenient fretboard and can widen the slots on a radiused board.
angle lets you work right up to the edge of fretboard Fret Slot Cleaning Tool Set
bindings. 51/8" traditional bamboo handle; time-saving #3604 .015" blade thickness Fret Slot Cleaning Tool + the .020" Refret Saw.
9/16" pull-cut and 1/2" push-cut edges. #3602 .020" blade thickness
#3615 $33.55 #3605 .025" blade thickness ea. $19.37

SAVE! #3611 Set of 3 Refret Saws $58.11 SAVE! #3603 $35.65

$48.81 $31.73

Orders received by 4pm EST weekdays are shipped the same day Fretting Tools | 15
String Action

A guitar tech favorite!
This gauge measures:
String height
Nut height
Saddle height
Saddle slot depth
Fret slot depth on
unbound fretboards
at stewmac.com Polepiece height

String Action Gauge This gauge measures in ways that regular rulers cant. Dan Erlewine
Dan Erlewine and Don MacRostie designed this unique pocket-size gauge for quick, precise
setup measurements. Made of durable etched stainless steel, it features a progressive string at stewmac.com
height scale: just slide it across the frets and read the measurement under the string. Its faster
to use than any ruler, and stays parallel to the fingerboard. Much easier than trying to hold #0670 Inches
Precision #0670-M Metric
Straightedge a ruler perpendicular to a rounded fret. The back of the gauge displays a handy time-saving
Understring fractional/decimal/metric conversion chart. ea. $19.90
Radius Gauges

Notched Straightedge at stewmac.com

SAVE! Don MacRostie developed these special straightedges for evaluating
BASIC SETUP KIT the flatness of problem fretboards. They let you read the fretboard
instead of the fretsimportant when the frets are uneven. Each
Make any guitar play better! stainless steel .118" x 11/2" tool is satin-finished for easy marking with
Were often asked to recommend must-have a pencil, and is designed for accuracy to .0015" per foot.
tools for setting up guitars. So weve made it easy:
the Basic Setup Kit features our most popular set-
For guitars For basses
up tools. Free instructions from our veteran guitar One edge works for Gibson long #3813 Fits 34" (Fender) and
technicians are included to help you get your in- scale, plus Fender and Martin fret- 35" scale basses. 225/8" long.
strument playing its best. Youll save money too. boards. The other edge fits Gibsons #3812 Fits 30 to 301/2" scale
These are the same accurate, high quality rugged 243/4" scale, plus 25" Paul Reed Smith basses, and 28" to 30.2" scale
and Dobro scale. 161/2" long. baritone guitars. 19" long. Reads the fretboard
steel setup tools that professional repair shops de-
instead of the frets
pend on. #3814 $90.11 ea. $92.65

String Action Gauge

The fastest way to check the height of strings, nuts,
saddles and pickup polepieces (more details at right).
18" Precision Straightedge
Use it to check neck relief and to evaluate truss
rod adjustments (read more at right). Fanatically
Understring Radius Gauges
Great for matching bridge saddle heights to
fretboard curvature, for easy playability. Set of 9
(details on page 17).
#3910 Complete Set An absolute necessity. It is dead accurate
#3910-M Complete Set, metric and well-made! D. Mullin, Woodstock CT
ea. $109.64 $105.25
Stewmac Precision Straightedges
Feature a narrow beveled edge that allowseasy and accurate viewing of the gap between the
edge and the surface being evaluated. Made of durable stainless steel, with a satin finish for #384912" $42.92
Fret Rocker Pinpoints easy marking with a pencil, each straightedge is precision-machined for accuracy to .0015" per #385018" $58.76
4-in-1 mini high frets foot. Four versatile lengths work for any fretted instrument. These are also ideal for laying out #379924" $75.64
straightedge projects on wood or paper, and for setting up table saws, jointers and other shop equipment. #380036" $132.12
Our Fret Rocker
pinpoints a high
fret thats caus-
ing string buzz,
Satin chrome steel with sharp black etchings that read well even in poor light. Accepts pencil marks
and checks the
nicely too. Extra time-saving features for luthiers make these essential tools even handier.
final height after
youve redressed
StewMac Luthiers Square StewMac Shop Rule

or replaced the

Square up parts, lay out string spreads, Includes a centering rule to


fret. Four differ-

and accurately set up tools. 1/32"-increments quickly find the center of a neck

ent straight edges


at stewmac.com
span three frets and rock to on one side, millimeters on the other. The or bridge saddle, and vertical

indicate uneven heights. Its a valuable diagnostic tool, notched inside corner fits against corners end scales for measuring saddle

before and after partial refretting and recrowning jobs. snugly, with no wobble. Lies flush on heights and pickup polepieces.

Machined for accuracy to .0015" per foot, the 4", 3", 2" guitar tops. Small vertical rulers are useful

for measuring the height of saddles, nuts,

4 20 12 4 28 20 12 4 28 20 12 4 4
1 28 24 20 16 12328NDS4 0 4
2 28 24 20 16 12 4 12 20

and 15/16" edges are versatile for any fretted instrument.

8 16 8 2 24 16 8 1 24 16 8 8 8 16 8

12 12

1 2 3 4 5
and pickups.
16 16 THS 16

Made of heat-treated stainless steel for durability and


scratch resistance. #4958


#3770 $27.75 1 #4905 Inches


$21.47 0.5 at stewmac.com #4905-M Metric ea. $19.16


16 | Fretting & Setup Tools Call our product experts! 800-848-2273 Order online at stewmac.com
Ready for business!


Our 3 most popular tool sets, combined! Fret Work book and Luthiers Essential Nut
Weve combined our three most popular guitar Digital Caliper included! Making Tool Set
setup and repair tool sets, and included our Fret (details on page 4)
Work book and luthiers digital caliper. These are
the same pro tools we supply to lutherie schools.
Theyre designed by luthiers and used everyday in SAVE
shops that depend on durable, innovative tools for $100.43
a livelihood. Good tools that quickly pay for them-
selves and help you grow your business.

#4942 Complete set

at stewmac.com
#4942-M Complete set, metric Without a doubt, the best. Essential Fretting Tool Set Basic Setup Kit
ea. $669.55 $569.12 L. Martin, Syracuse NY (details on page 11) (details on page 16)

Radius Gauges
Accurately radiused arc on the top and
at stewmac.com
bottom surfaces, fits easily under the
strings. Use the bottom curvature to
determine your fretboard radius, and
the matching top curvature as a guide
Slim for setting bridge saddle heights. Handy
for matching pickup polepiece heights
to the arc of the strings too. Precision
laser-cut from .050" stainless steel, the Screw Removal Pliers
set of nine includes 71/4", 91/2", 10", 12", 14", Stripped screw head? No problem!
15", 16", 17", and 20" radii. The standard Specially designed pliers to grip and remove screws
set works for guitar/bass string spreads with stripped or damaged heads. Comfortably grips
Find your fretboard radius up to 25/8" wide. Standard Set Extra-wide screw heads up to 1/2" in diameter. High quality ma-
and set your saddles to match Extra-wide Set Covers string spreads Each set includes 9 gauges. chined tool steel with comfortable molded handles
and smooth action.
up to 33/4"enough for 4-string, 5-string, #1644 $29.95
and many 6-string basses. Theyll also #0353 Standard Set $30.98
at stewmac.com handle 7-string, and 8-string guitars. #0359 Extra-wide Set $43.00

Extractor and plug

Radius Gauges cutter for damaged
Fretboard profiling Bridge setups Polepiece heights screws
A must-have for determining a fingerboards radius, maintaining
its profile for fret work, and for shaping a compound-radius fret
board. Theyre also handy for shaping an acoustic guitar bridge
saddle, and for adjusting electric guitar bridge saddle heights to
match the curvature of the fretboard. A set of two, with precision
laser-cut 71/4", 91/2", 10", 12", 14", 15", 16" and 20" radii, our radius
gauges have become standard measuring devices in pro repair Screw Rescue Kit
8 standard radii, shops. Theyll work for fingerboards up to 31/4" wide. Each is made At last, a solution sized specifically for stripped or broken
durable stainless steel of durable .015" matte-finished stainless steel, to give you a good screws encountered in guitar repair work. Our tubular
A necessity for fret work or setup work. view of the fingerboard against the gauge for an accurate reading. screw extractor works with your drill: hardened teeth
Dan Erlewine bore around a broken screw to capture and remove it.
#5432 Set of 2 $24.10 Use the plug cutter in your drill to make a 3/16"-diameter
wooden plug to fill the hole made by the extractor.
Its easy to see Our radius gauges have a For stripped screw holes, a 3/16" drill bit is included to
and a radius
a nonmatching matte finish and the opti- match your plugs.
that matches
radius mum thickness to let you see
the gap between the gauge
and the fingerboard clearly.

Notched Radius Gauges

Check radii without string removal
Notched to fit a variety of string spacings, so you can check a
fretboards radius near the instruments body or the nut without Tuner screw Bore around Extract the Cut a plug
string removal. Very handy for compound radius fretboards. is broken off! the screw screw to match
Laser-cut .015" stainless steel. Set of four with the same radii as
our#5432 set.
#5433 Set of 4 $49.61 Complete kit
Screw extractor
Plug cutter
3/16" drill bit
Complete Radius Gauges Set Acrylic alignment guide
SAVE! #5434 2 Radius Gages + 4 Notched Radius Gauges Instructions
$73.71 $69.29 Glue and trim Drill a new #1709$69.00
the plug screw hole.

Orders received by 4pm EST weekdays are shipped the same day Tools | 17
String Spreaders
When you simply need
to get the strings out of

the way to work on a nut

or fingerboard, try these
handy spreaders. Theyre a
lot faster than restringing!
Measure precise Each curved brass spreader
neck relief in actual fits behind the neck to hold
playing position the loosened strings. Finish-
friendly rubberized coating
protects the neck. 33/8" long,
set of 2.
set, 3+
Neck Relief Gauge Low Tack Thanks to repairman Dave
Lynch for refining this tool. #4802 $11.32 $10.07
Adjust fretboard straightness quickly and precisely. It Protective Tape
measures the amount of variation from flatness, taking Dan Erlewines favorite
the guesswork out of adding or subtracting neck relief In his writings and Trade Secrets,
as you adjust the truss rod. It works in the playing posi- Dan Erlewine often mentions sign painters tape for
tion too. Now you can establish standards for individual protecting guitars while working. Here it is: the wide, Tune-o-medic
instruments, string gauges and playing styles. Designed low-tack tape Dan uses in his shop. Use the 3" wide Bridge Jack
by Don MacRostie, the gauge is made of 12" machined tape to mask large areas during fretwork, finishing or The Bridge Jack lets you
aluminum for stability, with dial accuracy to .001". The repairs. This is what we use on vintage guitars with worn, ra i s e a Tu n e - o - m at i c
feet rest on the frets, so results wont be skewed by a checked, or otherwise delicate finishes. Choose the 1" bridge to adjust the height
worn fingerboard. #2004 $110.43 tape for masking fretboards or small areas during finish thumbwheels, without
touch-ups. This tape has just a little more bite to stay loosening the strings
Neck Relief Gauge and put. The extra-wide inner spool keeps the tape edges and without marring the
Nut Slotting Gauge Set from touching your bench, so they wont pick up dirt wheels. Made of strong
and filings. Each roll is 100 yards (91.44 meters) long. stainless steel, with self-
Order together for the ultimate
adhesive felt pads to help
precision setups! Nut Slotting
protect the guitar top.
Gauge info on page 6.
#1682 1" wide, low tack $5.80 #4557 Tune-o-medic Bridge jack $42.07
SAVE! #2005 $182.49
#1683 3" wide, extra low tack $17.26 #4557-F Replacement pad $2.15

Neck Set Gauge with Straightedge The gauge indicates the exact Tune-o-medic Stop
Finds the correctneck angle and bridge height distance between the plane Tailpiece Wrench
Guitarmaker Bryan Galloup suggested this unique device of the fret tops and the top of This custom wrench stays
that brings precision to complicated neck setting. It at- the soundboard, the ideal pre- centered on a standard
taches to our 24" straightedge, and helps determine the saddle bridge height. 1/2"-diameter tailpiece stud,
amount of wood to remove from the neck heel for proper to help protect the plating
neck angle and best playability. Accurate to .001", it can and the guitar top. The
also indicate the best pre-saddle height for a new bridge. screwdriver tip recessed
Instructions and a mathematical formula for neck heel It also measures the distance into the socket fits the
trimming are included. between the plane of the fret stud snugly. Made of tool
tops and the top of the bridge. steel with durable plastic
Applythis distance to the for- handle.
#5249 Neck Set Gauge only $55.55
mula in the instructions, and
SAVE! #5247 Neck Set Gauge + 24" Straightedge calculate the exact amount of Our thanks to guitar techs Paul
$131.19 wood to remove from the neck Verticchio and Jerry Barnstable
$118.07 heel for a precise neck angle. for suggesting this handy tool.
#4618 $38.38

Top Deflection Gauge Tune-o-medic

This dial-indicator gauge measures the distance a soundboard has lowered after unstringing. Its critical to compensate Post Tool
for this distance when resetting a neck or routing a bridge saddle slot. Accurate to .001", the gauge helps you avoid Remove, install or straight-
costly trial and error. The 14" aluminum beam can be adapted to a variety of soundboard widths. Instructions included. en Tune-o-matic threaded
#5253 $78.70 bridge posts. Brass inserts
(6-32 thread for Gibson,
and M4 x.75 thread for
imports) snap into the
handle. Thread the tool
onto the post, tighten
the bridge wheel against
the tool, and hold the two
together to turn the post.
Includes drill bits for new
holes when needed.

#4559 $27.69
More accurate bridge work. Using the gauge and a brace Reset a neck without guesswork. Record a measurement
jack to simulate string tension, you can contour the bottom at the bridge with the strings installed. Use a brace jack (page
of a new bridge to more closely match the soundboard. After 22) inside the guitar to restore the bridge to original height Tune-o-medic Tool Set
you rout the saddle slot, the saddle will fit better: important after the strings are removed. Makes installing, adjusting, and replacing Tune-o-
for good tone and critical for an undersaddle pickup. matic guitar bridges and stop tailpieces faster and
easier! Includes the 3 products listed above.

Follow us at facebook.com/stewmac at stewmac.com

SAVE! #4560 $108.14

18 | Tools Call our product experts! 800-848-2273 Order online at stewmac.com

Be ready for any StewMac exclusive!
truss rod job! A drawer full of tools in the palm of your hand

Guitar Tech Screwdriver Set
A set every guitar tinkerer will love and use every day
in the shop and on tour. Weve compiled essential bits
specifically for guitar hardware, plus a 41/8" easy-grip
handle with rotating cap for fingertip control. The in-
terchangeable bits snap easily into the magnetic shaft,
and a handy 13/8" extender gives extra reach too. Entire
set comes in a durable latching hard case that organizes
the bits without spilling. Fits nicely in your tool box or
guitar case. Youll be ready for practically any hardware
on any guitar.
Truss Rod Wrench Set Set includes 36 bits: at stewmac.com
Our high quality steel truss rod wrenches are de- 11 Allen bits
#3000 Complete Set $39.64
signed for busy repair shops. The length, comfort- 11 flat-blade bits (including an extra 3mm)
able rubberized handles, and range of sizes let you Exclusive Capture Bit for small screws #3011 Extra Handle $8.35
perform neck adjustments more efficiently. 6 Phillips bits (including an extra #1) 1/4" socket adapter #3012 Extra Capture Bit $2.15
Mini wire brush Awl point 4 hardened screw starters #3013 Extra Mini Wire Brush $4.07
SAVE! #6100 Set of 17 wrenches (below) $174.99

Pocket Truss Get a grip on

Rod Wrenches worn truss rod
Steel hex wrenches nuts This tool will
with 11/8" bullet save your neck!
socket that fits into
recessed access
#6104 For 1/4" nut at stewmac.com at stewmac.com
#6105 For 9/32" nut
#6106 For 5/16" nut ea. $9.43 Gripper Truss Rod Wrenches Truss Rod Rescue Kit
#6112 Set of 3 wrenches $28.29 Worn-out Allen truss rod nut? These wrenches can save Broken truss rod? Make it work again, without remov-
the day. The 3/8"-long end tapers from slightly undersize ing the fingerboard, removing and replacing the rod,
to oversize, for a snug fit to turn the nut. 121/2" with regluing the board, refinishingor trashing the neck.
comfortable rubberized handles.
The problem: A truss rod
Straight wrenches nut thats cross-threaded,
#6107-G For 1/8" Allen nut frozen, or broken off. You
#6113-G For 4mm Allen nut cant adjust the neck.
#6115-G For 3/16" Allen nut ea.
#6108-G For 5mm Allen nut $10.99
The solution: Special
Soundhole Gripper wrenches
Soundhole truss rod wrenches tools reach the space
4mm is for Hot Rods. #6110-G is for pre-August 2007 around the damaged rod,
Allen ball end. These tools provide clearance un- Martins; #6114-G and #6212-G are for later Martins.
der the guitars braces for adjusting the truss rod removing wood and
Triple-bend wrenches provide clearance under the cutting threads so the rod
through the soundhole. 4mm is for Hot Rod truss guitars braces.
rods. #6110 works for pre-August 2007 Martins; will work again.
#6114 is for Martins made afterward. #6209-G 1/8" single-bend; 55/8" reach $9.98
#6211-G 1/8" triple-bend; 53/4" reach $9.98 1 The cutter removes
#6209 1/8" single-bend; 55/8" reach $9.98 #6110-G 5mm single-bend; 2" reach $9.43 wood around the
#6211 1/8" triple-bend; 53/4" reach $9.98 #6114-G 5mm single-bend; 41/2" reach $9.43 damaged rod, making
#6110 5mm single-bend; 2" reach $9.43 #6212-G 4mm triple-bend; 53/4" reach $9.98 room for new threads.
#6114 5mm single-bend; 41/2" reach $9.43
#6212 4mm triple-bend; 53/4" reach $9.98 Right-angle Gripper for Fender
1/8" Allen Gripper wrench with handle, for tuner clearance
Hex truss rod wrenches on 6-in-line pegheads. 2" reach. #6210-G $9.98 2 The die cuts clean new
Heavy-duty wrenches for hex truss rod
threads on the exposed
nuts. 103/4" length keeps your knuckles SAVE! #6099 Set of 10 wrenches (above) $102.74 rod. The rod is ready for
safely away from the peghead. $90.41 the nut again.
#6101 For 1/4" nut
#6102 For 9/32" nut ea.
3 Add one of the metal
#6103 For 5/16" (Gibson) nut $10.99
spacers provided, and
Allen truss rod wrenches reinstall the nut. The rod
Truss Rod is rescued and ready to
Allen ball end can work at an angle in Crank for Tele work like new.
recessed cavities. 121/2" length for peg-
A handy little steel
head clearance. The kit fits 10/32-thread
wrench for heel-adjust-
#6107 1/8" #6115 3/16" ea. able slotted truss rod rods in Gibsons and
#6113 4mm #6108 5mm $10.99 nuts. A vintage-style Fenders. A brass pilot
Tele requires only sim- guides the cutter into a
Truss rod wrenches for Fender ple pickguard removal. Fender access hole.
#6111 fits a slotted truss rod nut without Straight and diagonal Fender neck
marring it. 3/8" blade width; 103/4" over- ends let you work with-
all. #6210 is 1/8" Allen right-angle with The complete kit includes cutter, threading die,
out unstringing. #6138 $6.25 pilot, wrench, 4 spacers and instructions.
handle, for tuner clearance on 6-in-line
pegheads. #6111 $10.99 #5680 Complete set $261.72
#6210 $9.98
Tele is a registered trademark of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. #5681 Extra spacers, set of 4 $15.23

Orders received by 4pm EST weekdays are shipped the same day Truss Rod Tools + More | 19
Each jaw rotates 360
with smooth nylon-core
We added guitar shop-friendly features

jaw faces adjustable tension nuts you wont find in look-alike vises.
Our versatile 32-pound steel vise is at work in
guitar shops around the world. Other vises may
resemble it, but they dont have the same smooth
jaw closure, easy jaw rotation, and removable
fast-crank handle. Each sturdy wooden jaw
Handwheel with is nearly an inch thick. These 6"-capacity jaws
removable fast- feature protective urethane faces, togrip small
crank handle parts as easily as entire guitars. The jaws rotate
to hold the tapered sides of a guitar neck or body
securely. The sturdy riser/support ring can be at stewmac.com
installed below your bench for 8" vise height, or
above it for 93/4" height. A strong threaded rod with
a beefy wing nut is supplied for mounting the vise Fisch Forstner
quickly and easily on any benchtop up to 41/2" thick. Wave Cutter Bit, 11/16"
Clean-cutting, perfect sized bit
360 swivel Roller bearing for #1813 Guitar Repair Vice $156.50 mounting our Guitar Repair Vise.
mounting smooth jaw closure
#5192 Bolt for mounting to ShopStand $7.42 #4498 $30.85

ERLEWINE SHOPSTAND Double your StewMac Body Board

Versatile space-saving workbench alternative workspace! For everything from a ukulele to a long-scale
bass, this is a great new way to work. You have
Raise your work to the height you really want. The Shop- a clear view and comfortable access from all
Stand adapts your jigs and vises to you, not the other way around. angles. With the neck in the padded jaws of
Enjoy complete access to your work. The ShopStand is an the guitar vise, the body is firmly supported on
industrial-grade, rock-steady unit that bolts to your shop floor. It the felt-padded riser. The instrument is lifted up
rotates withball-bearing smoothness to any position you need, away from tools or clutter on the workbench
and locks in place easily. You can move completely around your while allowing you comfortable access from
work, for easy access without time-consuming reclamping. all angles. The Body Board also swings out from
Reclaim extra space in your shop. Your workbench uses lots under your workbench whenever you need it,
of floor space; the ShopStand has a small footprint. You can inter- and tucks out of the way when you dont.
change jigs and vises, and store them on the wall.
Turn a tiny patch of floor space
into the hub of your workshop: at stewmac.com
at stewmac.com mount a Guitar Repair Vise on a
Base size 10" x 10". ShopStand with a Body Board.
Floor bolts required.

360 ball Adjusts #5390 $192.82 #1814 $62.88

bearing from
column 28" to 36"
rotation height

Fisch Brad Point Drill Bit Sets

Add our Angle Vise to tilt your work. Mount jigs, Clean holes, no chip-out
fixtures or work surfaces for practically unlimited Brad point bits help eliminate chipping on
accessibility. The heavy-duty Angle Vise bolts to the wood and finishesa plus for cleanly install-
ShopStand and tilts your work from horizontal to verti- ing tuning machines, bridge studs, inlay dots
cal, or any position between. 4" x 11/2" jaws open to 4". and more. Precision-machined Fisch chrome Brad point
Vise tilts from -10 degrees to 120 degrees. vanadium steel bits are the most accurate o
weve used. The ground brad point helps
#1820 Angle Vise $66.60 prevent walking. For 3/8" drill chucks. r
Standard twist bit

Add our Guitar Repair Vise to hold a neck or body, #0097 Fractional set of 7. Includes 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2" $27.45
and most other repair work. The vise has 360-degree #0098 Metric set of 8. Includes 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm $28.26
sure-grip swiveling jaws, and its own swivel mount.
It includes a special adapter bolt and nut when pur-
chased with the ShopStand.
SAVE! #5391 ShopStand + Guitar Repair Vise $356.74
Peghole and Stud Bushing Bits Rear Peghole Reamer
$335.34 Quality Fisch chrome vanadium steel
bits for chip-free holes. First choice
for clean results on finished surfaces.
The brad point helps keep the bit ac-
The Neck Jig Workstation curately centered. For 3/8" drill chucks.
Includes the ShopStand + Angle Vise
You can quickly and securely tilt an #4846 10mm peghole bit for
modern sealed tuners, including Counterbores the back of
instrument into the playing position. a 5/16"-diameter peghole to
Your fretwork will be more accurate Gotoh, Schaller, Grover, Schertler
and Sperzel. keep your bushing from
than ever before, and youll have more leaning under string pull.
room to work. Erlewine Neck #4847 11mm bridge/tailpiece bit Fits Grover, Schaller or
Jig on page 14 for modern solidbody guitar mount- Gotoh sealed gear hous-
SAVE! #5394 $746.10 ing stud bushings, including Gotoh, ing.
$686.41 Wilkinson/Gotoh, Schaller, TonePros #2059 $18.74
and Hipshot. ea. $7.21

20 | Vises + Peghead Tools Call our product experts! 800-848-2273 Order online at stewmac.com
No more
misaligned pegholes!

Tuner Drill Jig
For Slotted
Install tuner bushings without
Accurate pegholes
risking your pegheads finish
without a drill press
Hardened bushings set into sturdy aluminum blocks No-Chip Countersink Tuner Drill Jigs
keep your hand drill aligned for accurate pegholes. Pressing in tuner bushings can Guide your hand drill correctly for perfect pegholes, so
The jig automatically maintains 35mm (13/8") spacing force the surrounding lacquer your tuners will be accurately positioned and spaced.
for steel-string or classical guitar string posts. It can be to lift and chip. StewMac has Theyre the solution to tuning problems caused by
clamped on any peghead from 1/2" to 1" thick. Use the designed the perfect solution; a misalignment. Made of machined steel for a lifetime of
supplied 13/32" bit for classical tuners,or the supplied reamer with two dozen tiny cutters at a 45-degree angle. use and specially coated to resist corrosion, each
bushings and G (.261") bit for steel-string. The angled lacquer cut prevents chipping during bush- jig includes steel alignment pins and
Clamps not included. #3898 $183.28 ing installation, and also cleans up holes for mounting instructions (clamps not
screws and body bushings. No drill needed, gently turn included). To enlarge the
the bit by hand. Made of hardened steel. pegholes, or to counter-
#1695 $33.02 bore for bushings, remove
the jig after drilling and use
a bushing reamer (left).
#2070 For 3-in-line, with 1/2" dia. pegholes,
Depth-Stop Mini Bits standard post spacing: 13/8" $32.54
When that little tuner mounting screw breaks off, NEW #2078 For 3-in-line, with 5/16" dia. pegholes,
youll wish you had used the right size drill bit! Heres a standard post spacing: 13/8" $32.54
Peghead Bushing Reamers versatile 7-piece mini bit set for avoiding catastrophes #2071 For 6-in-line, with 1/4" dia. pegholes,
Give press-fit tuner bushings the right fit, with when youre installing tuners, pickguards, string trees, Fender post spacing: 15/16" $34.64
these custom slow-speed reamers. Each has a truss rod covers, and more. Each bit is color-coded with
a movable plastic depth stop (you dont want to drill
NEW #2079 For 6-in-line, with 5/16" dia. pegholes,
1/4"-diameter pilot and two 1" flutes that cut a clean Fender post spacing: 15/16" $34.64
counterbore. The set of five includes sizes for popular completely through your peghead, do you?).
guitar and mandolin bushings. Counterbore diameters
are listed below. #17101/16"/.063" Purple
#1711No.50/.070" White Tuner Pin Drill Jig
Important! Measure your bushings before ordering, or refer
#17125/64"/.078" Blue Aligns your hand drill for accurate
to the spec drawings shown with the tuners in this catalog
or at stewmac.com.
#1713No.44/.086" Pink tuning machine mounting pin
#2066.290" #2063.348" #17143/32"/.094" Green holes. For Schaller tuners with one
#2061.328" #2065.393" #1715No.38/.101" Yellow or two pins, one-pin Sperzels, and
#2062.340" #17167/64"/.109" Black ea. $5.51
ea. $18.11 Fender locking tuners. Use a No. 38
(.101") drill bit.
SAVE! #2060 Set of 5 $90.55 SAVE! #1717 Set of all 7 bits $38.57 #4857 $42.76
$84.21 $35.48
Tuner Pin Drill Jig for Waverly
For use with Waverly guitar and ukulele tuners. Also 18:1
Grover Sta-Tites. 1" hole spacing. Use a 5/64" drill bit.
1-step Peghole Drill Bit #4858 $43.21
For Grover, Schaller, and Gotoh sealed tuners
Drill rear-counterbored pegholes for sealed tuners in one
operation, and get the job done in half the time: this cus-
tom combo bit can quickly pay for itself in a busy shop. Its
7.8mm-diameter (.307") for the threaded peghead bushing,
and 9.9mm (.390") for the gear housing, with a brad point
for easy centering. High speed steel.
#1693 $86.39

Peghole Reamers
Damage-free tuner These are not mere hardware store reamers! Theyre
bushing installation high quality hollow-ground tools refined for luthiers,
and removal specially semi-fluted, and with the correct 2-degree
taper to accurately fit tuning pegs. The standard size
Install Remove is for guitars and 4/4 violins/violas; the large is for cellos
bushing bushing and guitars.
Taper Cutting length
Our special tool installs or removes press-fit tuner bushings #0344 Standard .200" to .375" 5.63" $60.73
without damage. It applies steady controlled pressure to #0343 Large .312" to .625" 7.88" $131.07
protect the peghead finish, for a clean job. Bushings in coun-
Instructions included. terbored pegholes can be removed cleanly too, using the
Works with most major adjustable expanding pin that grips the bushing bore. The Peg Shaper
guitar and mandolin tool includes a protective peghead caul, and a see-through The standard shop tool for accu-
tuner brands. sleeve for bushing removal. rately tapering tuning pegs up to
#0460 $55.94 3/8" in diameter.
#0346 $98.00

Orders received by 4pm EST weekdays are shipped the same day Peghead Tools | 21
Traditional Cam Clamps
Soundhole Clamps Made of hardwood and steel,
Reach where other clamps cant for years of daily use

Our soundhole clamps feature strong Theyre fast, light and easy to use, giving
steel frames, light weight, and slim strong pressure for instrument assembly.
profiles for multiple clamping. The 7", 9" Crafted from sturdy maple and rust-
and 11" models have a leveling screw resistant galvanized spring steel, for years
that supports the clamps length and of daily use. The jaws have a protective cork
helps prevent soundboard bending. All lining. Slide the upper jaw into position
clamps open to 17/8" and have knurled and flip the offset cam lever to tighten
thumbscrews, height-adjustable lower the clamp. Small clamp has 41/2" depth;
jaw screws for clearance of soundboard Leveling screw gives extra support for the large clamp is 81/2" deep. Both sizes
braces, and jaw feet that swivel to clamping bridges and braces open to 8".
conform to uneven surfaces.
ea. 3+ 6+
Throat depth ea. 3+ 6+ #3721 Small $18.19 $16.92 $15.46
#20105" $16.79 $13.60 $12.09 #3723 Large $19.57 $18.20 $16.63
#2011 7" with leveler $20.83 $16.87 $15.00
#2012 9" with leveler $28.77 $23.30 $20.71
#2013 11" with leveler $32.30 $26.16 $23.26

Mini Cam Clamp

Soundhole Clamp Cauls Lighter and slimmer than our standard cam clamps
Custom Delrin cauls snap onto the for a bigger Dan Erlewine developed this slim clamp for working on smaller
swiveling feet of our soundhole clamps footprint instruments, and wherever reduced weight and tighter place- at stewmac.com
to give you a larger clamping footprint ment of multiple clamps are needed. It adjusts like a standard
when you need it. Available flat or cam clamp: slide the upper jaw into position and flip the cam
grooved to fit over guitar braces, each #2015 lever to tighten. Small but mighty, it gives you plenty of pres-
3/8" x 7/8" caul includes a thick felt disk
#2014 sure for guitar work. Sturdy hardwood and steel construction,
that can be glued on to help prevent with protective cork jaw linings. 53/8" depth; opens to 63/4".
wood dents. #2014 Flat clamp caul $2.71 ea. 3+ 6+
#2015 Grooved clamp caul $3.56 #3867 $15.20 $14.14 $12.92
We recommend Shoe Goo
adhesive for attaching felt to SAVE! #2016 Set (2 flat + 2 grooved) $12.54
clamping cauls. $10.66

Scissor Jack
Ibex Bridge Clamp Works where your arm cant reach!
A sturdy cast aluminum clamp with 11/2" Magnets make alignment easy
maximum opening and 6" throat depth, Our Scissor Jack holds braces, cleats or bridge plates for
forgluing a bridge or brace through a gluing; aligns the sides of a crack; supports a fretboard
guitar soundhole. Designed by pioneer- over the body for installing frets, and more. Strong
ing luthier Irving Sloane. and sturdy, it adjusts from 21/4" to 43/4". Attach the 107/8"
ea. 3+ extension cable and use it where your arm cant reach.
#0682 $38.15 $35.48 Powerful positioning magnets are attached to glue-
resistant 13/4" diameter cauls: they
help you align the jack with your
own magnet-embedded cauls,
StewMac Brace Repair Jack in versatile ways that make your
For gluing loose braces inside an acoustic work much easier.
guitar. Insert through the soundhole
and roll between your fingers to apply
pressure. Glue-resistant cauls, with ea. 3+
double-notched end caps to fit the two #0490 $103.57 $92.18
most common brace profiles: the gentle at stewmac.com
slope of Martin braces and the more
triangular shape on Gibsons. The body
of the jack is a hefty brass cylinder that
stays put as you adjust the height. Camless Clamps
Double-notched Special clamps for tight spots
end caps fit most
When cam clamps are closely spaced around a curved edge,
#3543 $23.00 brace profiles
the levers can interfere with each other. We simply replaced
the lever with a thumbscrew, for tighter placement, fast setups,
and finer control of clamping pressure. These high quality
Kerfing Clamps hardwood/steel clamps have protective cork jaw linings. The
Small and strong, perfect for small clamp has 41/2" depth; the large clamp is 81/2" deep. Both
gluing kerfed linings sizes open to 81/4".
Camless clamps work better
Strong spring-loaded steel jaws have along tight curved edges.
the right shape for angled kerfing. Each No jumbled cam levers!
clamp is 1/2" wide with 5/8" jaw depth. ea. 3+ 6+
#3708 Small $21.28 $19.79 $18.09
set, 10+ #3709 Large $22.87 $21.27 $19.44
#3712 Set of 10 $10.40 $9.15

