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Game of Code is a startup that turns practicing your programming skills into a

game. People feel like theyre not wasting time when playing it theyre coming out of it

by having learned something new. It's an awesome system for programmers to enhance

their debugging expertise as well as knowledge about algorithms.

Especially, if you're a competitive programmers or you love solving programming

problems, then you can be easily addicted to it. Instead of challenging unwise skills like

rearranging candy or shooting birds, youre actually challenging someones programming

skills. It's almost about the code logic. And you're asked to find out the wrong logic in the

code given as solution of a problem. And that's why it's worth spending time on.

The system featured include HTML, Java, C#, C++, Turbo C and PHP. Today,

coders race to complete debugging challenges where successes will see them leveling up.

In addition, while the system are more advanced, We believes that it could be

used as a learning tool for beginners by offering simpler games that let newer

programmers practice their skills.

The study tested the functionality of Codes of game in terms of data handling,

accuracy, security, stability and adaptability in code development. This study was

conducted in Systems Plus College Foundation Miranda Campus, Angeles City during

the second semester of school year 2016-2017.


The researchers would like to extend their sincere gratitude and deepest
appreciation to the following person who gave precious contribution towards the
completion of this study:

Mr. Wilfredo V. Quiroz Jr, their instructor for his untiring supervision and
professional guidance in the operation and completion of this research;

Ms. Lorena Dayrit, their language editor, for her assistance in editing the contents
of this project which is essential for the completion of this research;

To all my friends and colleagues, without them, the research would have been
incomplete, for their initial support and exerted effort in administering of the interview,
data gathering, research and evaluation;

Lastly, to their parents, for all the patience, understanding, moral support and
amazing chances theyve given to them over the years, without them the research would
have been impossible.

And above all, to God, the giver of life and the creator of all.



A Thesis Project
Presented to the Faculty of Technical Department
Of Systems Plus College Foundation Extension


In Partial Fulfillment of the

Requirements for the Degree of
Associate in Computer Technology





APRIL 2017

Miranda St., Angeles City





In Partial Fulfillment of the

Requirements for the Degree of
Associate in Computer Technology

Thesis Adviser

APRIL 2017



fulfillment for the degree of TWO YEAR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, has
been examined and founded in order, is hereby recommended for acceptance and
approval for oral examination.


After having been presented is hereby approved by the Committee on Oral

Examination with the grade of __________________.

Lorena Dayrit Camille Anne T. Gomez

Member Member

After having been recommended and approved is hereby accepted by the

Technical Department of Systems Plus College Foundation Extension.

______________________ ________________________


OIC-PROGRAM CHAIR Administrative Head

Research Description

This Proposed system will try your coding skill and logical thinking by playing

this game.

This system application focuses on helping co-students and programmers to

enhance and to improve their logical and coding skill. Many of students focuses only on

one languages and others are weak on other languages this proposed system will help all

the players to enhance and practice

This System will aid every student to get to know more about other languages.

With this system students will no longer waste their time in going to libraries to look for

book and references that has to do with their subject. The proposed system will surely be

saved time and this will facilitate learning easier as students will become excited on

trying other languages.

Overview of the Current State of Technology

In our generation, most of us students want to enhance our logical and coding

ideas. We propose this kind of logical game to practice our coding skills. In this way, we

will be able to understand each topic better.

Nowadays schools had a hard time trying to get the attention of students when it

comes to class discussions. This system may help the students and teacher to become

more active than before, because they can practice their logical thinking by the help of

the game. Being active is the key to learn and to enhance your coding capability.

This game aims to help other students to have an ideas to their future work as a

programmer through interactive learning where students would be able to enjoy and be

entertained at the same time. It is divided into three levels easy, normal and hard where in

every level that is made.

It is a Game based learning. Where in type of game may play that can defined

learning outcomes. It is a subjects to make students play and will still be able to get

information. In this way students may enjoy learning and will surely gain knowledge and

more ideas about their programming subjects.

Our system is similar with other system where choices are made or you need to

finish the question for you to move on to the next level. It has game like environment as

and more importantly, it gives knowledge and enrich students mind. With this interactive

learning students would be more inviting for student to participate and will acknowledge

computer as their teacher or guide to learning. Schools would be able to facilitate

learning much easier and a quality education is given.

Research Objectives

The following are the different general and specific objectives of the study which

are vital in this study and will be the main basis of the proposed system.

General Objective

To help co-students and programmers to improve their logical thinking in the

course they take as a Programmer. In this way, we will be able to understand each topic

better and to know and learn the details of the different codes and languages to be able to

come up with a flawless output.

Specific Objectives

The following are the specific objectives of the study that will determine the


The following are the different features of the proposed system:

To challenge in 5 languages.
To enhance our coding skills and logical capability.
To widen our knowledge in coming up with better outputs using different

To experience the new level of coding languages.
To impart knowledge on fellow I.T students as to how to properly use the

different codes.

