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Online Banking System


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Mr. Peerzada Javaid

Ruchi Bhat

The main purpose that banks have been serving since their inception is
keeping our money safe for us. While keeping our money safe, they also let us earn a
certain amount of interest on the money deposited with them. Traditional banks
have been doing this, and internet banks continue the same function. The only
difference is in the way the transactions are made.

They all know about internet banking and most of us use it quite often as well,
but few of us actually understand about the history of internet banking and how it
all came out. Knowing the history of internet banking can be incredibly useful,
especially since it will allow us to have more respect for the little things that we take
for granted.

Internet banking has been around for quite a few years now, but has really
only become prominent over the past year or so in particular. Internet banking
offers an array of different advantages to the user, including account balances and
history including year-to-date information, the ability to transfer money from one
account to another and to payees for bill payments, check history, reorders, and stop
payments, check credit card balances and statements, complete online loan
applications, secure interactive messaging with staff, and much more. Internet
banking basically allows you to be able to do everything that you can in your regular
banking institution, only with the benefit that you can do it all right from the
convenience of your own home. Not only is this great because you can be
comfortable and have peace of mind knowing that you can keep track yourself of all
your banking issues, but as well it allows for more ease because you never have to
worry about rushing out and making it to the bank.
Project category
Hardware Requirements:

Name of component Specification

Processor Pentium III 630MHz or more
RAM 128 MB or more
Hard disc 20 GB or more
Monitor 15 color monitor or advance
Keyboard Any Keyboard
Mouse Any mouse
Printer In case of printing reports


Language PHP
Database MySQL
Text editor SUBLIME
Problem Definition:-

With the problems and limitations associated with manual banking

procedures as witnessed in most parastatals today, complied with the
problems associated with the existing application programs even much more
in the presence of serious technological advances aimed at improving
information system. This is activities aimed at shedding light upon the need
for improvement in accounting activities and the means of achieving its
efficiency, effectiveness, reliability and success promising future through
computer intervention.

Internet banking identifies a particular set of technological solutions for the

development and the distribution of financial services, which rely upon the
open architecture of the Internet. With the implementation of an Internet
banking system, the banks maintain a direct relationship with the end users
via the web and are able to provide a personal characterization to the
interface, by offering additional customized services.

Existing System

Existing system is the traditional banking, where customers have to go

through the long queue, time wasted and still wouldnt have access to efficient
and effective banking system.

Proposed System

Considering the stress and time taken to go to bank and do transaction.

The development of a well structure and secured online banking system will
allow customer to perform objectives like, creating a banking system that is
easily accessible by customers from the comfort of their homes, offices.
Reduce the flow of human traffic and long queues at banks; Promote efficient
and effective banking for the banks by focusing on those services that still
require physical presence at the banking hall. Provides intra-bank funds
transfer services to their customers. Keep a detailed log of customer
transactions with the bank on his account. Generate the statement of account
of a selected period of time for customers. And Provide a customer
relationship services.

Specific Requirements:

How the online banking will interact with the environment, what
will be the functional and non-functional requirement. These all the steps
should be defined here for providing a powerful base to the design phase.

The design of the project will completely depend on the functional and non-
functional requirements. So these should be defined clearly and accurately for
the effectiveness.

Functional Requirements:
Following are the services which this system will provide. These
are the facilities and functions required by the customer.

a) Online balance check

b) Online shopping opportunity
c) Online data entry by the staff
d) Updating the data
e) Balance transfer
f) Check book Allotment

Process Specification:
All the process mentioned in the DFD are described as
Customer Login:
Each Customer will have its account Id and password. This page will
require both of these attributes for them to access their account.
Bank Features:
It isnt sure that each visitor of the Banks website will be a customer.
He/she would be a normal visitor interested in reading the features bank
provides. The websites main page should provide him the basic features and
benefits of the bank to these types of users.
Order for an Account:
A new visitor the Banks website would be interested in opening a new
account in the Bank. So he must be provided an easy path to create a new
account in the bank.
Fill the Form:
New comer should have to fill the form to register him/her self with the
bank. After filling the form, If the values inputted by the user were logical
correct, his contact details will be sent to the administration block else he will
be asked to input the values again.
Welcome Page:
After a user will be login, he will provided an interface offering different
tasks (Here this interface will provide many of the functionalities, which the
customer needs in the software). He has to choose a task to carry on his work.
Staff Login:
On the Website main page, A staff login link will also be provided. Bank
staff will use to input their IDs and passwords to access their account. Here
the type of staff will also be recognized, if he will be of administration block,
he will be sent to the administration module else he will be sent to the record
management module.