Kerfing Clamps are stronger than they look! If the metal part of a clamp Protective Felt
contacts wood, it could leave a light indent. Generally this doesnt mat- A thick 10" x 10" felt sheet you can cut with scissors to
ter, since this wood is removed while sanding and when you rout for any shape you need. Makes clamp cauls instrument-
binding. If you put binding tape where the metal meets the wood, you friendly. Great for padding your work surfaces too.
can avoid this altogether. ea. 3+
#2017 $5.72 $5.09

22 | Clamping Tools Call our product experts! 800-848-2273 Order online at stewmac.com

Fast, efficient system
for braces, backs,
and soundboards
Time -saving Go-bar
clamping has become
a popular technique in
guitarmaking. The equip-
ment consists of a deck
and strong 24" flexible
Go-bars placed under Fast, easy setup
tension between the top
of the deck and the wood StewMac StewMac Guitar Assembly Molds
being clamped. Setup is Spool Clamps Our shop foreman Todd Sams wowed us with these
simpler and faster than Assembly clamps with a different twist innovative molds. Made of strong non-warping MDF
using standard clamps, The simple workhorse spool clamp for soundboard/ board, they feature pivoting threaded thumbscrews
and clamping pressure is back assembly, made faster and easier with a hardwood that tuck into the grooved ends of each mold for closure.
more uniform. handle. A quick spin of the lower spool closes the clamp, Theres no external hardware to get in the way of your
and an easy turn of the handle applies the pressure. assembly clamps. Each mold includes two adjustable
StewMacs Don MacRostie added other refinements: threaded spreader rods with contoured hardwood cauls
durable finish-friendly tubing on the rod protects the to align the guitar waist, neck block and tailblock. With
instrument from scratches, and a low-friction plastic your bent guitar sides secured in the mold, you can glue
washer below the handle allows smooth, precise pres- the blocks, clamp the linings, sand the kerfed edges,
sure adjustment. The sturdy hardwood spools are lined and install the soundboard and back. The body stays
SAVE! with protective cork. correctly aligned, no guesswork. When youre finished,
Complete Go-bar Sets simply remove the spreaders through the soundhole.
Max. opening 51/4", clamping depth 9/16", handle length 4"
Deck hardware kit, 25 Go-bars, two sanding discs, con- #4738 For Dreadnought $162.23
cave soundboard and back dishes, and instructions. You #3715 Set of 6 $35.36 #4739 For 12-fret 000 $162.23
the plywood. Top Back
radius radius
Additional spreader sets
#4731 For Martin 40-ft. 15-ft. Swivel Handle Clamps Sets include long + short spreaders with cauls.
#4732 For modern 28-ft. 20-ft. ea. $538.54 These super heavy-duty
$511.61 versions are more versatile #4740 For Dreadnought $33.37
than standard F-clamps. #4741 For 12-fret 000 $33.37
The pivoting handle lets
Individual Go-bars you position and adjust
Made of rugged flexible fiberglass. For use with the Go- the clamp in tight spots.
bar Clamping System, or use them in your own setup. Sturdy steel construction
Bending Iron
Each bar measures 24" x 1/2" x 5/32" gives you the clamping pressure you The most popular
ea. 25+ need for demanding jobs. Great for iron for bending wet
#4734 $5.46 $4.15 repairing peghead breaks, laminating or steamed side -
necks, gluing fingerboards, and more. wood. Crafted from
The small version opens to 7" with 61/4" long cast alumi-
31/4" throat depth; the large clamp num, it has variable
Underside opens to 10" with 43/4" throat. ea. 3+ 6+ temperature control
Concave upper side and a versatile shape
#3704 Small $23.72 $22.06 $20.16 for bending to a vari-
#3705 Large $35.39 $32.91 $30.08 ety of radii. The sturdy
wooden base can be
clamped to your workbench horizontally
Concave Radiused Dishes for Go-bars Bridge Clamping Caul or vertically. The end of the iron is custom-
Rigid CNC-machined fiberboard dishes solve the prob- threaded to accept our optional extender
Our clamping caul needs
lem of clamping guitar braces, soundboards and backs (21/4" long x 1/2" dia). A StewMac exclusive,
only a single extra clamp.
to standard curvatures. Add a self-adhesive sandpaper this feature lets you bend tight curves for
Made of 57/8" x 1" alu-
disc for easy non-slip clamping, and for sanding guitar violins and F-style mandolins.
minum, it has a slightly
braces accurately.
arched bottom to fit most #0689 120v AC $214.99
#6086 15' radius (Martin back) bridges on flattop steel- #4049 220v AC $214.99
#6087 20' radius (modern back) string guitars. Its pad-
#6088 28' radius (modern soundboard) #0688
ded with thick protective
#6089 40' radius (Martin soundboard) Violin/Mandolin Extender $10.97
cork on the underside
ea. $103.72 and on the thumbscrew-
#6085 50-grit sanding disc (24" dia.) $36.73 adjustable end clamps.
#4600 $38.52
Side Bending Strap
Bridge Locating Pins Reusable 15/8" tapered non-stick Flexible 24" x 4" x .012" stain-
polyethylene pins align a pin bridge for gluing. less steel for covering wet or
6 pack 6 pk, 3+ steamed side wood when using
#4602 6 pack $5.23 $4.13 the bending iron. Supports the
wood opposite the iron, traps
moisture for easier bending,
Fingerboard Band Clamp helps minimize wood split-out,
Flexible, needs no cauls and springs back flat to use
A quick way to glue a fingerboard again. #4860 $22.35
Go-bar without cumbersome cauls, and
Hardware Kit a practical solution for radiused
fingerboards. Side Bending Practice Set
Metal posts and hardware for making a sturdy Go-bar Set of two inexpensive quartersawn wood practice
deck. We provide complete instructions; you provide strips helps lessen the chance of splitting your good
plywood top and base. ea. 4+ wood. 4" x 25" x .095"-.100".
#4733 $121.14 #3109 $4.56 $3.97 #4822 $13.88

Orders received by 4pm EST weekdays are shipped the same day Clamping Tools | 23
tools + ideas for guitarmaking

Fixes the nastiest cracks!

Handles tough jobs, like a warped split in a guitar side.
1. The exclusive cleat cutter produces neat, round gluing Crack in the Makes a hard to
patches that span the crack. soundboard reach gluing job
2. The air gun works glue deep down into the split wood. easy & precise
3. The crack clamp and its brass anchor pull the crack shut How it works:
while providing the clamping force for gluing.
Components available separately at stewmac.com Crack clamp
Air gun requires compressed air. applies tension

Air gun
Cracked Gluing Wedge
Wire top, side Gently shims open the gap under a loose guitar brace
or back and injects glue right where you need it. Invented by
Dan Erlewine, this one-hand solution makes working
through a guitar soundhole a lot easier. Crafted of
rugged machined brass and shaped to fit your hand,
crack clamp Pin vise Cleat cutter the tool uses a replaceable plastic pipette as a glue
gluing cleat produces uniform reservoir. Just squeeze to inject glue through a groove
Hardened steel gluing cleats from on the bottom of the wedge. It works for most brace
cleat cutter any tonewood
at stewmac.com Brass anchor sizes. Instructions included.
pulls cleat into
Includes 3 pipettes (trim to length).
#6270 Complete set $93.59 gluing position
Extras on page 44. Glue not included. #0200 $59.94

StewMac Guitar Get a BIG VIEW

Repair Magnets Fieldpiece LED Extension Mirror
of your guitars
Bright LED mini flashlight with an adjustable
A helping hand in interior!
pivoting mirror attachment. It telescopes
hard-to-reach areas out to 301/2", to light areas deep inside large
Magnets have lots of uses! instruments that are hard to reach with most
They can be attached to (or mirrors. Batteries included.
inlaid in) clamping cauls, to align patches for cracks. Use #3225 $22.95
an exterior magnet to move another magnet inside a
guitar: wrap the inner one in a damp cloth to clean
glue squeeze-out, or attach self-adhesive sandpaper Telescoping Guitar Mirror
to remove dried glue. These are seriously strong nickel-
An essential guitar repair tool. Swivel joints
plated rare earth magnets, countersunk on both sides
allow viewing from almost any angle.
for handy attachment to cauls and tools.
Telescopes up to 11". #0362 $12.65
Our knurled brass magnet handle has an
attachment screw to fit the countersunk holes. 3-Piece Inspection Mirror
It makes moving and separating these power- Handy 3-piece set of mirrors you can tape together, fold
ful magnets a lot easier. up, and place into a soundhole. It unfolds to a 71/2" x 12"
Warning: keep these magnets away from children, flat viewing surface, for the big picture of the guitars
electronic equipment, and pacemakers! interior. Durable mirrored acrylic; supplied untaped. Fits inside acoustic
#5124 $22.72 guitar bodies!

Easy to
align from
outside the
Align crack repair patches Use a pair of 1" magnets
or sand dried glue in to magnetize a pickup or
hard-to-reach areas change its polarity.
inside an instrument.
Height x dia. ea. 4+ 12+
#4637 Magnet 1/8" x 1/2" $4.69 $4.03 $3.14
#4638 Magnet 1/8" x 1" $8.99 $7.73 $6.02
#4639 Brass magnet handle $4.97 $4.27 $3.33
SAVE! #4640 Magnet Set
2 magnets of each size + 2 handles $37.30 StewMac Magnetic Mirror Set StewMac Cordless Guitar Inspection Light
$34.32 Repairman Gene Imbody suggested this versatile Fits inside an acoustic guitar body through the sound-
inspection mirror, an ingenious use of our guitar repair hole. No cables will get in your way and no batteries
TIP magnets. Powerful interior and exterior 1"-diameter to swap. The cool-touch LEDs are safe for use with
magnets let you position the 15/8" x 21/2" mirror quickly instruments. Four brightness settings. Built-in magnet
Use a thin pad of felt or leather under the and easily where you need it. Thumbscrew-locking ball for attaching to metal surfaces. 2' micro-USB cable
exterior magnet to protect delicate finishes. joint provides a completely flexible viewing angle too. included for charging.
Keep magnets away from pickups and Its a pro quality tool, made of sturdy brass and steel.
electronics. ea. 3+
#1143 $41.27 #1578 $31.45 $28.30

24 | Repair + Acoustic Body Interior Tools Call our product experts! 800-848-2273 Order online at stewmac.com
Sanding Station
Were big fans of T.J. Thompson. Hes famous for restoring
Turn your drill press

the most valuable vintage Martins. To get his exacting
results, T.J. makes himself some great tools. Were glad into a precision sander
he shares them with us! The Luthiers Friend is an afford-
able way to thickness-sand wood
up to 23/4" tall, or sand the edges
of a solidbody guitar, guided by
templates you make in your shop.
Learn more with Dan Erlewine Use it for freehand sanding or
These tools might look a bit puzzling for veneers, bridge blanks, wood Robo-Sander
at first, so we made free videos of bindings, fingerboards, nuts and Dust collector
Dan Erlewine demonstrating how to saddles and more. Clamp it to shroud Abrasive Sleeves
use each of T.J. Thompsons cleverly your drill press table, and connect your shop vacuum for dust-free operation. The
designed tools. included Robo-Sander rotates on a bearing securely seated in the base of the unit.
Included: Robo-Sander drum (2" dia. x 3" tall) with 50-grit abrasive sleeve Sturdy
10" x 12" x 3/4" table with micro-adjustable fence Dust collector shroud (for your
at stewmac.com shop vac hose) Extra 50, 80 and 120-grit abrasive sleeves Instructions

Brace Gluing Cauls

Specially designed Nylon cauls to
protect guitar braces from clamps
during gluing. Inner curves fit Sliding Vise
scalloped braces. Set of 2 includes a is handy for squaring-
narrow and a wide caul. up small parts like
#4609 $41.67 nuts and saddles.

#5660 Sanding Station $175.75

A clear guitar top #5661 Sliding Vise $25.00
shows caul in use #5659 Sanding Station + Sliding Vise $200.75

Bridge Gluing Cauls

Glue-resistant cauls pefectly shaped
Versatile sanding drum for your drill press
to the contours of Martin guitar Handy drum for pattern-sanding with your own templates, or for freehand sanding.
bridges and bridge plates. Includes 2 Durable bronze bearing. 50-grit abrasive sleeve included.
bridge end cauls, 1 bridge top caul, 2 Dia. x height
bridge plate cauls, and 2 rubber pads. #5662 1" x 2" $19.93 Abrasive sleeves
#4608 $46.67 #5663 2" x 3" $26.90 Dia. x height Grit ea.
#5664 3" x 3" $44.67 #5666 1" x 2" 50 $0.87
#5665 Set of 3 $91.50 #5667 1" x 2" 80 $0.87
A clear guitar top #5668 2" x 3" 50 $1.76
shows cauls in use #5669 2" x 3" 80 $1.76
#5670 2" x 3" 120* $1.76
Top Crack Corrector #5671 3" x 3" 50 $2.35
For fixing cracks in delicate sound- #5672 3" x 3" 80 $2.35
boards. Matched inner/outer cauls The Luthiers Friend *120-grit sleeve is sized for thick-
are pulled together by magnets to works only with the ness-sanding with the Luthiers
glue TJs unique patching cleats: 2" x 3" Robo-Sander. Friend Sanding Station only.
feather-thin strips of spruce.
Includes 6 clear acrylic cauls, 3 powerful mag-
nets, and 5 spruce cleats. Extra maple/rose-
wood/mahogany cleats at stewmac.com.

#4610 Top Crack Corrector $125.00

#4631 Blank cauls, set of 3 $60.00

guitar top

Thompson Belly Reducers Lifesavers for older acoustic guitars MAG-ic Probe BLE Thickness Gauge
Works where a traditional caliper cant!
Excessive soundboard bellying from string tension makes a guitar hard to play, and
can damage the bridge plate. Replacing the plate is a difficult job that can reduce the The MAG-ic Probe electronically measures the distance between the sensing probe
value of a vintage instrument. Restoration expert T.J. Thompsons set of five specially- and a magnetic ball. As the probe follows the outer surface of an instrument top or
machined aluminum flatteners can be heated to fix the problem without replacing back, the magnet follows on the inside, jumping over braces and tone bars. You get
the plate. Theyre made to be used after the bridge has been removed from the guitar. a continuous readout of the wood thickness in thousandths of an inch (mils) or mil-
The set has convex flatteners for rectangular and belly bridges, and concave flatteners limeters, accurate to 0.1mm. The effective range of measurement is 0.0" to 0.6". Two
for common bridge plate shapes. Embedded magnets ensure the cauls stay in place magnets are included, one for guitars and large instruments, and a smaller one that
while installing and tightening the clamps. Instructions included. can fit through the f-holes of mandolins. Connects via Bluetooth to your iOS or Android
device, or by USB (cable included) to your Windows PC or Mac.
#1380 Set of 5 $129.00 #4096 $349.00

Orders received by 4pm EST weekdays are shipped the same day Tools | 25

Revolutionary wood surfacing tools

Refined by luthier Al Carruth, these 1/8" thick scrapers
are much beefier than standard scraper blades. They
work in both directions without flexing, and with less
chattering. Tempered tool steel holds a more durable
edge too. Ultimate Scrapers do an outstanding job of
smoothing hardwood surfaces, purflings, bindings
and more. The shapes are refined for contouring
and graduating arched tops and backs, as well as for
smoothing flat surfaces.

#0623 Rectangle #0631 Original #0632 Mini

$34.99 $34.99 $26.99

#0615 The best mini scraper on the
planet! S. Newman, England
For archtop
violins and


Scraper Blades
Large scrapers have a variety of contours for trim-
ming bindings, neck profiling, fingerboard surfacing,
archtop contouring and graduating, wood deburring,
acoustic bridge shaping, and more. Mini scrapers are Cambered Square
for smoothing smaller areas with finer control. Among
their many uses, the concave/convex version is handy NEW Woodpeckers Mighty Mini-Scraper
for acoustic guitar bridge contouring, and the oval Solid carbide blade starts sharp, stays sharp
Ibex Carving Planes scraper makes quick work of spot-leveling drop-fill finish
Features a solid carbide blade with 4 long-lasting edges.
repairs. All are supplied unburnished.
Designed by pioneering luthier Irving Sloane, these Unsurpassed glue removal, wet or dry. Gets into tight
finely crafted convex-bottom mini planes are the gold Large Scrapers corners other scrapers and sandpaper cant reach.
standard for thicknessing arched tops and backs. #0625 Concave/convex 131/32" x 117/64" x .016" $7.33 Cleans easily and wont rust.
Machined from cast silicon bronze, each plane has a #0626 Oval 125/32" x 13/16" x .008" $6.81
#0627 Rectangular 125/32" x 63/64" x .016" $8.38 #0665 Mini-Scraper with Cambered Blade $21.99
chrome vanadium blade that holds an extremely fine #0666 Cambered Replacement Blade $11.99
edge. Thumbscrew adjustment allows quick blade Mini Scrapers
#0667 Square Replacement Blade $11.99
repositioning or removal for sharpening. #0628 Curved ends 2" x 6" x .028" $6.70
#0654 Rectangular 21/2" x 6" x .028" $7.18
Ibex Finger Planes #0655 French curve 31/8" x 51/8" x .028" $10.12
Body Blade SAVE! Complete Scraper Set
length width ea. Set of 6 Scraper Blades above. #0630 $46.52 $42.80
#0330 25mm 8mm $67.35
#0697 30mm 10mm $75.10
#0687 36mm 12mm $81.04 Scraper Burnisher
#0331 47mm 18mm $89.15 Nothing else smooths bodies,
Replacement finger plane blades are bindings and fingerboards like a
Convex available online at stewmac.com sharp scraper, and this ingenious
hardwood/steel burnisher quickly
gives your scraper keen micro- Draw out a burr
Ibex Palm Plane planed edges. It can sharpen a Pillar File
A larger 90mm (3.54") convex variety of sizes, shapes and thick- This compact files versatility has made it a favorite at
model for carving archtop nesses. Instructions included. Martin Guitars. Great for shaping wood, metal, bone or
guitars, cellos and basses. The #3416-B $18.99 plastic, it has 00 cross-cut top and bottom surfaces, with
tool-steel blade is 28mm wide. smooth sides for getting into corners cleanly. 81/8" x 1/2"
Turn the hook overall, with 51/2" cutting surfaces. Tapered thickness, from
#3141 $213.44
1/8" to 3/32".
#4175 $10.45

26 | Tools for Shaping Call our product experts! 800-848-2273 Order online at stewmac.com

These rasps make neck

carving a joy!

John Knutson, luthier




Razor Files
Wood shaping made super efficient!
#4152 Teeth are individually
Specialty Files for Guitarmakers
Quality steel files with rubber-coated handles, in the
Imagine hundreds of little razor planes shaping an
#4154 most useful sizes for detailed work.
instrument neck: these files save a huge amount of
effort. Theyre super efficient, but leave a surpris- Needle File Set Mini
ingly smooth surface. The key is a modern process #4157 files for trimming, shaping,
that chemically etches rows of semi-circular teeth slotting and cleaning metal,
to extreme sharpness. The large files have a 7" x wood or plastic. The set in-
3/4" cutting surface (the flat file cuts on both faces) cludes round, half-round,
with smooth sides. Length including the tang is 95/8". Dragon Hand-cut Rasps triangular, flat and square
The easy-grip 35/8" handle allows safe, comfortable Unequaled for neck shaping and contouring files. 51/2" long with 21/2" cut-
use. The small files are for shaping tight contours, Dragon handcrafted steel rasps are among our first ting surfaces.
corners and small surfaces. Each file has a 37/8" x 3/8" choices for quickly shaping instrument necks, solidbody
#3062 Set of 5 $17.64
cutting surface (the flat file cuts on both faces) and guitar contours, custom jigs, and clamping cauls. The
77/8" length. teeth are individually hand-struck on both sides of each Luthiers File Set Indispensable for nut and saddle
#4161 Large, flat file, leaving a slightly random pattern that a machine- work, refitting pegholes, delicate neck shaping, and
#4162 Large, curved ea. $53.09 made rasp simply cant equal. This reduces chattering more. The set includes half-round, round, flat, square
#4165 Small, flat giving a smooth but aggressive cut. The right shapes for and 3-corner files. 81/2" with 00-cut (38 teeth/inch).
#4166 Small, curved ea. $31.98 contouring a variety of neck sizes, 10" large or 6" small
#0842 Set of 5 $58.01
at stewmac.com #4178 Tapered, flat cutting length, and coarse or fine cut. The double-radius
#4179 Tapered, curved ea. $78.23 rasps with 7" cutting length can quickly shape curves
at the neck heel and peghead base.
#4171 Set of all 6 files $326.60
I dont recall ever having a rasp that cut so easily.
Very little sanding is needed to remove its marks.
MIX + SAVE ON TWO CHERRIES CHISELS This is a finely cut rasp. Bruce Sexauer, luthier
Buy any 2+ Two Cherries Chisels and save 15% #4151 Large coarse
15/8" #4152 Large fine ea. $54.84

#4154 Small coarse

#4155 Small fine ea. $34.42
#4157 Double-radius coarse
Dan #4158 Double-radius fine
Erlewines ea. $44.34
Micro Chisel Set
chisels! Set of four 51/2" wood-handled model makers chis-
els, perfect for trimming nut and saddle slots, or for
Two Cherries Wood Chisels removing dried glue around frets and braces. The
dog-leg chisel tips give you precise fingertip control.
Handmade in Germany from premium forged heat-
2mm, 2.4mm, 2.75mm and 3.25mm cutting widths.
treated steel, to hold an edge far longer than most
other chisels. Each is fitted with an octagonal lacquered #1628 Set of 4 $51.45
hornbeam handle and steel ferrules.
ea. any 2+
#1618 4mm (5/32") width $35.40 $30.09
#1619 6mm (15/64") width $35.40 $30.09 Razor sharp
#1623 12mm (15/32") width $35.40 $30.09 blades for
#1624 18mm (45/64") width $37.55 $31.92 building and
#1625 24mm (15/16") width $44.15 $37.53 repair
SAVE! #1627 Set of all 5 chisels $187.90

With a flick of your
thumb, our thickness caliper provides precise measure- Hock Tools Violin Knives
ments of top and back thicknesses for archtop carving. A
Sturdy knives that dont flex like a hobby knife. Theyre
quality gauge designed for luthiers, its deep 9" (228mm)
strong enough for heavy work, such as cutting a bridge
Two Cherries Guitar Brace Chisel reach is sufficient for an archtop guitar, mandolin, violin
plate or beveling a repair cleat. The wide blade can be
The unique S profile gives easier access than a or viola. The dial indicator is accurate to .001" (.01mm
used like a spokeshave to carve a guitar neck. Made of
straight chisel when scalloping braces or feather- on the metric model), for thicknesses up to 1" (25mm).
tempered, high carbon steel, they hold their edge and
ing the ends of tone bars. High quality, 51/4" steel The dial has an adjustable zero point, and can also be
are easily resharpened. 7" overall length.
blade, balanced wooden handle. positioned for left-hand use. Install the removable brass
ea. any 2+ foot for freestanding operation, or take measurements #0613 Wide blade $33.00
#1614 10mm (3/8") width $37.40 $31.79 freehand; the lightweight aluminum frame is sturdy #0612 Medium blade $32.00
#1616 16mm (5/8") width $37.40 $31.79 and comfortable.
#1617 20mm (3/4") width $37.40 $31.79 #5193 Inches ea. #0611 Fine blade $31.00
SAVE! #1635 Set of all 3 chisels $112.20 #5193-M Metric $140.57 #0616 Set of all 3 blades $96.00

Orders received by 4pm EST weekdays are shipped the same day Tools for Shaping | 27
Acoustic Guitar Neck Joint
Templates and Router Bits
Complicated joints made easy

Clear acrylic templates let you easily align

and cut accurate neck joints with your
router. Each set includes instructions,
templates for the neck heel and match- Dovetail joint
ing neck block, and plans for a handy
wooden jig to hold the neck or body
securely for routing. Eachbit is carbide-
tipped for long life, with a 1/4" shank and
1/2" guide bearing.
Router bits
#4781 Dovetail ea.
#4782 Straight mortise/tenon $32.35
Straight mortise
Templates (router bits not included)
#4783 Set of 2 for Martin-style dovetail joint $77.69
#4784 Set of 2 for straight mortise/tenon joint $83.99 StewMac Hex Screwdrivers
Long reach and greater torque
Comfortable handles provide more turning power
Guitar Neck Neck Set Sandpaper than little L-shaped wrenches. With sizes clearly
Removal Jig Fine tune your neck printed on the grips, these wrenches are hard to
reset jobs loseno more digging through a box of Allen keys
Clean, fast
Youve calculated the correct to find the right one! Sizes range to fit small guitar
dovetail joint
angle for an acoustic guitar hardware and large set screws found on shop tools
neck set, and trimmed the and equipment. Quality steel with non-slip comfort
heel. Now for the step the handles. 7" total length.
#4059 experts use: pull this special
abrasive between the heel
and the body to fine-adjust to
a perfect fit. The 10-yard roll #3045 Hex width: 1/4"
of 120-grit aluminum oxide is #3044 Hex width: 3/16"
canvas-backed so it wont pull #3043 Hex width: 5/32"
apart in the joint, and the 1" #3042 Hex width: 1/8"
width saves trimming time. #3041 Hex width: 3/32"
#5763 $12.55 #3040 Hex width: 1/16" ea. $4.15
Bryan Galloup inspired this ingenious jig. It applies
gradual, shock-free thumbscrew-controlled pressure #3061 Set of 6 $24.90
to the neck heel to push the neck out. Made of sturdy
cork-lined plywood and aluminum, it mounts over the
shoulders of practically any acoustic guitar. Waist clamps
with a protective backstrap adjust to the instruments #1610
contours. To use, inject steam continuously into the joint #1609
to soften the old glue, through small holes drilled down
through a fret slot into the joint (see our steamer needle
and hose below). Loosen the fretboard extension with
a heating iron (at right) and our #4464 removal knife
(page 31). Instructions included. #4737 $111.05

#1607 #1608

Neck Joint Steamer

Needle and Hose
Injecting steam into a dove-
tail neck joint, through one
Heating Iron Softens glue for removal
Applying heat to a guitars fretboard extension and
or more small holes drilled
bridge helps soften the glue for a removal knife. This Guitar Shop Pliers and Cutters
through a fret slot, can help Durable, high quality hand tools youll use every
loosen glue for neck re- aluminum iron is designed to be be heated to 250F
on your hot plate. Its radiused and grooved to span the day in a busy guitar shop. Machined tool steel with
moval. Our hose assembly comfortable molded handles and smooth action.
includes a 31/2" x 5/64" injector frets on Martin and
Radiused for Gibson guitars Side cutters let you get in close for precise cuts.
needle, insulating rubber bridge removal
handle, hose rated for heat that have 14 frets SAVE! #1612 Set of all 4 pliers + cutters $35.52
and pressure, and a hose to the body. $30.19
clamp for attachment to a
#4607 $81.74 Long-nose Pliers 2"-deep serrated jaws for
pressure cooker or espresso
extra reach and good grip, with side cutter for light-
Removal knives duty jobs. 63/8" overall. #1610 $10.45
on page 31
Round-nose Bending PliersSpring-tension
#4059 Needle, hose, clamp $46.12 5/8" conical jaws safely grip and bend wiring for
#4056 Needle + hose adapter $28.55 soldering jobs. 43/4" overall. #1609 $10.45
Surface Thermometer
Monitor your heating iron Wire Cutter 1/2"-deep spring-tension side cut-
Place this 50-500F thermometer ters for guitar wiring. 41/2" overall. (Not for use on
on the flat top of your heating guitar strings.) #1607 $10.45
Neck Resets iron to check for the correct tem-
with Dan Erlewine perature (250F is safe for bridge
String Cutter Heavy-duty hardened side cutter
2-hour DVD, page 100 with spring tension. 43/4" length fits a guitar case. 5/8"
or fingerboard removal). It reaches
cutting length. #1608 $10.45
stability in about a minute. #4603 $47.35

28 | Tools Call our product experts! 800-848-2273 Order online at stewmac.com

at stewmac.com
guitar wrench

OptiVisor Headband Magnifier Guitar Tech Wrench Set ESP Multi Spanner
This flip-up magnifier frees your hands for close These wrenches are slim enough to slide Store this versatile little steel wrench in your guitar case
work. It features removable optically-ground 2X under control knobs and into tight spaces, but or workbench and you can quickly fix a loose jack,
glass lenses with 10" focal length, and an adjustable tough enough for professional repair shops. control pot, pickup switch or guitar tuner. Use it to
comfort-padded headband. The high-intensity LED 1/2"+14mm for output jacks on acoustics and electrics; turn adjustable bridge thumbwheels more easily too.
Quasar light frame snaps on the front, to virtually DC input jacks on effects pedals; our flush-mount jack. One end is toothed to loosen a nut; the other end
eliminate shadows in dim areas. Two AA batteries 7/16"+12mm for control pots and TonePros Locking tightens it. A mere .075" thin, the Multi Spanner can fit
included. #1687 OptiVisor with lights $83.30 Studs. 3/8"+10mm for amp chassis and speaker nuts; under a control knob, and is angled for clearance over
#1685 OptiVisor only $58.35 threaded tuner bushings. a peghead or body.
#1686 Quasar LS lights only $24.95 #3691 Guitar Tech Wrench Set $10.45 #1344 $11.00
at stewmac.com #1688 1.5X replacement lenses #3693 Guitar Tech Wrench Set
for a wider area of view $39.46 + Screwdriver Set (page 19) $45.08

Pull the jack back!

at stewmac.com

Jack Installation Tool Jack The Gripper Guitar Nutdrivers

Fixing a 1/4" jack in a hollowbody guitar is a common From repairman Frank Ford, this ingenious For pots, jacks, and tuner bushings. Sturdy steel
job. The problem is reinstalling it when you cant tool holds any 1/4" jack steady while you deep-socket hex drivers are the right size for common
reach inside. Heres a solution from repairman Frank tighten or loosen the nut. Insert it in the guitar repair jobs. The large comfortable T-handles give
Ford (an idea originated by Julyan Wallis, UK Guitar jack, and a knurled metal cam locks in either you plenty of grip. 61/2" length.
Doctor): feed the Jack Installation Tool through the direction. A real worksaverno need to
guitar, plug it into the jack, and pull the jack snugly disassemble your guitar or amp. For recessed #5890 10mm, for Schaller, Gotoh,
into place. No fumbling, no strings, no misalignment. jacks, a steel adapter handle is included for and Grover tuner bushings
The slim brass tool is bendable, and works in nearly use with your 3/8" square drive socket. #5891 7/16", for Alpha control pots
any f-hole or round-hole guitar. Quickly installs 1/4" #5892 1/2", for output jacks, CTS pots ea. $7.86
endpin jacks too.
#0107 SAVE! #5893 Complete Guitar Nutdrivers set $23.58
18" length at stewmac.com $13.60 at stewmac.com #0814 $43.35 $20.99

Bullet Jack Tightener Adjustable Toggle

Tighten loose 1/4" Switchcraft Switch Wrench
jacks without taking your gui- The right wrench for round
tar or amp apart. This simple knurled nuts on Gibson and
pocket-size tool works from
Endpin Jack the outside to prevent twisted,
similar pickup switches. Your
pliers will mar the nutthis tool
Wrench shorted wires on the inside. Fit is much safer! The chuck-style
Pain-free installation! the socket over a 1/2" jack nut, jaws are adjustable for a non-slip
Specially modified deep-socket 9/16" hollow-shaft nut press the Grip-Tip into the jack, grip, and the deep socket means
driver to tighten an endpin jacks installation nut inside and turn the tools handle to you wont have to remove the
a guitar. A slot lets the wrench slide neatly over the jacks tighten the nut. switch knob. Steel with durable
wire, solder prongs and nut. plastic handle.
Patent pending.
#1810 $34.13 #3545 $11.99 #1699 $19.44

Tele Jack Installation Tool and Jack Cup Ball-end Hex Keys
Installs, removes, or tightens the jack For hard-to-reach hardware
Loose Tele output jack? Now you can easily install or remove the jack When ordinary Allen keys wont work,
retainer clip, at the turn of an Allen wrench. The Tele jack installation try these industrial-grade steel wrench-
tool flattens the clip so it firmly grabs the hole in the guitar body for es. Hex ball-ends work at angles up to
secure jack mounting. Assemble the tool in reverse, and quickly extract 25-degree. The other end is a standard
#4321 a loose clip without damaging the guitar. The tool is made of durable hex key.
hardened steel, and includes Allen wrench and instructions. #3316 Set of 11:
#0136 .050", 1/16", 5/64", 3/32", 7/64",
#4321 Tele Jack Installation Tool $19.47 1/8", 9/64", 5/32", 3/16", 7/32", 1/4" $9.60
ea. 3+ 10+ #3317 Set of 7 (Metric):
#0135 #0135 Jack cup (chrome) $7.96 $6.85 $5.81 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm,
#0136 Jack retainer clip $1.03 $0.89 $0.75 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm $8.58

Orders received by 4pm EST weekdays are shipped the same day Tools | 29
BridgeSaver Bridge Plate Repair Tool
The usual remedy for a worn bridge plate is a difficult
replacement job that can alter the sound and lower the

value of the guitar. The BridgeSaver was developed by

Dan Erlewine to preserve the original plate. Its a 2-part
hand tool: a steel cutter creates a dished cavity at the
bottom of the bridge pin hole, and a steel bit cuts a
matching wooden plug. Glue the plug flush in the cavity,
Fit your bridge redrill, and the original bridge plate will hold the strings
pins accurately like new. Instructions and a special 6" steel bit for drilling
new bridge pin holes are included.
Photos at right: Turning the han-
Bridge Pin Hole Reamers at stewmac.com dle pulls the cutter up underthe
bridge plate to form a dished cav-
Fit bridge pins and endpins accurately with these special ity for newwood, which is cut to a
wooden-handled steel reamers. Semi-fluted cutting perfect match by the plug cutter.
edges help keep the hole round. The 3-degree reamer 1 2 3
tapers from .312" to .150" with a 3" cut, to match many
1 Worn original pin holes
Gibson and Gurian pins. The 5-degree reamer tapers 2 Dished for wooden plug #5240 $157.28
from .312" to .135", with 2" cut. It matches our vintage- 3 Plugged and redrilled
style pins, and modern Martin pins.
#3227 3-degree
#3229 5-degree ea. $68.93
SAVE! #3230 Both reamers $137.86
$132.35 Buy any 2+ Bridge Slotting Saws or Files and save 10%
Peghole Reamers, page 21
Unique saws and files for custom string seating
Bridge slots help seat the strings properly to prevent Cutaway
bridge plate damage, and establish the string angle guitar top
over the saddle for the best sound. These tools
match the slots to the strings.

