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21st Literature - sonnet 43 & 48- cheesiest sonnets

Literature Elegy- about death

Acquaintance of letters - serious/tragic
Describe written/spoken material Ode- long poem w/ serious theme
Simple Lyric- simply lyrics
- all lyric poems that does not
1. Poetry
belong to the first above mentioned
- versely written criteria
- takes form of measures, yet may 3. Haiku
not utilize rhyme
- 3-line poem (5,7,5 - nature)
2. Prose
- no formal structure
- w/o metrical measures
1. Fiction (SNDFPLMF)
- Latin: fingere: to form/create
- imaginary characters
Short Story- brief narration
1. Narrative Poetry (ERMM)- story in verse
- can be read in one sitting
Epic- mythological life of a
Novel- has several sub-plots
mythological person
- more than one setting
- oldest form
Drama- played on stage
- generation to generation
Fable- animals as characters
- told by forefathers
- teach a lesson
Ballad- songlike poem that tells a story
Parable- spiritual lessons
- adventure/romance
Legend- reflect peoples identity
- repetition of refrain
or cultural values
Metrical Tale- simple, straightforward
- historical, emphasizes
language, from broad subj., life
supernatural power
- origin
- real/imaginary events
Myth- w/ religious significances
Metrical Romance- long narrative
- gods/goddesses
Fairy Tale- w/ happy endings
- imaginative incidents rather than
ordinary, realistic experiences
- medieval tales
2. Lyric Poetry (SSEOS) 2. Non-fiction (ABED)

- single experiences; not full story - factual detail about real people

- emotions, feelings, observations Autobiography

Song- lyric poem set to music - Greek auton: self

- intended to be sung - bios: life

- graphein: write
Sonnet- 14-line poem
- written by the author
- single theme: love
Biography- individual likes Apostrophe- addressing as the
object/idea is present

Essay- short writing embodying the O captain, my captain!

authors POV
Diary/Journal- compilation of discrete ELEMENTS OF FICTION (PSPTDIS)
writings, arranged by date and 1. Plot
stating what happened. Exposition- exposing the setting and
characters in the story
ELEMENTS OF POETRY (SF) Rising Action- development of
1. Sound conflict
Rhyme- occurrence of similar sound Climax- peak of the conflict
Rhythm- beat; recurrence of sound Falling Action- conflict was resolved
pattern Denouement- presents the ending
Meter- counts the beat of rhythm part of the story
Repetition- repeated us of a sound 2. Setting- sets the mood; appeals to senses

Alliteration- first initial consonant and emotion; ideas=symbols

He clasps the crag with crooked hands 3. POV

Consonance- internal consonant 1st POV- narrators POV. (I)

The spotted kitten slept quietly on the matted 2nd POV- narrator is not the main

mattress fur character. (YOU)

Assonance- vowel sound 3rd POV- narrator has no part; just the

The crumbling thunder of seas narrator. (HE, SHE, THEY)

Parallelism- grammatical patterns o Limited Omniscient POV-

presents POV on only one of the
Withered vine,
Rotten tree,
Dark crow,
4. Theme- what the story is all about
Little bridge
5. Diction- choice of words used
Onomatopoeia- sound like what they
6. Image/Imagery- 5 senses; desc. of setting,
really mean
characters, events
2. Figures of Speech (SMPMHIOA)
7. Symbol- representation of something
Metonymy- literal noun for another
Lend me your ears
- from Greek: iamb
Irony- half true; conveys opposite
~/ Iamb Iambic
meaning ~~/ Anapest Anapestic
/~ Trochee Trochaic
Oxymoron- contraries
/~~ Dactyl Dactylic
Less is more // spondee Spondaic