Check the balance:

After logging in, if the user wants to check his balance he will have to
click the balance check link. It will tell him his current balance of the account
through which he is logged in.
Transfer Balance:
If user wants to transfer his money to some other account, then this
module will provide him this opportunity. He will input the account details of
the receiver. After this process, server will check the balance of the user and if
the transfer balance will be less than the account balance then transfer will
take place else he will be alarmed that he has lo balance.
Account detail:
If the user physically contacts the Bank branch then he will provide his
account detail to the management staff who will inform him about his account.
User will be able to do every task at the branch that he can do online from his


System analysis is a logical process; the objective of this stage is not

actually to solve the problem but to determine what must be done to solve the
problem. The basic objective of the analysis stage is to develop the logical
model of the system using tools such as UML (Unified modeling language).

To reduce the manual and paper work.

To provide quick access.

Easy maintenance of records


Feasibility is the determination of whether or not a project is worth doing. The

processes is followed in making this determination is called a feasibility study.
Feasibility study is the test of system proposal according to its workability,
Impact on the organization ability to meet users needs, and effective use of
resources. The result of feasibility study is a formal proposal. This is simply a
report a formal document detailing the nature and scope of the proposed
solution .The main objective of a feasibility study is to test the technical, social
and economic feasibility of developing a computer system. This is done by
investigation the existing system in the area under investigation and
generating ideas about a new system. On studying the feasibility of the system,
three major considerations are dealt with, to find whether the automation of
the system is feasible.
Data Flow Diagrams

This Diagram server two purpose.

Provides an indication of how date is transformed as it moves

through the system.

Disputes the functions and sub functions that transforms the


The Data flow diagram provides additional information that is used

during the analysis of the information domain, and server as a basis for
the modelling of functions.

The description of each function presented in the DFD is contained is a

process specifications called as PSPEC

Admin Panel:


Authentication View customers

Admin Login

Transaction Verification

Deposit Withdraw Enquiry

Choose Transaction

Account choose Transaction

Saving Current Fixed deposit



Customer Authority

Database Update


The entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) depicts the relationship

between the data objects. The ERD is the notation that is used to
conduct the date modelling activity the attributes of each data object
noted is the ERD can be described resign a data object descriptions.

The set of primary components that are identified by the ER-Diagram


Data object



Various types of indicators.

The primary purpose of the ERD is to represent data objects and their
Use lna
Ac I me
I r_I me
D c_ D p
NO w
Is_a e
B pi
ctiv m
al n
e ai
Account l
ha ec
s ks
ntr te
cou tda
address transac
e e no

at n at acc
st pi d To_
t us
ty oun
ci ss am e
dre typ
r_I I no I
ad Tx_
Use tx_
Activity Diagram for overall system


Enter userId &



Balance enquiry Funds transfer Transfer update Mini statements


Your account Transaction

balance ammount

Log out

DFD Level 0
User Info

User Banking User

Transfer Funds
Check Balance
Change Details
The program (or project) evaluation and review technique, commonly
abbreviated PERT, is a statistical tool, used in project management, which was
designed to analyze and represent the tasks involved in completing a
given project.
First developed by the United States Navy in the 1950s, it is commonly used in
conjunction with the critical path method(CPM).

Gantt charts convey this information visually. They outline all of the tasks
involved in a project, and their order, shown against a timescale. This gives
you an instant overview of a project, its associated tasks, and when these need
to be finished.
Accessing view:

User after logging into his/her account a page is displayed with the
basic requirements:

1) Balance Enquiry.

2) Funds Transfer

User can perform various actions on his/her account.

Name of Use-Case: Balance enquiry.

Client can view the balance left in his account, if once he has
entered into his account.

The client has already been logged in.
Module Specification
The system is mainly divided into 7 modules
Create Account
Modify Account
Balance Enquiry
Funds transfer
Reports /Statements
Login Module
Login module allows you to log into your account.

Create Account Module

Allows you to create a new bank account.

Modify Account
Allows you to modify existing account.

Balance Enquiry
Displays the current balance in your account.

Funds Transfer
Allows you to transfer funds from one account to another.

They are the various procedures of the bank.
They are generated by the website.

As the world becomes more of a global village being runned by

paperless systems, the idea of a cashless society is the hope of the future. Thus
more innovations will still evolve which will make cashless transactions easily
accessible and affordable.

Future Scope of the Project

Banking software is designed to make the users life easier. It has a very simple
interface and is designed in such a way that even a beginner can use it. It helps
the user to maintain and handle multiple accounts. Accounting errors are
decreased with banking systems software. The user can manage several
functions with one software. With banking systems software, you can easily
manage all of your banking functions in a secure environment. A banking
systems software provider can help you eliminate your manual accounting,
recordkeeping and financial reporting processes which will in turn help you
produce error-free statements.
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