Bridge Pin Hole Slotting Saw

Our handmade pull-stroke
Thompson Belly Reducers
13/4" steel blade features Lifesavers for older acoustic guitars
legendary Japanese wood- Excessive soundboard bellying from string tension
Bridge Pin Hole Chamfer Tool working saw craftsman- makes a guitar hard to play, and can damage the bridge
A better countersink for bridge pins ship. Its slender to fit the plate. Replacing the plate is a difficult job that can
pin hole, and cuts more reduce the value of a vintage instrument. Restoration
Luthier Bryan Galloup suggested this unique cutter. It
efficiently than any blade expert T.J. Thompsons set of five specially-machined
works with your hand drill, stops bit chatter, gives con-
youve used for the task. aluminum flatteners can be heated to fix the problem
sistent control of the size and depth of cut, and keeps
Two gauges, for plain and without replacing the plate. Theyre made to be used
the bevel round, even on a curved bridge surface. A steel
wound strings. Traditional after the bridge has been removed from the guitar.
pilot pin is included for new unreamed 3/16"-diameter #5803 .028"
bamboo handle. The set has convex flatteners for rectangular and belly
bridge pin holes, and another pilot for bridges that #5804 .051" bridges, and concave flatteners for common bridge
have already been reamed. The adjustable Delrin-lined ea. $20.27 plate shapes. Embedded magnets ensure the cauls
brass depth stop controls the cut of the tapered 4-fluted
stay in place while installing and tightening the clamps.
bit for a clean, professional job. Instructions and Allen MIX+SAVE any 2+ $18.24 Instructions included.
wrench included. #1380 Set of 5 $129.00
#0459 $35.61

Bridge Pin Hole Slotting Files

at stewmac.com
Each saw is shaped to fit
into the bridge pin holes,
smooth the saw cuts, and
define the string ramp for
each hole. The 3" cutting
edge is rounded to prevent T.J. Thompson recommends heating the flatteners to
the string from binding 150F, dampening the wood, and using three Ibex bridge
in the slot. 57/8" length; clamps (not included, see page 22). Effective for bridge
chrome alloy steel. The plates that have been installed with hide glue, aliphatic
.028" file is for unwound (yellow) glue, or PVA (white) glue.
Assures proper strings. #5807 .028" #5809 .051" #5811 .087"
bridge angle and
foot contour #5808 .043" #5810 .067" ea. $21.53 Clamps for gluing bridges, pages 22-23
MIX+SAVE any 2+ $19.38

Archtop Bridge Fitting Jig

Get a better fit for better sound
A properly fitted bridge is critical to the sound of an Bridge Bolts
archtop guitar or mandolin. Rubbing the bridge base These handy bolts are for test-mounting an unglued
over sandpaper on the top of the instrument is the flattop guitar bridge. Each is drilled for a guitar
traditional way to fit the feet, but handholding usually string. With bolts in the outer bridge pin holes, you
results in an ill-fitting contour. Our aluminum archtop can check the intonation, string pull, soundboard
bridge fitting jig, designedby renowned mandolin arch, bridge thickness and saddle height. Theyre
maker Don MacRostie, attaches to the bridge base. Lock indispensable for neck reset alignments. Brass, 8-32
the height of the jig roller for the desired bridge angle, Easy-install thread, 1"long, with knurled thumbnut and washer.
and three-point contact assures youll sand the correct thumbnuts
contours. Instructions included. #3417 4 pack $12.55
#5046 $42.35

30 | Tools for Bridges Call our product experts! 800-848-2273 Order online at stewmac.com
Unique solution Get a better
for soundboard saddle fit

Plate Mate
Quick fix for a worn bridge plate Saddle Slot Levelers
Helps guard against the eventual wear of ball-end These files fit standard acoustic guitar bridge saddle
strings on the bridge plate holes beneath the sound- slots, to clean and flatten the bottom. They enable
board. It can prevent costly bridge plate replacement. uniform contact with the bottom of the saddle for best
As installed
This simple .032" brass plate is held in place by the sound (critical for undersaddle pickups). Each 115/16" x
in Breedlove guitars
JLD Bridge Doctor strings and the supplied adhesive backing. Players 13/16" steel file has smooth sides, safe rounded ends, and
have also noted enhanced tone and improved tuning coarse and fine-cut teeth on the long flat edges. Use the
Screw mount This ingenious spruce device attaches stability after installation. 1/8" file for Fender nut slots too.
beneath the bridge via an inlaid screw. An adjustable String spread
pressure post rests against the tailblock, providing lever- #3633 21/8" ea. #3067 For 1/8" slot ea.
age to flatten the soundboard. Bet- #3637 23/16" $24.18 #3068 For 3/32" slot $18.85
ter bridge contact and alignment
can also enhance sound projection.
ea. 3+
#3694 $22.50 $20.02

Brass pin mount

The pin-mounted version of the JLD Bridge Doctor
attaches beneath the bridge using a threaded brass
bridge pin. Strings mount hori-
zontally through the tops of the
matching brass bridge pins (in- I saw this in
cluded). use at Martins repair
shop 20 years ago. Ive
ea. 3+
wanted one ever since.
#3695 $52.75 $46.95 Pinpoints the correct bridge saddle location
Dan Erlewine
Makes the job easy! Its perfect for positioning a
new slotted bridge, or to check the placement of
an installed saddle. Made of aluminum and steel,
it adjustsfor most scale lengths up to 27". Saddle
Spatula location pins can be set for scale length compen-
Bridge/ Heating iron, Great for removing bridges and pickguards sation, and for a left-hand bridge too.
Fingerboard page 28 With a shop-tested blade design and sturdy hardwood
Removal block handle, the Bridge Spatula is a highly efficient tool
Knife for separating loose bridges, fretboard extensions and 1 Place the block 2 Position the slider groove

Heres a highly pickguards. The thin easy-clean 21/2" x 5" x .012" stainless against the nut. directly over the 12th fret.

versatile tool steel blade is super-stiff. Its mounted at a shallow angle

for removing an for getting under your work with better control. Thick
acoustic guitar felt lining beneath the block helps protect soundboard
bridge, pickguard finishes and lets the tool slide smoothly. 3 Turn the 4 Press the pointers into the bridge.
Draw a line connecting these holes.
or fingerboard #4466 $41.28 180 degrees. This is the front edge of the new slot.

extension. This #4462 $39.53

wooden-handled flat spatula has a 37/8" steel blade
that tapers from handle to tip (.045" to .010"). The
blade is flexible, so you can work it into the joint
while holding the handle safely off the guitar top. Acoustic Guitar Bridge Template The Intonator StewMac
Warm the glue joint first, to help break the bond. One of our favorite Dan Erlewine inspired tools. This Finds accurate exclusive
brass template is for checking your progress when saddle placement
#4464 $14.91 youre shaping a vintage Martin-style belly bridge and compensation
from scratch. The edges are contoured for matching The Intonator finds the
Seam Separation Knife the top arch, back roundover, and wing contours. correct location for plac-
StewMacs Todd Sams suggested the handy locating ing the saddle on a flat-
Ideal for removing a top, back or fingerboard. The
holes for bridge pin spacings too: modern 21/8" and top guitar bridge. Use
stiff 33/4" x 3/4" carbon steel blade has a long knife
pre-war 21/32" spreads. it before cutting a new
edge to enter cracks and separate glue seams.
Hardwood handle. Top arch Bridge pin spacings saddle slot, or when fill-
ing and reslotting. It fits
behind the bridge pins, and concentric brass sleeves on
#4465 $10.27 its adjustable brass saddles can be added or removed for
proper string height. Just turn each thumbscrew until
Wing contour Back roundover the intonation is correct, and mark the saddle positions
Offset Disassembly Knife on the bridge. Your marks are accurate guides for rout-
The rosewood handle is offset to protect the ing a new saddle slot, or for multiple saddles, and will
soundboard when lifting a bridge, pickguard or help you correctly compensate the saddle if needed.
fingerboard, or cleaning glue from a loose brace. Instructions included.
#5245 $80.44
31/2" blade is ground thin for flexibility. 71/2" overall

#1287 $6.28
Knife cannot be shipped outside the USA.
#0672 $13.07

Orders received by 4pm EST weekdays are shipped the same day Tools | 31
for Dremel + Foredom

Inlay cavities Fret slots #5155

A more stable Saddle slots and more
and versatile way #1188
to support your #1188 For inlay routing. 3/32"
Dremel shank;* width of cut .055".
Package of 6. $13.25
#1187 For fine detail inlay cavity
routing, or to widen fret slots.
3/32" shank;* width of cut 1/32". #1180
Package of 6. $13.25
at stewmac.com
#1180 Solid carbide, for cleaning
fret slots and for banjo capo #1190
Our sturdy, compact all-metal base is the best way to hold a Dremel for freehand routing, inlaying, widening fret spikes. 3/32" shank;* cutting
slots, and more. It works with our jigs for precisely routing bridge saddle slots and soundhole rosette channels width tapers from .032" to .019".
too. Crafted of machined steel, brass and aluminum, it features precision cutting depth adjustment with large Package of 5. $21.53 *Bits with 3/32"
thumbwheels that eliminate guessworkone turn equals .035"/.889mm. The posts serve as handles for guiding shank require
the tool. Installation is easy: unscrew the threaded plastic collar on the nose of your Dremel, and screw on the #1190 Solid carbide, for saddle #0681 collet
router base. It fits most Dremels made since 1986, and our custom Foredom handpiece. slots. 3/32" shank;* width of cut (below)when
5/64"; cutting height 1/4". used with a
#5260 Precision Router Base $56.94 Package of 5. $21.53 Dremel.
TIP SAVE! Complete Precision Router Set
Save when you buy the complete set. Includes
Our Precision Router Base fits Dremel models
Precision Router Base, Edge guide, 5/16" router bit, Solid Carbide Downcut Bits
4000, 400XPR, MultiPro and Professional. It Solid carbide reverse-spiral flutes cut cleaner no fuzz
also fits Black+Decker Wizard and RTX, and and Mini Air Pump.
cavities for inlay work. 11/2" length; 1/8" shank.
our custom Foredom handpiece, page 33. #5263 Complete Precision Router Set $127.89
$115.10 For inlay routing + saddle slots
Width of cut
Edge Guide #5153 3/32"
#5154 1/8"
With this adjustable brass guide you can use your Dremel #5154
tool and our Router Base to cut channels for bindings up
For fine detail inlay routing
to 3/8" thick. A thumbscrew adjusts the distance of the
roller guide from the axis of the cutter bit, and an Allen Note: these bits are fragile. For
screw locks the adjustment. The cutting height is set routing intricate details only.
and locked on the Router Base. For the cleanest cuts, Width of cut
#5150 1/32" #5151
use our #4032 carbide-tipped bit, page 33.
#4324 $34.59 #5151 3/64"
#5152 1/16" #5152

ea. $19.48 3+ $17.92

Mini Air Pump
#5155 All 5 bits $97.40
4-foot flex hose connects the pump to the Precision Router Base nozzle. The gentle
air stream helps keep your work area dust-free, for better visibility. Lets you rout
intricate inlay cavities more accurately. 120v AC.
#5262 $18.00
1/4" to 1/8" Adapter Collet
Converts the 1/4" collet in your laminate
Adapting your rotary tool trimmer to use 1/8"-shank router bits. Brass,
To install our Precision Router Base, Purfling Channel Routing Jig, or Binding Router Guide on 13/16" length. #5246 $13.44
a Dremel 4000, 400XPR, Professional, MultiPro, Black+Decker Wizard or Black+Decker RTX
rotary tool, unscrew the threaded plastic collar on the tool housing. Most Dremels made since
1986 (except cordless models) have this feature. 3/32" Collet
A must have! This collet is not supplied
with Dremel tools, and youll need it to use
3/32"-shank bits.
Dremel 4000: High Performance Rotary Tool #0681 $4.53
Inlay saddle slots, purfling channels, and more
The Dremel is a long-time favorite in guitar shops, for small-
scale precision routing, grinding, cutting and polishing. Dial in
speeds from 5000 to 35,000 rpm, for woods, plastics and metals. On/Off Footswitch
Dremels ball-bearing design gives smooth operation, and the No more reaching for the
high-performance 1.6-amp motor features electronic feedback power switch! Hands-free
for constant speed under load. Change bits and accessories fast operation when using
with the keyless chuck. power tools. Measures 31/2"
x 7", includes a 7' power
Includes a 32 piece accessory/bit set, rugged storage case,
cord. For 115v AC, 15 amp
1/8" collet, 6' power cord.
#0358 Complete outfit, 120v AC $107.61 #2140 $26.90

Dremel 490 Dust Blower Clamp the Dremel + Router Base upside-down
A mini fan for your rotary tool on your workbench, and use the bottom of
Keeps sawdust out of your way while routing. Great for inlay the router base as a mini drum sander, as Dan
work and routing saddle slots. Use with our Precision Router Erlewine did for a Gibson L-1 archtop bridge.
Base, Soundhole and Rosette Routing Jig, or Saddle Routing
Jig. Replaces the collet nut, hand-tightens, no wrench required. stewmac.com search: ts111
#0326 $3.99

32 | Tools for Bridges Call our product experts! 800-848-2273 Order online at stewmac.com
Soundhole and Rosette Foredom
Routing Jig Flexibleshaft Power Tool

Cut circular purfling channels and sound-
holes in new guitar or ukulele soundboards, Featuring our Precision Router Base
easily and accurately. This handy aluminum Power and versatility for precision
jig attaches to our Precision Router Base routing without bogging down
and works with your Dremel. It adjusts for Guitarmakers need power and accuracy for jobs like
2" to 6"-dia m eter cuts. Simply mount the production inlay work and saddle slotting. Foredoms
centerpin through the soundboard and into 1/6-hp ball-bearing motor with flexible shaft is the answer.
your workboard. The router base adjusts the Components available at stewmac.com.
cutting depth.
#0686 $86.90
Works for Includes:
guitars Motor Flexible shaft Custom handpiece Foot control
and ukes Motor hanger Handpiece rest Precision Router Base
Router base and Dremel not in- #5328 115v AC
cluded. Downcut bits (page 32) #5329 230v AC ea. $422.54
produce the cleanest results. $405.64

Saddle Routing Jig

Slot/compensate a new bridge
Fix an incorrectly located saddle
Flatten the bottom of a slot for
an undersaddle pickup
We designed this versatile jig to bring
accuracy and ease to bridge saddle
routing. It includes sliding adapter plates
that work with our Precision Router Base
and your Dremel or Bosch Colt router.
Simply clamp the jig at the soundhole
and tailblock. Its made of clear acrylic for
easy positioning, with sponge padding Works with Dremel, Bosch Colt router, or other
to help level the jig on arched guitars. trimmers The Otter Compact Routing Table
Cutter alignment, slot length and width A compact router table for shaping and leveling small parts
are precisely adjustable. Works great for This small, portable router table can be clamped quickly to your workbench and easily
split saddles too. Instructions included. stored when not in use. Use as a stationary router table or flip it over and use it as a
hand held router. Great for normal table routing, pattern routing, and edge jointing.
Includes two attachments that attach to any vacuum hose, keeping your work clean
and free of debris. Dan Erlewine says its some of the best dust collecting hes seen!
Clamps, Precision Router Base and router Router table dimensions: 8" x 10" x 0.260"
not included. Drill the Colt adapter plate
to fit other laminate trimmers. Includes: Router table Double-sided removable fence for pattern and table rout-
ing 2 removable 5/8" rails for hand-held routing Centering plug Handle Dust
#4043 $189.72 Sliding adapter
collection assembly with 2 attachments and adapter
plate Please note: This routing table is designed to fit the Bosch Colt Router,
but is adaptable for other models. Router is not included, page 35 #5730 $89.90

Purfling and Soundhole Binding Router Guide

Router Guide Solution for archtop instruments
Screw this aluminum guide onto your This versatile attachment is for use with our
Dremel, and cut purfling and rosette chan- #4032 router bit. Designed by our own Don
nels in unattached violin plates and guitar MacRostie, it screws onto the Dremel tool, and
soundboards. Its rounded foot follows tight its thumbscrew-adjustable edge guide lets you
curves to help maintain a uniform cutting cut an accurate ledge for any binding thickness
distance. Thumbscrew adjustment; the up to .220". Made of precision-machined alum
Dremels chuck sets the depth of cut. Fits your inum and brass, its great for routing the edges
Dremel tool of archtop instruments, Works where
where a standard
Dremel not included. #4407 $51.65 router base tips and cutsa standard
an incorrect ledge.
router base
It installs easily on Dremel 4000, 400XPR,
MultiPro or Professionalwontrotary
work tools, and
view Black+Decker Wizard/ RTX tools, replacing
Carbide-tipped Binding Router Bits the threaded plastic collar on the tool housing
For Dremel and Foredom tools (fits 12 threads per inch).
These special cutters are designed for routing precise binding
channels. Their small diameter is ideal for tight curves, and the
#4561 #5248 Binding Router Guide $46.06
carbide tips stay sharp longer than steel bits. #4561 and #4562
have a pilot extension for uniform routing depth. 1/8"-diameter ea. 3+
shank; 3/8" cutting height. #4032 Carbide-tipped router bit $18.36 $16.34
#4032 5/16" diameter $18.36 $16.34
#4561 Pilot bit for .060" channel $23.57 $20.98
#4562 Pilot bit for .090" channel $23.57 $20.98
Binding bit sets for your shop router:
To use 1/8"-shank bits in your laminate trimmers Cut channels for practically any binding combinations, page 35
1/4" collet, see our #5246 adapter on page 32.

Orders received by 4pm EST weekdays are shipped the same day Routing Tools | 33
These machined fine woods make beautiful edge trim.
Unbent, approx. 331/2" x .080" x .250". Available with
.010"/.020"/.010" triple lamination at the bottom edge
(w=white fiber; b=black). Cocobolo is an oily wood, we StewMac Bind-ALL
recommend cleaning it with acetone and gluing with The first choice of major gui-
epoxy or super glue. tar manufacturers, Bind-ALL
glues plastic bindings to any
Actual size tonewood. Its high tackiness

ea. 12+
holds bindings while you ap-
#2020 Rosewood* ply clamping bands or tape.
$3.97 $3.18 Big 2.4 oz tube!
#2021 Rosewood, w/b/w* #1976 $12.50
$5.87 $4.70
Flammable: Cannot ship by
#2022 Curly maple air or outside the USA.
$3.68 $2.94
#2023 Curly maple, b/w/b
ABS plastic bindings as used by major guitar manufactur- A
#2024 Ebony ers. Each strip is 65" long, to reach around most guitar bod-
$6.15 $4.92 ies. The edges are smooth to allow close fitting tolerances.
#2025 Ebony, w/b/w Actual size cross-sections
ea. 4+

$8.59 $6.87 .010" x .075"

#5774 White $4.19 $3.65 C
#5784 Black $4.19 $3.65
#2026 Curly koa
#5775 White $4.26 $3.71 Laminate your bindings
$8.59 $6.87 using our Binding Laminator and acetone:
.020" x .075" #5785 Black $4.26 $3.71
#2027 Curly koa, b/w/b #5905 Cream $4.26 $3.71 A black/white/black/white .010" strips.
$11.13 $8.90 #5776 White $4.94 $4.30 B .020" black and .040" white.
#2018 Cocobolo* .020" x .250" #5786 Black $4.94 $4.30 C .020" white + .020" black, oriented sideways.
$6.58 $5.26 #5906 Cream $4.94 $4.30

#2019 Cocobolo, b/w/b* #5781 White $4.94 $4.30

.040" x .250" #5791 Black $4.94 $4.30
$8.99 $7.19
#4395 Cream $4.94 $4.30
#2028 Bloodwood #5777 White $5.24 $4.56
$3.56 $2.85 .060" x .250" #5787 Black $5.24 $4.56
#5907 Cream $5.24 $4.56
#2029 Bloodwood, b/w/b
$5.94 $4.75 #5778 White $5.78 $5.03
.060" x .375" #5788 Black $5.78 $5.03
*Cannot be shipped outside the USA. #5908 Cream $5.78 $5.03 Brush acetone Laminator Pull
between presses and laminated
#5779 White $6.13 $5.33 binding strips aligns the strips binding out


#5789 Black $6.13 $5.33
#4396 Cream $6.13 $5.33 Binding Laminator
Made of non-stick material, it holds the bindings
Herringbone purfling #5782 White $9.50 $8.26 together while you brush on acetone to instantly
Wood/fiber, .140" wide x 1/16" x 32". Use .090" x .565" #5792 Black $9.50 $8.26 laminate the plastic. Internal spring pressure holds
two strips per Dreadnought top. #4397 Cream $9.50 $8.26 any combination of thicknesses. Instructions and
#1020 ea.
6+ two glue brushes are included.
#1020 Straight $5.94 $5.35 #4200 $24.61
Use .565" binding for Gibson Les Paul guitar tops.
#4724 Bent set of 2 set set, 6+
for Dreadnought $11.28 $10.15
#1026 StewMac Binding Scraper
Zipper backstrip 1/4" x 1/8" x 23". This perfectly-shaped scraper removes finish overspray from bindings. The knife
ea. 6+ edge creates clean, sharp edges on bindings of any size, with an angled tip for
#1027 #1026 $8.73 $7.86 tight places. Rounded opposite edge makes it comfortable to grip.
D-28 backstrip .175" x 1/8" x 23". #4200 $24.61
1761 ea. 6+ at stewmac.com
See more scrapers on page 26
#1027 $7.02 $6.32
Laminated purflings 7/64" deep
1763 x 311/2" long (b=black fiber; w=white Laser-Cut Wood Binding Set
natural maple).
6+ Hardwood bindings and trim from one piece of wood
1028 #1761 .020" b/w $2.61 $2.35 A great idea: all the parts for trimming a fine acoustic guitar,
#1762 .040" b/w $2.63 $2.37 cut from a single piece of wood. Thats a guaranteed match!
1764 #1763 .040" w/b/w $3.08 $2.77 Body and fingerboard binding, backstrip, end trim, heel cap
#1028 .060" w/b/w $3.50 $3.15 and truss rod cover in one precut piece, 34" long by 0.085"
#1764 .040" b/w/b $3.50 $3.15 thick. Costs less than buying separate pieces too.
1765 #1765 .060" b/w/b $3.49 $3.14
#2043 Curly Western Maple $36.70
#1766 .047" b/w/b/w $4.03 $3.63
#2044 Plain eastern Maple $36.70
1766 #1767 .080" b/w/b/w $4.10 $3.69
#2045 Indian Rosewood* $41.95
*Rosewood cannot be shipped outside the USA.
Maple purflings .020" x 3/32" x 311/2".
Package of 6. A
1768 #1768-B Black 6 pack
#1768-W Natural $9.29 A Body binding (5) B Backstrip C Fret board binding (2) D Truss rod cover E Tail strip F Heel cap

34 | Binding Tools + Supplies Call our product experts! 800-848-2273 Order online at stewmac.com
StewMac recommends
#0489 $114.95
Cut perfectly squared binding
ledges on archtop instruments at stewmac.com
The TrueChannel jig turns your laminate router into
a floating cutter. As you move the body of the instru-
ment into the cutter, your router glides vertically to
follow the bodys top edge. Bindings will fit correctly,

so you wont have to scrape them too thin. The jig
carriage fits the popular Bosch Colt router; an in-
expensive mounting kit lets you use other common
laminate trimmers too.

Included: Rock-steady aluminum router support at stewmac.com

post with carriage Four sliding support brackets, For wooden bindings, I cut first with a fine
adjustable for body shapes and heights Shaped saw then use the Miter Blade to shave it to
plywood guitar body cradle Instructions the precise miter. Dan Erlewine
Plywood cradle
Your router glides brackets
vertically as you guide Support post + StewMac
the body of the instru- router carriage Miter Blade for Binding
ment along the cutter
bearing. No matter how carefully you build, when the
miters arent sharp, it makes a poor impres-
sion. Dan Erlewine came up with this clever
blade for use in your drill press or our Fret
V-groove ball-bearing Arbor Press (page 9). Its extremely sharp!
rollers and a heavy Cuts wood or plastic bindings in one clean
duty support post #5993 TrueChannel jig complete $275.73 stroke. Sturdy brass housing with 3/8" shank,
make the jig smooth, stainless steel blade is 3/4".
steady and precise. #5994 TrueChannel complete, includes
#1298 router bit set (below) $379.25 $348.91 #0360 $31.49
#5650 Mounting kit for alternate routers $7.30
A standard router base Collet centering pin, acrylic template, instructions.
tilts on an archtop instru-
ment; the bindings wont Make your own plywood cradle shapes:
fit right. TrueChannel #5991 TrueChannel jig (no plywood cradle) $255.94
keeps the router vertical.
Bindings fit correctly. TrueChannel Router base #5992 TrueChannel jig (no plywood cradle),
with #1298 router bit set $359.46 $330.70

Rout clean, Binding Router Bit Sets

precise ledges Our clean-cutting carbide-tipped cutter has a 1/4" arbor
for practically for your shop router, an Allen screw with wrench for
any binding installing a depth-of-cut bearing, a special extension
combinations bushing for routing stairstep binding ledges, and
instructions. Money-saving sets add depth-of-cut
bearings sized specifically for binding routing jobs, and
for flush-trimming guitar tops and backs.
at stewmac.com
Standard set Set of 9 for common bindings,
Herringbone purfling and flush-cutting. MacRostie Binding Trimmer
.040" .060" .070" .090" .100" .120" .150" .200" and flush bearings Quick, easy and precise custom bindings
#1298 $103.52 Introducing the easiest way to custom-size wood or
Bearings only (actual depth of cut)
Complete set Includes all 19 bearing sizes. plastic bindings for a perfect fit. Duplicate the dimen-
#1298-040 .040" #1298-100 .100" #1298-160 .160" sions of older bindings for repair and restoration work
A practical money-saving set for repair shops.
#1298-050 .050" #1298-110 .110" #1298-170 .170" too. The Binding Trimmer, developed by Don MacRostie,
#1298-060 .060" #1298-120 .120" #1298-180 .180" #1297 $157.20
features a precision dimensioning gauge and custom
#1298-070 .070" #1298-130 .130" #1298-190 .190" Router bit only with extension bushing and Allen adjustable fence on a sturdy plywood base. It gives
#1298-080 .080" #1298-140 .140" #1298-200 .200" wrench. Cutter diameter .925"; 6-degree downshear pre- you accurate and repeatable results that will save you
#1298-090 .090" #1298-150 .150" #1298-210 .210" vents grabbing on climb cuts. Order bearings separately. time and work. Vertical/horizontal hold-downs tame
#1298-000 Flush bearing for trimming glued bindings, #1298-B $49.16 flexible binding materials for trimming to as thin as 1/16".
and newly assembled guitar tops/backs ea. $6.27 Order the MacRostie Binding Trimmer complete with
bit and Bosch Colt router, or use your own shop router.
Instructions are included.
Binding Tape Rubber
Stiffness and high- Clamping Bands
tack adhesive make Simple, form-fitting
this the strongest pa- clamps. Use the nar-
per tape weve found row bands for hold-
for holding bindings ing bindings in place Available
while the glue dries. while glue dries. Wide with 1 hp
Great for fret work bands are a heavier Bosch Spring-tension hold-downs and
masking too. Not for Colt micro-adjustable fence assure
version, great for glu- router
use on delicate or ing a fingerboard to precise dimensioning as you
and bit pull the binding through the bit.
vintage finishes. 3/4" x a neck.
60-yard roll. #2401 With Bosch Colt router and bit $349.57
3+ #1256 Narrow bands, 15 pack $19.74 #2400 Binding Trimmer only $211.68
#0678 3/4" x 60-yard roll $5.74 $5.11 #1257 Wide bands, 5 pack $11.50 #0698 1/2"-diameter bit only, 1/4" shank $22.94

Orders received by 4pm EST weekdays are shipped the same day Binding Tools + Supplies | 35

Get creative
with pearl inlays
Mother-of-Pearl and Abalone Blanks Essential Pearl Cutting Tool Set
For cutting custom inlays. Each 1 oz package contains a variety of shapes and sizes, usually sufficient for cutting a Cut your own custom inlays and make your instrument
fairly elaborate pattern. Blank pieces are .050" thick. unique. Our money-saving basic tool set is a great way
to get started.
1oz packages Pack Pack, 4+
Inlay tracing scribe
#0950 White pearl $30.35 $24.58
Pearl cutting saw
#4450 Figured white pearl $36.23 $29.35
#4451 Gold pearl $37.01 $29.98 12 fine, 12 medium and
#0959 Green abalone $49.98 $40.48 12 extra-fine blades
Individual blanks Pearl cutting jig with
ea. Pearl Inlay (p. 99)
White pearl Gold pearl Figured white Paua/green dust blower nozzle
yellow on at pearl abalone
#1996 White pearl, 1" x 2" $9.35 book included!
familiar figured #1992 Gold pearl, 1" x 1" $4.04 Mini air pump and hose
or swirled pale least one side; white pearl colorful greens,
shell aged look with more blues, and #1982 Paua abalone, 1" x 1" $8.66 Cutting lubricant
pronounced purples Pearl + abalone cannot be shipped outside USA.
figuring #5195 Complete Set $104.23 $88.60

Abalam Pearl Cutting Saw

Laminated Abalone Aluminum tensioning frame with rub-
Cut larger inlay patterns with less berized handle and 3" throat depth. Saw
waste. These popular .050" x 21/2" x vertically on the downstroke, with the pearl
Curved 41/2" blanks are made of colorful Paua held flat on a cutting jig. Fine blades are
shell in thin epoxy-bonded layers. for intricate work; medium blades cut a bit
Each layer is a patchwork of small faster. Extra-fine blades make cleaner cuts
color-matched pieces. in Abalam.
#4611 Saw frame only $22.68
ea. 3+
#4444 $73.30 $65.24 #0664 Extra-fine blades, 12 pack $4.91
Straight #0662 Fine blades, 12 pack $4.91
Abalam laminated shell U.S. patent #5,776,581 #0663 Medium blades, 12 pack $4.91
Abalone Purfling Inlays
.050"-thick flat shell, .063" wide. Curved pieces can be
broken and mitered for tighter curves. Random-length No-Stick Filler Strip Pearl Cutting Jig #5262
natural shell packages make about 15" of purfling. Rout the ledges at the edge of
the guitar, sandwich a no-stick
Inside dia. Pack Pack, 3+
strip between the bindings,
#1198 Green, straight $16.57 $14.08
and glue and tape them all in
#1199 Green, curved 4.92" $22.59 $19.20
place. When dry, pull out the # 5194
#4426 Paua, straight $20.72 $17.61
no-stick strip, and glue the
#4427 Paua, curved 4.92" $26.92 $22.88
purflings into the channel. Fast
and easy! The strip is .062" x ea. Our wooden 14" x 21/2" cutting platform has a blower
.095" x 36". nozzle that connects to an optional mini air pump. The
#4469 $3.10 $2.48
gentle air stream keeps your work dust-free and easy
to see. Clamp the jig to your bench, hold the pearl flat
over the jig hole, and saw vertically on the downstroke.
Herringbone Rosette
Black/white 3-ring set, 3/64" thick. #5194 Pearl Cutting Jig $13.67
Approx. 49/32" inside dia. and #5262 Mini air pump (120v AC) + 4' hose $18.00
53/4" outside dia. Commonly
istalled with the ends of the ring
trimmed, butted and covered by Inlay Tracing Scribe
the fretboard. Fine-point 41/4" double-end steel scribe for tracing pearl
ea. 3+ outlines on wood.Leaves a close-fitting guide for your
#1504 $9.91 $7.83 routing tool. #1672 $11.55
Zipflex Abalone Purfling
Real abalone shell on a flexible strip that bends into tight
curves. It looks greatjust as if it were assembled piece- Guitar Trim Blanks
by-piece. Install it between black/white trim and youre ABS plastic for making a neck
done in one simple step! Strips are 15"long x .055" deep. heel cap and end trim for an
acoustic body. 11/8" x 8" x .060".
Tap-Ease Cutting Lubricant
#1480 .047" width $26.40
Apply like a crayon to saw blades and files to reduce
#1481 .064" width $27.75 #5780 White ea. 12+ friction, for smoother cuts and less chatter. Helps
#1482 .079" width $30.40 #5790 Black $3.99 $3.51 extend tool life. #1681 $6.85

36 | Bindings, Inlays + Trim Call our product experts! 800-848-2273 Order online at stewmac.com
Add flash to any guitar! Actual sizes PRE-CUT INLAYS
White pearl, gold pearl, paua abalone, and pearloid acrylic.
Pearl Abalone Perfectly round 0.050" thick dots with natural swirls and figuring.
Pearloid is .060" thick. Sold individually.
#0972 ea. 25+ 100+
#0001 White $0.72 $0.50 $0.43
#5685 4mm (5/32") #0001-G Gold $0.74 $0.52 $0.44
dot #0001-A Abalone $0.77 $0.54 $0.46
#0001-IP Pearloid $0.46 $0.40 $0.36