Scope and Limitations of the Research

The study started on November 2016 until March 29, 2017. This was the

compilation of our research. All information being gathered by the group with the help of

our friends, respondents and instructors. The study presents the current situation of

software piracy and utilized ideas from previous studies related to the topic.

The study covers the value and quality education that a school can give by using

this kind of system.

The system can teach students and programmers regarding the Game of Codes in

an interactive way where students will participate actively. It is a game which adapts the

industry of programming and it also shows the improvement of the students and


Significance of the Research

The proposed game will greatly benefit the students and some programmer who

are willing to play the game and for all the future programmers. This game will help

others to improve their coding and logical skills.

The game is for advance studying and for enhancing their skill on different

languages. The system would be able to take in the information and help both I.T student

and programmers.

Lastly, the locale would be greatly benefit, this proposed game would speed up

their ability to think faster for codes they encounter in this game almost twice faster as

the way it is now.

Design and Methodology

Design Software, Systems, Product, and/or Processes

This part of the project will show the development methodology of the system the

researchers will use for the project designing and development.

The Life Cycle Model is a sequential design process, used in software

development processes, in which progress is seen as flowing steadily downwards through

the phase of conception, initiation, analysis, construction, testing, production, and

maintenance. Despite the development of new software development process models, the

Life Cycle method is still dominant process with over a third of software developers still

using it.

1. Requirements

The researchers will gather information to back up the study and have a better

reference for developing the system and will result to a significant output. The

researchers gathered information by personal observation on IT students.

2. Design

The researchers will design a magnificent output that will meet the end-user's

standards and will meet and resolve the current state of the problem.

3. Implementation

Whenever the end-users met the satisfaction they were after, therefore, researchers

will commence the full development of the system and deploy the system.

4. Verification

Confirming the project by deploying the Game of Codes, and beta-testing of the

full functionalities, followed by debugging phase if error occurs.

5. Maintenance

Maintaining the consistency of the current system to function as it is programmed

to. The researchers will continue to observe the system until the system is stable.

Figure 1.

Life Cycle





In Figure 1 was the Software Development Process showing the cycle of the

study. First, we must plan in order for us to know what things should be done at the

beginning of the study. We must also identify and assess the factors that may jeopardize

the success of the study.

Theoretical and Conceptual Framework

Theories are formulated to explain, predict, and understand phenomena and, in

many cases, to challenge and extend existing knowledge, within the limits of the critical

bounding assumptions. The theoretical framework is the structure that can hold or support

a theory of a research study. The theoretical framework introduces and describes the

theory which explains why the research problem under study exists.

A theoretical framework consists of concepts, together with their definitions, and

existing theory/theories that are used for your particular study. The theoretical framework

must demonstrate an understanding of theories and concepts that are relevant to the topic

of your research paper and that will relate it to the broader fields of knowledge in the

class you are taking.

Game is structured playing, usually undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes can

be used as an educational tool. Key components of games are goals, rules, challenge, and

interaction. Games generally involve mental or physical stimulation, and often both.

Many games help develop practical skills, serve as a form of exercise, or otherwise

perform an educational, simulation, or psychological role.

The game about e-learning and helping yourself to enhance your coding skills. An

ordinary educational game that exists today. By giving other students and programming

to practice in a game, it would explain that even the less popular topics in our present day

will still be a great concept on new educational game.

Figure 2. Theoretical Framework

Conceptual Framework

The proposed system will be an Interactive E-Learning the entire game will show

and help you to the maximum of your knowledge about programming which depicts the

main conceptual framework of the system that the researchers will be accomplishing.

Figure 3. Conceptual Framework

The figure shows the concept of the system. The important aspects of the

system. Within the range of possibilities to manage quality in game system, as the

researchers considered that this was the key element of this kind of game and the

comprehensive perception on the part of the user.

An Interactive E-learning Game of Codes

The system portrait the Game of Codes presented interactively using different

kinds of language and trying your knowledge to the maximum.

System Overview

The following are different modules of the proposed system and its capabilities

with regards to the other languages system.


This part of the system where students and programmers will be able to test their

knowledge and skills with regards with the topic being discussed.


Leveling are being achieved when youre done solving the problem given to you,

you cannot proceed to the next level until you finish the problem given.


Choosing other languages to try your knowledge is the best way to challenge

yourself and to experience some languages to know what your weakness among them is.


The system has six languages to try, Php, Java, C++, HTML, C#. each categories

has a unique question to answer and handicap.

Other Information

This is intended for the literacy of what other languages can offer to you and do

what other programmers reach for just practicing in coding methods and to improve your

own skills in all languages.

System Objectives

The following are the different deliverables that the system will be having:

The following are the different features of the proposed system:

Displays output that will provide better understanding of the problem/questions


Gives more comprehensive teaching methods through the use of this system.

Interactive, in a way that students and programmers will be able to interact and

solve problems.

Easy to operate since the system is user friendly and commands can easily be


Gives improvement on your logical thinking and coding skills.

