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If you are OK with the Reinforcement given by STAAD

In 13 Clicks, without touching the KEY BOARD you can generate the
Beam Layout which is 80 % ready
Beam LS which are 90 % ready

To Begin Extracting data from the STAAD Analysis file

CLICK 3 :- Click on Read Anl File Button

CLICK 1 :- Click on File Menu

CLICK 2 :- Click on Import data From Staad ANL

On the File Menu Select Import Data from This dialog box comes up
CLICK 6 :- Select a Level of which the
Beam Details are required
CLICK 4 :- Select a STAAD Output File CLICK 7 :- Click on Extract Data Button
CLICK 5 :- Click on Open Button

Select a Level for which you require to

Select an appropriate STAAD output file generate the Layout and LS of beams and
the Units format required in Output
CLICK 8 :- Click on OK Button The Dialog Box in the left is
popped up when a Beam To
Beam Junction has beams of
same depth.

The program is not sure of

which of the Beam is to be
treated as main beam, hence
intelligently populates the Main
beam at the STAAD Node ID
(Row1 or Row2)

It very important that design

engineer cross checks this
data from the STAAD floor
beams and O.K.s the
selection of main beam of the

Wrong Selection of main beam

may lead to structural
instability, due to wrong
After going through the main beams click OK
Once the user clicks OK on the above dialog box
The following dialog box appears.
Please Click
CLICK 9 :- Click on
Reinforcement Page

The Grids of the column

positions appear

Change data as per your

requirements and click OK

CLICK 10 :- Click on
OK Button
Once the grid data is given the Reinforcement Page looks like this

If the design is done in STAAD the reinforcement will be populated in the above screen
To give reinforcement Click on Open Reinforcement Data Sheet

data based on
your design

For all the

beams on the
current floor.

Each row is
separated with
a different color
alternately for
Once the data is given in the above XLS sheet, please save the XLS Click on
sheet and close Excel program only.

The given data will be loaded into the program and will be displayed
on the Reinforcement page of the program.
That is all required for most of the users to generate the drawings, (for further fine tuning
of output please read other help manuals)

Once the Reinforcement data is given, the user can generate Beam Layout and
Beam L.S automatically at click of a button.

CLICK 11 :- Click on GO Button

(Generate Output or GO Button )

Or selecting appropriate command in the Run of menus.

CLICK 12 :- Click on OK Button in the above form.

Once that is clicked
Sometimes the program
gives a warning

Such warnings occur due to the reason that there is NO straight bar running through the
length of the beam in top or bottom.

You can choose to ignore the warning to generate the drawings or go back to
reinforcement data sheet to correct the errors.

CLICK 13 :- Click on OK Button for the above form.

In less than 5 minutes time the program generates Beam Layout and Beam L.S
drawings along with the BOQ etc.