#0002 White $0.72 $0.50 $0.43
5mm (13/64") #0002-G Gold $0.74 $0.52 $0.44
dot #0002-A Abalone $0.77 $0.54 $0.46
#0002-IP Pearloid $0.46 $0.40 $0.36
#0003 White $0.72 $0.50 $0.43
6mm (15/64") #0003-G Gold $0.74 $0.52 $0.44
Inlay Sets for Les Paul dot #0003-A Abalone $0.77 $0.54 $0.46
Flat .050" mother-of-pearl or .060" pearloid #0003-IP Pearloid $0.46 $0.40 $0.36
acrylic, accurately cut into vintage shapes,
ready to inlay.
6mm (15/64") dot #0016 Black plastic $0.59 $0.51 $0.46
Not just for Les Pauls! Add these inlays to
the fretboard of any guitar for a custom look!
6.7mm (17/64") dot #0012 Black plastic $0.59 $0.51 $0.46
For Gibson Les Paul Standard
9-piece sets. set set, 3+
#0011 White $0.74 $0.52 $0.44
#5685 White pearl $48.79 $43.42 #0011-G Gold $0.77 $0.54 $0.46
#5685-IP Pearloid $31.72 $29.50 6.35mm (1/4")
#0011-A Abalone $0.79 $0.55 $0.47
#0011-IP Pearloid $0.48 $0.42 $0.37
For Gibson Les Paul Custom Vintage Fender #0011-CL Clay* $1.35 $1.17 $1.05
10-piece sets. set set, 3+
#0972 White pearl $45.15 $40.18 We cannot ship genuine pearl or abalo- #0004 White $0.83 $0.58 $0.50
#0972-IP Pearloid $29.35 $26.12 ne products outside the USA. Pearloid 7mm (17/64") #0004-G Gold $0.85 $0.59 $0.51
acrylic can be shipped internationally. dot #0004-A Abalone $0.88 $0.62 $0.53
#0004-IP Pearloid $0.54 $0.47 $0.42
Les Paul is a registered trademark of Gibson Guitar Corporation.
#0014 White $0.94 $0.66 $0.56
8mm (5/16") #0014-G Gold $0.97 $0.68 $0.58
Downcut Inlay Bits dot #0014-A Abalone $1.00 $0.70 $0.60
Rout more precise Solid carbide reverse-spiral flutes cut precise #0014-IP Pearloid $0.61 $0.53 $0.48
inlay cavities no-fuzz cavities for inlay work. 11/2" length;
#0005 White $2.05 $1.43 $1.23
1/8" shank. For Dremel or Foredom tools. 5mm (13/64") #0005-A Abalone $2.19 $1.53 $1.31
#0005-IP Pearloid $1.33 $0.93 $0.80
#5155 Width of cut
#51501/32" #0006 White $2.19 $1.53 $1.31
ea. 6mm (15/64")
#51513/64" $19.48 #0006-A Abalone $2.30 $1.61 $1.38
#51521/16" 3+
#0006-IP Pearloid $1.42 $0.99 $0.85
Downcut #51533/32" per size #0007 White $2.19 $1.53 $1.31
Standard 11.5mm (29/64")
bit: clean #51541/8" $17.92 #0007-A Abalone $2.40 $1.68 $1.44
bit: fuzzy diamond
#0007-IP Pearloid $1.50 $1.05 $0.90
#5155 Set of all 5 bits Precision Router
#5150, #5151 and #5152 are fragile. $97.40 $86.69 Base, page 32 #0008 White $2.30 $1.61 $1.38
14.5mm (37/64")
Use only for routing intricate details. #0008-A Abalone $2.61 $1.83 $1.57
#0008-IP Pearloid $1.56 $1.09 $0.94
8mm diameter #0247 White $2.19 $1.53 $1.31
Essential Engraving Set (5/16") star #0247-A Abalone $2.33 $1.63 $1.40
#0247-IP Pearloid $1.42 $0.99 $0.85
Tools to get you started with engraving. Includes instruc-
tions and sample patterns for developing your skills.
12mm diameter #0248 White $2.54 $1.78 $1.52
(15/32") star #0248-A Abalone $2.84 $1.99 $1.70
#0248-IP Pearloid $1.73 $1.21 $1.04

Fretboard Side Dots ea. 10+ 50+
2.38mm (3/32") #0964 White $5.81 $4.94 $3.95
side dots, #0964-G Gold $6.14 $5.22 $4.18
package of 10 #0964-A Abalone $6.29 $5.35 $4.28

Clay dots are .060" Corian #0964-IP Pearloid $3.77 $3.20 $2.56
with cream vintage Fender
look #0964-CL Clay* $4.27 $3.63 $2.90
Set includes:
Onglette Onglette, flat, and square gravers with handles Double-
curves; fine lines
end steel scribe for guidelines Pattern tracing stylus for
Flat Glow in the Dark Dots
lettering; lining transferring designs to pearl Laskins engraving filler
Instructions and sample patterns James E. Pattersons Perfect for dimly-lit stages and dark clubs. They charge
Square quickly from any light source.
general purpose definitive Pearl Inlay book (page 99)
#0011-GR Fretboard Dots, Green #0963-GR Side Dots, Green
Tips shown enlarged #1673 Complete Essential Engraving Set $75.52 #0011-IB Fretboard Dots, Ice Blue #0963-IB Side Dots, Ice Blue
Components available individually at stewmac.com ea. 25+ 100+
$0.90 $0.78 $0.70 10 pack $6.75

Inlay Filler Colors Powdered opaque pigments for mixing with epoxy
when inlaying pearl. Side Dot Plastic 6" rods for position dots on a fretboard edge.
#1856 Black, for ebony (1 oz jar) 24+
ea. #0483 White, 1/16" #1358 White, 3/32" ea. per part #
#1858 Brown, for rosewood (1 oz jar) $9.88 #0484 Black, 1/16" #1359 Black, 3/32" $1.27 $0.84

Orders received by 4pm EST weekdays are shipped the same day Bindings, Inlays + Trim | 37
Ball-bearing Router Bits Pickguard Screws
Carbide-tipped bits with 1/2" cutting height, for use Phillips ovalhead, for
with our pickguard/body cavity temp lates (be- countersunk pickguards.
low). The ball-bearing guide matches the cutting
diameter, and the long 1/4"-diam eter shank allows
multiple-pass routing. Heat-resistant sleeve (not
shown) holds the bearing in place. Stack an extra bear- NEW
ing on the shank for deep cavities, and use the 3/8" bit For Fender 1/2" ea. 100+
only for routing corners. #0035 Chrome $0.41 $0.21

Relic options feature a #0035-B Black $0.54 $0.28

#0583 3/8" diameter* $29.07 played-in, worn look #0035-G Gold $0.69 $0.36
#0693 1/2" diameter $32.43 #0035-RN Relic nickel $0.41 $0.21
SAVE! #0565 Both $61.50 Foil #0174 Stainless $0.46 $0.24
$56.58 shield
For Gibson 3/8" ea. 100+

Extra bearings #4387 Nickel $0.41 $0.21

#1288 For 3/8" bit $6.20 #4387-B Black $0.41 $0.21
#1289 For 1/2" bit $5.88 #4387-G Gold $0.46 $0.24
Pickguards #4387-RN Relic nickel $0.41 $0.21
for Strat
*#0583 includes two bearings.
.080" single-ply or .100" laminated.
w=white; b=black; m=mint green;
tortoise pattern is printed.

For three single-coil pickups

Laminations / mounting holes ea. 3+
#0071 White (8) $15.42 $12.18
NEW #0071-R Relic white (8) $30.85 $24.37 50s style
#0063 Black (8) $15.42 $12.18 Black Bakelite
#0074 White/black/white (11) $19.53 $15.43
NEW #0074-R Relic white/w/b/w (8) $39.06 $30.86
#0075 Black/white/black (11) $19.53 $15.43
Laser-cut #1957 Mint/black/mint (11) $19.53 $15.43 Pickguards for Tele
for accuracy #0069 Tortoise/m/b/m (11) $33.95 $26.82 .060" single-ply, or .100" laminated.
#1959 Pearloid/w/b/m (11) $33.29 $26.30 Laminations / mounting holes ea. 3+
Pickguard and Body Cavity #0060 White (5) $11.81 $10.04
Routing Templates For two single-coils with NEW #0060-R Relic white (8) $23.63 $20.09
#0061 Black (5) $11.81 $10.04
Time-saving 3/16" transparent acrylic templates humbucking lead pickup #0076 White/black/white (8*) $18.52 $15.74
guide your router accurately for clean results. Laminations / mounting holes ea. 3+
Attach with countersunk screws or double-stick
NEW #0076-R Relic white/w/b/w (8) $35.28 $29.99
#0062 White/black/white (11) $24.09 $17.83 #0077 Black/white/black (8*) $18.52 $15.74
tape. Centerlines are laser-etched when needed #0064 Black/white/black (11) $24.09 $17.83
for correct placement. #1961 Tortoise/m/b/m (8*) $23.52 $19.99
#1960 Pearloid/w/b/m (8*) $24.57 $20.88
#1083 P-90 pickup cavity / pickguard cutout, *Plus pickup mounting holes. Tortoise pattern is printed.
+ Gibson mini humbucker cavity Pickguards
#1094 Gibson humbucker cavity for Gibson Genuine Black Bakelite Pickguards
#1095 Humbucker pickguard cutout .084" single-ply, early 50s style. 5 screw holes.
#1096 Strat (or Tele neck pickup) cavity Les Paul ea.
#1097 Strat pickguard cutout For full-size humbuckers. #0059 Neck pickup rout (Tele) $31.45 $26.73
#1099 Tele bridge pickup cavity .100" thick, with 1" x 21/4" #0058 No pickup rout (Esquire) $31.45 $26.73
#1103 P Bass cavity / pickguard cutout chrome bracket and screws.
#1111 Jazz Bass neck pickup cavity / ea. 3+
#1126 Black/white/black $17.78 $15.11 #0081
pickguard cutout
#1127 Cream $17.78 $15.11
Rear Cover Plates
#1090 Jazz Bass bridge pickup Tremolo spring covers
cavity / pickguard cutout ea. $5.83 Bracket only
ea. 3+ have restringing holes.
#1117 Rear cavity for our # 0081 cover #0105 Chrome, with screws $4.97 $4.22 #0081 control cavity
plate (at right); set of 2 templates $17.59 #0105-N Nickel, with screws $4.59 $3.90 cover is 31/2" x 73/4" x 1/8";
#1089 Complete set of templates $70.06 #0105-G Gold, with screws $7.75 $6.59 edges are squared for
$62.35 flush mounting.
Order #0035 pickguard
Bass Pickguards screws, above.
Tremolo routing templates on page 71
Laminations / mounting holes ea. 3+
.100" thick.
3M Double-stick Tape #0082 White (6) $4.01 $3.41
Clear polyester, adhesive-coated #0082-B Black (6) $4.01 $3.41
on both sides. 2" x 108 feet. #0082-M Mint/b/mint green (6)* $6.60 $5.61
#0082-T Tortoise/m/b/m(6)* $11.10 $9.43
#1689 $20.11 #0082-P Pearloid/w/b/m (6)* $10.68 $9.08
#1963 #0081 Black control cover (4) $11.28 $10.04
*#0082-M, 0082-T, 0082-P have a single rectangular string
#1962 access hole. m=mint green; tortoise pattern is printed.

Neck Joint Cavity Template For Jazz Bass

For Fender guitar and bass with radiused neck heel. Laminations / mounting holes ea. 3+ Benedetto Archtop Fingerrest
3/8" thick, includes instructions. #1963 Tortoise/m/b/m (11) $25.61 $21.77
#1120 $23.89 As installed on Robert Benedettos renowned
For P Bass ea. 3+ archt op guitars. Inc ludes ebony and felt
Blank Template #0079 Black/white/black (13) $25.19 $21.41 mounting blocks, screws, and installation
Clear acrylic, 93/8" x 6" x 3/16", for making your own tem- #1962 Tortoise/m/b/m (13) $37.03 $31.48 instructions. 23/8" x 81/2" x 3/16", for right-hand
plates or clamping cauls. #1088 $8.72 m=mint green; tortoise patterns are printed. guitars.
#4173 $48.62
Strat, Tele, Esquire, P Bass, and Jazz Bass are registered trademarks
Pickguard shielding foil for solidbodies, page 54 of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.

38 | Pickguards + Templates Call our product experts! 800-848-2273 Order online at stewmac.com
To make an archtop guitar
pickguard, I start by making
Tortoloid Dreadnought Pickguards an acrylic template
The look of antique Hawksbill tortoise shell. Available

in modern Martin shape (replace your stock printed
pickguard), or slightly oversize. Only .025" thin, with
23/8" radius at the soundhole edge.
#2090 Modern shape ea. per size
Pickguard Materials #2091 Oversize $31.40 $26.69
Includes black (b), white (w), cream, pearloid, tortoise,
and tiger stripe. Dimensions are 111/4" x 191/8" unless
otherwise noted.

#5865 Black, .025" x 83/4" x 113/8", ea. 3+

self-adhesive $10.40 $9.26
#1048 Black, .035" $13.60 $12.10 Red Swirl Tigerstripe Antique
#1030 Black, .059" $13.60 $12.10
#1031 Black, .083" $14.68 $13.07 1 To make a replacement pickguard
#1035 White, .059" $13.60 $12.10
Tortoloid Pickguard Material for a 1940s Gibson archtop, I first draw
#1033 White, .083" $14.68 $13.07 the shape and glue it to an acrylic Blank
#1037 B/w/b, .106" $14.91 $13.27 Authentic vintage look Cut your own shapes
#1039 W/b/w, .106" $16.99 $15.12 Modern printed pickguards dont compare to the Template. Then I bandsaw the material to
#1041 B/w/b/w/b, .106" $17.83 $15.87 vintage look of Tortoloid. Individually cast with poured shape and sand the curves smooth.
#1051 Cream, .085" x 12" x 18" $15.90 $14.15 resins and dyes by luthier Mario Proulx; no two sheets
#1040 Pearloid/w/b/m, .106" $46.62 $41.49 have exactly the same pattern. Each sheet is .025" thin,
so your guitars tone wont be dampened. Antique
2 With double-stick tape, I fasten the
#5866 Pearloid, self-adhesive template to my Tortoise Pickguard Mate-
.036" x 85/16" x 119/16" $22.82 $20.31 tortoise has the authentic look of antique Hawksbill tor-
toise shell. Tigerstripe is especially for Gibson acoustic rial, which is cut a little bit oversize. The
#1049 Tortoise/m/black/m, .106" $36.49 $32.48
#5867 Tiger stripe, self-adhesive guitars. Amber for soundboards with a light sunburst or templates ready for its first job: helping me
.025" x 8" x 1115/16" $19.78 $17.60 natural finish, and red to complement darker sunbursts. cut the pickguard to shape on my router
#5864 Brown tortoise, self-adhesive, Red swirl has the look of early-1940s Martin celluloid table. A Ball Bearing Router Bit follows the
.025" x 71/8" x 111/2" $34.62 $30.81 pickguards, with red-browns replacing the amber. Sheets
measure 43/4" x 71/2". template, cutting the pickguard.
#3419 Clear self-adhesive Mylar for acoustic,
.005" x 10" x 13", set of 4 $18.70 $16.64 #2093 Antique tortoise
m=mint green; tiger stripe, tortoise patterns are printed. #2097 Amber tigerstripe
#2098 Red tigerstripe
ea. 3+
Hard-to-find 5-ply b/w/b/w/b with vintage #2096 Red swirl $31.40 $26.69
Gibson-style wide white 4th lamination;
.120" x 12" x 18". #1042 $30.45 Oversized sheets
For larger pickguards, such as Gibson J45s and J50s.
415/16" x 10".
Self-Adhesive #2097-L Amber tigerstripe
#2098-L Red tigerstripe
ea. 3+
Pickguards #2096-L Red swirl $39.25 $33.36

See #4597 adhesive sheet at left

at stewmac.com
3 Now the template does its second job,
as a gluing jig for the pickguard binding.
High-gloss PVC plastic pickguards in Dreadnought Tortoise Pickguard Its held in a vise while I heat and bend my
shape. Self-adhesive for easy installation. 23/8" radius at Material laminated binding to its shape.
the soundhole edge. for Archtop
Instruments At this point, I have my tortoise cut to
#5861 Black, .025" $4.19 $3.73
#5862 Clear, .011" $3.77 $3.36 Thick acrylic tor- shape, and my binding bent to match it.
#5860 Brown tortoise, .025" $9.37 $8.34 toise for making Bind-ALL glue joins them to create my
Tortoise pattern is printed. elevated pickguards. The bound pickguard.
color is swirled throughout the gloss-surface
material, not printed on a layer like other pickguards,
3M Pickguard Adhesive Sheet for translucence that varies with the darkness of the
No brush, no mess instrument body. Resists warping better than traditional
3M adhesive in a .002" x 6" x 8" sheet with easy-peel celluloid. 611/16" x 1113/16"sheets.
Thickness* ea. 3+
protective covering. Adhere the sheet to the pickguard,
#1700.080"-.090" $24.38 $21.70
trim the excess, peel, and attach to the guitar. Use on
#1701.120"-.130 $35.44 $31.54
finished surfaces only. *Thicknesses vary because this material is handmade.
ea. 6+ 12+
#4597 $3.35 $2.91 $2.51 Blank Template for making your own. #1088 $8.72

Pickguard Bevel Cutter

Get a uniform bevel on pickguard edges with this custom 45 pickguard After scraping and polishing, the result is
degree bit. The carbide-tipped cutter has a 1/4"-dia. shank and 1/2"-dia. bevel a glossy custom pickguard.
ball bearing guide. Cut the pickguard on your own template of the Maegen Wells
desiredshape. Instructions included.
#5243 $27.20 Make your own template See Maegens complete
of any material at least 1/2" thick video at stewmac.com: ts276

Orders received by 4pm EST weekdays are shipped the same day Pickguards | 39
The only finish specially
formulated for instruments.

Aerosol Guitar Lacquer

Finish an entire guitar with traditional
nitrocellulose lacquer. No complicated
spray equipment necessary! Aerosols
dry fast and produce a hard, durable
finish. Its the easiest way to spray a
StewMac makes it easy and affordable
professional finish. to obtain a good result. Brian P, Iowa
Please note: Aerosols cannot be shipped by air or outside the USA.

Above photo: Brians actual guitar! Thanks, Brian!


Tinted Lacquer 50s Classic Metallic Lacquer

Classic colors to create great looking sunburst finishes Colors Lacquer Create your own goldtop, or silver guitar. ColorTone
Their transparency lets the real beauty of fine instru- Lacquers that match classic Fender and Gibson finishes Metallic Aerosols are not hardware store colors: weve
ment woods shine through. from the 1950s. formulated these to match well-known guitar finishes.
ea. any 3+ ea. any 3+ ea. any 3+
#5880 Vintage Amber $19.49 $17.54 #5884 Blond $17.80 $16.52 #3890 Antique Gold $20.88 $18.79
MIX+ #5881 Cherry Red $19.49 $17.54 MIX+ #5885 TV Yellow $17.80 $16.52 MIX+ #3891 Pale Gold $20.88 $18.79
SAVE #5882
Tobacco Brown
Red Mahogany
SAVE #5886
Sonic Blue
Aged Clear
$17.80 $16.52
$17.80 $16.52
SAVE #3892
Bright Gold

A great choice for

first-time finishers!


Clear Guitar Lacquer and Sealers Black Guitar Lacquer ColorTone Finishing Kit
Clear coats add final depth and a beautiful gloss. Sand- Rich glossy black lacquer, great for pegheads. A great choice for first-time finishers. Includes easy-to-
ing sealer (one coat equals two lacquer coats) seals apply gloss nitrocellulose finish, and a full selection of
stained or unstained wood before color or finish coats Beautiful, gives a very nice finish! polishing compounds. Even if youre a beginner, you
are applied. Steve R, Texas can achieve beautiful results youll be proud to show off.
ea. any 3+
#3881 Clear Gloss $14.39 $12.95 ea. any 3+ Clear aerosol (4 cans) Finishing papers
#3882 Clear Satin $14.39 $12.95 #3885 Black Gloss $14.39 $12.95 Clear aerosol sealer (22 sheets)
MIX+ #3883 Clear Sanding Sealer $14.39 $12.95 MIX+ Polishing compounds Guitar Finishing
SAVE #3884 Vinyl Sealer $14.39 $12.95 SAVE (four 4 oz grades) Step-by-Step book
#3888 White Vinyl Sealer $14.39 $12.95 #1850 Complete Kit $64.52 $48.39

MIX + SAVE ON ALL COLORTONE AEROSOLS Get 10% OFF when you buy any 3+
40 | ColorTone Aerosol Guitar Lacquers Call our product experts! 800-848-2273 Order online at stewmac.com
General Finishes Seagrave
Clear Waterbase Lacquer Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Nonflammable, environmentally Legendary McFadden lacquer is now
friendly alternative to traditional under the Seagrave banner. Favored
nitrocellulose lacquer. Dries hard by many luthiers for durable tradi-
and sands easily, with nonyellowing tional finishes with beautiful gloss.
ColorTone Liquid Stains clarity. Simple to applyno separate Spray with or without thinning, for
sealer required! fast build-up in multiple coats.
ea. 4+
#1779 Clear gloss, 1 qt ea.
#2200 1 qt can $34.78 $30.26
#1780 Clear satin, 1 qt $28.33
Add these lightfast metal-complex dyes
#2201 Seagrave Vinyl Sealer, 1 qt ea. 4+
to clear lacquer, shellac, waterbase or cat
Seals wood, build up level surface. $20.14 $17.52
alyzed finishes. They can be reduced with General Finishes
water or alcohol for use on bare wood, and #2202 Seagrave Lacquer Thinner, 1 qt ea. 4+
mixed for any desired intensity. Enduro Var Varnish For thinning nitrocellulose lacquer. $20.35 $17.70
Easy to apply and dries hard, with a
#5030 Vintage Amber #5038 Cherry Red slight amber tint deepens over time, Seagrave products cannot be shipped by air or outside the USA.

#5032 Red Mahogany #5039 Blue making it a great choice for violins.
#5033 Medium Brown #5040 Black Useful for urethane touch-ups on
#5034 Tobacco Brown #5041 Bright Green guitars and for complete instrument
#5037 Lemon Yellow #5042 Orange ea. $22.41 projects too.
#1785 Gloss, 1 qt ea.
SAVE! #5029 Set of all 10 colors $224.10 $212.89
#1786 Satin, 1 qt $35.00

ColorTone Liquid Pigments Behlen Nitrocellulose Stringed

Instrument Lacquer
Produces a hard, durable finish thats
Concentrated pigments for mixing with moreflexible than furniture lacquer,
lacquer or waterbase lacquer to create toaccommodate the expansion and
opaque (solid) colors. Spray clear topcoats contraction of wooden instruments.
for final gloss. 4 oz bottles. ea.
#4841 1 qt can $22.88 $19.91
Lacquer Waterbase Lacquer
#5361 Black #5231 Black Preservation Polish
#4843 Behlen Vinyl Sealer, 1 qt ea. 4+ Silicone-free, repair shop friendly
#5362 White #5232 White Seals wood, build up level surface. $20.14 $17.52
#5363 Red #5233 Red Most guitar polishes leave hard-to-remove silicone
#5364 Yellow #5234 Yellow #0855 Behlen Lacquer Reducer, 1 qt ea. 4+ residue. This prevents glue andfinish from adher-
#5365 Brown #5235 Brown For thinning nitrocellulose lacquer. $20.35 $17.70 ing, making even simple repairs more difficult and
#5366 Blue #5236 Blue costly. PreservationPolish gently cleans, polishes
#5237 Green ea. $15.49 #0848 Behlen Lacquer Retarder, 1 qt
#5367 Green and protects lacquer and varnish finishes, with no
Add to lacquer, slows drying time. ea. $23.75 wax or silicone residues.
#0775 Behlen Naphtha Solvent, 1 qt ea. 3+ 6+
ColorTone Waterbase Grain Filler For cleaning wood before finishing. ea. $12.05 #3006 12 oz bottle $9.29 $8.27 $7.52
Behlen products cannot be shipped by air or outside the USA. Cannot be shipped by air or outside the USA.

For filling and leveling the pores of open-grain woods ColorTone Fretboard Finishing Oil
before spraying a finish. No shrinking or cracking; it ColorTone Shellac
Our super pale (platinum blonde) dewaxed shellac Helps prevent drying/cracking in new
thins with water, brushes on, dries fast and sands easily.
flakes for sealing, finishing and touch-ups. Dissolve in or cleaned rosewood and ebony fret
Supplied in paste form in 4 oz jars.
Behkol solvent. boards. Wont dry sticky; safe for inlays
#0220-A Ash (maple/beech/pine) #6180 4 oz package $15.65 and frets. Wipe on, wipe off and buff.
#0220-MB Rosewood (medium brown) #6181 1/2 lb package $28.61 Dries in 24 hours.
#0220-RB Rosewood (reddish brown)
#0220-E Ebony #0774 Behkol Solvent* $13.88 #3863 8 oz bottle
#0220-M Mahogany *Cannot be shipped by air or outside the USA. at stewmac.com $15.59
#0220-N Neutral ea. $7.34 Cannot be shipped by air or outside the USA.

ColorTone Clear Waterbase Grain Filler Zinsser Clear Aerosol Shellac

#5577 Clear, big 1 pint jar $22.89 A clear sealer for unfinished or stained wood. ColorTone Lemon Oil
Other finishes will bond well to it, can used Used to clean and condition fretboards.
as your topcoat too. It enhances wood grain Helps restore luster, rich color, and a
and wont yellow with age. Non-toxic and smooth feel. Apply twice a year to help
all-natural, in a handy 12 oz aerosol. prevent drying out.
Cannot be shipped by 3+ ea. 3+

air or outside the USA. #3886 $17.95 $15.98 #3864 4 oz bottle $12.20 $10.86
Buy any 3+ markers
and save 10%
vGrip Aerosol Handle
Snap-on trigger handle lets you
use an aerosol can like a spray
ColorTone Touch-up Markers gun. Better comfort and smoother
Repair scratches without brushing or spraying spray control.
#5063 $6.88
Genuine nitrocellulose guitar lacquer in a marker pen.
Perfect for finish touch-ups, like fixing scratches. Black Fingerboard Stain
#7050 Clear Gloss #7052 Vintage Amber ea. Our favorite way to make ebony uniformly black is
#7051 Aged Clear #7053 Cherry Red $10.40 NEW Aerosol Spray Nozzles Higgins famous India Ink. This is the darkest black
#7057 Blond #7054 Tobacco Brown Upgrade your aerosol cans! Adjust the weve ever found. Non-toxic, non-waterproof and
any 3+
#7058 TV Yellow #7055 Red Mahogany fan-shaped spray pattern to be vertical or non-flammable. Mixes well with dark tints to make
#7059 Sonic Blue #7056 Black horizontal. Reusable, fits all of our them darker too. Wipe on, and wipe off the excess
SAVE! #7070 Set of all 10 colors $104.00 $88.40 ColorTone Aerosols. 6 pack 6 pk, 3+ as needed. 2 oz bottle. #4237 $5.14
Touch-up Markers cannot be shipped by air or outside the USA. #5058 $5.15 $4.58

Orders received by 4pm EST weekdays are shipped the same day Finishing Supplies | 41
Optimum 715 rpm
Turn the Freehand Holder buffing speed
A better way to hold
your work for spray
Clamp the sturdy steel frame
into your vise, fasten a guitar
reach the entire body easily body or neck to the rotating
handwheel shaft, and simply
turn the wheel as you spray.
The body moves to you, for
easy uniform coverage. That
means less time and effort StewMac
at the sanding stage too. tools + ideas for guitarmaking

Quick-change attachments
for acoustic and solidbody

guitars are included. BIG power buffer for small shops

#6130 Complete $93.37 Get beautiful high-gloss finishes
Wide: 36" shaft: extra clearance for big guitars
Big: 14" buffing wheels for maximum polishing area
Extra attachments Smooth: Big pillow block shaft bearings
Swap bodies quickly for Powerful: 3/4 hp (1725 rpm) motor, pulley and belt
production finishing.
Includes: Arbor, V-belt, motor with pulley, extra-fine,
#6131 Acoustic $13.63
fine, and medium compounds, 2 domet and 2 canton
#6132 Solidbody $15.25
buffing wheels, rake and instructions for making a base.
Screws not included.
at stewmac.com SAVE! #3080 Complete outfit, 120v ea. $694.67
SAVE! #3084 Complete outfit, 230v $659.94

Gravity-feed Spray Gun SAVE! #3081 Outfit without motor $534.45 $513.07
Compact with a great price, chosen by our techs Everything except the motor; you supply your own.
This modern gravity-feed spray gun works with a standard com- #3082 Arbor only, with belt and flanges $381.41
pressor and normal spray pressures (typically 35psi for lacquer). #3083 Motor only (120v) with 1.89" pulley $160.22
Similar to HVLP guns (high volume, low pressure), this highly #3085 Motor only (230v) with 1.89" pulley $160.22
efficient gun produces consistent atomization and reduced at stewmac.com
overspray. Your finish coats will be more even than ever before,
making final sanding and polishing a breeze!
#5429 $36.70 Buffer Base
Sturdy plywood, drilled for our buffer. Fits our
ShopStand (page 20), or attach to your own
stand. 113/4" x 20" x 11/2".
Mini Regulator for Spray Guns #3086 Base only $52.45
Connect to your spray gun to easily #3087 Hardware set $6.25
NEW adjust air pressure as you spray, right at (screws, locknuts, washers)
the gun. Threads onto standard 1/4" NPT
Techno Net air hose connections.
Paint Strainer #5441 $9.90 Buffing Wheel 14" fits 1"-dia. shaft, which fits
Filters out particles our current guitar buffer. 12" fits our older model, or
as you pour finish 3/4" shafts. Canton flannel is great for most buffing
into the spray gun. jobs, Domet for an extra fine polish.
Air Hose Quick Coupler ea. any 4+
25 per pack. This snap-apart connector makes
#5066 Super Clean, changing spray guns quick and easy!
MIX+SAVE #2084 14" Canton $20.16 $17.54
Buy any 4+ #3163 14" Domet $20.16 $17.54
for metallics $9.95 It also allows the air hose to rotate, save 13% #3161 12" Canton $18.43 $16.03
#5067 Super Fine, reducing twists and kinks. Includes #3162 12" Domet $18.43 $16.03
connection sleeve (female thread), male
for clear finish $9.95
nipple, female nipple.
#5442 $18.77
Flanges #3088 For 1" shaft, set of 2 $26.20

ColorTone Buffing Compounds

Outfit For retouching and graphics Professional guitar finishers favorite compound
bars. 24 oz bars.
Ready to connect to your compressor at 15-60 psi for fine #0101 Extra Fine $15.65
spraying. The airbrush has a .4mm nozzle and adjustable #0102 Fine $15.65
fluid cap. Two 2-ounce glass jars let you mix and spray #0103 Medium $15.65
lacquers and stains (not for use with waterbase finishes).
Flexible 10' braided hose. Wheel Rake
#5439 Complete outfit $27.88 A must-have for your buffing arbor. Cleans off old
compound from buffing wheels. #3164 $25.45
#5440 Extra 2 oz jar with lid $2.19 $1.75 at stewmac.com

Spray Gun Cleaning Kit StewMac Airbrush Caddy TGH Luthier Respirator Mask
Dont damage your gun with makeshift Keeps your jars orga- Spray Hooks A must for spraying!
cleaning tools! This versatile 17-piece nized for easy access. Heavy-duty 12" steel Comfortable thermoplas-
brush set cleans all types of spray guns Everything is together, hooks hang guitars tic molds to your face. Two
and airbrushes. and easy to carry or necks for spray chemically-charged car-
#1073 $16.22 finishing. tridges provide protection
from your work-
bench to your from paint vapors. NIOSH approved.
spray booth.
#5445 #0890 3 pack #5855 Respirator Mask $45.25
$10.45 $19.95 #5856 Two replacement cartridges $17.95

42 | Finishing Supplies Call our product experts! 800-848-2273 Order online at stewmac.com
3M Stikit Self-Adhesive Abrasives
Efficient and highly durable. Luthiers favorite papers!
Stikit is 3Ms Gold paper featuring handy self- Individual rolls
adhesive backing. The convenient 23/4" roll width #5766 80-grit $30.09
fits our fingerboard radius-sanding tools, making #5767 120-grit $29.23
it a real time-saver in the repair shop. 3M Gold #5768 220-grit $29.23
papers simply outlast and outperform other #5769 320-grit $29.23
at stewmac.com
dry-sanding papers! #5760 400-grit $29.23
The sharp premium #5761 600-grit $29.23
Foam Polishing Pads aluminum oxide grit
Sanding Block
#5762 800-grit $29.23
Your finishes can have a more professional look when cuts like a file and re- Durable and flexible
you use these fiber-free foam buffing pads. Theyre sists loading up with Stikit Woodworkers Set of 3 Dense foam with a special
ideal for applying polishing compounds with your dust. Handy size fits 80, 120 and 220-grit rolls surface for adhesive-backed
power buffer or variable-speed hand drill. The gentle our radius-sanding #5771 $88.55 $84.12 Stikit sandpapers. Allows
polishing action helps avoid swirl marks, fine scratches tools (page 10). you to replace the sandpaper

and burn-through. Four sizes include versatile cone Stikit Fret + Finishing Set of 4 without damaging the foam.
and hourglass-shaped pads for getting into guitar 320, 400, 600, 800-grit rolls 41/2" x 21/2" x 11/4".
cutaways and hard-to-reach contours. Each pad has #5772 $116.92 $111.07 ea. 3+
a 1/4"-dia. arbor. #3699 $3.80 $3.42
Diameter ea. 2+
#3414 51/2" large $16.75 $15.08
#3410 3" small $12.58 $11.32 3M Gold
#3411 31/8" cone $12.58 $11.32
Micro Finishing Papers
#3409 31/8" hourglass $12.58 $11.32 Fre-Cut Micro-grit abrasives for water-sanding
Sandpapers scratch-free finishes. The grit parti-
#3420 Set of all 4 sizes $54.49 cles are uniform in size, to virtually
$50.13 Luthiers favorite
eliminate sanding scratches. Perfect
dry-sanding papers.
for modern polyester finishes or for
TIP Aluminum oxide
traditional lacquered surfaces. Af-
grit cuts fast and
tersanding, use ColorTone polishing
Use a separate pad for each grade of com- resists clogging. Treated to help prevent
compounds for the final high gloss.
pound, to avoid adding scratches to your fisheyes (cratering) in waterbase fin-
9" x 51/2" sheets. #5557800-grit $0.46
finish. Apply compounds from coarser to ishes.These papers simply last longer
finer grades. thats why we use them in our own shops. at stewmac.com #55581000-grit $0.55
9" x 11" sheets. #55591200-grit $0.62
#55601500-grit $0.69
ColorTone #5096 150-grit #5099 400-grit #55612000-grit $0.72
#5097 220-grit #5100 600-grit
Polishing #5098 320-grit #5101 800-grit
Compounds Fre-Cut/Micro Finishing Paper Sampler
ea. $1.76 22 sheet pack, containing two sheets of each Fre-Cut and
Remove fine sand-
50+ $1.25 Micro Finishing Paper grit.
ing scratches on SAVE! #5562 $17.26 $15.36
instrument finishes
and plastics, with-
out leaving silicone Micro-Mesh
residue to hamper The final step for a beautiful finish TIP
future refinishing. Finishing Set
What is Micro-Mesh? #1500, 1800, 2400, 3200, 3600, 4000,
Apply by hand with a soft cloth, or with foam rotary pol-
Tiny abrasive crystals on cushioned 6000, 8000, 12000-grits (two 3" x 6"
ishing pads. After sanding a new finish with 600-800 grit
cloth-backed latex. It generates less pieces each), with 27/8" x 27/8" x 15/16"
papers, buff with Coarse compound. If your final sanding
heat, doesnt load up as fast as or- foam sanding block and instructions.
is 1200 grit, start with Medium. Fine compound is used
dinary papers, and last up to 15 times
after Medium, for super-high gloss. Swirl Remover on a
longer. Used with soapy water, it can #3706 Finishing Set $53.50
foam rotary pad removes buffing marks and extremely
produce a scratch-freemirror shine. #3701 Sanding block only $3.80
fine sanding scratches on fresh finishes. It can also be
used by hand for a high lustre on new or aged finishes.

