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One of the remarkable and much known products of technology advances is the
conversation of manually operated system, this study focus on how to develop and
deploy a class scheduling management system that will enhance the traditional method
of scheduling system used in Pulong Santol (PSHS) main campus.

The main objective of this study is to develop an effective and efficient way of scheduling
in the campus of Pulong Santol, to minimize the admin, head and instructors problems
during the start of the semester and to maximize availability of classes to students of
Pulong Santol main campus, the result of the study can provide the management a view
of scheduling process in gathering data.

The proponents used different gathering instrument such as interview guide, survey
form, questionnaires, library research and web surfing for gathering data to provide the
teachers relevant information for the development of the schools using the class
scheduling system, its easy to arranged class schedules, instructors load and room
utilization for the students and the faculty in every department.

Without well organized time management classes are delayed and there are a greater
number of students in a class. There is possibility that an instructors will conflict to other
instructors schedule.
Research Description

This proposed system will be more efficient and convenient way for students and
teachers to reserve their schedules in school time a scheduling system makes every
ones job easier by adding predictability to the environment.

By using scheduling system, employees know exactly when their part should begin and
when its end.

With this features the automated system can really solve the primary problems being
encountered during the class schedules preparation there is a lot of advantage if you
have this kind of scheduling

Ones a student has logged in to this account he can already view the admins
schedules. The system increases the students and teachers time. And it can reduce
cancellation of meetings. And also, to help the teacher to arranged their subjects. It can
also minimized the cutting classes of the fellow students.
Over view of the current state technology

Nowadays people are seeking for a convenient way of being reserved on their
appointments, so with this system scheduling the instructor will not conflict to other
instructor schedules.

With this generation schools had a hard time to meet exactly their classes because its
really hard to arranged class schedules in a manual way, this system may help the
teachers and students to be well organized their time management.

This system aims to help students and teachers to meet their deadlines, and also to
improve communications with the users
Research Objective

The following are different general and specific objectives of the study which are vital in
this study and will be the main basis of the proposed system.

General Objective

The general objectives of this study are to make an automated scheduling system for
schools. In this way, we will be able to meet our schedule on time.

Specific Objectives

The following are the different features of the proposed system.

* To decreased turnaround time

* To schedules met
* To improved communications with users
* To job delays more readily apparent
* To documentation of scheduling deviations their causes
* To help us enhance our schedules
* To help minimize the time schedule