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Jessette G.

Namin Eng 23
2012-35381 February 01, 2017

Shakespeare's Sonnets

Themes of sonnets varies widely. It may include love, marriage, jealousy and other

issues. How these sonnets were structured and written forces us to think as we try to

understand the meaning behind these sonnets. The use of the Old English language makes it

even harder to understand. It is so different from the Modern English. It is more deep, it's

harder to comprehend. It also uses analogies, or figures of speech that you really need to

focus on and at some point it may emphasize ideas or certain circumstances and issues that

Shakespeares tend to deliver.

Sonnets can be traced back from Italy by Francesco Petrarch in 13th century. It is

derived from the word, sonetto from Old Occitan and from a Latin word sonus which means

sound. It is a fixed verse with 14 lines that follows the iambic rhyming or the poem pattern.

Shakespearean sonnets are based from the Italian sonnets. Considering the usage of the

iambic pentameter was often applied and the rhyming pattern of abab cdcd efef and gg.

To those who arent used to reading Old English texts, more effort is needed in

analyzing and understanding the text and perhaps a dictionary.

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Jessette G. Namin Eng 23

2012-35381 February 03, 2017

Valuing Alteration

Other than reading the sonnets autobiographically, At first I thought it could be just a

work of the author as a poem but eventually I realized that is more autobiographical than just

the works of the authors imagination. By reading it autobiographically, one can gain

curiosity towards the authors life and how the sequence of the sonnets were written, how it


I agree on Magnussons perspective on seeing Shakespeares sonnets has two points.

Autobiographical or as a poem, an artistic play of words. Pointing out problems on both

points, it's hard to fully understand which point is more correct. It gives you a hard time when

both points can be correct. But I think I am more leaning towards that is autobiographical,

because I feel like Shakespeare is showing his feelings in his sonnets. It is about his life,

ideas and experiences.

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