#1202 Medium, 1.65 lb Micro-Mesh Touch Up Stick Soft Touch Pads

#1203 Fine, 1.65 lb Combines #2400, 4000, and 12000 grits on Micro-Mesh abrasive on both sides of
#1204 Swirl Remover, 16 oz ea. $23.78 padded flat surfaces, for spot touch-ups and a foam centerextra cushioning for
fret polishing. ea. 3+ polishing high gloss surfaces. Great
#1205 Set of all 3 large sizes $71.34 for touch-ups and finish sanding.
#3707 $2.08 $1.54
$67.77 Each set of 9 includes #1500, 1800,
#1844 Coarse, 4 oz Dual Angle Touch Up Sticks 2400, 3200, 3600, 4000, 6000, 8000,
#1845 Medium, 4 oz Versatile shape for spot polishing. Each stick and 12000 grits.
#1846 Fine, 4 oz has one grit per side, 8 total grits. 53/4" length.
Size set set, 3+
#1847 Swirl Remover, 4 oz ea. $8.35 1500 + 1800 4000 + 6000 #3650 Set of 4 #3730 2" x 2" $11.21 $9.98
#1848 Set of all 4 small sizes $33.40 2400 + 3600 8000 + 12000 $6.24 #3731 3" x 4" $24.48 $21.79

NEW 3M Scotch Brite Pads 3M Flexible Polishing Papers Finishing fabric

A steel wool alternative that is du- Use these revolutionary flexible wet-or-dry conforms to
rable, reusable, washable, and wont papers like cloth, to polish contoured fin- any surface!
shed. This means no surprise rust ishes, pickguards, inlays, and more. No dark
specks in a waterbased finish. Great residue in porous bone nuts and saddles!
for cleaning and deburring metal Each 9" x 11" sheet is coated with micro par- #6040 Green, 30 micron/400 grit
parts or scuff-sanding a finish. ticles of aluminum oxide (1200-8000 grit) or #6041 Gray, 15 micron/600 grit
silicon carbide (400-600 grit) on a synthetic #6042 Blue, 9 micron/1200 grit
#7447 General Purpose, maroon $1.95 backing. The coating wont clog quickly, #6043 Pink, 3 micron/4000 grit
#7448 Ultra Fine, gray $1.95 and the sheet washes easily in water. #6044 Aqua, 2 micron/6000 grit
#7445 Light Duty, white $1.85 #6045 White, 1 micron/8000 grit
#7450 Set of all 3 pads $5.75 SAVE! #6046 Set of all 6 $15.00 $13.80 ea. $2.50
at stewmac.com

Orders received by 4pm EST weekdays are shipped the same day Finishing + Sanding | 43
20-X Brush-on
Finishes/ Glues


StewMac Super Glues

tools + ideas for guitarmaking
Whip Tips

Speed your work by hours!

The first choice in many guitar shops, thanks to fast, incredible bonding strength for repair work StewMac Super Glue Starter Package
and instrument making. Each 1 oz bottle is the practical size to minimize shelf life problems. Includes everything you need to get started with super glue repairs: Thin
and Medium Super Glues, Aerosol Accelerator (6 oz), Brush-on Accelerator
10 Thin Super Glue 20-X Brush-on (2 oz), pipettes, Drop-fill Toothpicks, Whip Tips, and instructions.
Penetrates close-fitting joints and cracks. Remarkably handy for touching up minor #7000 Complete Package $40.18
Water-thin, its great for fast minor finish dings in guitar finishesmuch faster than $34.15
touch-ups too. Cures in 3-5 seconds, for a waiting for drop-filled lacquer to dry. It flows
strong moisture-resistant joint. smoothly, the brush/cap gives you fine
control for filling chips in the finish.
20 Medium Super Glue
Fills small gaps; cures in 10-25 seconds. See
#0020-X 1 oz bottle $8.38 $6.62
Precision Applicators
tinted options below. Place super glue exactly where you need it
30 Thick Super Glue
Epoxy-like gap-filling consistency. Cures in Super Glue Accelerator
30-50 seconds to allow joint repositioning. Makes super glue bonding even faster. Spray Whip Tips Drop-fill Toothpicks
3+ or brush on immediately before or after
Attach to super glue bottles for extra Flow glue into fret slots; or drop
#0010 10 Thin $5.73 $4.53 gluing. Great for hard-to-glue materials.
precision. lacquer for finish repairs.
#0020 20 Medium $5.73 $4.53 10 pack 10 pk, 3+
#0030 30 Thick $5.73 $4.53 #7009 Aerosol 6 oz $11.50 $10.23 #7015 $2.10 $1.87 #3108 50 pack $2.36
NEW #7013 Brush-on 2 oz $7.30
Cannot be shipped by air, or outside the USA.

Clear Plastic Pipettes Repair Picks

Also handy for mixing liquid stains. Sturdy bamboo picks with finely
53/4" long. pointed ends. 21/2" long.
10 pack 10 pk, 3+
#1155 $5.46 $4.86 #3110 300 pack $10.45

The Glue Looper

Tinted Super Glue StewMac Super Glue Caddy Clever steel tips transform a razor knife into a drop-fill
20 Medium viscosity super glue in handy Guitarmaker Todd Sams created this caddy tool. Pack includes 12 reusable steel tips; 4 each of
Loop holds
colors for repair work. White matches whitefor his workbench, Dan Erlewine asked for small, medium and large sizes. a single drop
#4885 $14.99
nuts and plastic binding, or makes a great one, and now everybody wants one! This
base for tinting. Black blends well with ebony
handy tray holds our super glue bottles
repairs. Amber simulates the look of aged and accessories together and upright, for
ea. 3+
easy use and no spills. The caddy keeps Razor Knife
everything together and easy to carry from This little knife ends up being essential to every job! Includes a #11 blade
#0020-B Black, 1 oz $8.23 $6.50
one bench to another. Made of rugged and safety cap.
#0020-A Amber, 1 oz $8.23 $6.50 #4878 Razor Knife $4.10
MDF board.
#0020-W White, 1/2 oz $8.23 $6.50 #4760 $10.45 #4879 #11 blades, 10 pack $3.05

44 | Super Glues Call our product experts! 800-848-2273 Order online at stewmac.com
StewMac Bind-ALL
The first choice of major guitar manu-
facturers. Glues plastic bindings to any
tonewood. Its high tackiness holds bind-
ings while you apply clamping bands
or tape. Big 2.4 oz tube!
#1976 2.4 oz tube $12.50 L.R. Baggs Element Active System Fishman Matrix Infinity
Cannot be shipped by air, or outside the USA. Works with common string spacings and saddle widths, Features an endpin jack/preamp, soundhole-mounted
with uniform string balance. The secret is the flexible volume control, and tone control to cut mids while
undersaddle transducer, designed for more efficient boosting treble and bass. It works for string spacings up
StewMac Fish Glue contact and sensitivity. The discrete class-A preamp/ to 21/2", sensing the entire saddle for balanced sound.
A traditional, hide glue alternative that endpin jack has pre-contoured EQ, plus a soundhole- Switchable voicing adapts to a variety of guitar sizes.
dries hard but doesnt require mixing or mounted no-solder mini volume control. No-drill mesh 9v battery required.
heating. Stays tacky (not slippery) for 30 battery bag included. 9v battery required.
minutes, which helps hold parts in place #3234 1/8" saddle width

during clamping. Dried fish glue can be #1263 $131.00 #3235 3/32" saddle width ea. $159.95
easily reactivated with water. Cleans up
with water.
#0702 8 oz bottle $14.23 L.R. Baggs Thinline Undersaddle Pickup
Anthem System The classic undersaddle transducer
StewMac Epoxies A popular mic-based hybrid for a 3/32"-wide bridge saddle slot.
Gap-filling 2-part adhesives for perma- pickup system for the natu- Works with string spacings up to 21/8".

nent bonds, activated when their resin ral voice of X-braced guitars.
Impressive feedback resis- #3510 $114.32
and hardener components are mixed in
equal parts. Comes in sets of 2, 1 clear tance, even at high volume.
and 1 black 2 oz bottle. The noise-cancelling Tru-
#5173 Fast setting $11.15
Mic adheres to the bridge
plate inside the guitar. Its
Cannot be shipped by
air, or outside the USA.
#5174 Slow setting $11.15
#5179-B Slow set, black $17.75
supplemented by the Element undersaddle trans-
ducer at the lowest frequencies. A lightweight preamp
adheres beneath a 4"-diameter soundhole, placing Fishman Switchjack
volume, mic/pickup mix, phase (for feedback control), Tightens from outside the guitar for easy installa-
Fineline Applicators mic gain and battery-check at your fingertips. Strapjack, tion. Fits a 1/4" plug and can be wired mono, or for
Reusable bottles with stainless steel needle tips battery bag and wiring included. 9v battery required. stereo with battery switching. 15/32" diameter, for 1/2"
for precision application of glues. mounting hole. ea.
#1660 $299.00 6+
#3030 Set of 2, fine $8.95 #1521 Nickel $15.95 $14.35
#3031 Set of 2, standard $8.95 #1521-G Gold $18.85 $16.96
L.R. Baggs Lyric Acoustic Guitar Mic
Glue Syringe Uniform tonal response, high NoJak Endpin
Injects glue precisely into joints and under gain and excellent feedback Replaces your strap jack to
loose braces or frets. The set includes the resistance. The featherweight restore the traditional look.
syringe and five gauges of flat-tip needles. Tru-Mic adheres to the bridge Fits the same 1/2"-dia. hole.
#3020 $14.78 plate in an X-braced guitar. The 3/4"-long expansion sleeve
9v battery required. tightens from inside the guitar.
#4811 $199.00 If you decide to plug in again,
Electric Glue Pot you can easily swap back to
your strap jack.
The easy way to dissolve hide L.R. Baggs Anthem SL ea.
glue in water at the proper All electronics are in the pre- #4144 White plastic $11.43 $10.29
thermostatically-controlled amp/endpin jack. Mic and #4144-E Ebony $11.67 $10.50
temperature. 1 qt capacity. undersaddle transducer mix is
#0668 120v AC $131.94 preset, with the volume control
#0668-FE 220v AC $148.55 under the soundhole. Includes Threaded Endpin Jack
battery bag, peel-and-stick 1/4" stereo jack with
Behlen Hide Glue adhesive, and internal wiring. 9/16-12 external
Traditional luthiers glue. Gran- #1661 $199.00 threads. No mount-
ulated, for use in glue pot. ing nuts needed!

#0669 1 lb $18.50
L.R. Baggs iBeam Active System #4654 Jack (nickel) ea. $15.68 3+ $13.33
The iBeam contact pickup for #4470 Installation key ea. $2.17
Titebond Glues X-braced steel string guitars #1518 9/16-12 tap for endpin hole ea. $20.77
Original The luthiers favorite aliphatic adheres to the bridge plate, (Use 1/2"-dia. starter hole)
resin glue, for joints that are stronger weighs only 1/3 ounce, and is
than the wood. #0620 16 oz $8.18 faithful to the sound of any
playing style. 9v battery re- Tapered to 1/4" dia. 15/32" dia. 1/2" dia.
Hide Glue Ready-to-use liquid hide glue.
quired. No-drill mesh battery
#0652 8 oz $9.89 mounting bag included. #4813 $149.00
Titebond III Superior strength, a
longer open time, and compatibility NEW Self-stick Wiring Clips Semi-fluted to keep the peghole round
at stewmac.com with all finishes. #0621 16 oz $10.26 Secure the pickup and preamp
wires inside your acoustic guitar.
Endpin Jack Reamer
No rattling around or unsightly Install standard endpin jacks easily
De-Glue Goo wires in the soundhole. Pack of 6. Easily enlarge an endpin hole to fit a 15/32" or 1/2"-dia.
Strip away dried hide glue, Titebond or white glue. endpin jack, with our custom-made steel reamer.
#0525 $1.89 It gives you much more control than using a drill
#7012 8 oz $9.50 bit. The 3/8" shank can be chucked in a hand drill for
For more pickups slow reaming. The upper 1" cutting length is 1/2" dia.;
the 1" center section is 15/32", and the lower 25/8" has a
Banjo, page 91 Violin, page 95 standard 5-degree taper down to1/4" dia.
Glue Brush 3/8" wide; 6" metal handle. Mandolin, page 94 Ukulele, page 96 #4323 $76.31
#4167 Pack of 12 $3.09

Orders received by 4pm EST weekdays are shipped the same day Luthiers Glues / Acoustic Pickups | 45
Guitar tech Erick Coleman tore down rare pickups so that
we could replicate the components and specs. The results
are fantastic: those vintage sounds are affordable again!

Wow! The tone is crisp, round I was stunned by the gorgeous

and articulate. Simply great! tones and solid response.
JLittle, Bedford TX Jim, San Marcos CA


For authentic classic tone. Featuring Alnico 5 magnets and AWG42 coil wire Modeled after a sweet-sounding vintage P.A.F. set. Choose Alnico 2 magnets
just like the originals. Screws, springs and wiring diagrams included. MIX+ for warm tone with smooth highs; Alnico 5 for clear, pronounced highs MIX+
SAVE and a tighter low end. SAVE
No cover, black ea. any 2+ Alnico 5, nickel ea. any 2+
#5400 Neck $49.99 $44.99 #5409 Neck $66.94 $60.25
#5401 Bridge $49.99 $44.99 #5417 Bridge $66.94 $60.25
No cover, zebra ea. any 2+ Alnico 5, gold ea. any 2+
#5400-Z Neck $49.99 $44.99 #5409-G Neck $71.14 $64.03
#5401-Z Bridge $49.99 $44.99 #5417-G Bridge $71.14 $64.03
With cover, nickel ea. any 2+ Alnico 2, nickel ea. any 2+
#5402-N Neck $61.37 $55.23 #5408 Neck $66.94 $60.25
#5403-N Bridge $61.37 $55.23 #5416 Bridge $58.45 $52.60
With cover, gold ea. any 2+ Alnico 2, gold ea. any 2+
#5402-G Neck $63.68 $57.31 #5408-G Neck $71.14 $64.03
#5403-G Bridge $63.68 $57.31 at stewmac.com #5416-G Bridge $71.14 $64.03

Overwound Humbuckers Parsons Street Hot Humbuckers

Featuring Alnico 5 magnets overwound with AWG43 coil wire to 12K-ohms. Wound to 9.5k for higher output punch. Just like those rare overwound
Higher output, powerful midrange, and driving tone. MIX+ originals from Kalamazoo. Most commonly installed in the bridge position, MIX+
No cover, black they can be used in the neck position as well.
ea. any 2+ Alnico 5 ea. any 2+
#5404 Neck $51.16 $46.04 #5438 Nickel $65.89 $59.30
#5405 Bridge $51.16 $46.04 #5438-G Gold $70.30 $63.27
No cover, zebra ea. any 2+ Alnico 2 ea. any 2+
#5404-Z Neck $51.16 $46.04 #5428 Nickel $65.89 $59.30
#5405-Z Bridge $51.16 $46.04 #5428-G Gold $70.30 $63.27
With cover, nickel ea. any 2+
For additional info and full specs, see stewmac.com
#5406 Neck $66.28 $59.65
#5407 Bridge $66.28 $59.65
With cover, gold ea. any 2+ Trick Out Your Wiring Too
#5406-G Neck $68.38 $61.54 Hand-soldered, tested, and 100% guaranteed
#5407-G Bridge $68.38 $61.54 Golden Age Pre-Wired Harnesses, page 56

46 | Golden Age Pickups Call our product experts! 800-848-2273 Order online at stewmac.com
Golden Age P-90 Pickups Golden Age Pickups for Tele Golden Age Single-Coil Pickups


Golden Age P-90 Pickups ea. any 2+
#5414 Parsons Street P-90, 8.0K-ohms $56.86 $51.17
#5415 Modern P-90, 8.7K-ohms $66.83 $60.15
Golden Age Pickups for Tele ea. any 2+
#5410 Bridge, 7.0K-ohms $55.39 $49.85
#5411 Neck, 7.0K-ohms $53.29 $47.96
Golden Age Single Coil Pickups ea. any 2+
#5420 Neck, 6.0K-ohms $48.25 $43.42
#5421 Middle, 6.0K ohms $48.25 $43.42
#5422 Bridge, 6.4K-ohms $48.25 $43.42
#5423 Hot model, 7.6K-ohms $48.25 $43.42
Golden Age Lipstick Pickups ea. any 2+
#5426 Hot humbucker, 12K-ohms $59.88 $53.89
#5427 Single-coil, 3.8K-ohms $47.38 $42.64
Golden Age Bass Pickups ea. any 2+
#5412 For Jazz Bass,set of 2 $90.56 $81.50
Golden Age Lipstick Pickups Golden Age Jazz Bass Pickups #5413 For P-Bass $57.88 $52.09
For additional info and full specs, see stewmac.com.

MIX + SAVE ON ALL GOLDEN AGE PICKUPS Get 10% OFF when you buy any 2 or more!
Quality Components: CTS control pots, CRL switch, Orange Drop caps at stewmac.com
Wired by hand in our shop, Golden Age pickups deliver the classic Alnico 5 tone
youre looking for, and the hot bridge pickup adds plenty of punch. Just solder to
the included output jack (and to your guitars tremolo claw) and youre ready to rock.
One of the best upgrades youll ever make!

Laminations ea. any 2+
#2990 White $209.48 $188.53
#2991 White/b/w $213.68 $192.31
#2991-B Black/w/b $213.68 $192.31
#2992 Pearloid/w/b/m $229.95 $206.95

Assembly is fast and easy.

My band mates where amazed
Pre-Soldered Tremolo Claw #6139 $4.99
by the new sound of my guitar!
Francesco C, Milano IT
Strat, Tele, Jazz Bass, P-Bass are registered trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.

Orders received by 4pm EST weekdays are shipped the same day Golden Age Pickups | 47
Schatten Knob P-51 Knob Puller
and Bushing Puller A handy device for re-
A steady, controlled pull moving knobs without
safely removes stubborn risking damage to your
pressed-on knobs. Also in- pickguards and guitar fin-
cludes hardware to cleanly ishes. works with standard
extract stud bushings for speed knobs, bell knobs
solidbody bridges and and Strat knobs.
tailpieces. The rubberized #3531 $8.50
base protects pickguards
and guitar finishes.
#3515 $53.31 Patent pending.

Schatten Mini Pre Acoustic Preamp Economy

If a basic signal-boosting preamp Pre-Wired
is all you need (youre setting tone Pickguard
at your amp or PA) heres a great
choice. Includes belt clip, 1/4" jacks, Simply wire it to your
internal trim pot, and gain knob. output jack and ground
Preset flat response keeps your it to your bridge. Includes
three single-coil ceramic bar magnet flush-polepiece

sound clean and uncolored. Works

with all piezo and magnetic pick- pickups with covers; control pots, 5-way switch,
ups. 9v battery required. knobs, and single-ply pickguard with foil shielding. 11 Mojotone Pickup Winding Machine
mounting screw holes. ea. 3+ Mojotone worked with StewMac and top guitar techs to
#3948 $64.95 #4169 White $45.31 $33.53 develop this rugged professional winder. Sturdy enough
#4169-B Black $45.31 $33.53 for serious pickup production, and also great for quick
rewinds and prototyping. Using the text display, set the
number of winds and turning direction. Then smoothly
rev up to your desired RPMup to 1,800 turns per
Batt-O-Meter Dont Thumbwheel minute. The winder stops when your number of winds
Measures the life left in run out Controls is reached. If thats a number youll need again, save it
uninstalled 9v, AA or AAA of juice! Fingertip tone/volume as a preset. Includes instructions and 110v to 220v AC
batteries. Works for in- controls install under the adapter. Use the Mojotone Hand Guided Tensioner to
stalled batteries too; just raised pickguard with sup- set the tension and wind at any speed without guess-
plug it into an effects box plied foam tape. Includes work. Focus on your winding pattern without worrying
or active guitar! Powered 24" 2-conductor shielded about the coil tension.
by a 9v battery (not in- wire and instructions.
cluded). #2102 Mojotone Pickup Winding Machine $499.00
#0323 $29.95 #6156 500K-ohms $35.95 #2103 Mojotone Hand Guided Tensioner $59.95

Archtop Jazz Guitar Pickups Schatten

Winder Kit
Benedetto S-6 Pickup Build Schattens Mod-
Crafted by Seymour Dun- el B winder yourself
can for Robert Benedettos and save! Its easy to
highly regarded archtop assemble, and the kit
jazz guitars. No top routing needed. This compact includes instructions
sealed humbucker features an Alnico 5 bar magnet and all the parts. You
and a tab for mounting beneath a raised pickguard. supply simple hand
2-conductor wire; 9.5K-ohms. tools and a soldering iron. The smaller-profile Model B
ea. 3+
#3562 $154.55 $137.55 serves the average shops need for occasional pickup
winding. It features a 9v motor with speed control,
resettable electronic counter, and 900rpm average
Kent Armstrong winding speed.
Pot Cleaning Cap #2105-K 110v AC $284.90
Jazz Humbucker Screw on this stainless steel cap; a hole for your spray #2106-K 220v AC $305.90
No top routing! cleaner extension tube puts the spray down the pot
A mellow mini humbucker shaft and in the pot. #0291 $21.80
for archtop guitar. Brackets Schatten
attach to the end of the DeoxIT Pot and Switch Cleaner Pro Winder
fretboard to suspend the pickup: no routing. Blade
One-step spray cleans noisy pots and switch- The Model D features
polepieces and coils are epoxy-sealed to suppress
es in guitars or amps. Removes oxidation a 12v (.4 hp) motor, an
feedback (solder lugs are exposed; lead wires not
from contacts and improves conductivity, illuminated electronic
supplied. Screws and wiring instructions included.
for smooth, quiet operation. Helps prevent counter with reset, and
7.6K-ohms. 223/32" x 11/8" x 1/2", with 21/4" bracket spacing.
costly repairs.
#5027 5 oz aerosol $20.39 optional foot pedal
speed control. 1350
#5068 Chrome $63.67 $54.12 Cannot be shipped by air, or outside the USA. rpm average winding
#5068-G Gold $73.87 $62.79
speed for more efficient
production work.
TRADE SECRETS Pickup Clearance Gauges
#2111 110v AC $399.00
#2112 220v AC $419.00
Mixing active and passive pickups For consistently setting the gap
Dan Erlewine wants to install two very differ- between strings and pickups.
Made of non-magnetic brass.
ent pickups in a jazz guitar. When theres no Foot Control
place to fit active systems battery he comes #5988 Set of 4 For hands-free speed control while
up with a simple, flexible solution. $10.45 winding. Works with Schatten Model
D and Mojotone Pickup Winding
stewmac.com search: ts135 Machine.
#2104 $89.95

48 | Maintenence Tools + Pickup Winding Call our product experts! 800-848-2273 Order online at stewmac.com
For additional specs see stewmac.com

Metal Humbucker Humbucker Covers

Mounting Rings 50s Patent Applied For
shape, nickel-silver,
Flat/non-arched bottom. 23/4" x 11/2" x 5/8".
39/16" x 125/32", with four mounting screws. Low rings taper
Polepiece spread ea. 4+
from 9/64" to 7/32". Tall rings taper from 19/64" to 23/64".
#0463-N Nickel, 115/16"* $11.50 $10.00
#0463-G Gold, 115/16"* $20.08 $17.47
Tapered height ea. 4+ 12+ #0464-N Nickel, 25/64" $11.50 $10.00
#2072 Low, chrome $7.60 $6.54 $5.09 #0464-G Gold, 25/64" $16.75 $14.57
#2072-B Low, black $8.65 $7.44 $5.80 #0462-N Nickel, no holes $11.50 $10.00
#2072-G Low, gold $10.23 $8.80 $6.85 #0462-G Gold, no holes $16.75 $14.57
Pickup Screws and Springs #2073 Tall, chrome $7.60 $6.54 $5.09
#2073-B Tall, black $8.65 $7.44 $5.80 *#0463-N fits our Humbucker Parts Kit, page 50
Humbucker Ring Screws #2073-G Tall, gold $10.23 $8.80 $6.85
9/16" Phillips
flathead. 50+ Untapered height 31/2" x 125/32" x 7/64". Humbucker Helpers

#3359 Nickel $0.25 $0.13 ea. 4+ 12+
Tames springs for
#3359-B Black $0.29 $0.16 #2076 Chrome $7.61 $6.54 $5.10
easier pickup assembly
#3359-G Gold $0.31 $0.17 #2076-B Black $8.66 $7.45 $5.80
#2076-G Gold $10.45 $8.99 $7.00 Clever stainless steel clips hold
a mounting ring, springs, and
Humbucker Height Screws height screws for assembly
11/4" Phillips roundhead, 3-48 thread. Plastic Humbucker on a humbucker. Simply set
50+ the assembly over the pickup,
#4386 Nickel $0.41 $0.29 Mounting Rings turn the screws into the pickup
#4386-B Black $0.44 $0.31 Flat/non-arched bottom; 317/32" mounting tabs, and pull away
#4386-G Gold $0.63 $0.45 x 125/32". Low rings taper from the clips. #0066 Set of 2 $9.43
3/16" to 1/4"; tall rings taper from
3/8" to 7/16".
Humbucker Pickup Springs #1507 Low, black #1508 Tall, black
Pack of 8. Metal Rings for Single-Coil Pickups
#3350 13/16" Per pack #1509 Low, cream #1510 Tall, cream
4" x 15/16" x 3/32", flat brass, with two mounting screws.
#3355 15/8" $3.70 ea. $3.99 ea. 4+ $3.65
For Strat ea. 3+
Height Screws for Strat #1569 Chrome $13.38 $11.91
11/16"Phillips ovalhead, 6-32 thread. Plastic Covers for P-90 #1569-B Black $16.65 $14.82
ea. 50+ #1569-G Gold $20.52 $18.26
#3379-B Dog-ear, black
#3354 Chrome $0.39 $0.21 #3380 Soap-bar, cream For Tele neck pickup
#3354-B Black $0.42 $0.23 #3380-B Soap-bar, black #1570 Chrome $13.38 $11.91

#3354-G Gold $1.09 $0.59 #1570-B Black $16.65 $14.82
ea. 6+
$3.31 $2.38 #1570-G Gold $20.73 $18.45
Height Screws for Tele
Bridge Pickup
Deluxe Mini Humbucker
3/4" Phillips roundhead, 6-32 thread. Mounting Rings Metal Cover for Tele
#0564 Chrome $0.39 $0.21 Plastic, flat/non-arched bottom. Neck Pickup
#0564-G Gold $1.09 $0.59 33/8" x 13/8".
ea. 4+ #1965 Chrome $11.50 $10.35
#1539 Cream $5.15 $4.48 #1965-G Gold $14.86 $13.37
Height Screws for Tele #1538 Black $5.15 $4.48
Neck Pickup
1" roundhead Phillips woodscrew with Tapered Mini Humbucker
compressible tubing. Chrome. Mounting Rings Mini Humbucker Covers
#3358 Set of 2 $1.08 Black plastic, flat/non-arched bottom. Outside dimensions: 25/8" x 13/16 x 5/8"
311/16" x 125/32". For Gibson and Epiphone Deluxe mini humbuckers,
Compressible Tubing ea. 4+
115/16" polepiece spread.
for Pickup Height #1543 Tall $5.15 $4.48 ea. 4+
Alternative to coil springs. Cut to length #1542 Low $5.15 $4.48 #0294 Chrome $14.28 $12.42
and slide over the height screws. #0294-N Nickel $14.28 $12.42
12" length; 1/4" dia. #0294-G Gold $17.54 $15.26
#5070 $1.21 Firebird Mini Humbucker
Mounting Rings
Metal, flat/non-arched bottom. Solid, for Gibson + Epiphone Firebird mini humbuckers.
Pickup Height Springs 33/8" x 11/2". ea. 4+
Install beneath the pickguard. ea. 4+ #0295 Chrome $14.28 $12.42
ea. 100+ #1544 Chrome $5.15 $4.48 #0295-N Nickel $14.28 $12.42
#0119 $0.28 $0.15 #1544-N Nickel $5.15 $4.48 #0295-G Gold $17.54 $15.26
#1544-G Gold $5.15 $4.48
Bass Pickup Height Screw
13/8" Phillips roundhead, for Fender
basses. ea.
#3029-B Black $0.54 $0.38
Plastic Covers for #1964 White ea.
Single-Coil Pickups #1964-R Relic white $2.19
#1964-P Parchment
21/16" polepiece spread
#1964-M Mint per model
Strat and Tele are registered trademarks of forStratpickup. $1.58
Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. #1964-B Black

Orders received by 4pm EST weekdays are shipped the same day Pickup Mounting Hardware | 49
MIX + SAVE ON ALL PICKUP KITS 15% OFF when you any buy 3+

A lot of Holy Grail pickups were Choosing your magnets:

sacrificed to make our kits this good Alnico 5 or Alnico 2?
Erick Coleman, our tech advisor, tore down some fantastic Alnico 2 magnets give a warmer tone and low end
old single-coils and humbuckers to get them to give up their response with smooth, singing highs. I like using
vintage specs. Because Ericks so fussy about details, we now them in the bridge pickups I wind for solid bodies.
have everything you need to make truly accurate replicas or Alnico 5 produces a brighter tone, with a tighter
custom pickups. Our kits match the originals so well, you can low end and stinging highs. Theyre great for neck
use them as drop-in replacements on vintage guitars. They position pickups, to help keep the tone clear without
Erick Coleman
StewMac come with step-by-step instructions too, written by Erick. getting muddy. Erick Coleman
tech advisor

Humbucker Pickup Kits Deluxe Mini Humbucker Pickup Kit

Vintage-style with 115/16" polepiece spread. Smaller than a regular humbucker with a brighter and more
Nickel-silver baseplate Unwound plastic bobbins (black/ focused tone. The sound is between humbuckers and single-
black or zebra black/cream) Polepiece slugs and screws coils, making this a versatile choice for upgrades and new builds.

Magnet Spacer Shim Bobbin screws Coil leads

Nickel-silver baseplate Unwound black plastic bobbins
Braided push-back and 4-conductor hookup wires
Nickel or gold-plated steel polepiece screws Bar Magnet MIX+
Mounting screws and springs
MIX+ (Alnico 2 magnets are red on one end) Plastic shim Coil SAVE
SAVE lead wires Instructions included

Alnico 5 ea. any 3+ Alnico 2 ea. any 3+ Alnico 5 ea. any 3+ Alnico 2 ea. any 3+
#5962 Black $30.18 $25.65 #2962 Black $30.18 $25.65 #5901 Nickel $20.20 $17.17 #5902 Nickel $20.20 $17.17
#5961 Zebra $30.18 $25.65 #2961 Zebra $30.18 $25.65 #5901-G Gold $20.20 $17.17 #5902-G Gold $20.20 $17.17

Single-Coil #5924
Firebird Mini Humbucker Pickup Kit
Pickup Kits The Firebird looks like a Deluxe Mini Humbucker without
50s-style pickups polepieces, but inside is a whole different design with higher
Black fiber bobbin flatwork output and a brighter sound.
Brass eyelets Polepieces
ready to magnetize Black Nickel silver baseplate Unwound black plastic bobbins
and white push-back wire MIX+ Alnico 2 bar magnets Maple shims Coil lead wires
Mounting screws Com- SAVE Braided push-back wire Set of steel plates Instructions MIX+
pressible tubing for height included SAVE
adjustment Tele bridge ea. any 3+
kits include coil-wrap string and copper-plated steel baseplate #5924, #2924, #5927 and #5903 $26.76 $22.75
#2927 have staggered polepiece heights
Alnico 5 ea. any 3+ Alnico 2 ea. any 3+
#5924 For Strat $14.00 $11.90 #2924 For Strat $14.00 $11.90
#5927 Tele bridge $22.18 $18.85 #2927 Tele bridge $22.18 $18.85 Pickup Coil Wire
#5923 Tele neck $14.22 $12.09 #2923 Tele neck $14.22 $12.09 Each 1/2 lb roll has over 25,000 feet of coil wire. A roll is sufficient for winding
5-6 single-coil pickups, or 2-3 humbuckers.