System Scope and Limitations

The system will run on a Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google

Chrome and other browsers .The system dont have score to show just a time limit

And you can only code straight enter button is not working on coding area due to

the limit of the line spacing. An interactive game good for classroom discussions,

intended for teachers and programmers to use when it comes to teaching.

Physical Environment Resources

The following are different physical resources to be used in the

development of the proposed system.


The following are the different hardware and software used in the

development of the proposed system:


- Dual Core(CPU)

- 1GB memory
- 500GB hard drive

- Microsoft Visual Basic Enterprise V.6.0
- Microsoft Access DataBase


The following are the different hardware and software used in the

implementation of the proposed system:

- Dual Core(CPU)

- 1GB memory
- 500GB hard drive

- Microsoft Visual Basic Enterprise V.6.0
- Microsoft Access DataBase

Requirement Documentation

The proposed study made used of the different tools that helped the researchers in

coding the logical architecture of the system, these were the System Flowchart, Project

Schedule, Visual Table of Content and Database Structure.

System Flowchart

This tool was used in identifying the main logical flow of the system from the

user or display side to the database, network connection and the generation of reports.

This was used in defining the flow of the system using a symbolic chart.

Visual Table of Contents

This tool was used in properly identifying the different screen designs of the

proposed system. The VTOC helped the researchers in determining the different modules

and the different method used.

Project Schedule
This tool shows how much time the researchers used to complete a system. It

manages tasks to get things done. The tool is used to set timeframe parameters for every

phase in developing the system

Database Structure
This includes the structure of database design of the system; this allows the

proponents identify the needed inputs and the reports to be generated. The main database

structure includes the answer key on the programming languages.

Gantt Chart

A Gantt chart is an easy way to schedule tasks. It is essentially a chart on which

bars represent an activity or task. The length of each bar represents the relative time

length of the task.

Design and Implementation

It is the stage in the software process at which we used several instruments as tool

that helped us came up with an organized, more efficient and effective system.

The program flowchart was used to represent a logic sequence, work or

manufacturing process. The system was developed using a carefully designed

interface. It was considered as back-bone of the system since it should be interactive

and entertaining at the same time.

When the system is completed, we will be evaluated by five IT EXPERTS to test

its interactivity, accuracy, effectiveness and usability. The only constraint addressed

was the readiness of some facilitators in guiding a person in using the system.

Requirements Analysis

This part presented the data gathering tools or research instruments as well as the

system analysis tools to be use to gather the necessary data for the completions of the

study. The study made used of the following techniques.


A process that the researchers used, to determine and give importance to the behavior

of making decision and their activities for the innovation of new application.

Within the observation that the researchers conducted, it was found out that most

students still cling on manual processes in the field of education. And some students do

not have any idea on the course what they take. We made the system to help them realize

what kind of course they taken.

Development and Testing

The system is design for the user who wants to improve their logical and coding skills

even though you are an out of school person, student or a professor you can still try this

system just to see how your skills work.

The system is design for the user to try their skill to the fullest and to practice logical

thinking capabilities to ensure that your skill is enough to become a good programmer.

Upon start of the development of proposed system the proponent designed a working

model for game, testing your skills because the major concern of the proponent is to use

the game to help co-students and programmers to enhance their skills.

After the proponents has completed the dummy program in PHP which of the study.

The proponent encountered some errors and problems regarding the retrieval of

information in the database we decided to try it on Visual Basic.

After undergoing to tedious error tracing procedures, the system has successfully

generated on how to play the game based on the given information from the user.

There are also several issues of assigning the role of answer keys on the questions for

completing their assigned task and level of access. When the system is nearly done, there

are also issues in designing the system in terms of pictures, themes and background to be

use, so it will be presentable and formal to see.

Conclusions and Recommendations

After conducting several data analysis, the researchers found the proposed system

effective when it comes to entertain and education. After finishing the development of the

proposed system, the researchers conducted several ways in gathering information

method used by the proponent was the face to face interview with the students and

teachers. The respondents included teacher in elective and at least twenty students that

the researchers had interview. The main sources of data were the primary source which

included all the involved personnel and students of System Plus College Foundation. All

information gathered more through interviews, served as the weighting mechanism in

order to identify the effectiveness of the proposed system.

The researchers had the system evaluated by IT experts for the validity, accuracy

and efficiency of the system.


The following were the different conclusions based on the conducted research and

system development:

The system provided interactive and yet educational games.

The IT experts liked the features of the system in a minimum scale.

The system can be used by teachers or parents for their children as

supplemental course for learning.

The system is found effective and efficient.

The system is fast enough to use.

It has instructions that guide users.


The following were the different recommendations of the researchers:

Implementing or using the system is recommended to schools and at home for

Use a computer that has Flash Player and with a high-resolution video display

for a more effective use.

The system should contain database for future development in order to

improve the context and recording of scores.

Integrate the technology of internet.