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Oral Presentation Introduction- SBAR Form Teaching Session

NURS 402- Nurse as Educator

Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is for the student to implement the planned teaching


Approach to Assignment

This video was to imitate the teaching session on completion of the SBAR form within

the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU). By doing the video, it pointed out some weaknesses

encountered throughout the teaching process including time constraints, participation, and


Reason for Inclusion

This video was included in my portfolio because it helped me to realize how much really

goes into teaching nurses who are also working. I realized how difficult, especially in the PACU,

it is to get a group together to do any kind of education. While I did not experience many

challenges with culture, I did experience the most challenges with time constraints. In order to

be an effective teacher within the recovery room, it is essential to have education sessions when

there are little to no distractions and patients are not coming from the operating room.

Critical Thinking

Engages in creative problem solving.

In my video, I asked the group (aka my husband) some reasons why completing the

SBAR was important and why it was hard to fill out. Through discussion, we were able
to close the gap on any misunderstandings regarding the form and come up with


Nursing Practice

Establishes and/or utilizes outcome measures to evaluate the effectiveness of care.

At the end of the teaching session, it was mentioned that the nurses would be audited

throughout the day to check on compliance with the SBAR form. Nurses were also

encouraged to help their co-workers by reminding them when the form was not

completed. Those who participated and were compliant on the most SBAR forms would

win a prize.


Expresses oneself and communicates effectively with diverse groups and disciplines

using a variety of media in a variety of contexts.

In order to communicate with different nurses from a variety of backgrounds, ages and

cultures, as well as a variety of learning styles, the teaching session used a variety of

methods including poster, PowerPoint, discussion, and return demonstration. The session

was somewhat casual and nurses felt comfortable asking questions and participating.


Evaluates the efficacy of health promotion and education modalities for use in a

variety of settings with diverse populations.

Because the PACU is such a fast-paced area of the hospital, where there is constant

turnover and no breaks, it was found to be difficult in presenting any education to the
nurses, at least in groups. I kept my video short and to the point, while providing a

poster, Powerpoint, discussion, and return demonstration to help aide the session and

remind nurses throughout the day.


Shares research findings with colleagues.

Some of the top complaints from other nurses within the PACU and nurses on the units

receiving our patients were discussed within the video. These were based on feedback

from both PACU nurses and unit nurses. Nurses were encouraged to share their own

complaints and frustrations with the SBAR form.


Organizes, manages, and evaluates the development of strategies to promote healthy

As discussed in the video, completion of the SBAR form benefits both nurses and the

patient. It created efficiency and decreased confusion between nurses and also helped to

keep the patient safe by providing necessary information all on one sheet of paper.


Demonstrates accountability for ones own professional practice.

Through the teaching session, it took knowledge of completing the SBAR form and put it

in the nurses hands. Nurses helped their co-workers by reminding them of compliance,

but nurses were still accountable for their own SBAR forms. With that knowledge, the

desire was that each nurse would complete the SBAR form in its entirety without any
further complications or setbacks. Questions and concerns were answered as well as

demonstration of completing the form so there was no more room for error.


Articulates an understanding of how human behavior is affected by culture, race,

religion, gender, lifestyle, and age.

Some obstacles that I thought I would have crossed with my teaching session included

culture and age/experience. I assumed that those nurses with the most experience would

be the hardest to teach and would have a difficult time with compliance. In my video, I

found the audience to be receptive and cooperative. They did voice concerns and

questions, but nothing abnormal.