3-piece Enamel-coated For vintage repairs Poly-coated The modern standard.

P-90 Pickup Kits MIX+ flatwork
Build faithful reproductions of classic single-coils: SAVE and replica pickups. Plain enamel thick- Consistent coating for cleaner, more uni-
your choice of a 1950s-style plastic bobbin or a ness can vary, so individual pickups can form sound in similar pickups that have
modern 3-piece black fiber bobbin with brass have a unique raw sound. the same number of windings.
eyelets. #1460 42-gauge $53.55 #1462 42-gauge $34.15
Nickel-silver baseplate Nickel-plated polepiece #1461 43-gauge $57.75 #1463 43-gauge $37.68
screws Alnico 5 magnets with threaded steel
spacer Mounting screws and springs Coil lead
wires Single-conductor braided-shield hookup wire 42-gauge is standard for humbuckers, Strats, and Tele bridge pickups. 43-gauge is used in Tele
neck and Rickenbacker pickups, and requires fewer windings to attain the desired coil resistance.
Covers available on page 49 1-piece
ea. any 3+ bobbin
#5980 With plastic bobbin $24.35 $20.70 Pickup Height Foam
#5981 With fiber bobbin $29.38 $24.97 Dense foam rubber mounts with self-adhesive backing under
pickups to control height instead of using springs.
#5996 Long/Narrow for Jazz Bass and Jazzmaster pickups,
Bass Pickup Kits #5627 set of 2. Each: 211/16" x 9/16" x 1/2"
Jazz Bass set is 2 pickups. Black fiber bobbin #5997 Short/Wide for P-Bass and Jaguar pickups, set of 2.
flatwork Alnico 5 polepieces ready to magne-
Each: 11/2" x 3/4" x 1/2"
tize Black and white push-back wire Foam 2 pack 2 pack, 6+
strips for height adjustment Mounting screws $1.10 $0.88

ea. any 3+
#5627 For Jazz Bass $32.24 $27.40 MIX+
SAVE All parts for building pickups online
#5628 For P Bass $21.48 $18.26
stewmac.com search: pickup parts
Strat, Tele, P-Bass and Jazz Bass are registered
trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments Corp. Pickup covers and mounting rings, page 49.

50 | Pickups Kits Call our product experts! 800-848-2273 Order online at stewmac.com
Wire Stripper/Cutter SR-137 Turbo Heat
Two tools in one! Soldering Iron
Strips insulation cleanly from six Turbo button for extra
different wire sizes, from AWG10 heat when you need it!
to 20 gauge. The serrated tip This durable iron features a
holds wire firmly for soldering. turbo button that toggles
Flip the handles around and the between 15 and 120 watts.
tool becomes a side cutter for 15 watts is sufficient for
trimming wire! most guitar and amp wiring
#1605$22.49 jobs, but sometimes you
want a boost. Just press
and hold the button, and
the iron increases tempera-
ture up to 842F. Great for
Fine-gauge grounding to a tremolo
Wire Stripper claw or the back of a con-
Solomon SL-30 Soldering Station
trol pot. 1/32" fine-point tip Digitally controlled heat for professional results: no
Handles even the tiniest cold solder joints, no balky solder flow, no burned
hookup wires included.
#0507 110v AC connections. Features a fast, accurate, and con-
Strips insulation from wire sizes #0607 220v AC ea. $29.95
sistent LCD Celsius readout, from 160-480 (320-
AWG20 down to 30 gauge and 900F). An electronically switched transformer
cleanly strips cloth push-back isolates the tip from transient AC voltage spikes for

wire. Also features serrated long life. The station includes a soldering iron with
pliers with hold-tight teeth for StewMac Soldering Aids 1/32" fine-point tip, a sturdy angle-adjustable holder
grabbing/pulling and stainless for the iron, and a tip-wiping sponge.
12 tips to help with soldering
steel blades for sharp clean cuts. #0501 110v AC ea.
61/2" (165mm) total length. Hooks, holders, brushes, and benders
that fit where your fingers cant. This #0601 220v AC $109.95
#1606$9.98 set even includes a tiny reamer to
#1605 Wire Stripper/Cutter
clean away old solder. 7" long, with
See left for details $22.49
insulated anti-static handles.
This set is for soldering, but these #0505 Kester Pocket-Pak Solder
tools will find lots of other jobs in 15' of .031"-diameter solder $3.95
Wiring your shop. Erick Coleman #0505-LF Lead-free $5.95
#0521$7.30 #0504 Solder Wick
Modified for soldering:
Fine braided copper. 5' roll $2.63
smooth (non-serrated)
locking jaws wont leave #5120 #5121 #5121 Curved Wiring Hemostat
damaging marks on your Straight Curved Fieldpiece Digital See left for details $7.30
wiring. Helps draw heat away Pocket Multimeter
from delicate insulation too. ea. $7.30 Great for wiring, pickup making and #1609 Round-nose Bending Pliers
trouble-shooting. Indicates AC/DC Safely bend wiring, strings $10.45
voltages, continuity, ohm resistance,
#0503 Soloman Solder Sucker
and the status of diodes in effects.
Fast and easy solder removal $5.85
Battery Boxes Batteries included.
#3618 $33.50
Black plastic hinged #0520-CU Alligator Clip Heat Sinks
compar tments with Copper clips to draw heat,10 pk $6.81
ter minals and lead
wires for 9v battery. A Pro Soldering Tool Set
#3578 flat mounting surface Eyelet Setting Tool and Bit Quality tools for repair shops and builders,
is required. Mounting includes all of the tools listed above!
.073" bit for drilling eyelet holes in pickup flatwork, plus
screws included.
#3576 a steel stamp to set the eyelet and roll its flange. #0517 110v (with 60/40 solder) $169.43
#3578 has a removable
Works in your drill press too. #0518 220v (with lead-free solder) $171.43
adapter for acoustic
guitar. Batteries not #5976
included. $12.51
Solomon SR-965
Part # Dimensions Cavity depth needed Soldering Iron
#3577 15/32" x 23/4" 15/16" (33.34mm) #5975 Brass eyelets
#3578 11/4" x 21/2" 11/2" (31.75mm) 50 pack $5.76 Durable
#3576 23/4" x 21/4" 11/4" (38.10mm) Great price!
ea. 3+ 6+ The best economy iron weve found for guitar
#3577 Solidbody $12.90 $10.45 $9.29 work! It heats to 400F for standard 60/40 solder.
#3578 Solidbody/acoustic $16.62 $13.46 $11.97 At 40 watts, its a step above short-lived 15-30 watt
#3576 Solidbody dual box $24.65 $19.97 $17.75 Solomon Soldering Stand
megamart irons. 1/32" fine-point tip.
Vented stainless cover helps dissipate
heat for safety. Adjustable angle #0502 110v AC ea.
Clear Acrylic Routing for easy reach. Includes tip-wiping #0602 220v AC $14.95
Templates for Battery Boxes sponge.
#3579 For #3577,#3578 $10.97 #0506 $9.90 #1605 Wire Stripper/Cutter $22.49
#3580 For #3576 $11.55
#0505 Kester Pocket-Pak Solder $3.95
9v Battery Connector #0504 Solder Wick $2.63
Battery not included. Solomon Replacement Tips
#1225 $2.98 #0510 1/32" fine point for SL-30 station Essential Soldering Tool Set
#0511 1/8" chisel tip for SL-30 station A great set of tools to get you started, includes all
Mounting Clip of the tools in this box!
#0512 1/32" fine point for SR-965 iron
Battery and screws not included.
#0513 1/8" chisel tip for SR-965 iron #0515 110v (with 60/40 solder) $44.02
#1226 $1.38 #0527 1/32" fine point for SR-137 iron #0516 220v (with lead-free solder) $46.02
#0528 1/8" chisel tip for SR-137 iron ea. $3.19

Orders received by 4pm EST weekdays are shipped the same day Soldering Tools | 51
3 116" 2.725"
3 3 16 Schematic
2 1 4" 2 3 8" Rhythm Pickup


500K Audio
2 3 Pickup Selector
(3 Position Toggle)

5 6
3 "

8 Hole for Pot Shaft (4) 500K
7 9 Tone
2 1 8"

Rout 1 "
4 Deep (Each End) 1.730"
Lead Pickup
3.050" 1 "
2 3 4 Jack
Rout 1316" Deep

2" 2 3

I traced the peghead onto clear pickguard

material, marking the tuner hole locations.
Then I transferred that onto white pickguard
stock. Pinstripers masking tape preserved the
white edge that looks like binding on the Buck
Owens models.
I painted the plastic Buck Owens Bluea
mix of ColorTone pigments in clear lacquer.
It required blue, yellow, white, and green to
match the original. When the masking tape
came off, the binding needed only a little

scraping where blue paint had run under the

The Bucks Stopped Here! tape. I made several of these overlays, to have
Three Buck Owens American guitars backups in case some had mistakes.
brought back to life for Ryan Adams One of the three guitars had an unbroken
FROM DAN ERLEWINES REPAIR SHOP peghead overlay, so I took that one to the

Around last Christmas, I was surprised to get

an email from the singer/songwriter Ryan
Adams. It turns out that three of Ryans favorite
guitars are Harmony Buck Owens American
models, from the mid-1960s.
He wanted to play them on his tour thats
happening now, but they werent in playable
condition. These old guitars had knocked
around through a lot of tours already, and
needed a major pit stop before they could go
back on the road.
Something I didnt expect: it turns out Ryan
subscribes to our Trade Secrets video emails!
So we made a Trade Secrets video about this
work on his guitars, and Ryan added his own
video footage to it. Watch it online: local silkscreen shop where my friend Randy
Some of the rusted bushings pushed right out Shoup made a perfect reproduction of the
To see Dans video at with a nudge from behind, but others didnt
stewmac.com, search: ts284 stars and Buck Owens American insignia.
want to come out. I got the stubborn ones
out using the Tuner Bushing Press. You can The finished overlays were glued on with
They all needed the same work: Bind-ALL Guitar Binding Glue. My clear tracing
see how all the plastic fell off the peghead.
De-rusting and lubricating the frozen template worked now as a caul for clamping
Quite a mess!
truss rod nuts the overlay while the glue set.
Complete refret (StewMac #0141 Fretwire) The result was one happy Ryan Adams, ready
New nuts and saddles of unbleached bone to take these guitars on tour. One of the three
(StewMac #6000-V) guitars he sent was really in bad shape, and
A good action setup never played it. Wouldnt you know, that one
Two of the guitars needed more: their peg- turned out to be the best player of the three,
head overlays were dried up, cracked, and and now its on tour with him! I wonder if
peeling off. Pieces of colored plastic crumbled Ryan played it on his new album, Prisoner?
onto the floor. To fix these meant creating new Dan Erlewine
peghead overlays, and for that I needed the
help of a screen printing shop.

52 Call our product experts! 800-848-2273 Order online at stewmac.com

3 116" 2.725"
3 3 16 Schematic
2 1 4" 2 3 8" Rhythm Pickup


500K Audio
2 3 Pickup Selector
(3 Position Toggle)

5 6
3 "

8 Hole for Pot Shaft (4) 500K
7 9 Tone
2 1 8"

Rout 1 "
4 Deep (Each End) 1.730"
Lead Pickup
3.050" 1 "
2 3 4 Jack
Rout 1316" Deep

2" 2 3

From the
RetroFret kitchen?

On a recent visit Retrofret Vintage Guitars Dont make this mistake! Old secrets of black finish

me with his use of common household and

Doing a refret on a 1954 Gibson J-185, I A common misconception is that in the old
food products in the repair shop. Heres Steve:
almost made a serious goof. Id removed the days, ebony was dead blackand its only
I was trained in the repair of orchestral string old frets and was about to install new ones recently that weve needed to add stain to
instruments before I got into guitar repair. All when I noticed the fretboard tongue (the blacken it. In our repair shop, we work on
of us in the shop draw from those experiences extension over the body) seemed to rise up guitars that go back to the 19th century. If you
especially dealing with pigments, dyes, old a little. I figured it might need to be scraped level the fingerboard of a really old Martin, for
hide glue joints and the like. a little to avoid fret buzz at those high frets. example, youll find that the surface is dyed
Ever had a gnarly time with hide-glued neck I tapped on the tongue and heard a rattly black and the ebony is similar to todays.
joint that wouldnt come apart as easily as sound. It was loose! If Id gone ahead with Doing a spot repair on a vintage black finish,
you expected? Before steaming the joint, add the refret, the fretboard could lift and those or creating a bridge to truly match a period
some Adolphs meat tenderizer to the water frets would buzz like crazy. Id almost broken guitar, it helps to know how those original
you use for steaming. It has an enzyme that the rule I teach every apprentice in my shop: blacks were created.
breaks down protein, and really helps take the Always make sure the fretboard tongue One of the earliest black
glue joint apart. Try it and see what you think! is well glued before doing a refret! dyes Ive found is a made
This is one of my favorite tricks, and it comes
To reglue the tongue, I pried it up with a small from vinegar and iron
from Joe Peknik, who for years was the head
wedge of acrylic left over from prototyping filings. The name on the
technician at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
our brass Brace Gluing Wedge. With a Bridge/ label is Ebonholzbeize,
White vinegar works as a stop- Fingerboard Removal Knife and a Razor Saw and its made in Germany.
ping agent when bleaching wood. blade, I cleaned out bits of old glue. I assume that C.F. Martin
For example, in a delicate top repair probably used this. The
when splinting a piece of spruce, I heated up some fresh hide glue and pushed
bottle was mostly empty; now I keep it filled
we might bleach it lighter to match. it under the board, then clamped the tongue
with white vinegar and bits of used steel
Vinegar instantly stops the action down and let it dry. Now I was ready to get on
wool. It works! Ive used this bottle for over
of the bleach. It also halts permanganate dye with the refret. Dan Erlewine
ten years. Its a perfect match for early Martin
as it chemically darkens wood. fingerboards.
Sodium Bisulfite is an anti-oxidant that Pictured above is a pre-war Gibson L-00 with
makes canned vegetables last longer. We use classic Gibson black lacquer. Getting a perfect
it to slow down the pickguard rot you see on match to that black with modern finishes is
otherwise perfect vintage instruments. Rot tough, because back in the day Gibson used
happens when celluloid nitrate oxidizes bone black. Bison bones from the western
slowly burning away and spreading, until prairies were shipped to Michigan and burned
eventually you have a bag of dust. When we to create a black pigment called Ebonex.
see rot getting started, we mix 2-part epoxy Mixed into lacquer, it creates a look differs
with some colorant to match the pickguard, from lamp black or carbon black. But to
and add a few pinches of the Bisulfite. With recreate that very special old Gibson black,
the pickguard resting on wax paper, and a you need one more element: up until the mid-
wax-papered caul on top, we clamp the guard 1930s Gibson dyed the wood before spraying
flat and let it dry. In many cases this stops the with Nigrosine black, a water-based aniline
rot from spreading. Podcast! dye. By itself, bone black is not very dense, so
if you dont dye the wood first it would take
Thanks, Chef Steve!
In New York, famed guitar photographer a lot of bone black to get it black and you
Dan Erlewine John Peden was our guide, making sure could end up with a black thats a little bit
we didnt get lost on the subway. translucent.
John has a podcast you can find with your smartphone: Tom Crandall
Side Track Liner Notes. John interviewed Dan Erlewine T.R. Crandall Guitars
in a 2-part episodecheck it out!

Orders received by 4pm EST weekdays are shipped the same day 53
Cavities for pickups and controls can be lined with Energy-storing capacitors filter high frequencies. A cap Switchcraft Output Jacks
conductive tape or conductive paint. When connected lets the tone control roll off the treble response, progres- Switchcraft jacks with mounting nut and
to electrical ground, this shielding helps reduce noise, sively warming the tone. The higher the value, the more flat washer. Stereo jack is for stereo wiring,
hum and radio interference. bass output from the tone control at its zero setting. or for enabling active electronics with a
mono plug.
Conductive Copper Tape Orange Drop Caps 3/8 x 32 threading. Uses 3/8"-dia. hole.
180" rolls for shielding pickups, control cavities and Industry standard upgrade caps; also used in Fender
pickguards. Conductive adhesive backing; .00125" thick. guitars. Made of durable high grade polyester; 100v.
Thread Height ea. 6+ 12+
ea. 10+ 50+
#0028 2" width $20.36 #4652 Mono 1/4" shaft $3.64 $3.17 $2.73
#1250 .001F $3.32 $2.82 $2.26
#0037 3/4" width $13.32 #4653 Stereo 1/4" shaft $4.10 $3.57 $3.07
#1251 .015F $3.32 $2.82 $2.26
#0036 1/4" width $4.85 #1281 .022F $3.32 $2.82 $2.26 #4650 Mono 3/8" shaft $3.90 $3.39 $2.92
#0038 All 3 sizes $38.53 #1282 .047F $3.32 $2.82 $2.26 #4651 Stereo 3/8" shaft $4.90 $4.26 $3.67
$34.29 #1252 .100F $3.32 $2.82 $2.26
Flush-mount Jack (1/4")
Conductive Ceramic Caps For solidbodies; wire it mono or stereo.
2" overall length. 1/2"-dia. hole and minimum
Shielding Paint Popular capacitors in a wide
7/16" wood thickness required.
Brush on two or more coats to range of values. Pack of 10.
ea. 6+ 12+
shield pickup cavities, control cavi-

Manufacturers #1819 Chrome $9.03 $7.40 $6.23

ties and other smaller areas. Water printed codes:
10 pack 10 pack, 4+
soluble until dry. ea. 3+ #1290 = 102 #1290 .001F $3.66 $2.96
#0027 1 pint $60.56 $63.59 #1291 = 223 #1291 .022F $3.66 $2.96 9-lug Stereo Jack (1/4")
#0029 1/2 pint $34.46 #1292 = 473 #1292 .047F $4.71 $3.82 Double-pole jack for stereo or mono.
#1293 = 104 #1293 .100F $5.24 $4.24 Switches on one or more batteries in an
Glue Brush, page 45. #1294 = 181
#1294 180pF $3.66 $2.96 active system when a 1/4" plug is inserted.
Nut and washer included.
Self-adhesive Shielding Kits Emerson Paper-in-Oil Caps M9 x 0.75 threaded portion is 1/4" long. 3/8"-
Each kit has 20" of 2-conductor shielded wire; 5" of Vintage specs with a responsive, warm tone dia. hole and at least 11/4" body cavity depth
single-conductor insulated wire; solder, copper foil Genuine handmade tone caps, made in the USA by our required. ea. 6+ 12+
and instructions. friend Mitch Ingram at Emerson Custom Guitars and #3774 $5.23 $4.55 $3.92
Electronics. Capacitors are energy-storage devices that
Standard Kit shields most guitars, including Strat filter the high frequencies. A cap lets the tone control
and Tele. 11/8" x 131/2", 1/2" x 191/2", and two 5" x 7" foil sizes. roll off the treble response, progressively warming the Heat Shrink
#3789 $16.78 tone. The higher the value, the more bass output from Tubing Pack
the tone control at its zero setting. This handy organizer
Large Kit Sufficient for Strats made since the 90s: 1/2" #1495 .015F (green) b ox c o n t a i n s s i x
x 191/2", two 11/8" x 131/2", and four 5" x 7" foil sizes. #1496 .022F (yellow) ea. different heat
#3790 $25.87 #1497 .047F (red) $17.95 shrink tubing sizes
Cannot be shipped outside the USA. for guitar and amp
wiring jobs. Applying heat
to the flexible tubing reduces
Aluminum Pickguard Shielding Foil Black Ice its diameter by half, to insulate solder
A sheet of foil shielding Battery-free, onboard overdrive joints and bare wires. 21/2" length. #0519 $14.30
for the underside of a Self- Installation can be as simple as replacing your tone
pickguard. No gluing adhesive controls capacitor.* Four wiring setups let you choose
necessary, no mess. the amount of distortion you like.
203/4" x 13" Schatten Magnetic
#6065 $19.95 Polarity Tester
at stewmac.com
When building or repairing a
*250K-ohms tone pot required. pickup, be sure its magneti-
#0048 $9.41 Not for use with active pickups. cally in phase, to avoid weak
output. The Schatten tester
indicates north/south pole-
piece orientation.
#5127 $10.95
#1468 Emerson Vintage-style
#1467 Ground Plate for Strat
Treble Bleed Circuit Switchcraft Slide Switches
Hand-soldered in our shop: a Vintage-spec replica of a late-50s Strat
ground plate. Made of 0.020" thick High-quality, double-pole switches found on Fenders
150K-ohms 1/4-watt resistor(1% and other guitars, amps and pedals. Mounting screws
tolerance) in parallel with a aluminum.
#0026 $10.00 included.
.001F capacitor. Wire this circuit between the input
and output lugs of your guitar volume control pot, to 2-way on/on
smooth out treble bleed. More uniform tone from 1 to DP3T, screws included. Requires
10; more rounded sound at low volume. 3/4" body cavity depth, 11/8" screw
spacing, and 5/16" x 9/16" pickguard/
#1467 With ceramic cap $5.15
#1468 With Orange Drop cap $7.25 3PDT Stomp Switch control plate slot.
A special replacement ea. 3+ 6+
#7373 Resistor only, for upgrading ea. 10+ footswitch for pedals and #1233 $4.17 $3.71 $3.38
original caps. $0.35 $0.30 effects boxes. Modify your
effects for true bypass and 3-way on/on/on
even wire a status indicator DP3T for Mustang and Duosonic
ea. 3+ 6+
Hear the Treble Bleed Circuit in action! Threading is 7/16" tall. Requires 1" ea. 3+ #1232 $6.87 $6.11 $5.56
stewmac.com search: ts182 depth, 1/2"-dia. mounting hole. #1611 $13.60 $10.74
Strat, and Tele, are registered trademarks
of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.

54 | Shielding, Caps + Jacks Call our product experts! 800-848-2273 Order online at stewmac.com
Free-way Switch 3-way Toggle #1243 #1218-G
An upgrade of the switch originally Switches
installed in the Jimmy Page Les With wiring diagram.
Paul Custom. Fits an LP switch cav-
ity without routing. 2-pole, 6-posi- #1242
tion transverse toggle action and Switchcraft switches include
15 terminal connections expand knurled mounting nut. 1/2"-diam- #1217-G
your wiring options. Great for coil- eter mounting hole required. Switchcraft Metric
splitting, 3-pickup selection, piezo Straight/tall switch needs 11/2" Reliable and heavy-duty. #1240 Popular in guitars
pickup on/off, and humbucker/ body cavity depth; straight/short Standard in Gibson and other made outside the USA.
switch requires 7/8"; right-angle
single-coil/humbucker switching. American guitars for decades. Quality at economical prices.
switch needs 13/16".
Guitar gear ea.
3+ ea. 3+ 6+
shifters! #0055 Nickel $36.57 $34.01 Metric switches include knurled
Straight/tall switch #1240 Switchcraft, chrome $18.95 $16.87 $15.35
#0055-G Gold $37.95 $35.29 nut, flat washer, plus black and
cream plastic knobs. 5/16" mount- For Les Paul. #1241 Switchcraft, gold $22.90 $20.38 $18.55
ing thread height; 1/2"-dia. mount- Straight/ #1242 Switchcraft, chrome $17.95 $15.98 $14.54
Free-way Ultra Switch ing hole required. Straight switch short switch #1217 Metric, chrome $13.60 $12.10 $11.02
4-pole, 6-position transverse requires 15/16" body cavity depth;
for 2-pickup guitars. #1217-G Metric, gold $15.31 $13.63 $12.40
right-angle switch needs 13/16".
toggle with 28 terminals lets you
explore the most sophisticated Right-angle switch #1243 Switchcraft, chrome $17.95 $15.98 $14.54
custom wirings. Access practically Knobs on page 74 for SG and thin #1218 Metric, chrome $13.60 $12.10 $11.02
2-pickup guitars. #1218-G Metric, gold $15.71 $13.98 $12.73

any pickup or coil combinations!
3+ ea. 10+ 50+
#0072 Nickel $48.95 $45.52 Knurled toggle #1000 Nickel $2.63 $2.24 $1.79
#0072-G Gold $52.95 $49.24 switch nut #1000-G Gold $3.68 $3.13 $2.50

Specs for Free-way switches:

#0055 housing is 61/64" x 117/64". #0072 housing is 13/8" dia. Both: threaded
CRL Lever Switches Knobs included FREE
portion is 13/32" tall; 1/2"-dia. mounting hole and 3/8" body cavity depth Reliable, noise-free heavy-duty switches preferred by most play-
required. Nut and washer; cream, black and amber plastic knobs ers. We include black barrel and top-hat knobs with the 3-way, #2000 3-way
included. Wiring diagrams at stewmac.com. and white and black knobs for Strat with the 5-way.Wiring #2001 5-way

diagram and stainless steel screws included. ea. 6+
Requires 13/8" body cavity depth and 15/8" mounting screw spacing. $15.20 $13.68

Rotary Switches Replacement Mounting Screws ea.

Flat washer, lock washer and two mounting nuts in- #4586 Phillips 6-32 thread, 5/8" for #4586 For Tele $0.28 $0.18
cluded. CRL switches. Stainless steel. #4585 For Strat $0.28 $0.18
Coarse-knurled split shaft has M9 x .75 thread; the thread- #4585
ed portion is 3/8" tall. 3/8"-diameter mounting hole required. Extra length for carved guitar tops as well as standard pickguards and plates.

6-position The 2-pole switch ea. 3+ 6+
can be used in a Varitone notch filter Mini Toggle Switches On/On #1219 Chrome $7.04 $6.27 $5.70
circuit, per ES-345 guitars. The 4-pole For series/parallel pickup #1220 Black $7.85 $6.99 $6.36
switch has extra versatility for cus- switching, phase switching, On/On/On #1223 Chrome $10.61 $9.44 $8.59
tom pickup selection, Varitone, and and humbucker coil-tapping. #1224 Black $13.16 $11.71 $10.66
advanced wirings. Includes flat washer, lock wash-
#3511 requires 7/8" mounting cavity er and two hex nuts. Threaded portion is 5/16" tall. 1/4" diameter mounting
depth; #3516 requires 15/16" depth. hole and 5/8" body cavity depth required.
#3511 2-pole ea. per model
#3516 4-pole $10.99 $9.34 #3490 E-model 5-way s witchfor 3-pickup combinations of
single-coils or humbuckers, or for two humbuckers. Enables
Megaswitch coil-tap and hum-cancellation.
5-position 4-pole switch for Paul Designed for guitarists
Reed Smith guitars, or for custom #3492 S-model Standard 5-way Strat wiring.
pickup selector wiring. Sturdy die-cast design, #3491 P-model 5-way lever switch for two humbuckers.
15/16" mounting cavity depth required. noise-free contacts, and a Same functions as a Paul Reed Smith rotary control:
ea. 6+ great feel. Chrome screws, 1 Bridge 2 Outer coils, parallel 3Inner coils, series
#3512 $10.99 $9.34 black and white knobs, and 4Inner coils, parallel 5Neck ea. 3+
instructions are included.
$22.49 $16.64
Chickenhead knob, page 74
All Megaswitches require 13/8" body Replacement Knob Fits Megaswitch only.
cavity depth and 15/8" mounting screw spacing.
#3527 White ea. 6+ 12+
#3527-B Black $1.59 $1.38 $1.19
Oak Grigsby 4-way
2-pole Lever Switch
A popular mod for the Tele:
three standard pickup selection
positions, plus a fourth that
Oak Grigsby Super Switch
Fieldpiece Digital
combines the bridge and neck Custom wirings, new sounds
Pocket Multimeter
pickups in series for a fatter Wire guitars in imaginative new ways with this
special 4-pole, 5-way lever switch. It has six lugs Indicates AC/DC volt-
tone. Black barrel and top-hat
per pole, for virtually limitless pickup and coil ages, continuity, ohm
knobs, 5/8" stainless screws and
selections. Black and white knobs, screws and resistance, and the sta-
wiring diagram included.
instructions included. tus of diodes in effects.
ea. 6+ Batteries included.
Requires 17/16" body cavity
17/16" body cavity depth and ea. 3+
depth and 15/8" mounting #2002 $14.68 $13.21 #3618 $33.50
screw spacing. 15/8" screw spacing required. #3200 $21.72 $19.33

Les Paul and SG are trademarks of Gibson Guitar Corporation. Strat, Tele, Jazzmaster, Jaguar and Mustang are registered trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.

Orders received by 4pm EST weekdays are shipped the same day Pickup Switches | 55
Alpha Pots Golden Age Pre-wired Harnesses
Economical, and common in Switchcraft + Premium components, hand-soldered and tested in our
guitars made outside the USA. CRL switches shop: CTS pots, Switchcraft and CRL switches, Orange
Standard 20% resistance toler- Orange Drop Drop caps, and vintage-style wire. Each harness is
ance. The aluminum split shaft capacitors mounted on a reusable plywood template, so the com-
fits a coarse-knurled knob.Full ponents will align for drop-in installation. Simply solder
CTS pots
specs at stewmac.com. your pickup wires to the harness, and connect the switch
and jack, depending on the wiring channels in your in-
ea. 12+ 50+
strument. Switch knobs and instructions included; order
#0128 250K-ohms $2.73 $2.43 $1.97 control knobs separately on page 74.
#0130 500K-ohms $2.73 $2.43 $1.97
#1931 For Tele, with 3-way switch $84.99
#3482 500K long shaft $8.07 $7.18 $5.81 #1930
#1932 For Tele, with 4-way switch $84.99
#3481 1meg-ohm $4.69 $4.17 $3.38
#1930 For Strat, with 5-way switch $82.99
#3755 25K-ohms* $8.97 $7.98 $6.46
#1933 For Gibson Les Paul $86.99
ea. 6+ 12+ Jigs available
#1934 For Les Paul, with long-shaft pots $98.99
#3477 500K-ohms mini $4.77 $4.15 $3.58 separately on
stewmac.com #1935 For Gibson SG $83.49
*For use with active pickups, or after the preamp of a #1933 #1936 For P Bass $49.49
piezo-saddle electric guitar bridge. #1937 For Jazz Bass $54.49
Harness components match our premium wiring kits on page 57.
Harnesses for Tele and P Bass have solid-shaft pots; all others have split-shaft pots.

CTS pots have long been


Alpha Push/Pull Control Pot the first choice in American

Acts as a normal volume or tone con- Control Pots guitars. C TS pots from
StewMac have a more dur
trol, and pulls up to activate its on/
on DPDT mini switch. Controls pickup able brass shaft, and tighter 10% resistance
phasing, series/parallel switching and tolerance. Split-shaft versions require fine-knurled
coil-taps. Split shaft with coarse knurl- knobs. Set-screw knobs fit the solid shaft models. Emerson Pro
ing. Full specs at stewmac.com. CTS Pots
Pots in this column share the following specs:
#1215 250K-ohms 3/8 x 32 threading is 3/8" tall; long shaft threading is 3/4". 3/8"- Lower drag Tighter tolerance Smoother taper
#1216 500K-ohms ea. 6+ 12+ dia. mounting hole required. Includes flat washer, lock Special control pots for demanding pro guitarists.
#1213 500K-ohms long shaft* $8.98 $7.81 $6.73 washer, and two nuts for custom height adjustment. Solid The low-drag brass shaft turns more easily than any
*3/8 x 32 threading is 3/4" tall. 3/8"-dia. hole reqd. shafts have a 1/4" diameter. weve used. Super-tight 8% resistance tolerance and
super-smooth r esponse taper toono sudden jumps
Be sure your in volume or tone. Individually tested. Full specs at
Alpha Blend Pot knobs will fit! stewmac.com.
Pans from one pickup or source Need knobs? Coarse knurled Fine knurled Solid shaft Split shaft ea. 6+ 12+
See page 74 18 splines (Alpha) 24 splines (CTS) (CTS) #0203 250K-ohms $7.25 $6.60 $6.02
to another. Linear taper. Split
shaft with coarse knurling. Full specs at #0204 500K-ohms $7.25 $6.60 $6.02
stewmac.com. #0226 1meg-ohm $7.25 $6.60 $6.02
#0205 500K long* $9.25 $8.42 $7.68
#4137 250K-ohms ea. 6+ 12+ *Long shaft for Les Paul solidbodies
#4138 500K-ohms $5.34 $4.38 $3.68 Solid shaft (1/4" diameter) ea. 6+ 12+
#0203-S 250K-ohms $7.25 $6.60 $6.02
#0204-S 500K-ohms $7.25 $6.60 $6.02
at stewmac.com #0226-S 1meg-ohm $7.25 $6.60 $6.02
Pro Blender Pot
Archtop Guitar Helping Hand Split shaft ea. 6+ 12+
Wire it to replace your Strat middle pickup tone control,
Offers sturdy support for lift- to blend the neck or bridge pickup smoothly into switch
#0115 250K-ohms $5.95 $5.41 $4.94
ing pots, switches, and jacks positions 1, 2, 4 and 5.* Or wire it in place of any tone
#0116 500K-ohms $5.95 $5.41 $4.94
into the holes of an archtop pot, for click-free tone circuit bypass between 9 and 10.
#0117 500K long shaft $7.95 $7.23 $6.60
or semi-hollowbody guitar. Custom audio taper; split shaft. Tight 10% tolerance.
113/4" long, made from cop- Solid shaft ea. 6+ 12+ ea. 6+ 12+
per-plated steel. Our thanks #0115-S 250K-ohms $5.75 $5.23 $4.77 #0215 250K-ohms $7.55 $6.87 $6.27
to luthier David Costner for #0116-S 500K-ohms $5.75 $5.23 $4.77 * Wiring diagram at stewmac.com
inspiring this handy tool.
Im now wiring up f-hole instruments in record CTS Push-Pull Pots, SPST CTS Push-Pull Pots, DPDT
time! Erick Coleman, StewMac tech advisor
Control humbucker coil-cuts or Switch contacts on the side rather than
#0255 $12.08 other simple mods, with no need the back, allowing them to fit most
to drill your guitar for a separate guitars without routing; only 1" cav-
switch. Each pot functions as a ity depth is needed. The double-pole
Pot Cleaning normal tone or volume control, double-throw switch adds lots of wir-
Cap + DeoxIT but also pulls up to activate a ing options. Pull the knob to coil-cut a
Cleaner built-in SPST switch. 13/16" cavity humbucker, switch a pickup in/out, or
Screws onto the pot depth needed. control anything: the switch is electri-
shaft; a hole for a spray cally separate from the control pot.
cleaner extension tube Split shaft ea. 6+ 12+ Split shaft ea. 6+ 12+
puts the spray down #0221 250K-ohms $7.95 $7.23 $6.60 #0227 250K-ohms $8.95 $8.14 $7.43
into the pot. StewMac #0222 500K-ohms $7.95 $7.23 $6.60 #0228 500K-ohms $8.95 $8.14 $7.43
recommends DeoxIT Works only with #0223 500K long shaft $7.95 $7.23 $6.60 #0229 500K long shaft $9.95 $9.05 $8.26
Cleaner to keep your CTS and 3/8 x 32 Solid shaft ea. 6+. 12+ Solid shaft..............................................ea. 6+ 12+
clean and noise-free. thread pots. #0221-S 250K-ohms $7.95 $7.23 $6.60 #0227-S 250K-ohms $8.95 $8.14 $7.43
#0291 Cleaning Cap $21.80 #0222-S 500K-ohms $7.95 $7.23 $6.60 #0228-S 500K-ohms $8.95 $8.14 $7.43
#5027 DeoxIT aerosol 5 oz* $20.39
Mounting Nuts and Lock Washers
*Cannot be shipped by air, or outside the USA for Pots + Jacks available online stewmac.com search: nuts + washers

56 | Control Pots + Wiring Call our product experts! 800-848-2273 Order online at stewmac.com
Vintage-Style Push-back Wire
Flexible insulation pushes back to expose the 22
AWG tinned stranded conductor. Our .090"-dia.
Gibson-style shielded wire has white celanese and
black waxed cotton insulation, and tinned braided
copper shield. The .070"-dia. unshielded single
conductor wire has white celanese wrap and waxed
braided cotton outer insulation.
Standard kit Premium kit #0137 Standard $31.00
Single Conductor, Unshielded For Strat Three 250k split-shaft pots: Alpha CTS #1917 Premium $46.88
Supplied in 50' rolls. .047F capacitor: Ceramic Orange Drop Switchcraft jack and
Wire: PVC-insulated Push-back wiring diagram includ-
#1470 White 3+
ea. per color 5-way CRL switch has screws, white and black switch knobs. ed with each kit.
#1471 Black
#1472 Yellow $22.82 $18.03
Standard kit Premium kit
For Les Paul 3-way pickup switch: Metric Switchcraft
#0133 Standard $37.95
Single conductor ea.
(Standard pot shafts) #0133-G Standard with
Switch knob: Black and cream Amber
with braided shield $30.53 Four 500k split-shaft pots: Alpha CTS
gold switch $39.66
#1473 50' roll Two .022F capacitors: Ceramic Orange Drop
$24.12 #2133 Premium $64.97

Wire: PVC-insulated Push-back #2133-G Premium with
Wiring diagram and Switchcraft jack included with each kit. gold switch $74.05
Shielded Wire
Single conductor 26 AWG stranded conductor Standard kit Premium kit
For Les Paul #0133-LS Standard $51.67
with braided tinned copper shield and PVC 3-way pickup switch: Metric Switchcraft #0133-LSG Standard
(Long pot shafts)
insulation; .100" dia., 25 feet. Switch knob: Black and cream Amber with gold switch $56.00
#1586 $19.16 Four 500k split-shaft pots: Alpha long CTS long
Two .022F capacitors: Ceramic Orange Drop #2133-LS Premium $83.39
4-conductor 28 AWG Wire: PVC-insulated Push-back #2133-LSG Premium
poly-insulated stranded Wiring diagram and Switchcraft jack included with each kit. with gold switch $87.59
tinned copper conductors
with foil shield and strand- For Gibson SG Standard kit Premium kit #0125 Standard $35.14
ed ground wire. PVC outer Right-angle 3-way switch: Metric Switchcraft #2134 Premium $62.62
insulation; .120" dia., 25'. Switch knob: Black and cream Amber
#1818 $29.28 Four 500k split-shaft pots: Alpha CTS Switchcraft jack and
Two .022F capacitors: Ceramic Orange Drop wiring diagram includ-
Wire: PVC-insulated Push-back ed with each kit.

Non-shielded Wire For 2 pickups with Standard kit Premium kit #1802 Standard $34.98
22 AWG tinned stranded copper single-conductor toggle switch 3-way pickup switch: Metric Switchcraft #2136 Premium $52.22
wire, PVC-insulated. .050" diameter, 100 feet.
Gibson/Epiphone/ Switch knob: Black and cream Amber
Samick. Two 500k split-shaft pots: Alpha CTS Switchcraft jack and
#1587 White ea.
.022F capacitor: Ceramic Orange Drop wiring diagram includ-
#1588 Black $46.31
Wire: PVC-insulated Push-back ed with each kit.

Standard kit Premium kit #0138 Standard $27.92

For Tele Two 250K control pots: Alpha split-shaft CTS solid shaft #1918 Premium $41.90
.047F and .001F caps: Ceramic Orange Drop Switchcraft jack and
Wire: PVC-insulated Push-back wiring diagram includ-
#4575 Each kit has 3-way CRL switch with top-hat and barrel switch knobs. ed with each kit.
Basic Wiring Packages For Tele, with Premium components: 4-way Oak Grigsby switch* with screws,
Each package has a .047F and .022F capacitor, 4-way switch top-hat and barrel switch knobs, two 250K-ohms solid-shaft CTS
plus enough shielded and non-shielded wire for pots, .001F and .047F Orange Drop caps, push-back wire,
most individual guitars or basses. Order pots and Switchcraft jack and wiring diagram. #1923 $35.60
switches separately. The premium set has push-back *Adds bridge and neck pickups in series for a fatter tone.
wire and Orange Drop caps.
3+ Shielding supplies, page 54
#4575 Standard $7.05 $5.57 JPLP for Les Paul Jimmy Page setup. 500K-ohms long-shaft push/pull pot to
#4572 Premium $11.21 $9.98 coil-tap the bridge humbucker; metric 3-way switch with black
and cream knobs; three 500K-ohms long-shaft Alpha pots; two
.022F ceramic capacitors; wire, Switchcraft jack and wiring
diagram. #0126 $54.02
Bass Wiring Kits #1921
For LP Special Premium components: Short 3-way Switchcraft switch with
Push-back wire, Switch-
craft jack, .047F Orange amber knob; four 500K-ohms CTS split-shaft pots; two .022F
Drop cap, 250K-ohms CTS Orange Drop capacitors; push-back wire, Switchcraft jack
pots, and wiring diagram and wiring diagram. #2133-SP $64.97 The New Book of
are in each kit. Standard Wiring
For Les Paul Jr Premium components: 500K-ohms and 250K-ohms split-shaft CTS Diagrams
For P Bass Includes two solid-shaft
pots. Works for
single-pickup guitars too. or SG Jr pots, .022F Orange Drop capacitor, push-back wire, Switchcraft by Les Schatten
#1921 $25.06
jack and wiring diagram. #1919 $23.87 #3283 $35.99
For Jazz Bass Includes three split-shaft pots.
#1922 $28.84
For PRS Paul Reed Smith setup. 5-way rotary switch, two 500K-ohms Control
Strat, Tele, P-Bass and Jazz Bass are registered trademarks of Fender split-shaft CTS pots, 180pF and .022F ceramic capacitors, push- knobs
Musical Instruments Corporation. Les Paul and SG are registered page 74
trademarks of Gibson Guitar Corporation. back wire, Switchcraft jack, wiring diagram. #1920 $29.53

Orders received by 4pm EST weekdays are shipped the same day Circuit Wire + Wiring Kits | 57
The first choice of renowned guitarmakers for
their finest instruments. #4060


Play in tune, stay in tune.
More efficient tuning. 16:1 ratio, with a proven design
that eliminates looseness in the gears.
Longer life with less wear. Waverlys stainless steel
worm gear has nylon bushings for smoothness. Machined
bronze alloy string post gears are highly durable.
Traditional beauty. Waverly tuners are available in
nickel, gold or relic finishes, and with a variety of distinc- #4067 with
tive knobs to complement any instrument. ebony knob

Renowned guitarmakers such as Martin, Gibson,

Collings, National, and many more choose Waverly.

They hold their tune and look superb

of course I recommend Waverly.
Dick Boak, Martin Guitars

The best tuning keys on the market.

Tony Rice #4065 with
#4062-G Gold, hand-engraved
ivoroid knob
They work as beautifully as they look.
The very best! Jim Merrill, Merrill Guitars
Like putting a Rolex on your guitar! Waverly Guitar Tuners Sets of 6; 3-left/3-right. Mounting screws are included.
M.J. Franks Guitars
Knobs Solid peghead Slotted peghead set set, 3+ set, 6+
Our favorite tuners. Collings Guitars
Dark #4069 Nickel #4070 Nickel $151.10 $140.52 $128.43
Tortoise #4069-G Gold #4070-G Gold $208.43 $193.84 $177.17
Butterbean #4060 Nickel #4063 Nickel $151.10 $140.52 $128.43
#4078 Brass #4060-G Gold #4063-G Gold $208.43 $193.84 $177.17
#4076 Relic ni* $177.35 $164.94 $150.75
Ebony #4067 Nickel #4075 Nickel $146.48 $136.23 $124.51
#4067-G Gold #4075-G Gold $215.78 $200.68 $183.41

Press-fit brass
Vintage #1129 Nickel #1130 Nickel $166.85 $155.17 $141.82
bushings fit Oval Brass** #4078 Relic ni* $193.10 $179.58 $164.13
11/32"-dia. pegholes. #1129-G Gold $193.10 $179.58 $164.13
Snakewood #4091 Nickel $148.63 $138.23 $126.34
inch mm #4091-G Gold
mm #4098-G Gold $221.03 $205.56 $187.88
A A .340" 8.7 G .562" 14.3
B .230" 5.8 H 1.030" 26.2
G C Ivoroid
.249" 6.3 J .630" #4065
16.0 Nickel #4066 Nickel $145.85 $135.64 $123.97
D .850" 21.6 K .270" 6.9
E 1.080"Black
27.4 Pearl

L 1.000" #4072
25.4 Nickel #4097 Nickel $238.33 $221.65 $202.58
F .249" 6.3 M 1.315" 33.4
#4072-G Gold $282.22 $262.46 $239.89
Engraved #4062-G Gold $363.30 $337.87 $308.80
inch mm inch mm
.340" 8.7
.230" 5.8
G .562"
H 1.030"
Butterbean #4073 Nickel $143.75 $133.69 $122.19
G C .249" 6.3 J .630" 16.0 Ivoroid #4073-G Gold $197.30 $183.49 $167.70
D .850" 21.6 K .270" 6.9
E 1.080" 27.4 L 1.000" 25.4 * Relic nickel has a well-played finish that will better match a well-worn guitar.
F .249" 6.3 M 1.315" 33.4
** Rare 1930s knob shape as seen on the Clarence White/Tony Rice D-28 Martin.
Pearl products cannot be shipped outside the USA.

3-on-Plate Waverly Tuners for Slotted Pegheads

For steel-string guitars. Bronze/stainless steel 16:1 design gives impressive smoothness. Polished brass
string posts are mounted on beautiful cast polished bronze engraved baseplates that age to a handsome
patina. Mounting screws included.

inch mm
mm For
peghead Sets for slotted peghead
AA .610"
.610" 15.5
15.5 Knobs set set, 3+
BB .440"
.440" 11.8
CC 4.010"
CC LL #3500 Ivoroid $215.99 $192.23
DD 1.375"
1.375" 34.9
EE .280"
.280" 7.1
7.1 EE
DD KK #3503 Ebony $222.98 $198.45
FF 1.26"
1.26" 32.0
32.0 #3504 Snakewood $226.28 $201.39
GG 1.23"
1.23" 31.2
31.2 AA
HH 1.17"
1.17" 29.7
29.7 For
peghead Sets for solid peghead*
JJ .249"
.249" 6.3
KK .562"
.562" 14.3
14.3 Knobs set set, 3+
LL 1.030"
1.030" 26.2
26.2 OO PP #3501 Ivoroid $221.45 $197.09
MM .276"
.276" 7.0
7.0 FF
NN .336"
.336" 8.5
#3502 Ebony $226.28 $201.39
OO .850"
.850" 21.6
#3500 #3501 PP 1.080"
1.080" 27.4
*Knurled press-fit peghead bushings included.

58 | Waverly Guitar Tuners Call our product experts! 800-848-2273 Order online at stewmac.com

No plugging large
Before After pegholes and redrilling
Conversion Tuner Bushings
Our knurled press-fit brass conversion bushings retrofit Waverly, #6701
Kluson or other tuners with 1/4"-dia. string posts into larger (Gotoh/ Leaf baseplate
Grover/Schaller) pegholes. Sets of 6.
#3457 hex For 3/8" or 10mm holes set set, 6+ set, 12+
.466" dia. #3457 Hex, nickel $8.26 $7.19 $6.19
.394" dia.
#3457-G Hex, gold $9.99 $8.69 $7.49
.375" dia. #3457-R Hex, relic $9.14 $7.95 $6.85
#3457 hex
#3458 round .466" dia. #3458 Round, nickel $8.26 $7.19 $6.19
dia. #3458-G Round, gold $9.99 $8.69 $7.49
.394" dia.
.375" dia. #3458-R Round, Relic $9.14 $7.95 $6.85
.375" dia.
For 10.5mm
#3458 round holes
#3459 round .437" dia.
set set, 6+ set, 12+
.394" dia.
#3459 Round, nickel $8.26 $7.19 $6.19
.415" dia. #3459-G Round, gold $9.99 $8.69 $7.49
.375" dia. #6710
.395" dia. #3459-R Round, relic $9.14 $7.95 $6.85
Stippled baseplate
#3459 round
.457" dia.
.415" dia. Vintage-style Bushings
dia. finishing touch. Set of 6 knurled brass press-fit My hands-down favorites in
bushings for 1/4"-dia. string posts. their price class. They work as

well or better than those at
Hex straight set set, 6+ set, 12+ twice the price or more.
.425" dia.

.340" dia.

#3461 Nickel $8.26 $7.19 $6.19
#3461-G Gold $9.99 $8.69 $7.49
Classical Guitar Tuners Ive used them for over twenty
3461 .340" dia. years since Irving first designed
.425" dia.
dia. Crafted and refined by Waverly
.425" Hex tapered Designed by pioneering luthier Irving Sloane and built them.
.348" dia.
.348" dia.
#3456 Nickel $8.26 $7.19 $6.19 David LaPlante, luthier
3456 .348" dia. Tuning performance second to none. Sloane classical tun-
3456 .331" dia.
.331" dia.
#3456-G Gold $9.99 $8.69 $7.49
.331" dia. ers are first choice for many fine concert guitars. Their superior
.438" dia.
Round design begins with patented bushings that eliminate looseness
3460 .438" dia.
.340" dia.
dia. in the worm gear, for impressively precise tuning and smooth
Chosen by world-
3460 .340" #3460 Nickel $8.26 $7.19 $6.19
3460 .340" dia.
#3460-G Gold $9.99 $8.69 $7.49 feel. The baseplates and support posts are one-piece bronze renowned luthiers
castings, more stable than riveted assemblies. Precision ball Greg Brandt
bearings on each string roller take tuning to an even higher
1920s-style Bushings level of smoothness, with no binding. Greg Byers
Original style thin-wall press-fit brass, for 1/4"-diam- Rolf Eichinger
Long-life gears. Bronze alloy 16:1 toothed gears are more
A C eter string posts. ea. Jean-Marie Fouilleul
durable than the brass gears used in other tuners. Stainless
inch mm
#0733 Nickel $0.44 worms and screws assure longer life with less wear. Armin Gropp
A .315" 8.0 #0733-R Relic nickel $0.59 Armin Hanika Hill Guitars
Beauty to enhance fine instruments. The polished bronze
B .418" 10.6
#0733-G Gold $0.99 and many more.
C .283" 7.2 baseplates (two styles) attaina handsome antique patina.
Choose from a selection of beautiful polished knobs.

Knurled 20s-style Bushings Sloane tuners have white powder-

The prewar look, but in press-fit knurled machined coated aluminum string rollers
A brass. For 1/4"-dia. string posts. withbrass inner shafts and 35mm
ea. (13/8") spacing. Mounting screws
inch mm #0734 Nickel $0.90 are included.
Ivoroid Snakewood Pearloid Ebony
.276" 7.0
.409" 10.4
#0734-RN Relic nickel $0.99
C .336" 8.5 #0734-RB Relic brass $0.99 A J
With stippled bronze baseplate
K Knobs set set, 3+
Vintage-style Grommet Bushings E #6708 Ivoroid $299.99 $266.99
A C Thin-wall press-fit brass, as used in the 1950s #6709 Pearloid $299.99 $266.99
F inch mm inch mm
and 60s. Large size per Gibsons; small size per A 4.320" 109.7 G 1.290" 32.8 #6690 Snakewood $309.99 $275.89
inch mm
Kays, Harmonys, and Silvertones.
B .710" 18.0 H 1.320" 33.5 #6710 Ebony $299.99 $266.99
A .315" 8.0 C 1.378" 35.0 J .394" 10.0
B .488" 12.4
D .270" 6.9 K .630" 16.0 #6710-B Ebony, $299.99 $266.99
C .287" 7.3 E .700" 17.8 L 1.189" 30.2 with black rollers
Large #0738-N Nickel $0.50 F .210" 5.3 M .386" 9.8

B .256" inside #0738-RN Relic nickel $0.72

diameter #0738-RB Relic brass $0.66 A
With leaf bronze baseplate
Small #0739-N Nickel $0.44 D L Knobs set set, 3+
inch mm .240" inside #0739-RN Relic nickel $0.66 E
K #6705 Ivoroid $299.99 $266.99
.315" 8.0
.382" 9.7
diameter #0739-RB Relic brass $0.61 #6701 Pearloid $299.99 $266.99
C .264" 6.7 inch mm inch mm #6706 Ebony $299.99 $266.99
A 4.000" 101.6
B .456" 11.6
G 1.240" 31.5
H 1.170" 29.7
#6706-B Ebony, $299.99 $266.99
with black rollers
Tri-Flow F G H
C 1.378" 35.0
D .270" 6.9
.394" 10.0
.630" 16.0
Use a drop on metal bearing surfaces lubri- E .610" 15.5
F 1.250" 31.8
L 1.189 30.2
M .386" 9.8
cates tuning gears, roller bridges, tremolos,
truss rod nuts, and more. This light viscosity
lube contains super-slick Teflon, plus anti- Be sure your tuners work efficiently!
corrosion additives. Wont congeal and attract Our Tuner Drill Jig prevents misalignment that can cause tuning
dirt like household oils. 1/4 oz. problems in plate-mounted machines. See page 21
#0106 $9.43

Orders received by 4pm EST weekdays are shipped the same day Bushings / Classical Tuners | 59
Midsize Midsize #0114 Vintage-style Tuner Knobs
Bring old tuning machines back to life, and give newer tuners an
authentic vintage touch. 11/16" x 9/16", as installed on Golden Age and
#0112 Waverly tuning machines. Cream and black knobs have the slightly
flatter 1920s shape.
Chrome Gold Hole shape Hole size ea. 12+ 36+
Keystone Knobs
finish finish #0144 Vintage color. 7/64" x 9/64"
#0114 Dark tortoise 3/32" dia. $3.14 $2.67 $2.20
#0112 Ivoroid 3/32" dia. $3.14 $2.67 $2.20 shaft hole.
#0113 White 5/64" x 9/64" $1.90 $1.61 $1.33 #0045 Single-ring
Mini Mini #0113 #0144 Ebony 3/32" dia. $2.60 $2.21 $1.82 #0046 Double-ring
#0111 Cream 3/32" x 5/32" $1.99 $1.69 $1.39 ea. 12+ 36+
#0111-B Black 3/32" x 5/32" $1.99 $1.69 $1.39 $3.75 $3.19 $2.62
#0111 Installation instructions available at stewmac.com

Chrome Cosmo
finish black finish

Gotoh 510 Guitar Machines

Sleek modern tuners with cast housings, sealed gears, #0646
permanent Lubri-Plate gear coating for smoothness, Nickel finish,
and Rock-Solid string posts for stability. Available in pearloid knobs
chrome, gold and translucent Cosmo black finishes.
18:1 gear ratio Threaded hex bushings Removable knobs Gotoh 3-on-Plate Guitar Machines Schaller Classical Guitar Machines
10mm (13/32") diameter pegholes required Sets of 6 with Vintage-style stamped plates, white plastic knobs, and Hauser-style tuners with cast baseplates. Polished
screws Full specs at stewmac.com nylon internal bushings for smoothness. Screws and ebony or pearlescent plastic knobs. Screws included.
press-fit bushings included.

16:1 gear ratio 3/8"-dia. string rollers with 13/8" (35mm) spac-
Midsize, 3-left/3-right Knobs set set, 3+ For solid pegheads and steel strings only 15:1 ratio 13/8" ing Not for use with steel strings Oval pearloid knobs
#7107 Chrome Metal $74.69 $66.47 string post spacing 11/32"-diameter pegholes required Full specs at stewmac.com
Full specs at stewmac.com Finish / knobs set set, 3+
#7107-CB Cosmo black Metal $78.39 $69.77 set
set, 3+
#7107-G Gold Metal $95.98 $85.42 #0646 Nickel, pearloid $49.10 $44.68
#4095 Nickel $56.29 $50.10 #0646-G Gold, pearloid $64.72 $58.90
#7108-G Gold Black plastic $113.58 $101.09
#0653-G Gold, ebony $78.11 $71.08
Mini with metal knobs set set, 3+
#7100 3-left/3-right, chrome $74.42 $66.23
#7100-CB 3L/3R, cosmo black $80.19 $71.37
#7100-G 3-left/3-right, gold $95.97 $85.41
#7101 6-in-line, chrome $74.42 $66.23
Mini locking machines
Magnum Lock string post automatically locks
the string as you tune. Metal knobs.
set, 3+ Economy 3-on-Plate Machines Schaller 3-on-Plate Machines
#7106 6-in-line, chrome $90.48 $80.53 For slotted or solid pegheads. 1/4"-diameter string posts Steel-string tuners with cast baseplates and single-hole
#7106-CB 6-in-line, cosmo black $94.83 $84.40 and white plastic knobs. Screws included. string posts for slotted pegheads. Pearlescent plastic
14:1 gear ratio 13/8" string post spacing 9/32"-dia. pegholes knobs. Screws included.
required Full specs at stewmac.com 16:1 gear ratio 13/8" string post spacing 10mm-dia. peg-
holes required Full specs at stewmac.com
set, 3+
set set, 3+ set, 10+
#0934 Nickel $10.02 $8.62 $7.31 #0656 Nickel $49.10 $44.68
#0656-G Gold $64.72 $58.90
Gotoh Magnum Trad-Lock Tuners
Traditional thumbscrew-style locking functionality
with Gotoh technology. Rock-Solid string posts
eliminate looseness. No more wobbly string posts to Gotoh Staggered-post A inch mm
A .159" 4.0

cause tuning problems. Two post heights eliminate Guitar Tuners G B .245" 6.2
C 1.115" 28.3
the need for string trees. A special 6-in-line set for Fender and B F D .652" 16.6
E .932" 23.7
18:1 gear ratio, 6-in-line have a 16:1 gear ratio other plank-style pegheads. The slot- F .346" 8.8
G .380" 9.7
Threaded hex peghead bushings Removable knobs ted posts vary in height to improve J H .249" 6.3
mounting screws included 10mm (13/32") diameter the string angle over the nut, often E
H J .886" 22.5
to 1.000" 25.4
pegholes required Full specs at at stewmac.com eliminating the need for string tree String post slot widths
hold-downs. Vintage-style stamped D .026" to .060"
3-left/3-right set 15:1 gear ratio Press-fit bush- gear housings, oval metal knobs and
set, 3+
ings 11/32"-diameter pegholes smooth, precise operation. set set, 3+
#7104-C Chrome $58.15 $51.75 required Maximum peghead
#7104-G Gold $74.45 $66.26 #1953-N Nickel $61.67 $48.72
thickness 9/16" #1953-G Gold $73.03 $57.69
#7104-B Black $66.45 $59.14
3-left/3-right, with
#7103-B keystone knobs set set, 3+ Tuner Mounting Screws Modern Phillips and vintage-style slotted.
#7103-C Chrome $58.15 $51.75
#7103-G Gold $74.45 $66.26 For solid pegheads For slotted pegheads

#7103-B Black $66.45 $59.14 3/8" long, roundhead. 1/4" long, roundhead.
ea. 100+
ea. 100+
#3353 Slotted, nickel $0.25 $0.13 #3340 Slotted, nickel $0.25 $0.13
6-in-line set set, 3+ #3340-G Slotted, gold $0.35 $0.18
#7105-CB #7105-C Chrome $56.55 $50.33 #3353-G Slotted, gold $0.35 $0.18
#3353-RN Slotted, relic nickel $0.30 $0.16 #3340-RN Slotted, relic nickel $0.30 $0.16
#7105-G Gold $74.45 $66.26 #3341 Phillips, nickel $0.25 $0.13
#7105-B Black $65.45 $58.25 #3361 Phillips, nickel $0.25 $0.13
#3361-G Phillips, gold $0.35 $0.18 #3341-G Phillips, gold $0.35 $0.18
#7105-CB Cosmo black #3341-B Phillips, black $0.25 $0.13
$60.45 $53.80 #3361-B Phillips, black $0.25 $0.13
#3361-S Phillips, stainless $0.33 $0.17 #3341-S Phillips, stainless $0.33 $0.17

60 | Guitar Tuners Call our product experts! 800-848-2273 Order online at stewmac.com
Schertler Guitar Machines
Smooth, precise Swiss-engineered tuners. Schertlers
feature nylon worm post bearings, cast aluminum
baseplates, and distinctive brass crown gears. Gotoh Compact Bass Machines
Adjustable-tension knobs. Ideal for small pegheads. Cast housings, sealed lubrica-
#5396 18:1 gear ratio 3-left/3-right with screws Steel-string tion and 7/16"-dia. string posts. Sets of 4, with screws.
sets require 10mm (13/32") diameter pegholes Solid 20:1 ratio Threaded hex bushings Removable metal knobs
peghead models include knurled press-fit bushings 9/16"-diameter pegholes required Full specs at stewmac.com
Solid peghead Knobs set set, 3+ set
set, 3+
#5396 Satin chrome Ebony $119.00 $105.91 #0897 2-left/2-right, chrome $48.83 $41.51
#5396-B Matte black Ebony $119.00 $105.91 #0897-B 2-left/2-right, black $59.56 $50.63
#5396-M Metallic* Ebony $119.00 $105.91 Individual tuners ea.
#5396-M #5496 Chrome Metal $119.00 $105.91 Chrome #0896-L Left #0896-R Right $12.28 $9.82
#5496-G Bright gold Metal $124.00 $110.36
Black #0896-LB Left #0896-RB Right $15.17 $12.14
Slotted peghead
Gold #0896-LG Left #0896-RG Right $17.38 $13.90
#5397-B Matte black Ebony $119.00 $105.91
Classical Guitar .390"-diameter string rollers
#5398 Satin chrome Ebony $119.00 $105.91 Adjustable-Tension Bass Machines
#5496 #5398-B Matte black Ebony $119.00 $105.91 Quality elephant ear tuners with cast baseplates and
#5398-G Bright gold Ebony $124.00 $110.36 slotted string posts. Allen-adjustable tension for smooth,
precise operation. Sets of 4, with screws.
inch mm inch mm
A 1.260" 32.0 J 1.125" 28.6 22:1 ratio Press-fit bushings 23/32"-diameter pegholes
K B .709" 18.0 K .236" 6.0 required Full specs at stewmac.com
E J N C .400" 10.2 L .400" 10.2 set
set, 3+
G D .243" 6.2 M .610" 15.5
F M Q A E 1.055" 26.8 N 1.189" 30.2 #3804 2-left/2-right, chrome $37.88 $29.93
P .390"
Q .587"
#3803 4-in-line, chrome $37.88 $29.93
H .400" 10.2

#5396 #5397-B #5398
Schaller Bass Machines
Traditional elephant ear tuners with slotted string posts.
They can be disassembled to reverse the worm gear
Sperzel Trim-Lok Guitar Tuners shafts, to fit reversed pegheads. Sets of 4, with screws.
Rear thumbscrew locks the string. 6-in-line string
posts have graduated heights. Cast gear housings 20:1 ratio Press-fit bushings 11/16"-dia. pegholes required
Full specs at stewmac.com
with sealed lubrication. Sets of 6. set
set, 3+
12:1 gear ratio Threaded hex bushings Removable #0647 4-in-line, chrome $62.49 $56.87
#3422-G metal/plastic knobs 10mm (13/32") dia. pegholes required.
Full specs at stewmac.com
set, 3+ HipshotUltralite Bass Tuners
#3421 Satin chrome $65.66 $55.81 High quality compact tuning machines for smaller
3-right #3421-B Satin black $69.69 $59.24 headstocks. These can be converted for installation
#3421-G Satin gold $81.23 $69.05 #4240 on either side. Screws and threaded hex bushings
#3423-SC Satin chrome with plastic included. Sold individually.
vintage knobs $79.90 $67.91
20:1 gear ratio 9/16"-diameter pegholes required
#3421-B #3423-SG Satin gold with plastic Full specs at stewmac.com
vintage knobs $97.90 $83.21
6-in-line #3422 Satin chrome $65.66 $55.81 #4240 With satin Schaller-style knob
These machines fit 9/16" to #4241 With chrome Fender-style knob
#3422-B Satin black $69.69 $59.24 #4241
11/16" peghead thicknesses.
#3422-G Satin gold $81.23 $69.05 per individual tuner $27.18

Economy Guitar Machines Gotoh Polished Brass

Basic tuners that work! #0935 and #0989 have metal Classical Guitar Machines Elegantly simple unplated base-
knobs and gear covers. #0936 has open gears andwhite 14:1 tuners for slotted pegheads. 35mm (13/8") plates with an incised pattern.
knobs. Sets of 6, with screws. string roller spacing; not for use with steel Removable pearloid knobs.
#0935 14:1 gear ratio Press-fit bushings 5/16"-diameter pegholes strings. Screws included.
required Full specs at stewmac.com Knobs set set, 3+
#5835 Ivoroid $81.73 $72.74
set set, 3+ set, 10+ Full specs at #5836 Pearloid $77.63 $69.09
#0935 3L/3R, chrome $22.67 $19.50 $16.55 stewmac.com #5837 Ebony $97.06 $86.38
#0936 3L/3R chrome $15.28 $13.14 $11.15
#0989 6-in-line chrome, $22.83 $19.63 $16.67
covered (with oval knobs; not pictured) Economy
Stamped gold baseplates
and pearloid knobs.
#5836 #0940-G #0938-G
Kluson Waffleback Guitar Tuners set
set, 3+
High quality updates of the deluxe tuners used on #0940-G $21.28 $18.94
many Gibson guitars; named for the grooves on the
cast housings. Modern nylon worm bearings and sealed
lubrication give smoother tuning. Lyra-Style
Ornate gold baseplates
15:1 ratio 11/32"-diameter pegholes required Keystone
and removable pearloid
knobs Sets of 6 with screws and press-fit bushings
Full specs at stewmac.com knobs.
set, 3+
#0938-G $75.13 $66.87
With metal knobs set With plastic knobs set
#5801 3-left/3-right, nickel $96.00 #5800 3-left/3-right, nickel $96.00
#5801-G 3-left/3-right, gold $120.00 #5800-G 3-left/3-right, gold $120.00

Orders received by 4pm EST weekdays are shipped the same day Guitar + Bass Tuners | 61
Gotoh Sealed Guitar Machines A C
G .390"
Popular tuners featuring cast gear housings with maintenance-free B .433" 11.0 H .875" 22.2
E D F C .188" 4.8 J .312" 7.9
#0903 sealed lubrication. Sets of 6, with screws. H K D .800" 20.3 K 1.075" 27.3
G M E .290" 7.4 L .413" 10.5
16:1 gear ratio Threaded hex bushings Removable metal knobs 10mm B
F .236" 6.0 M .550" 14.0
(13/32") diameter pegholes required
With Schaller-style metal knobs set set, 3+
#0903 3L/3R chrome, large knobs $43.13 $34.07
#0903-B 3L/3R black, large knobs $47.78 $37.75 Individual Gotoh Machines
#0903-G 3L/3R gold, large knobs $57.18 $45.17 Supplied with small Schaller-style
#1951 6-in-line, chrome, small knobs $43.13 $34.07 knobs, for the left or right side of
#1951-B 6-in-line, black, small knobs $47.78 $37.75 the peghead. These are suitable
#1951-G 6-in-line, gold, small knobs $57.18 $45.17 for 7-string or asymmetric
#0915 pegheads. Choose left or right as viewed
With oval metal knobs set set, 3+ from the front of the peghead.

#0914 3-left/3-right, chrome $38.13 $30.12 ea.
#0915 6-in-line, chrome $38.13 $30.12 Chrome #1951-L Left #1951-R Right $7.20
With keystone metal knobs set set, 3+ Black #1951-LB Left #1951-RB Right $8.00
#1955 3-left/3-right, chrome $43.54 $34.40 Gold #1951-LG Left #1951-RG Right $9.50
#1955-G 3-left/3-right, gold $61.42 $48.52

inch mm
Gotoh Vintage-style Guitar Machines A .692"
B .475"
With original-style stamped gear housings and traditional knob B F C .936" 23.8
J H D 1.287" 32.7
shapes, these are among the most popular reproduction tuners C D E E .346" 8.8
#0933 for electric or acoustic guitars. A great improvement over vintage F .380"* 9.7
#0648 G .249" 6.3
machines, theyre smoother and more precise. Sets of 6, with screws. A H .965" 24.1
#0648 has slotted string post J .760" 19.3
15:1 gear ratio Press-fit bushings 11/32"-diameter pegholes required M
K 1.115" 28.3

L .692" 17.6
M .932" 23.7
With oval metal knobs set set, 3+ With scalloped metal knobs set set, 3+
#0933 3-left/3-right, nickel $37.73 $29.81
#0912-RN #3389 3-left/3-right, nickel $40.86 $38.00
Gotoh #0648 6-in-line, nickel $40.17 $31.73
staggered- #0648-G 6-in-line, gold $60.42 $47.73 With locking string posts
post tuners #0648-RN 6-in-line, Relic nickel $54.56 $43.10 Simply loosen the top of the string post, insert the
for Fender With keystone plastic knobs set
set, 3+ string, and tune it to pitch to lock it on the post.
#0912 3-left/3-right, nickel $39.54 $31.24
page 60 #1954 set
set, 3+
#3389 #0912-G 3-left/3-right, gold $56.04 $44.27
#1954 6-in-line, nickel $64.68 $51.10
#0912-RN 3-left/3-right, relic nickel $50.86 $40.18

#0644 Schaller M-6 Mini Guitar Machines A inch mm

A .530" 13.5
#0645 The same features as full-size M-6 sets (below), but withcompact hous- J B .264" 6.7
ings and smaller knobs. Sets of 6, with screws. B C D
F C .730" 18.5
D .236" 6.0
14:1 gear ratio Threaded hex bushings Removable knobs 10mm (13/32") E G
K E .390" 9.9
F 1.125" 28.6
diameter pegholes required G .326" 8.3
H .950" 24.1
With metal knobs set set, 3+ J .447" 11.4
K .570" 14.5
#0644 3-left/3-right, chrome $104.89 $95.45
#0644-B 3-left/3-right, black $91.50 $83.26
#0645 6-in-line, chrome $82.57 $75.14 Schaller replacement knobs Sets of 6, screws included.
#0645-B 6-in-line, black $91.50 $83.26 The small knobs fit M-6 and set
M-6 mini. set, 3+
#0633-G With ebony knobs set #3056 Pearloid, small $15.92 $13.53
set, 3+
#3057 Pearloid, large $16.68 $14.18
#0633-G 3-left/3-right, gold $118.28 $107.63
#3058 Ebony, small $25.43 $21.62
#3059 Ebony, large $25.79 $21.92
Schaller M-6 Guitar Machines These knobs will not fit other tuner brands.
Popular high quality tuners with cast gear housings and maintenance-
free sealed lubrication. Sets of 6, with screws. inch
A .605"
B .327" 8.3
#0640-G 12:1 gear ratio Threaded hex bushings Removable knobs 10mm (13/32") J
#0643-B D C .867" 22.0
diameter pegholes required B C H F D .236" 6.0
E .390" 9.9
E G K F 1.125" 28.6
With metal knobs set set, 3+ G .388" 9.9
#0643 3-left/3-right, chrome $82.57 $75.14 H .950"
J .447"
#0643-B 3-left/3-right, black $91.50 $83.26 With ebony knobs set set, 3+ K .570" 14.5
#0643-G 3-left/3-right, gold $104.89 $95.45 #0640-G 3-left/3-right, gold $118.28 $107.63

#0659 Schaller Locking Guitar Machines A

inch mm
A .612" 15.5
Rear thumbscrew locks the string into the post. Sets of 6. L D B .305" 8.9
(6-in-line sets have small knobs and staggered post holes.) G H C .767" 19.5
B C E F J D .236" 6.0
16:1 gear ratio Threaded hex bushings Removable metal knobs 10mm .090"
E .390" 9.9
F .392" 10.0
(13/32") diameter pegholes required dia. pins K G .780" 19.8
#0661-G set set, 3+ H .950" 24.1
J .447" 11.4
#0659 3-left/3-right, chrome $95.96 $87.32 Pin mount on the tuner back keeps tuner from K .570" 14.5
rotating, no mounting screws needed. L .395" 10.0
set set, 3+
#0661 6-in-line, chrome $95.96 $87.32
#0661-G 6-in-line, gold $118.28 $107.63

62 | Guitar Tuners Call our product experts! 800-848-2273 Order online at stewmac.com
Grover Rotomatic Guitar Machines
Adjustable knob tension, cast housings and sealed lubrication. Sets #0901, #0900, #3793, #3757
inch mm
of 6, with screws. Mini and midsize have smaller knobs and housings; A
A .635" 16.1
B .302" 7.7
#0901-G Super Rotomatics are full-size with art deco knobs. E C 1.075" 27.3
F K D .592" 15.0
#0900-G Threaded hex bushings Removable metal knobs 10mm (13/32") diameter B J
E .440" 11.2
pegholes required C D G
H F .236" 6.0
G .390" 9.9
set, 3+ H .375" 9.5
Original #0901 3-left/3-right, nickel $46.50 $41.38 J .920" 23.4
K 1.088" 27.6
14:1 ratio #0901-G 3-left/3-right, gold $68.06 $60.57
#0900 3-left/3-right, nickel $50.69 $45.11 #0909, #0908 inch mm
#0909 Rotomatic #0900-C 3-left/3-right, chrome $52.50 $46.72 A .562" 14.3
A B .280" 7.1
18:1 ratio #0900-G 3-left/3-right, gold $76.19 $67.81 E
C .725" 18.4
B C J K D .595" 15.1
Mini #0909 3-left/3-right, chrome $47.73 $42.48 D G H
E .440"
F .236"
14:1 ratio #0908 6-in-line, chrome $47.73 $42.48 G .390" 9.9
H .323" 8.2
#0441 3-left/3-right,chrome $47.73 $42.48 J .860" 21.8
#0441 Midsize #0442 6-in-line, chrome $47.73 $42.48
K 1.075" 27.3

ratio #0442-B 6-in-line, black $68.06 $60.57 #0441, #0442 inch mm
A .620" 15.8
Super #3793 3-left/3-right, chrome $53.67 $47.77 A
14:1 ratio #3793-G 3-left/3-right, gold $76.57 $68.15 B C
K D .500" 12.7
E .575" 14.6
H F .236" 6.0
Rotomatic Keystone 14:1 with metal knobs. E G
G .390" 9.9
Same full-size specs as #0901.
set set, 3+ J
#3793-G #3757 3-left/3-right, nickel $46.50 $43.24 K 1.100" 27.9

#3757-G 3-left/3-right, gold $66.06 $61.44

Grover Sta-Tite 18:1 Guitar Machines

A inch mm
A modern version of a vintage design. 18:1 for fine tuning; scalloped A .688" 17.5 F
knobs, cast baseplate, nylon bearings, and tension screw for smooth B .315" 8.0
C 1.010" 25.7
operation. Sets of 6 (3-left/3-right), with screws. B C D D 1.340" 34.0
E .344" 8.7
18:1 gear ratio Press-fit bushings (solid pegheads) Metal knobs F .315" 8.0
11/32"-diameter pegholes required H
J G .249" 6.3
set, 3+ G H .835" 21.2
set per model M J 1.045" 26.5
K .249" 6.3
Nickel #4592 Solid peghead #4593 Slotted peghead $47.70 $42.45 K L L .500" 12.7
M 1.100" 27.9
Gold #4592-G Solid peghead #4593-G Slotted peghead $77.70 $69.15 #4592

Grover Locking Guitar Machines NEW Vintage

Change strings fast and help keep your tremolo in tune. Sets of 6, Keystone-style 3+3 Tuners
with cast gear housings and sealed lubrication. Screws included. Mini Direct replacements for vintage
versions have smaller knobs and housings. Kluson machines. Featuring stamped
#0877 18:1 gear ratio Threaded hex bushings Removable metal knobs 10mm gear housings and greenish plas-
(13/32") diameter pegholes required Full specs at stewmac.com Mini ver- tic knobs, just like the originals! A
sions fit headstocks up to 9/16" thick; please measure your guitar. modern gear ratio provides smooth,
precise tuning. For 3-left/3-right peg-
Locking Rotomatic Automatically locks the stringas you tune. heads. Choose the distressed look of
the relic nickel plating for repairing
set set, 3+ old guitars, when shiny new hardware
Original #0877 3-left/3-right, chrome $62.10 $55.27 just wont do.
#0877-G 3-left/3-right, gold $74.74 $66.52
15:1 gear ratio 10mm (11/32") dia. pegholes
Mini #0875 3-left/3-right, chrome $58.24 $51.83 required Full specs at stewmac.com
set, 3+
#0875-G 3-left/3-right, gold $82.20 $73.16
#0876 6-in-line, chrome $58.24 $51.83 #0904 Nickel $24.68 $21.97
#0876-G 6-in-line, gold $82.20 $73.16 #0904-RN Relic nickel $28.88 $25.70
#0904-G Gold $33.55 $29.86
Roto-Grip Locking Tuner Knurled rear thumbscrew locks the
string in the post.
set, 3+ Grover Milk Bottle
Rotomatic #3933 3-left/3-right, chrome $75.68 $67.36 Rotomatic Tuners
#3933-G 3-left/3-right, gold $99.93 $88.94
The original Rotomatic look, with the
Mini #3935 6-in-line, chrome $75.68 $67.36 distinctive milk bottle profile on the
#3935-G 6-in-line, gold $99.93 $88.94 worm gear housing. Adjustable knob
tension, cast housings and sealed
lubrication. Sets of 3-left/3-right
with screws.
Grover Vintage Guitar Machines
18:1 gear ratio Threaded hex bushings
A vintage look plus modern cast baseplates.Smoother than the
Removable knobs 10mm (13/32") diam-
originals! Sets of 6, with screws.
#3756 eter pegholes required
14:1 gear ratio Threaded hex bushings 10mm (13/32") diameter pegholes Full specs at stewmac.com
required Full specs at stewmac.com set
set, 3+
Knobs set set, 3+ #0996-N With metal knobs, nickel $46.50 $41.38
Vintage #3754 3-left/3-right, nickel $47.44 $42.22 #0996-C With metal knobs, chrome $47.70 $42.45
Keystone plastic #3754-G 3-left/3-right, gold $64.62 $57.51 #0996-G With metal knobs, gold $68.10 $60.61
#3754 Vintage Deluxe #3756 3-left/3-right, nickel $41.30 $38.41 #0997-C With pearloid knobs, chrome $59.70 $53.13
Metal oval #3756-G 3-left/3-right, gold $61.98 $57.64 #0997-G With pearloid knobs, gold $81.00 $72.09

Orders received by 4pm EST weekdays are shipped the same day Guitar Tuners | 63
Quality new tuners that look
look like old
old originals!

These Golden Age tuners look just like early 20th-Century models. 15:1 gear ratio 13/8" string post spacing
Exposed gears on a variety of steel baseplate designs.
Detailed dimension drawings
Smooth and accurate. Your guitar will tune better than when it was new. are online at stewmac.com
Relic finish options look right at home on vintage guitars.

Square-end Baseplates Scalloped-end Baseplates

Replica 3-on-plate tuners, with vintage-style square worm supports on Distinctive bent tab worm supports, like Klusons from the 1930s70s.
rectangular steel plates. Mounting screws included. Authentic steel baseplates and white plastic knobs.

Solid Slotted 12 str. Solid Slotted

#2500 #2503

#2500 #2502-RN For solid peghead set set, 3+ 3-on-plate with white knobs.
Standard Solid
Short Solid
#2500 Relic/cream $44.43 $39.54 For solid peghead set set, 3+
post post for #2500-B Relic/black $44.43 $39.54 #2517
height tapered #2503 Relic nickel $51.87 $46.16
pegheads #2503-N Bright nickel $41.27 $36.73 3-left/3-right with cream knobs.
For tapered solid peghead: short posts
For tapered-thickness solid pegheads, For slotted peghead set set, 3+ For solid peghead set set, 3+
such as pre-war Gibson L-0, L-00, J-45, #2504 Relic nickel $48.51 $43.17 #2517 Relic nickel $61.69 $54.90
J-35 and Nick Lucas guitars. Authentic look, #2504-N Bright nickel $38.54 $34.30 #2516 Bright nickel $44.63 $39.72
with cream knobs.
set, 3+
#2520-RN Relic nickel $45.41 $40.41 Bell-end Baseplates
#2520-N Bright nickel $34.91 $31.07 As made by Waverly from the 1920s to the 1940s. Engraved versions have
ivoroid knobs; plain versions have cream knobs.
For slotted peghead set set, 3+
#2501 Relic/cream $42.21 $37.57
#2501-B Relic/black $42.21 $37.57
#2501 For 12-string slotted peghead #2507
#2502 Relic/cream $74.08 $65.93 Relic brass
#2502-B Relic/black $74.08 $65.93
For 12-string solid peghead Solid Slotted Solid Slotted
#2521-B Nickel/black $58.28 $51.87
Post spacing on 12-string tuners is .922"
Engraved Plain
For solid peghead set set, 3+ For solid peghead set set, 3+
#2502 #2507 Relic nickel $80.33 $71.49 #2513-RN Relic nickel $62.37 $58.00
#2507-N Bright nickel $68.15 $60.65 #2513-N Bright nickel $51.77 $48.15
People who build replica instruments or who do restoration or repair #2513-RB Relic brass $56.96 $52.97
work are going to love these. Frank Ford, vintage guitar repair specialist For slotted peghead set set, +3 For slotted peghead set set, 3+
#2508 Relic nickel $76.97 $76.97 #2514-RN Relic nickel $59.01 $54.88
#2508-N Bright nickel $65.52 $58.31 #2514-N Bright nickel $49.04 $45.61
#2514-RB Relic brass $53.55 $49.80
Classical Guitar Tuners
Exceptionally smooth tuning. Elegant Landstorfer fish scale pattern like
master luthiers Velazquez and Hauser. For use with nylon strings.
Fleur-de-Lis Baseplates
Like WWI-era Waverlys: mouse ear steel baseplates with hatched lines, and
fleur-de-lis engravings. 3-on-plate with ivoroid knobs.
set, 3+
#2515-N Bright nickel $65.52 $58.31
Relic brass
Bright nickel


With pearloid knobs set set, 3+ With ebony knobs set set, 3+ Slotted
#2525-RB Relic brass $81.05 $72.13 #2524-RB Relic brass $87.41 $77.79
#2525-G Gold $82.73 $73.63 #2524-G Gold $89.09 $79.29

64 | Golden Age Restoration Tuners Call our product experts! 800-848-2273 Order online at stewmac.com
Flattop Guitar Bridges
WAVERLY Quality polished 6-string bridges with


countersunk pin holes for 21/8" string
spread. The saddle slot is 3/32" wide x 229/32".
Standard bridges work for most repairs
Our pins are precisely machined with vin-
and new builds. Oversized bridges have
tage 5-degree taper, and polished to accent
a slightly larger footprint to cover finish
the beauty of the material. Its rare to find such precision chips or damage left from bridge removal.
Jewelry for your guitar. tolerances in bridge pins. We
White, ivoroid, and tortoise at Collings highly recommend D E A B C D E
pins are crafted from dense them. C Standard 1.42" 6.00" .720" .355" .220"
casein-based Galalith, with A Oversize 1.50" 6.06" .750" .385" .250"
Steve McCreary, Collings Guitars
none of the unsightly mold Both bridges are 11/32" thick.
lines common to plastic pins. .220" .235" ea. 3+ 6+
Popular in the early 20th cen- 1.00" 1.00" #4921 Ebony, standard $22.97 $18.61 $16.54
tury, Galalith is seen today 5 5 Bridge saddles, #4922 Ebony, oversize $22.97 $18.61 $16.54
taper taper
mainly in collectible vintage page 6-7 #4923 Rosewood, standard* $22.97 $18.61 $16.54
jewelry. Our bridge pins match #4924 Rosewood, oversize* $20.98 $16.99 $15.11
.133" .150"
the knobs on Waverly guitar
Bridge pins Oversize *Rosewood cannot be shipped outside the USA.
Inlay dot set set, 6+ Inlay dot set set, 6+

Dark Tortoise, slotted Set of 6 Dark Tortoise, unslotted Set of 6 Flattop Guitar Bridge Blanks
#4974-S No dot $10.23 $8.18 #4974 No dot $7.96 $6.37 Rectangular undrilled blanks for making custom bridges.
Use a carbide bit (page 32) to rout the saddle slot.
ea. 12+
Bone, slotted Set of 6 Bone, unslotted Set of 6 #0160 Rosewood* 7" x 1/2" x 21/8" $6.38 $5.61
#4970-S No dot $28.77 $23.02 #4970 No dot $27.32 $21.86 #0188 Ebony 7" x 1/2" x 2" $10.42 $9.17
#4971-S Black $29.82 $23.86 #4971 Black $29.17 $23.34
#4972-S Abalone* $32.91 $26.33 #4972 Abalone* $29.79 $23.83 *Rosewood cannot be shipped outside the USA.

Ebony, slotted Set of 6 Ebony, unslotted Set of 6
#4975-S No dot $8.82 $7.06 #4975 No dot $7.42 $5.94 Pyramid Guitar Bridge
#4976-S Pearl* $11.39 $10.25 #4976 Pearl* $9.54 $8.59
Unpolished ebony 6-string bridge with
#4977-S Abalone* $12.05 $10.84 #4977 Abalone* $10.06 $9.05
old style pyramid contours, .350" tall,
for flattop acoustic guitar. Unlike a vin-
Ivoroid, slotted Set of 6 Ivoroid, unslotted Set of 6 tage bridge, the saddle slot (3/32" wide x
#4965-S No dot $10.23 $8.18 #4965 No dot $7.96 $6.37 27/8") is angled for improved intonation,
#4966-S Black $14.69 $11.75 #4966 Black $10.06 $8.05 and pin holes are aligned parallel to the
#4967-S Abalone* $14.12 $11.30 #4967 Abalone* $10.80 $8.64 slot. The holes are partially drilled, and
countersunk for 25/16" string spread. Saddle ea. 3+ 6+
Snakewood, slotted Set of 6 Oversize bridge pins, slotted not included. #4926 $38.67 $31.32 $27.84
#4990-S No dot $10.74 $8.59 Set of 6 thicker pins to fit worn .327" .180"
#4927 Unslotted undrilled version
#4991-S Pearl* $13.36 $10.69 bridge pin holes. No inlay dot. for vintage restoration work.
#4992-S Abalone* $14.43 $11.54 .710" 1.000"
set, 6+ ea. 3+ 6+
#4979-S Ivoroid $10.23 $8.18 6" $35.67 $28.89 $25.68
White, slotted Set of 6 #4973-S Bone $28.77 $23.02
#5021-S No dot $9.41 $7.53 #4978-S Ebony $8.36 $6.69
#5022-S Black $12.23 $9.78

*Pearl and abalone products cannot be shipped outside the USA.

Waverly Acoustic Guitar Endpins Dark Classical Guitar Bridge

Beautifully machined and polished to match Tortoise Inlay dot ea. 6+ A finely crafted bridge for use with nylon strings. The string tie block is drilled for 2 11/32"
our bridge pins, with no unsightly mold lines. #4974-EP No dot $4.10 $3.28 string spread, with mitered black/white maple purfling. Unpolished, 23/64" tall, with 7/64"
Ivoroid and white pins are made of Galalith. saddle slot width. Saddle not included.
Ebony Inlay dot ea. 6+
.116" .470"
#4975-EP No dot $3.73 $2.98 ea. 3+ 6+
#4976-EP Pearl* $5.43 $4.34 1.190"
#5357 Ebony $26.51 $23.59 $21.47
#4977-EP Abalone* $5.47 $4.38 #5358 Rosewood* $21.95 $19.54 $17.78
*Rosewood cannot be shipped outside the USA.
.315" Snakewood ea. 6+

5 #4990-EP No dot $4.46 $3.57

taper .787"
Ivoroid Inlay dot ea. 6+ StewMac Tortoise Screw ea. 6+
.244" #4965-EP No dot $4.10 $3.28 Guitar Strap Buttons #4974-SB Chrome $5.04 $4.54
#4966-EP Black $5.34 $4.27 Fine buttons that add a touch of class #4974-SBG Gold $5.36 $4.82
#4967-EP Abalone* $6.92 $5.54 to your guitar. White, ivoroid and tor- White Screw ea. 6+
White Inlay dot ea. 6+
toise are machined Galalith. Inset brass #4980-SB Chrome $5.04 $4.54
#5021-EP No dot $5.11 $4.09 bushing adds strength to the button (a #4980-SBG Gold $5.36 $4.82
#5022-EP Black $5.82 $4.66 StewMac exclusive).
Ivoroid Screw ea. 6+
#4981-SB Chrome $5.04 $4.54
#4981-SBG Gold $5.36 $4.82
Ebony Screw ea. 6+
Bridge Pin Puller Snapz Bridge Pin Puller #4982-SB Chrome $5.51 $4.96
Works better than pliers on Snaps onto the head of a bridge #4982-SBG Gold $5.88 $5.29
stubborn pins, without risk of pin for a firm grip. No marring, no Felt washers Snakewood Screw ea. 6+
damage. flyaway pins. available at #4983-SB Chrome $5.67 $5.10
ea. 3+
Patent pending. stewmac.com #4983-SBG Gold $6.04 $5.44
#0044 $2.14 $1.69 #0202 $7.50

Orders received by 4pm EST weekdays are shipped the same day Bridges + Bridge Pins | 65
Adjustable string spacing
Low-friction grooved roller saddles provide
smooth tuning, and enhance vibrato tailpiece Schaller Roller Bridge
action on solidbody guitars. Holes for the lock- Individual roller saddles are threaded for
ing thumbwheel mounting studs are elongated Roller Bridge lateral adjustment, so your string spread can match your
for adjusting overall intonation. Reversible We designed our roller bridge as a pickup polepiece spacing. Bushings included and 2 sets
locking saddles are individually adjustable for replacement for the Nashville Tune-o-matic. Low- of thumbwheel height-adjustment studs too, 5mm and
intonation. Allen wrench, studs and bushings friction brass roller saddles add smoothness and 8mm for imports. Full specs available at stewmac.com.
included. tuning stability, a plus with a Bigsby vibrato. The
12" saddle radius matches the Nashville, and the Adjustable Saddle Stud Stud
A F inch mm string spread radius spacing threads
A 2.920" 74.2 low profile helps keep the strings clear of the bridge
B B 129/32" to 21/4" 14" 229/32" M5 x .8
.668" 17.0
C 2.000" 50.8
body. Thumbwheel height-adjustment studs and and M8 x 1.25
D .500" 12.7 knurled bushings are included.
C E 3.340" 84.8
F .156" 4.0 ea.
D G G .777" 19.7
H .470" 11.9
#1266 Chrome $44.63 $40.61
B inch mm
H F A .676" 17.2 #1266-G Gold $55.79 $50.77
A B 3.306" 84.0
Stud spacing: 229/32" String spread: 2" G
C .362" 9.2
D 2.056" 52.2
Stud threads: M8 x 1.25 Saddle radius: 14" E 2.906" 73.8
D F .556" 14.1
3+ H G .898" 22.8
#5276 Chrome $31.45 $27.99 C K H .476" 12.1
J .280" 7.1
#5276-G Gold $35.65 $31.73 E J K .322" 8.2

Great combo: order a Locking Roller Bridge Vintage

String Saddle Stud Stud flush-fit
with a Bigsby B70 or B50 vibrato. See page 72

spread radius spacing threads

21/16" 12" 229/32" M5 x .8 String Mounting Ferrules
For mounting the strings through the body of a non-
Schaller Roller tremolo solidbody guitar. #0173 is flanged; #0196 is
#1275 Chrome $36.70 $32.66 for vintage style flush-fit. Each set includes 6.
Bass Bridge #1275-G Gold $41.95 $37.34
Threaded roller saddles Mounting hole dia. set set, 3+ set, 10+
allow adjustable string #0173 5/16", chrome $7.57 $6.51 $5.53
spreads from 23/32" to #0173-B 5/16", black $9.99 $8.59 $7.29
21/2", great for custom #0173-G 5/16", gold $10.48 $9.01 $7.65
neck widths. The saddles #0173-RN 5/16", relic nickel $15.27 $13.13 $11.15
have adjustable height
A and into- #0196 3/8", chrome $9.40 $8.08 $6.86
nation. Grooves B
in the cast baseplate stop #0196-B 3/8", black $14.28 $12.28 $10.42
lateralC saddle movement, for stable tuning. Strings #0196-G 3/8", gold $11.97 $10.29 $8.74
mount at the rear. Screws included.
inch mm
C A 2.004" 50.9

1.002" 25.5
.683" 17.3 Hipshot
2.258" 57.3
3.142" 79.8 Bass Bridges
High quality solid brass. The channeled baseplate
.708" 18.0

inch mm
prevents lateral saddle movement, for stable tun-
2.004" 50.9
String-thru-Top Ferrules
ing. Strings can mount from the top or through
1.002" 25.5 Mini ferrules for loading strings through a solidbody
.683" 17.3
the body. Each saddle has intonation and height
2.258" 57.3
guitar without using a tailpiece. These are for the face
E 3.142" 79.8
adjustment, plus adjustable string spacing (over of the guitar; use our string mounting ferrules (above)
.708" 18.0
1/16" per saddle). Screws and Allen wrench included. for the backside. 5/32"-diameter (4mm) holes required.
#0199 Chrome $66.95 $60.92 Inside diameter .095". Each set includes 6.
set set, 3+ set, 10+
#0199-B Black $78.11 $71.08 A F #0286 Chrome $3.52 $3.03 $2.57
#0286-B Black $4.17 $3.59 $3.04
#0286-G Gold $5.36 $4.61 $3.91
Bass Bridge C H
A quality basic bridge J
for Fender and other K
inch mm inch mm inch mm
solidbody basses. Allen A .750" 19.0 E 3.375" 85.7 H 3.000" 76.2
saddle height adjust- A B 2.000" 50.8 F 1.500" 38.1 J .425" 10.8
C 2.250" 57.2 G 2.000" 50.8 K 4.138" 105.1
ment from 7/16" to 11/16". B
D .412" 10.5
Strings mount at the rear C
of the bridge. 21/4" string 4-string 5-string
spread; mounting screws Unadjusted string spread: 21/4" 3"
included. D Overall dimensions: 33/8" x 2" 41/8" x 2"

#0093 Chrome F
3+ String Ferrule Installation Tool
ea. 3+ G
One end fits Tele string mounting ferrules; the other
4-string #5840 Chrome
$27.58 $21.79 inch mm inch mm #5840-B Black $101.90 $90.69 end fits the mini string-thru-top ferrules that replace a
A .690" 17.5 E 1.890" 48.0
B .315" 8.0 F .580" 14.7 tailpiece on the face of a solidbody. Now you can use
5-string #5841 Chrome
C 1.610" 40.9 G 3.070" 78.0 your drill press for clean, controlled installation. 213/16"
D 2.260" 57.4 #5841-B Black $107.00 $95.23
overall length, for 3/8" drill chuck.
#4493 $15.70

66 | Guitar + Bass Bridges Call our product experts! 800-848-2273 Order online at stewmac.com
Gold finish Nickel finish Chrome finish
Chrome finish

Original ABR-1 ABR-1 Nashville

Tune-o-matic Bridge Tune-o-matic Bridge Tune-o-matic Bridge
This is the genuine bridge, from the A 1960s style bridge with adjustable intona- The design found on new Gibson solid-
manufacturer who makes the originals. The tion screws held by a retainer wire. The brass body guitars. Retainer clips hold the saddles
brass saddles are supplied without notches, saddles are supplied notched. The adjustable in place. The unnotched metal saddles have
for custom string spacing in your shop. The intonation screws are held by a retainer wire. individual intonation adjustment. Thumb
adjustable intonation screws are held by a retainer Knurled height adjustment thumbwheels and wheel height-adjustment studs and bushings
wire. Knurled height adjustment thumbwheels and threaded mounting posts are included. are included.
threaded mounting posts are included.
ABR-1 Original E Tune-o-matic Bridge F inch mm
E Tune-o-matic Bridge inch mm B A 2.930" 74.4
B inch mm A 2.900" 73.7 B .530" 13.5
A 2.900" 73.7 F B .437" 11.1 C 2.030" 51.6
F B .430" 10.9 C C 2.047" 52.0 C D .421" 10.7
C C 2.030" 51.6 D .421" 10.7 G E .156" 4.0
D .450" 11.4 D G E .630" 16.0 D H F .345" 8.8
D G E .590" 15.0 F 1.181" 30.0 G .475" 12.1
F 1" 25.4 G .157" 4.0 J H .316" 8.0
G .132" 3.4 J .278" 7.1

String Saddle Post Post String Saddle Post Post String Saddle Stud Stud
spread radius spacing threads spread radius spacing threads spread radius spacing threads
229/32" 12" 215/16" 6-32 x 11/16" 21/16" 14" 229/32" M4 x .7 21/32" 12" 215/16" M5 x .8

3+ ea.
3+ ea.
#4616-C Chrome $47.77 $42.52 #4566-N Nickel $23.84 $21.22 #4502 Chrome $28.93 $25.75
#4616-N Nickel $47.77 $42.52 #4566-G Gold $41.98 $37.36 #4502-N Nickel $28.93 $25.75
#4616-G Gold $58.47 $52.04 #4502-G Gold $34.93 $31.09

Original ABR-1 ABR-1 Nashville Bridge
Replacement Parts Replacement Parts Replacement Parts

Saddles + Screws Saddles are unnotched brass. Saddles + Screws Saddles are unnotched brass. Saddles + Screws Saddles are unnotched zinc. Or-
Order saddles and screws together to ensure the correct Order saddles and screws together to ensure the correct der saddles and screws together to ensure the correct
thread match. Set of 6. thread match. Set of 6. thread match. Set of 6.
set, 3+
set, 3+ set
set, 3+
#4505 Saddles, chrome $5.90 $5.01
#4619-N Saddles, nickel $16.95 $14.41 #4568 Saddles, nickel $5.66 $4.81
#4505-N Saddle, nickel $5.90 $5.01
#4619-G Saddles, gold $18.95 $16.11 #4568-BR Saddles, unplated brass $5.29 $4.50
#4505-G Saddles, gold $7.36 $6.26
#4620-N Screws, nickel $5.95 $4.70 #4567 Screws, chrome $6.11 $4.83
#4606 Screws, chrome $6.06 $4.79
#4620-G Screws, gold $7.95 $6.28 #4567-N Screws, nickel $5.57 $4.40
#4606-N Screws, nickel $5.69 $4.50
#4606-G Screws, gold $7.70 $6.08
3+ ea.
Saddle Retainer Wire #4627 $1.15 $0.91 Saddle Retainer Wire #4569 $1.27 $1.00 Saddle Retainer Clips #4504 Set of 6 $3.53

Posts + Thumbwheels
set set, 3+
Posts + Thumbwheels
set set, 3+
Studs + Bushings set
set, 3+
M4 x .7 thread, #4622-C Chrome $3.95 $3.12 M4 x .7 thread, #4570 Chrome $3.96 $3.13 M5 x .8 thread, #4503 Chrome $8.20 $7.30
set of 2. #4622-N Nickel $3.95 $3.12 set of 2. #4570-N Nickel $3.90 $3.08 set of 2. #4503-N Nickel $8.20 $7.30
#4622-G Gold $4.95 $3.91 #4570-G Gold $5.43 $4.29 #4503-G Gold $9.85 $8.77

Gotoh Tune-o-matic Bridge

A modern version for solidbody guitar, with in- Thread
tonation screws retained by mini hex nuts. The Detective
metal saddles are notched. Available with standard for Guitars
mounting posts or with threaded thumbwheel studs
Chrome Thread Detective
and bushings.
made this guitar version
Relic finish options have an aged look, made to of their famous thread
better match the hardware on your vintage guitar. identifier tool specially for
StewMac. It covers both male and
F H female, US and import guitar parts, many
B J you wont find on a hardware stores thread checker.
C Relic nickel Gold 13 SAE thread counts: 5/16-24, 5/16-18, 1/4-28, 1/4-20, 10-32, 10-24,
8-32, 6-32, 5-40, 4-48, 4-40, 3-48, 2-56
K 11 metric thread counts: M8 x 1.25, M8 x 1.0, M7 x 1.0, M7 x
inch mm inch mm inch mm String Saddle Post Post 0.5, M6 x 1.0, M5 x 0.8, M4 x 0.7, M4 x 0.4, M3.5 x 0.6, M3 x 0.5,
A 2.913" 74.0 E 1.181" 30.0 J .355" 9.0 L spread radius spacing threads M2.5 x 0.45
B .545"
C 2.047"
F .630" 16.0
G .157" 4.0
#0167 21/16" 12" 229/32" M4 x .7
D .421" 10.7 H .234" 5.9 M .436" 11.1 M #1511 21/16" 12" 229/32" M8 x 1.25 Guitars and parts are made all over the world, and
you never know whatll walk into your shop. This
With standard posts ea. 3+ With studs/bushings ea. 3+ quick way to check threads makes the work a whole
#0167 Chrome $22.00 $19.58 #1511 Chrome $24.64 $21.93 lot easier. Matt Brooker
#0167-N Nickel $22.00 $19.58 #1511-N Nickel $24.64 $21.93 guitar tech/StewMac tech advisor
#0167-G Gold $29.39 $26.16 #1511-G Gold $32.97 $29.34
#0167-RN Relic nickel $33.61 $29.91 at stewmac.com #1809 $56.76

Orders received by 4pm EST weekdays are shipped the same day Tune-o-Matic Bridges | 67
Adjustable Wraparound Bridge
An affordable reproduction of the first combo
bridge/tailpiece with individually adjustable
Gotoh 510 saddles. The 70s original brought accurate intona-
Bridge and Tailpiece tion to LP Junior and SG Junior solidbodies. Two
A unique set for solidbodies. alignment screws adjust overall intonation. Height-
Lightweight for tone, both mount on height-adjust- adjustable mounting studs and threaded knurled
able studs in thread